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Author John DeGrazia (12 days)
If it's a variable fulcrum machine, the foot/pounds generated may be
determined by an equation of weight over (effort arm length divided by load
arm length). Hope I got that right. That is, the mechanical advantage of a
lever, here identical with the wheel's axle, is transferred to whatever
weight you use on the spiral, or spoke, arms, and then the force offered by
the load side is reduced by the weight which escapes the mechanical
advantage afforded by the shrinking effort arm length as it passes to the
upwardly moving side of the wheel. The idea works, but you need a lot of
weight to generate a few horsepower. How to mass produce machines which use
this principle cheaply, for stationary uses like lifting water,
desalinating salt water, or doing farm work, is the question. By the way,
the brake horsepower of this type of machine is much greater than that of
an electrical engine; that means it will run even if slowed down. It
doesn't need high rpms to run, like an electrical motor.

Author texjarhead (1 month)
Cold fusion is the future. Way way in the future.

Author pinballrockstar (3 months)
wow! this old man solved everything? this machine makes 4000watt ready to
use!! instantly!! unbelievable!! he made it with things out of his garage
and how stupid are we all...,we could have just simply built something
ourselve from our old meccano and bike wheels,how superdumb that no one of
us thought of this?
all you need is a room full of very loud noisy crap that will make you go
insane!! thank you old man!
too bad that the law of physics contradict this and only a fool would build
this machine.

Author tex leger (6 months)
Good for you. I hope it keeps on working. Don't give up.

Author marina klara (4 months)
*Energy Technology*

Author Petra Pane (4 months)

Author dj minions de spicable (1 year)
im the next free energy man, i built one of free energy, only 20 years
old,..i show it to you guys soon, energy is true generator,..

Author Vivian Astridge (1 year)
Anerei G does not know if the machine is a fake or not. If the videos is an
actual video then quite obviously the machine does exist and does turn . So
the machine cannot be a fake but does exist in reality. It cannot produce
more energy that is put into it. The universe is an ordered system and
functions according to principles determined and investigate by science.
There is no known or possible system with a greater effieicncy that 100.
Most natural systems including living systems are around 1 or 2% efficient.
The digestive system ini living systems is on its own not more that 10%
efficient. If the good Chas Campbell has discovered a system which is
greater than 100 % he must be nothing less than God, and it would be most
uncharitable to refer to Chas as a fraud. Hoaxer he might be. The so called
Law of
Conservation of Energy is not actually a law as is generally understood
with reference to man made laws, but is a Principle of Function which
merely states that in this universe ener;gy canoot be created or
destroyed, energy may be converted into different forms and even into
matter which is not possible at the present time.But what label does one
give to a person who claims to be able to create energy our of nothing or
very little?

Author fidel catsro (1 year)
are you sure it just running on gravity?or is it a motor running at high

Author lester stone (1 year)
how do I contact you Chaz Campbell?

Author john michael (1 year)
the revs dont look as if it wud give enough energy to power a drill ect ...

Author Vivian Astridge (1 year)
Chas Canpbell is either a fraudster, a hoaxer or God incarnate himself. No
details of construction are given so it is not possible to offer a serious
assessment of the machine.. If indeed his machine works as he claims it
does exclusiverly by gravity then he is the first person in ten thousand
years to have made frree energy a reality. It is amazing as to why he does
not manufacture these machines . There is a wide open market in third world
countries for machines that would produce energy merely for the cost of the
machine and nothing more later except routine repair work and maintainence.
so what is keeping him from all that fame and fortune that awaits him. It
could only be one thing and that is his machine is a fake.

Author terrypussypower (1 year)
Ha ha ha ! This is hilarious ! Either this guy is an out-and-out con man
looking for money/fame/notoriety, or he's an ace prankster ! Either way
he's got a lot of dafties on the hook.

Author NasGaming92 (1 year)

Author zzytrewq (5 years)
Silly old bugger. Heart's in the right place. Science is on another planet.

Author ppsjsh (5 years)
people dont want to try to make free energy or exsperiment with it because
they like spending all that money.

Author toolow101 (5 years)
what do u want let me know there is no web site then !!! do you need any

Author Antonia Flores (4 years)
can you please explain little more i really like your invent ; and for
those who are ignorants let me say only one thing ,free energy ! yes it is

Author Andrew Picard (5 years)
you could also kick start a device, and have counter balences linked into a
computer to tell it when to kick it, using the bits of energy that it DOES
create. and by that yes you could have a system that powers itself and
creates more energy than it needs to run.

Author Ismael Aviso (2 years)
all the load getting in one source , once you overload other will be
affected specially the light LUMEN

Author louis12346 (5 years)
the power is stored in rubber band, clean

Author brianwesley28 (5 years)
@arburo1 That wouldn't be perpetual motion, technically. It is a term that
has been adopted to describe overunity. That's where technicalities come
in. His arrangement may very well be producing more electricity than it
takes to run, but he is still using a source of input energy to provide
those gains. If his electric motor were to throw a bearing, or his coils
were to burn out, it would cease to produce electricity. Thus, although it
may be overunity, but it is not perpetual motion.

Author abeliscain (5 years)
I am in love.. How do I build one?. Please help...

Author brianwesley28 (5 years)
@brianwesley28 So, that's the reason that a lot of these inventions are not
accepted by the general scientific community. There are those with agendas
to prevent the proliferation of such devices and they will use the claim of
perpetual motion to do so, regardless as to whether it is a legitimate
overunity device, or not.

Author PumpkinSeed17 (3 years)
@FoamKittyGamer watch v=f3MbAmFpC0k&NR=1 to see the small motor behind it.
But the "free" energy is that it's generating more than it's consuming!

Author valveman12 (4 years)
@vroom350 What a load of CRAP!

Author WatersInMontreal (5 years)
Yeah... ok well first off, listen to that. Thats "sound" coming from this
thing. Sound = friction.. yeah certainly not lost in energy there... moron

Author ccandb (5 years)
@DQuale The plans are in this:

Author conceptforge (2 years)
This guy has all these naysayers, yet none of them come forward and
enplanes why his claims are not valid.

Author Jason Smith (2 years)
slowing ex 'ploding plasmaball -helium is less dense than hydrogen :-)

Author jasonhdvideoman (6 years)
i wonder how much money this guy save on his power bill

Author Dean Cole (6 years)
In a complete vacuum and if the object gave off no heat and had no touching
parts you could get close but eventually the device will loose energy and
power down.

Author riomar9 (5 years)
What makes the overunity possible is the humongous iron flywheel which is
really heavy, so once you get it spinning, it produces enough torque to
turn the other big wheels and smaller pulleys which in turn spin the
generator. This can be done in smaller scales with a battery, two small DC
motors, one for running the pulleys and flywheels and the other to use as a
generator to get DC voltage output. If after that you want AC power, then
you'll need a DC/AC inverter hooked up to the generator.

Author jib1000 (4 years)
@failzzee lol science proved the earth was round about 3000 years ago.
About 400 years ago scientists tried to do what you're trying to do, and
then realized that the laws of physics aren't mailable. Yeah scientists
have proven there is no such thing as free energy. I guess you failed to
pay attention in grade school science.

Author Bel Marduk (4 years)
if you power the input motor from the output generator, how long does the
machine run for? and hooked up such, how many other devices (lights,
drills, fans etc) will stay powered?

Author allanseeder (6 years)
why physisists have never friends, who can make videos?

Author 9517530 (4 years)
ya lo comprobe es cierto 100 por ciento

Author RCbeastly (5 years)
You notice these guys never take their toys out inti the open - like a
carpark with no means of supply from an external source. People just want
to get fooled all the time.

Author Tim Kasey (2 years)
If you don't show close ups of how this thing is wired up, or volt meter
readings of amps in out, volts in out... you wasted your entire
retirements. What good is it if not even an engineer can watch your video,
go buy the parts, and make one the next day. FAIL... Don't get me wrong,
I'm not saying this thing can't work. I'm saying that if you can't teach
people to build it, you are wasting your life, and the viewer's time.

Author Teddy Romano (4 years)
it would be nice to see it with more details of how it works.... i would
like to try it...!!

Author wcemichael (3 years)
@skaterscourse2050 I have a gravity wheel and magnetic motor in mind, but
don't have the money or space to build it.

Author Edward Cuttlethwate III (3 years)
@vanner40 i think they were probably men in white coats taking him into
care for the safety of the community. Did they turn up with a van saying
'crazy house' on the side?

Author data2delete (4 years)
if you have to plug in a motor to run the generator then its not free

Author palmisto2 (4 years)
is it real.???????????????...i cant believe

Author Joel Harvey (4 years)
I'm very interested joelharvey/net / = .

Author DrKCostas (5 years)
We make many 17th century physics assumptions, during 21th century, that
may turn out to be wrong: E.g. 1) Inetrial mass of bodies never changes 2)
All matter starts with protons, neutrons, electrons, and there are no
smaller permanent particles. 3) Nothing goes faster than photons 4) All
macroscopic electromagnetic interactions are described with the linear
equations of Maxwell etc

Author Tarsier79 (3 years)
I wonder If he actually believes what he is saying (which is BS), or is
just a scammer.

Author handyandyradio (3 years)
“The key to success is to risk thinking unconventional thoughts. Convention
is the enemy of progress. If you go down just one corridor of thought you
never get to see what’s in the rooms leading off it.” -Trevor Baylis

Author ToemanX (5 years)
An amazing looking machine. Good luck to you Chas.

Author Michael B (5 years)
@carriernoob perpetual motion is impossible, so don't waste your time
experimenting or thinking about it because it won't work. And by the way,
it takes more energy input to heat salt water with radio waves than you get
out of it. Some energy input will ALWAYS be lost somewhere, be it a gravity
wheel or radio waves...Just saying, don't get your hopes up.

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