Denise Austin - Yoga Stretching Part 1 "HOT !"

Denise Austin just being Denise...

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Author wilwat9 (3 months)
Thanks Ms. Austin!!!!

Author leo2nd74 (4 years)
Who's actually thinking about exercise and not sex in this video?

Author ectigers83 (5 years)
Denise is a fitness guru and a wet dream Goddess! I'm impregnated her many
times in the mornings while watching her doing sets just like this with my
HUGE erect stiff pole. I've blasted from one side of the living room to the
other as a single man as if I was doing it to her from the back. With all
due respect though, she is the hottest exercise woman EVER on TV.

Author Nealon McWilliams (4 years)
poor quality

Author mongodawg (5 years)
yeah bring out the strap for extra pleasure bitch

Author bashirD (4 years)
good looking gal

Author Slippo Slipstein (5 years)
Fine. Fine. Fine.

Author oldunit (5 years)
Around-The-World ,in 80 min.with her ? Would that be enough time ????

Author bigpoleguy9 (4 years)
Denise videos like this have definitely made many more men jerk off then
women do yoga lol

Author gorilla9514 (5 years)
sexy legs

Author greekpros (6 years)
I'm Stretched ....

Author donnieblondy59 (1 year)
Miss Austin should try the tan sheer nude hose for added viewer enhancement

Author intrusosgang (4 years)
superb of the best in the world.

Author timduzit (4 years)
She knows she's hot and guys masturbate to her. I saw Denise Austin in
person a couple days ago. Dressed provacativley, especially compared to
everyone else at this event. She definately knows she's a sex symbol and
masturbation object. She's into it, IMHO. Look at the legs and feet! mmmmm
and that ass!

Author djeggmo09 (4 years)
you aint to old for me ! im the old man! watch my video , i watch you on

Author Mike7681 (6 years)
In between those thighs pure heaven!!

Author faceman68 (3 years)
The thing about Denise Austin, is that she is a very sensual person.
Whether she is doing yoga or some cool down exercise, she comes across very
sensual, not that I think that she does this on purpose, but it is very

Author belindabrown78 (5 years)
got damn it, Denise! now my pussy is jumping!

Author oldunit (6 years)
Thank the people ,who invented the suit's she wears .Fine---just fine body .

Author usmc290 (4 years)
beautiful stong powerful thighs

Author blox420 (5 years)
im turnd on :)

Author James Reyes (6 years)
Denise Austin is the reason why i love yoga.

Author cheester25 (5 years)
tengo ganas de cojerte

Author timduzit (5 years)
Her barefoot segments are so good. I love to masturbate and I masturbate a
lot, and it is always so good when I do it to Denise Austing. Her legs and
feet are sooo sexy!

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