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Author syed saber (5 months)

Author Sarah McDonell (5 months)

Author diarra kadidiatou (6 months)

Author Mumtaz Khan (10 months)

Author Rafa Butt (6 months)
Subhan Allah

Author moe johnstone (8 months)
never think you cant be forgiven Allah is ghafur ruraghiem he forgive
anyone anytime if you say ya Rab i ask your help and forgiveness surely
Allah will forgive Insha Allah

Author Terri Ashrafi (8 months)

Author khaleem80 (7 months)

Author Neelofar Kazi (10 months)
Masha Allah ! Its really beautiful and amazing I hear this every morning
and evening !!

Author Nizar Ben Ali Ben Mouhammad Al Bouzidi (5 months)

Author Mary Yusufi (3 years)
It makes me cry because i never thought of islam like this i used to refuse
it never pray never practice and what makes it worst i was born muslim but
i was so involed with friends and technology that i just thought islam was
a waste of time but i relize im very wrong about that Islam is very
beautiful in its own ways i hope inshallah that Allah can forgive me for
all the wrong ive done and i know now that islam is my way in life <3
Mashallah <3

Author Daniel Bandeira (2 years)
If someone want to teach me arabic, add me, please! PS: لا أنا مسلم

Author Janat Gul (3 years)
dear brother this is a very beautiful video and i like it Mahsallh

Author pangpengmaster (3 years)
quran is a sound wich we always love

Author TheAbsoluTurk (3 years)
@PrettyGiirL1000 only worship to Allah and application of His rules can
bring you success. Don't take Quran or Islam as a charm or something

Author Vicky Smith (4 years)
ya allah forgive my all sins and make us all your true followers a true
muslim and give us all place in the heaven for you are the most forgiving
the almighty mercyful ameen

Author nkhan247 (1 year)
Masha Allah

Author 3mohamed3 (4 years)
mashaallah this is a very helpfull video i use it for hifs and to learn
quran i love how shuraim reads thats why i listen to it so much

Author sigmacel (3 years)

Author farman zaman (2 years)
salam ya its ok

Author aim PM (3 years)
38 dislike ? may allah open their hearts :)

Author ali khan (3 years)

Author Mohammad Ali (3 years)
Who Ever Dislike this Chapter, Try and understand what he "GOD" is trying
to tell you and me ? then decide, Believe me, you hair will stand up, When
He (GOD) is warning you and me.

Author alaa al (4 years)
i feel like crying mashallah

Author Tharandil85 (2 years)

Author Hameed365 (3 years)
ya allah free me of my hardships

Author Hussan Abid (3 years)

Author cr8zyteen (3 years)
other download (:

Author khaistaimran02 (4 years)
mashallah keeeeep it up very good brother mashallah

Author Amna Bibi (4 years)
beautiful mashallah!!

Author Haziq Hussain (3 years)
amazing and incredible

Author yazid elmaalem (3 years)
allah u acbar

Author roma romea (3 years)
اللهم احشرنا مع نبينا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم آمين اللهم ارزقنا منازل
الشهداء والفردوس الاعلى من الجنة آمين سبحان الله وبحمده عدد خلقه ورضا نفسه
وزنة عرشه ومداد كلماته اللهم اجعلنا من أهل القرآن الذين هم أهلك وخاصتك آمين
اللهم ارزقنا ثوابا جاريا إلى يوم الدين آمين .......

Author EbuAbdulalim (4 years)
salam alaikum wow InshAllah you will become much hasanat for uploading
this. about 850.000 clicks? MashAllah. 1 harf is 10 hasanat and fpr all the
people who hear this Quran! Make dua Allah to accept you this.

Author voilntlyplay (3 years)
39 dislikes well..they lost...

Author samira khan (3 years)
Salaam and Ramadan Kareem to all. Inshallah I hope everyone is well. My
father is very sick in the hospital due to heart problem. Please everyone
make a dua for him.

Author ferrofuehrt (3 years)
@igotmyccna nice fo, thx

Author Koca'en Gunawan (2 years)

Author sbakht (3 years)
@EbuAbdulalim Salam, yes dear brother its okay...Waslam

Author Oliver Randy (4 years)
@karimmatlin Alhamdulillah Allah still loves you even though we all forget
about him..

Author drizzycudi (3 years)
I listen to this every day. May Allah bless you all.

Author Shoron Mowla (4 years)
i love this it is a good surah

Author Vicky Smith (4 years)
@sbakht ya allah forgive our all sin and make us all a good muslim your
true follower ameen

Author AlRakeeb1 (3 years)
May Allah Give Hidayat to Those who disliked it .

Author amjadify1 (3 years)
Allah may I have mercy ? All where I look I always approach you. May allah
bless us and put us in jannat.

Author mousavi128 (3 years)

Author Md Islam (3 years)

Author mosabe31 (4 years)
whenever i listen to this surah i feel my soul is so clean al hamduallah.

Author Saffie Bensouda (3 years)
Alahu Akbar Ya Allah the greatest may you forgive us all our sins and guide
us all through the right path...Ameen Yarabi Alameen.

Author musheer deen (1 year)
Assalamualaikum my bro in law J.Hassan Mohammed is suffering from heart
disease doctors are said its a major operation my bro on law just 40 plus
he got 2 small kids we hope on allah he is a big doctor i request all the
peoples to plsss pray for my bro in law for his operation. date is
14/11/2013.insha allah i belive on allah i need all of urs dua ameen.

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