surah yasin by sheikh shuraim full

surah yasin By Sheikh Al shuraim

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Author imcoolandawesomexoxo (2 years)
Wow! Mashaallah

Author Daniel Bandeira (1 year)
If someone want to teach me arabic, add me, please! PS: لا أنا مسلم

Author wow4411 (3 years)
قتل عا م روکا جاۓ بد نام زمانۂ پاسٹر ایک بار پھر قران پاک کو جلانے کا نا
پاک منصوبہ بنا رہا ہے مسلمان کی روح قران میں رہتی ہے اسے جلانا ایک ملیں
انسانی جانوں کو جلانا ہے. یہ قتل عا م روکا جاۓ

Author Janat Gul (2 years)
dear brother this is a very beautiful video and i like it Mahsallh

Author pangpengmaster (3 years)
quran is a sound wich we always love

Author TheAbsoluTurk (3 years)
@PrettyGiirL1000 only worship to Allah and application of His rules can
bring you success. Don't take Quran or Islam as a charm or something

Author aoidsjifjaodjsf (3 years)
Best Sheikh ever !

Author nevraasac (3 years)
THIS is the best Quran ever I been search this in other websites and I
found only here in YouTube i been cry here when i was heard this so much
lovable when I heard this I think Allah is only beside you I'm so proud
that i am muslim

Author jeyz12341 (3 years)
Ya Allah make me listen to Quran through out my life Inshaallah., what a
beautiful surah, Please my fellow muslim brothers and sisters, listen to
Quran often, or read it, as it will help u in the hereafter Inshaallah, its
a Word of God so whoever denies it is in a big loss

Author nkhan247 (11 months)
Masha Allah

Author khanabdulhaadi348 (3 years)

Author sigmacel (2 years)

Author sofiabashir (3 years)

Author farman zaman (2 years)
salam ya its ok

Author aim PM (2 years)
38 dislike ? may allah open their hearts :)

Author ali khan (3 years)

Author Tharandil85 (2 years)

Author baemona (3 years)
thank you so much ALLAH. its been quite long since ive been searching the
recitor of these surah yasin. its only now ive known. sheik shuraim is the
best and excellent recitor of quran ive ever heard in my whole life. now im
ready to download all of the surahs recited by sheik shuraim.

Author Hussan Abid (2 years)

Author cr8zyteen (3 years)
other download (:

Author Haziq Hussain (3 years)
amazing and incredible

Author yazid elmaalem (3 years)
allah u acbar

Author roma romea (2 years)
اللهم احشرنا مع نبينا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم آمين اللهم ارزقنا منازل
الشهداء والفردوس الاعلى من الجنة آمين سبحان الله وبحمده عدد خلقه ورضا نفسه
وزنة عرشه ومداد كلماته اللهم اجعلنا من أهل القرآن الذين هم أهلك وخاصتك آمين
اللهم ارزقنا ثوابا جاريا إلى يوم الدين آمين .......

Author voilntlyplay (2 years)
39 dislikes well..they lost...

Author samira khan (3 years)
Salaam and Ramadan Kareem to all. Inshallah I hope everyone is well. My
father is very sick in the hospital due to heart problem. Please everyone
make a dua for him.

Author ferrofuehrt (2 years)
@igotmyccna nice fo, thx

Author Koca'en Gunawan (2 years)

Author sbakht (3 years)
@EbuAbdulalim Salam, yes dear brother its okay...Waslam

Author nevraasac (3 years)
@al5568 are you crazy this is Quran

Author navaidsardar (3 years)

Author drizzycudi (2 years)
I listen to this every day. May Allah bless you all.

Author mani92ism (1 year)

Author PrettyGiirL1000 (3 years)
& Even Tho I know This Is Chapters Of Quran I Still Love Listen To It & Am
Catholic :) God Bless You All :) xoXo

Author AlRakeeb1 (2 years)
May Allah Give Hidayat to Those who disliked it .

Author mousavi128 (3 years)

Author Md Islam (3 years)

Author rayhamruk (2 years)

Author jeyz12341 (3 years)
Ya Allah make me listen to Quran through out my life Inshaallah., Quran is
a word of God and whoever denies this is in a big loss

Author backtime99 (2 years)
I Love Islam!

Author Saffie Bensouda (2 years)
Alahu Akbar Ya Allah the greatest may you forgive us all our sins and guide
us all through the right path...Ameen Yarabi Alameen.

Author musheer deen (10 months)
Assalamualaikum my bro in law J.Hassan Mohammed is suffering from heart
disease doctors are said its a major operation my bro on law just 40 plus
he got 2 small kids we hope on allah he is a big doctor i request all the
peoples to plsss pray for my bro in law for his operation. date is
14/11/2013.insha allah i belive on allah i need all of urs dua ameen.

Author farman zaman (2 years)
thanks for upload this vedeo

Author Huzaifa Ahmed (2 years)
@PrettyGiirL1000 Nothing wrong with that. I know many religious skeptics
who think the sound of Qur'an recitation is beautiful and that the Bible
has good practical advice even though they are not believers. God bless you
too tho ;)

Author jeyz12341 (3 years)
Ya Allah make me listen to Quran through out my life Inshaallah., what a
beautiful surah, Please my fellow muslim brothers and sisters, listen to
Quran often, or read it, as it will help u in the hereafter Inshaallah, its
a Word of God so whoever denies it is in a big loss.

Author 1tayiba (3 years)

Author EZGuineaPigs (2 years)
40 people are lost, and needs guidance to go on the right path. Mashallah,
this is far to beautiful to dislike!

Author drizzycudi (1 year)
Results day soon. Please Allah guide me to pass them all.

Author anasamati (2 years)
@dadush4 You can just follow the Sura'h on the Quran book

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