surah yasin by sheikh shuraim full

surah yasin By Sheikh Al shuraim

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Author Senelba Travel ( ago)
al7amdou lillah alladhi khalaqana mouslimins

Author Moahmed Haji ( ago)
masha alleh

Author Naymishet Kasher ( ago)

Author Naushad Ali ( ago)

Author nisar ahamed ( ago)

Author Amir Hussain ( ago)

Author Anickz 10 ( ago)

Author siddharth dhannur ( ago)
It's very beautiful...all day I m hearing most all of time...I m feeling
peace of my mind...

Author alvin aryansyah ( ago)
Allahu Akbar... :)

Author Lori Silverstein ( ago)

Author syed saber ( ago)

Author Sarah McDonell ( ago)

Author diarra kadidiatou ( ago)

Author Rafa Butt ( ago)
Subhan Allah

Author khaleem80 ( ago)

Author moe johnstone ( ago)
never think you cant be forgiven Allah is ghafur ruraghiem he forgive
anyone anytime if you say ya Rab i ask your help and forgiveness surely
Allah will forgive Insha Allah

Author Terri Ashrafi ( ago)

Author Neelofar Kazi ( ago)
Masha Allah ! Its really beautiful and amazing I hear this every morning
and evening !!

Author basit khan ( ago)

Author Arzu Karadag ( ago)

Author Zafar Sheikh ( ago)

Author Asraf Hasan ( ago)

Author Maryam Ali ( ago)
soul soothing 

Author Mohd Aleem ( ago)
Wow! Mashaallah

Author Mumtaz Khan ( ago)

Author halimo ladan ( ago)
maasha allah

Author Jameel Hashmi ( ago)
Mashallah very good recitation

Author sidahmed karim ( ago)
ماشاء الله صوت يريح العقل وقران يريح القلب

Author mjyunis ( ago)
Mashallah .. May Allah give me a voice like u 

Author tauki usmani ( ago)

Author Fazal Bayameen ( ago)

Author Yusuf Hussein ( ago)
allahabukar mashallah anyone want to subscribe il subscribe back

Author Ali Khan ( ago)

Author tauki usmani ( ago)
ماشاألله تبارك الله

Author Noor Ahmed ( ago)

Author Boutaib Yassine ( ago)
Exactly what i need now! Thank you uploader!

Author samir fayaz ( ago)

Author mahnoor ria ( ago)

Author afsar ahmed ( ago)
inshaAllah he gets better, May Allah help him 

Author wasim abbas ( ago)
i love the voice of sheikh shuraim!!!!!!!! mashALLAH jazak Allah khair

Author atta urrehman ( ago)
Masha Allah 

Author Mely Supanto ( ago)
Masha Allah

Author sam dan ( ago)

Author tahir mughal ( ago)
Love it masha allah

Author musheer deen ( ago)
Assalamualaikum my bro in law J.Hassan Mohammed is suffering from heart
disease doctors are said its a major operation my bro on law just 40 plus
he got 2 small kids we hope on allah he is a big doctor i request all the
peoples to plsss pray for my bro in law for his operation. date is
14/11/2013.insha allah i belive on allah i need all of urs dua ameen. 

Author nkhan247 ( ago)
Masha Allah

Author kameliyamansuri ( ago)
Thanks in u tube,I love to listen ,mashallah beautiful voice,may Allah
reward u good.feeling very peace.

Author drizzycudi ( ago)
Results day soon. Please Allah guide me to pass them all.

Author Fowzul Mubeen Mohamed Ashker ( ago)
Masha allah..

Author drizzycudi ( ago)
I love Allah

Author Ömer Faruk Tokgöz ( ago)
aş hamdu lillah 

Author jarwo sutejo ( ago)

Author Zuheb Gulam Rassul ( ago)

Author Soban Tahir ( ago)
The Quran is the best!

Author LovelyWitch19 ( ago)
and this channel too: user/arabicdashstudio?feature=watch

Author Daniel Bandeira ( ago)
If someone want to teach me arabic, add me, please! PS: لا أنا مسلم 

Author aminelacrim lacrim ( ago)
ALLAH est Grand et Miséricordieux. Demandez pardon avant le jour ou le
repentir ne serra plus accepté.

Author izzat haikal al qausar qayyim ( ago)
Masaallah... it make me calm.. free from everything... Ya Allah.. ;)

Author nabil matrabi ( ago)
masha allah nabil from rocma mohammedia,casa......NABEEL MATRABI :)

Author Sabeeh Quoets ( ago)
me to :)

Author Aish Bee ( ago)
Please pray for me brothers and sisters. For all our brothers and sisters
in this great month of Ramadan; that we be forgiven for our mistakes and
that we may be blessed to not astray from the right path of Islam. - Ameen

Author assassin6761 ( ago)
i don't like it I LOVE IT

Author Qasim Mughal ( ago)

Author Mariam Bazzi ( ago)
The surah which personifies the heart of the Quran. Never fails to put the
soul at ease.

Author abdullah husain ( ago)

Author Qis rah ( ago)
Assalamualaikum..semua♥ .....سْــــــــــــــمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ
الرَّحِيْـــــمِ..... "YA ALLAH,,dihari yg penuh kemulian ini,ampunilah
dosa2ku yg lepas&yg akan dtg.YA ALLAH,lindungilah
suamiku,lindungilah kami YA ALLAH & jauhknlah kmi dri perkara yg tidak
diingini & cucurilah rahmat keatas roh bapaku,bapa mertuaku& anakku&roh2
org2 islam seluruhnya&tempatknlah mreka dkalangan org2 yg beriman.أَمِِيْن
يَا رَبَّ العَالَمِينْ.(Selawat) 

Author ahmed algebory ( ago)
Why would people dislike the words of god

Author farman zaman ( ago)
salam ya its ok 

Author farman zaman ( ago)
thanks for upload this vedeo 

Author risikat SADIQ ( ago)
I like it

Author Koca'en Gunawan ( ago)

Author Hussan Abid ( ago)

Author mafzy manz ( ago)
MASHALLAh so nice

Author Hamzah Hussain ( ago)
Love it beautiful voice

Author zoclox ( ago)
Now 60 dislikes! The one who r disliking r kafirs!

Author CALL2QURAN ( ago)
allahu akbar this is the best..........

Author Qul maj yarzoeqokoem ( ago)
In this sourat he has a bit other voice than in the most other surats, but
its though nice

Author Zainab Al-Haq ( ago)
mashallah he has an amazing voice listening to him has made me know it off
by heart :) 

Author drizzycudi ( ago)
I listen to this every day. May Allah bless you all. 

Author CurlyMan Natko (1675 years ago)

Author Islam is Love ( ago)
Au Contraire@ i think the dislikes were becos at the start of the vdo=a guy
was advertising abt sth and folks wud have thot he was a troll

Author Hamza Mian (1628 years ago)
Masahallah !

Author Dillinger Iron ( ago)
Masallah. Beautiful voice. Masallah

Author Janat Gul ( ago)
dear brother this is a very beautiful video and i like it Mahsallh

Author EZGuineaPigs ( ago)
40 people are lost, and needs guidance to go on the right path. Mashallah,
this is far to beautiful to dislike!

Author Basha Gawai ( ago)

Author Farrad Mohammed ( ago)
playin this before i go for jummuah <3 allahu akbar!

Author MeSsipwnz ( ago)
@millerserve300 Ameen ya ALLAH

Author Furqan Chohan (1962 years ago)
41 dislikes are kaafir !!

Author voilntlyplay ( ago)
39 dislikes well..they lost...

Author nida khan ( ago)

Author aim PM ( ago)
38 dislike ? may allah open their hearts :)

Author roma romea ( ago)
اللهم احشرنا مع نبينا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم آمين اللهم ارزقنا منازل
الشهداء والفردوس الاعلى من الجنة آمين سبحان الله وبحمده عدد خلقه ورضا نفسه
وزنة عرشه ومداد كلماته اللهم اجعلنا من أهل القرآن الذين هم أهلك وخاصتك آمين
اللهم ارزقنا ثوابا جاريا إلى يوم الدين آمين .......

Author Patrick Vuckovic ( ago)
alhamdoulilah rabie el3lamine 

Author AlRakeeb1 ( ago)
May Allah Give Hidayat to Those who disliked it .

Author Una River ( ago)
@906samira: Done... Amin!

Author restek36 ( ago)

Author Saffie Bensouda ( ago)
Alahu Akbar Ya Allah the greatest may you forgive us all our sins and guide
us all through the right path...Ameen Yarabi Alameen.

Author anasamati ( ago)
@dadush4 You can just follow the Sura'h on the Quran book

Author dadush4 (1281 year ago)
Can I ask for subtitles please :)?

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