Pokemon Black & White Wild Pokemon Modifier Cheat

Wild Pokemon Modifier (Black)
94000130 FCFF0000
02233E0C 02890001
02233E10 00640002
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFFB0000
DA000000 02233E0E
D3000000 00000000
D7000000 0224FE70
D3000000 00000000
DA000000 02233E12
D3000000 00000000
D7000000 0224FE72
D3000000 00000000
D9000000 0224FE70
D3000000 00000000
C0000000 00000037
D6000000 0224FE70
D2000000 00000000

Wild Pokemon Modifier (White)
94000130 FCFF0000
02233E2C 02890001
02233E30 00640002
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFFB0000
DA000000 02233E2E
D3000000 00000000
D7000000 0224FE90
D3000000 00000000
DA000000 02233E32
D3000000 00000000
D7000000 0224FE92
D3000000 00000000
D9000000 0224FE90
D3000000 00000000
C0000000 00000037 Press L+R At the same time to get 100 ultra balls & 649 master balls,take away as many as you want and hold select and walk around the grass and the pokemon you want will appear

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Author Rita Deola ( ago)
why r u cheating :^O

Author Keyty Garcia ( ago)
it works for me

Author J0r CARTOONZ ( ago)
Boo you

Author Gabe Reyna ( ago)
Doesnt work please help!

Author J. Schoenborn ( ago)
still doesn't do anything. I have ARDS (US) and it just freezes up Pokemon
White so my sprite cannot move.

Author Dennis Skede ( ago)

Author Nygal Rogers ( ago)
Forgot: Hold both START+ SELECT

Author Nygal Rogers ( ago)
Also hold start Important stuff u need to do: So while your in the grass
push L+R to get the balls. Toss the ultra balls first then the masters. Use
a repel so other pokemon don't come. The cheat will only work ONCE every
time you start your game. Follow these and you pokemon should come up!!
Hope it works for y'all It did for me :)

Author Nygal Rogers ( ago)
You have to hold select while walking it works

Author Drill Gates ( ago)
Step one: toss However many ultra balls you want so that the remaining
number is the level that you want your Pokemon to be (Example: for a level
80 Pokemon, toss 20 ultra balls) Step Two: Look up any pokemon's national
pokedex number and subtract it from 649. Toss the answer that you get once
you subtract. (Example: for Zorua, toss 79 master balls because 649-570=79)

Author Masteryoda1976 ( ago)
@lonasd132 me to!

Author Masteryoda1976 ( ago)
in items in slot one press select and you got 900 of all items!

Author h311b0y45 ( ago)
Its j version idiots

Author Mike Hern (Nein28) ( ago)
it doesent work??? L+R right? + code= nothing???? 

Author Xcaliburz ( ago)
my game keeps freezeing every time i use the code what the hell 

Author ‫רפאל ביטון‬‎ ( ago)
is dont work to me maybe is work on japanis verson ? 

Author Vx321 ( ago)
@MultiMatthew42 yes

Author Vx321 ( ago)
@wooti2 i dont know 

Author iceflar ( ago)
how do you get back to encountering the usual random pokemon in an area?

Author Josh Atkins ( ago)
where is action replay?

Author generalqwer ( ago)
hold down select it works better

Author generalqwer ( ago)
damn it worked once and then stopped 

Author 1337Palkia ( ago)
i only ncounter random pokemon lvl 100 instead of genesect :(

Author Zombiisnt ( ago)
Does it work for UK?

Author Tony Volturo ( ago)
does it work for english version of pokemon black?

Author Wrpman15768 ( ago)
@vx321 oh, then maybe i copied it wrong...

Author Vx321 ( ago)
@Wrpman15768 yes 

Author Wrpman15768 ( ago)
does it work for action replay dsi?

Author Rafli Ramadhana ( ago)
@sceptilere but i can

Author Rayazo ( ago)
@XLRLimits There is hundred ultra balls.Take away 80 and you should left
20.Then hold select and walk around in the grass.Ultra balls is the level

Author Bob John ( ago)
yea but i want it at level 20 how do i do that ? 

Author Kazuma DoubleIce ( ago)
i use the pokemon black and white game where you can play it in either
japaness or in english with the japaness pokemon name's but the cheat
code's need to be the japaness code's if not thy wount work. looking for
the all items cheat right now but no luck have tryd about 3 versions of it.

Author Vx321 ( ago)
@kri951 ok 

Author Vx321 ( ago)
@Dzanhe8 yes 

Author Kazuma DoubleIce ( ago)
could you upload the cheat code for the Exp boost. like x2 exp or x4 exp
thos code's.

Author Watermellonduke ( ago)
@vx321 *growls loudly* ggrrrrrrrrrrr...

Author Tara Holloway ( ago)
how do I get cheats for pokemon black? 

Author Tara Holloway ( ago)
how do I get cheats for pokemon black? 

Author Dzanhe8 ( ago)
you have can use the cheat only when your playing like walking around or
running around right vx321

Author thkig5n ( ago)
@vx321 i got desmume with US version and it does not work for me i really
want that modifier cheat to complete pokedex plss help me i will subscribe
to anybody who gives me a working us version modifier code

Author Vx321 ( ago)
@sceptilere yes

Author sceptilere ( ago)
only for japanese version? 

Author deslayer2000 ( ago)
@vx321 kk 

Author deslayer2000 ( ago)

Author Vx321 ( ago)
@deslayer2000 upload a video of what happens then give me the link

Author Vx321 ( ago)
@deslayer2000 upload a video of what happends

Author deslayer2000 ( ago)
@vx321 well im doin it right but it not workin for me.

Author Vx321 ( ago)
@deslayer2000 Yes, it does but heres a thing when you press select make
sure u r in the grass and u walk in the grass and dont walk out of the

Author deslayer2000 ( ago)
does it work if u usin desmume? cuz i kno i did everythin right but it not
work out for me 

Author Vx321 ( ago)
EVERYONE LISTEN!!! BIG NEWS!!! When you press select do not leave the grass
walk in grass whole time!

Author Vx321 ( ago)
Check the control`s the l and r might be differnt buttons 

Author ajaxtaur (899 years ago)
I'm having some issues. I'm not receiving the Master/Ultra balls when I
press L and R. Answers?

Author AndAwesome ( ago)
I keep getting Virizions at level 99...

Author Dafeaz ( ago)
Any chance this can be combined with the shiny code?

Author Angel Manuel Villanueva Martinez ( ago)
@vx321 japan or usa version please respond!!!!!

Author Moonumbreon ( ago)
@TheNature1231 pikachusnumber is 25

Author dbzgtafssj5 ( ago)
always get Level 100 Genesect and yes i toss balls away 

Author bri bee ( ago)
i dont understand how your supposed to put the numbers into your game, i
really want to get those kind of pokemon though, please help):

Author Shaun Wolf ( ago)
For some reason when I hit start game it always freezes but for soulsilver
it always works

Author pokematt99 ( ago)

Author Vx321 ( ago)
@RhanDull you have to throw away masterb balls until you have 1 left

Author RhanDull ( ago)
quick question. FOR EXAMPLE. to get a bulbasaur. you need to throw 1 master
ball? or do you need to throw the amount of master balls to equal to 1? 

Author Vx321 ( ago)
@1997Patch you have to throw away all other balls like poke balls and great

Author KoushiroIzumi3 ( ago)
If it isn't already obvious from the date this video was posted, THIS DOES

Author matthew lee ( ago)
one problem when i press select it freezes are you sure this is the right
code or is it fake 

Author Omar Noori ( ago)
Can you get a victini 

Author TheChillarmy ( ago)
@stickypop98 You don't have to toss to where you have 1 Master Ball and one
Ultra Ball, that's why you are getting a Level 1 Bulbasaur. If you don't
toss any Master Balls and Ultra Balls, you will get a Level 100 Genesect.
If you toss 498 Master Balls (leaving 151 left) and 40 Ultra Balls, you
will get a Level 60 Mew.

Author Crazyfortv22 ( ago)
How'd did u transfer the code into desmume idk how

Author OMGBurning ( ago)
i cant even get the pokeballs D:

Author rodolfo2097 ( ago)
can you replay to me all the risks of this code plz all them all if you do
ill subcribe and get a few friends to subscribe

Author JuneSpray ( ago)
i've pressed L+R. I've got my pokeballs, threw the amount of bothe away
till the pokemon & level i wanted. Holding select while walking, and I
encounter normal pokemons..

Author Melheartyou ( ago)
I use the code, catch the pokemon and then the screen goes black :l

Author Vx321 ( ago)

Author Vx321 ( ago)

Author luffy717 ( ago)
By using this code would I be able to obtain a pikachu before the first

Author SuperSonic085 ( ago)
awesome man your the bomb i got a pikachu!!

Author Jomar Bru ( ago)
ughh.. it seemms how many times i try the same steps,i could only catch a
level 1 bulbasaur.. you got an answer for tht?

Author issa ( ago)
how can i get shaymin show me how much should i toss pokeballs pls replay

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