Divorce Lawyers Shocking Secrets Spouses Kept From Each Other | The View

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MagicMariMagicMari (1 month ago)
My mom always told me to not go looking for what I don't wanna find.
But I just think guys aren't that clever. Everything always comes to light without me having to go out of my way anyway

Lauren  AvantLauren Avant (1 month ago)
I don't believe in checking phones because I wouldn't want him to check mine. I think if you're secure in the relationship then there is no need to check.

Diana HDiana H (2 months ago)
where's Whoopi?

Thana EdwardsThana Edwards (1 month ago)
Diana H buying clothes from the homeless

Liz TewLiz Tew (2 months ago)
I've been with my guy for 11 years, and I have never checked his phone. Thing is, he often leaves his phone in my presence and when we are laying in bed, watching TV or whatever, if he is texting, emailing, paying bills, etc, he always seems to have his phone's screen turned in such a way that I would be able to see what he is doing. I usually look away, unless he specifically tells me to look. As a matter of fact, it wasn't until the summer of 2016 that I finally convinced him to put a password on his phone! Prior to last summer, he said he couldn't be bothered punching in a pin all the time. Thing is he lost his phone last summer while I was driving. Luckily, he was able to find it 15 hours later at night time. He did risk someone finding the phone and accessing his info. I still don't think he cared. He did finally got the password because he would periodically pocket dial people, me included. So, I said a password would help stop that (or reduce the frequently).

So technically, I got him to lock me out of his phone! :-D

Liz TewLiz Tew (2 months ago)
+Neptunes7485 How am I annoying? I jokingly/sarcastically said what I did about locking me out of his phone because it seems like some women need to see what is going on in their guy's phone when I don't. He has never done anything to cause me to distrust him. Also, as I said in my previous post that even when he is using his phone in front of me, I look away unless he specifically tells me to look. I am not at all down with being nosy. Besides, he always has his desktop logged-in, in case I need to do something, but I never use it because I don't want to be nosy. Beside, I would rather use my laptop, anyway.

Neptunes7485Neptunes7485 (2 months ago)
Liz Tew cool story bro. NOT! You sound extremely annoying. Didn't need his phones history pre password.

Amy BerkowitzAmy Berkowitz (2 months ago)
Love Joy's outfit

Mimi NekoMimi Neko (2 months ago)
His phone and all of his social media and financial accounts are open to me. I extend him the same courtesy. Transparency works well for us. HOWEVER, I also INSIST he clears his history if he's going to watch porn....I don't want to deal with my own insecurities and neither does he ;)

Misty StewartMisty Stewart (2 months ago)
my hubby uses my phone. I use his. if your SO or you can't or won't do this it looks suspicious, IMO.

She'll drawShe'll draw (2 months ago)
If I felt the need to look at my partner's phone I would just end the relationship then and there.

Breanna NorthrupBreanna Northrup (2 months ago)
For a moment when Jed was saying not only does she have paranoia I thought she was going to stay she had a STD.

R NavsR Navs (2 months ago)
undeniably the most annoying show on television.

DanielDaniel (2 months ago)
then why come all the way to YT and watch?? HAHAHA thats fucking stupid, I'll tell you that.

TCt83067695TCt83067695 (2 months ago)
haha its ok sometimes

Jonathan MichaelJonathan Michael (2 months ago)
Thank you for posting this, The View! 😀

Romely BrañaRomely Braña (2 months ago)
Joy ! i love you !!!! you are such an amazing intelligent wonderful funny woman. Please fix your hair !!!!!!!!!!!!! jajajaja I usually don't like it that much, but today was quite a statement jajajaja please !!!!!!

ChrissiChrissi (2 months ago)
Even if you dont check your SOs phone some signs they are hiding something are if they never let the phone out of their side, dont want you to look at it, put it away quickly when you come in, flinch when you reach for it or pretend to etc. It's so obvious unless they are shifty and have a second phone they only use when they're somewhere else so if they're too forthcoming it could be overcompensating..

Doctor DoomDoctor Doom (2 months ago)
Surprise him and then ask to see his phone. If he doesn't hand it over right away then you know he's hiding something.

B RB R (2 months ago)
I don't trust no man, you always have to be one step ahead of them.

B RB R (2 months ago)
Because this still a free country and I can say and think what I want. That apply to you to, so here you go.

Fuckn patriarchy,Fuckn patriarchy, (2 months ago)
I don't trust women you should always be one step ahed of them. see how bad does that sound? why do you have to be soo sexsist?

fabozefaboze (2 months ago)
Joy's favourite word is 'brassiere' lmao

kalex888kalex888 (2 months ago)
faboze lol...she's old school

Phillip StewartPhillip Stewart (2 months ago)
lol sara is slaying this season and she KNOWS it, ahhaha shes a fan favourite no matter what you political opinion is ❤ love her

TheBigTermTheBigTerm (2 months ago)
Joy killed Jed, "did you call him my MAN"

hoop4ah23hoop4ah23 (2 months ago)
Jedidah's guy just deletes everything before he comes over lol

Loves YehushuaLoves Yehushua (2 months ago)
I don't suspect anything but I can't help but check my husband's phone. Call me nosy.

Lovely JoiLovely Joi (2 months ago)
Sarah looks pretty with her hair like that!

Jonathan MichaelJonathan Michael (2 months ago)
Lovely Joi Agreed. 🤔

habbogigihabbogigi (2 months ago)
stolen from reddit, pfft

Lo OoLo Oo (2 months ago)
Everybody does NOT always know. Sometimes it's just paranoia. You don't know until you KNOW and CHECK

Lo OoLo Oo (2 months ago)
Shouldn't be that serious

calmvoice44calmvoice44 (2 months ago)
You can do more damage by checking in the first place.

bea marlabea marla (2 months ago)
you don't wanna check his phone?.....well then don't clutch your pearls in shock and start crying when his other wife and kids show up at your doorstep demanding to know who you are.

IceysMomentIceysMoment (2 months ago)
haha i wasnt expecting the last bit funny,

bea marlabea marla (2 months ago)
+mistymorning195. if you believe everything your 'snuggle muffin' tells you and you trust him beyond the shadow of a doubt then good for you. :)

mistymorning195mistymorning195 (2 months ago)
bea marla - wait, so you don't trust your partner not to do those kinds of things and therefore need to constantly double-check what he's doing on his phone?? Wow, that sounds like a healthy trust-based relationship...not.

Beverly SandersBeverly Sanders (2 months ago)
I agree with Sonny. if you have a need to check your partners phone, you already suspect something.

Beverly SandersBeverly Sanders (9 days ago)
I still think if you have the need to check. You already know. As far as settlements,...if you play, you pay.

Thana EdwardsThana Edwards (11 days ago)
Beverly Sanders If Sunny had handled my divorce I'd be poor today.

Brianna VanDermarkBrianna VanDermark (2 months ago)
I love this panel!

hiba saeedhiba saeed (2 months ago)

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