11-Year-Old Kid Shows Off His Handles on Warriors Ground

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  • Social media sensation Noah Cutler visited the Warriors on January 22 and impressed Dub Nation with his crazy Stephen Curry-like basketball handles.
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  • Nicole Vanzuiden
    Nicole Vanzuiden 7 hours ago

    I try to do that

  • NathanPlaysGames
    NathanPlaysGames 11 hours ago


  • Martin Chairez
    Martin Chairez 1 day ago

    bet that kid dosent know who the professor is he can go 1--1 on curry there both great ball handlers it would be awesome to see curry vs professor

  • Your Kawaii Senpai


  • Archith Y
    Archith Y 1 day ago

    Boi come to Sri Lanka and India curry is everywhere.

  • What the what
    What the what 2 days ago

    I'm sure Steph is plowing his mom

  • Bun Mclaughlin
    Bun Mclaughlin 2 days ago

    I wish my kids would be able to meet steph curry😊😊😎

  • De Cringe
    De Cringe 2 days ago

    Wtf does he have an insatgram

  • Ahmed Claudia
    Ahmed Claudia 3 days ago

    he can dribble

  • WobbuffetDavis72
    WobbuffetDavis72 3 days ago

    White kids these days says better then curry NOT JK KIDS SUcK😂🤣

  • Mrpigieman 123
    Mrpigieman 123 4 days ago

    I can do that NO PROBLEM. Why can't I have millions of followers and a signed pair of currys?



  • Strato - Gaming
    Strato - Gaming 4 days ago

    That was curr-azy

  • ItsChris 127
    ItsChris 127 4 days ago

    You guys need to stop being mean to this kid. All of y'all are mad cause you aint as good as he is so everybody stop he likes his hair the way it is stop cyber bullying

  • Sunny Ho
    Sunny Ho 4 days ago

    man i thought i was good and i can only dribble. lmaooooooo 😂

  • the sound Of stirring mac and cheese

    Cavs fans be like :dislike count =*100000000000000

  • Minecraftt Gamerr
    Minecraftt Gamerr 5 days ago

    I can do better (Jk I suck at basketballs)

  • Taco channel 4
    Taco channel 4 5 days ago

    1:22 his reaction reads "it ain't even hard m8"

  • Beatdabrat32
    Beatdabrat32 5 days ago


  • Kacper Kochanowski
    Kacper Kochanowski 5 days ago

    Bad game

  • trusting virus
    trusting virus 6 days ago

    @1:46 Curry giving away his shoes cause no one buying them. Lol

  • Aiden Aragon
    Aiden Aragon 6 days ago

    Be cool Stephen Curry. just a kid.

  • Aiden Aragon
    Aiden Aragon 6 days ago

    Be cool Stephen Curry. just a kid.

  • NBA Material
    NBA Material 6 days ago


  • Star Rider
    Star Rider 6 days ago

    lebrons kids cant handle this kid Props to you lil man

  • Bingbong123 Abad
    Bingbong123 Abad 6 days ago

    Nice brad Noah cuttler

  • Rifat Haidar
    Rifat Haidar 6 days ago

    that kid has better handles than lebron

  • TheGenericRetro
    TheGenericRetro 6 days ago

    he cant even fit the curry's

  • Elad Bernstein
    Elad Bernstein 7 days ago

    האישה שמזיזה תידיים יש לה פגר

  • DaWaWd
    DaWaWd 7 days ago

    He has amazing skills but...That hair?

  • dan tdm
    dan tdm 7 days ago

    yo when hes big hes stepen curry

  • Tiny Build
    Tiny Build 8 days ago

    He suck he suck curry sucks man he sucks

  • FrancisVictor Baul
    FrancisVictor Baul 9 days ago

    3:18 huh....

  • fuzzytube
    fuzzytube 9 days ago

    he sucks

  • Mixy MC
    Mixy MC 9 days ago


    SKULL GAMERZ 9 days ago

    golden state warriors I sub and liked your video can you do the same to mine

  • osborn Acquaye
    osborn Acquaye 9 days ago


  • J MeNeZ
    J MeNeZ 9 days ago

    dam that got more handles than i did in high school :,(

  • osborn Acquaye
    osborn Acquaye 9 days ago


  • Zack Glenn
    Zack Glenn 9 days ago

    that's so cool

    KEAKERZ 9 days ago

    Fuck Stephen Curry and his methadone head ass

  • Dope squad
    Dope squad 10 days ago

    I'm 11 to and I'm 4,9 short asf for my age

  • Dragon king
    Dragon king 10 days ago

    wait what was the world record

  • Sheilasmf Elbert
    Sheilasmf Elbert 10 days ago

    your good

  • Domuz Binicisi
    Domuz Binicisi 10 days ago

    I'm better than that kid

  • Jose Guadalupe Guijosa

    You're nice stethcurry

  • Wolf Howl
    Wolf Howl 11 days ago

    He does playgirisam

  • Dylan Coop3rdrumms
    Dylan Coop3rdrumms 11 days ago

    I hate Steph and curry

  • Jack Jenson
    Jack Jenson 11 days ago

    this dude sucks

  • Jayce Anderson
    Jayce Anderson 11 days ago

    I can do what Noah Cutler did💪🏽🤙🏽🏀

  • Hh Gg
    Hh Gg 11 days ago

    This kid is gonna grow up to be a cocky asshole fuckboy

  • Curtis Farrow
    Curtis Farrow 11 days ago

    this nigga beast

  • savegeboy Beya
    savegeboy Beya 12 days ago

    his so good

  • Crazy Berry
    Crazy Berry 12 days ago

    My friends love basketball and Thay love Stephen curry

  • Dawson Luciano
    Dawson Luciano 12 days ago

    I am a proud 13 year old with somewhat of handles to say that this kid is better than me

  • boardwalkTF2
    boardwalkTF2 12 days ago

    All these mad people in the comments saying they're better... I don't see you on ESPN. Damn kids these days don't respect game.

  • Verna Jaime
    Verna Jaime 13 days ago

    that s nice

  • Dylan Higgins
    Dylan Higgins 13 days ago

    He's like aw fuck y these weird as people being so nice to me like wtf

  • Sports Dude
    Sports Dude 13 days ago

    Cool af

  • Abhijith's super cool food reviews

    Instagram is stupid because people use it so much which makes them non other that addicted to it

  • The girl with the unexpectedly long name that has nothing to do with her profile pic

    "i had really fun" .... This boi may have the bball moves but he def dont have english skilz

  • Seth Seth
    Seth Seth 13 days ago

    I could cross him ez

  • Shane OMBAK
    Shane OMBAK 14 days ago

    SC is a banwagon

  • Max Is here to do anything

    How are you so good

  • Caleb playz
    Caleb playz 14 days ago

    to bad curry and his team blew a 3-1 lead

  • XxSteve GamingxX
    XxSteve GamingxX 14 days ago

    I do better i can also copy his moves right but no one cares about me :/

  • Pako Radikwata
    Pako Radikwata 16 days ago

    I don't have a chance to meet steph curry cos I'm just in botswana

  • Pako Radikwata
    Pako Radikwata 16 days ago

    Noah is my age

  • Laekim Tamatoa
    Laekim Tamatoa 16 days ago


  • Diablo God
    Diablo God 16 days ago

    I can chop 3 point like curry lol

  • Wagon Burner
    Wagon Burner 16 days ago

    I can do that kind of but I suck good mooves

  • Reddz Jagulus
    Reddz Jagulus 16 days ago

    Seems that these ppl have never been to the hood, smh

  • Viggo Åberg
    Viggo Åberg 16 days ago

    He is a best

  • 34 RiP
    34 RiP 16 days ago

    vay AMK

  • Same Bari
    Same Bari 16 days ago


  • Rileyandrei Panao
    Rileyandrei Panao 17 days ago


    THEGR3ATDVAKIIN 135 17 days ago

    hes 11 lookin like 4'5? when i was 11 i was like 4'9 or 5'0 flat...

  • rishav uwr
    rishav uwr 18 days ago

    warriors suck

  • andrei angustia
    andrei angustia 18 days ago


  • Eddie daboss
    Eddie daboss 18 days ago

    0:46 look at yourself. Wtf is wrong u look retarded

  • affan Kaji
    affan Kaji 18 days ago

    Yo for a kid he's got really nice handles

  • Angel Negrete
    Angel Negrete 18 days ago

    God bless is all I have to say 🙏❤😭

  • Random uploader 2
    Random uploader 2 18 days ago

    I fucken hate curry he is a little bich that smokes crack

  • Jamarious Francios
    Jamarious Francios 18 days ago

    Don't air ball

  • Barulio Vera
    Barulio Vera 18 days ago

    Bet in 20 from now NBA hoops are gonna be lowered to little tike size cause jezz people are getting damn short

  • Cheez Bugga
    Cheez Bugga 18 days ago

    I can mimic shaqs long shots and I don't get nothin

  • Indy Mutt Productions

    He wasn't even. Happy. Little white kids like that just bug me

  • Green Monkey
    Green Monkey 18 days ago

    The think that I hate is that if you get to hang out with a basketball player I can guarantee you it's always somebody with a disability or someone like Noah.Do don't think that something like this will happen to you.

  • Martin Vibart
    Martin Vibart 19 days ago

    This is cool and all but this kid looks like he's 6...

  • Joshua Reaper
    Joshua Reaper 19 days ago

    why cant i meet Stephen curry :(

  • Daniela Shaughnessy
    Daniela Shaughnessy 19 days ago

    lbj is abeast .///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

  • mj tv123
    mj tv123 19 days ago

    When he gets the jersey he looked sad

  • Tayton McCreadie
    Tayton McCreadie 20 days ago

    Those are like my basketball shoes but red

  • Dale Figueroa
    Dale Figueroa 20 days ago

    kid lookin at them shoe's like get these trash ass kicks out my face. cut me a check so i can get some bron brons lol.

  • iX Relaxx
    iX Relaxx 20 days ago

    The kid could care less about Stephen as long as he got the shoes.

  • iX Relaxx
    iX Relaxx 20 days ago

    Wonder how much they paid for him to get on the court

  • iX Relaxx
    iX Relaxx 20 days ago

    Just another white family trying to promote their overrated kid and make him popular (while spending a LOT of money on his white ass).

  • CCBG Lit
    CCBG Lit 20 days ago

    Little shit had to look down most of the time I have better handles

  • Kai Moreno
    Kai Moreno 20 days ago

    I had really fun
    -little kid

  • Jax Wojtacha
    Jax Wojtacha 21 day ago

    they were really juicing him "that's a world record"

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