11-Year-Old Kid Shows Off His Handles on Warriors Ground

Social media sensation Noah Cutler visited the Warriors on January 22 and impressed Dub Nation with his crazy Stephen Curry-like basketball handles.

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Author Deadly Destroyer 999 ( ago)
I am a better basketball player then Noah cutler

Author Solomon Deyoung ( ago)
Im 9 and I a dont think that It was good.

Author fi_ Destroyer ( ago)
im 10 years old

Author fi_ Destroyer ( ago)
curry im biggest fan

Author dman gaming ( ago)
i would like to meet Russell Westbrook

Author Alanys Villafañe ( ago)
The stephen curry is all Star

Author Alanys Villafañe ( ago)
The amazing stephen curry

Author m10theking 708 ( ago)
Noah sucks dick

Author Zlatan Ibrahimovic ( ago)
I feel like any white kid who plays basketball smells like sweat (even when there not playing basketball) and wears under armour

Author Gøðäcý Hïğh ( ago)
This kid literally copies of of stephs moves make up your own please

Author Maheep Sandhu ( ago)
I'm 100 times better

Author KingOf SpadesRBLX ( ago)
I was way taller than that measly first grader seriously FEED HIM HE LOOKS LIKE HE JUST CAME BACKFROM AFRICA.

Author Butler Not ( ago)
Bet you he is a bandwagon

Author team pig ( ago)
ice cold kid man

Author Elizabeth Reynoso ( ago)
noah cutler will be the next big nba star in the next 10 or more years

Author Luke Evans ( ago)
I have his shoes I didn't even know they just looked cool to me

Author Potato / POTATOFLY ( ago)
After Noah made the layup everyone was like OMG!! But Noah was like why y'all surprised it was easy...

Author mrkapolleko ( ago)
But kids aren't supposed to have instagram yet though, impressive though

Author Isabella Romero ( ago)
good job noah

Author Noah Rodda ( ago)
this kid is a savage and he has a great name

Author Jordon Cole ( ago)

Author Seth Brown ( ago)
That's why I respect Curry

Author Labraun Gaither ( ago)
I will break his ankles

Author Maize Duck ( ago)
I don't wanna see steph curry I wanna see stuff curry

Author Patrick Matthews ( ago)
One question: Why does an 11 year old need an Instagram?

Author dan3k1und ( ago)
This is why I hate the warriors

Author Cameron Jones ( ago)
He good at basketball but I bought those shoes only for 40$

Author SolPlayz ( ago)
Well Done kid!

Author Lousy Lion ( ago)

Author Haydon Bui ( ago)
Kid seems pretty mature

Author Elijah Galvan ( ago)
Yo curry is so cool and I like the warriors

Author IrritatedGamer ( ago)
I'd Let that kid break my ankles any day..

Author Snoop Zebra ( ago)
He's got more jukes then half the players in the nba

Author TheThreeCavs23 ( ago)
I hate the warrriors

Author Mathieu Salama ( ago)
NBA. Aasudheud en si d en direct des enfants dédiée​dis sujet de au sein et et en ss

Author cejordan curry ( ago)
Noah suck

Author StrikeBlown3 ( ago)
Why 3k Dislikes? Guys this kid trained hard. Don't be jealous, try hard enough you can just earn something just like this!

Author Timmy Turner ( ago)
Didn't they get him tickets for the game tho?

Author Humble Galka ( ago)
That kids gonna be so cocky!

Author Dustin Pixel ( ago)
What a little shit

Author Theresa Copanic ( ago)

Author Musashi Godstrike ( ago)
pls leave some pu$$y

Author Chios Bros ( ago)

Author TryHard Chaos ( ago)
i would be laughing so hard if he sniff the shoes and they smelled bad xD

Author AnkleSnapper ( ago)
1:26 hes like why y all niggas celebrating for me thats normal

Author littlecuber 1738 ( ago)
That kid has serious handles!

Author FadedAce - Roblox and more! ( ago)
I don't wanna be rude but when they showed us when he was in his own basketball court when he mimicked it the kid was a little slow and curry was faster at 0:26 0:24 or 0:25

Author Илья Борсинский ( ago)
his face at the moment when steph gives him fire shoes looks like:"what is this shit bruh,i play better than you anyway" :)

Author Alan Luna ( ago)
wow I neven can't do that he is like Steph Curry 😨😨😨😱😱

Author Hockeyboss 7171 ( ago)
Stephen curry is so nice

Author Sahraa Sulemaan ( ago)
I can do those skills it's my birthday today and I'm 11 years old I could do those skills when I was eight And my mum still says to me I'm to little to use Instagram.✌🏽️✌🏽✌🏽🏀🏀🏅😉🏅🏅🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🌑🐬🐬😃😃

Author maxigo ( ago)
when i was 11 i was 11

Author Vonda Wilson ( ago)
I can do it like Stephen curry

Author MCmaster2005 ( ago)
To classmates gonna be jealous XD😉

Author Jack1nBlack ( ago)
im better

Author Piggyguy312 ( ago)
He looks so depressed that he won 😂

that kid has amazing skills

that is great

Author Alex Chown ( ago)
what is his Instagram

Author DESTROYER P ( ago)
You can see the kid on 50:

Author xXx.uchiha ( ago)
Noah Im not trying to hate ,but how bout you get your own fucking moves .

Author Richard Amakiri ( ago)
Coolest thing hes like steph curry

Author Borna Žgombić ( ago)
This kid reminds me of jacksepticeye

Author Clorox Bleach ( ago)
That kid is a bum I can cross him up like if it was nothing

Author Bennett Balser ( ago)
He amazing

Author PsSp ( ago)
This is a "phenome"? My God this kid is not good at all he'd get his ass kicked by black kids...

Author Hunter Rosen ( ago)
The midget in the background 😂

Author Barry The Bee ( ago)
shame hes a warriors fan. bet he was a lakers and miami when he was younger

Author Emily Mohnd ( ago)
He is so 😊 good

Author Cruz Aguirre ( ago)
imagine when he finds out warriors blew a 3-1 lead. He'll copy LeBrons moves 😂

Author Astral Gaming ( ago)
Noah You Are A Legend At Basketball And i Hope You Get Into The NBA When Your Older! GoodLuck

Author Joey Piotrowski ( ago)
0:44 makes me cringe

Author George Klein ( ago)
guys when i was 4 i could do a through the legs behind the back while i was blindfolded and i had a broken skull

-lamar ball

Author Emily Uy ( ago)
he's pretty short for a 12 year old (as of April 11,2017) Ik he wasn't 12 when this was created by now he's 12

Author Carson Bishop ( ago)
this makes me smile at the end :D

Author LanceCorporal RAC-ExoticWHAEVER ( ago)
Dem skillz

Author Shahnaz Alam ( ago)
That kid can play ball.

Author TheMaddox ( ago)

Author Zkycore ( ago)
wih awsome

Author Kristin Tobin ( ago)
Steph isn't good

Author OSU Buckeyes ( ago)
The warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Author Zack Wooten ( ago)
Id cross him up

Author Prince Singh ( ago)
Bruh this kid is so short he might not even make it in he probully gonna be 5"2 or 5"4

Author Aomine ( ago)
"We already have people who look up to him"
calm your mommy ass up. he has been famous for fucking 1 week and now nobody knows him anymore

Author TylerKolenda ( ago)

Author James Compos ( ago)
the boy look like shark boy

Author Red Jelly Productions ( ago)

Author JoshThe Troll ( ago)
I can do that in real life I do basketball and also make more

Author Student Evan Petrie ( ago)
Lebron is king

Author Student Evan Petrie ( ago)
Wat the curry warm up is not as popular as the nba

Author Fetulimoeata Ta'a ( ago)
The future Stephen Curry

Author Luke Theduke12 ( ago)
That kid thinks he is a hard ass

Author Gaming Crew ( ago)

Author Evanrko ( ago)
This kid got skills. Like if agree.

Author Hardik Deorukhkar ( ago)
he is kise ryouto..... from kuroko no basket

Author Ryan's World ( ago)

Author Ivan Toubia ( ago)
I can't shoot or dribble in school I just try and act cool but now I'm better after training

Author James Davis ( ago)
this is why are country is like it is because of the people that lives in it people cant do anything great are good without haters this doesnt have anything to do with another player . its all about making yourself open to make someones day

Author Del Shockgamer99 ( ago)
Omg he's the new Stephen curry

Author Deuce ( ago)
I want to meet Stephen curry from his daughter akeelah

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