11-Year-Old Kid Shows Off His Handles on Warriors Ground

Social media sensation Noah Cutler visited the Warriors on January 22 and impressed Dub Nation with his crazy Stephen Curry-like basketball handles.

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Author Cara Robell ( ago)
That's amazing he is very talented!!

Author Jonah Garces YT ( ago)
I have the shoes

Author MsMissbeauty123 ( ago)
Deez nuts

Author tristan molina ( ago)
But can he dunk?

Author ThatDrTomGuy The shoe collector ( ago)
wtf is this kids haircut #Wtf

Author ZF Royale-Quality Gameplay ( ago)
So a 2ft kid can do 1 move?

Author Silent -seb9995 ( ago)
he need to take the barber shop by storm

Author Mr Coffee ( ago)
Small for an 11 year old.

Author SKT T1 ßeast ( ago)

Author Yep Nope ( ago)
Lord does he look like a total dickhead at its finest, people think he's good but he's a show off bitch, ungrateful as hell, and he would be better if he came up with what he did instead of copying.

Author thetinygangsta * ( ago)
20:02 "It was nice to meet Stephen Curry. It was curryazy". That's what it sounded like.

Author Fernando Vega ( ago)

Author Chief Bill ( ago)
He plays good and now he is older, but when this video was published, he COULDN'T BE 11 YEARS OLD HE WAS JUST AN 8 YEAR OLD!!

Author Erik Kebel ( ago)
I've done better... In my sleep 😔

Author MooMoo ( ago)
no way has 11 hes like 3 foot tall

Author april gilliam ( ago)
he looks short for a 11 yr old

Author Jordan Peter ( ago)

Author Straight Bars ( ago)
2:00 "i had really fun, it was nice to meet Steph curry, that was crazy" best reaction lol

Author theAntboy152 ( ago)
he like mini curry

Author JDoactive ( ago)
He's pretty short for an 11 year old

Author Cris Gomez ( ago)
White ppl

Author Tina Preston ( ago)
does Stephen speak Spanish

Author CCBG Lit ( ago)
this little dickrider is a bitch

Author Drake Austin ( ago)
I think we have Stephen jr

Author BeyBlade Master ( ago)
i am a steph curry not you baby

Author Arturo Hernandez ( ago)
u can hate curry

Author Rex Thorson ( ago)
I mean, he's a baller but he looks like 4' tall. Im 13 and 5'9" so its unfair because hes so low to the ground.

Author Jeselle Coy ( ago)
awe that was so kind of stephan curry

Author TaytayBoy 10 ( ago)
i am 11 and i am 5 6 so i can be like ft taller than him the only way he can cross up me is if he runs through my legs and does a halvecourt shot then he will win, but i gotta give the kid credit

Author Everett Rodriguez ( ago)
I am crying literally tears right now I am not kidding

Author Adrius Wheeler ( ago)
Ayee he fye he betta den me 😂😂

Author Drunken Gamer ( ago)
Shoes were used or new!?

Author Chris Crosby ( ago)
I wonder if steff wore those shoes

Author Salah Orsan ( ago)
That kid is so gooooooooood and lucky

Author Isaiah Garcia ( ago)
no way did that kid do that #newsteph

Author Talia_Corcione ( ago)
He is going to be an NBA player and he deserves to be one he is talented with that congrats

Author Dub_ Nation3035 ( ago)

Author Filip Mrozik ( ago)
Can he shoot tho???

Author Mason Lowman ( ago)
the kid is awesome he could break my ankles any day

Author Elias Torres ( ago)
i can beat him 1 on 1 easly

Author Nick Mitchell ( ago)
he might be going but that doesn't matter

Author D3ADLUCKYLUDA ( ago)
he gave him them booboo's at the end lmao

Author Guy eitam ( ago)
the mother looks like kelly ane conway

Author gary oak ( ago)
guys we found a real life kise from kuroko no basket

Author LJ- KING ( ago)
dont use the crap on insta use it in basketball,and how much u bet i can crush this kids ankles

Author lFinnesel lKillerl ( ago)
Nice Words Huh? Kill Yourself Fag

Author GrafOp ( ago)
0:44 on instagreem?

Author keep it gucci ( ago)
3-1 lead

Author TOXIK_ _GAMING ( ago)
Looks small to be 11

Author YouAreDied ( ago)
Steph Curry is a great guy in person, but on the court he's just a jerk.

Author Quote ( ago)
Good kid. Good family. Hope the best for him.

Author Gamingdoom ( ago)
He looks like he doesn't even care that he did a world record

Author Sean Gorby ( ago)
this kid has the doucheyest hair cut

Author Yep Nope ( ago)
Lil shit tried to look cool af but he an ungrateful lil bish.

Author First Last ( ago)
That kid is better than the entire Sacramento Kings.

Author Brandon dagreat10 gaming ( ago)
1:46 that face when he gets his shoes lol

Author Amy Lopez ( ago)

Down with this video

Author Cake Kakes ( ago)
After he made his shot his face be like '-'

Author SlimesCanCraft ( ago)
Who came here after crying northwest fan?

Author Lunaaa lovegood XX ( ago)

Author Bernard J Fortin ( ago)
Made me cry...

Author L. Lawliet ( ago)
Noah is kise from Kuroko no basket

Author LemonLadGaming ( ago)
1:42 he doesnt look that satisfied lol

Author Isreal Thompson ( ago)
I.saw curry before

Author Gavin Roberts ( ago)
It's funny how they think he is amazing because he can copy one layup

Author Ghost101850 ( ago)
I don't know what to say about that kids haircut

Author Your mom 627 ( ago)
He seams short because he's by steph

Author hameed Siddiqui ( ago)
The kid at 1:18 acted

Author Marshall Turner ( ago)
he probably made the school basketball team

Author Ambush Games ( ago)
Too bad I can do currys moves🤣🤣🤣not that hard

Author Xavier Valdes ( ago)
Respek respek in life

Author Jacob Jernigan ( ago)

Author Dino Mikael Dagandan ( ago)
my sister like you..👱👱

Author Travis Bermingham ( ago)
Doesn't get very happy

Author Mew Two ( ago)
Noah cutler, how do you feel when the warriors blew a 3-1 lead?

Author Gaming Beaver ( ago)
When steph gave him the shoes he was like these ain't air Jordan's though

Author Ejay fungs ( ago)

Author Michele Cardinali ( ago)
This a name that we'll listen again!!

Author Sofie Bergman ( ago)
noah cutler is noob

Author 7dlocloc ( ago)
how does he do that?

Author Epic Dude ( ago)
this kid is awesome

Author Kostas Gkoutzinis ( ago)

Author Marvin FTW ( ago)
That shoe that steph gave was stephen curry 2.5 i had them :3

Author rodonic1234567 ( ago)
When he got the shirt: Eh, Idc

When he got the shoes: YO THESE ARE SO COOL

Author Rajkumar Mohit ( ago)

Author Adir Bibi ( ago)
It's really a talent if you can find something to hate on this

Author Dayshawn Mims ( ago)
if I was Noah I would be crying

Author Dandter ( ago)
1:15 that is probably just a edit reaction of the actual game lol

Author LeBron James ( ago)

Author Stealth Wolf ( ago)
He is not 11. WTF

Author Haron 122 ( ago)
I like you know you're the best I don't school

Author WSG Man ( ago)
that right there is a future spur

Author The Gladiator ( ago)
He loooks like a fucking rat haha

Author nice bro ( ago)

Author baller maniac ( ago)
kid beast

Author Keaton VLOGS ( ago)
Leave him alone about his height. Like he small so what I'm 11 and only 4'11. You guys are trying to make fun of him because he has 10 times the guts you have to do that in front of hundreds of people (not including tv viewers)

Author Lathan Stevenson ( ago)
hes like the newest version of Stephen curry

Author Ethan Griffin ( ago)
He can do it but not the behind the back layup

Author sicknasty gaming ( ago)
this kid is a complete bandwagon you cant deny it

Author TGV ( ago)
i guess you can say its currazy

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