People Who Took Instructions Too Literally

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Author zoe da panda ( ago)
Can u and wengie meet up in a video pls

Author Anna Silvestre ( ago)
1:52 all phones are valuables

Author LezTeen2004 ( ago)
1:35 thats not an iPhone tho xD
so he doesnt need to wear it under watch

Author Louise Groves ( ago)
I can't cartwheel or do a hand stand so you're not the only one

Author Rachel Vorkink (2020) ( ago)
1:49 Wrong it said,"IPhones and VALUABLES....."

Author Bob Christiano ( ago)
I can hand stand

Author El Misterioso ( ago)
Girl: *mumbles* Yes!
Boy: Are you gonna leave me?
Girl: No
Boy: Do you love me?
Girl: Yes... FINALLY
Boy: Would you cheat on me?
Girl: Are you crazy? OF COURSE NOT
Boy: Will you marry me?

Now read it backwards...

Author LOL Collies ( ago)
Liza:*sign says falling rocks*

Author PersianPlayz ( ago)

Author Weronika Smagacz ( ago)
u can't do a handstand?

Author Jeni Vigar ( ago)
i want a cookie now...

Author Colorful Time ( ago)
I used to think that when there is a stop sign, we have to stop and we can't go farther until one day, I saw someone stop and then walk pass the stop sign. I thought the police was gonna come after that person

Author Colorful Time ( ago)
Hey!!!!!!!!! Unless the phone won't get stolen when it is UNDER THE WATCH

Author SuperPaul2006 ( ago)
These people are so stupid they would wait at a stop sign until it said GO.

Author LISA_GAYLE Northam ( ago)
it said I phones and valuables! :)

Author Madelynne Harris ( ago)
4:24 you're not alone I can't do a cartwheel or handstand 😫

Author Lucinda Veldhuis ( ago)
Australian Kinders normally have colour groups....such as my 600 school with 150 Kinders... It means thankyou for putting my kid in this class he/her has loved working with you.. Etc

Author Darlene Jovanka Wijaya ( ago)

Author Darlene Jovanka Wijaya ( ago)
And my favorite was waiting fir the green arrow

Author Darlene Jovanka Wijaya ( ago)
I can do cartweel and handstand and handstandwalk

Author Blob Ish ( ago)
Ellen sooooo doesn't understand the drive thru one the joke is the car went through the wall

Author Gillian Tepe ( ago)
the one that said keep ur iphones under watch, i noticed that b4 u and also his phone is a "valuable"

Author Emily Porter ( ago)
oh my , I think that's my pharmacy !!!

Author Stilabeautyxx ( ago)
Yeah your so cool Arelne

Author TheAmazingGamerCookie ( ago)
4:21 The ripped part of the paper looks like an Eagle's head 0.0
4:34 If I'm right, my internet friend has that book too-
4:55 Kyutie it's actually 'Sensei' ^_^;

Author Peach Dog ( ago)
i an do a front walkover and limber which is when you do a handstand and then a bridge and pull up limber is with legs together and walkover you have your legs apart

Author Heh Little Munchkin ( ago)
I have a friends and when I say "Hey" She always has a straw of hay in her bp

Author Yuri Potter ( ago)
Kyutie & Reaction Time!!!!
Anyone agree?

Author Xianbin Ou ( ago)
in the drive thru one i live near there!

Author Em&M ( ago)
ahh you're voice! Adorable! <3

Author Yuki Kun ( ago)
-boop-, _boop_ *boop*

Author LønlêyBêän 77 ( ago)
I'm a gymnast so I can do more than just handstands and cartwheels

Author LibStar August ( ago)
it said and valuables

Author Legacy Thompson ( ago)
it didn't just say i-phone it said other vabuoles

Author crazyforemojis ( ago)
I'll teach you how! Just do a collab with me

Author Kai C. ( ago)
I just got an ad with Ellen in it while watching Kyutie.

Author Lps BlueBerry ( ago)

Author Janae Quinn ( ago)
ellen he is still right it says "iphones and VALUABLES under watch."

Author xXStarbucks BabeXx ( ago)
It wasn't cookies it was ham, READ THE PACKAGE!! Sorry I love you <3

Author Ayla Nelson ( ago)
at 1:19 thanks for a great year in purple means "thanks for a great year" and they wanted it in purple

Author Isa-Puppy- Luv ( ago)
It said iphones and valuables and that's his valuable

Author Fox Fighter ( ago)

Author Tom cruise ( ago)
Boy:do you like me

Author it's popularvanessagaming ( ago)
kyutie do a callabaration with reaction time

Author Franci Carr ( ago)
Yes my friend has took me to seriously. I told her to "keep her eye on the baseball " she actually put her eye on the baseball and then looked at me and I was laughing and she said "what's so funny??" I said "ur eyes on the ball" she said " that's what u told me to do " lol 💜💜

Author K Bear ( ago)
lets make April #CurbsHaveFeelingsTo month like if you agree

Author Purplegirl ( ago)

Author Savanna Bigara ( ago)
iPhone and vaubils under watch

Author Jeweliana Barbour ( ago)
I don't think she got the joke or noticed the superheroes 🤣🤣🤣

Author Sarah Ocampo ( ago)
Sorry Ellen i didn't watch your videos in a long time i started a channel and ya i am starting were i left of

Author Suzanne Eban ( ago)

Author Katelyn Vang ( ago)
I follow my mom's rule. She says to stay still like a statue and so I standed still until when it was time to sleep

Author Rc Qmail ( ago)

Author Sweet Sugary DIYs ( ago)
me and brother takes instructions too literally

Author Cassy A. de Torres ( ago)
This is Wally ---->🐳

She has no friends

I'm not asking for likes

And she is not asking for friends

Because she is happy alone
Btw have a nice day/night whoever reads this

Author Aniiya animation project: 3ds ( ago)
pls teach me senpai 😅😅

Author Fanny Lovegirl ( ago)
the GPS said go strait it was a rondel granma is 50 on the ester day but she took the indtution to serios boom...hahaha it was bigin buld up she destroyd it tey rebuylding and they have fence XDXDXD ONE LIKE ONE BIG HAPPY BHRDAY AND ALL YOUR REPLAYS WILL I READ

Author Minecraft friends f ( ago)
i can do a carlwhele into a handstand

Author Nicholas Mai ( ago)
I know this is off topic but who plays Clash Royale?

Author chaiya monroe ( ago)
"Just a touch of your love is enough to knock me off me feet all week. Just a touch of love,oh, just a touch of your love, oh."
Like if you know what this is from

Author nour khalil ( ago)
I took instructions to literally once,it was spirit week at my school and I had to where orange so I made a hat that said orange. LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author snowy Villota ( ago)
I will teach you how to do a handstand it's easy

Author Kendall Swaney ( ago)
G = girl b is boy

G: Yes, definitely
B Will you dump me?
B Do you love me
G Yes
B Would you cheat on me
G Maybe.....
B Would you kill me?
G no I don't
B Are you sure u don't love me

Read it backwards

Author Annie Willson ( ago)
My friend tried helping me do a hand stand and I almost broke my neck

Author Cute kitty ( ago)
I can sort of do a handstand but not a cartwhell

Author Dab Howlter ( ago)
who else realized that 4:36 is a wreck this journal page

Author Hattie127 ( ago)
Kyutie I WILL TEACH U BOTH :) ur MY senpai

Author Emily Nguyen ( ago)
One time I'm like CAN U GO TO MY HOUSE to my friend and I'm like PLZ SAY YES and then my friend said yes and she's like you told me to say yes and I said yes

Author jujubear2006 ( ago)
that was a dove chocolate rapper not dove soap

Author RitaGirl 319 ( ago)
1:47 it said "and valuables" his phone is valuable

Author Shalice Moseley ( ago)
It looks like a picture of a person dabbing upside down the one with the handstand

Author Bridget Reid ( ago)
I am a person how tacks thing toliterally my friend aka Emily she told me to eat something so I ate my lunch box I am so odd😶

Author Maria Alexandra Jimenez Olarte ( ago)
check out this 1:01.... in purple in purple in purple.😂😂😂😂

Author OccordingToAlex ( ago)
no i do

Author Charlotte Bartolo ( ago)
I'm7yrs old and I now how to do a cartweel and a hand stand

Author Natalia Glennie ( ago)
Lol you are so good

Author Debz Peku ( ago)
you should do a try not to sing challange

Author Rosie cupcake ( ago)
They were meant to write thanks for a great year with purple icing.

Author Herobrine's Minion ( ago)
Kyutie: Are they going to hammer their own package? Me: that is gonna hurt😫

Author Min Yoongi ( ago)
Some people need some loaf....lets bread some loaf guys

Author Adventure Rider Mongolia ( ago)
i have one i was a sign said eat me pls and there was a cake on the paper and my friend ate the paper and its same to the vid

Author Typhlosion Explosion ( ago)
3:51 kyutie that guy DID drive his car through the building actually

Author Molly Parr ( ago)
Lol 😂 Hug the path! Lol xD 😶

Author LPS - Cute kitty lovers!!! ( ago)
You called me senpai i know how to do a Cartwheel a Handstand, Backbend, Bridge, Handstand kick over and a Round off (I'm learning how to do a Bridge then kick backwards and stand up after all that)

Don't get mad at me :(
I am just telling Kyutie I can because I want to teach her but I can't I wish

Author Ez Mur ( ago)
the cake one i get it it is this
they are saying to the cake maker can you pls write'thanks for a great year' in purple

Author lim sien kok ( ago)
the page is from "Wreck This Journal"!!!

Author Molly Moogle ( ago)
I remember when I was in a store and I touched something my grandmother said don't touch with your hands so I touched it with my elbow

Author Azra Jagurdzija ( ago)
I can do a brig

Author Who? ( ago)
I love kyutie 19394882819193948587582919192989392929 much

I'm 99% sure you skipped the number part
You didn't even see the letter 😂
You looked back to see if there was a letter didn't you 😉
I want my like now

Author Evia Burrell ( ago)
I told my 5 yo cousin to make my bed she came back in 10 minutes with a picture of a bed and she said t"his is how what I think your bed should look". What?

Author Aliya Bokhari ( ago)
3:58 thats actually by where i live😂

Author Cookie Dash ( ago)
If you like cookies.... What's my name what's my YouTube

Author Keirstin Jenn Mate ( ago)
1:51 its says Iphone and VALUABLES

Author Katy Blanco ( ago)
I can do a handstand and cartwheel and back bend don't belive me? go to kate club or press the K sircle and I will make a video to prove it I go to a gymnastics called Gymanny kids it is gym for all ages even 3 year olds!

Author Ocean Wolf ( ago)
Thanks for a year in purple in purple in purple

Author Alyvia Ybarra ( ago)
I hate her laugh sooooo much

Author AnimeLuvr55555 ( ago)
Someone please pause at 3:34 look at the face and meme it

Author Elise George ( ago)
It says iPhones and valuables

Author Anu Ultraviolet ( ago)
4:55 lol senpai

Author Brightheart girl 2006 ( ago)

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