People Who Took Instructions Too Literally

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  • Runtime: 6:18
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  • Deranged K
    Deranged K 1 day ago

    Let's play Russian rollout, every 5th person who subscribes to me dies!

  • Rafaella Arnaez
    Rafaella Arnaez 2 days ago

    It stress me the fuck out how do you say purple

  • Brittney Dang
    Brittney Dang 2 days ago

    I can do a flip

  • Delmar Maples
    Delmar Maples 6 days ago

    is it just me or when the vid is over do u think.......I hate u kyuti because u never wan t it to end

  • Lakin Kandrick
    Lakin Kandrick 6 days ago

    No the direction was to write "thanks for a great year" in purple icing 😹

  • Yandere Chan
    Yandere Chan 7 days ago

    OMG KYUTIE i dunno how too do a cart wheel or hand stand

  • Lily Annie
    Lily Annie 10 days ago

    It said iPhones AND valuables under watch

  • princess eifel
    princess eifel 10 days ago

    I follow instructions way to seriously  when I was gr 1 the teacher said pick your partner I said to the teacher im not ready to get married yet HHAHA XD I WAS AN AWSOME KID

  • Masri is dabest
    Masri is dabest 10 days ago

    This is bob ☹️
    Bob has no friends
    1 like= 1 friend

  • kondangi dasarathy
    kondangi dasarathy 11 days ago

    1:19 the person who ordered the cake told that they want those letter in purple (in the purple colour)
    but they wrote in purple in the cake

  • Ginger and Patch
    Ginger and Patch 13 days ago

    I can do a cart wheel and a half handstand

  • Andrea Nolan
    Andrea Nolan 18 days ago

    0:34 lol😂

  • Ella Burklund
    Ella Burklund 19 days ago

    "Wait here for Green Arrow"- The man on the left is wearing a shirt of the Flash symbol (a superhero), the baby is wearing a Green Lantern symbol (a superhero), the man on the right is wearing a Batman symbol (a superhero), and the Green Arrow is a superhero. Logic explained.

  • Jk6505 lol
    Jk6505 lol 20 days ago

    Lol paused at the right moment and her face looks so funny

  • Genesis Alvarez
    Genesis Alvarez 21 day ago

    am i the only one who watches the vids but is to lazy to like it?

  • littlebiganimalfriend

    omg... what stupid person eats paper and not cookies!?!?!?

  • Maddie Rosa
    Maddie Rosa 22 days ago

    that they wrote it in purple

  • Amber Balusek
    Amber Balusek 22 days ago

    #6:18 her face😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aulani Sedillo
    Aulani Sedillo 24 days ago

    yeah. me.
    i have no friends

  • Tori Heart
    Tori Heart 24 days ago

    when it said wait here for green arrow they were both wearing a flash and batman tshirt, green arrow th modern day robin

  • princess fluffkin
    princess fluffkin 25 days ago

    These vids always remind me of when i was going to my five yr. old cousins house and we ended up going the wrong way.
    Cousin;: You have to turn here
    me: but GPS says go over here...
    Cousin: Yeah, but its over there
    me: lets just go over here just to see
    we go over and sure enough, its the wrong way
    cousin: See, i told you to go the other way!
    me; yeah i shoulda believed ya. sorry cuz
    cousin: well you should've listened to me
    me: why?
    cousin: cuz i know where my house is
    me: but you're 5
    cousin: But i still know everything!
    I started cracking up. Kids. Just kids

  • Harley Dillian
    Harley Dillian 27 days ago


  • Dorkalicous Cupcakes

    I am the friend that takes things too literally...

  • Kayden Meehan
    Kayden Meehan 1 month ago

    I used to like wedgie better than you but now I'm addicted to you jk I'm not addicted just I love your channel now

  • mia rosario
    mia rosario 1 month ago

    i can do a cart wheel and a hand stand

  • always va
    always va 1 month ago

    i can do a doubble back tuck

  • Fluttershy / Butterfly

    Pls teach me senpai!!!!

    EXO 4LIFE 1 month ago

    Ellen: they didn't read the instructions properly!

    Me: Yes They did phones are valuables it says iphones AND valuables under watch

  • MA soledad Willman
    MA soledad Willman 1 month ago

    find the difference

    • MA soledad Willman
      MA soledad Willman 1 month ago


  • MA soledad Willman
    MA soledad Willman 1 month ago

    omg so awesome!!!!!

  • zoe da panda
    zoe da panda 1 month ago

    Can u and wengie meet up in a video pls

  • Anna Silvestre
    Anna Silvestre 1 month ago

    1:52 all phones are valuables

  • LezTeen2004
    LezTeen2004 1 month ago

    1:35 thats not an iPhone tho xD
    so he doesnt need to wear it under watch

  • Louise Groves
    Louise Groves 1 month ago

    I can't cartwheel or do a hand stand so you're not the only one

  • Rachel Vorkink (2020)

    1:49 Wrong it said,"IPhones and VALUABLES....."

  • Bob Christiano
    Bob Christiano 1 month ago

    I can hand stand

  • El Misterioso
    El Misterioso 1 month ago

    Girl: *mumbles* Yes!
    Boy: Are you gonna leave me?
    Girl: No
    Boy: Do you love me?
    Girl: Yes... FINALLY
    Boy: Would you cheat on me?
    Girl: Are you crazy? OF COURSE NOT
    Boy: Will you marry me?

    Now read it backwards...

  • Cinnamon Button
    Cinnamon Button 1 month ago

    Liza:*sign says falling rocks*

  • PersianPlayz
    PersianPlayz 1 month ago


  • Weronika Smagacz
    Weronika Smagacz 1 month ago

    u can't do a handstand?

  • Lapis Lazuli
    Lapis Lazuli 1 month ago

    i want a cookie now...

  • Random Things
    Random Things 1 month ago

    I used to think that when there is a stop sign, we have to stop and we can't go farther until one day, I saw someone stop and then walk pass the stop sign. I thought the police was gonna come after that person

  • Random Things
    Random Things 1 month ago

    Hey!!!!!!!!! Unless the phone won't get stolen when it is UNDER THE WATCH

  • SuperPaul2006
    SuperPaul2006 1 month ago

    These people are so stupid they would wait at a stop sign until it said GO.

  • LISA_GAYLE Northam
    LISA_GAYLE Northam 1 month ago

    it said I phones and valuables! :)

  • Madelynne Harris
    Madelynne Harris 1 month ago

    4:24 you're not alone I can't do a cartwheel or handstand 😫

  • Lucinda Veldhuis
    Lucinda Veldhuis 1 month ago

    Australian Kinders normally have colour groups....such as my 600 school with 150 Kinders... It means thankyou for putting my kid in this class he/her has loved working with you.. Etc

  • Darlene Jovanka Wijaya


  • Darlene Jovanka Wijaya

    And my favorite was waiting fir the green arrow

  • Darlene Jovanka Wijaya

    I can do cartweel and handstand and handstandwalk

  • Blob Ish
    Blob Ish 1 month ago

    Ellen sooooo doesn't understand the drive thru one the joke is the car went through the wall

  • Gillian Tepe
    Gillian Tepe 1 month ago

    the one that said keep ur iphones under watch, i noticed that b4 u and also his phone is a "valuable"

  • Emily Porter
    Emily Porter 1 month ago

    oh my , I think that's my pharmacy !!!

  • Stilabeautyxx
    Stilabeautyxx 1 month ago

    Yeah your so cool Arelne

  • TheAmazingGamerCookie

    4:21 The ripped part of the paper looks like an Eagle's head 0.0
    4:34 If I'm right, my internet friend has that book too-
    4:55 Kyutie it's actually 'Sensei' ^_^;

  • Peach Dog
    Peach Dog 1 month ago

    i an do a front walkover and limber which is when you do a handstand and then a bridge and pull up limber is with legs together and walkover you have your legs apart

  • Heh Little Munchkin
    Heh Little Munchkin 1 month ago

    I have a friends and when I say "Hey" She always has a straw of hay in her bp

  • Yuri Potter
    Yuri Potter 1 month ago

    Kyutie & Reaction Time!!!!
    Anyone agree?

  • Xianbin Ou
    Xianbin Ou 1 month ago

    in the drive thru one i live near there!

  • Em&M
    Em&M 1 month ago

    ahh you're voice! Adorable! <3

  • Yuki Kun
    Yuki Kun 1 month ago

    -boop-, _boop_ *boop*

  • LønlêyBêän 77
    LønlêyBêän 77 1 month ago

    I'm a gymnast so I can do more than just handstands and cartwheels

  • LibStar August
    LibStar August 1 month ago

    it said and valuables

  • Legacy Thompson
    Legacy Thompson 1 month ago

    it didn't just say i-phone it said other vabuoles

  • crazyforemojis
    crazyforemojis 1 month ago

    I'll teach you how! Just do a collab with me

  • Kai C.
    Kai C. 1 month ago

    I just got an ad with Ellen in it while watching Kyutie.

  • Lps BlueBerry
    Lps BlueBerry 1 month ago


  • Janae Quinn
    Janae Quinn 1 month ago

    ellen he is still right it says "iphones and VALUABLES under watch."

  • xXStarbucks BabeXx
    xXStarbucks BabeXx 1 month ago

    It wasn't cookies it was ham, READ THE PACKAGE!! Sorry I love you <3

  • Ayla Nelson
    Ayla Nelson 1 month ago

    at 1:19 thanks for a great year in purple means "thanks for a great year" and they wanted it in purple

  • Isa-Puppy- Luv
    Isa-Puppy- Luv 1 month ago

    It said iphones and valuables and that's his valuable

  • ChinchillaLoverAJ
    ChinchillaLoverAJ 1 month ago


  • Tom cruise
    Tom cruise 1 month ago

    Boy:do you like me

  • it's popularvanessagaming

    kyutie do a callabaration with reaction time

  • Franci Carr
    Franci Carr 1 month ago

    Yes my friend has took me to seriously. I told her to "keep her eye on the baseball " she actually put her eye on the baseball and then looked at me and I was laughing and she said "what's so funny??" I said "ur eyes on the ball" she said " that's what u told me to do " lol 💜💜

  • K Bear
    K Bear 1 month ago

    lets make April #CurbsHaveFeelingsTo month like if you agree

  • Purplegirl
    Purplegirl 1 month ago


  • Savanna Bigara
    Savanna Bigara 1 month ago

    iPhone and vaubils under watch

  • Jeweliana Barbour
    Jeweliana Barbour 1 month ago

    I don't think she got the joke or noticed the superheroes 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sarah Ocampo
    Sarah Ocampo 1 month ago

    Sorry Ellen i didn't watch your videos in a long time i started a channel and ya i am starting were i left of

  • Suzanne Eban
    Suzanne Eban 1 month ago


  • Katelyn Vang
    Katelyn Vang 1 month ago

    I follow my mom's rule. She says to stay still like a statue and so I standed still until when it was time to sleep

  • Rc Qmail
    Rc Qmail 1 month ago


  • Sweet Sugary Stuff
    Sweet Sugary Stuff 1 month ago

    me and brother takes instructions too literally

  • Cassy de Torres
    Cassy de Torres 1 month ago

    This is Wally ---->🐳

    She has no friends

    I'm not asking for likes

    And she is not asking for friends

    Because she is happy alone
    Btw have a nice day/night whoever reads this

  • Cookiefox
    Cookiefox 1 month ago

    pls teach me senpai 😅😅

  • Fanny Lovegirl
    Fanny Lovegirl 1 month ago

    the GPS said go strait it was a rondel granma is 50 on the ester day but she took the indtution to serios boom...hahaha it was bigin buld up she destroyd it tey rebuylding and they have fence XDXDXD ONE LIKE ONE BIG HAPPY BHRDAY AND ALL YOUR REPLAYS WILL I READ

    • Fanny Lovegirl
      Fanny Lovegirl 1 month ago


  • Minecraft friends f
    Minecraft friends f 1 month ago

    i can do a carlwhele into a handstand

  • Nicholas Mai
    Nicholas Mai 1 month ago

    I know this is off topic but who plays Clash Royale?

  • chaiya monroe
    chaiya monroe 1 month ago

    "Just a touch of your love is enough to knock me off me feet all week. Just a touch of love,oh, just a touch of your love, oh."
    Like if you know what this is from

  • nour khalil
    nour khalil 1 month ago

    I took instructions to literally once,it was spirit week at my school and I had to where orange so I made a hat that said orange. LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • snowy Villota
    snowy Villota 1 month ago

    I will teach you how to do a handstand it's easy

  • Kendall Swaney
    Kendall Swaney 1 month ago

    G = girl b is boy

    G: Yes, definitely
    B Will you dump me?
    G NO
    B Do you love me
    G Yes
    B Would you cheat on me
    G Maybe.....
    B Would you kill me?
    G no I don't
    B Are you sure u don't love me

    Read it backwards

  • Annie Willson
    Annie Willson 1 month ago

    My friend tried helping me do a hand stand and I almost broke my neck

  • Cute kitty
    Cute kitty 1 month ago

    I can sort of do a handstand but not a cartwhell

  • LexiBunnyLove YT
    LexiBunnyLove YT 1 month ago

    who else realized that 4:36 is a wreck this journal page

  • HattieBearr
    HattieBearr 1 month ago

    Kyutie I WILL TEACH U BOTH :) ur MY senpai

  • Emily Nguyen
    Emily Nguyen 1 month ago

    One time I'm like CAN U GO TO MY HOUSE to my friend and I'm like PLZ SAY YES and then my friend said yes and she's like you told me to say yes and I said yes

  • jujubear2006
    jujubear2006 1 month ago

    that was a dove chocolate rapper not dove soap

  • RitaGirl 319
    RitaGirl 319 1 month ago

    1:47 it said "and valuables" his phone is valuable

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