Fighting Irish: Bareknuckle Boxing Part 1

*** Bare knuckle boxing is a big part of Irish traveller culture and tradition. It has been used as a method to resolve family conflicts, before they boil over, for hundreds of years. This video shows a family dispute being solved as seen in the award winning documentary 'Knuckle' ***

Part 1 http//

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

An Irish Traveller bareknucke fight which goes on for more than half an hour, 4 parts in total. Uploaded for jackawoof.

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Author fireworm678 ( ago)
You really think you people have the market cornered on fighting? I've been
at it since grade school. Why do I do it, because it's fun. I haven't gone
at it in 20 years though but I used to love it. I wish I had a bit more

Author Scotty joyce ( ago)
your def a pussy ass bitch who never fought a man before fuck you pussy

Author Socotri ( ago)
@firglenchainsaws When you'll use your hands to strike a human skull and
taste what it feels like, then you'll understand why they "dance" so much
instead of demolishing each others. Look how many times you'll be able to
deliver full punches on the floor. You'll quickly understand why
professional boxers switched to gloves boxing; form a spectator point of
view bare knucle boxing is more boring than modern boxing... only from a
spectator point point of view

Author firglenchainsaws ( ago)
@BirdiewasHere Lennie McLean

Author firglenchainsaws ( ago)
@ColmM36 I am Irish and have been fighting longer than you have been alive.
How many people have you knocked out?

Author chessfun ( ago)
get stuck in you big puffs

Author firglenchainsaws ( ago)
@paddyward1994 I demolished 2 diddycoys in White Hart carpark in Southall
in 1989. I rest my case,been there,done that.

Author jake7x7 ( ago)
@firglenchainsaws read the tittle ''Boxing'' not a scrap !

Author Ghost Banned ( ago)
@firglenchainsaws Can you do better ore you just have a big mouth ?

Author AurisDJ ( ago)
@mairead4567 sure you can just look at this fight in this video they are so
great at fighting they are fucking scared to punch all they do is run
around or when they punch each other the punch is so weak so fuck off you
fucking farmer

Author Jack Jakes ( ago)
@firglenchainsaws I dont see you doing this so don't criticize
them...Pikeys have heart and courage and there proud of there country and
what they do unlike us...we work for money and they have to fight for
money...they have had it hard like us but they have just been unfortunate
so to the people that criticize them fuck you, because these are the people
that can teach these chavs 'whos hard' on the streets today

Author diessall ( ago)
@firglenchainsaws what say do u have most of your videos are about farming
and hunting u should start off fighting. farm animals to start with maybe a
pig or a duck but i doubt you would beat either. so so go back to your farm
and eat your dinner from a pig troff u fuckin pussy

Author megatomo4444 ( ago)
@Fattboy26 good point mate, if ur good at something way do it for free.

Author DoeBoyFresh2 ( ago)
looks like me uncle leo

Author mairead4567 ( ago)
@AurisDJ Ehh yeah fuck you ya little cunt. you should have said This guy
sucks at fighting. us irish would kick anyones asses

Author jackawoof ( ago)
Anyone know where the '' Nevins vs joyces'' fights have gone???? very good
quality vids aswell ???

Author AurisDJ ( ago)
irish suck at fighting

Author Trevor Mullin ( ago)
@chumokwan you dickheads can't spell

Author Portlaoise50 ( ago)
Again we could appreciate these young animals more if they were in tight

Author Fattboy26 ( ago)
@megatomo4444 I have been training in boxing for 10 years and I am alot
bigger than them. And yes I dont blame them for being scared of being hit
by the bare knuckle but the way both move show displine that brawlers dont
have. But then again this shit does not really appeal to me anymore unless
for money. Ego does not pay the bills or medical expenses.

Author megatomo4444 ( ago)
@Fattboy26 sorry but neither are good fighters, movement isnt bad but
fighters no, the problem is that alot of tinkers are scared of being hit,
granted bare knuckle does damage but if you dont engage the clip above
happens (fuck all)!! id have both these kids out within a couple of minutes
each, having said that im alot bigger then these kids so a tad unfair. to
be a fighter you have to punch and these lads dont qualify!

Author justaman6972 ( ago)
pow ,that over hand left at 1:08 got his attention. the dark haired lad is
crafty and paitent loading that left up for some caveman clubbing.pretty
good match...headhunter both of em,

Author Fattboy26 ( ago)
Actually both are good fighters and I suspect both have trained in boxing.
To those that critise them try stepping in the ring for 2 minutes and see
how you go. Its easy sitting on your ass watching this and thinking I would
do this or that but you wont. Bunch of armchair warriors.

Author HomicideHenry ( ago)
I am glad to see there are still men out there who carry on the old
tradition of the London Prize Ring rules. God Bless them all.

Author Tobey Force ( ago)
Haha, gosh, those guys would be so done for if they were versus a martial
artist who could kick or do takedowns. Although seeing as it's boxing, I
understand they aren't allowed. Waste of time regardless. But I'm being a
douche commenting, I chose to watch this after all.

Author 98softail ( ago)
I think that was the biggest waist of time. I hope nobody paid money to see

Author stevieontour ( ago)
@killingman22 They're pikies .. big difference.

Author killingman22 ( ago)
wow these are disgrases to irish

Author Kenji Miyake ( ago)
Why the fuck is the guy in black shadow boxing in a fight ? LOL . punching
air .

Author gpgpgp13322 ( ago)
Irish and proad i am half irish half English but i love Ireland thats how i
win fights in school and stuff becasue of Irish blood

Author Charley Bird ( ago)
@chumokwan yea so is your aul one

Author firglenchainsaws ( ago)
HALF AN HOUR? They spent most of that dancing around eachother like flies!
A proper "fighter" would have demolished either OR both of these wankers in
less than 5 minutes!

Author Pandemonium Lig ( ago)
what is is the interest of this video ? say me...

Author SPYDOC1 ( ago)
This is really hard work, you have to be really fit. No wonder they can
scale a church with half a ton of lead on their shoulders lol

Author CrimsonEmpire ( ago)
THIS is some badass boxing

Author al ( ago)
the just shuffle around the whole fucking time.

Author hummurabi2010 ( ago)
Very nice. Respect the Fighting Irish.

Author HitMeWithIt ( ago)
@opTicfighTzu I wonder what that makes you?

Author jdclover ( ago)
thumbs up if u hate pikeys

Author Sam Franey ( ago)
They don't even let them clinch either? These are some badass sons o'

Author MrDaleplan ( ago)
l liked the graffite " PAT " on the wall ... does not really narrow it down
very much in Ireland does it .

Author allgame32 ( ago)
Could someone please press the "tracking" button on the VCR? Also, this is
a boring fight....there is no KO.

Author Ed Gein ( ago)
Man this is pants. Lenny McLean would be ashamed of you! This isn't a real
fight. A real fight shouldn't last more than a couple of minutes. Look at
videos like Lenny McLean vs Roy Shaw. 2/3 minutes of intense brutal
beatings. That is a real fight

Author hotstixx ( ago)

Author christoir246 ( ago)
@ukcarl1 irish travellers arent gypsys

Author ukcarl1 ( ago)
@ADAMSONOFMAN1 up not a pikey at all, but i cud defo fuck these 2 up. this
is boring!!!! infact, my lil sis fights better than this. ive never seen
such a shit fight! by now, the other guy would be on the floor all fucked
up, with a broken face, after all the elbows id just given him. GYPSIES
HARD???? my arse

Author AdamiteLightbringer ( ago)
Maybe they shouda stayed in school and not lost a few more brain cells call
me Watever the Fuk u want way are u gunna write on a job application "oh
well I bate a fella last week and I've a bust up hand"

Author bobby carolan ( ago)
that was bull

Author kofighter321 ( ago)
who are the 2 fighters in this??

Author snoopyman321 ( ago)
love the short mans style good technique considerin hes got a short reach

Author jakepatrix ( ago)
@ldnhammer your right he would of smashed em. know him personally did you?

Author ldnhammer ( ago)
lenny mclean would of smashed these paddys in two seconds flat both at same
time he was the guvenor r.i.p lenny you were a great man well respected and
feared throughout the world

Author ldnhammer ( ago)
@StuffyG yeah know what youre youre saying but the longest straightner ive
ever had was about four mins and it goes so quickly and he was a tough
bastard normally i only have to hit you clean once and it's all over mate
but maybee coz im a fighter im a bit biast but hey what fighter aint jay
from east london. any challengers want to put up so proppa dough and have a

Author David Thompson ( ago)
The dark headed one is the charger but he's landing hardly no punches.

Author StuffyG ( ago)
Everyone saying this is boring has to understand bareknuckle. Everybody
fights a bit more open and at a higher pace their first fight. Then they
realize that it is a better idea to pick clean, 80% power shots for the
chin or work a hook to the body to keep from rolling your knuckles. I
rolled the right-middle knuckle so bad it looked like I had a golf ball in
my hand. Some fighters take a few shots early just to bust your hands and
hope not to cut, so yeah, feel out the timing.

Author hunkyfunkster ( ago)
They are soooooooooo! GAY!!!!!. I'm no gypsy, an don't want to be either,
and I'd beat them BOTH!, GAY!! hahahaha!!

Author LpStudioz ( ago)

Author antm001 ( ago)
wow.! how fucking boring and shit was that.??......... fucking tramps

Author manorboy1000 ( ago)
pikey,s r pussy,s they rob and steel of old ladies they r the scum off the

Author rickames ( ago)
I knew the 'sothpaw' the shorter guy was going to tag him, i knew it. If
they wer trained to move their heads, & work the body it wouldn've gone
this long.

Author cletedawgthewalmart ( ago)
maybe if these 2 took a couple more shots of whiskey this fight would be
less boring... hell maybe if i took a few shots of whiskey it would be less

Author PhantomUAV ( ago)
@wesraysolavi - boxing technique??? Don't make me laugh.

Author Jerbot ( ago)
The way you move your hands, you look like two pussy cats. LOL

Author pingyg ( ago)
man if only the southpaw guy is more aggressive.

Author boobsnexplosions ( ago)
@besiovsky yeah and your to fucking stupid to even spell amateurs.. I say
both these guys would kick your ass any day of the week you fucking
tosser.. For a street fight they had pretty decent technique finding their
distance keeping hands up high setting up punches and keepin distance with
the jab... not bad at all for a streetfight... and ofcourse they are
amateurs its a fucking street fight you moron

Author squeakyshoes ( ago)
sounds horrible where you live.

Author Jack Dooner ( ago)
Only knackers do this

Author megan walsh ( ago)
@TheAdhd128 Its Illegal !

Author dubled14 ( ago)
they are ok. the reason they dont hit eachother alot is because they wont
take as many chances when its bare nuckle. gloves are for pros that brake
there hand with one punch and break peoples faces at the same time that
could kill people thats what the gloves are for. this shit is just good fun
but stupid inless you have no punching power. i dont even see any tape. if
they could punch they would have tape because there wrists would break. no
puncking power and alot of sit still fighting. lame!

Author nagone11 ( ago)
Some poor fundamentals from both, no real working the jab while comming in
and throwing punches off from that. Not working off of the jab well, poor
feinting, nobody really sucking anybody in then "spitting them out". Poor
body work, i saw atleast about 10 occasions where the body is sitting open
and these guys are headhunting. Hit a man in the liver or kidney and see if
he don't go down!! Hell, a fight like this could go on for hours.

Author irishsurfer2000 ( ago)
@TheAdhd128 well your spelling is illegal in 17 countries

Author Gary M ( ago)
@rottweilerfromhell you're absolutely right. I say put gloves on these guys
and let them have at it. people would pay decent money to watch these two
guys fight. they're not bad at all. just timid because they're trained to
fight with gloves on

Author TheAdhd128 ( ago)
is this a sport in irland or is it illegal

Author etsetsets23 ( ago)
what i just wathed 20 shots no hits non pros

Author . ( ago)
@LeonGibson Haha an honest person haha its wat i was thinkin too

Author . ( ago)
@rottweilerfromhell Exactly man,, Thas What I was Thinkin,,Their Not Just
Boxing its straight up Fist not Glove... How can ppl Talk Shit when more
then Half Would Get KO'd

Author 7SickoZ ( ago)
IS this a real fight or are they just doing it for a show

Author martialartguyxxx ( ago)
fannaly some real irish lads

Author morgix9 ( ago)

Author higginztheshoe ( ago)
@alextehwiz wow, you are good grammar having.

Author Alexthekid1991 ( ago)
@oliviamatthews wow i feel sorry for whoever knows you, work on your
personality its disgusting,.. grow up stop being an immature idiot.. if
your look for human attention, youtubes not the way to get it :) "vulgar
pms?" wow your an spineless idiot.. and a disgusting lair.. i just feel so
sorry for your parents good luck with life and good bye, ps I guess you got
the attention you wanted? get a life and a job :)

Author Alexthekid1991 ( ago)
@ADAMSONOFMAN1 read the comment pages :) im not the only one that's getting
annoyed by her :)

Author Alexthekid1991 ( ago)
@oliviamatthews why don't you post back when you have some actual come
backs :) and yes, at my work there are more girls working there thn there
are guys :) if you would get a job maybe you'd know that :) and I have np
arguing with a 16 year old when all he/she does is annoy people on youtube
:) irrespective of age, immature little twits like you need to be shut up
:) and that replying to me thing was an accident :) go outside and get a
job <3 your parents will love you for it

Author Alexthekid1991 ( ago)
@alextehwiz Don't even bother replying to the comments, your making
yourself look stupid :) go outside and see some sun light :) maybe make
some friends?

Author Alexthekid1991 ( ago)
@oliviamatthews If you would use what brain you had left in the small head
of yours, you would learn to go to my profile and check out the age.. o a
turn on? many girls are into 3d animation you dork? not all girls are
immature little pricks like you thatdrop their panties for popular guys ^^,
and that's pretty sad. you know you've been owned so you try and use our
ages difference as an excuse when you've been shut down :) and this isn't
arguing mate :) you'd know when i'm "arguing{" with you..

Author Alexthekid1991 ( ago)
@oliviamatthews lol wow your pathetic.. yeah i sure will go back to doing
maya :) its my job and called being employed. something you have no idea
about :) instead of sitting on your ass all day acting like a twit on
youtube, grow up stop being an immature idiot and do something constructive
with your life :) oo.. and don't bs about having a life, numerous people
commenting on this video know you don't :) stop pretending <3

Author Alexthekid1991 ( ago)
@oliviamatthews wow your the perfect example of someone who doesn't get any
attention in real lfe, you have to go on websites to get any form of human
interaction.. do us all a favor and delete your youtube account <33 love yew

Author basser1995 ( ago)
they are good but the one with the non blue pants was not throwing enough
himself he was only waiting for a counter and those fake punches became
really predictable.

Author GABER222 ( ago)
@rottweilerfromhell ... I agree 100-percent.

Author Alexthekid1991 ( ago)
i feel like im playing fable

Author taylor cindy ( ago)
@oliviamatthews if you want my cum back you're gonna have to scrape it of
your moms teeth.

Author taylor cindy ( ago)
@oliviamatthews you're the homo that read all 191 comments and spent 45
minutes writing one line responses to everybody. now take your own advise
and move on fag.

Author dilatedbastard ( ago)
@paulinotou oh werd? gotta peep that out! have sum PAKELOLO ready!!!

Author ProfessorTapOut ( ago)
there are not good boxers... looks like there used to holding there hands
up and about it... very amature

Author monteskinhead ( ago)
@rottweilerfromhell dude this is harder then real street fight i box but in
the ring and these two are pretty good boxers even a dumb fuck can see this

Author Mateo Pavolini ( ago)
if u guys think u can figth better go to bkbfigthclub(dot)com, fill an
aplication and figth some other barenukle figther... lets see how though u
really are!!!

Author heymrwatanabe ( ago)
its like fight club with the first 2 rules broken

Author Jeff Race ( ago)
these guys have expirience. You can tell.

Author shuriken86 ( ago)
wow the short guy has perfect form he better win!!

Author nicola concannon ( ago)
£5 on the wee fella

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