Fighting Irish: Bareknuckle Boxing Part 1

*** Bare knuckle boxing is a big part of Irish traveller culture and tradition. It has been used as a method to resolve family conflicts, before they boil over, for hundreds of years. This video shows a family dispute being solved as seen in the award winning documentary 'Knuckle' ***

Part 1 http//

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

An Irish Traveller bareknucke fight which goes on for more than half an hour, 4 parts in total. Uploaded for jackawoof.

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Author Legally Arrested (5 years)
There not even fighting there moving from place to place!

Author taylor cindy (5 years)
this is hard to watch, these guys aren't even trying to avoid those
punches. absolutely no head movement or defensive skills displayed here.

Author 19Geraghty94 (5 years)
you come on over and fight the irish ya fuckin wankers

Author mykylc (5 years)
@TheAqui1a hahahahahahahh Nice.

Author taylor cindy (4 years)
@oliviamatthews if you want my cum back you're gonna have to scrape it of
your moms teeth.

Author TheAqui1a (5 years)
@swettybettybob Yes, they are fucking gypos, just like you're a fucking

Author sally brown (4 years)
love dis vid nice 1 lads mwah xx

Author david wilson (5 years)
shush ya mouf u litle batty crease irish manz cant fight yea derkheads

Author darktim99 (5 years)
you know i hate this callin gypsy shit. NO "house dweller" as we're called
wouldn't live like a gypsy. its a hard life, and people dont seem to
realise that. respect to these guys for fighting for over an hour!

Author ProfessorTapOut (4 years)
there are not good boxers... looks like there used to holding there hands
up and about it... very amature

Author al (4 years)
the just shuffle around the whole fucking time.

Author hummurabi2010 (4 years)
Very nice. Respect the Fighting Irish.

Author nicola concannon (4 years)
£5 on the wee fella

Author 123kronic420 (4 years)
They are good boxers yes, but amateurs still there combinations are basic 1
2 and the taller guy doesnt utalize his reach and jab and lets the short
one in to close. the short one seems to have more comfortable hands nice
blocks and counters.

Author MarijuanaFireFighter (5 years)
i love it! couldn't find tougher fighters anywhere else. one thing about
irish fighters, you don't see a lot of head-bobbing from them...they just
eat punches like they were sugar coated, and keep going even when they're
all bloody. tougher than nails.

Author martialartguyxxx (4 years)
fannaly some real irish lads

Author Charley Bird (4 years)
@chumokwan yea so is your aul one

Author jcw306 (5 years)
damn that was perty gey

Author Sam Franey (4 years)
They don't even let them clinch either? These are some badass sons o'

Author 1ukjunglednbraver (4 years)
@rottweilerfromhell nah fuck give it a go with gloves not that it
would change a thing id be on the floor ko in under 30 secounds

Author jakepatrix (4 years)
@ldnhammer your right he would of smashed em. know him personally did you?

Author Yrrab nesjen (4 years)
@firglenchainsaws Can you do better ore you just have a big mouth ?

Author boobsnexplosions (4 years)
@besiovsky yeah and your to fucking stupid to even spell amateurs.. I say
both these guys would kick your ass any day of the week you fucking
tosser.. For a street fight they had pretty decent technique finding their
distance keeping hands up high setting up punches and keepin distance with
the jab... not bad at all for a streetfight... and ofcourse they are
amateurs its a fucking street fight you moron

Author allgame32 (4 years)
Could someone please press the "tracking" button on the VCR? Also, this is
a boring fight....there is no KO.

Author TtOoUgGgUuYy (4 years)
lots of armchair warriors here

Author ascitiesburn2001 (4 years)
notice the crowd doesn't scream like bunch of wild monkeys... is the black
headed guy the Irishman?

Author Pandemonium Lig (4 years)
what is is the interest of this video ? say me...

Author kristofer woolverton (5 years)
@mick7041 dont get your panties in a bunch this is utube shit head its all
in good fun

Author heymrwatanabe (4 years)
its like fight club with the first 2 rules broken

Author hotstixx (4 years)

Author lgunny89 (4 years)

Author kristofer woolverton (5 years)
@mick7041 yeah my mom does suck cock your mom eats dirty smelly disease
infested sheeps pussy!!!!

Author kristofer woolverton (5 years)
@mick7041 it's mom fuckface, i'm american

Author higginztheshoe (4 years)
@alextehwiz wow, you are good grammar having.

Author antm001 (4 years)
wow.! how fucking boring and shit was that.??......... fucking tramps

Author CrimsonEmpire (4 years)
THIS is some badass boxing

Author norhamdan1985 (4 years)
@rottweilerfromhell No doubt these fellas are good at boxing, but lets be
honest here... This is simply boxing without gloves outdoors. It aint a
true fight. You can't elbow, knee, headbutt, take the guy down on the
ground and use chokes, submissions, floor strikes.. Its just boxing. I aint
saying they are bad, they got nice boxing skills, but its a wonder why they
aint boxing in a ring, and doing the bareknuckle thing. Could they not make

Author GABER222 (4 years)
@rottweilerfromhell ... I agree 100-percent.

Author timmy D= (4 years)
@dilatedbastard dude come to hawaii and theyll give you what you say we are

Author Scotty joyce (2 years)
your def a pussy ass bitch who never fought a man before fuck you pussy

Author dilatedbastard (4 years)
mad respekt from tha US theze dayz all youngsterz are bitch ass faggot
sissy pussy fighterz, afraid 2 catch an asswhoopin! thatz why they shoot
each cuz THEIR R BITCHEZ here i see yall handle ur shit FIST 2 FIST!!! mad
respekt ur NIGGA from across tha POND in KILLA CALIFORNIA!!!

Author Mr69camarofan (4 years)
woooh.. these boys can box.. an talk about some endurance to last that long
in a fight... i wish my bare knuckle boxin matches looked this good. all
mine are just a drunkin streetfight slugfest.. lol.. anyways.. check my
channel. i got a bunch of bare knuckle boxin matches... an i dont claim to
be good. but before u comment remember were hitting ea other as hard as we
can with no gloves... if u wanna say u can do better.. u better have a
video showing u do better=)

Author PhantomUAV (4 years)
@wesraysolavi - boxing technique??? Don't make me laugh.

Author dilatedbastard (4 years)
@paulinotou oh werd? gotta peep that out! have sum PAKELOLO ready!!!

Author monteskinhead (4 years)
@rottweilerfromhell dude this is harder then real street fight i box but in
the ring and these two are pretty good boxers even a dumb fuck can see this

Author LpStudioz (4 years)

Author Mateo Pavolini (4 years)
if u guys think u can figth better go to bkbfigthclub(dot)com, fill an
aplication and figth some other barenukle figther... lets see how though u
really are!!!

Author ldnhammer (4 years)
@StuffyG yeah know what youre youre saying but the longest straightner ive
ever had was about four mins and it goes so quickly and he was a tough
bastard normally i only have to hit you clean once and it's all over mate
but maybee coz im a fighter im a bit biast but hey what fighter aint jay
from east london. any challengers want to put up so proppa dough and have a

Author taylor cindy (4 years)
@oliviamatthews you're the homo that read all 191 comments and spent 45
minutes writing one line responses to everybody. now take your own advise
and move on fag.

Author Cmc1k7 (5 years)
pfrancula1 if u are a real man ull fight me my name is paddy warde hayes
mcdonach mongan lynch an my numerber is 01 67729282 any time any place

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