They always after me Lucky Charms... Shot Glasses that is. And if you're not old enough to drink booze, drink milk. And if you're lactose intolerant... you should just go for it anyway.


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​​Lucky Charms Shot Glasses
630 Calories

Prep: 10 minutes
Let Set: 10+ minutes
• Rubber Spatula (Mr. Pig):
• Food Processor:
• Red Solo Cup Shot Glasses
• Parchment Papper
• Pint Glass
• Power Drill

• 1/2 Bag Marshmallows
• 3 Tbsp Butter
• 6 Cups Lucky Charms Cereal
• 1 Bag White Chocolate Morsels

Slippery Nipple:
• 1 Part Baileys Irish Cream
• 1 Part Peppermint Schnapps
• Ice
Disclaimer: Nutrition Facts are estimated through MyFitnessPal and should act as a general guideline. It does not represent any actual facts.

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Author HellthyJunkFood ( ago)
What's your favorite cereal? Mines fruity Pebbles!

Author maribel Sevilla ( ago)
me gusto mucho su
video ,,,, saludo desde venezuela

Author alpha 90 ( ago)
The look on the dogs face got me dying right now 😂😂

Author Ellise Abello ( ago)

Author Shandor Korsos ( ago)
You guys are so funny but you know what you should try... Bean Boozled!!!

Author CPalermo900 ( ago)
Slippery Nipple is made with Baileys and White Sambuca

Author Psychophredist ( ago)
i just realized that, their channel name isn't HealthyJunkFood,
it's Hellthy omg im so stupid

Author Jasmine Alford ( ago)
The fosters beer glass, ew? The australian beer, that no australian drinks, haha

Author Wild Tech ( ago)
You guys you should make a TacoCake only using TacoBell!

Author moeJoe ( ago)
this video is pretty charming

Author JBCBlank ( ago)
oh fuck, I want lucky charms now

Author T.J.C.P ( ago)
Omfg was that dog a King Charles cavalier that's my second fav dog (my first being a corgi)

Author Jessica Trentwood ( ago)
The thumbnail looks like Rick from Rick and Morty.

Author Tucker Drew ( ago)
Can you try a giant Pavlova!

Author Jeff Oh ( ago)
a left handed AZN. You know what that means.........

Author Alaska Is Cold ( ago)
a slippery what now?

Author Kathy Avila ( ago)
What was the first video from?

Author Andrew Gossett ( ago)
Someone remind me why I'm watching this WHILE IM STARVING AND 1:00 pm AT NIGHT IM DYING INSIDE 😵😭🤤😵

Author Bassolic YuYu ( ago)
Of course the best part was Julia counting in spanish xDD love you guys!! <3

Author Deviial ( ago)
7000th like on this video :3 please pin me m8 X3

Author Alberto Guardado ( ago)
1:17 oh yeah baby. work it

Author lonerx20 wolf ( ago)
pls suscribe

Author A Dancing Panda ( ago)
jp finally one

Author Amy Robertson ( ago)
what happend to the dog?

Author Symarah Webb ( ago)
Why didn't he just use a knife to make a whole

Author Crazy tips, tricks and reviews ( ago)
hellthy junk food make buffalo wild wings

Author Gavin Lewis ( ago)
yeah jp or julia

Author Sylvia Quinones ( ago)
lucky charms can give you cancer because an ingredient and the general brand is the one who has that

Author • Melanie is Me • ( ago)
My favourite is milo cereal, froot loops, rice bubbles and crunchy nut. #australian

Author YetiMacheteHD ( ago)
didn't read the title thought they where making lucky charms ice cream cone, now I want to see them do that like if you agree

Author Jjjr Santos ( ago)
pls make giant smores versus giant smores

Author Tbro223 ( ago)
I thought that trails 3 would work if you you cut the top off

Author Layla Louis ( ago)
juilia sounds like halsey what the heck

Author Rusell Veras ( ago)
jp win

Author Dawn P ( ago)

Author Bethany Francia ( ago)
4:15 I think this was a master of disguise reference lol xD

Author El Fuego ( ago)
Made shot glasses with cereal with holes in them. Surprised by a leak in their shot

Author El Fuego ( ago)
This fool can't even cute butter

Author victoria ( ago)
make a giant cake pop

Author Jose Ostiguin ( ago)
JP look at the comments for the pizza cones 😆😆😹😹😸😸😅😅😅 p.s Julia is going to love it 🤗🤗

Author Jose Ostiguin ( ago)
JP look at the comments for the pizza cones 😅😅😅😸😸😹😹😹😆😆😆 ps Julia is going to love it 🤗🤗🤗

Author Itz Callum ( ago)
Lucky charms

Author Khyle Dabs gaming Gonzales ( ago)
Jp take so long to cut a butter 👏🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒 and this the best JP meal

Author Taylor Rootbeer ( ago)
Reminds me of Rice Krispy treats

Author Marcus Fenix ( ago)
Halo clip. 10/10

Author DUKE ( ago)
I use to like your episodes... Lately not so much. I don't like the "guest stars".

Author MynameisJeff ( ago)
Will I know how to youse a throwing kinfe

Author Francisco Garay ( ago)
she gave it a rim job?! what the hell

Author Panda stoner for life ( ago)
fucks sake red solo cup small amount of luck charm treats to cover bottom smash shot glass into bottom to press it down fill surrounding space with what ever the fuck they made pack it into shape take shot glass out and coat inside with frosting done

Author Lisa Charcoal ( ago)
How did I get here from buzzfeed tries grapes

Author Daniel Blue ( ago)
bruh I thought that mirror was another room

Author PinkyYuki ( ago)
your not healthy

Author MakeupFanatic ( ago)
I hope one day you guys do a cooking with booze vid with Tipsy Bartender.

Author Todd Bianchi ( ago)
JP was so close to it working! Lol

Author YellowJelloXD ( ago)
lookin cute in that dress, julia :')

Author iFlamez ( ago)
Let WolfieRaps show you how to make a shot glass

Author Potato God ( ago)
My favorite is the R - Double E - S -E -S Goddamn Puffs

Author PastaPanda ( ago)
Can someone LOOK at my channel. You DON'T have to subscribe. I make really good quality videos unlike other people asking for subscribers. Thanks!

Author Oyin Kaz ( ago)
jp did so much better

Author Crystal Lights ( ago)
dont hate julia appreciate

Author Clean_ Freak ( ago)
War.... it never changes

Author Equinox68 ( ago)
6:02 Julia: "gonna give it a rim job?"

If you insist ;-)

Author connie m ( ago)
If you follow the recipe then spread it out in a cookie sheet untill firm, then you can mold it easily there after.

Author K Anderson ( ago)
Hope you soaked that Drill Bit in some Jim or Jack..Also..DEEP FRIED BREADED PEEPS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Tina oliver ( ago)
good job Jp

Author sarah hitt ( ago)
that modern warfare 2 clip though😂

Author Muskaan Sodha ( ago)
do a giant dumpling por favorrrrrrrrr

Author Just Gently ( ago)

Author magicmegamansal ( ago)
fruity pebbles and jp won

Author The Elite Monkeys ( ago)
last time it over flowed because you forgot to LIFT AND PULLL

Author Joshua Sun ( ago)
Make a little chaser's smokehouse pizza!!

Author Eternal Flare ( ago)
do a DIY Giant ice cream sandwich!!!!!!!!!

Author Gabby Makonnen ( ago)
YOU GUYS HAVE TO MAKE A GIANT ORIGINAL M&M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Armani Mumtahan ( ago)

Author chef mike ( ago)

Author Brooks Tune ( ago)

Author shanaia mathias ( ago)
Julia and JP please make a golgappa please

Author Stephie2007 ( ago)
that happened to me one day when I made cereal bars.

Author Alexis Davis ( ago)
wait so is Julia really pregnant

Author JoJoLe 101 ( ago)
Oooooh La La!!

Author M Silas ( ago)
Dang are you guys that slow like it common sense to know that cereal that has big pieces like that need to be crushed 😒🤦🏽‍♀️

Author Ming Mong ( ago)

Author Alex Woods ( ago)
bacon wrapped deep fried inside out grilled cheese yes I said

Author CringeTV K ( ago)
Jp lost

Author DRAVEN DRAVEN ( ago)
You guys should make a giant turbo

Author Camille Genovese ( ago)
You should make a giant froot loop

Author buttholiea butt ( ago)
2:50 I was dieing 😂😂😂

Author Pixel gun Hero ( ago)

Author Jazz Yorkies ( ago)
Giant Butterfinger

Author Michael kovac ( ago)
Can you make a giant cheese balls

Author Ashley guzman ( ago)
Fruity pebbles

Author niegel lightner ( ago)
firm firm firm fiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrirmmmmmm!!!! ------____------

Author Samantha George ( ago)
Try to make a shamrock shake like if you agree

Author Clarise Cedeno ( ago)
You should make lucky charms ice cream

Author Ashley Garcia ( ago)
Can you make giant peach pie.

Author Nakiyah Hunt ( ago)
Plz do a Giant peanut M&M

Author Greencheese333 ( ago)
Right when JP pulled his shot glass out I thought "Oh, he's going to use a drill" *sarcasm.* And then he used a drill! With a Philips head screw bit. Hah.

Author ReB King ( ago)
can someone make a a 30min vid of how much times Julia said "this is the gradist thing we ever done"

Author Grzegorz Waktor ( ago)
make national polish lunch caled "maczanka krakowska"

Author ALittleBrownSmurph ( ago)
Make the McDonald Land cookies!

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