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Produced by: BuffNerdsMedia
Footage captured by: Jakob Owens

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Runtime: 14:43
Comments: 89

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Author Christine M ( ago)
what kind of stabilizer is that?

Author Christine M ( ago)

Author Joshua Korth ( ago)
Who else is here for futuristic

Author RARTY PIIGHT ( ago)
The Sound Track At The End Though!!! Damn that ISh funky, Only if Futuristic could get on it :) "FLAMES"....Yol definitely enjoyed yols selfies there haha......Great Shots!! Keep The Vlogs Coming :)

Author Baraa Khalaf ( ago)
What a beautiful place!
I would absolutely go there someday!

Author Travel n'2 ( ago)
that stand still when the drone flyes away :))

Author Raul Fuentes ( ago)
Please suscribe

Author Margaret Prasanna ( ago)
We were just in Kauai! I swear we saw you guys!! I just randomly found your channel. Great footage!

Author eZiD ( ago)
whats the song at 09:22

Author Von Vex ( ago)
Dope crew. That chick could get it

Author MaNiac US ( ago)
Is that Zach's girlfriend?

Author Velda Thomas ( ago)
Y'all Trinity to make a nigga grown

Author DJ Neici ( ago)
I need this life. I wanna work like this, consistent but fun.

Author Kekai Ka`aumoana ( ago)
This is our home in Kaua'i🍃

Author globalgroupent ( ago)
alot to discover and see....

Author Von Harris ( ago)
all video talk aside.. this shit just looks like a good ass time

Author Pawel Mądry ( ago)
I don't know you all but I just saw the movie. It was AWESOME! Such a talented creator did this video, I'm just like wow! Dude! That was beautiful.
You guys had fun there :D
Peace and love for you everyone! TheBuffNerds - one of the greatest creators in the world! Such a shame you're so underrated..

Author King Vito ( ago)
what camera equipment did you use I love all the shots and editing

Author Benji D ( ago)
What is the name of the first song?

Author Benji D ( ago)
Whats the song?

Author The Topshelf Company ( ago)
Do you lift bro ?

Author terrytempa ( ago)
Ifucking love this vlog, such a great time spent with close people🤘🏼

Author martyandy23 ( ago)
holy shit!!!!!! you guys in princeville??? how long you guys staying???

Author Tropic Colour ( ago)

Author TheProtocol ( ago)
Uhhh, my boys, what's the song in the intro?

Author MK Flav ( ago)
amazing stuff great shots

Author drake young ( ago)
This video was amazing love to see you guys having fun!

Author kordell wilcox ( ago)
Zac is a clown😂😂😂

Author Ben K ( ago)
Crazy video ! Man everything you put out is so crisp. Future goals! Can't wait till I can put my gh4 videos together.

Author TAWKSICK 毒性 ( ago)
ur vids inspire me man, thank u bro

Author Maximus ( ago)
Meanwhile i'm suck in 3 feet of snow 😪

Author Jordan Dudley ( ago)
Such a dope vlog man!

Author Alex Sims ( ago)
One of the few vlogs that's also entertaining as it is good. Awesome video man!

Author JRP Films ( ago)

Author Anthony Perrin ( ago)
Kauai aka best place on earth

Author EliAndrO NLCurDom ( ago)
Actually Tomorrow is my birthday^_^

Author alexander capeta ( ago)
That battle in the car pure 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Author Mama Ra ( ago)
So freaking beautiful imma cry, this is art. 😍😍😍 Great vlog.

Author SwO shadow ( ago)
can't wait for more of these! they litty asf

Author im Dodo ( ago)
amazing video. been watching for a while but dont comment often. o loved the video. hope yall had fun, i had fun watching your adventure.

Author Zino de Groot ( ago)

Author Cab ( ago)
Whats the song at the beginning ?

Author David García Sánchez ( ago)
i like

Author Santiago Mclaughlin ( ago)
I love you futuristic (no homo shit)

Author DefectiveSword ( ago)
Really amazing shots and overall one of my favorite vlogs yet, wish I knew all the song names though 😭

Author Im dead but still make better music than kodak ( ago)
Kyle missing out

Author Jacob Klassen ( ago)
Love the shot at 14:25

Author Oleksandr Shulhin ( ago)
What a great journey. You got charisma mate;)

Author Newman5391 ( ago)
Natalie is pretty cute yo! 🔥🔥🔥lol but Fr tho keep the videos coming and the music too

Author Sebastian Van Eickelen ( ago)
Great video!

Author WavyNation ( ago)
this vlog is crazy "behind the scenes behind my beard"😂😂

Author C Rich ( ago)
Awesome vlog👏🏻

Author Richexrich ( ago)
Day 5 song?

Author lil Twiss ( ago)
my name is Zack to

Author JaQuez Hood ( ago)
I loved this so much, definitely should've made this longer.

Author Oustin ( ago)
Excellent video! Your Youtube channel is the sunshine to my day! Great job my friend! :) I love supporting such wonderful content! I wonder what's next. I can't wait! :) Keep up the spectacular work! You are an inspiration to all Youtubers! Have a nice day :)

Author Jordan Norwood ( ago)
beautifully​ captured and amazing editing. Definitely one of the best vlogs I've ever seen

Author onlyfuturistic ( ago)
damn them nuckas havin fun cuh! tahahaha

Author JDAM ( ago)
so inspire by you guys cant wait to meet and work with you 3/19/2017

Author It's Blaze ( ago)

Author Jesse Olasava ( ago)
new improved casey neistat! #sheeesh I loved this vlog so much!

Author ShaneTheOutlaw ( ago)
Did Donald actually live there?

Author Jules A ( ago)
It is that girl from the wave video

Author Life of Yaniv ( ago)
killer ✌

Author JP3 Rap ( ago)
you all are so lucky tell futuristic I said hi pleas

Author Ciera Valliere ( ago)
I love your vids keep doing good❤👌

Author TheBuffNerds ( ago)
Our Epic 1 week adventure in Kauai!!!

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