The Canton Spirituals - God Loves You

Gospel- lindo

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Author Katie Barnes (6 months)
Thank you JESUS for loving a wretch like me. Thank you.

Author minnie walker (5 months)
Love that song "" God love you

Author asa smith (11 months)

Author David Grundy (1 year)
God is good. God loves you and me believe it and you will receive

Author Jerrick Bell (1 year)
Pedro Lucio check out YouTube jerrick Bell jesus can... please..
remember God loves you.great post

Author Boss Varanzano (5 years)
WE gotta pray for the athiest. God Loves all of us. God even loves the
devil.(hard to belive) But got god loves everyone.

Author mstweet02 (6 years)
omg da piano player? how did he die?

Author ablessing1967 (5 years)
My favorite part is at 6:42, but could somebody please tell me what he is
saying? Lol

Author R.C. Reed (5 years)
If you make ONE step GOD will make 2, so never give up GOD LUVs YOU.

Author mzdanielle209 (5 years)
God does exist. He is first and last. The alpha and omega. The beginning
and the end. God created everything, including SCIENCE! He created heaven
and earth. The wind and the rain. The seasons. He is a good God; a caring
and loving God! God loves you! He loved you, before you were even on this
earth. He loves us! I cant or would ever see my life without Him in my
life! God loves me! Yes, he does! I love you, Lord! Thank, U!

Author seepeace (5 years)
Mr. PokerPlum Question: Do You believe Abraham Lincoln was a president, the
first president. Have you seen him? Now answer your own question

Author drjames2006 (6 years)
clawd ha'mercy!

Author yusayma gonzalez (5 years)
you need to find out how to write. you sound just like an idiot!!!!!

Author Spirit and Logic (4 years)
@man4christ2005 I don't know what rhetoric you speak. God is Logic.
Anything else is spook quackery. Do you think God created the heavens and
the earth without logic? These things you stress are called "laws". There
are 7 axioms. Would you like to "know" what they are or do you want to
continue thinking the earth sits on "nothing". Good grief...

Author Scooby1423 (5 years)
yesss lord!!!!!!!

Author Shana Brown (6 years)
Amen, God has used this group to touch so many people...I never get tired
of listening to them.

Author kimberly stewart (4 years)
i love this song ..i want somebody too look at this ..cause i'm sure i see
yanna crawley singing background in this

Author TomTom40202 (4 years)
If I find deeply disturbing thi to be nourishing to my soul, does that mean
I'm satanist? I mean, people screaming in pain an dying makes me laugh.
Because life is such a worhless petty thing. It's so fragile and so easily
destroyed and I really don't see why people cling onto it so tightly.

Author musicman4ursoul (6 years)
Harvey got some fine diva looking babes in this video. Flawless angels that
can sang.

Author Franklin Poole (2 years)
Im sorry !! I want peace in the world !! Spread it yall

Author Tim Waters II (6 years)
The year was 1997 not 99. Also Glad I've Got Jesus is on this project too...

Author 12redrider (5 years)

Author Jamanewhite (6 years)
Believe in god that spirit of god is within us always. call god and he will
be with you even you in diffcult time. God loves us .god bless you and keep
you in his care.

Author toddviv (5 years)
Hey keith God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

Author PEDRO LÚCIO Rodrigues (6 years)
ok !!!!

Author alwayssupafly (6 years)
....always remember GOD loves you.....late in the midnight hour, late in
the midnight hour...WOW this song touches me like no other gospel song in
this world. Thank you Master for loving me in spite of it all!!!

Author Celticking36 (5 years)
We can trace Abraham Lincoln's lineage. Abraham Lincoln claimed to be the
President of the USA & since we have evidence that people get elected to
office it is quite reasonable to assume that it may be true.Historians have
all agreed that Lincoln was the 16th President.We have signed documents by
Lincoln & photographs. Jesus has NONE of these & he claimed to be the son
of God.Outstanding claims require outstanding evidence. I fail to see your
logic.Now answer PPs question.

Author Celly222 (4 years)
@GMODLAU God created science so the religious people have something to
hate? Nice guy. And science and technology is useless? Is that why you own
a computer and the internet, and a cell phone and a TV? All scientific
inventions. So science is bad.... unless you personally find it fun. One
word - Hypocrite. If science is so useless then stop "using" their

Author sonsoffaith (5 years)
keith God must be telling you something and using you becuz youre here
watching this video by your word "niggers"! I trust and know youre going
thru something and pray God delivers you from it. I love you brother!!!!

Author ablessing1967 (5 years)
Thank you! My daughter and I were both trying to reason what he was saying.
Love it so much, we would rewind it over and over again just to hear him
sing it.

Author StrongnBeautiful (4 years)
I LOVE THIS SONG, u hear me? I LOVE this song. The Canton Spirituals are
unbelieveable. The Lord's annoiting is upon their ministry.

Author Garret B (4 years)
"People have a habit of inventing fictions they will believe
wholeheartedly, so they can ignore the truth they cannot accept." You may
believe in god, or whatever you please, but it is because you like it. You
like how it makes you feel.

Author bsinger08 (5 years)
@kaelinjohns and God will not put anything on us that we can't bear. So he
might alow a storm to come our way just so He can see if we really are
faithful to him and still do right even when we're being wronged in some
way. He will not just throw something bad your way and leave you. You seem
like you read the bible, read Job and look what happened. Why do you think
Jesus came down here in the first place?

Author loon0493 (4 years)
i love this song. No matter how tough life gets, I listen to this song, and
know I am not alone. God is real never though it.

Author itsmuSic91 (5 years)
The choir's voices sound wonderful!! I like thiss!!

Author ahd1969 (3 years)
@Stargon2011 God Bless you and AMEN to the truth. The Love of God will set
you free and save a dying soul.

Author spartanarm0711 (6 years)
OMG! I love me some Harvey Watkins, Jr.! LOL! My parents have this
song/concert on DVD :) oh yea....connman555 and plankowner PLZ keep your
STUPID comments and opinions to yourself! If you don't believe GOD exists
or loves BLACK ppl, why click on a link that has the title GOD in it or
continue to watch it when there's OBVIOUSLY a black man (Harvey) in the
beginning of this vid? That's dumb and stupid if you ask me!
Anyway.....enjoyed the song/video :)

Author Mona PHOENIX (4 years)
V45Rider; This is the best example I have ever seen of a personal quote
from satan...not a god, but a footstool to God, and satan is a Hater of

Author mrstandtall15 (6 years)
God Loves yall remember that noone is perfect because we yall fall short
and sin sometimes but thats wwhy you gotta love God because he always bring
you to your feet and on a solid surface God is good and Harvey keep on
singing because you will make to the Promise Land just hold on!!!!

Author lambofgod228 (6 years)
I love dis song! It ministers 2 my soul. I'm so grateful dat God is not
like man. He loves us unconditionally. It don't matter where we come from,
what we look like, what we have and don't have. Father I bless Your Holy
name. You are so worthy! I love You, thanks for loving me first. Thanks 4
da post, May God Bless U! ~luvlivn4god~

Author pheniciacook29 (5 years)
get thee behind me satan ,devil you just mad because god is in control,and
you cant do anything about that ,JESUS IS REAL ,GOD DO EXSIT,YOU LUCKY ,GOD

Author Renee calloway (3 years)
Brother Harvey is a very humble Man of God. Lord continue to bless him. In
Jesus name

Author Spirit and Logic (4 years)
@man4christ2005 Confusion? I find it comical you chose only the "dumbed
down" part. Then you went on to say something I believe sums it up. You
stated, " It's not that Black christians are dumbed down,people are. Aren't
"Black Christians, "people"?

Author letdagoodxroll (5 years)
I know jesus loves me. I can feel the spirit of jesus cum inside me and
fill me with his happy creamy white love. Thats only if im not swallowing
the love of christ down.

Author Mitranata (6 years)
Big Wallace was the nicest quartet Keyboardist to ever touch the keys I
miss him dearly just listen to his smooth chords and tritones and how his
chords carry its un-heard of these days RIP WALLACE I MISS YOU MAN

Author kaelinjohns (5 years)
be logical. First the supposed devil shows up to put adam and eve in to
"Sin" and then he was in egjypt to contradict the ejgyptions and then about
5000 year later he shows up in joe phsychotic dream So forget about the
stupid thing already! it's archaic and stupid.

Author Methodologyofmadness (5 years)
"Terror! Plunder! Let the mob stone them and hack them to pieces — kill all
their children, burn down their houses!" - God

Author GMODLAU (5 years)
God created science, not some freak scientist nerds.... oh well those
atheists are stupid, pray to god.. also i think science and technology
which science creates are useless because they dont follow the word of

Author jay34leflo (6 years)
Great song, I hope that someone was revived because of it.

Author musicman4ursoul (6 years)
Wallace is not dead!

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