The Canton Spirituals - God Loves You

Gospel- lindo

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Author DarkAngel ( ago)
Father in the might name of the Lord Jesus Christ thy son oh Lord. I come
before thy thrown of grace this morning oh Lord thanking you for this day
father. Thank you for all of us that you have allowed to wake up today to
have another chance to get our lives right in you Lord Jesus.
Thank you father for mending broken hearts, giving strength to the weak,
healing to the sick, food to them that hunger and water to them that thirst
after righteousness. Great is thy mercy toward this world for the elect
sake. Continue oh Lord to keep me on thy path when I stumble. Let me never
fall away from you Lord Jesus. I love you Lord Father. Thy word is being
spread around the world as prophesied in thy word before thy coming. Open
the eyes of those that are blind Lord Jesus before it's to late for them. I
ask this in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ...AMEN &AMEN.

Author minnie walker ( ago)
Love that song "" God love you

Author Katie Barnes ( ago)
Thank you JESUS for loving a wretch like me. Thank you.

Author a smith ( ago)

Author David Grundy ( ago)
God is good. God loves you and me believe it and you will receive

Author Jerrick Bell ( ago)
Pedro Lucio check out YouTube jerrick Bell jesus can... please..
remember God loves you.great post

Author paulo cesar ramos pereira ( ago)

Author CoErica Ellington ( ago)

Author D'Quan Payne ( ago)
I really love this song.

Author Franklin Poole (923 years ago)
Im sorry !! I want peace in the world !! Spread it yall

Author Nay Ruth Villafuerte Arbieto ( ago)
bella cancion

Author Renee calloway ( ago)
Brother Harvey is a very humble Man of God. Lord continue to bless him. In
Jesus name

Author JesusWasAnAsshole ( ago)
This stuff fascinates and amuses me. Here is a grown intelligent? man
dedicating his life to an invisible, fairy tale belief of a man-god. This
is absolutely no different than what the Egyptians or Myans did. The human
race on average has a long way to go before they can be considered an
intelligent species. 

Author ahd1969 ( ago)
@Stargon2011 God Bless you and AMEN to the truth. The Love of God will set
you free and save a dying soul.

Author ahd1969 ( ago)
I thank God for this song, It is a Blessing to know that God love us, no
matter of our short comings and wrong doing he still forgive us with his
arms stretched out and saying come unto me all yea of a broken heart. I

Author Michael Jenkins ( ago)
@FantisyLand Yes he does love you and he loves you too.

Author Yolanda Alexander ( ago)
Oh, this is a beautiful song!! It always reminds me of how God's undying
love for me..


Author goneruff22 ( ago)
v45rider...How did you end up here on a quartet video? Oh I're
LOST!!! John 3:16-and Romans 1. Romans 10:9-10. I pray that God finds you

Author Mona PHOENIX ( ago)
V45Rider; This is the best example I have ever seen of a personal quote
from satan...not a god, but a footstool to God, and satan is a Hater of

Author StrongnBeautiful ( ago)
I LOVE THIS SONG, u hear me? I LOVE this song. The Canton Spirituals are
unbelieveable. The Lord's annoiting is upon their ministry.

Author Oliveira Oliveira ( ago)
essa musica tocou no meu coraçao. RIO DE JANEIRO.BRAZIL 01-02-2011

Author Charles Walton ( ago)
Thank you God for my gift from you after many years of Strong faith in You!
Joel 2:28 You have given me the ability to reach thousands of people and
then see the beauty of them seeking you and accepting you as their saviour!
In you there is only light and never any darkness. Relentless Faith in God
Powerful with Love!

Author Mona PHOENIX ( ago)
Only a blind fool can look around at all the wonderfully made earth, sea,
and sky and say...There is no God. Only a Fool,,, Without God you would not
even be able to love your own Mother, son daughter... GOD IS LOVE

Author Innica Galloway ( ago)
love this song this is for everybody wit low selfsteem

Author Jennifer White ( ago)
Whats wrong with the drummer?LOL!

Author incandescent62 ( ago)
I LOVE THIS, poor, large, small......God's Love Is
Unconditional. This IS what LOVE really IS. Conditional Love Only occurs
when a person is in love with themself & nothing else matters.

Author Spirit and Logic ( ago)
@man4christ2005 I don't know what rhetoric you speak. God is Logic.
Anything else is spook quackery. Do you think God created the heavens and
the earth without logic? These things you stress are called "laws". There
are 7 axioms. Would you like to "know" what they are or do you want to
continue thinking the earth sits on "nothing". Good grief...

Author Spirit and Logic ( ago)
@man4christ2005 We're not "black" or "brown". Terms given by racists. And
we aren't all "alike". Some of us want a system of justice and some of us
find it more worth while to practice a system of racism-white supremacy. It
is the duty of those who claim to be doers of peace, justice, correctness
to depose this major threat to the lives of victims (non-whites) who's very
nature is to be just. Are you for or against racism-white supremacy; the
greatest threat to all non-whites?

Author Spirit and Logic ( ago)
@man4christ2005 Confusion? I find it comical you chose only the "dumbed
down" part. Then you went on to say something I believe sums it up. You
stated, " It's not that Black christians are dumbed down,people are. Aren't
"Black Christians, "people"?

Author Spirit and Logic ( ago)
@man4christ2005 I do know what I'm talking about. I have no doubts about
you. I will ask you, what church are you speaking of? Which one? How can
you talk about what happened 2000 years ago without discussing what took
place in 325 A.D.? Do you know what I'm talking about? 

Author Spirit and Logic ( ago)
Black christians are in a perpetual state of waiting.They're the most
dumbed down, docile, backward walking, not another church building, white
jesus worshippin', foam at the mouth writhin', epileptic episode havin',
loud mouth yellin'. Mr. and Mrs. if lovin' the white man is wrong, I don't
wana' be right singin', effiminized spineless, no military protection
havin', boot lickin, sambo and aunt jemimah eye buckin', psychological
slavery sufferin', chitterlin' juice drippin sheeple

Author Forw1072 ( ago)
@Jakerocksteady that was hilarious lol

Author Samantha Davis ( ago)
@kimberlynbrown6 That is Y'anna!!!!!! I love this song!!!

Author Garret B ( ago)
"People have a habit of inventing fictions they will believe
wholeheartedly, so they can ignore the truth they cannot accept." You may
believe in god, or whatever you please, but it is because you like it. You
like how it makes you feel.

Author Jakerocksteady ( ago)
Sorry to laugh.. I saw this on Facebook, but it started playing at 3:52 and
I stopped it at 3:57. It's pretty funny to come in just on that!! Beautiful

Author kimberlynbrown6 ( ago)
is that Yana Crawley @ 5:43 the girl from sundays best 

Author loon0493 ( ago)
i love this song. No matter how tough life gets, I listen to this song, and
know I am not alone. God is real never though it.

Author Donna Boyd ( ago)
God does exist! there is proof! :-)

Author Poko's Day Off ( ago)
@mzdanielle209 Any thing to back that up man?, if not sit down untill you
do :)

Author kimberly stewart ( ago)
i love this song ..i want somebody too look at this ..cause i'm sure i see
yanna crawley singing background in this 

Author JOHNYOCHO ( ago)
stop living in imagination land people. fuck this is way shit doesnt get

Author Prince Tony Michael ( ago)
With so many who want to argue about if God is real or not, just ask
yourself one question. Who can heal you when you're sick? When the day
comes and you still don't believe, you will see a greater light and then
you shall know. God is love and He sent Jesus into the World to save us
from our sins. Now, even though you don't believe and you don't want to
know, then that's your choice. But have respect for others. I'll pray for
you all. I don't have time to debate, but I have time to pray.

Author TomTom40202 ( ago)
If I find deeply disturbing thi to be nourishing to my soul, does that mean
I'm satanist? I mean, people screaming in pain an dying makes me laugh.
Because life is such a worhless petty thing. It's so fragile and so easily
destroyed and I really don't see why people cling onto it so tightly.

Author Noah Jennings ( ago)
I agree, there is just as much evidence to say that Alah, or Zeus, or
Apollo exists and are going to send us to hell for not believing as there
is the christian god.

Author ahd1969 ( ago)
any body that dislike this song, I pray God help you because if you truly
experience the Love of God you would be able to relate to the words and
lift your hands toward heaven with tears in your eyes and say Lord I thank
you for your Love. Because it was Love that nail him to the cross. For God
so love the world that he gave his only begotten son.

Author derrickbanes ( ago)
that joka know he is a good songwriter. lol harvey jr. was writing
contemporary songs for quartet before anybody else.

Author Gabiih19 ( ago)
Jesus, q hino lindo!

Author R.C. Reed ( ago)
If you make ONE step GOD will make 2, so never give up GOD LUVs YOU.

Author Dingus Bringus ( ago)
DO NOT GO TO GOD! he will make things much more complicated!!! He will put
problems in your life to make you realize you need him, ignore him and keep
going! If you go to god you will regret it, you will regret it big time

Author ablessing1967 ( ago)
Thank you! My daughter and I were both trying to reason what he was saying.
Love it so much, we would rewind it over and over again just to hear him
sing it.

Author bsinger08 ( ago)
@kaelinjohns and God will not put anything on us that we can't bear. So he
might alow a storm to come our way just so He can see if we really are
faithful to him and still do right even when we're being wronged in some
way. He will not just throw something bad your way and leave you. You seem
like you read the bible, read Job and look what happened. Why do you think
Jesus came down here in the first place?

Author bsinger08 ( ago)
That's the whole point of free will. The Devil and all angels and
everything that was created, was created to serve God. God could have
created robots with no free will. But he wants us to love Him because we
choose to do so. That being said, God knows there's always a chance for any
being to mess up. It's was the Devil's choice to do what he did. You can't
believe only half of the bible. it's either all or none. cuz then you're
callin God a liar.

Author bsinger08 ( ago)
the Bible also says that the Devil is real. and was kicked out of Heaven.

Author ablessing1967 ( ago)
My favorite part is at 6:42, but could somebody please tell me what he is
saying? Lol

Author toddviv ( ago)
Hey keith God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

Author yusayma gonzalez ( ago)
you need to find out how to write. you sound just like an idiot!!!!!

Author keithmaysgay ( ago)
DUMBER RACE. their dumb as sheetrock, go sing your disgusting gospel SHIT
while us educated people laugh our asses off @ you. stupid niggaz go swing
on a GODDAM vine. youre a nigger.

Author seepeace ( ago)
Mr. PokerPlum Question: Do You believe Abraham Lincoln was a president, the
first president. Have you seen him? Now answer your own question

Author Christopher Hopkins ( ago)
There's no need to get angry. it's okay. one day god will give mr. hil Xenu
a spritual whipping, and he will run to god like he's never done.

Author itsmuSic91 (555 years ago)
The choir's voices sound wonderful!! I like thiss!!

Author eraseragenda ( ago)
hail Xenu

Author Darrell Coates ( ago)
you need to leave the video games alone! God is real whether u Believe are
not u will see one day for yourselve.

Author keithmaysgay ( ago)
FUCK niggers and fucking FUCK jesus fucking christ holy suckign shit fuck
this bulllshit-ASS shit holy fok

Author princeofexcess ( ago)
lol you serious

Author princeofexcess ( ago)
its a placebo effect

Author Boss Varanzano ( ago)
Sorry to say this "i belive in god Beofre you read this I LOVE God. But
"GAy is a sin"

Author Boss Varanzano (778 years ago)
I dont know how many times i listen to this song all night tonight. I love

Author Boss Varanzano ( ago)
WE gotta pray for the athiest. God Loves all of us. God even loves the
devil.(hard to belive) But got god loves everyone.

Author liberate9 (448 years ago)
It's sad how this doesn't have more views. Shows what the world is coming
to and how more then ever we need to be strong

Author PEDRO LÚCIO Rodrigues ( ago)
Piterluc The man!

Author PEDRO LÚCIO Rodrigues ( ago)
ok !!!!

Author alwayssupafly ( ago)
In addition, i'm a woman not a man!

Author alwayssupafly ( ago)
I don't know what u mean if ur comment is 4 me. I was merely reciting the
lyrics from this song that i can relate to the most. I have the dvd as well
as the cd and it is a soprano that says ..late in the midnight hour towards
the end of the song. That is part of my testimony ..when all else fails
Jesus shows up late in the midnight hour meaning our Darkest hour! May God
Bless and Keep You and remember a good understanding beats the world!

Author alwayssupafly ( ago)
....always remember GOD loves you.....late in the midnight hour, late in
the midnight hour...WOW this song touches me like no other gospel song in
this world. Thank you Master for loving me in spite of it all!!!

Author alwayssupafly ( ago)
I have thd cd and dvd. You can purchase it at a gospel or regular record
store. It's the Canton Spirituals Living the Dream Live in Washington DC.
This is my favorite song on the cd. So moving for me.

Author blessed4areason ( ago)
Where can I get this concert? OMG I love this.

Author Yolanda Alexander ( ago)
whenever you have a doubt in your mind that there is no one else to accept
and love you regardless of your f;aws or mistakes,go to this video to
constantly remind yourself that there is someone who accepts and loves us

Author spartanarm0711 ( ago)
OMG! I love me some Harvey Watkins, Jr.! LOL! My parents have this
song/concert on DVD :) oh yea....connman555 and plankowner PLZ keep your
STUPID comments and opinions to yourself! If you don't believe GOD exists
or loves BLACK ppl, why click on a link that has the title GOD in it or
continue to watch it when there's OBVIOUSLY a black man (Harvey) in the
beginning of this vid? That's dumb and stupid if you ask me!
Anyway.....enjoyed the song/video :)

Author Joe Patriot ( ago)
Let's all imagine there's a guy who's invisible, and this guy created
everything. Yea that's something we can all believe in. Sure that must be
true because there's a book that says it's true. My how people are

Author Connman555 ( ago)
Lol we all know god doesn't love black people, god (ooops a pun lol) who do
they think they're kidding?

Author bsinger08 ( ago)
they have a story to go with every song, and it fits perfect.

Author RobertEarl20 ( ago)
R.I.P. Wallace

Author A.S. Powell ( ago)
Hey Hey !!! This song touched my soul De de Osha !!! Eeeecoh Bach

Author dmandmusic ( ago)
A few of them sing with Richard Smallwood

Author Cherry Baby ( ago)
I Love Them... This Is My Favorite Song Its Very Touching And True

Author Kya Issaye ( ago)
Amen, God has used this group to touch so many people...I never get tired
of listening to them.

Author Tim Waters II ( ago)
He was one of the hottest guitar players in Gospel Arena.. He played on the
New Life: Live In Harvey, IL album.

Author mstweet02 ( ago)
ooh my well who is spanky?

Author Tim Waters II ( ago)
Is WHO in Africa or France??

Author Tim Waters II ( ago)
The year was 1997 not 99. Also Glad I've Got Jesus is on this project

Author Tim Waters II ( ago)
Hurt Trouble, he was a big dude... when Ur THAT big, ya heart can only do
but so much for so long...

Author mstweet02 ( ago)
omg da piano player? how did he die?

Author Tim Waters II ( ago)
Yea He is, he died Dec. 2005

Author aceofspades358 ( ago)
Where/when was this performance?

Author aceofspades358 ( ago)
Sweet, simply sweet!

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