gta 4 jetpack cheat code

call this number: 3595550172 and the jetpack are outside your save house

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Author jack Sylver ( ago)
go FUCK yourself u scrub

Author jerimy spydule ( ago)
y the fuck do u stupid ass trollers do this stupid shut it pisses me off

Author Kristie Allen ( ago)
Dick this is fake

Author Brayan Bartolo ( ago)
I ha te u

Author Ayoub -_-legameur ( ago)
fils de pute c est pas le jekpat espece de conard enculer

Author Alfredo Martinez ( ago)
I hate when people put stupid shit like this on youtube

Author Antonio Jordan ( ago)
It's fake

Author ThePurpleSlime ( ago)
Trollerrrrrrrrrrrr Hate u never sub to his channel people

Author ThePurpleSlime ( ago)
You Freaking Troller Never Watching Your Channel Hate U

Author bri zulu ( ago)
Nah you gaays lie noooooooooob

Author q esw ( ago)
Why did you do that bitch

Author Karin Olguin ( ago)
Your a dick and your so fucking weird

Author ranger royy ( ago)
i hate fricken trollers

Author xela Ewor ( ago)
FACK I wanted a jet pack. Nice one u got me 

Author nick Friedman ( ago)

Author caxtilteca ( ago)
i love this song,so fuck you troll,the joke's on you

Author Gus Knudsvig ( ago)
Boo it just shows yoy than this

Author Michelle ( ago)

Author Jackson Wheelis ( ago)

Author jason santiag ( ago)

Author Hammy Ster ( ago)

Author Alfie Cornick ( ago)
You fucking dick

Author ethan the gamer The amazing ( ago)
Does this cheat work on gta4 (normal)/ps3?!?

Author chayce burnett -anderson ( ago)
You Dickman

Author Joshua Solomon ( ago)
shut up and take my dislike

Author Luukas Jansson ( ago)
Wrong cheats !

Author eximmer ( ago)
You just got Rick rolled

Author NTSGaming ( ago)

Author Mysterion2030 ( ago)
You fucking shit fuck prick

Author Jack Stohrer ( ago)
Didn't work!!!!

Author Rachel Brown ( ago)
It did not work

Author Alek Ramirez ( ago)
fuck you asshole

Author gamereviews ( ago)
Your fucking gay ass mitherfucker u suck cock bitck fuck off bitch

Author john bucaria ( ago)
Facker Maker!!

Author justin rudisill ( ago)
that realy got me pissed

Author mysterymankk26 ( ago)
Y so mad people gta 5 is gonna have planes...

Author Jagger Henry ( ago)
Mother fucker

Author nickolajones36 ( ago)
Damn u il tell this mistake on every vid u make

Author Kameron Sumlin ( ago)
I came for the song

Author Private Private ( ago)

Author Brennan Lesher ( ago)
You liere

Author shane jones ( ago)

Author InsaneGamerSkills ( ago)
Lol check description Buy "Never Gonna Give You Up"

Author Virtue Harris ( ago)
Fuck u bitch ass nigga shit straight up bull shit damn and fuck this song
don't know why lot of people like this song damn fuck it I'm out

Author Asad Aljayashi ( ago)
Fuck this shit

Author hasared1 ( ago)

Author Joseph Zurita ( ago)

Author lister thomas ( ago)
fuck u

Author Rondale Aguinaldo ( ago)
Fuk u bitch

Author Liam Johnston ( ago)
Stupid code don't work!!!!

Author Deathninja 5551 ( ago)
Nice song I guess. LIKED YOUR VIDOE! :D

Author Qua-Z ( ago)
Naw dip it doesn't work he rickrolld us shot head

Author Jordan Jackson ( ago)
Doesn't work idiot with a ball sack

Author AmazingGamingHD ( ago)
ass cracen ball sacken bitch and im nie sclate

Author Michael Lovell ( ago)
It dosent work dick

Author MonarK HD ( ago)
code de merde

Author Lisa Mcgarry ( ago)
fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Author keegan tindall ( ago)
You sit on a throne of lies

Author AKULA TheShark ( ago)

Author Nexro Green ( ago)
wyf u gag thats y i,mma find out were u live and kill u and ur family

Author President Aradesh - New California ( ago)
what house the old one

Author Jess Brown ( ago)

Author Jess Brown ( ago)
same love this

Author Kooshu229 ( ago)
why do people do this It just shows people have no life so FUCK YOU

Author MrDussek ( ago)
joke is on you! i love this song

Author Lay-Z Cardinal ( ago)

Author Daniel Brown ( ago)
It didn't work u dick faggot

Author NICCOMINER 55 ( ago)
It does not work

Author luke cason ( ago)

Author Justenuff03 ( ago)

Author Manuel Rodriguez ( ago)

Author Jack Sharratt ( ago)
Thanks for putting this vidio on because this has helped me get the jetpack
thanks very much

Author abimbola atairu ( ago)
fuck u it dont work

Author miguel martinez ( ago)
hahaha jokes on u i love this song lol

Author greatwhite3737 ( ago)
This is fucked up

Author Max Spies ( ago)
fuck this

Author Jamie Jones ( ago)
You mexicans/forern People always talk about rape you sick cunt Why are you
mad Lmao?

Author Antonio Avalos ( ago)
U fuckin bich so rape ur mom I know she wants u too rape bich

Author WowYoDo ( ago)
go fuck your mom

Author Yousef Omar ( ago)
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

Author Joshua Ramdial ( ago)
this does not work

Author Rosie Hefferon ( ago)
Who actually wastes their time making bullshit video's like this?

Author johnny martinez ( ago)
that video sucked!!!!!!!!

Author XCrazyLozi10x ( ago)
fuck a duck i cant find the door way

Author michael hemphill (482 years ago)

Author alejandro hernandez ( ago)
fuck you

Author tom howard ( ago)
does it work

Author Jordan Buckland ( ago)

Author jay REMIX3S ( ago)
u jast wasted 3 mins of my life

Author Thunderstormz1 ( ago)
you are so dumb

Author fancyboy147 ( ago)
This don't work don't try it he's a stupid loser

Author FMXrider45 ( ago)
i paused at 14, and moved my mouse along, then i looked at the artist, so
you failed, you didnt rick roll me but i have this to say to you. fuck you
ugly piece of shit and go lick ur mams cheese from inbetween her tits

Author ZzZRGZzZ ( ago)
en francais ?

Author ladiesman21855 ( ago)
Thx man its so epic

Author craig5335 ( ago)
I dose not work

Author TracY Amante ( ago)
Fuck You Asshole !!

Author dippyegg1202 ( ago)
If this dose not work I will kill you

Author Alex Salcido ( ago)
Lol's on you i love this song!

Author Branden Ramirez ( ago)
did u try that cheat and did it work dont lie to me

Author Aaron Paterson ( ago)
cheat is 272 555 0150 sos if doesn't work

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