At least one dead after van strikes crowd in London

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  • Monique Bean
    Monique Bean 4 days ago

    Everyone's going on about one person being killed. That's bs. He was already getting CPR from medics from an apparent heart attack and died BEFORE the van got there. I'm loving how the MSM is using this man as a victim of this attack. Not terrorism! Just plain old pay back! What the hell did they think was gonna happen sooner or later? The mayor said more compassionate things about this one compared to the dozens of actual dead people from the radical Moslem attacks in the last few months. Sure is a different story when your own get injured compared to us other low life's who actually get killed by your own kind!

  • Emmanuel Stanisic
    Emmanuel Stanisic 4 days ago

    Y all worthless fucks talkin shit about this being deserved should seriously think twice, those people werent threatening anyone, there is no point in criticizing monsters if we cannot show humanity

  • A Fox
    A Fox 4 days ago

    World war 3 won´t involve nukes.
    World war 3 will be fighten with trucks and vans

  • Huzaifa Huxaifa
    Huzaifa Huxaifa 4 days ago


  • Man man Boy
    Man man Boy 4 days ago

    When is Britain going to get their head out of there ass

  • Kamen Antonov
    Kamen Antonov 4 days ago

    Hahahaha Happy Ramavan goatfuckers

  • Prince Tucker
    Prince Tucker 4 days ago

    That mosque is where the Shoe Bomber attended and another well known terrorist. It needs needs to be shut down.

  • Pamela Hobbs
    Pamela Hobbs 4 days ago

    Jihad is fight against non Muslim. and you must be a Muslim sympathizer

  • pink pony
    pink pony 4 days ago

    ape has killed ape......ape has killed ape......ape has killed ape......!!

  • The Notorious Shady

    Westerners are so disgusting it's unbelievable. If a "Muslim" Terrorist kills people, Islam is to blame and every Muslim is a Terrorist. But if a (probably) English non-Muslim kills people/Muslims it's ok because it's just revenge. Even though those people in the mosque probably never harmed anyone.

  • TheDark Nite
    TheDark Nite 4 days ago

    Radicalization of white men is getting worse and worse. They are getting more violent and terrorist in all parts of the world. I have no sympathy when they are wiped off! My sympathies to the innocent Muslims going through this white trash terrorism during Ramadan!

  • Cook food With me
    Cook food With me 4 days ago

    This is not van , this is terror attack 😒

  • Norris King
    Norris King 4 days ago


  • Anthony Tiny Head
    Anthony Tiny Head 4 days ago

    The United Cuckdom.

  • BrokenToy
    BrokenToy 4 days ago

    Tit for tat mother fuckers.

  • Mr.500nRunning
    Mr.500nRunning 4 days ago

    at state farm. we got you covered.

  • jaydeeinbriz
    jaydeeinbriz 4 days ago

    More muslims would have died, but the slimy bastards slid off the hood and scuttled away :(

    GROßMOGUL OTELMO 4 days ago

    they kill us on the streets of london every month and now muzzie´s get angry if we do the same with them in return.

  • salvaje 7
    salvaje 7 4 days ago

    Muslims are fuk'n pussies act now or settle for nothing later idiots

  • 1crazm F
    1crazm F 4 days ago

    A terrorist act is a terrorist attack. Plain and simple. I guess it's justified by what side your on.
    Anyone who is stupid enough to justify this or any other terrorist attack. Are just plain ignorant scum!

  • NC  Patriot
    NC Patriot 4 days ago

    1 dead muslim is not enough! Keep killing those fucking parasites!

  • Ralf Rath
    Ralf Rath 4 days ago

    A country that is in a civil war - and Britain is in a civil war after the last terror attacks where even own British children had to die - there is no hope and there is no glory in this Britain country today! The British Pound is down and the British people are down - it's time to stop this government and all idiotic Brexit politicians who are responsible for this British disaster, where British people must pay the price even with their lives. Does Boris or Nigel really know what they are talking about? I have doubts if more and more British people must die and Britain is now in a civil war. But under these circumstances to start a Brexit - a Brexit that is of no importance here but costs only money for the British People - is a crime. EU Europe is peace and Britain has left this peace. First Britain should stop the civil war in the own country then Britain must take control back of own country and cities and then the British government must make Britain safe again for own British people and children. But where is our British police, our British forces our British Politicians? IF the taxpayers only pay for atomic weapons and atomic subs then I ask me - is Britain safe today?
    If our British forces fight worldwide conflicts but not here in Britain where a new civil war has started to protect our own British people and children then I ask why British people must pay so much money for useless weapons and useless British forces???

    N EMISIS 4 days ago

    U.K. U.K. U.K. U.K. 🇬🇧

  • Jish Chatt
    Jish Chatt 4 days ago

    I reckon the culprit behind all these incidents are one! the same people who created Isis, alqaeda and James bonds.

  • Hans Hansen
    Hans Hansen 4 days ago

    Poor muslims, they do not want this

  • Sherylin Matthew
    Sherylin Matthew 4 days ago

    Now watch, the muslim mayor will condemn this lol. But the other stuff people will just have to accept according to him lol. Sad and pathetic.
    Too bad the decent[ people don't just go through the neighborhood and remove the people supporting terror.

  • Samuel Hain
    Samuel Hain 4 days ago

    How's that Diversity thing working out for you London?

    • Munchkin
      Munchkin 3 days ago

      Samuel Hain it's crap it's them and us, diversity does not work and don't let anyone tell you it does, Britain is the best example of this

  • Samuel Hain
    Samuel Hain 4 days ago

    Is the van OK?

  • Broken Window
    Broken Window 4 days ago

    #NotAllWhitePeople #WhitesaretheRaceofPeace #PaybackIsABitch #NewCrusade #TerrorismIsNormalPartofLivingInABigCity

  • norman edwards
    norman edwards 4 days ago

    @ god bless the people of london..really a bad 60 days for them..😕

  • dlb3890
    dlb3890 4 days ago

    The driver wasn't evil, he was just tired of the politics going on.

  • Myron Vas
    Myron Vas 4 days ago

    What Jesus thinks of revenge:

  • Lon Spector
    Lon Spector 4 days ago

    Damn straight "staged." This is pattented Deep State.

  • John smith
    John smith 4 days ago

    Shame 😂🎉🎊🎈🇬🇧

  • james tschetter
    james tschetter 4 days ago


  • FrankiesMarket
    FrankiesMarket 4 days ago

    This is all Trump's fault!!!

  • My Argument
    My Argument 4 days ago

    Republicans approving of an innocent man getting murdered, nothing new I suppose.

  • Robert Beck
    Robert Beck 4 days ago

    An eye for an eye leaves the world blind. For the people commenting that are christians follow what Jesus tells you. Love one another, turn the other cheek, and he who is without sin cast the first stone.

  • Darkness1984
    Darkness1984 4 days ago

    What goes around comes around

  • Justin B
    Justin B 4 days ago

    HALLELUJAH. We need more attacks like these. Extinguish them all.

  • welundsmith
    welundsmith 4 days ago

    i don't care what anyone says, that's no way to treat a good van

  • Deb Stevens
    Deb Stevens 4 days ago

    likely ran over Hundreds? ??
    The story is bad enough on its own! You don't have to add to it!!!

  • masterspartan420
    masterspartan420 4 days ago

    over 1 billion strong.. they will never stop Islam...also the fastest growing all you catholics .Jews. Christians...."Sabeans"..please take note.. .Islamic religious culture will dominate all ends of the it was written.. and so it is happening despite the attempts to instigate hate and ignorance..

  • tzmetalsmith
    tzmetalsmith 4 days ago

    London mayor says to stay calm and united. More attacks likely and it has no connections to terror. LOL

  • orsa84
    orsa84 4 days ago

    Happy Ram-a-van everyone!

  • Edmond Pecot Jr.
    Edmond Pecot Jr. 4 days ago

    let jesus sort them out amen thank god for jesus

  • Chris Silva
    Chris Silva 4 days ago

    It's ok when muslims kill us

  • TheFooting 78
    TheFooting 78 4 days ago

    damn when i see the comment i see a lot of racism against muslim...

  • Aboutthatllooove
    Aboutthatllooove 4 days ago

    Y'all created these 'terrorists' and 'Jihads' by blowing up their homes and lands for years. You really surprised at them for fighting back. Fix your foreign policy and maybe everyone will be at peace. #Pray4theworld

  • Tempest374
    Tempest374 4 days ago

    You know terrorism is working when people are praising a terrorist for his work as long as he's not a Muslim terrorist

  • Freyja Njordsdottir

    i wish all followers of the islamic sect, a very happy ram-a-van. hopefully a celebration hold every day from now on.

  • slightlylightly
    slightlylightly 4 days ago

    Too bad it was only one death.

  • i Exertz
    i Exertz 4 days ago

    1:35 first time British people have ever seen guns

  • thirty-five cent
    thirty-five cent 4 days ago

    London is pussy lol

  • Muse Khadir
    Muse Khadir 4 days ago

    Wow FuckNewsChanel is talking about an attack on Muslims

  • Memory Blocks
    Memory Blocks 4 days ago

    This comment section is one of the worst i have ever seen. Full of racist idiots who think all Muslims are terrorists. And the worst part is that its mainly adults. Shameful. There's almost no faith in humanity.

    • John Jalas
      John Jalas 4 days ago

      Caught out spouting bullshit now trying to deflect. Typical regressive :)

    • Memory Blocks
      Memory Blocks 4 days ago

      Ah i see. You're attempting to start a flame war. Sorry, not interested in your trolling.

    • John Jalas
      John Jalas 4 days ago

      Go back an re-read your comment "Full of racist idiots who think all Muslims are terrorists."

    • Memory Blocks
      Memory Blocks 4 days ago

      Never said it was.

  • Rylee
    Rylee 4 days ago

    What kind of a person do you have to be to honestly joke about the death of innocent people. Some of you people sit down at a computer and think you can spew all of the gross shit that goes on in your heads and nothing will happen to you... I hope when you people lay your heads down to sleep at night you're okay with knowing that you're genuinely a horrible person. We need to do some soul searching as a human community, we're all disgusting lately.

    • Rylee
      Rylee 4 days ago

      thatwaseasy okay remember that next time someone you love dies.

    • thatwaseasy
      thatwaseasy 4 days ago

      Rylee time + tragedy = comedy. Simple really, its the same reason why people can joke about the holocaust or 9/11.

      They're jokes, deal with them.

  • maxismax100
    maxismax100 4 days ago


  • Maisara Sherif
    Maisara Sherif 4 days ago

    this comment section is pure cancer . its unbelievable that humans write those

  • Jiggly Puff
    Jiggly Puff 4 days ago

    So sad to see people saying this was deserved. Either you're baiting or stupid. By saying this was deserved you are no better than ISIS. These people took innocent lives and it was wrong, in the exact same way that all ISIS attacks are wrong.

  • Ed and stuff
    Ed and stuff 4 days ago

    Fake and liberal

  • Woody will give you Wood

    If we all become Islamic radical terrorist, then there won't be anybody else to kill. Simple solution for a simple problem.

  • Steve Mullis
    Steve Mullis 4 days ago

    Day 23 of the Ramadan Bombathon: 133 attacks in 27 countries, 1264 dead.

  • Exodriver
    Exodriver 4 days ago

    All I can say is the British government created the conditions for this to happen, because they're not doing their jobs, which is protecting and defending British citizens from invading foreign powers and ideologies, that seek to destroy the British way of life.

    When you allow these invaders into your country, do everything you can to appease them, and do nothing when they attack your citizens, who rightfully believe it's your job to protect them, and not the invaders, your citizens then get fed up and tired of the attacks, and then develop an attitude, if their government won't deal with these invaders the way they should, they'll do it themselves.

    Btw for all of you gun haters, and gun grabbers, who think banning guns stops violence, and turns societies into Mr Rogers Neighborhood, London is about as much of a gun free zone as you can get The one attack where a gun was used, the gun was acquired illegally off the black market, so British anti gun laws sure didn't help there. The weapon of choice for the other two attacks were box vans. Are we going to ban box vans now, since terrorists, and those trying to strike back at them, are finding box vans to be pretty effective weapons?

    If I go to my local Ford or Dodge dealer, will I now have to go through an extensive background check, and eternity long waiting period to purchase a box van, and drive it off the lot?

  • hskapñfa huidlui
    hskapñfa huidlui 4 days ago

    Lets wait to see if Sadiq says this is just part and parcell of living in a big city now that muslims are the victims

  • Retsel Nilarde
    Retsel Nilarde 4 days ago


  • Thai Koon
    Thai Koon 4 days ago

    More Muslim attacks U.K. needs ban asap

  • N O
    N O 4 days ago

    The comments section here is cancer. It actually sickens me.

    • John Jalas
      John Jalas 4 days ago

      Better goto your safe space....

  • dragonballxangel
    dragonballxangel 4 days ago

    type 1 if you think its fake

  • Sebastian Corrales
    Sebastian Corrales 4 days ago

    Arab V2 bombs are next, London sucks

  • Paul J
    Paul J 4 days ago

    *It Bullshit, it's a frame, the whole Muslim/Asian community male and female have been allowed to harass and intimidate the man hense causing a attack they can call a terror attack*

  • Brody Copeland
    Brody Copeland 4 days ago

    It's GOOD to see London being attacked :) Fucking Read Coats.

  • King Stewie
    King Stewie 4 days ago

    Dont be surprised if more attacks happen now lol.

  • Idiotic Family
    Idiotic Family 4 days ago

    This again?

  • L H
    L H 4 days ago

    The perpetrator is the Greatest Hero in London as yet this millennium.

  • tom dagnino's evil twin

    good riddance muslims. the less the better off the world will be. its the truth.

  • After Rain
    After Rain 4 days ago

    London people got killed "TERRORIST! THAT'S MUSLIM!

    London Muslim got killed
    "Nahhh, that's so fake."

  • Michael Petterson
    Michael Petterson 4 days ago

    don't worry guys being moved down by a truck is normal according to saddiq the goatfucker khan

  • Rylee
    Rylee 4 days ago

    The minute they find out this guy is white all talk of terrorism will cease and THIS is what is perpetuating these stereotypes about the Muslim community. Any use of violence against civilians for political gains is TERRORISM. Start calling it what it is, regardless if it fits your anti-Muslim agenda or not. Are we going to condemn the entire white race or Christian religion because this guy is white? No. Then why do we do it to muslims?

    • Rylee
      Rylee 4 days ago

      Lorenzo Pacheco very true, sadly.

    • Lorenzo Pacheco
      Lorenzo Pacheco 4 days ago

      Lol because people are irrational and hateful, or just cynical edgelords. The chance of any one of them admitting they're wrong to perpetuate negative stereotypes of muslims for upvotes in the wake of a terrorist attack is next to zero.

  • KapKan Besuda
    KapKan Besuda 4 days ago

    The U.K deserves this.

  • Lorenzo Pacheco
    Lorenzo Pacheco 4 days ago

    Killing and injuring innocent people who happen to be muslim is not "payback" against ISIS.

  • Anwar Arceneaux
    Anwar Arceneaux 4 days ago

    tomorrow is my birthday

  • Michael Petterson
    Michael Petterson 4 days ago

    civil war is coming

  • Dean Rockwell
    Dean Rockwell 4 days ago

    Europe for Europeans, and we don't have this problem. But sadly, so many white people have been conditioned to be afraid more of being called "racist" than actually securing the existence of their own people! Sick fucking world folks. A world where people actually hold signs that say "will trade racists for rapists". Racism is not only not bad, it is the only thing that will save us. Wake up whitey

  • Dave B
    Dave B 4 days ago

    UPDATE - Apparently the van was parked, and the Muslims ran into it on foot yelling Allah Akbar. Early reports indicate that the van can easily be repaired and will be fine.

    • Just Sa'in
      Just Sa'in 4 days ago

      Dave B At least the van is ok. It's a shame we can't say the same about the car that Lee rugby walked into or the poor over £300 million plane when the tower got in the way or the bomb that blew up cause it was feeling constipated at the concert.
      Do you see how stupid you sound?

  • Mastiff Myths, Legends and Lore

    only retarded sheep believe the news

  • Shaun Turner
    Shaun Turner 4 days ago

    only 1 dead

  • Kyle G
    Kyle G 4 days ago

    Part and parcel of going to a mosque in a big city. They should learn to live with this inevitability.

  • Billy Doyle
    Billy Doyle 4 days ago


  • Edie Edgmon
    Edie Edgmon 4 days ago

    It is about time Londoners start to fight back.

  • Le Onardo  SaurusRex

    aloha snackbar
    kahlua at bar
    hey you das mah car

  • Eagle Random
    Eagle Random 4 days ago

    Another kebab

  • Duncan Grubbs
    Duncan Grubbs 4 days ago

    All of these comments are terrible. Terror is terror, it doesn't matter who does it. INNOCENT people are dying, we need to stop this and it's​ not gonna be stopped through violence that's for sure!

    • Duncan Grubbs
      Duncan Grubbs 4 days ago

      Nadine thomas I say grow a brain 'kid'. I'm not triggered. I'm a human being with compassion and intellect. I actually think about things before I go spouting buzzwords like 'triggered' and 'libtard' and 'pc'. Did you even read my comment? I was pointing out that fact that many of the people in the comment section are very uneducated and don't understand what a terrorist is or for that matter, what sympathy is. Think before you speak next time.

    • Nadine thomas
      Nadine thomas 4 days ago

      Grow some balls, kid. If your that triggered by comments on a youtube video maybe you should be watching buzzfeed with all the other pc libtards

  • Sund Mand
    Sund Mand 4 days ago

    *_Happy Ram-A-Van_*

  • James Ricker
    James Ricker 4 days ago

    Wrong sect dipshits.

  • Hellzyead
    Hellzyead 4 days ago

    I was there and I heard someone scream "Allahu Akbar" ... That roughly translates as "Allah, Who Wants Butt" ... This goes back to 9/11 when the hijackers jerked their pants down and tried to force the passengers to fuck them. That was the main reason the passengers could not get into the cockpit -- because the hijackers had made a complete anus barricade around the doorway.

    Now you know. Allah Wants Butt.

  • mob barley
    mob barley 4 days ago

    #notallwhiteys #fuzzy-wuzzysdontlikeitupem #happyramavan

  • Bob A
    Bob A 4 days ago

    I'm glad to see people finally fighting back against the muslim invasion.

  • DangerIncFilms
    DangerIncFilms 4 days ago

    Guess they don't like it the other way around, eh?

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