I'll Fly Away Bluegrass Banjo Lesson

Tabs available @ and tons of free learning material @ . This is my beginner/intermediate version of I'll Fly Away. If there's demand for a more advanced version, I'd love to work one out. Enjoy! And, thanks for putting up with my low-budget videos! Please Subscribe!!!!

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Author Border Collie ( ago)
Add more old time gospel tunes. Thanks.

Author Tom Purcell ( ago)
subscribed. 2nd day on banjo, many years guitar. All tuned up and ready to
roll but got anything more basic? Like what was the first tune you picked?
I'm basically just hammering away likes blues guitar (and having fun) but
any tricks for VERY beginner?

Author MultiDotson ( ago)
Pray more old time gospel songs. Slow down???? Remember there are beginners
that can't play so fast.!!!!!!!

Author Greg Haynes ( ago)
Thanks Ben. U rock

Author Flyboy388 ( ago)
Hey, I just started on banjo, I only know cripple creek and sort of the
first part of foggy mountain breakdown. Money's tight in my family so I'm
teaching myself, any tips for someone just starting out? (I have been
playing guitar for a few years so I am familiar with tab, though I'm not
sure how different banjo tab is)

Author Banjo Ben Clark (1031 year ago)
Haha! Thanks, man! Yep, the exact tab to this version is on the site, as
well as over 150 other tabs! Thanks!

Author Eric Schick ( ago)
Nice job Ben, you rock! (Or should I say you twang!?) You have a tab of
this song on your website, is it this version? Thanks!

Author Bailey McGuire ( ago)
Can you do just the instrumental so i can sing along with it?

Author Greg Jones ( ago)
Banjo Ben do you have tabs for one day at a time on banjo? trying to do a little banjo step work

Author Banjo Ben Clark ( ago)
Hey Dave! This is the standard G tuning for the 5-string banjo: DBGDg Also,
I don't know if they have to be "cool", but you do need some finger picks
:) I recommend Golden Gate thumbpicks and Sammy Shelor fingerpicks...but,
there are lots of great ones out there! Thanks for watching!

Author David Boston ( ago)
Dear Banjo Ben, Please tell me, what tuning you need for this song? And
whether you need cool thumb and finger picks? Thanks, Dave (from Australia)

Author l8nytcmpny ( ago)
Yep.. . . Advanced!

Author GREENHOFFS ( ago)
Nice playing Ben, check out my banjo videos pal.

Author Roger Anderson ( ago)
I just subscribed to your website and I would be interested in having an
advanced version of I'll fly away. Thanks

Author Banjo Ben Clark ( ago)
Hey bud! Thanks! I have the tabs and lots of other easy, intermediate, and
advanced tabs/videos on my website. Thanks!

Author Nick Varney ( ago)
Hey Ben! I'm recently trying to learn the banjo and i really like your
style and this is a song i wanna get down pat! Can you please tell me the
picking pattern for this song? And maybe you can post just some easy
bluegrass pickin's that will help me and possibly others advance on the
banjo! Really appreciate it! -Nick

Author Robbie Shook ( ago)
Thanks Ben! I would just like to add that Ben's site is awesome and well
worth 5 bucks a month. There's a wealth of information on there and there's
always someone to lend a helping hand if you need it. I'm only about three
months into my banjo career but with sites like Ben's, I know that I will
be playing it for years.

Author jadle 89 ( ago)
Sweet! Can't wait to get started, thanks!

Author Banjo Ben Clark ( ago)
Hey bud! Actually, I have quite a few free samples on the site that you're
welcome to check out. I think I have the highest quality tabs on the net,
and they are EXACTLY the same as I play in my videos. Also, I offer .pdf
and .tef versions, and they include finger pick markings and chord changes.
Please visit the site, click on "banjo", then click on "free tabs" to see
some examples. Thanks!

Author SkylarkHarley ( ago)
unkae1: the short answer is Yes,yes, and yes to your questions. you should
go one his site, and register for either silver pick (free but tabs are $5
each) or gold pick membership ($5 per month and all tabs are free to
download) His site is a wealth of info and more that worth the cost of

Author jadle 89 ( ago)
I'd like to get the tab for this from the website, but there's no preview
or sample to make sure you're getting a good tab before you drop $5. Can
anyone tell me if these are quality and accurate notations of exactly what
he does in the video? Does it include fingerings, measure marks, and note

Author OGKush2010 ( ago)
Does banjo ben remind anyone else of the little guy from taledega nights?
or 30 rock? lol dont know the actors name.

Author Meghan Boudreaux ( ago)
My favorite part is the into, I've kept replaying it over and over haha

Author Harold Atkins ( ago)
Do yuo have this "Ill fly away" banjo tabs like you play it in this video? Thanks

Author akh94 ( ago)
Damn ur AWSOME with that banjo dude :D

Author Banjo Ben Clark ( ago)
@TheYohanJohn It's the same tuning, but the 5th string runs beneath the
fretboard from the 5th fret and comes out on the peghead. I've made a video
about it called, "This, is my banjo". Check it out! Thanks!

Author John Hand ( ago)
@BanjoBen1 No I thought you were playing a six string because i don't see
the tuner on the side. Is that a different style?

Author Banjo Ben Clark ( ago)
@TheYohanJohn You know I'm playing a 5-string banjo, right? Is that what
you're asking?

Author John Hand ( ago)
Hey Ben! Do you know and 5-stringers that will post a video of this with

Author Daja Waja ( ago)

Author ZachZ2012 ( ago)
Is this a regular 5-string banjo? Or a 4 or 6 string?

Author Telelikeitis ( ago)
Very good attack and timing!

Author Adam McLin ( ago)
um..... kinda embarrassed to ask this... but what will happen when i push
the subscribe button?....

Author Adam McLin ( ago)
I don't even have a banjo yet and i'm trying to learn how to play, haha. I
play guitar, how much different are they, would it be much harder to learn?
Any advice would be apreciated

Author Marty Hoskins ( ago)
nice banjo playing!!!!! I got to get new strings for my banjer and I will
get back to playing soon might make some videos too

Author totalbadass69 ( ago)
please to a dock boggs lesson or roscoe holcomb

Author charg2456 ( ago)
whats the first song i should learn?

Author Tyler Stirrat ( ago)
I can't learn just by looking, I have to have some one explain it to me.

Author David Sanborn ( ago)
How about the key of D like Allison Kraus does it?

Author David Sanborn ( ago)
How about the key of D like Allison Kraus does it?

Author AldenShaw ( ago)
if you could tab anything by the Avett Brothers that would be awesome

Author robin burkhardt ( ago)
Too much yak. Gimme just the banjo

Author lilaeverett1 ( ago)
you lost me at the 'CHAW"

Author hummersmstr ( ago)
is there anyway you might still have the tab for this song? I am legally
blind and am having problems following your video as the camera is not
zoomed in enough. Thanks

Author unitard08 ( ago)
been playing guitar for about 5 years now.. ive always had a love and
passion for bluegrass.. bluegrass and gospel style is the the first typed
music i started learning on guitar, and im self taught.. im wanting to do
to the same on banjo, im looking for a tutorial with tabs or close up on
frets.. ive had this banjo since christmas and havent been able to learn
much cus i havent been able to find what im looking for yet.

Author gunman5566 ( ago)
@BanjoBen1 my banjo teacher smoked and he died about a year ago. he played
the guitar the banjo and all other kinds of instruments my banjo can no
longer hold a tune my mom bought it in 1980 but ill get another banjo and
another teacher nice vid too!

Author bella bubash ( ago)
i'm a begginer. i really love the way you teach!!!

Author Sir Wolfgaar ( ago)
Ben, I don't play the banjo and don't plan on it, but your instruction was
so enjoyable I couldn't help but watch the whole thing. You're a fantastic
player (obviously), but I think you're an equally excellent instructor.

Author Denise Pryce ( ago)
Relax, Ben..... you're not alone. 7:47...... I have what I call "Millsitis"
where I play my hammer-ons with my index and ring finger on the third
string almost like the way Jim Mills does it. It's what I've gotten used to
and we're all differerent, but you're right, everyone should start off on
the right foot.

Author rudolfooo1 ( ago)
ty jsi hroznej kokot

Author Tazmania33quick ( ago)
I'm just a beginner and it would be really helpful if you could slowly show
whats goin on with both hands,perferably a split screen.

Author Tazmania33quick ( ago)
I'm a beginner, and it would be really helpful if I could see what both
hands are doing at the same time.

Author Tammyleeloveshim ( ago)
good job man :) you got talent God bless keep it up :)

Author Banjo Ben Clark ( ago)
@fgleich I'm quitting! I promise! Thanks :)

Author fgleich ( ago)
Ben, you did great, thanks ! But give up that nasty tobacco habit, it will
kill ya !

Author Danny Hunter ( ago)
simply mawvelless

Author MrBigballen23 ( ago)
yea put some finger rolls and chords up please thanks man

Author Robert Smith ( ago)
hey ben, beginner on banjo so how about some beginning licks and rolls?

Author MrBanjoman32 ( ago)
can you help me i need you to tell wat string and threat

Author Banjo Ben Clark ( ago)
I got it!!! Thanks so much!

Author kingo5string ( ago)
I enjoy your videos immensely. I especialy liked the advanced version of
Salt Creek. I would like more advanced version, just to glean the licks
from the songs.

Author dredeyedick ( ago)
Dude! You GOTTA put up de jazzed - up version. I'm an autoharp player. But
I'd love to hear it! Do it Up!

Author Alex Colvin ( ago)
what brand is that banjo!?

Author PBGuardsman ( ago)
Hey Bones/Craigs First of, I am not banjoben he just answered this in an
earlier video. (I was curious about this too so I did some looking in his
videos). If you look at 1:36 you can tell there are only 5 strings. The 5th
string is tunneled to the top of the neck. thats all I remember from his
post, if you look long enough you can find his response. PBGuardsman

Author jayphill16 ( ago)
i like your advanced lessons it helps me it seems like all there is on
youtube is Beginner versions, i like learning Advanced versions of songs
thanks man for your work

Author DingDongTheDoorbell ( ago)
Great Picker you are BanjoBen :) keep on pickin' on that banjo, i am
intrested on buying one, but not sure which one i should get. maybe you can
help me decide. this is my first time playing a banjo, but i am really
getting into it because it's just fun to listen to and looks a lot fun to
play it. please do send me a message in return on your thoughts and
recommendations. thanks and i am subscribing to you! have a great day and
keep on pickin'!

Author Craig Smiley ( ago)
Okay, Thanks, I finally saw where he tells about it, and yes it does
tunnel, and oddly enough, he built it.........

Author JohnMichaelGorum ( ago)
I think it's actually called a stealth banjo. It's just like a regular
banjo except the fifth string kinda tunnels under the fretboard behind the
fifth fret. Something like that.

Author ex0ja (1442 years ago)
hahah love the intro

Author darren knight ( ago)
wow is there any end to your talent . top class

Author Craig Smiley ( ago)
That particular question has been plaguing me, as well.... BUT I think I
got it. It is basically a "banjitar" 6 string.. he has dropped the #6
string, and replaced the guitar strings with banjo strings, and retuned
it.. I could be wrong but I don't think so......

Author loggyness ( ago)
I am subscribing...pretty great picker..would love to pick with you some
where down the road or so. But yeah I am subbing to you that's for sure xD

Author James Becker ( ago)
What kind of bluegrass banjo (5-string) are you playing?? I've never seen
one like you are playing. Does it have a full length 5th string??

Author banjoman1437 ( ago)
Some nice fast scale songs would be kickass

Author kristix3jb705 ( ago)

Author opnwhl4 ( ago)
Ben, Keep up the good work. Great videos!

Author Taz O'Grady ( ago)
or that is a 5 string ? iv not seen a 5 string without the machinehead on
the 6 freat

Author Taz O'Grady ( ago)
so if your playing that on a 6 string banjo it would be different to a 5
string or not?

Author BanjoTim ( ago)
Howdy Howdy....i was woundering if you could possible make a short video of
ways to keep time on the banjo. i can keep time in general but as you said
in this video the math doesn't add up. Also im dieing to hear you play
Foggy Mountain Breakdown. Thanks

Author Dillon Abney ( ago)
i subbed

Author italianfatty ( ago)
I'm a beginer

Author havaline28 ( ago)
hey man loving what ur doig just starting out so i need all the help i can
get man

Author flatpikinguitar ( ago)
as far as the range of skill for the viewers, i would just go for a good
mix of levels.

Author whitmanft ( ago)
cool song...can you show us the song..working on a building...ty

Author platteflunder128 ( ago)
I dig the Dr.Pepper part! Subliminal Message?? hahaha

Author Banjo Ben Clark ( ago)
It actually is a 5-string :) Folks think it's a 6-string because the 5th
string peg is on the headstock, but it tunes and plays just like a standard
5-string banjo!

Author Tim Riley ( ago)
That is a indeed, a very good break (tasty, even). Great job! Please post
the advanced version. If anything, it gives us beginners something to shoot

Author NightingaleHMP ( ago)
Er...when you die...can I have your fingers please...?? LOL Excellent very
talented indeed. Thank you for sharing this

Author JD White ( ago)
I love this song, it's the one my dad always ended with ta get everybody in
church cranked up.

Author flatpikinguitar ( ago)
its on the head stock. dont know how how that works. but i guess what works

Author Banjo Ben Clark ( ago)
It's a custom job out of East Texas called a Phantom built by Mitch Key.
The 5th string is tunneled through the neck like the Scott Vestal Stealth
banjos....if you count the tuners on the headstock, you'll count 5! Thanks
for watching!

Author Tom Moran ( ago)
Actually it is a Nechville or similar with the 5th string tuner on the

Author BreathDoctor ( ago)
What brand is that Banjo? For the life of me, I CANT see the fifth string
tuner...unless its a 4 stringer. Doesnt sound like a 4 stringer, though.

Author Joshua Cantrell ( ago)
ha ha same here :P

Author Vic Quinton ( ago)
Thanks for the tips on I'll Fly Away...will be playing this in Church in a
couple of weeks...Farmers Fight!!! Blessings...Vic Quinton

Author Joshua Cantrell ( ago)
There aint nothing wrong at all with bluegrass musicians chewing tobacco
now is there? dont we all?

Author juniormacemore1945 ( ago)
hello you play well, thanks

Author blugrassgrl38 ( ago)
Come, on... Are you more intrested in his spitting and how he looks and
acts than you are about learning how to play the banjo??? N-E way, People
look better when they chew & SPIT than when they let it drool down the
sides of their mouth and face.

Author Holen1fore ( ago)
I enjoy the beginner stuff you do!

Author savzac ( ago)
It's just vitamins in the can...

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