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Author Sara Raheel (5 years)
mutha kya cheez hai ? agar koi bhai iska jawab de toh bhot meharbaani ????

Author Abadul Aziz Abdullah (5 years)
a general rule in the Noble Quran: "Lawful to you is (the pursuit of)
water¬game and its use for food - for the benefit of yourselves and those
who travel, [Al-Ma'idah 5:96]

Author faisaldinaa (6 years)
true precticing muslim

Author ezapk (5 years)
@nsb986 ! octopus is surely halal..but shark requires much purification to
make it edible...and this is almost impossible....

Author Ghouse Mohiuddin (5 years)
@superpower555 your superpower555 & son of super pigs. U dirty son of pigs.
check your birth and ask your mother how many pics was fucked. i'm sure
your mother will tell you that your are real son of pigs. you can't reach
humanity why you know that. shut your mouth. in future you may took lesson
from your fathers ie pigs.

Author Sharoz Saqib (5 years)
No i don't thing so all sea animals are not halal

Author Baba MALANG (6 years)
thanks for sharing Allah zakir nayak ko ajar de Amin !!! from

Author Saddam Jan (4 years)
Nobody can ever be like Dr. Zakir Naik, he's the best!

Author superpower555 (5 years)
Mohamed the pig was really a prophet that send from setan he was the
prophet of sex that sex maniac. and the funny thing is that these stupid
morons Muslims worshipping and pedophile fucked a dead women and killed and
took the women of the killed men he killed and steel their
belongings!!!!!!!!!!! no wonder Muslims are so stupid living in fucking
countries cause if arent so stupid wont follow a fucker pig like

Author Qaari Alquran (5 years)
dr shahid sahab you said koi esi baat na kahen jis sey kisi ki dil azari na
ho is ka matlab aap kisi ko naraz nahi karna chahtey lekin allah beshak
naraz hogai us ki koi parwa nahi

Author yaaoodotcom (5 years)
OF ALLAH watch vedio made by muslims FAKE ZAKIR NAIK

Author rocky primes (6 years)
aye boss he is true its 72 sects.

Author Ghouse Mohiuddin (4 years)
Superpower555- thanks for your comments on muslims. because jo jaisa hota
hai wo wahi kahyga. kutta kabhi insan ki tarah baat nahi kar sakta. other
thing is that har koi apni bradari ko hi pehchanta hai. to tum kutto ki
family sy ho is liye har koi tum ko kutta nazar ata hai. first u have to
prove that u r an human. Islam ko mitany k liye ur's bary bary log puri
force laga ker dekh liye - khud mit gai but Islam hamesha sy hai aur hamesh
rahega actual m janwaro sy bat nahi karta. u dirty anml

Author Ghouse Mohiuddin (5 years)
U dirty son of pig. check your birth system. I'm sure that you are a many
pig's son. you can't reach to humanity because you are not human. shut your

Author rocky primes (6 years)
this host is not letting zakir naik to answer properly he is interrupting
and trying to rush through the whole program. The whole point of question
and answer is going vain. coz people are getting only half anwers. Inallah
ma asabireen, Allah is with those who persevere.

Author Hamza Habib (5 years)
As far my Islamic knowledge is concerned, all the sea animals are halal...
if you need I will Insha Allah provide you verse from Quran

Author Sara Raheel (5 years)
its clear by dr naiks view in his other shows every time ribah or bank
interest is spoken of "he quotes the hadeeth of the prophet where prophet
said if u want to take ribha or interest on ur money so its like u
instigating a war against allah n his prophet" thus meaning any kind of it
is strictly prophibited n allah n rasool are more imp then some ribha money

Author Muhammad Nazim (5 years)
what about shark fish??? can we eat shark???

Author ezapk (5 years)
@faiznsons ! no no!!! brother...! he said poisonous organisms in sea are
totally haraam and if you read the internal structure and anatomy of Shark
fish ,there are many tissues of shark which are much dangerous for man even
can cause death!

Author Ismail Khan (4 years)
@pieasfellow he is hero of which movie

Author adilqayyum1 (4 years)
all those saying bad words about dr zakir naik Quran and Allah and his
PROPHIT...MAY ALLAH FORGAVE THEM, N goide them right path!!

Author superpower555 (5 years)
@kaltersi You stupid Muslim PIG how dare you write such comment, Look at
your FUCKING PIG PROPHET MOHMAD life and then write your fucking comment.

Author TWISTERO7 (7 years)
Thanks for posting

Author mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (3 years)
Quran is a copy job of the great Greek philosophers (Aristotle,
Hippocrates, Galen, Anaxagoras) many years before Christ. lol and the
stupidity of zakir nayak is confounding.

Author yaaoodotcom (5 years)

Author talab gar (2 years)
you are great.

Author Abadul Aziz Abdullah (5 years)
The Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) said, "Its (sea) water is a
means of purification, and its dead meat is permissible." [ Ibn Maajah,
Aboo Daawood ]

Author Randy Ramadas (4 years)
Quran is a copy job of the great Greek philosophers (Aristotle,
Hippocrates, Galen, Anaxagoras) many years before Christ. listen to the
You-Tube "Science in the Quran - Redux " "Miracle Debunked - Water Cycle in
the Quran" "Zakir Naik vs. Evolution (Debunking)" "Miracle Debunked - Shape
of the Earth in The Quran" "Miralces of the Quran debunked" Learn the truth
people, don't listen to this Foolish Dr. Zakir. Zarik is banned from
entering England, Canada and USA.

Author adnan1213 (6 years)
did u read that

Author Mani Malik (6 years)
Why Shahid masood not offer for answer about bank intrest

Author Sara Raheel (5 years)
he is right by stoppin dr zakir specially in shia matters coz those morons
on dr zakir avoiding a question on yazid, called yaiz rahim ullah to which
they said dr zakir praised the killer of hasan n hussain bin auzubillah n
keep maligning dr zakir on the internet the greatest badkehowi kaum of islam

Author pieasfellow (5 years)
zakir naik is a hero may God bless him

Author hassanavailable (6 years)
i love zakir naik he is the biggest scholar ever muslims had. he is my hero
may allah give him long and give guidence to some idot persons who are
against him. adn are ignorant

Author Ghouse Mohiuddin (5 years)
@superpower555 have checked your birth tail. did u asked to your mother how
u came in the world. use the language to show u that you r a human's son.
this is not a way to critisized to any religion. actual what is ur
religion. r u sure u r a son of correct parants ?. Muslims are unique
unity. those are living with other religions. we do not critisized to any
religion nor to any head of religion. I hope u should change ur language to
prove u a humen beeing.

Author superpower555 (5 years)
@mazhar2254 Aaj Bomb Blast main kitne Musalman mar gaye?

Author Ghouse Mohiuddin (5 years)
@superpower555 now close ur dirty comments. bomb blast tum jaisy janwar hi
karty hai.

Author superpower555 (5 years)
@kaltersi Verse 4:24 Also (forbidden are) women already married, except
those whom your right hands possess. Thus has Allah ordained for you. All
others are lawful, provided you seek them from your property, desiring
chastity, not fornication. So with those among them whom you have enjoyed,
give them their required due, but if you agree mutually after the
requirement (has been determined), there is no sin on you. Surely, Allah is
Ever All-Knowing, All-Wise.

Author superpower555 (5 years)
@mazhar2254 All Muslims are no more then PIGS and RATS on this earth.
That's why Most hated word in the world is ISLAM Most hated person in the
world is Musalman Most hated country in the world is Pakistan

Author superpower555 (5 years)
@mazhar2254 Abe sale kutte, Musalman Janwar hi hai. No more than that,
Janwar ko kha khake jaanwar jaise ho gaye hai. ISALAM is no more then EVIL
on this earth.

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