19 Most Shocking Bizarre Animals

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    9 - 15 Minutes of Fame…
    Over in Kenya, residents of Likoni Mombasa were left incredulous when one of their goats gave birth to this kid that looks a lot like a human being. Residents in this small town also questioned whether or not this was the result of sexual relations with the goat, or some kind of divine intervention.

    8 - Speaking of faces…
    We’ve seen a lot of animals being born with human features, but in 2006 over on a dairy farm in Virginia, a cow gave birth to a calf that had 2 faces. This cow had been artificially inseminated, which was thought to be the cause of the 2-headed calf. There is no news as to whether or not the calf survived very long thereafter.

    7 - Two-faced…
    Another example of an animal having given birth to young bearing two heads. And I’m pretty sure in this case, it had nothing to do with artificial insemination – just a total act of nature.

    6 - Life’s a mystery…
    Aren’t you pleased we have the internet now, so we are bear witness to some of the strangest things that happen across the globe. Such as this goat in India, who had a rare genetic disorder, and ended up giving birth to two kids that looked like human babies. These kids had eyes, nose, limbs and a mouth that looked more human than goat, and was only the ears and feet that definitely looked like a kid.
    The goat had previously birthed 10 perfectly normal looking kids, so this was a big surprise for the farmer. Locals believe them to be a bad omen, but they will be preserved and placed on show at a local exhibition.

    5 - Nice Catch…
    This fisherman got a little more than he bargained for when he reeled in this 2-headed shark.

    4 - Left or Right?
    It must be a confusing life for these guys – when one want to go in one direction, and the other wants to head the other way. They were spotted over in China in 2007 but I doubt they would have been able to survive for too long in this condition.

    3 - Best Friends for Life…
    Well, these tortoises don’t have a choice, do they? At least they will have a better chance at survival than our previous entry. You have to wonder what these guys say to each other all day long!

    2 - Eye See You…
    Over in Oregon City in the US, a kitten was born with just one big eye om the centre of his forehead. The poor little thing didn’t have a nose either, and sadly died 2 days later.

    1 - This little piggy went to market…
    Well maybe not these 3! At Taiwan University, a reseach team produced 3 fluorescent pigs. They used the green fluorescent genes from jellyfish and implanted them into pig embryos. The 3 pigs produced have their entire bodies emitting a green fluorescent light.
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