Basement Wrestling

College guys wrestling in the basement in UnderGear.

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Author Squeeze Em ( ago)
Great legs on the dominant wrestler. He certainly knew how to use his big
legs and squeeze his opponent. He probably had an inescapable scissors.

Author Kevin D ( ago)
No sex in this video. Straight guys have been wrestling like that and not
have had sex. 

Author Kevin D ( ago)
This is wrestling, ever hear of submisison wrestling? Go to NAGA too

Author Terry Harpole ( ago)
I did too tony

Author grapplerman ( ago)
love the evil grin around can tell this guy loves humiliating
his opponents

Author Tony Johnivan ( ago)
im gay n i loved the video

Author 666mrjimbo ( ago)

Author Mike Ford ( ago)
Hot! But where is the video of the sex where the victor claimed his

Author jack cockling ( ago)
kevin my friend, i think its pretty gay mate, lets put it this way, my
willys hard and all juices are coming out!!

Author deere2630 ( ago)
WOW, that dude has some legs! Once he got them locked on his head, it was
all over.

Author tristan vickers ( ago)
love the barefoot action

Author Kevin D ( ago)
wretsling is NOT gay, even if you wretsel in underwear. It is only gay if
it gets sexual. There is no sex here at all! It drives me crazy for
homophobic people to call straight wrestling gay! this is straight
wrestling, period..

Author Angelo stratford ( ago)

Author Angelo stratford ( ago)

Author Mark Hunter (1986 years ago)
Everyone saying how GAY this is but don't you wrestle and horeplay with

Author Jimmy Elijah ( ago)
You chicken? This is MANLY wrestling :)

Author Tony Johnivan ( ago)
not in underwear lmao

Author NabelZiel ( ago)
Guys who call this gay are guys who are afraid of the close man to man
contact. It's their problem. Still, you notice how many of them still watch
it ;-)

Author wildmanwesva ( ago)
with tight headsissors like that he had no choice but to tap out. 

Author Kevin D ( ago)
@TheATLkid this is wrestling..nothing gay about it. It is called Submission
wrestling...100% straight, nothing sexual, nothing gay, just straight,
kickk butt Submission wrestling...

Author Casey N ( ago)

Author wrestle2uk ( ago)
@thedragon000 you prob

Author crossbike ( ago)
wrestling in slow motion :)

Author Bob Ster ( ago)
GAY >.>

Author skate9111wolf ( ago)
ur gay dont wrestle in speedos

Author AOJ Productions ( ago)
0.04 u can hear him fart

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