Megyn Kelly farts on live tv.

Megyn Kelly farts on live tv. (it's a joke people)

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Author Moe k ( ago)
What a pig, no manners.

Author marvinj487 ( ago)
Something tells me she didn't really fart.

Author poisonedtanto ( ago)
Should have stopped after the first one. Repeating it just makes the fake
painfully obvious.

Author ahmed ahmed ( ago)
Blood Coming Out of Her Wherever"

Author Got6 Steelers ( ago)

Author yo mama ( ago)
Nasty bitch learn to control your farts in public!

Author John Michael ( ago)
She's do bae

Author Diego Carrera ( ago)
stinky woman

Author Doug C ( ago)
Hey Donald, it wasn't blood coming out of her eyes or her vagina, it was

Author snowbabygirl priv ( ago)

Author Dr Phils Wife ( ago)
This is honestly the most intelligent thing to come out of her

Author aleksander T ( ago)
probably her panties were all in deep shit after that.

Author pito grande ( ago)
I would have swallowed that sweet fart and held it in as long ass possible
until getting lightheaded and ready to pass out.

Author trapp313 ( ago)
she sharted

Author Nova Krowchuk ( ago)
And the true Mrs Kelly pls stand pls stand up, always knew she was full of
hot air heheheheheehe

Author immrnoidall ( ago)
oh my god i just about pissed myself .i don;t care if it's fake.when she
said there's more,,god damn.

Author Austin Eoriatti ( ago)

Author Some One ( ago)
Holly whackamole

Author Pepe Garcia (1964 years ago)
Her's pussy queef.

Author Brandon Courtney ( ago)
Why did I get a chubby from that?

Author BOOTPUNK ( ago)
Donald was RIGHT!!!

Author Blackwater6041 ( ago)
Nasty ass hoe

Author Vicente Zavala ( ago)
I can hear there was noises coming out of her
there was noises coming out of her whatever (@$$) :-) :-) :-) lol

Author Danielle Bedrock ( ago)
You nasty cunt. Go wipe you ass!

Author Eric Schassberger ( ago)
That's about the extent of her journalistic integrity.

Author MrMrcellardweller ( ago)
Megyn is not a female really I know him. he/she

Author Peter Jackson ( ago)
I bet blood is coming out.

Author Donald Trump for President 2016 ( ago)
that wasn't farts those were queefs

Author Melodycat918 ( ago)

Author goober rownowsky ( ago)
I'm amazed she can fart after all those years as Rosie Odonnell's bitch.
This filthy media whore needs a good ass fucking by a BBC

Author thrummer1953 ( ago)
Ewwwww... What a Pig!

Author F Zentura ( ago)
Maybe Trump had his orifices confused.... 

Author AmericansForDonald ( ago)
she will be doing more than farting after Donald is done with her. Uptown
Trump video will have her Sh**ing her pants. If you haven't seen it... You will literally crap your pants
#democratscrappinpants #politiciansgonnascrewya

Author retroralph ( ago)
And I'd still lick her asshole

Author Duke Moose ( ago)
WOW! As a liberal this Cunt really embarrassed Fox News last night. Trump
owned her and her dumbass question only makes Trump enjoy greater appeal
with the electorate. Way to go Fox you IDIOTS the liberals love you.

Author MrBobbyhead ( ago)
Megyn Kelly is arrogant feminist. I can't stand her. She sounds more like a
left wing liberal in her women's issues from the demonic feminist movement
from hell.

Author mini meg ( ago)
dope stupid ideot

Author Woody Hawk ( ago)
Glad smelloutube isnt a reality.

Author Eric Hartman ( ago)
I'm pretty sure this is fake.

Author Kajoun Newman ( ago)
Hire a beautiful woman to speak on your behalf and you can sell ice to
Eskimos. Fox news's smh😑

Author Bones Wireson ( ago)
ana lisa melchoto sapee!!

Author Aman Islam ( ago)
This was so funny 😂😂😂😂 if she actually did that I bet she would have
the same response

Author AH h ( ago)
She certainly makes farting look beautiful!! She's amazing!!!!

Author Barry Bonds ( ago)
Nothing more funnier than a fine ass bitch farting....

Author Kennedy Parker ( ago)

Author Nelson Brie ( ago)
we all know people can talk&fart at the same time。。。

Author whde99 ( ago)
What a great response

Author ULTIMATEdrivingMACHINE 1 (1214 years ago)

Author Christian Trevisan ( ago)
Watching too much Michael Moore is really harmful to neurons.

Author Christian Trevisan ( ago)
Don't like a news channel because it shows what you don't want people
to see? Simple! Call it "biased" or "propaganda machine".

Author Rockin Roger ( ago)
She sounds just like obama talking - the fart is fake and so is he although
everything that comes out of his mouth is pure shit

Author Ronnyi GUy ( ago)
Was this ever on Real TV?

Author joe momma ( ago)
This should be the IQ test right here. If you are stupid enough to think
this is real then you should be considered legally retarded.

Author yakir11114 ( ago)

Author Ian kirkpatrick ( ago)
Not as bad as a niggers fart

Author Ian kirkpatrick ( ago)

Author Turklimanc ( ago)
LOL though

Author Stan McDaniel ( ago)
She is awesome. Love that woman

Author Vitaly Kilitchko ( ago)
Empty headed woman with low IQ

Author dimviesel ( ago)
I told u she Farted!
11 million ppl know u farted!
nothing else she ever does will be as controversial and openly discussed by
Megan Kelly Farted.
And no i will never get over it.
take some gas-x b***h!

Author Brian Myers ( ago)
this just goes to show Democrats will believe anything, there is no way
someone edited this.right. Hey, you can keep your doctor too. Boneheads 

Author Carrie Woodard ( ago)
That is nastia

Author Carrie Woodard ( ago)
That was funny lol

Author overbanked ( ago)

Author davesbigplay ( ago)


Author hvacrdude1 ( ago)
she farts all the time, with the rest of the gop shit talkers.

Author Diego BE ( ago)
OMG... do you think to add an edited fart it's fun? really?

Author V C Cove ( ago)
More liberal lies....

Author NH.-B ( ago)
Even if this was real, I give it a dislike only because--why would you
spotlight the moment?! It was a fart=completely natural--jeesh!

Author Dirtfire ( ago)
Of course it's fake.

Author TheRealKushP ( ago)
this proves that farts are in fact funny and are not immature

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Author lovetrain442 ( ago)
Another Fox news idiot !!!

Author AnnaLee33 ( ago)
Or like Chanel Nr 5 ??? Hahahaha....

Author Ezzeldeen Elsayed ( ago)
The noises were edited and added. I saw the actual news report

Author Yonatan ben Yishmerai ( ago)
slow day in the newsroom?

Author KrGsMrNKusinagi0 ( ago)

Author Rashun weston ( ago)
y does dis has so many views again

Author Attellian ( ago)
Who cares if it is fake. It is called comedy folks. Does anyone ever read
descriptions? The uploader said it was a joke, plain as day.

Author Max Power ( ago)
I bet her farts smell like fresh baked cinnamon rolls.

Author ELLEON1959 ( ago)
Do I really want to go where my dead brother brought this all up? CNN=
Clinton news network, then later Colored news network? It's all true, check
out NBC Negro Broadcasting Co., ABC- Already been colored...... etc
etc..... youj get the drift..

Author God ( ago)
Thats fucking awesome!

Author PaulOrientedotcom ( ago)
That's funny

Author chuckn char ( ago)
She is now ready for Fox News prime time

Author Aurochs hunter ( ago)
A good reason not to have baked beans for breakfast...

Author brianda carter ( ago)
the fart is fake... abviously

Author Cacktus McCawk ( ago)
I can smell fake farts a mile away. You didn't fool me, good sir!

Author Raymond Finch ( ago)
Fox news for turds.

Author Gregor Greg ( ago)
Stupid Fox News anchors!

Author Kang aroo ( ago)
was this posted in the 90s..? who uses those words in a sentence anymore?

Author Kang aroo ( ago)
good for you now go fuck your mom

Author cervezadog ( ago)
I was already horny when I got here.

Author Nick Horvat ( ago)
bul shit

Author jaredxcantrell ( ago)
exposing dumb ass wannabes since '79 HAHAHAHA

Author Lucid5HTP ( ago)
You weren't even close.

Author Alex Korova ( ago)
Lol @ "with friends like you, who needs enemas" appropriate to our
little discussion.

Author Alex Korova ( ago)
Surprise! I agree with everything you said and yes, Megyn DOES need more
defenders. She's smart, gorgeous and has more common sense in her pinkie
finger than most people have in their whole bodies. Re my "lame left-handed
compliment".....I plead guilty to being a wise ass but I was simply using a
little phrase, albeit allegedly not true, to set up my semi-humorous
comment. How else am I able to pass the dead time while chained to this
office desk?

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