Megyn Kelly farts on live tv.

Megyn Kelly farts on live tv. (it's a joke people)

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Author Milind Bajracharya (7 months)
i bet that fart smells like the amercian dream

Author james madison (8 months)
I'd stick my tongue in her asshole

Author Rickybites (1 month)
Do people still watch Fox News? 

Author Andrew Warren (4 months)
Right then and there people should know how bad that megyn kelly is. I
think I can smell the stink near my lap top.

Author oddnamera (24 days)
That's very unprofessional. Fire her! 

Author AEMAR SAMr (2 months)
this because of anal sex.

Author Azure Mallone (2 years)

Author oddnamera (27 days)
seems legit.

Author Rian Sands (2 months)
Fake as fuck.

Author Dave Barton (4 months)
so fake

Author 1happimac (24 days)
Totally fake (a, Duh!!)........ and disgusting how everyone chimes in on
the "bodily functions" its some kinda sexual thrill
for some of them.....Human waste and, that is such a Turn ON

Author Igbo Anyanwu (2 years)
Too bad that cop with the pepper spray wasn't around to straighten her out.

Author Kevin Johnson (4 months)
What Megyn Smelly did on Fox News was not FUNNY ONE BIT. If I was the Boss
at Fox News , I would have fired her immediately.

Author parker toliver (1 month)
This was fake people I was watching this live before.

Author javier ramos (2 years)
Too funny!

Author fuckvegan (1 day)
Now why would she do that on live TV ? Go to the bathroom or somewhere else
bitch...What a nasty stank whore

Author John Lynn (2 months)
Its coming out of her mouth...every time her lips move

Author Claudine M (8 months)
that isnt that funny... :I

Author toonster62 (15 days)
Fake or not, proof a good bodily sound brings laughter to anyone!

Author Rockin Roger (5 months)
I'd walk through a mile of her shit just to see where it came from!!!!

Author Jake Rockafella (3 months)
She was a good sport about it.

Author Hot Donkey (1 month)

Author Zackry Smit (24 days)
I'm gonna kill my self

Author GottnyGrapes (21 day)

Author John Graves (6 months)
So fake

Author chan tastic (8 months)
Yep. That's about right. Faux news has the credibility of a wet fart. 

Author NappyNubianGoddess (3 months)
What a crazy, demented BITCH! Like the rest of them on FAKE NOISE.

Author williamyamadori (7 months)
Megyn rocks even when she fake farts.

Author Avianna Kilbarger (7 months)
Are there seriously this many people that feel the need to point out that
an obviously fake joke is in fact.... fake. LMAO... you people crack me up
more than this OBVIOUSLY EDITED JOKE! idiots

Author Yvette Hall (7 months)
Well all I can say is that she is real. We all let out a little GAS now and

Author David Plautz (1 month)
Flag this fucking video as spam. It's not even funny... seriously it's just
a waste of everyones time.

Author william popos (8 months)

Author Rob Cypher (2 years)
must've been the result of a food product

Author Richard Kelch (3 months)
frontal or rear?

Author Maurielle McIntosh (6 months)
To much 😂

Author FredC1968 (8 months)
Thanks Obama!

Author Glen Wolf (2 years)
Megyn Kelly farts on live tv.

Author David Plautz (1 month)
You fuckin faggot. I fucking hate this kind of fake shit on youtube. People
should flag the fuck out of this video.

Author dogbite97 (1 month)
two words... cake farts!!!

Author FPS America (3 months)
I'd take a bite out of that,

Author JuanLeg (1 month)
Did they make her prove it WAS a fart and NOT a 'queef' ???

Author Joseph Smith (7 months)
Fake or not it's still funny...

Author JuanLeg (1 month)
Smells like Teen Spirit....!

Author MR.PROMETHEUS (3 months)

Author probrojeffro (11 months)
She has a good sense of humor. lol

Author YouTubeUsername (11 months)
I can't tell if this is real or not

Author beyondbeautybaby33 (9 months)

Author 4MisterGoodbar (11 months)
The farts are dubbed-in, obviously. What a dumb video.

Author banestyrelsen (10 months)
She's so full of shit her FOX-hole can't contain it.

Author John West (11 months)

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