Ce magnifique cheval

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Author fc440651 (2 years)
j'adore les chevaux mais pour moi c'est le plus beau

Author Clémence Mathiot (3 years)
It's so beautiful !! <3 Nan serieux, ils sohnt magnifiques, j'aurai voulu
les avoir, tous !! :)

Author TheMissCalinou (2 years)
Super , Magnifique cheval , la race que je trouve la plus belle et trés
confortable :-)

Author ramzii ramzi (1 year)
frison cet le rois des chevaux et un chevale de rois

Author Lône .Willame (3 years)
les frison sont mes chevaux préfèrés

Author KOmman37 (3 years)
@All ignorant people. This video was obviously posted by someone who is
FRENCH!!!! "Ce magnifique" is a dead give away. Frison is the correct
spelling for Friesian in French. Please do not correct other people when
you are just proving yourself to be equally as ignorant. Enjoy the video...
That is why you clicked on the link isn't it? @europu45 Superbe vidéo!
Frisons sont un de mes races de chevaux préférés!

Author huskypup1 (3 years)
Dutch Beauty<3 And so my dream horse.

Author Karla Hochfluss (1 year)
Schreckliche Musik

Author Joey Davis (2 years)
beautiful horse; awesome.

Author tessa - tt (2 years)
Awww♥ Beautiful!!

Author Eli1star (3 years)
El caballo Frison es un caballo muy bello pero para montar no van muy bien,
porque son muy pesados. Son mejores los españoles porque tambien son muy
bellos, talentosos... igual que los frisones y no son tan pesados y estos
son mas resistentes.

Author nownow loulou (1 year)
taper frison qui saute ;)!! video avec + de 80 000 vues!!

Author Luis Mario Pérez (2 years)

Author Kosmo Antoninus (3 years)
1:50 Who married who?

Author Roxana Sivori (2 years)
@mauriciosilveira1993 que sabes de caballos?????!!!!!! por favor!
cualquiera opina...

Author 2kamikatze4 (1 year)
ich finde die Musik super!

Author sannetussch22 (1 year)
;) If you search for Frisian you can surely find it.

Author chevaldu31 (3 years)
@europu45 tu a raison

Author Simone Weixler (1 year)
friesen sind die besten

Author mimi99ization (3 years)

name song plz /

tenk you very Much ! спасибо большое .

Author Dee Allen (1 year)
ok so pretty

Author kidoideiracannabial (3 years)

Author polle kaksikko (1 year)

Author Vava285Horse (2 years)
the music is very lol

Author AnneSophie Margueritte (3 years)
la photo,a u1min16 elle est rop bisard ou drol maiis sinon c'est super :)

Author Carlos H Castro (2 years)
Q cavalo loco e bão nossaaaa sinhoraaaa

Author Vautour Kamaru (2 years)

Author Ivory Owl (2 years)
Ugh... horse's neck shouldn't bend like that all the time, its ok if they
do it from time to time, but riders tend to force them into bending their
neck like that because "its prettier/classier".

Author jacky8064 (3 years)

Author SCHLEICH34LOVE (3 years)
Les Frison , MAGNIFIQUE ! La plus belle races jamais connue !

Author Alejandra Martinez (3 years)
maravilloso ejemplar!!!! Sueño que algún día pueda estar en contacto con
ellos, los caballos, es una fuerza interior que me despierta día a día. No
tengo palabras. Sólo admiración.

Author kguthrie5518 (1 year)
Did you think 'what's THE most intense music'

Author Niraj Bothra (3 years)
what a beautiful horse AWSOME ????????????

Author tiana3709 (3 years)
ich liebe friesen die schönsten pferde überhaubt

Author Eli1star (3 years)
Le cheval frison est un cheval très beau, mais ne va pas bien parce qu'ils
sont très lourds. Espagnole sont les meilleurs parce qu'ils sont aussi très
belle, talentueuse ... Comme les Frisons et ne sont pas aussi lourds et ils
sont plus résistants.

Author ChrYou3 (2 years)
Oh, I love horses...

Author Erdbeerblau (3 years)
black, beautiful, vigorousil, strong, powerful, majestic, frison :)

Author Vera Souza (2 years)
cavalo lindo d+

Author TheBessierocks (3 years)
@jotjiporji yes i do and i learnt french for about 5 years

Author KOmman37 (2 years)
@horseygal12345 Me too haha! Thank you for posting this video!

Author bmkjnick (2 years)
pra mim essa é a raça mais bonita de cavalo e depois vem o cavalo árabe!
esse negocio de andar com cogóte pra cima é a marca do Frison!

Author monituti (3 years)
no, fresian es el nombre del caballo que se le da en algunos paises, en
otros como españa se les llama frison :) por cierto me encantan son
preciosos y muy elegantes <3

Author TheGreatGumsy (3 years)
Ils tres beaux:)

Author Worker PB Goofy Stance (2 years)
Name of song : Therion - Schwarzalbenheim

Author Fernanda campos (3 years)
esse é o melhor cavalo de todos os tempos.

Author taylorlazoruk (3 years)
Is that Ramstein at the end of the video playing?

Author samme1234567890 (3 years)

why lol ?

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