Animation Falling Film Evaporator

An animation about how a falling film evaporator works.

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Author 鹏飞陆 ( ago)

Author Debashish Mishra ( ago)
super nice full

Author Debashish Mishra ( ago)
super nice full

Author Tejas Dobariya ( ago)
Very help full understanding the evaporators.

Author Safrin Mazlan ( ago)
can this type of evaporator be used in waste heat recovery unit?

Author Bill Houghtaling ( ago)
Can this be made on a smaller scale ? What is the size you have now ? Can this be used for any fluid to be concentrated ? Thanks in advance. 

Author Marcos Pupo ( ago)
muito bom!!!!!!

Author Ravuri Ramesh ( ago)
this is really good thanks try to do more videos like this thank you 

Author belen onteveros ( ago)
why no audio?? i can't hear any explanation on the video :/

Author Ridha Zulfi Amalia ( ago)
Thank you

Author Ridha Zulfi Amalia ( ago)
Thank you

Author kyle lance ( ago)

Author djony10 ( ago)
Can you please tell me what program did you use to create the video I am trying to make the same one for my lab.
Thank  you  

Author Niraj Adhikari ( ago)
thanks ya..

Author zeebaysnk ( ago)
nice. this is better than reading all those bulky lab manuals

Author sxndrxcore ( ago)
Can you tell me please which program did u use to do this simulation?¡

By the way great job¡¡¡

Author Andre ( ago)
Excellent!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Author Stéphanie Dierckx ( ago)
Do they say something? I can't hear anything? I only see what happens, but nog explanation?

Author agus widiyanto ( ago)

Author Muddassar Sultan ( ago)
God bless you!!!

Author ahmed donia ( ago)
its very good thanks

Author superoprah ( ago)
wow thank you so much for this video. i didn't understand how these worked for my class, now i really feel like i do. thank you!

Author Adv. Vidyadhar Bhanage ( ago)
Its amazing....

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