Animation Falling Film Evaporator

An animation about how a falling film evaporator works.

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Author Ravuri Ramesh (2 months)
this is really good thanks try to do more videos like this thank you 

Author belen onteveros (3 months)
why no audio?? i can't hear any explanation on the video :/

Author Ridha Zulfi Amalia (4 months)
Thank you 

Author Ridha Zulfi Amalia (4 months)
Thank you 

Author kyle lance (5 months)

Author djony10 (9 months)
Can you please tell me what program did you use to create the video I am
trying to make the same one for my lab.
Thank you 

Author Muddassar Sultan (2 years)
God bless you!!!

Author sxndrxcore (1 year)
Can you tell me please which program did u use to do this simulation?¡ By
the way great job¡¡¡

Author SyNcHroToN (2 years)
Beautiful, just what I was after. Thank you.

Author Stéphanie Dierckx (1 year)
Do they say something? I can't hear anything? I only see what happens, but
nog explanation?

Author superoprah (2 years)
wow thank you so much for this video. i didn't understand how these worked
for my class, now i really feel like i do. thank you!

Author Sagar Bhanage (2 years)
Its amazing....

Author agus widiyanto (1 year)

Author ahmed donia (2 years)
its very good thanks

Author yatagan1 (1 year)
thank you very very much sir! that s very helpful

Author zeebaysnk (1 year)
nice. this is better than reading all those bulky lab manuals

Author Andre (1 year)
Excellent!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Author Niraj Adhikari (11 months)
thanks ya..

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