Wild ‘N Out | Nick Wants Bella Thorne To Be The Kylie To His Tyga | MTV

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  • N0_FLY _ZON3
    N0_FLY _ZON3 11 hours ago

    yo what season and episode was this 😂😂😂

  • abby the realest
    abby the realest 1 day ago

    Bella throne has gotten so gorgeous good for her 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 so has zendaya they're amaazig

  • robbie 101
    robbie 101 3 days ago

    why the fk is bella thorne there

  • Carlos Canseco
    Carlos Canseco 3 days ago

    Damn that fat guy sucks

  • chucky. and freinds

    dead laughing healthy crackhead

  • 2KRitchie
    2KRitchie 3 days ago

    Is that the guy from next Friday that says " you muddafaka, I can't get jiggy with this shit" 😂😂

  • brallan garza
    brallan garza 3 days ago

    1:40-1:50 is the funniest part

  • nicole nobles
    nicole nobles 3 days ago

    he said I bet your favorite karate move is a pork chop

  • nicole nobles
    nicole nobles 3 days ago

    he said he might don't make it his scratch marks like pieces of bacon

  • Rayya Ruffin
    Rayya Ruffin 6 days ago


  • Rayya Ruffin
    Rayya Ruffin 6 days ago


  • cj starks
    cj starks 6 days ago

    bella Thorne 😍😍

  • Gino Nielsen
    Gino Nielsen 6 days ago

    Fucking dc

  • x Rebourne
    x Rebourne 6 days ago

    Did anyone hear him say "I smashed the script"

  • Baddie Niya
    Baddie Niya 6 days ago

    i think dc hurt the fat guys feelings

  • Edgar Sierra
    Edgar Sierra 7 days ago


  • Flamingo6190
    Flamingo6190 7 days ago

    he said "you like a healthy crackhead"

  • Tj LOLs
    Tj LOLs 7 days ago

    Yo Bella throne actually looks very grown up, since the last time I seen her which was yesterday when I was watching a Disney movie

  • Agnes Penney
    Agnes Penney 7 days ago

    The guy running back n forth in the background made this entire video omg I'm crying

  • Yuli Vang
    Yuli Vang 7 days ago

    you guys should out that cash me outside girl

  • nunu Johnson
    nunu Johnson 8 days ago

    you rock

  • Kennedy Amari
    Kennedy Amari 8 days ago

    "a healthy crackhead"

  • Jen -_-
    Jen -_- 8 days ago

    Turn the music off(imagine that in an Caribbean accent)😂😂

  • Jen -_-
    Jen -_- 8 days ago

    It's racist but funny😂😂

  • Natsu Rollins
    Natsu Rollins 9 days ago

    I bet your in the village, When a sharp ass Sphere, you behind bushes like "I'm about to make that lion bring DAT ass here"

  • ZJK 26
    ZJK 26 10 days ago

    Can anyone please tell me the song that's playing after they show the clip like the last 10 seconds of the video if somebody knows please let me know that beat is catchy

  • Chuy Lopez
    Chuy Lopez 10 days ago

    if wevwere together we would start a fire😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mary Collins
    Mary Collins 10 days ago

    "Chinese dude translate what I'm saying" lmfaoaoaoao

    JAI SHANKAR ANAND 10 days ago

    these apes re so ugly

  • videotape tucker
    videotape tucker 10 days ago

    DCYOUNGFLY 2.40 tho

  • Skrill Boy
    Skrill Boy 11 days ago

    Best part 1:11 to 1:51

  • kailey Durso
    kailey Durso 11 days ago

    who else notice that the second guy to rap was one of the people from escape the night by joey graceffa

    BELLA RINA 11 days ago

    I was laughing at bella the whole time cuz she was like WHAT DID HE JUST SAY TO MEE

  • Tatianna Moses
    Tatianna Moses 11 days ago

    I bet your favorite karate move is a pork chop😂😂😂😂

  • Natasha  Rawls
    Natasha Rawls 12 days ago

    I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants for.........real.....😙😙😙😙😙

  • BetterCoffee Gaming
    BetterCoffee Gaming 13 days ago

    who was the guy that was rapping against Tim

  • 10:04 Productions
    10:04 Productions 14 days ago

    DC killed it

  • Lexi Tran
    Lexi Tran 14 days ago

    "Chinese dude translate what I'm saying"

  • Aquila Fugawai
    Aquila Fugawai 15 days ago

    the guy with the red hair looks like drake with diabetes

  • Chris McMillion
    Chris McMillion 15 days ago

    where Chico pants come from

  • Soren Dean
    Soren Dean 15 days ago

    dc took em to victory

  • Marine Biologist
    Marine Biologist 15 days ago

    It might be true but you just mad that I got it before you

  • Aluel Manyang
    Aluel Manyang 16 days ago

    Michael Blackson is so funny I died

  • Retro Gamer
    Retro Gamer 17 days ago

    bruhhh "i bet your favorite karate move is a porkchop" loll

  • LaKiesha Davis
    LaKiesha Davis 17 days ago

    I love DC young fly he is so hilarious

  • LaKiesha Davis
    LaKiesha Davis 17 days ago


  • Jordan Ross
    Jordan Ross 17 days ago

    Wait hold up why does Bella actually look pretty here?

  • Andre3000fan 123456
    Andre3000fan 123456 18 days ago

    "shut up don't laugh at them"😂😂😂😂

  • Lil I
    Lil I 19 days ago

    i bet his favorite karate move is the porkchop

  • Emerson Pimentel
    Emerson Pimentel 19 days ago

    "You look like a healthy crack head" 😭😂💀

  • Sawyer Ng
    Sawyer Ng 20 days ago

    Bella thorne probably had sex with atleast 2 guys from there. Shes a legit hoe

  • cole simons
    cole simons 20 days ago

    dc young fly is annoying

  • Faclon Bane
    Faclon Bane 22 days ago

    2:30 girls name please, research purposes

  • Andrea Stovall
    Andrea Stovall 24 days ago

    you are funny😃😃

  • Chad M
    Chad M 24 days ago

    ya not my type of woman ya to skinn. me and u we will start a fire omg lol

  • SneakyTurtle MEME
    SneakyTurtle MEME 25 days ago


  • WeReadMusic Hilarious

    He said Rick Ross starter kit...hahahahaha....We are dead!

  • Death Fear
    Death Fear 26 days ago

    "Healthy Crackhead"- now THAT sounds beautiful XD

  • Loveable Dream
    Loveable Dream 26 days ago

    When DC said his stretch marks look like bacon 🥓 had me dead😭😭

  • any body
    any body 26 days ago

    shes not even doing anything
    shes just like....walking around

  • King Of all Monsters 23

    1:20 you look like a healthy crackhead lol

  • William White
    William White 28 days ago

    when did bella get thick

  • the master of gaming

    look at Bella when Michael blackson said you look like a Rick Ross starter kit

  • osvaldo muñoz
    osvaldo muñoz 29 days ago

    Platinum team always taking shit gold team always taking Ls 😂😂 on Baby

  • #lifeof Theparty
    #lifeof Theparty 1 month ago

    0:22 LMAO, KC is like "Oh hell no you too dark"😂😂😂

  • Swav Tez
    Swav Tez 1 month ago

    He that's I'm playing Chinese dude translate what I'm saying lmao

  • Brenda Prazeres
    Brenda Prazeres 1 month ago

    was it just me or did I just see Austin Mahone?

  • na'kiya walker
    na'kiya walker 1 month ago

    DC sound like smokey

  • duubly
    duubly 1 month ago

    since this is a game of improv, hitman holla be mad because he didn't get to go with his plans. lmao.

  • super Mario Plush
    super Mario Plush 1 month ago

    dc is a clown

  • Xctober 19
    Xctober 19 1 month ago

    I'm bout to make that lion bring dat ass here. I'm ...fucking.. done ☠️

  • Xctober 19
    Xctober 19 1 month ago

    Who is the African man😂 this man said he look like a rick Ross starter kit💀

  • Laila Young
    Laila Young 1 month ago

    he so big his stretch marks look like pieces of bacon lol

  • Mia Diaz
    Mia Diaz 1 month ago

    Omg that annoying jolly rancher ad

  • King Of all Monsters 23

    2:39 lol!!!

  • Dope Candy
    Dope Candy 1 month ago

    I almost died when Micheal came out i choaked on my cracker

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 1 month ago

    You know u about to get seriously roasted when Michael Blackson comes in

  • The Official Tye
    The Official Tye 1 month ago

    Bruh I Just Died At The End😂😂

  • TheMrbignich128
    TheMrbignich128 1 month ago

    How can one be slim and thick at the same time?

  • redvelvet 134
    redvelvet 134 1 month ago

    so nobody gonna talk about how cruel it was to lift that guys shirt up???

  • Angelia Williams
    Angelia Williams 1 month ago

    i like them boots

  • Jada Ramsey
    Jada Ramsey 1 month ago

    tell that lion to bring dat ass here

  • G_pop
    G_pop 1 month ago

    what was Bella there for again

  • Takiya Marshall
    Takiya Marshall 1 month ago

    yo favorite karate move is a pork chop😂😂😂

  • Mj the Knight Monkey in your closet

    I like it how dude with the red hair looks like a fat version of drake

  • Kiara Aaliyah
    Kiara Aaliyah 1 month ago

    Bella Thorne looked hella offended for no reason

  • Lani Bo
    Lani Bo 1 month ago


  • melly wooz
    melly wooz 1 month ago

    Michael Blackson is the funniest to me omffff

  • TeethLover97
    TeethLover97 1 month ago

    On the low she like fat boys wtf

  • Gaurav Kakade
    Gaurav Kakade 1 month ago

    who's the girl at 1:29??

  • nabila hafiza
    nabila hafiza 1 month ago

    Bella was so extra

  • Jamaya Barbary
    Jamaya Barbary 1 month ago

    If you didn't laugh you have no soul

  • тнє вєαѕт gαмєя

    The roasts r real

  • Jordan Grice
    Jordan Grice 1 month ago

    "Im bout to make that lion bring that ass here" best part and his face when he said it was tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Januz Polinar
    Januz Polinar 1 month ago

    2:35 why is Hitman triggered

  • Official Centrepiece

    this one was hot!

  • Pussy is Special
    Pussy is Special 1 month ago

    "Chinese Dude, translate what i'm sayin" LMAO

  • Miss Aaliyah
    Miss Aaliyah 1 month ago

    Nick Cannon has so much swag. Most people just can not deal.

  • Atcera 95
    Atcera 95 1 month ago

    Too Savage

  • guleruten
    guleruten 1 month ago

    Yo bella lowkey fine af

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