Carlos Monzon vs Tony Licata Rounds 9-10

Rounds 9-10 of the fight

1975-06-30 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA

WBA Middleweight Title

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Author Walter Quevedo (9 months)
Carlos Monzón, TOP 1 middleweight champion in history. 

Author demeyrox (6 years)

Author famar12 (5 years)
you kidding, rigth? yes Monzon was slow,but He dominate the distance better
than nobody and his constant 1-2 is a demolition work,I don't think Jones
survive Monzon...

Author juanpolar (5 years)
tony toke the beat of his life and toke it stod up ... a great oponent

Author Gaig1995 (2 years)
Frio Calculador Muy Erguido Alto Lento y Preciso. Sin Dudas Hablams De
monzon el mas grande boxeador de peso mediado de todos los tiempos .QUE
MANERA DE RECIBIR PIÑAS ESE LICATA , aun asi no logro entender como monzon
no tuvo tanta fama en EE UU . esta fue una pelea colosal :S

Author Piglatinsuperstar (5 years)
well if he had someone like hagler or Jones around I can guarantee he
wouldnt be smoking and still win those fight becuz this guy is slow as
molasses. sorry but it's so obvious!

Author judaschongo (4 years)
@johnnylatoco Monzon & Duran have been the 2 Latin American standouts! in a
class all themselves.

Author 440sixpack (6 years)
Tony AKA Anthony Bruce was an awesome man with alot of heart. I know this
because I am his cousin, but he was more like a big brother to me. May he
rest in peace & be with his love, Mona 4-ever.

Author opjkdg (6 years)
Monzon was truely the greatest.Somewhat underappreciated in the U.S., maybe
due to the fact that he only had one fight here.Perfectly built at 160
lbs,he was a cold blooded killer who nevertheless always was a true
sportsman via the Licata and valdez slips when he refused to capitalize.
Widely recognised as a great boxer with a solid jab and awsome
combinations, I believe he also was a great inside fighter which is totally
overlooked. He also had a great chin and could take body shots all day...

Author Gastón R (3 years)
that kid had some balls!! i wonder how many turned a shot at monzon down?

Author judaschongo (4 years)
@loyaldude10 he truly was a natural fighting machine.

Author Piglatinsuperstar (5 years)
No I dont think Carlos would struggle with Duran. Hearns with the
dimensions of Monzon blew him away. Now, had Thomas hearns fucked Hagler up
in that fight, I would go along and jump on the Monzon bandwagon but seeing
as how Marvin is capable of launching an attack that I've never seen anyone
else do, I'm going to pick Hagler. Anyone that is capable of fighting with
this level of intensity has to be favored no matter who the opponent.
Monzon I dont know how he's scoring on a southpaw

Author Piglatinsuperstar (5 years)
No, Roy Jones does not pity pat. Ive seen Roy drop several men with body
shots delivered from either hand. I've even seen him knock out men, gasping
in pain from the body shot. I've seen him destroy many men with pin point
accurate combinations. Trust me, Monzon has no chance here either

Author Eriberto Nunez (2 years)
judaschongo,, no!!!!! sugar ray robinson was the greatest middleweight

Author cotynita (5 years)
Que guapeza!

Author marcelo mansueto (2 years)
carlos el mas grande mediano y se retiro invicto grande escopeta carajo

Author loyaldude10 (4 years)
@judaschongo ---never knew those facts. truly amazing. Prob was the
ghreatest, although a fight with hagler would have been very interesting.
Monzon personally was an absolute brute of a guy though. Will never win any
character awards.

Author pspawnslayer (2 years)
hahaha pensacola chicken roy who wrote to sanctioning body tht tarver
didn't deserve a shot at him while fighting cops & bowling alley attendants
lyk ricky frazier, who lost his p4p status to pea cuz of the crap fights he
was taking, whose fight with trinidad tht merchant boycotted calling as i
remember cuz it was a farce. u talking abt tht roy right? he wud hav nvr
fought a warrior lyk monzon who ducked no1, fought frenchman in france,
italians in italy, in monte carlo, licata in the US.

Author judaschongo (6 years)
Monzon is often called the "greatest natural fighter"; smoked 5 packs a
day, would cut down to 2 packs when training, would seldom run, 90% of his
training just involved sparring. Just a natural born fighter. Greatest
middleweight ever.

Author John Coiley (4 years)
Ouch! it reminds me of the pain "Machine Gun" TOny Licata inflicted on me
in Boston's Hynes Auditorium 1970, stopping me in 8 after going 10 rounds
in his home town of New Orleans the month previous. Tony passed away
several years ago. Would love to address his wife and family on this if
anyone can provide me an address...thank you...blessings...john t. coiley

Author Todd Greanier (4 years)
He did not smoke 5 packs a day, he did not smoke at all during training and
he did a lot more than spar in training. Incredible fighter, but let's not
add crap to his legend.

Author judaschongo (5 years)
Hagler or Jones? 2 contrastingly different styles. Hagler wasn't known for
his great speed; where as Jones was. Once again Hagler struggled vs a
lightweight in Duran; now do you honestly believe Monzon would of struggled
against any lightweight in history? Absolutely Not! As for Jones? fast
hands alot of it was pitter/patter and with a sub-par chin; eventually in a
15 or even 12 rd. fight. He could run but he can't hide.

Author Piglatinsuperstar (5 years)
MrLectoure it is an honor to speak with you Now, my spanish isn't very good
so I don't really know what you said I read off ESB that Monzon used to
smoke during the time he prepared for a fight but being that most of what I
read from those forums is a bunch of crap anyhow, it probably isnt true

Author Joe Pa (6 years)

Author judaschongo (6 years)
great point on the inside fighting observation! I've always thought the
same thing; considering his arms were long he'd really let them go in the
short distance.

Author pspawnslayer (2 years)
sugar ray robinson was a 5 time mw champ because he lost 5 times as monzon
used to say. greatest ww yes.

Author dielugano (6 years)
the best monzon !!!!!!!!!

Author johnny latoco (4 years)
@judaschongo locche was even worse lol, he didnt even train but they could
never punch him, anyway monzon was even better.

Author Maideniano666 (1 year)
Monzon el mas grande peso mediano de la historia.

Author jonathansmith1111 (6 years)
monzon beat the shit out of that fuckin guinea fuck

Author Hugo Mora (3 years)
Carlos Monzon. Grande entre los Grandes!!!

Author tranmere789 (6 years)
Yes he really was amazing boxer. Interesting that especially americans
can't understand why he was so great. His punches looks so slow but dear me
they were heavy and and so accurate.

Author fagiu (2 years)
7 years but yes, he was the most dominant middleweight champ

Author lpaxtonyahoocom (3 years)
Great fighter & probably the most powerful of the midleweights; just don't
see Hagler, Leonard, or Hearns, staying with this guy, and yes, even the
great Sugar Ray Robinson; too strong & lanky &, well, just too large even
though a middleweight. Size matters when there's skill too.

Author Gobbojuve (6 years)
ma stai zitto coglione!

Author Gastón R (3 years)
he got some guts!!

Author gaston chedresse (3 years)

Author galacu (7 years)
Always knew that Monzon was the greast ... now I confirmed.

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