Moto Droid does new tricks with a cheat code so you can understand what dogs are saying when they bark

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Author Richard Alford (1 year)

Author Nick Josef (5 years)
all of you are assholes, i think its a great video

Author grimymander (5 years)
throw,throw it,Throw the object,throw it, bacon rofl

Author Aznkid987654321 (5 years)
My dog just said he wants a girlfriend haha lol

Author legend519 (5 years)
your a fucking idiot

Author Tuan Le (4 years)
Why you guys say its fake? 2.2 Froyo has Voice to text , only that fancy
animation is new to me...

Author joblowsux (5 years)
All these videos are stupid and fake. Don't waste your time watching these

Author John Zhang (5 years)
@iP0PE haha

Author joblowsux (5 years)
@Franchan10 Some people care whether it's fake or not. Read the posts below
where some are asking if it is possible or not. Funny or not its misleading
and a waste of time.

Author jabariuz (5 years)
yea i need to know if there are anymore and how u did that

Author Lindy Pleiss (5 years)
If you stop and think, if your droid did all these secret things, would the
public have it? I think not.

Author some1intheworld (5 years)
@zuttitiyay rofl

Author IcanSpelGood (5 years)
Haha nice. =) (I wonder how many people are going to go buy a Droid because
of these videos?)

Author grandchancellor (5 years)
My mate just tried it. It said " Dumbass, your a dumbass, why didn't you
buy the iphone you dumbass, OMG, your such a fucking nob, throw me in the
river, i want to die now please." It then promptly overheated and became
useless. Note to nerds, get an iphone lmao.

Author Danika Hatfield (5 years)
how do u get to the screen where u enter the numbers?

Author azaquihel (5 years)

Author LegendZZZZZZ (5 years)
if this were real i would have no use for it, cause m dog would either say:
scratch my stomache, im tired, or feed me.

Author Ricky Deleon (4 years)
how do you put those codes do you have a video how thats cool i want to do
that with my droid

Author Michael Rakers (5 years)
Just tried it on my Droid. My dog wants steak.

Author Zippo271 (3 years)
this is fake, if you knew how cats and dogs communicate, you would've known.

Author grandchancellor (5 years)

Author Shai Ginsburg (5 years)
throw throw the object XD

Author jabariuz (5 years)
how to do it

Author Max Power (5 years)
@iamhalfcab789 ur an idiot. its fake.

Author Steven Haidinyak (5 years)
You are calling someone an idiot when you can't even spell 'you're'

Author Steve Hayden (5 years)
This is a joke, of course. But it does open up your mind to the

Author Greg S (5 years)
Where did you get that program at. can't find this on the apps site anywhere

Author djmarcos702 (5 years)
Look android is based on linux basically anyone can mod the android
firmware so it's fake

Author babelipgloss (3 years)
this doesnt work

Author FranChan (5 years)
@joblowsux who cares if its fake its funny and entertaining

Author some1intheworld (5 years)
@iamhalfcab789 rofl fucking american.

Author Emsaboogie (5 years)
my dos said it wanted a 16oz fillet jeez

Author abrak002 (5 years)
is this reall ?

Author Greg S (5 years)
@bacdafucup2778 Are you not a believer?

Author Arxces (5 years)
throw, throw it, throw the object, bacon lmao XD

Author smellyface101 (5 years)
Ummm... WRONG! their saying come in here, so i can bit off your balls.

Author Greg S (5 years)
Message for bacdafucup2778 If you have else but a Droid, You don't have a
phone dude!

Author dragonmrz (5 years)
yeah this is motorola proving to be a marketing genius

Author bacdafucup2778 (5 years)
this has got to be a lie dude. no way jose'LOL!! i dont believe it! he's
got a couple more vids doing different stuff with the droid. i dont believe
it. if this phone can do all this then prove it. you can make anything
possible on a computer monitor. show the droid owners how to do the taser
thing like you did in the other vid. then we'l believe you dog!

Author jakszybkoschudnac (4 years)
unlockcodes{dot}info - you should try this site, unlock codes for very low
cost for any cellphone

Author ir0nLs1 (5 years)
mine just said smoke a fat joint and look at how filled with bullshit this
video is

Author Richard Torres (4 years)

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