Moto Droid does new tricks with a cheat code so you can understand what dogs are saying when they bark

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Author Richard Alford ( ago)

Author Zippo271 ( ago)
this is fake, if you knew how cats and dogs communicate, you would've known.

Author jodhy pamungkas ( ago)
mari belajar ngobrol sm gogogh

Author Ricky Deleon ( ago)
how do you put those codes do you have a video how thats cool i want to do
that with my droid

Author Tuan Le ( ago)
Why you guys say its fake? 2.2 Froyo has Voice to text , only that fancy
animation is new to me...

Author Richard Torres ( ago)

Author jakszybkoschudnac ( ago)
unlockcodes{dot}info - you should try this site, unlock codes for very low
cost for any cellphone

Author Lindy Pleiss ( ago)
If you stop and think, if your droid did all these secret things, would the
public have it? I think not.

Author Arxces ( ago)
throw, throw it, throw the object, bacon lmao XD

Author azaquihel ( ago)

Author dragonmrz ( ago)
yeah this is motorola proving to be a marketing genius

Author Nick Josef ( ago)
all of you are assholes, i think its a great video

Author joblowsux ( ago)
@Franchan10 Some people care whether it's fake or not. Read the posts below
where some are asking if it is possible or not. Funny or not its misleading
and a waste of time.

Author LegendZZZZZZ ( ago)
if this were real i would have no use for it, cause m dog would either say:
scratch my stomache, im tired, or feed me.

Author FranChan ( ago)
@joblowsux who cares if its fake its funny and entertaining

Author smellyface101 ( ago)
Ummm... WRONG! their saying come in here, so i can bit off your balls.

Author legend519 ( ago)
your a fucking idiot

Author Shai Ginsburg ( ago)
throw throw the object XD

Author djmarcos702 ( ago)
Look android is based on linux basically anyone can mod the android
firmware so it's fake

Author abrak002 ( ago)
is this reall ?

Author joblowsux ( ago)
All these videos are stupid and fake. Don't waste your time watching these

Author some1intheworld ( ago)
@zuttitiyay rofl

Author some1intheworld ( ago)
@iamhalfcab789 rofl fucking american.

Author grimymander ( ago)
throw,throw it,Throw the object,throw it, bacon rofl

Author grandchancellor ( ago)
My mate just tried it. It said " Dumbass, your a dumbass, why didn't you
buy the iphone you dumbass, OMG, your such a fucking nob, throw me in the
river, i want to die now please." It then promptly overheated and became
useless. Note to nerds, get an iphone lmao.

Author grandchancellor ( ago)

Author John Zhang ( ago)
@iP0PE haha

Author Steven Haidinyak ( ago)
You are calling someone an idiot when you can't even spell 'you're'

Author ir0nLs1 ( ago)
mine just said smoke a fat joint and look at how filled with bullshit this
video is

Author Max Power ( ago)
@iamhalfcab789 ur an idiot. its fake.

Author Aznkid987654321 ( ago)
My dog just said he wants a girlfriend haha lol

Author Danika Hatfield ( ago)
how do u get to the screen where u enter the numbers?

Author Emsaboogie ( ago)
my dos said it wanted a 16oz fillet jeez

Author Michael Rakers ( ago)
Just tried it on my Droid. My dog wants steak.

Author Steve Hayden ( ago)
This is a joke, of course. But it does open up your mind to the

Author IcanSpelGood ( ago)
Haha nice. =) (I wonder how many people are going to go buy a Droid because
of these videos?)

Author Greg S ( ago)
@bacdafucup2778 Are you not a believer?

Author Greg S ( ago)
Message for bacdafucup2778 If you have else but a Droid, You don't have a
phone dude!

Author bacdafucup2778 ( ago)
this has got to be a lie dude. no way jose'LOL!! i dont believe it! he's
got a couple more vids doing different stuff with the droid. i dont believe
it. if this phone can do all this then prove it. you can make anything
possible on a computer monitor. show the droid owners how to do the taser
thing like you did in the other vid. then we'l believe you dog!

Author jabariuz ( ago)
yea i need to know if there are anymore and how u did that

Author Greg S ( ago)
Where did you get that program at. can't find this on the apps site anywhere

Author jabariuz ( ago)
how to do it

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