Bright - Echosmith and Lindsey Stirling

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  • Runtime: 4:21
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  • Anthony Ceravolo
    Anthony Ceravolo 2 days ago

    I love the use of pizzacato here.

  • time4kolene
    time4kolene 8 days ago

    The Universe is so very much on your side. Keep up the awesome music.

  • Rick Pieterse
    Rick Pieterse 11 days ago

    Echosmith =Amazing.
    Lindsey Stirling = Amazing.
    Lindsey + Echosmith = Heaven!

  • Jeffrey Graham
    Jeffrey Graham 21 day ago

    Please make this version available on iTunes!!! LOVE IT! ... 😃

  • Komenisai
    Komenisai 23 days ago

    How did I only find this today?

  • Brock Leasy
    Brock Leasy 25 days ago

    Im going to do my best to get people to see this and hep get you to 3M views on this! absolutely wonderful!

  • Zoran Ravic
    Zoran Ravic 26 days ago

    You don't need a singer.

  • James M
    James M 1 month ago

    Good work as usual!

  • Lightning Jen
    Lightning Jen 1 month ago

    This song brought hope into my heart when I was going through depression...thank you echo smith and thank you Lindsey sterling!!

  • Jhean Marco Lopez Vargas

    Is Beautiful

  • Kaiser 89
    Kaiser 89 1 month ago

    Hermoza cancion Lindsey! " eres la mejor""

  • Larkin Harman
    Larkin Harman 1 month ago


  • Sophia De Tricht
    Sophia De Tricht 1 month ago

    Captivating. Absolutely captivating.

  • RICF cf
    RICF cf 2 months ago

    asopotamadre :v

  • Erica Butler
    Erica Butler 2 months ago

    I honestly like this version more than the original. The softness of the violin and the slightly slowed down quality just make it so much more poignant.

  • Terence Clark
    Terence Clark 2 months ago

    Oh weird. It's like a lament more than the classic love song the original is. It's awesome, but a little disconcerting. Like the original was a song about a first kiss and this one's more of a happy memory before bidding farewell.

  • Ömer Emir Bayraktar
    Ömer Emir Bayraktar 2 months ago

    I think; Anybody with a lips can sing. But everybody can not steal an instrument. And lindsey is more beautiful.

  • Feliz Alexandro Puma
    Feliz Alexandro Puma 2 months ago


  • Eth Arzamendia
    Eth Arzamendia 2 months ago

    Cómo se llama este tema! hermosa melodía, buen dueto pero quiero saber que dice la letra, se la escucha prometedora!

  • Cielo Azul
    Cielo Azul 2 months ago

    i lv u with all my heart, my spirit... you are awesome!!! your music is so veryvery beautiful... y will lv u for ever !!!!

  • Natalia Limpias Cordova

    I love you so much :') you're like an angel

  • William Greenway
    William Greenway 2 months ago

    Simply beautiful !

  • Benva 83
    Benva 83 2 months ago

    Great song gets even better by adding a little bit of Lindsey Stirling spices.

  • Music Junkie
    Music Junkie 2 months ago

    Just found this, love it

  • Kaila Powell
    Kaila Powell 3 months ago

    aww gavi
    rip. we love you

  • Lainie Bayne
    Lainie Bayne 3 months ago

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! I would love to purchase this song!!!! when will it be on iTunes ♥

  • Ian Scofield
    Ian Scofield 3 months ago

    2:51...i get losht.

  • Kenneth Constantino
    Kenneth Constantino 3 months ago

    I didn't know jimmy kimmel played piano.

  • Kris Kollmar
    Kris Kollmar 3 months ago

    This is so cool

  • brayden grimaldi
    brayden grimaldi 3 months ago

    I think I have that Queen shirt

  • Archey no2
    Archey no2 3 months ago

    two of the best artists EVER!

  • justrolock
    justrolock 3 months ago

    Beautyfull :))

  • Carol Sperling
    Carol Sperling 3 months ago

    Don't stab her in the eye with that thing.

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 3 months ago

    I love the look of this video, shooting in B/W adds to the overall effectiveness of the feeling of the song.

  • William Greenway
    William Greenway 3 months ago

    A good collaboration with your talent and her voice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TypeRSA
    TypeRSA 3 months ago


  • William Greenway
    William Greenway 3 months ago

    Such a beautiful voice !

  • Taiza Costa
    Taiza Costa 3 months ago

    liked the Queen tshirt.

  • aste risk
    aste risk 3 months ago

    gimme a break !
    "lindsey will you cover this?""lindsey will you cover that?"
    im sure lindsey could cover anything but it will take her a while to cover everything ....

  • Cory Allen Staats
    Cory Allen Staats 3 months ago

    My band and I love covering this song. We have a video of a live show cover of Bright on my channel. If you love violin you should give it a listen 😍😘🤗

  • Bryce Mitchell
    Bryce Mitchell 4 months ago

    wow, that is a really touching song. her voice rings almost with the same beauty as your violin,....almost.

  • Fuzzylemons Games
    Fuzzylemons Games 4 months ago

    perfect threesome right here.

  • lily vi
    lily vi 4 months ago


  • John Rolie Consolacion

    whos watching in 2017

  • Mitzy Summers
    Mitzy Summers 4 months ago


  • Javier Orochi
    Javier Orochi 4 months ago

    She loves Queen !!!! beautiful !!!

  • Mitzy Summers
    Mitzy Summers 4 months ago


  • Little_Stirlingite _Ksll

    I like it😭😥 #WeAreGavi

  • forgetfulspirit
    forgetfulspirit 4 months ago

    ... just loved it ... beautiful ...

  • Echokiwi
    Echokiwi 4 months ago

    i miss you so much Gavi ❤❤❤ #WeAreGavi

  • Nanou Jollin
    Nanou Jollin 4 months ago

    My favourite band with my favourite artist, greatest video ever, I can't stop listen it

  • Ashley Green
    Ashley Green 4 months ago


  • Alexis Snyder
    Alexis Snyder 4 months ago

    I've never loved this song until now! This was beautiful!

  • warhamsterful
    warhamsterful 4 months ago

    And now kiss.

  • J Lilly
    J Lilly 4 months ago

    Definition Beauty

  • Goddess D
    Goddess D 5 months ago

    It's not echosmith, shes a really great singer it's just that I have a dislike in country music and Taylor Swift. I couldn't really enjoy this song

    • Der Grunzpirat
      Der Grunzpirat 5 months ago

      Goddess D What do you mean? This isn't a country song...

  • lexs24
    lexs24 5 months ago

    Just... Amazing!!

  • Jessica
    Jessica 5 months ago

    Wow, this is an amazing, beautiful version of this song!! Good job ladies

  • LunaTheGamer
    LunaTheGamer 5 months ago


  • Ranking Tanking
    Ranking Tanking 5 months ago


  • Ranking Tanking
    Ranking Tanking 5 months ago

    Good video muy buen video

  • Esta Chica
    Esta Chica 5 months ago

    suena sadd😥😥😥

  • Sarah Carey
    Sarah Carey 5 months ago

    There's Gavi playing them keys ❤️

  • Andre Winkler
    Andre Winkler 5 months ago

    Why is this version not available to purchase???????

    HALFDEAD 6 months ago

    this one is so beautiful

  • Harun Toprak
    Harun Toprak 6 months ago

    Lindsey I love to meet you I love you so much :)

  • bogdanich375
    bogdanich375 6 months ago

    Fabulous performance!

  • Raquel Corcos
    Raquel Corcos 6 months ago

    i love this song
    i love the merrel twins cover
    i love this cover it's beautiful

    • Raquel Corcos
      Raquel Corcos 6 months ago

      i love the original
      it's a miracle of life
      there's nothing else to it......

  • Kevin WIlliams
    Kevin WIlliams 6 months ago

    I love the way this video was put together. I love the visuals as well as this arrangement of the song. Absolutely amazing. I am curious if it drove Lindsey crazy to sit down so long. :)

  • Ahmed Atef
    Ahmed Atef 6 months ago

    please reply!!! are my idol....can i be pro in playing violin like you without a teacher by teach my self from youtube ???

    • Ahmed Atef
      Ahmed Atef 5 months ago

      +Kotone Soul i will try...thanks for help

    • Kotone Soul
      Kotone Soul 5 months ago

      You're wecome. Just keep trying, and practice every day. As long as you play at least a little bit every day, soon enough you'll begin to see changes.

    • Ahmed Atef
      Ahmed Atef 5 months ago

      +1nerdse i will try...but i noticed that vilion is very hard to learn it alone .. thanks alot :D

    • Ahmed Atef
      Ahmed Atef 5 months ago

      +Kotone Soul really thanks alot. you gave me a hope :D...i thought i will never be a good vilionist anymore..

  • Naemi P.
    Naemi P. 7 months ago

    pretty cool!❤❤

  • mary yiantet
    mary yiantet 7 months ago

    Mwaaaaah ...Awesome song. ...big up

  • Delta Viktor
    Delta Viktor 7 months ago

    LOVE THIS. Lindsey Stirling and Echosmith are amazing both together and separate. Thank you both for sharing this wonderful creation.

  • FrostyBlue23
    FrostyBlue23 7 months ago


  • Nexus Adsuefus Luna
    Nexus Adsuefus Luna 7 months ago

    so cute

  • Equinox Moon
    Equinox Moon 7 months ago

    See through this song I got into Echo smith that why I like you not only opening my eyes to unique music you play but also the others you bring in and I find out about :)

  • Eunice Garcia
    Eunice Garcia 7 months ago

    Me gustan todos tus videos
    Pero este me encanto

  • Suzy me
    Suzy me 7 months ago

    Who are the nuts that dislike this or anything else that involves Lindsey? Crazy.

  • Mryourporn
    Mryourporn 7 months ago


  • Epic Strategy Gamer
    Epic Strategy Gamer 7 months ago

    im so so, on this, the original is super good, idk it just strikes me as starting off way too slow and quiet. Love Sydney's voice none the less :)

  • Priscila L
    Priscila L 7 months ago

    download please D:

  • Lary Ferreira
    Lary Ferreira 7 months ago


  • swordfish189
    swordfish189 8 months ago


  • dstdg18
    dstdg18 8 months ago

    Very beautiful collaboration!

  • Crispy Bacon
    Crispy Bacon 8 months ago

    My two celebrity crushes doing the same song together? Yes.

    • Cevanna
      Cevanna 5 months ago

      Crispy Bacon should change your name to "Chris P. Bacon"

    • Draco Storm
      Draco Storm 5 months ago

      YAS. Also, love the name, bro xD

  • Veronika Küchler
    Veronika Küchler 8 months ago

    so beautiful ! <3

  • RinseNHold
    RinseNHold 8 months ago

    Where can I download this version? I want!

  • dimonn800
    dimonn800 8 months ago

    go to Ru

  • Pyrotic Terror Seth Hearne

    I love them if you love them to check out the playlist I made of her songs I put all my favorites I hope you enjoy it's hard to find good music nowadays

  • Dillon Snyder
    Dillon Snyder 8 months ago

    One of my favorite Collaborations. Rest in peace, Jason. I was able to meet Lindsey, Jason (Gavi), and Drew on their music box tour. He was a special person and is missed. for those who don't know Jason Gaviati is the man playing the keyboard in this video, a bandmate of Lindsey's, and fought the fight against Cancer. Bless him and his family.

    • 1nerdse
      1nerdse 5 months ago

      Dillon Snyder He certainly is,a gifted's a shame to lose anyone to cancer, esp. someone so gifted. I usex to be an oncologyvnurse, then a research nurse (which brought me imto contact with a lot of cancer patients). I was honored to do what I could to help, but sometimes it seems so inadequate. You feel like you're a nurse, you should be able to fix this, you know? But it's just as important to the families & patients I've known for you to fight for them & for them to know you care. I hope Gavi had nurses who fought for him & his family to have the help they needed during his fight. That's the best I can wish for anyone who's ill regardless of what they have (trust me, there are things out there just as bad as cancer...maybe worse).
      Gavi's talent will be missed.

  • Ennio 83
    Ennio 83 9 months ago

    sei Forte Lindsley

  • Juan Eden Valencia Magallon

    Someone who knows where to get that score?

  • Mystyx
    Mystyx 9 months ago

    For some reason when I looked at the girl playing violin she reminded me of Echo Gillete xD

  • Jon Again
    Jon Again 9 months ago

    I never understood why people get so infatuated with pop stars, actors/actresses, etc. until I saw Sydney.

  • FrostyBlue23
    FrostyBlue23 9 months ago

    Beautiful. :)

  • Martin The TigerStar
    Martin The TigerStar 9 months ago

    So beautiful this Song.
    thanks so mich for all💖⚘

  • Sukeerti Shrestha
    Sukeerti Shrestha 9 months ago

    Who was on the piano?

    • Sukeerti Shrestha
      Sukeerti Shrestha 7 months ago

      +Xpl1k3R890 thanks!

    • Xpl1k3R890
      Xpl1k3R890 7 months ago

      Sukeerti Shrestha GAVI

    • Sukeerti Shrestha
      Sukeerti Shrestha 9 months ago

      +FrostyBlue23 May his soul rest in peace

    • María Núñez
      María Núñez 9 months ago

      Gavi RIP

    • FrostyBlue23
      FrostyBlue23 9 months ago

      +Sukeerti Shrestha You're welcome, but I need to say he passed away last year, however. I don't think he's truly gone, though. :)

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