Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5

Johannes Brahms
Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G minor

The German composer, pianist, and conductor Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) was one of the most significant composers of the 19th century. His works greatly enriched the romantic repertory.

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Author TheOnlineTie ( ago)

Author flowrust ( ago)

Author Tarek Shokry ( ago)
i love that guy

Author Mc Kayky ( ago)
passa lá no meu canal pessoal

Author CeruleanSky ( ago)
Ah my daily dose of Raisin Brahms

Author Jesse Hernandez ( ago)
who plays this version. the one i have is faster than this one.

Author Justine ( ago)
why does this sound like hedwig's theme

Author Ejhecatzil Inukaze ( ago)
Looney Toones!!

Author Zeusratex ( ago)
echt toll das Lied :D

Author MrPhandanhtuan ( ago)
Một nét nhạc phi phàm. 一個非凡音樂 !

Author Lommax G. ( ago)
Excelente. ¿Qué orquesta interpreta esto y quién es el director?

Author Manuel “MapMaker” Rubio ( ago)
LoneyToons musick!!! jaajajajaj!!!

Author Patricia Lawson ( ago)
Uploaded on Jun 1, 2011
The Hungarian Dances (German: Ungarische Tänze) by Johannes Brahms, are a
set of 21 lively dance tunes based mostly on Hungarian themes, completed in
1869. Only numbers 11, 14 and 16 are entirely original compositions. In
fact, number 5 was based on the csárdás by Kéler Béla titled "Bártfai
emlék" which Brahms mistakenly thought was a traditional folksong.

They are among Brahms' most popular works, and were certainly the most
profitable for him. Each dance has been arranged for a wide variety of
instruments and ensembles. Brahms originally wrote the version for piano
four-hands and later arranged the first 10 dances for solo piano. The most
famous Hungarian Dance is No. 5.

Brahms wrote orchestral arrangements for No. 1, No. 3 and No. 10. Other
composers, including Antonín Dvořák, orchestrated the other dances. These
composers were Andreas Hallén for No. 2, Paul Juon for No. 4, Martin
Schmeling for Nos. 5 to 7, Hans Gál for Nos. 8 and 9, Albert Parlow for No.
11 to 16. Dvořák orchestrated the last numbers.
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Keller & Kálmán Balogh (iTunes)

Author Debbie Tomlinson ( ago)
he was soooo handsome damn

Author Marie Pihl ( ago)
I played this last year. It was very hard to keep track of the beat and

Author hoshen il ( ago)
he is so good😪

Author Joseph Vassirionovitch Djougachvili ( ago)
Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars <3

Author drpapa26 ( ago)
Racket?! It's BRAHMS! Brahms' 5th racket!

Author Groith ( ago)
guys this was included in some edm beat anyone got a clue which one?

Author Lightning Spear ( ago)
who came bcz they remembered that old movie bout the 3 pigs and a wolf?

Author KBMusic ( ago)
I played this in concert band last semester and we took it at a fast tempo
for most of the piece. It's so odd for me to hear it now with such drastic
tempo changes, not to mention strings! I love this piece.

Author Giulia Bertelli ( ago)
This is the only music that gives me emotion

Author Péter Csordás ( ago)
szabadságot és szebb jövőt minden magyarnak

Author AwpWilliams ( ago)
Been looking for this fucking song for an unnecessary amount of time. I
was only able to find it because I was able to remember it from a kids
movie called "A Journey Through Fairyland". But I couldn't for the life
of me remember the name of the movie. The damn thing is about fairies.

Author ArtistsAnomalous ( ago)
10 hour version?

Author Max Jenner ( ago)
I can imagine this being used in the BBC series: Sherlock.

Author Bruno Jimmy ( ago)
0:30 he's so beautiful.

Author erzsebet horvath ( ago)
Köszönöm GYöNYöRÚ !!!

Author Saturnious ( ago)
I come here from radio station

Author Emelie Holland ( ago)

Author suhaida dida ( ago)
srsly , this reminds me some of anime that i watch ~ u know that feeling

Author Juuri Kuran ( ago)
I dont know why, but when i hear this song i will be proud to be hungarian

Author David Antunes ( ago)
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Author Moises Carrera ( ago)

Author Jasiah Tippett ( ago)
I had to place this at an orchestra camp and I was shaking throughout the
whole song😂

Author Maddu Santtos ( ago)
Brasil é tão sem cultura que nem escuta musicas assim....Vai entender o
motivo por qual a maioria das mulheres preferem músicas que falam de

Author Karpov Liam ( ago)
Millennial are such fucking morons... Just reading the comments makes me

Author Дмитрий доллар ( ago)

Author Bastian Matteo ( ago)
¿Que orquesta toca esta versión de Hungarian Dance no 5?

Author Patrick Grich ( ago)
That's amazing he was born on May 7th.I was born on 7th May too.So he's 183
Year old.Wow! (I know he died :P)

Author MaRLa MiRa ( ago)
the dog father 1 Series Wedding dance song

Author Pavle Pletikosa ( ago)
Dislike? But Why?

Author Pieless Alfred ( ago)
upper clapton anyone?

Author Randy Parsons ( ago)
Streetlight Manifesto anyone? :D

Author Denny Duran ( ago)
This song is amazing! Hungarian Dance No. 5 is my favorite piece of all
time! =)

Author Malu Pezzin ( ago)
F A N T Á S T I C O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author iSamPlayzGamez ( ago)
Piano Tiles 2 brought me here

Author Ismael H ( ago)
Sounds like terror squad

Author Tobisaru ( ago)
Thank you Three Little Pigs

Author Rosanna Altieri ( ago)
Especialmente indicada cuando baja la energía!

Author Fatmeatball ( ago)
I had a "Harry Potter" snowglobe that played this. Right, this theme is
Harry Potter.

Author Katalin Redl ( ago)
Es ist immer wundervoll

Author Maria Duarte ( ago)
anyone for a dance ? 😃

Author Benjamin Hegedüs ( ago)
I love my country

Author Drago Rado ( ago)
i love brahms

Author mkc388 ( ago)
piano tile 2 imposible to pass

Author Frost Recon (That One Guy) ( ago)
That escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand fast.

Author чи йч ( ago)
raaaaaaataaaaaatata tatata taratatatatata

Author Lukas Bondevik ( ago)
I love how the tempo changes so much in this!

Author Jen Soto ( ago)
handsomely delightful

Author Val Penman ( ago)
The game Valiant heart. Cried so much at that xx

Author Marcin Górka ( ago)
Valiant Hearts :)

Author Péter Pongrácz ( ago)
ez magyar????

Author brianzolo1 ( ago)

Author Rhiannon Says Rawr ( ago)
any undertale players think the start sounds a tiny bit like bonetrousle..?

Author Emma Awesome ( ago)
Am I the only 13 year old that loves classical music? When the teacher lets
us listen to it in class, everyone else goes for death metal or pop but I
listen to Beethoven's 5th symphony or the William tell overture or
sometimes even sonate no.2 by Poulenc

Author mertcan kılıç ( ago)
bok gibi amk evladı 👍👍👍

Author Lycanthia J.Wayland ( ago)
El Santo Grial de Mägo de Oz xD

Author Lina Yepes ( ago)

Author Katarzyna “Kasia” Viktoria ( ago)
ahh~ eargasm~♡

Author Titiwut Petra ( ago)
I can say that every classical song is the Real music because that make me
happy and relax.

Don't blame me,It just my opinion.

Author TAM NGUYEN HUY ( ago)
good job !

Author MrFarexo ( ago)
es imposible no amar esto

Author Lena Animuuu ( ago)
Cama from Piano Tiles 2.

Author Man Of Megoscity ( ago)
Mario And Sonic At The London 2012 Olympic Games brought me here

Author Malena ( ago)
Música assim como esta eleva nossos espíritos, nos ilumina, ensina , acalma
e inspira. Viva a bela música dos bons tempos que nos legaram os

Author Julie Burton ( ago)
Another wonderful piece of music that is utterly useless to listen to
whilst I work. I want to dance. Glad no one can see me as I fly about my
office, often still sitting on my wheeled office chair.

Author Scott Awaywithit ( ago)
bricklaying music for 3 little pigs

Author Kate Smith ( ago)
This is on Just Dance 3, it's so pretty

Author Christine Barney ( ago)
He was a peach when young and wrote a lively jig. Hungarian Dance No. 5 is

Author Monica Del Carpio ( ago)
who played this version? I ove it! Quite uncommon

Author 심용석 ( ago)
Anna, ride texi and save freddie and Walt, finally Emile!

Author Al_loyYT ( ago)
Reminds me of the little einsteins

Author Nagara Miraki ( ago)
This song reminds ne of Dracula Dead and Loving It. Lol . Still a great
classical piece.

Author Sting King ( ago)
who come from piano tiles2 ?

Author Dante Von Sydow ( ago)
Any fans of the movie "The Great Dictator" here?

Author Evilyn Portella ( ago)
Aaamoo essa música!!😍😍😍

Author MarshalLucky1 ( ago)
Ed Grimley brought me here.

Author Assaf Vitman ( ago)
!The most amazing

Author Phantom Freddy Fazbear ( ago)
Muzica buna

Author Aesthetic Man ( ago)
Fantastic video...both music and the visuals...absolutely FABULOUS!
Thanks so much!!!

Author Captain Krossix ( ago)
I can still see those Germans planes flying over my head..........

Author Giovanni Ferraiolo ( ago)
Well, hi Karl Marx.

Author Reuben Smart ( ago)
Do Hungarians get high as f@ck then listen to this?

Author NuzlockeShedinja -actually coolskel95- ( ago)
When you're out of sanviches and go shopping for more

Author Lucas M ( ago)
Who else came from wait...their love for Classical music?
True love!

Author Khalid Ali ( ago)
اللي جاي من انستقرام علي العنزي لايك

Author Adolf Hitler ( ago)

Author Dara Colakoglu ( ago)
Come on folks! Dont you think Brahms was a veeery handsome guy??? I do.

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