Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5

Johannes Brahms
Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G minor

The German composer, pianist, and conductor Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) was one of the most significant composers of the 19th century. His works greatly enriched the romantic repertory.

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Author Lucario Mario ( ago)
This song was used in EVERY little Einsteins episode ever

Author Benedita Menezes ( ago)
Genial, many thanks!

Author Bryson McBroom ( ago)
Anyone from civilization revolution?

Author Allen Monroe ( ago)

Author Princess High ( ago)
I'm speechless

Author Istvánné Kemenczei ( ago)
J.Brahms-5. Magyar Tánc.Nagyon sdzretem hallgatni kedvencem.Szivet lelket
melengető szép zene.

Author Saptashwa Pal ( ago)
What are the instruments used ?

Author Samii Pelon ( ago)
Soy de El Salvador y esta canción es un extasis, no extasis de mi persona
sino del mundo...

Author Tommy Layne ( ago)
Learning the piece on piano is what brought me here. Try playing it to
fully appreciate it. The slow parts give me chills man.

Author Edward Perfetti ( ago)

Author minoelle aralar ( ago)
Little Einsteins!! xD,

Author Aniuś Talewise ( ago)
Brought here by Heavy Goes To The Store. c:

Author Gayla Allen (1065 years ago)
When I hear this I think of my dear Mother, a sweet Hungarian lady. ♥ May
she R.I.P.

Author Maximo Hugo ( ago)
sin comentarios, esto es lo mas... no se que decir, wao... es el mejor
Johannes Brahms con las danzas húngaras.

Author David Linden ( ago)
diese ganze kacke musste ich mir immer anhören als kind. jaaa.

Author energyzero77 ( ago)
Macademi Wasshoi and Hapxier brought me here

Author Last Broadcast From Earth ( ago)
Well that was some hilarious stuff. And it tickled me happy. Long live me!

Author Gudea Baus ( ago)
really funny in the charlie chaplin movie, the one with the barber xD

Author Malu Pezzin ( ago)
Brahms e seu legado maravilhoso.

Author NINHO ( ago)
allready knew this song...having to be in this fucking job friday night at
9:30 brought me here

Author Richard Jones ( ago)
I think of two guys fencing when I hear this song

Author Karole ( ago)
Charlie Chaplin

Author jonnyman42 ( ago)
I don't know why but I love studying to classics like this

Author Call meLollipop ( ago)
I played this song on the violin...

Author Melih Çuhacıoğlu ( ago)
the perfect pace.

Author Sandi Salmeron ( ago)
Is it me or is this slower than Brahms meant it to be??? :0

Author lenny lennyson ( ago)
This song has Bipolar Disorder.

Author ak218209 ( ago)
I heard this melody in the game Splinter Cell and identified it with an

Author Schären Stefan ( ago)
Hello everyone,

due to a project in school I have to make a presentation about Johannes
Brahms and the Hungarian Dance No.5. So, I should know the genre of this
piece... I looked through the internet but couldn't find a suitable answer:
Is it a Polka? Or a March? Or just a solo (Because basically this song was
written for a four-handed piano) ?

If someone's willing and able to help me, I'd really appreciate his/her

Author Anonymous ( ago)
Playing this at 2332 hrs. The type of music I play to calm my nerves.

Author Mehmet Okur ( ago)
Valiant Hearts dan geldim :D

Author Kasuga Katakura ( ago)
Cytus brought me here
The remix of this song from Cytus is Outsider ^^

Author Walcopz Valencia ( ago)
hummmm estas hungarians de varios gegenios ahhhh

Author Breno de Sá ( ago)
Woody woodpeccker brought me here.
Thank you sweet childhood

Author Carlos Revuelta ( ago)
Magnífica galería de retratos del genio

Author Omar loma ( ago)
Steve Aokie brought me here :D :D

Author Wojtek Dominik ( ago)
Piękna muzyka.

Author Amy Heath ( ago)
Discovered this piece whilst playing Osu, of all things.

Author Alke Karowski ( ago)
Leichte Sommerkost

Author Dtonationify ( ago)
Am I the only one who came here because of Steve Aoki's remix?

Author leslie kmety ( ago)

Author Deusirae79 ( ago)
Nothing brought me here. It was just in my Youtube suggestions.

Author Miss Hallelujah ( ago)
This will always make me feel 5 again sitting on my dads shoulders as he
danced round to it :)

Author Ad' Valkyria ( ago)
Love most forms of classical so much but I always forget the names of the
composers and the songs which makes looking up the songs I like a real pain
in the ass :'(

Author John Raymond Peterson ( ago)
Because #classicalmusicdoesitbetter I suggest this piece as a theme for
the next GOP debates in less than two weeks from now.

I predict record viewing audience. The bash Trump back being a key factor.

Author Karmen Sand ( ago)

Author John Gray ( ago)
Yes, I am 85!
I was conceived on that January1st morning of 1930 when my parents came
home from a New Years Eve party in Hollywood probably a little tipsy so
quite likely, a quirk of fate. That is the moment my life started!

Author John Gray ( ago)
This has become a popular site, a tribute to Johannes Brahms. His music
has touched so many millions.
And it is amazing for me to see the wide variety of peoples that have
Yes, from all - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
What is even more amazing is to see how difficult is is to judge those who
are truly the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!
I have known men who have spent years in prisons, one who had even killed
and it is impossible for me to not see the good in even the worst. Who is
to judge, who is so pure as to judge another? And yet there are those who
are so righteous!

Author Lorelai and Alex Vids ( ago)
I played this song on violin. Its my favorite. 

Author New California Ranger ( ago)
Google brought me here.

Author Nana Almani ( ago)
Lol this is the kind of music they usually put in dramatic scenes in
comedies xD

Author Tuan Anh Mr ( ago)

Author Phước Thành Lê ( ago)

Author Darkwiz666 ( ago)
...all I can think of is Bugs Bunny cartoons now.

Author Ngân Hồng ( ago)

Author Manuel Ivan (msulca) (1247 years ago)

Author Szepesi Szabolcs ( ago)
I'm interested for the aria of the Queen of the Night!

From Hungary :)

Author Daniele “virusddd” Quattrocchi ( ago)

Author Doug_ ( ago)
Heavy Goes to the Store brought me here.

-All My Best,

Author Jorge Alexis Gonzales ( ago)
Quien vino por bart simpson

Author Nóra Dornacker ( ago)

Author Mehmet Aygen KAYACAN ( ago)
2:03 Awesome

Author András Fogarasi ( ago)
A link brought me here.

Author Rita Galli ( ago)
Buona serata community.

Author Ibolya Ferer ( ago)

Author Francesco Spina (Frankospi) ( ago)
Basta basta !!

Author Tania de maya Pedrosa ( ago)

Author Stanislav Maximov (154 years ago)
Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5:

Author Moises Sena ( ago)
It's good to see people sayin' "something brought me here" cuz it shows how
classic music is popular, even some people thinkin' that it's not.

Author Hatzegopteryx007 ( ago)
I brought myself here...

Author Julianna Nestorov ( ago)

Author Anthony Tankian (Gral. Tankian) ( ago)
Saludos desde Mty. Nuevo Leon n.n ✌

Author SKsuprakirby ( ago)
I will ever associate this with USSR I dunno why.

Author Henry Barnill ( ago)
Universal Studios brought me here.

Author foxdragon92 ( ago)
I brought myself here.

Author Gabriel Łojewski ( ago)
To były piękne czasy.

Author net60man ( ago)
Värld bra på att ge råd,dumhet belönas inte mer än mer.

Author Karthik Sekaran ( ago)
I knew of the significance of this song only when I heard it in Charlie
Chaplin's "The Great Dictator".

Author Alangu Gazel ( ago)

Author Dana A ( ago)
I've listened to this before but I don't know where..

Author Louis Doyle ( ago)
Valiant hearts brought me here

Author Berki Dzsenifer ( ago)
I can play the song in the piano!! I love it! 

Author Phoenix flare ( ago)
I knew about this b4 cartoons and paranormal activity

Author Ahmed Alrashedi ( ago)
بشاير الشيباني بروت مي هير 

Author Gnome child ( ago)
Must rebuild soviet union

Author medic waffles ( ago)
TF2 SFM brought me here |:

Author กันยารัตน์ ปั้นนาค ( ago)
ลองดูเพลย์ลิสต์นี้ใน YouTube

Author muradi tavdidishvili benyakov ( ago)

Author falcoluminoso ( ago)

Author jack bobrick ( ago)

Author Michael Southern ( ago)
Europe brought me here

Author Ivan Sb ( ago)
He totally looks like Roberth Baratheon lol

Author Hector Lopez ( ago)

Author Ευσταθιος Μπαθρελλος ( ago)

Author Adam Mcfarlane ( ago)
god dayum this shit gets my hyped!!!!

Author Adam Mcfarlane ( ago)
this is so sick!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Aida Kalona Németh ( ago)
This sounds like Hungarian Gypsy music when the fast parts come on hahaha

Author Zharten Segver ( ago)
Simplemente salir a la vida con alegría

Author giammira ( ago)
Charlie Chaplin barber background song brought me here....

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