Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5

Johannes Brahms
Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G minor

The German composer, pianist, and conductor Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) was one of the most significant composers of the 19th century. His works greatly enriched the romantic repertory.

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Author Ty Burney (15 days)
The Looney Tunes brought me here, I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Author Shio the Goat (2 months)
What if Johann B​ach (1685-1750) reincarnated as Johannes Brahms
(1833-1897) and then reincarnated as Justin Bieber (1994-)?

Author Natalie Saints (1 month)
Ahhhhhhhh! I remember hearing this as a child. I've always wanted to know
the name of this musical piece, and know I found it! :D 

Author Holger Hirrschoff (2 months)

Heute begebe ich mich dann auch einmal in die Klassische Ecke.
Johannes Brahms, 07.05.1833 in Hamburg geboren, gestorben am 03.04.1897 in
Wien - dort auch beerdigt.
Aus seiner letzten Lebenszeit stammen Fantasien, Intermezzi und die
Ungarischen Tänze.
Ich habe für Euch den Hungarian Dance No.5 herausgesucht und wünsche Euch
dann auch eine Gute Nacht.

Author John Gray (1 month)
I was born in 1930, learned to love and appreciate this wonderful world of
classical music in the '40's and was blessed to have the best of orchestras
and musicians but in 1970, it started the decline in quality and brilliance
to where today; it has become so artificial and commercial today as well as
amateurish, very sad.

Author Lupus Verdi (4 months)
Why do i associate this with Austria-Hungary? It seems the Danube is
floating by in an instant i hear this music.

It's not because i'm austrian, i suppose...

Author Minarus Infernus (3 months)
For Christ sake, is no-one here because it's a great classical piece? It
may have been in a game but that shouldn't be the reason to listen to it!
Listen to it because it's a great composition and not because it was in
some game you bought and thought 'This reminds me of the game'. That is the
ENTIRELY WRONG reason to really enjoy this piece...

Author Barbara FRANCH WESELAK (3 months)
Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5 :

Author Franklyn-Jurek Isaac Neumann (2 months)
Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5:

Author Alke Karowski (3 months)
Bis zum Abendprogramm laßt die Tanzschuhe sprechen oder einfach nur
hören... .-)

Author CmPuke101 (1 month)
Cm punk sucks

Author Neyder Tavares Fonseca (1 month)
Da Série Grandes Mestres Grandes Obras

Author Teodor Viorel Botezat (7 hours)
Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5:

Author Kim Karniol (12 days)
Being raised on classical music and the majestic voice of Frank Sinatra, I
have to say, this was always my favorite piece.

Author Russian Patriot (7 days)
Surprising that even in a such a beautiful music video,i see people arguing
and talking about things like bieber,this thing whose name starts from b
isn't music,why would you insult such a beautiful song by talking about
crapy sounds,because bieber is a sound not music....Talk about some other
beautiful songs of composers like
bach,mozart,tsaichovskiy,prokofiev,beethoven,vivaldi,shostakovich etc
etc,why would we talk about hollywood people,people who listen to the
artists i mentioned can't even consider hollywood "singers" music

Author Marina Zoege von Manteuffel (26 days)
I was born in 1930, learned to love and appreciate this wonderful world of
classical music in the '40's and was blessed to have the best of orchestras
and musicians but in 1970, it started the decline in quality and brilliance
to where today; it has become so artificial and commercial today as well as
amateurish, very sad.

Author Donatella Bellu (2 months)
Buon fine settimana a tutti.....CON BRIO!

Author Charlie Rivera (2 days)
I listen to all sorts of classical music, but I'm ashamed to admit whenever
I hear this I think of Charlie Chaplin shaving someone.

Author Ioana Marin (11 days)
Evrika, I found out the name of the play. When I was younger, I watched
Looney Tunes and I listened this song. Since then, I am always searching
for it. Thanks! And thank you, Looney Tunes!

Author jack bishop (2 days)
this song is on the london 2012 olympic games game in gymnastics- floor

Author Manovary Manovary (17 days)
LISZT Ferenc,BARTOK Bela,KODALY Zoltan il son tous de nationalite des

Author Stephen Martin (3 days)
This recording seems to have a lot of flutter. Does anyone else notice it?

Author The Classical Music Page (1 month)
Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5 :)

Author Samuel Maucaille Apolinario (6 days)
meister ist Brahms sicherlich einzigartig.

Author Danilo ughini (2 days)
Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5

Author Bbw Feeling (10 days)
ooo my god at the end i found these adorable music

Author Ichiko N.A.B. (22 days)
How are there so many photographs and portraits? It's as though Brahms was
preemptively preparing for the Twitter selfie storm (but he was probably
more cultured thsn that).

Author Нина Кашкан (18 days)
Брамс -- великий композитор !!! БРАВО!!!

Author freitagwirdallesgut (24 days)
I just recently stumbled upon a lot of classical pieces and I'm pretty
surprised because I know most of these melodies, just never knew where they
were from. So I'm very happy that I know now!

Author MedicMuffin (2 months)
Am I the only one who feels like this is really, REALLY slow?

Author Bert Lasseel (21 day)
Byoutiful lel

Author Isa G. Cat (1 month)
Johannes Brahms - hungarian Dance N.5

Author overclockeador (11 days)
This nigga was really good looking.

Author Laure Hierche (1 month)
Beautiful version. I like. Who is the orchestra and the director?

Author manok750i (9 days)
rip in peace sweet prince 

Author J.P Pereira. (16 days)
there is a movie with this song, or similar song?? hoo it's a great song by
the way.

Author Renji Abarai (2 months)
Can someone tell me the name of waltz that mostly used in commercials?
Thanks in advance!

Author Murat çetindağ (27 days)
Dinleyen tek türk benmıyım :'( uhuhuhu 

Author Nadeto Mirkova (23 days)

Author Rodolfo Daza (18 days)
Piezas de la música como ésta, nos hace tener la certeza de lo bien que
están hechas, así seamos neófitos en el medio.

Author Sushmita Dey (1 month)
This is one of my favorite composition which I must have heard 1000times.
In my life, I have heard many compositions, but this is very special.

Author Zoro Foro (1 month)
PREKRASNO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author javier ami (22 days)
Cartoon networks the three little pigs 

Author John Gray (26 days)
Yes, I suspect we are very close in our philosophy and taste in music and
perhaps something more profound, a special sense of beauty that few have
among our eight billion and has always been so in nature.

Author Amaderpus AJ (7 days)
put it on 2 and enjoy :T

Author Kapow Figuras (11 days)
Play the Czardas!

R.I.P. Leslie Nielsen

Author ndgve (11 days)
513 people are deafs

Author Bailey Decker (1 month)
I played this in orchestra and then got to see it performed by the Belgium
Philharmonic orchestra. Such an experience.

Author Lone Wanderer (1 month)
Drive Anna!! Drive!!!

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