Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5

Johannes Brahms
Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G minor

The German composer, pianist, and conductor Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) was one of the most significant composers of the 19th century. His works greatly enriched the romantic repertory.

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Author Ty Burney (2 months)
The Looney Tunes brought me here, I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Author The Classical Music Page (3 months)
Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5 :)

Author Melissa Melissa (21 day)
Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5:

Author John Gray (3 months)
I was born in 1930, learned to love and appreciate this wonderful world of
classical music in the '40's and was blessed to have the best of orchestras
and musicians but in 1970, it started the decline in quality and brilliance
to where today; it has become so artificial and commercial as well as
amateurish, very sad.

Author John Gray (22 days)
6,005 comments! Wow! Brahms must be pleased.
So we few on top here are still current, I suppose.
But have any among all of us gained any enlightenment?
This is the question.
But we are certainly having fun and for certain, we all like to talk.
Let us continue but keeping it pleasant and uplifting.

Author carmen petrus (1 month)
Dansul nr.5 al lui Brahms cu orchestra !

Author Gus Jasper (7 days)
Valiant hearts brought me here.

Author Natalie Saints (3 months)
Ahhhhhhhh! I remember hearing this as a child. I've always wanted to know
the name of this musical piece, and know I found it! :D 

Author L Cristopher (2 days)
I'm only 16 and I like this music.
I'm 14 and I like this music.
I'm 4 and I like this music.
I'm 3 months old and I like this music.
I'm 2 days old and I like this music.
I'm 2 hours old and I like this music.
I'm still a fetus and I like this music.
I'm an embryo and I like this music.
I'm still an egg cell and I like this music.
I'm a strand of DNA and I like this music.
I'm a Carbon atom (not yet part of a DNA strand) and I like this music.
I'm a Neutron (soon to be part of a Carbon atom) and I like this music.
I'm still a Quark and I like this music.

Author Bozena Nowakowska (14 days)

Author Isa Ginger Kat (3 months)
Johannes Brahms - hungarian Dance N.5

Author Renji Abarai (4 months)
Can someone tell me the name of waltz that mostly used in commercials?
Thanks in advance!

Author Rainbow Soviet Dash (8 days)
So many songs that are printed in our subconscious but we never knew the
names of them.
This is one of them. I love it.

Author Holger Hirrschoff (4 months)

Heute begebe ich mich dann auch einmal in die Klassische Ecke.
Johannes Brahms, 07.05.1833 in Hamburg geboren, gestorben am 03.04.1897 in
Wien - dort auch beerdigt.
Aus seiner letzten Lebenszeit stammen Fantasien, Intermezzi und die
Ungarischen Tänze.
Ich habe für Euch den Hungarian Dance No.5 herausgesucht und wünsche Euch
dann auch eine Gute Nacht.

Author Saveta Petkovic (4 months)
i danas su me zasvrbele vruće političke teme. ali, neću da pišem.

radije pozivam priajtelje odavde ako su u kondiciji da sa svojim damama,
zaplešu uz temperamntnu melodiji Bramsa. 

Author Franklyn-Jurek Isaac Neumann (4 months)
Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5:

Author Sylvie simonnet (1 month)
Un petit aveu : en musique j'ai des goûts très éclectiques. Ce soir c'est
... musique classique.

Author Anna Ziółkowska (1 month)
Jestem zakochana w Tańcach węgierskich Brahmsa i bez przerwy do nich

Author David Bigio (16 days)
Steve Aoki brought me here **Grabs popcorn**

Author Simone Signoret (26 days)

Author Spielma Was (6 months)
Why do i associate this with Austria-Hungary? It seems the Danube is
floating by in an instant i hear this music.

It's not because i'm austrian, i suppose...

Author Donatella Bellu (4 months)
Buon fine settimana a tutti.....CON BRIO!

Author Will ThreeSevenDoubleZero (17 days)
Civ 5 brought me here, i always wondered what this song was called in
valiant hearts...

Author Rohollah Haidari (8 days)
why isn't this song at the iphone list at tube?

Author Katalin Urbán (1 month)

Author RedEye (1 month)
I'm going to get scolded.

This looks very very close to a waltz piece. I mean it's just one step far.

Author Böbe Babik (26 days)
Ez csodaszép!! :-))))

Author Roblox Reviews&Gameplay (1 month)
M&B Napoleonic wars has this song on it That's why I looked it up lol.

Author Ayse Chapurella Ekinci (3 days)
YouTube'da şu videoya bakın:

Author Alex Catsvill (4 months)
Шинковка прекратилась. я жив, шефиня связалась с жуткой женщиной.

Я готов прямо сейчас ехать в горы, зачем до завтра ждать, поехали прямо
сейчас, подальше от злых людей...

Author Mert Esin (1 month)

Author [D]arkOOO. (1 month)
am i the only one who thinks that The Godfather main theme was inspired in
this melody?

Author sirius chris (1 month)
valse n°5 de brahms

Author Cezar Lacrone (9 days)
Such as young Liszt, but the beard at old ages :)

Author Actrita (16 days)
Johannes Brahms, * 7.05.1833 Hamburg - 3.04.1897 Wien... Thank you very
much for the very beautiful Video...

Author im next to you (24 days)
valiant hearts the great war brought me here

Author Jon Alvarez (19 days)
The last one to comment is a rotten egg , so unless you want to be a rotten
egg I am last

Author megaHero73 (11 days)
Streetlight Manifesto brought me here.

Author Sabine D (10 days)
Celle qui accompagne un film culte ! Le dictateur ! un régal !

Author monica L Garcìa (5 days)
El adversario de Wagner.
Me quedo con Bhrams. <3 

Author Zharten Segver (19 days)
Simplemente salir a la vida con alegría

Author Flóra Szabó (3 days)

Author Tomas Lazickas (7 days)
Dracula: dead and loving it...

Author Unzip Piznu (1 month)

Author Tjentiji (1 month)
Donkey Konga brought me here.

Author Philippe Bertin (28 days)
Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5 :

Author Gail Ranson (21 day)
only heard this as a ring tone before and on bugs .like it its fun and

Author Néstor Osvaldo Martínez (1 month)

Author Zareisha Beauty (4 months)
What if Johann B​ach (1685-1750) reincarnated as Johannes Brahms
(1833-1897) and then reincarnated as Justin Bieber (1994-)?

Author GLORIA TAMAYO (13 days)
sin palabras

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