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Author Certim (28 days)
Valiant Hearts brought me here.(Funniest part in game:D)

Author Gus Jasper (2 months)
Valiant hearts brought me here.

Author sovietchampagne (1 month)
i'm really feeling this. that being said, people my age who try and claim
some kind of superiority by saying they like this better than whatever
contemporary music have got a real stick in their ass. ultimately, the
amount of attention someone pays to music or arts isn't necessarily a
proper gauge of intelligence -- i say this as someone who is VERY much into
the arts. in addition, the "virtue" of music is kind of subjective. jazz
(which this isn't, just take it as an example) is a genre most people
consider very "mature" and "intellectual" today, but 80-90 years ago it was
seen pretty much the way old people see rap music nowadays.

Author Ty Burney (4 months)
The Looney Tunes brought me here, I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Author Curtis Stokman (29 days)
Jacksepticeye brought me here with his latest Valiant Hearts: The Great War
video. Am I ashamed? No.

Author John Gray (5 months)
I was born in 1930, learned to love and appreciate this wonderful world of
classical music in the '40's and was blessed to have the best of orchestras
and musicians but in 1970, it started the decline in quality and brilliance
to where today; it has become so artificial and commercial as well as
amateurish, very sad.
I now add that virtually no one really cares of what we think so why do we
post our comments?.

Author Gabriel Tagarro (23 days)
Johannes Brahms nace en Hamburgo el 7 de Mayo de 1833

Author Zareisha (6 months)
What if Johann B​ach (1685-1750) reincarnated as Johannes Brahms
(1833-1897) and then reincarnated as Justin Bieber (1994-)?

Author Míriel Eledhwen (13 days)

Author Luiz Pedro Da Silva (1 day)
Bn.Entre tantas escolhi esta para dividir com meus amigos. É isso,enjoy.

Author Edi Biancalana Bianchini (1 month)

Author carmen petrus (3 months)
Dansul nr.5 al lui Brahms cu orchestra !

Author Scarlett Kaur (19 days)
Maravilhoso!!! ✿⊱╮

Author Bozena Nowakowska (1 month)

Author John Gray (2 months)
6,005 comments! Wow! Brahms must be pleased.
So we few on top here are still current, I suppose.
But have any among all of us gained any enlightenment?
This is the question.
But we are certainly having fun and for certain, we all like to talk.
Let us continue but keeping it pleasant and uplifting.

Author Marlene Martins (20 days)
# Para mães que gostam de clássicos.

Author David Bigio (2 months)
Steve Aoki brought me here **Grabs popcorn**

Author Stephen Carter (23 days)
Johannes Brahms
Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G minor

The German composer, pianist, and conductor Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) was
one of the most significant composers of the 19th century. His works
greatly enriched the romantic repertory.

Author Michael Southern (6 days)
Europeans brought me here

Say *here in the comments if you're gay

Author Isa Ginger Kat (5 months)
Johannes Brahms - hungarian Dance N.5

Author Duflins McDuff (13 days)
Streetlight Manifesto brought me here haha

Author Melissa Melissa (2 months)
Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5:

Author Игорь Фанасов (21 day)
не Джазом единым...
«Писать музыку не так уж трудно, труднее всего — зачёркивать лишние ноты».
7 мая 1833 года (182 года назад) в Гамбурге (Германия) родился выдающийся
немецкий композитор, пианист и дирижер Иоганнес Брамс (Johannes Brahms).
Его первым учителем музыки стал отец – контрабасист городского театра.
Одаренный пианист, Иоганнес начал публично выступать уже в детские годы.
Будучи выходцем из необеспеченной семьи, он брался за любую работу –
переписывал ноты, аранжировал, играл в садах и ресторанах. Это, впрочем,
принесло определенную пользу юному Брамсу: будущий композитор вошел в
непосредственное соприкосновение с музыкой быта, которую широко использовал
в своем последующем творчестве.

Проникновение разных национальных культур весьма характерно для творчества
этого композитора. В 1853 году Брамс выступал в качестве аккомпаниатора с
венгерским скрипачом Ременьи. Иоганнес проникся красотой и увлекательностью
венгерских национальных мелодий, входивших в репертуар скрипача.
Впоследствии это нашло отражение в знаменитых «Венгерских танцах» и в ряде
других сочинений, где использованы характерные мелодические обороты и ритмы
венгерской народной музыки.

Начиная с 1862 года творческая деятельность Брамса теснейшим образом
связана с Веной. В этом городе, являвшемся тогда своеобразным музыкальным
центром, постоянно звучали австрийские, немецкие, венгерские, чешские,
словацкие, сербские песни и танцы, которые стали источником, питавшим
творчество Брамса.

Музыка Брамса живейшим образом оказала влияние на множество джазовых
музыкантов! Ведь его музыка до сих пор полна свежести и утверждает принципы
народности искусства! 

Author catalin stanciu (23 days)
07.05.1833 - S-a născut Johannes Brahms, compozitor, pianist şi dirijor
german. A compus simfonii, concerte pentru vioară şi pian, uverturi,
”Recviemul german”, sonate, rapsodii, lieduri, muzică de cameră, valsuri

Author Donatella Bellu (6 months)
Buon fine settimana a tutti.....CON BRIO!

Author Renji Abarai (6 months)
Can someone tell me the name of waltz that mostly used in commercials?
Thanks in advance!

Author RuZaa Z (1 month)

Author Rider450 (13 days)
eltorro64rus' "radio" brought me here

Author Jack Withrow (1 month)
I was brought here from Saints Row 2

Author Vera Regina (22 days)

Author SheepGaming (1 month)
Valiant Hearts,Mount and Blade Warband Napoleonic Wars these two games
brought me here and also Symphonic Music ^-^

Author 戴 Thajeb 道恩 Peterus (1 month)

Author Rafael Sevilla (1 month)
Remember this from Dracula dead and loving it!😁

Author Florian Doladille (24 days)

Author Alexandre Aleixo Moreno (1 month)
valiant hearts 💜

Author Jana Řezníčková (1 month)

Author alvarinyocom (1 month)
phat brahms - steve aoki & angger dimas vs. dimitri vegas & like mike

Author Madison Noble (21 day)
Surprisingly, Charlie Chaplin brought me here.
That, and the second Hungarian rhapsody by Liszt mixed with some slight

Author Lipták Gergely Simon (9 days)
I am hungarian. This brought me here.

Author Rayni Intansari (27 days)
🎶🎶🎶 💙💚💙 I loooove this!

Author Márton Székely (26 days)
Magyarok forever

Author PravdaKatyusha (4 days)
valiant hearts and civ rev brought me here and also because this is a great

Author Péter Ring (1 month)
Mozart - Turkish March brought me here.
Mozart - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik brought me to Turkish march.
And youtube search brought me to the Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. :D

Author Emir kirpiabi (1 month)

Author Vinicius Suiciniv (5 days)
Classic music for WHITE PEOPLE. White pride. Classic Music <3

Author LionRoseProductions (1 month)
I just LOVE it!
childhood cartoons memories ^_^

Author Elikal Ialborcales (1 month)
It will always remind me of Chaplins barber scene in The Great Dictator.

Author Anna Ziółkowska (3 months)
Jestem zakochana w Tańcach węgierskich Brahmsa i bez przerwy do nich

Author Ariana Nehrbass (1 month)
Ok, where have I heard this before? it's going to drive me nuts... maybe
some Disney cartoon used it...

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