Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5

Johannes Brahms
Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G minor

The German composer, pianist, and conductor Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) was one of the most significant composers of the 19th century. His works greatly enriched the romantic repertory.

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Author alex9920iasi ( ago)
Am I the only one who is thinking of dancing pigs while listening to this
charming Hungarian inspired classical music piece?

Author Maru Genia ( ago)
I love it...

Author SIERRA Baldock ( ago)
Beautiful piece of art and amazing music

Author LuiDeca ( ago)
why is this version soooo sloooow

Author gaming school ( ago)
Tomorrow i will have test from this song lol

Author Silke J. ( ago)
Das ist soo schön <3

Author Brando Barrera ( ago)
0:34 Thats some really nice hairstyle

Author Eugene Kazimir ( ago)
Gracias! My soul is on the 7th Heaven of the blessing!

Author Татьяна Склярова ( ago)
Слов нет ,чтобы выразить весь восторг . Спасибо!!!!!

Author shadow “shadowking13” king13 ( ago)
At the beginning am I the only one that kinda wants to start doing a high
speed waltz and the rest of the time I get the image of a czarist Russia
era ballroom with people dancing the same dance. Anyone else get that?

Author Emmanuel Gapud ( ago)
3:12 FAIL DX

Author Omer Faruk Karakas ( ago)

Author thanh ha le ( ago)
it 's very beautiful😀

Author Jan Aike ( ago)
Brahms, the ultimate santa claus look alike.

Author William Lucas ( ago)
That, or he glued it on

Author Nina P. ( ago)
Do you know who played this record?

Author Tyler Hogness ( ago)
sounds like bonestrousle. (undertale)

Author shineethebestofall ( ago)
nyeh heheh

Author Scourge Witcher ( ago)
Przepiękny utwór muzyczny...

Author Alek Parkinson (29 years ago)
Looney tunes

Author James Solbakken ( ago)
See the Mau Maus underneath the jungle sky Jolly Mau Maus eating missionary
pie! Then there's blubber the favorite of the fridid Eskimo Borscht is what
they're eating in the Soviet wait I think I got some on the stove yet.
Smorgasbord in Sweden is the winner In America it's tv dinner!

Author Escondidas Finn ( ago)
i dont like the ritardando at the beggining :(

Author Ocram ( ago)
Civilization Revolution :')

Author Braden Perry ( ago)
Played this along with No. 6 in my orchestra. Beautiful :)

Author cieldesu ( ago)
If only my generation appreciated this!!!1!11!

Author TheSkyrimGeek ( ago)
Came here from if and when we rise again. Who else?

Author ByAccordion ( ago)

Author Sarah Morey ( ago)
Can anyone else hear the electronic organ? I can hear it on headphones but
not on speakers and it makes this version sound quite modern compared to
others I have listened to.

Author Pipe Senhower999.8701 ( ago)
The haters ARE loose against Who Like this

Author Juan Flores ( ago)
what is life

Author Claudia Gomzales ( ago)
esta canción es festiva y elegante a la vez

Author Lexius Castro ( ago)
Not exist bad classical songs, all are good!

Author Cassie Cassidy ( ago)
I remember this song came on the electric piano my family had when I was
little. I would put on this song and pretend that I was playing it myself,
and sometimes my dad would dance along to it and I'd mess with the tempo to
make him go faster. Those were good memories.

Author Kaleb Starr ( ago)
Only 1897 kids remember this music. Like if you're a 1897's kid.

Author anyakakpol ( ago)
Charda ?

Author Ferencz Botond ( ago)

Author Lili B. ( ago)
I don't know why but this part 1:30 scares me a lot O.o

Author Никита Гришаев ( ago)
Мне почему-то это напоминает пьянку...

Author florin dan sandu ( ago)
i came here couz i wanted to

Author Tyrone Magnus ( ago)
I air thrust to this

Author Abdulkarim Yahya ( ago)
piano tiles 2 brought me here]

Author Ярослав Russia ( ago)

Author jonathan delaere ( ago)
fggh6ytug b

Author Sinikka Naumanen (1914 years ago)
From Heaven , it have to be severel dimensions in our word ....for this
kind of music ...

Author Alexander Gigliotti (1224 years ago)

Author TheUKNutter ( ago)
First heard this on Test Drive Unlimited! Why they never added a Classical
station on the sequel I will never know...

Author Aydan Mustafazade ( ago)

Author Soap Pmsm ( ago)
my song!

Author Mark Rand (Mark545) ( ago)
Piano Tiles 2

Author Ece Aydın ( ago)
lately I'm very into the classic music and now I'm wondering what was I
thinking before

Author Sherlock Holmes ( ago)
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anything we could have imagined. Mankind has come a long long way but we
have a little further to go, learning the truth of life is the next and
last step in mankind's evolution. This is truth you can and should check
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and read the top entry. What is said can and will transform mankind and the
world when enough people see it.

Author Sandy Ordoñez ( ago)
Johannes un genio de la composicion musical

Author rosa mendes ( ago)

Author Аскар Боженов ( ago)
He is the greatest musicians in the world

Author Leo ツ ( ago)
It's just sad for me someone just ReWrite an original Hungarian song and
call it "Hungarian Dance" it's "Csárdás" man "csárdás".

Author Guilherme Alencar ( ago)
Solid Ivory -Woody Woodypecker

Author 2TECH4YALL ( ago)
swear this reminds me of the mamushka!!

Author RoZita Bartok ( ago)
He was a looker in his younger days.

Author Kazia S. (kasa45) ( ago)
($( Z przyjemnością słucham tego nagrania- wspaniałe.)$)

Author MrLAYER2009 ( ago)
Who's here because of charlie chaplin as a barber?

Author Capitan Zukuzov ( ago)
who is the man that is on the right of johannes brahms

Author Monica Mullner ( ago)

Author Avelino oliveira ( ago)
intense genius music

Author Piero Scaglioni ( ago)
What the hell happened? Last time I heard this the views were around the
ten thousands, now it's beyond 15 million.

Author Ibis Mariot ( ago)
C'est beau ! mais comment ne pas aimer ?

Author Duy Tran ( ago)
" Phat Brahms" đã mang tôi tới đây

Author Βασιλική Δαλαγεώργου ( ago)
Θεϊκή μουσικη!!ανοι άγγελοι ψάλλουν μουσικη σίγουρα θα ειναι κλασική!!!

Author Lili Bognar ( ago)

Author No_Name ( ago)
piano tiles brought me here

Author ‫ארז רוזוליו‬‎ ( ago)

Author Alice M ( ago)
So lively :)

Author marko1309 ( ago)
secanje na crtani "Tri praseta" :D

Author Eperke Malvin Csapó ( ago)
Ennek mi köze a magyarokhoz a nevén kivűl?

Author marynoble ( ago)
velmi hezké

Author Bruno Kaczmar ( ago)
Fantastisch gestaltete Musikprogram-sooo!....kann das You Toube. DANKE !
Alles GUTE ...! - ....

Author Uchiha y Uzumaki ( ago)
impressionante! !

Author GD Dyno (Ludwig Van Beethoven) ( ago)
0:31 is it just me or does he look like Franz Liszt?

Author Dr.M. Pearson ( ago)
Is it OK that this reminds me of Russia and the Cossacks?

Author Diana Haraci ( ago)
it's verry beautyful!😀😊

Author Natalia Sofia Rajević Puškaš ( ago)
▕╭┻┻┻┛┗┻┻┛ ▕ ╰▏
You have been teleported to hell Give
Like or you will die In 30 Seconds

Author MrKlausbaudelaire ( ago)
went to a concert today, and the maestro had this song while the crowd
clapped in rhythm, he went all the way to guide our clapping with the
orchestra xD best-day-EVER!

Author victor petre ( ago)
ceardas dans unguresc!

Author MisterSurLeWeb ( ago)
John rachid rpz

Author White Blogger Black Specs ( ago)
0:35 Nick Cage is that you?

Author 29Evilbunny (702 years ago)
I swear I've heard this piece before, it's lovely in my opinion.

Author Erdal Cakiroglu ( ago)
hey Dr scout bist du halb englisch halb deutsch?

Author Erdal Cakiroglu ( ago)
this is the music from pencilmation Cartoons :Catson pawlick

Author Raiko Seria ( ago)
Renfield...You're stupid...

Author Yunus metin ( ago)

Author Divine Knight ( ago)
Would anyone happen to know the tempo of the song?

Author Nicolas ANSART ( ago)
Un vrai régal.

Author OldBoy ( ago)
Tom & Jerry

Author Ana-Maria Cocean ( ago)
si asta-i muzica, tinerilor !

Author teffo96 ( ago)
finally found it :')

Author Matías Klein ( ago)
am i the only one who saw nicolas cage on 0:35?

Author Tian Lin ( ago)
Hi!This music made my fish very active.

Author Kriztho Feretro ( ago)

Author ÖMER BÜBER ( ago)

Author LinLan Holzman-Crass ( ago)
I played this, it was more BRIGHTLY. This is still good though.

Author Seth Ross ( ago)
I have to Play this in Orchestra

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