Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5

Johannes Brahms
Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G minor

The German composer, pianist, and conductor Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) was one of the most significant composers of the 19th century. His works greatly enriched the romantic repertory.

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Author Duran ACE Patterson ( ago)
dracula dead and loving it lol

Author Gor gasm ( ago)
Damn, i can almost taste the palinka.

Author Bora Menges ( ago)

Author Sándor Sipos ( ago)

Author Naomi Nekomimi ( ago)
The Streetlight Manifesto song "If and When We Rise Again" references this
song in the ending! :3

Author Eliezer Almengor ( ago)
No quiero que termine, nunca.

Author Beatrice Cassandra ( ago)
does anyone know where to get the music sheet for this piece?

Author Simon Boros ( ago)
Lol nem tudtam hogy ez a neve ennek a számnak, de tök jó! ja és valójában
tf2 (NISLT) videokat néztem és idejöttem egy pár klasszikus számon
keresztül és rájöttem hogy szeretem a klasszikus zenét!

Author R Von Kluge ( ago)
Linda Musica

From Brazil

Author Αχιλλέας Βεργιώτης ( ago)
That is the bell in my school!!! From 0:15 until 0:22

Author Dheevesh M ( ago)
When I'm crying over the fact that I can't grow a proper beard, I leave
this to play

Author Arthur Filipe ( ago)
i'm really feeling it!

Author Clockwork “Gamma” Ultranicon ( ago)
I know this song so well because our textiles teacher use this as her
doorbell to enter the working area.

Author Matthew Daddino ( ago)
i am playing this song on violin for my concert, it is going to be amazing

Author BloodtoBody (369 years ago)
We had one kid who never failed to mess us up because he always forgot the
accidentals and tempo changes.

Author Concorde4711 ( ago)
Partly a little to slow for my taste, they have taken the momentum out oft
Still a great piece of music, but i favorite when it's played more

Author Mr Jiim ( ago)
looney tunes

Author Mr Jiim ( ago)
looney tunes

Author jaybogataj ( ago)
Man with such a beard must've known his shit. Epic piece.

Author American Dream Renovations ( ago)
Donald doc

Author Nieve Andrea ( ago)
I can't listen to this song without seeing Chaplin's barber scene in "The
Great Dictator" XD

Author TK94732 ( ago)
thanks 3M Hong Kong use this!

Author Alejandro Vidal ( ago)

Author Cientist tk ( ago)
Amaing , one off mmy best favorites musics

Author WOOO Entertainment ( ago)

Author Mehmet Ali Aslsner ( ago)
it makes me so concentrated when i study :d

Author Moda Hombre ( ago)
simplemente exelente

Author Evan LaBella ( ago)
Little Eiensteins

Author hackeronte ( ago)
0:25 MASON

Author Teodora Agata ( ago)
it's fantastic!

Author Bimalesh Sarkar ( ago)
hearing a classic after long time

Author alen rosen ( ago)
i cannot avoid to think in the three piggies when i listen this piece

Author Hamizan Sudarsono ( ago)
steve aoki brought me here aka phat brahms

Author Weegeesquare ( ago)
Fuck I got here from Mario & Sonic

Author youssuf kamara ( ago)

Author Michael Havas ( ago)
I came here because I'm half-Hungarian. Anybody with me? No? Okay...

So I'm here because Otto Waalkes did a comedy show with this. And because
every time I hear it I see him jump around like a madman.

Author br39161 ( ago)
God bless Hungary , keep ur great culture safe , greetings from France .

Author Junior Francoia ( ago)
Looney tunes :D

Author A Goren ( ago)
Isn't this music by Johannes Brahms which the Syria's Philharmonic
Orchestra played during the PBS Frontline program titled : Inside Assad's
Syria with Martin Smith reporting?

Author Nicolas Delgado ( ago)
Epic as fuck, I want to be hungarian

Author An Bar ( ago)
Одни интуристы в обсуждениях. Не с кем мнением перекинуться...

Author Andrei091989 ( ago)
This always remembers me of Dracula: Dead and Loving It!

Author jaguar15ful ( ago)
Una de las más lindas piezas de la música clásica. Saludos desde el Perú.

Author jaguar15ful ( ago)
Una de las más lindas piezas de la música clásica. Saludos desde el Perú.

Author maria batista ( ago)
Maravilhosa música.

Author Jon Cain ( ago)
Sounds like gypsy music

Author NightslayerHD ( ago)

Author SpringTGM // TheGoldenMinecart ( ago)
Please don't Brahms Hungarian dance no. 5

Author Héloïse Alhaits ( ago)
How can the atmosphere of this song change in just 1 second? calm, then
really angry, then sweet but with strong personnality.. This is the reason
why this song is so intense and appreciated I think! *-*

Author Reinaldo Lopes ( ago)
Magnífico , estupendo.

Author Daniel Gros ( ago)
Danses hongareses, música plena de vitalitat, de marcada arrel folklòrica
donada pel pas de tants contingents humans per aquestes precioses terres
hongareses.Res a veure amb l'actitud mesquina de l'actual govern pel que fa
als refugiats de guerra sirians.

Author Rade007 ( ago)
For the first time,I heard this song in the cartoon of Trhree pigs.

Author Uyen Chi VAL Hoang ( ago)
a little too slow, otherwise, marvelous and beautiful

Author Mario Cassina ( ago)
Marx, Engels, Brahms, the Civil War Generals of both sides...hispsters,
they have invented anything new...

Author Yoon Ja Park ( ago)
This piece reminds me of my freshman year in SNU (1955). It was played in
the cafeteria of the Liberal Arts College in Dong-Soon-Dong, Seoul. My
stomach was hungry then but this music upped my spirit.

Author David Boson ( ago)
the stop start music is deceiving and hard to dance to.

Author FunkyBiladaCat ( ago)
Ultor's boss is dead!

Author Silvina De Oliveira ( ago)
Che meraviglia!!!

Author nicoZ11119 ( ago)
Me recuerda la canción "El santo grial", de Mägo de Oz

Author fazie nova ( ago)
Toute une histoire en une seule musique!.

Author Ladyhart21 ( ago)
Yes! Been looking for this song since my roomies and I played the crap
outta Just Dance 3. I can't listen to this song without thinking about the
corresponding dance moves, so it always brings back good memories. :)

Author Joseph Wankmueller ( ago)
I've just got wonder about the people who vote to dislike this music. If
one goes out of their way to listen to this kind of music I don't
understand how they couldn't like it. I guess in a world raised on pop
music it isn't too surprising, just a little sad...

Author LordMontystink ( ago)
I couldn't help noticing that in Brahms' pictures as an older gentleman, he
has a beard yet, as a younger man, he had not. I reckon that he must have
grown it at some point.

Author smithredhawk ( ago)
Always reminds me of bugs bunny or tom and jerry

Author Sasha Djordjevic ( ago)
Extra :)

Author Aurélie & Joris Terrier ( ago)
It' s à very good music

Author Faera Lane ( ago)
Goosebumps! :)

Author nagy zoli ( ago)
Aaa.. is this not the "Blue Danube"? It seems very similar..

Author Kieran Findlay ( ago)
I'm 10 years old and like this! Give me attention!

I actually came here from the game Valiant hearts

Author Iuliu Zsejki ( ago)

Author Berna H. Aydıner ( ago)
When I listen to this compozitions I feel like a Czar inheritres ,heir
myself in the palace of the Russian Csars..So I'm starting it in the bright
days to waltz in my mind
Ne müthiş bir yorum ve eser Dünya yok olsa da bu eserler yok olmamalı. ..

Author ‫هدوء البحر‬‎ ( ago)
روعة روعة أعجبتني كثيرا تسلموا شكراً

Author sexxyperv ( ago)
Please, people. Understand that what you're listening to are not called
songs; there is no singing involved here. These are called orchestral
'pieces'. Pieces, people!. Not 'I love this song' but 'I love this piece'!

Author carlos cerna alvarez ( ago)
basta de malditas publicidades politicas ,como arruinan la musica ,con esos
hijos de perra

Author Kristóf Suhajda ( ago)
Gyertek barátaim! Magyar vagy sem,
Németek, Svédek, Mindegy a nem.
Táncoljunk reggeltől egészen estig,
Mert holnap egész végig fog esni...

Author Michelle ROBORY DEVAYE ( ago)
envoutant et plus encore

Author Francis Francis ( ago)
I like Steve aoki's better -- Phat Brahms

Author Miguel Quispe ( ago)
Alguien le recuerda el episodio de los tres cerditos y el lobo!!

Author Cody Walker ( ago)
I do

Author Cody Walker ( ago)
dance that song in school

Author David Amero (270 years ago)
This is awesome!

Author Fabian Melo ( ago)
Estas obras llenan el alma y el espíritu y es motivo suficiente para pensar
en alto nivel. Cultivemos también el espíritu.

Author RockSplitter ( ago)
One of those many classical songs I've heard a million times, but could
never name.

Author nilce santiago ( ago)
soy la única que pensó que es guapo??? ._.

Author Kyle Breitels ( ago)
Brahms is my after school program teachers name

Author Armando Bacerril ( ago)
i was listening to lou reed and then i get here, its cool

Author sokky desmond ( ago)
Perfect song to play when being chased by several bombers, fighters, and a

Author mihajlo lozanovski ( ago)
Ste ova ludi licota

Author Blane Pope ( ago)
So beautiful

Author Doug_ ( ago)
Play anything that's fast past and disastrous, and it fits *perfectly.*

Author Angelo James Mordini ( ago)
Love it

Author Marlene Kalchschmiedt ( ago)
Eines meiner lieblings Stücke ~ eigentlich ungewöhnlich für eine 13jährige

Author DLCom ( ago)
Will always remind me of the barber-shop-scene in "The Great Dictator". I
really love Brahms.

Author Byron Griffin ( ago)
who came here from watching Dracula dead and loving it

Author NK Trung ( ago)
Steve Aoki brought me here :D

Author Murat cakın ( ago)
hep sevmişimdir.

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