Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5

Johannes Brahms
Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G minor

The German composer, pianist, and conductor Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) was one of the most significant composers of the 19th century. His works greatly enriched the romantic repertory.

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Author Holger Hirrschoff (19 days)

Heute begebe ich mich dann auch einmal in die Klassische Ecke.
Johannes Brahms, 07.05.1833 in Hamburg geboren, gestorben am 03.04.1897 in
Wien - dort auch beerdigt.
Aus seiner letzten Lebenszeit stammen Fantasien, Intermezzi und die
Ungarischen Tänze.
Ich habe für Euch den Hungarian Dance No.5 herausgesucht und wünsche Euch
dann auch eine Gute Nacht.

Author TheDude90100 (5 months)
valiant hearts players incoming..

Author Shibo the Goat (1 month)
What if Johann B​ach (1685-1750) reincarnated as Johannes Brahms
(1833-1897) and then reincarnated as Justin Bieber (1994-)?

Author The Classical Music Page (2 days)
Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5 :)

Author Lupus Verdi (3 months)
Why do i associate this with Austria-Hungary? It seems the Danube is
floating by in an instant i hear this music.

It's not because i'm austrian, i suppose...

Author Natalie Saints (9 days)
Ahhhhhhhh! I remember hearing this as a child. I've always wanted to know
the name of this musical piece, and know I found it! :D 

Author Donatella Bellu (1 month)
Buon fine settimana a tutti.....CON BRIO!

Author MedicMuffin (25 days)
Am I the only one who feels like this is really, REALLY slow?

Author Isabel Cardoso (18 days)
Brahams, "Rapsodia n.5"Sempre que escuto esta peça, encontro algo mais
bonito, que de novo me faz escuta-la.Adoro!!!!

Author Isa M. (13 days)
Johannes Brahms - hungarian Dance N.5

Author evolutiondoesntstop nl (13 days)
star trek the next generation episode boobytrap brought me here <3 haha

Author Renji Abarai (1 month)
Can someone tell me the name of waltz that mostly used in commercials?
Thanks in advance!

Author Rosa Elena Astrid Marino H. (18 days)

Poema 10 - Pablo Neruda.

Hemos perdido aun este crepúsculo.
Nadie nos vio esta tarde con las manos unidas
mientras la noche azul caía sobre el mundo.

He visto desde mi ventana
la fiesta del poniente en los cerros lejanos.

A veces como una moneda
se encendía un pedazo de sol entre mis manos.

Yo te recordaba con el alma apretada
de esa tristeza que tú me conoces.

Entonces, dónde estabas?
Entre qué gentes?
Diciendo qué palabras?
Por qué se me vendrá todo el amor de golpe
cuando me siento triste, y te siento lejana?

Cayó el libro que siempre se toma en el crepúsculo,
y como un perro herido rodó a mis pies mi capa.

Siempre, siempre te alejas en las tardes
hacia donde el crepúsculo corre borrando estatuas.

Author Gregory House (21 day)
Is there a wolf chasing pigs... how do you say, in a polka?

Author John Gray (13 days)
I was born in 1930, learned to love and appreciate this wonderful world of
classical music in the '40's and was blessed to have the best of orchestras
and musicians but in 1970, it started the decline in quality and brilliance
to where today; it has become so artificial and commercial today as well as
amateurish, very sad.

Author Juan Caceres (9 days)
Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5:

Author harsishava (3 days)
I always invariably think of Charlie Chaplin with this one.

Author Hasan K Duruer (15 hours)
meaning of excellence

Author Saveta Petkovic (1 month)
i danas su me zasvrbele vruće političke teme. ali, neću da pišem.

radije pozivam priajtelje odavde ako su u kondiciji da sa svojim damama,
zaplešu uz temperamntnu melodiji Bramsa. 

Author zachwolfe239 (4 days)
I'm just gonna say it. The Great Dictator brought me here :3

Author Marc Chiappetta (15 days)
Am i the only one who found this one Civilization Revolution (Great Game)
and loved it, couldn't get it out of my head, and had to find out what it
is and download it

Author Marina Fais (1 month)
Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5:

Author bladimiro enrique valbuena gonzalez (13 days)
Echa un vistazo a esta lista de reproducción en YouTube: Johannes Brahms!..
Otro de los grandes de la historia de la Música Clásica!!..

Author Leticia Orozus (11 days)
Tan exquisita música!!!! Me hace volar.

Author msinvincible2000 (20 days)
In Star Trek, captain Kirk and Spock met the man who was immortal on Earth,
and was Moses, da Vinci and Brahms :)

Author Alex Wolf (1 month)
Шинковка прекратилась. я жив, шефиня связалась с жуткой женщиной.

Я готов прямо сейчас ехать в горы, зачем до завтра ждать, поехали прямо
сейчас, подальше от злых людей...

Author Kent Burnett, Jr. (6 days)
One of my favorite pieces of all time.

Author Fritz Maisenbacher (3 months)
too slow ....

Author Alke Karowski (2 months)
Bis zum Abendprogramm laßt die Tanzschuhe sprechen oder einfach nur
hören... .-)

Author Suha Z (9 days)
old cartoons had quiet the taste of music 

Author Zsuzsanna Csabai (8 days)
I wonder who can sign the bottom dislike?!

Author Isabella James (10 days)

Author Frank Neumann (19 days)
Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5:

Author Diana Soto (1 month)
I remember this piece from a video game ( Donkey Konga, gamecube). I
finally found the original piece! thanks! 

Author ultorwar (11 days)
I listen to this every time i shave.

Author aldar batkhishig (5 days)
powerful song

Author Kristian Vero (19 days)
kenge shume e bukur ...... e kam pare te filmat e caplinit :P ....... me
pelqen pjesa e fillimit me shume......

Author MatzeloxDD . (22 days)
I think when writing the Song, this man had alot of mixed Melodies in his

Author The Sebestyén (9 days)
Hungary home.

Author nikos evergreen (29 days)
Thank you for this wonderful uploading!!!..could you pls inform me'bout
who's conducting this is?

Author tomato010010 (13 days)
Heard this song live today. It was AMAZING!

Author theblissfullone (13 days)
... I remember a ballet dance to this, such a wonderful piece of music ... 

Author Minarus Infernus (2 months)
For Christ sake, is no-one here because it's a great classical piece? It
may have been in a game but that shouldn't be the reason to listen to it!
Listen to it because it's a great composition and not because it was in
some game you bought and thought 'This reminds me of the game'. That is the
ENTIRELY WRONG reason to really enjoy this piece...

Author changuis jjh (2 days)
Steve aoki! :D

Author MrKristoferLi (1 month)
Who cares where anyone heard this, its an amazing piece of music.

Author Танасій Штефюк (4 days)
Шедевр скрипки...

Author Stéphane G de G (1 month)

Author senorfro (20 days)
Is it me, or is the very end off key?

Author Bret Morris (26 days)
I played this song in my band and I loved it.

Author mrhicks957 (1 month)
Streetlight manifesto anyone?

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