Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5

Johannes Brahms
Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G minor

The German composer, pianist, and conductor Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) was one of the most significant composers of the 19th century. His works greatly enriched the romantic repertory.

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Author Lajos Sebők ( ago)
Beszélni Madzsar? :D

Author Rooth3al3x ( ago)

Author Nate Daviz ( ago)
Ladies and gentlemen...this is Hungarian Dance number 5.

Author Siar M Mosa ( ago)
0:36 Channing Tatum :D

Author TheHappy_P0tat0 ( ago)
I found it!
Thank you Leslie Nielsen!

Author Marijo Barraza ( ago)

Author Rawb Wasab ( ago)
Who came from gabe the dog?

Author Larry Cox ( ago)
During his puberty years Brahms made pocket money playing piano in Hamburg

Author Hiwe Vertrieb ( ago)
Charles Chaplin hat nach diesem Tanzlied eine herrvorragende Rasur gemacht

Author Iris Lee ( ago)
IN 2:54 THE SNARE THINK ITS THE END SO THE SNARE Hit a couple of accent

Author Haruto Asou ( ago)
i have a pen :v

I want to step out of a Limousine with this playing behind me as I walk out
dramatically in a suit

Author KawaiiCookieWolf Kaiah ( ago)
I'm doing this for my school's orchestra! I'm playing the viola

Author nabilou34500 ezdas34 ( ago)
cespouri arrete la musique ta mre

Author Brighton Young ( ago)
Now on BBC four: Condensation. Previously on condensation...

Author Konstantin Didenko ( ago)
и.брамс . венгерский танец . классика

Author Max Staedelin ( ago)
That's Vaillant Hearth / Soldats inconnu Song!

Author Nalo Hiwi77uh i9ooo7 ( ago)

Author Bill de Witt ( ago)
This sounds a lot like the solo from El Santo Grial by Mago De Oz.

I think he might have stole it from them!

Author ponda9000 ( ago)
*Bojler eladó!*

Author XberiX 12 ( ago)
i am hungary / magyar vagyok /thank you Brahms/ köszönöm Bramsz

Author Solal Benamar ( ago)
je suis en train de l’arranger et il est super

Author Fake-ass Ninja Brian ( ago)
I can almost guarantee this song was in Civ 4.

Author Citlali Chie ( ago)
no se pero me gusta

Author OrillionNeckbreaker ( ago)

Author Klaus Acobo ( ago)
"Dracula: Dead and Loving It" anyone?

Author Autor ( ago)
snow bros? tumblepop? in what game? pls help!!

Author Carlon ( ago)
All this and I still kept the car in one piece

Author Maks Bondar ( ago)
как же это ритмично, классично, мелодично
щыкарно кароче

Author vogelmaster ( ago)
0:37 like Nicolas Cage

Author Rendell Sibal ( ago)
piano tiles 2 bought me here it is faster and have secret double taps make
me lose

Author Tomás Ignacio Varela Salinas ( ago)
come to brazil

Author Comet Star ( ago)
This is an amazing and absolutely fabulous piece of music and is great and
no music these days could possibly be better than this fabulosity amazing
awesome super great music

Author Teoman Kilic ( ago)
Who else is here because of forza horizon 3 :D hahahaha

Author Redneck Randle ( ago)
As I listen to this classical Hungarian tune, I search the world wide
interweb for bodacious pornography.

Author Erin Devane ( ago)
Tom and Jerry. Boom

Author ice_hawk10 ( ago)
i remember playing this in high school as first trombone. a little slower
on the tempo. great tune.

Author Nikol Galić ( ago)
love it😍

Author SteelReign55 ( ago)
+TorPedoCXC You're right, buddy... This must be the song, right?

Author Habeba Gamal ( ago)
it's really good

Author Felicia Heartfilia ( ago)
Who came here because it sounds so damn familiar when you hear the song?
And when you realized it, it's from little einstein. childhood song. =w=

Author Stormfeather of Hiddenclan ( ago)
I'm learning this on the piano. but why does it sound so familiar? was it
on little Einsteins?

Author LforLight ( ago)
First time I heard it, it was the background music to some crossword game
from like 15 years ago. I was to young to solve it, but the music was nice

Author Tatar ball ( ago)
This music reminds me of ww1

Author Tatar ball ( ago)

Author JustGamingChair ( ago)
This reminds me of this Mario game song, idk why

Author Isagrau Grau ( ago)

Author antonio serravezza ( ago)

Author imKire ( ago)
Papyrus? Is that you?

Author Barnabas Jones ( ago)
This brings me back to my looney tunes days lol!

Author Chiefs Kingdom ( ago)
One of the best classics

Author Anna Ziółkowska ( ago)
I znów ich słucham - chyba jestem uzależniona

Author sicario ver9 ( ago)

Author kOol oWsome kiDz ( ago)
If I was a human I would not be posting this sh*tty comment

Author combined 2004 ( ago)
valiant hearts:great war from ubisoft theres the reason im here

Author Nadeto Mirkova ( ago)
TALENT AND BEAUTY !!! BEAUTY AND TALENT !!! I listen, listen, listen . . .
. . . . . . . !!! The my soul, my heart and I are endless happy with this
beautiful music !!! Beautiful music !!! Eternal music !!! Music for all
generation !!! God bless the beautiful Johannes Brahms"s soul !!! Always
with a lot of love and light from Sofia - Bulgaria

Author Nadeto Mirkova ( ago)
Johannes Brahms ???!!! Dear fantastic Johannes Brahms, GOD BLESS THE YOUR
!!! All we - all world are very, very, very happy to listen GREAT Johannes
Brahms !!!

Author Wilson ( ago)
Valiant hearts anyone

Author Aa M ( ago)
Thumbs up if you can play it on piano... (nobody ehh xD :)

Author Jarmila Piero ( ago)
perfect for a mad dancing in the kitchen

Author EJK poet ( ago)
I always knew Mark Twain was a communist

Author Nadeto Mirkova ( ago)
BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE !!! ENDLESS THANKS and for YouTube Bulgaria for the
fantastic MIXx !!! Always with a lot of love and light N.Mirkova from Sofia
- Bulgaria

Author Voilà ( ago)
For this I imagine a lady fully-dressed, stripping herself off of a certain
piece of clothing at each stop the song realizes. Don't ask me why.

Author Karmelo Belasko ( ago)
zoragarri eta lasaigarri momentu berean musika motibatzailea.

Author Pam Miner ( ago)
Nice music and the photos and drawing of him are interesting.

Author Troll Magnet Alternate ( ago)
Who came from Civ. V?

Author M0butu ( ago)
soundtrack of the river Danube - beyond Austria

Author Jovanny Leyva ( ago)
I just want to know, anyone else at the age of 16 and listen to this as

Author FrankGam3r 's ( ago)

Author LupulAlb ( ago)
Love this!

Author LUCAS L. ( ago)
wer kennt den fantastischen film "der große diktator" ?

Author Mallika Puri ( ago)
charlie chaplin

Author oscar de jesus mesa chavarria ( ago)
sublime. como no disfrutar con tan agradable melodía . para mi lo es todo
una descripción exacta de tiempo y espacio. una eternidad...

Author ___ Brix__ ( ago)
Valiant Hearts!

Author Ryan Wu ( ago)

Author Blopan Ion ( ago)
Simplemente genial

Author Swifty_All Star ( ago)
Just imagine hearing it live back in the day!!! and now they say rap is
musci . . . . .

Author Anna Budai Tóth ( ago)
I'm Hungarian :P

Author mone neal ( ago)
I'm so excited to play this in orchestra!

Author Haller 20 ( ago)
Takiej muzyki można słuchać

Author Abbady abdel ( ago)
i just love this song so much it brings light and makes me wanna dance

Author Beatriz Villagomez ( ago)
Love it! ❤❤❤❤❤

Author Ejhecatzil Inukaze ( ago)
Merry Melodies!!!

Author Stoyan Haralampiev ( ago)
FK generations everyone listens to w/e he wants. I personally am 18 atm and
love this kind of music
especially hungarian dance

Author Bacaa Pl ( ago)
Who come from Valiant hearts?

Author Elise Guzman ( ago)
I heard this is Busch gardens soooo

Author TheOnlineTie ( ago)

Author flowrust ( ago)

Author Tarek Shokry ( ago)
i love that guy

Author Mc Kayky ( ago)
passa lá no meu canal pessoal

Author CeruleanSky ( ago)
Ah my daily dose of Raisin Brahms

Author Jesse Hernandez ( ago)
who plays this version. the one i have is faster than this one.

Author Ejhecatzil Inukaze ( ago)
Looney Toones!!

Author Zeusratex ( ago)
echt toll das Lied :D

Author MrPhandanhtuan ( ago)
Một nét nhạc phi phàm. 一個非凡音樂 !

Author Lommax G. ( ago)
Excelente. ¿Qué orquesta interpreta esto y quién es el director?

Author Manuel “MapMaker” Rubio ( ago)
LoneyToons musick!!! jaajajajaj!!!

Author Patricia Lawson ( ago)
Uploaded on Jun 1, 2011
The Hungarian Dances (German: Ungarische Tänze) by Johannes Brahms, are a
set of 21 lively dance tunes based mostly on Hungarian themes, completed in
1869. Only numbers 11, 14 and 16 are entirely original compositions. In
fact, number 5 was based on the csárdás by Kéler Béla titled "Bártfai
emlék" which Brahms mistakenly thought was a traditional folksong.

They are among Brahms' most popular works, and were certainly the most
profitable for him. Each dance has been arranged for a wide variety of
instruments and ensembles. Brahms originally wrote the version for piano
four-hands and later arranged the first 10 dances for solo piano. The most
famous Hungarian Dance is No. 5.

Brahms wrote orchestral arrangements for No. 1, No. 3 and No. 10. Other
composers, including Antonín Dvořák, orchestrated the other dances. These
composers were Andreas Hallén for No. 2, Paul Juon for No. 4, Martin
Schmeling for Nos. 5 to 7, Hans Gál for Nos. 8 and 9, Albert Parlow for No.
11 to 16. Dvořák orchestrated the last numbers.
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• Music
• "No. 6: Vivace" by Iván Fischer, Budapest Festival Orchestra, András
Keller & Kálmán Balogh (iTunes)

Author Jessika Mandič ( ago)
he was soooo handsome damn

Author Marie Pihl ( ago)
I played this last year. It was very hard to keep track of the beat and

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