Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5

Johannes Brahms
Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G minor

The German composer, pianist, and conductor Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) was one of the most significant composers of the 19th century. His works greatly enriched the romantic repertory.

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Author Ty Burney (1 month)
The Looney Tunes brought me here, I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Author John Gray (3 months)
I was born in 1930, learned to love and appreciate this wonderful world of
classical music in the '40's and was blessed to have the best of orchestras
and musicians but in 1970, it started the decline in quality and brilliance
to where today; it has become so artificial and commercial as well as
amateurish, very sad.

Author Shio the Goat (4 months)
What if Johann B​ach (1685-1750) reincarnated as Johannes Brahms
(1833-1897) and then reincarnated as Justin Bieber (1994-)?

Author Sylvie simonnet (28 days)
Un petit aveu : en musique j'ai des goûts très éclectiques. Ce soir c'est
... musique classique.

Author Natalie Saints (2 months)
Ahhhhhhhh! I remember hearing this as a child. I've always wanted to know
the name of this musical piece, and know I found it! :D 

Author Holger Hirrschoff (3 months)

Heute begebe ich mich dann auch einmal in die Klassische Ecke.
Johannes Brahms, 07.05.1833 in Hamburg geboren, gestorben am 03.04.1897 in
Wien - dort auch beerdigt.
Aus seiner letzten Lebenszeit stammen Fantasien, Intermezzi und die
Ungarischen Tänze.
Ich habe für Euch den Hungarian Dance No.5 herausgesucht und wünsche Euch
dann auch eine Gute Nacht.

Author Saveta Petkovic (3 months)
i danas su me zasvrbele vruće političke teme. ali, neću da pišem.

radije pozivam priajtelje odavde ako su u kondiciji da sa svojim damama,
zaplešu uz temperamntnu melodiji Bramsa. 

Author Lupus Verdi (5 months)
Why do i associate this with Austria-Hungary? It seems the Danube is
floating by in an instant i hear this music.

It's not because i'm austrian, i suppose...

Author CmPuke101 (2 months)
Cm punk sucks

Author Isabella James (2 months)

Author carmen petrus (7 days)
Dansul nr.5 al lui Brahms cu orchestra !

Author John Gray (8 hours)
This is an interesting comment from you, Mr, Brim. And you are right, it is
This world of the media is really not a form we people of my age should be
heard from.
But I a an isolated case and have really never been apart of society.
If you have rear Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury I am one of those men out
in the forest. Again I have lived and worked among many different societies
of people in our world so have a rather eclectic vision of things and one
never knows whose side I am on. I am also cheating for I should not be on
this site speaking of the things I do for this is a popular sit for the
young at heart - music and light stories and pleasant subjects.
But it is the only means I have of speaking with people for I have few
friends and live isolated here in the southeast of France which is rather a
special country and their media is quite slanted so it upsets me. Finally,
I am not religious and I am very upset with all of this religious
fanaticism that is inflaming our world and my government is part of it and
I do't like this. I am an American and quite proud of it and am wary of our
leader and his runner going about the world promoting his master's will. So
I use this site to speak against the ignorance of our leaders today. Does
this sound reasonable?


Author Anna Ziółkowska (5 days)
Jestem zakochana w Tańcach węgierskich Brahmsa i bez przerwy do nich

Author Franklyn-Jurek Isaac Neumann (3 months)
Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5:

Author 343mewa1 (3 months)
Grande Musica!!!!!!

Author Diana Soto (4 months)
I remember this piece from a video game ( Donkey Konga, gamecube). I
finally found the original piece! thanks! 

Author Peninism Recordings (1 day)
Ungarischer Zigeunerschwanz! Bums mich triefende Schweinefotze!

Author Marina Fais (4 months)
Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5:

Author RedEye (9 days)
I'm going to get scolded.

This looks very very close to a waltz piece. I mean it's just one step far.

Author Nagisa Furukawa (25 days)
Heavy Goes To The Store <3

Author Isa G. Cat (3 months)
Johannes Brahms - hungarian Dance N.5

Author sirius chris (28 days)
valse n°5 de brahms

Author Beatriz Martino (27 days)
Esta Danza Hungara es una belleza, fantastica y romantica,J. Brahms fue un
Gran Compositor !!!

Author Neyder Tavares Fonseca (2 months)
Da Série Grandes Mestres Grandes Obras

Author Dragon Low (27 days)
Dear Johannes Brahms, i think they are misunderstanding Hungarian Dance,
they are off about trying to find the meaning behind Cartoons and whether
they have or do not have intellectual aspects about them.
Certainly, i think they must, if Looney Tunes could understand the soul
behind the music created here and incorporate it into their show, that
would be considered intellectual.
As far as what goes on inside the show, it is for humor and entertainment
purpose, it isn't entitling itself to be intellectual therefore arguing
this point is rather null of fucks to give (i got time to partially explain
though to provoke your thought towards thinking why it is intellectual)
Based on designs, time, and not to mention the animation skills required
to apply your work to a program from a storyboard, create a plot per each
episode. Then, applying that to a show to virtually share one or several
writers minds to a piece of paper and connect it to an animator who shares
their thoughts by direction after working together and applying that over
moving pieces of the same art, that is also intellectual. The show was
successful, people watched it, and people still watch it today, the show is
still around, the show provides insight to people's minds, it provokes
thoughts. How it provokes thoughts i can't give a direct example(doesn't
mean i am wrong and if you think you need an example, you are not
intellectual :P), i do not watch Looney Tunes anymore, but ... i am sure if
you think beyond the shows surface you could think why or how a scene is
intellectual, there are often things a writer for widely known shows likes
to do to maintain it's audience. Simpsons with Oj Simpson, Family guy with
characters that are meant to be like real life celebrities, and many others
that led to the making of *memes*, those god awful, yet
satisfactory-sometimes-but-not-always memes.

Author bladimiro enrique valbuena gonzalez (3 months)
Echa un vistazo a esta lista de reproducción en YouTube: Johannes Brahms!..
Otro de los grandes de la historia de la Música Clásica!!..

Author Acear Bern (26 days)
back in those days when Hungary was one of the world's super powers, now it
is all the way under the dirt, but nothing lasts forever I suppose

Author Mat Mat-ina (23 days)
Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5:

Author Cashon Carter (28 days)
One of the best orchestral pieces of all time 

Author Timi 884 (3 days)
Charlie Chaplin shaving scene in The Great Dictator :)

Author Jaylene Santiago (1 day)
I love this type of music and I thought I was the only one

Author [D]arkOOO. (5 days)
am i the only one who thinks that The Godfather main theme was inspired in
this melody?

Author Böbe Babik (20 hours)
Ez csodaszép!! :-))))

Author john landis (21 day)
it was also the music from the looney tunes classic "pigs in a polka"
chuck Jones' manic retelling of the "three little pigs" folktale
Jones was a great lover of classical music and many of his cartoons are set
to the great classical works of the giants;Bach, Strauss, Wagner

Author Adam Bonin (7 days)
I like rock country and rap music but this has a soul to it that you just
don't get anywhere else

Author Alex Catsvill (3 months)
Шинковка прекратилась. я жив, шефиня связалась с жуткой женщиной.

Я готов прямо сейчас ехать в горы, зачем до завтра ждать, поехали прямо
сейчас, подальше от злых людей...

Author Flaw In your logical planetoid (7 days)

Author iwillieyou (17 days)
Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike implemented the melody in their song: "Phat
Brahms", Genre: EDM. Interesting to listen to it, but the original is
better :)

Author Renji Abarai (3 months)
Can someone tell me the name of waltz that mostly used in commercials?
Thanks in advance!

Author Dawid Grzegórzek (11 days)
Thats why I love Hungary ! Greetings from Poland !

Author TheChivas677 (13 days)
Charlie Chaplins "The Dictator" brought me here. Brilliant Music!

Author Josef Heidenhofer (4 days)
Check out my interpretation on my channel!

Author Esther Park (21 day)
This is like one of the pieces where it's thrilling to listen to but hard
to play yet the amazing piece itself urges you on.. 😄

Author Roblox Reviews&Gameplay (8 days)
M&B Napoleonic wars has this song on it That's why I looked it up lol.

Author Mega Trit (11 days)
Amusement or is it just me? Damn it would be fun to time travel 😈

Author eduardo francia (3 days)
Falta el conejo Bugs Bunny: )

Author Tjentiji (4 days)
Donkey Konga brought me here.

Author ashjgasdg mata (5 days)
...mai mult decat superb...

Author The Classical Music Page (2 months)
Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5 :)

Author maria masha (3 months)

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