A sweet collection of Magibon old videos

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Author toshi1270 (2 years)

Author MrVinColt (5 years)
Say something Magibon !

Author KawaiKano (2 years)
@MririanFan I CARE > . <

Author Libed24 (3 years)
this video could be much better with some tentacles

Author droidhorrible (5 years)
Uh, Magi isn't Asian so why in your tags says "Asian girl"?

Author jazfletcher95 (3 years)
that kids a freak. why do people even watch her videos? its shit.

Author RitsukaMemories (2 years)
@KawaiKano Lol.

Author ShiningMaya (1 year)
Its crazy cause she atually does look asian ...wth..

Author kawaiidoru (2 years)
@MririanFan when did she became asian or japanese?

Author bambambullies1 (3 years)
Omg, gotta love this girl ... I could just squeez her to death ... lol

Author danilogang (2 years)
fare qualcosina per la dentatura no?

Author Janeru (2 years)
0:15...that is so cute and creepy o_o!

Author malena markho (1 year)
look at her at 0:28

Author MRirian4 (4 years)
what song?

Author Tom Jenkins (1 year)
It was so boys wanked over her

Author Darrick Evenson (2 years)
Magibon Unmasked! A Shocking Expose' about Magibon. Go to: abbysac DOT
angelfire DOT c and o and m

Author skittlekissez123 (3 years)
shes japanesse?? wowww i never new that xP

Author fary2009able (2 years)
i don`t really know what you`re trying to do...but you are trying really
hard to look asian but you`re not...!!

Author britwigger (5 years)
You do good work, MRirianFan.

Author agent008wastaken (2 years)
0:15 gif please.

Author hanito294 (4 years)
Her face is a fat bitch. She needs cosmetic surgery.

Author jediking12 (5 years)
Cat Face at 00:18 lol Lets Dance Magibon!!! to the music

Author TheDelmo1 (2 years)
thaynaaaa thaynaaaaa kkkkkkk

Author kharmago (3 years)
Siempre se ve adorable, pero del 16 al 29 supera todas las
expectativas..... ME ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ENCANTA!!!!!!!!!

Author nubzi69hop (5 years)
im geting tired, sorry omfg :S

Author RockerChickBabe1234 (4 years)
the whole vid is the song it's called Aa ii Na by W(double u)

Author MririanFan (5 years)
who cares xD

Author nubzi69hop (5 years)

Author AerielleBuraD (2 years)
So...basically...this Magibon girl never speaks but only make video of her
"deer-in-the-head-lights" stare? :/

Author SpiderBump (2 years)
she looks like she is half japanese, either way she is so cute and I wish i
had her eyes and nose!

Author individualistic22 (2 years)
All she needs it's a lil nut spice wad in each eye bulb and she's ready

Author TheSoku16 (3 years)
echt süß :)

Author yournewfarther (2 years)

Author waternoy4578 (5 years)
she is very cute

Author VampiroDeLaFrontera (3 years)
❿ / ❿✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔

Author KawaiKano (2 years)
@RitsukaMemories bahaha xD she aint even japanese. she's an asian wannabe

Author newgaudi (5 years)
i am love nagibon es preciosa

Author playa4lyfe44 (3 years)
werido wtf

Author Seki Loves You (3 years)
wth is she doin with her nose?

Author NoShit12 (4 years)
She's the most cutest thing i have ever seen, but oddly i wouldn't do her.

Author rizc0o (4 years)
it's: ''W'' (double you) - ''Aa Li Na''

Author MATO1528 (5 years)
GOD!!! This song sounds so cute!!!

Author xxEdithisBossxx (5 years)
y did u put american for one of the tags

Author Jst0911 (4 years)
idk why your getting thumbs down, but asian guys have a magibon fetish for
sure. she prob uses those contacts which make her eyes huge i have a friend
who used them she looks like she has giant squid eyes

Author trixera99 (5 years)

Author Tina Marie (5 years)
what is the song ?

Author fanluo8 (5 years)

Author chocolatecafe14 (5 years)
Never mind, I found it! It's Berryz Koubou "Aa Ii Na!"

Author RFpunkchic (5 years)
Anata no kawaii~ :D eto, magi-chan wut song for BGM? arigatou gozaimashite
d*v*b Gyao~ d^-^b

Author chocolatecafe14 (5 years)
What's the song that plays during the first 10 seconds?

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