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Author malena markho ( ago)
look at her at 0:28

Author Tom Jenkins ( ago)
It was so boys wanked over her

Author ShiningMaya (606 years ago)
Its crazy cause she atually does look asian ...wth..

Author individualistic22 ( ago)
All she needs it's a lil nut spice wad in each eye bulb and she's ready

Author AerielleBuraD ( ago)
So...basically...this Magibon girl never speaks but only make video of her
"deer-in-the-head-lights" stare? :/

Author agent008wastaken ( ago)
0:15 gif please.

Author KawaiKano ( ago)
@MririanFan I CARE > . <

Author RitsukaMemories ( ago)
@KawaiKano Lol.

Author SpiderBump ( ago)
she looks like she is half japanese, either way she is so cute and I wish i
had her eyes and nose!

Author KawaiKano ( ago)
@RitsukaMemories bahaha xD she aint even japanese. she's an asian wannabe

Author fary2009able ( ago)
i don`t really know what you`re trying to do...but you are trying really
hard to look asian but you`re not...!!

Author danilogang ( ago)
fare qualcosina per la dentatura no?

Author kawaiidoru ( ago)
@MririanFan when did she became asian or japanese?

Author yournewfarther ( ago)

Author Janeru ( ago)
0:15...that is so cute and creepy o_o!

Author Darrick Evenson ( ago)
Magibon Unmasked! A Shocking Expose' about Magibon. Go to: abbysac DOT
angelfire DOT c and o and m

Author TheDelmo1 ( ago)
thaynaaaa thaynaaaaa kkkkkkk

Author TheSoku16 ( ago)
echt süß :)

Author Libed24 ( ago)
this video could be much better with some tentacles

Author jazfletcher95 ( ago)
that kids a freak. why do people even watch her videos? its shit.

Author playa4lyfe44 ( ago)
werido wtf

Author BJD 関 ( ago)
wth is she doin with her nose?

Author bambambullies1 ( ago)
Omg, gotta love this girl ... I could just squeez her to death ... lol

Author MRirian4 ( ago)
what song?

Author hanito294 ( ago)
Her face is a fat bitch. She needs cosmetic surgery.

Author RockerChickBabe1234 ( ago)
the whole vid is the song it's called Aa ii Na by W(double u)

Author rizc0o ( ago)
it's: ''W'' (double you) - ''Aa Li Na''

Author newgaudi ( ago)
i am love nagibon es preciosa

Author MririanFan ( ago)
who cares xD

Author droidhorrible ( ago)
Uh, Magi isn't Asian so why in your tags says "Asian girl"?

Author MATO1528 ( ago)
GOD!!! This song sounds so cute!!!

Author chocolatecafe14 ( ago)
Never mind, I found it! It's Berryz Koubou "Aa Ii Na!"

Author chocolatecafe14 ( ago)
What's the song that plays during the first 10 seconds?

Author Tina Marie ( ago)
what is the song ?

Author RFpunkchic ( ago)
Anata no kawaii~ :D eto, magi-chan wut song for BGM? arigatou gozaimashite
d*v*b Gyao~ d^-^b

Author iameiame ( ago)
what is the title of that song?

Author trixera99 ( ago)

Author waternoy4578 (864 years ago)
she is very cute

Author nubzi69hop ( ago)
im geting tired, sorry omfg :S

Author nubzi69hop ( ago)

Author nubzi69hop ( ago)

Author emmawatsonlover1993 ( ago)
Cat Face at 00:18 lol Lets Dance Magibon!!! to the music

Author MrVinColt (1319 years ago)
Say something Magibon !

Author britwigger (1168 years ago)
You do good work, MRirianFan.

Author fanluo8 ( ago)

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