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Alex, PY1AHD describes how to use the Alexloop at the W4RT booth at Hamvention 2010
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 21656
After I bought the loop, Alex gave me a demonstration of how to assemble, use, and disassemble the loop. I was very impressed with the...
Remote control for a motor tuned magnetic loop antenna.
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 21274
This device remotely adjust a super light small magnetic loop antenna, that can be used at home on the balcony or during my QRP pedestrian...
Magnetic Loop Mysteries Explained
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 12819
A number of years ago I designed and patented a way of feeding a small wire transmitting loop using a ferrite transformer and since then have read...
Portable QRP Magnetic Loop Antenna (40-10m)
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 44737
This is a home made portable, foldable and remote tunable magnetic loop antena for QRP operation (5W). More technical details will follow on my web...
PY1AHD Antenna Farm
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 1586
Para quem tem curiosidade de conhecer a minha "Fazenda de Antenas" poderá ver que o objetivo foi a simplicidade e não ser escutado com o sinal mais...
My new loop antenna
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 14379
I made a HF-loop antenna from alu tubing, 1 meter in diameter. It tunes between 10 and 22 Mhz and works ok :-) Made some qso's with it so I'm...
Magnetic Loop Antenna controlled by Arduino and infrared
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 7614
This video presents a Magnetic Loop antenna controlled by an Arduino. The controller system receives a command via infrared transmitter similar to...
Magnetic Loop in action
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 28825
During last years JOTA we decided to use the MFJ Magnetic Loop (10 - 30 Mc/s) with some good results
MP-1 Antenna (Superantenna) on my Balcony
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 68686
Brand New MP-1 Antenna from Superantenna, 1st Test on my QTH JN61FT. Radio: Yaesu FT-857D + TXCO + COLLINS 2.3Khz + COLLINS 500 Hz. I used the...
Magnetic loop antenna for shortwave reception
Rating Rating Rating RatingRating
Views: 17258
My magnetic loops... in the background you can see my new shortwave magnetic loop antenna type intended to sell some of it. vy 73 Klaus
Magnetic Loop Antenna and Magnum 1012
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Views: 18977
This is my homebrew magnetic loop antenna. I made it for my Magnum 1012 kit. With better conditions (this was taken on November 2, 2011), this...
The MFJ-1786 Magnetic Loop Antenna | Fantastic!
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Views: 43531
FOR FULL STORY READ: Here is the MFJ-1786 Magnetic Loop Antenna being...
Grundig G6 - Reception of LW 350kHz with Loop Antenna
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 26659
Grundig G6 receiving low power aviation beacon "ME" in Chicago on 350 kHz using an inductively coupled 3 foot diameter loop antenna.
Magnetic loop transmitting antenna
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 34003
A look at a compact magnetic loop antenna capable of operation on all amateur bands between 160 and 10 metres. The loop is made from 19mm...
NVIS Loop Antenna made simple part 1
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 26456
This video footage was played on recent IDEX 2011 Military Show at Stealth Telecom booth background screen. Video briefly discloses internal hard...
Testing a coaxial cable HF magnetic loop antenna
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 9361
Testing a lightweight HF magnetic loop antenna made from 7 metres of RG58 coaxial cable. Contacts were made on 40 and 20 metres during the...
Loop antenna resonance measurement with the MFJ-259B
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 74927
Marius, LB3HC is in this video measuring a resonant loop antenna that is sensitive to the magnetic component of the electromagnetic field by...
Homemade Shortwave Magnetic Loop KTWR Guam and Radio Australia received In Scotland
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 11752
Homemade Shortwave Magnetic Loop KTWR Guam and Radio Australia received In Scotland The idea to build this loop came from KR1ST website.. it...
Low Frequency Antennas
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 74419
Très court diaporama sur les antennes de reception VLF,LF,MF
magnetic loop motor contol
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating
Views: 9452
The motor on my magnetic loop antenna being controled by a pulsed power supply. Video shows how it can be slowed right down to almost stop.
ST940B Mobile HF NVIS Antenna
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 15249
A61AR is testing an NVIS Stealth antenna.
AM Loop Antenna
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 53128
A 2 foot AM / Medium Wave Loop antenna.
Kestrel W31MS / Degen 31MS Active portable Loop Antenna Testing
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 6710
Kestrel W31MS / Degen 31MS Active portable Loop Antenna Testing
PY2DS and KJ4AMH using a Yaesu FT-817ND and magnetic loop antenna
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 5066
PY2DS with FT-817ND + loop magnetic antena in contact with KJ4AMH, PORTABLE - QRP (5 watts) in 24 mhz.
AlexLoop 2 way QSO during Summits on the Air (SOTA)
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 5174
While activating Mt Herman 9063' for Summits on the Air I used an AlexLoop mag loop antenna. By chance I make contact with Mike WA8EBM who's also...

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