PY1AHD Handheld Magnetic Loop Controller for a HF Light Backpack Magnetic Loop Antenna

You can see on this video my new created device after four years work in designing several remote control systems to tune the variable capacitor of a Small Magnetic Loop Antenna.
The antenna can be carried on my back, with a light and simple Back Support described on my web page, or I can temporarily fix the antenna on a balcony or window adjusting the antenna's resonating frequency from a distant place.

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Author Ismael Matos (4 months)
Alex, notei que o capacitor que você está usando no teu projeto é similar
ao que penso em comprar para um projeto de tuner automático de antena, mas
o vendedor não soube informar a voltagem máxima suportada. Fiquei
preocupado com a aparente proximidade das placas. O meu rádio é um Yaesu
FT857-D, que gera até 100W na saída em HF. Você saberia informar qual seria
a voltagem máxima para esse capacitor? Seguem algumas fotos:

Author Michael Parker (3 years)
When can we buy for the Alexloop?! 73 Mike M0SAZ

Author City Lights (5 years)
Very Nice! I love the remote.

Author alexgrim2000 (6 years)
It is a great honor to me to me to have your comments on my designs. PY1AHD

Author rasputinsdog (5 years)
Very, VERY professionally done!!!! I love the controller. Fantastic idea!
73, Pete AA8GK

Author HFPACK (6 years)
Great video, and very nice antenna design, Alex! 73--- Bonnie VR2/KQ6XA

Author Charles The Hammer Martel (2 years)
Alex, you rock!!!!! 72, Pete

Author gmcjetpilot (6 years)
I would also like to see the schematics, parts list and more detail how to
make this remote control tuner. It is a servo I see and some kind of RF
transmitter to control the servo like a RC model, but what parts did you
use and any details to duplicate would be nice. Thanks I need something
just like this.

Author iz0fys (6 years)
amazing !!

Author rasputinsdog (5 years)
I will absolutely see you there on Saturday! I can't wait to see it!!!
You'll have to let me buy you a beer! 73, Pete AA8GK

Author alexgrim2000 (5 years)
Look for me and I will show you a new control that has a analog meter that
informs the tuned band. P.S. Nobody is prefect ( I do not drink). I will be
happy with a diet coke. PY1AHD ALEX

Author alexgrim2000 (5 years)
Thank you very much Pete. I will take it with me to show in Dayton
Hamvention 2009. See you there. I will be on Booth FW3103 near gate C

Author alexgrim2000 (6 years)
I am very happy you enjoy it. Thank you very much. PY1AHD ALEX

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