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• Advanced barre chords
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• Styles and songs
• Guitar theory

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Play Until Yer Fingers Bleed!
Mr. Desi Serna

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Author Nr1from1978 (4 months)
Starting with the very first shape, my strings sound muted when I do that,
also I need to apply quite some force. I don't get it. Makes me not want to
see the rest.

Author garyw1971 (3 months)
great tutorial

Author Suneet Singh (4 months)

Author Gefrix X. (6 months)
thank you bro you rally helped me

Author Jim Luschen (1 year)
You should start out barring four strings with your index finger...

Author GuitarBeginnerLesson (1 year)

Author Imran Hassan (1 year)
Really good stuff

Author Les Miazga (1 year)
Awesome instructions, thank you.

Author docnicki (1 year)
nice and easy to play but there was a part missing. i can hear most if it
but would love for you to finish it. THNX

Author Petetamp2 (1 year)
If you think this is good, you should get Desi's whole course. It is the
best study/playing material I have found to date. I have never been so
challenged and learned so much about guitar in such a short time. 

Author rockerpaul (1 year)
Cool Dude good lesson

Author 86CJH (3 years)
DADGAGD? is the last D stands for your dick, playing on your dick are we
now ? Normally a guitar has 6 strings :P

Author Parangat Bhaskar (4 years)
i play better.

Author Robert House (4 years)
@ImmaGonnaEatYouUp Songsterr/com is a lot better...

Author Chimpaliciousness (4 years)
@GuitarMusicTheoryTab oh thanks man. haha im pretty new to this. whats a
truss rod? and since im still looking into buying a guitar im not sure if i
should get an electric or acoustic? my friend joe is selling his electric
esquier w/ amp and everything for $50

Author Hannah Adams (4 years)
Yeah okay, there's no way my index can cover three strings lol. That hurts

Author Svitosar Lisovyk (2 years)
Дякую! Дуже чітко, просто і зрозуміло...

Author B-TO_ACV (3 years)

Author MrPed61 (4 years)
Lovely guitar. What make is it please?

Author academyreels (2 years)
What a fabulous teaching job. After an hour I'm playing this intro and it
sounds like the album. I'd like to take all the credit, but couldn't
without such terrific teaching. Thank you!

Author Paul Mc Grath (3 years)
I jus need the solo XD

Author divine automatic (3 years)
Thank cause some other videos go too fast so...LETS GO!!!

Author Frank Drebin (4 years)
Is there a special reason why you don't rest your index, middle and ring
finger each on one of the thinnest strings and use the thumb only for the
lowest three strings? Cause that's what you will probably learn in most of
the classical music schools and even I who rather plays electric guitar do
that when fingerpicking. It's just faster and you need to think less about
which finger to take :-y

Author SGamingSietse (2 years)
Lol, i can only hear my left earphone. My right is not working.

Author Realativity (3 years)
my finger don't bend this way lol,

Author Lagahan (4 years)
even fucking tabs are blocked are blocked by media mongrels now my god
capitalism is a dirty business

Author theguitarmegasite (4 years)
if you like this playing, i have tips at theguitarmegasite*com

Author tamurthiw (5 years)

Author EDDYVLOGZ . (2 years)
AMAZING tutorial, I recieved a brand new acoustic fender guitar today for
Christmas.. and I learned to play this withing an hour or so.

Author Roger Marcano (4 years)
thanks you.

Author Joseph Ivan (4 years)

Author darekciech92 (3 years)
whats wrong with the sound?

Author Asia Bressan (3 years)
Thank you so much!:) Now I can play it:) Fuck yeah;)

Author Lioncub (4 years)
first minute i learned A LOT! <3 btw awesome sounding guitar ;)

Author drunkenmonkey343 (3 years)
Finally I've found the song not the solo! Some parts are off but that's ok,
only some minor adjustments are needed. Unlike a lot of ppl, I'm not
necessarily looking for the solo. The whole point of soloing is
improvising. Its fun to do your own! I'll probably learn it down the road
anyway though to improve my own soloing skills and to learn some licks and
tricks though.

Author Micheal Vosburgh (2 years)
my right earphone is not working lol

Author gunsnrosescovers (4 years)
Great Vid

Author Roy Burton (4 years)
EXCELLENT, !!! well expained, thanks, a great sound and insight on how to

Author Roger Dean (2 years)
thanks man this is a great lesson

Author Jamie Davies (3 years)
good man

Author JamEZmusic (3 years)
@MrN00BER Let me know how you get on because I'm actually quite interested.
it's called Hybrid picking and it's not too hard, but can be very
challenging to start with. But when you get it down it will open up a whole
new world of playing. I've got a few examples on my channel, "One mans
dream" is quite heavy on the hybrid picking.

Author Viewtish (2 years)
Can someone link a page with the chords? I'm a swedish 17 year old guy, so
I cant really keep up with him when he talks about different chords in
english, and it's really hard to see which fingers he's using due to the
quality of the video

Author Chyaman09 (3 years)

Author TheGlass50 (2 years)
Thank You Desi Serna! Giving the gift of music is priceless...

Author walter casillas (3 years)
kool video

Author WalkersBlues (3 years)
WhT NO SOLO?????

Author Paul Masters (3 years)
@instructorracoon Try Google. I hear it's very good at finding stuff.

Author TheUltraguitar (4 years)
he good plays xD

Author ALY ALY (2 years)

Author Henry Wakefield (4 years)
@Muszr Stairway to heaven is a bit tricky though :P

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