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This footage makes a great supplement to the DVD The CAGED Template Chord System which teaches how guitar chords are built and mapped out on the guitar fretboard. Learn about:

• Chord inversions
• Arpeggio patterns
• Shapes, fingerings and voicings
• Advanced barre chords
• Fretboard mapping
• Styles and songs
• Guitar theory

Accurate & Complete Guitar Tab
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Play Until Yer Fingers Bleed!
Mr. Desi Serna

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Author garyw1971 ( ago)
great tutorial

Author Suneet Singh ( ago)

Author Nr1from1978 ( ago)
Starting with the very first shape, my strings sound muted when I do that,
also I need to apply quite some force. I don't get it. Makes me not want to
see the rest.

Author Jim Luschen ( ago)
You should start out barring four strings with your index finger...

Author GuitarBeginnerLesson ( ago)

Author Petetamp2 ( ago)
If you think this is good, you should get Desi's whole course. It is the
best study/playing material I have found to date. I have never been so
challenged and learned so much about guitar in such a short time. 

Author Imran Hassan ( ago)
Really good stuff

Author docnicki ( ago)
nice and easy to play but there was a part missing. i can hear most if it
but would love for you to finish it. THNX

Author rockerpaul ( ago)
Cool Dude good lesson

Author Raging DD ( ago)
i think your earphones are inverted 

Author Thawters ( ago)
now teach that to my right ear

Author IdahoNick1 ( ago)
Wow you are a great teacher. Thanks so much. Now that I have it almost
down, I think I'll go into every music store in the area and play it- just
to drive them crazy.

Author nathan davis ( ago)
thank you so much 

Author Wixhain ( ago)
You meant to say your right earphone? Lol 

Author Dutch Nipples ( ago)
my right earphone is not working lol

Author Andreia Godinho ( ago)
You have a lot of talent. Congratulations;) Pass on my channel and watch my
covers, subscribe if you like me!

Author TheGlass50 ( ago)
Thank You Desi Serna! Giving the gift of music is priceless... 

Author Ramsey maurer ( ago)
need a guitar Tab 

Author Ayush Sharma ( ago)
thank you so much, you are an awesome teacher. I am a beginner and i learnt
how to play this in less than an hour. Will subscribe.

Author Yep, this is a fake name. ( ago)
You sir, are a fantastic teacher.

Author Roger Dean ( ago)
thanks man this is a great lesson

Author AGUNG BRAM ( ago)
i like that. awesome! 

Author EDDYVLOGZ ( ago)
AMAZING tutorial, I recieved a brand new acoustic fender guitar today for
Christmas.. and I learned to play this withing an hour or so. 

Author GuitarBeginnerLesson ( ago)
Thanks for a great tutorial, you are a good teacher, all is well explained.

Author ALY ALY ( ago)

Author SGamingSietse ( ago)
Lol, i can only hear my left earphone. My right is not working.

Author Svitosar Lisovyk ( ago)
Дякую! Дуже чітко, просто і зрозуміло...

Author Desi Serna Guitar ( ago)
Sorry about that. I mistakenly only recorded one side. :(

Author Boddy Blastero ( ago)
my left earphone is not working :(

Author Rolf Harris ( ago)
*epic feedback for and epic lesson*

Author Jimmy98742 ( ago)
this means, the teacher is great (: 

Author Juliana Barrios ( ago)
you are an awesome teacher!! 

Author Isaiah Baez ( ago)
im a beginner well more like just starting to be an intermidiate player and
i have tried to play this song with this same video like a month after i
started learning guitar and it didnt work at all but now its been about
like 4 months and im close to perfect 

Author academyreels ( ago)
What a fabulous teaching job. After an hour I'm playing this intro and it
sounds like the album. I'd like to take all the credit, but couldn't
without such terrific teaching. Thank you!

Author Edguy ( ago)
I guess it might get harder a little in, but for me, the intro goes a lott
easier than chord-based songs :p Guess I've got it a little easier for
moving single fingers, due to Guitar Hero!

Author 86CJH ( ago)
DADGAGD? is the last D stands for your dick, playing on your dick are we
now ? Normally a guitar has 6 strings :P

Author darekciech92 ( ago)
whats wrong with the sound?

Author ANGRYEEL ( ago)
Great job. I've been playing it wrong for like 25 years until now LOL :)

Author Asia Bressan ( ago)
Thank you so much!:) Now I can play it:) Fuck yeah;)

Author LukeRD95 ( ago)
Im sick of hearing people say that stairway to heaven 'isnt that hard'
bitch, its hard to play it good! Its 'not that hard' to play it shitty.

Author Shaurya Rajput ( ago)
hey u cald me an intermediate! thnx! i jst heard d intro n widout u
starting to speak i learnt it... me intermediate?? 

Author rufaro matavou ( ago)
great lesson:) 

Author rajczar ( ago)
thanks to u i can now play it easily...those tabs were very hard to put
together...ur method is took me abt 30-40 mins to get it but
now i play it very well

Author Marty c (756 years ago)
outstanding job of teaching, I have been learning/working with you on this
song for about an hour and am starting to get it..does this mean I'm about
an intermediate level ?

Author Irène Landemaine ( ago)
Please ,I would only the tab from this song, not other thing ,because I
anderstand this lesson on video ,but not explications writing.I am not
enough good in english.

Author drunkenmonkey343 ( ago)
Finally I've found the song not the solo! Some parts are off but that's ok,
only some minor adjustments are needed. Unlike a lot of ppl, I'm not
necessarily looking for the solo. The whole point of soloing is
improvising. Its fun to do your own! I'll probably learn it down the road
anyway though to improve my own soloing skills and to learn some licks and
tricks though.

Author dbugs machinima ( ago)

Author Sanjuro2115 ( ago)
@GuitarMusicTheoryTab No, actually its not hard, i just started playing
guitar, learned so far 1 song, "alice in chains - nutshell" :D Learning
this one, it's not really too much hard, since it's very well explained,
and most importantly, you explained the rules by which you can remember
more easily :D Thanks for this, really great video!

Author Corndog 113 ( ago)
Thanks dude, i tried looking for the tabs but they are not viewable your
great thx again. 

Author coolboyz444 ( ago)
thanks for the help i just started playing the guitar and i all most learn
the hole beginning 

Author Paul Mc Grath ( ago)
I jus need the solo XD 

Author Santak Dalai ( ago)
please post the remaining tabs of this song as well 

Author Henri Holopainen (1962 years ago)
Fuck! The tab is not available in my country:(

Author Olga Chord ( ago)
Thank you! very useful video!)

Author Jamie Davies ( ago)
good man

Author vretenartyler123 ( ago)
i cant do bar chords =(

Author Raceking023 ( ago)
thanks for this video ! it isnt that hard , now i can play it !

Author puttrainguy ( ago)
This really is tough, but it is every guys dream to play... And it's good
to try something difficult and push your limits a bit to learn more... I'm
told it will all eventually flow smooth if one works hard enough at it...
I'm really enjoying the pain of this one myself... The lesson is well done,
even for a complete newbie like me... I'll get it in time.. Thanks for
sharing this man...

Author VaporiserMusic ( ago)
that was a really useful vid, thanks - a guitar n00b :)

Author lemaro11 ( ago)
@XxMevaxKISSxX you can play this song if you're playing for. 3

Author Shelby K ( ago)
@Pendor42 no its not ! i just started playing guitar like 3 months ago
(again) and i just picked up this song on for tabs and just did it. now i
know the whole song :D very easy you just have to know how to move your
fingers and pick at the strings

Author divine automatic ( ago)
Thank cause some other videos go too fast so...LETS GO!!!

Author MrN00BER ( ago)
@Kingpin0072001uk i just started taking lessons fmo 2 different places and
i wont have much time for learning this tuff on my own anymore :P, if the
'guitar-homeworks' are 2 easy then i may/may not practice this :) if i have
the time i will practice it :) -and let u know :D 

Author JamEZmusic ( ago)
@MrN00BER Let me know how you get on because I'm actually quite interested.
it's called Hybrid picking and it's not too hard, but can be very
challenging to start with. But when you get it down it will open up a whole
new world of playing. I've got a few examples on my channel, "One mans
dream" is quite heavy on the hybrid picking.

Author MrN00BER ( ago)
@Kingpin0072001uk Thank you verymuch :D i will give it a try :D 

Author JamEZmusic ( ago)
@MrN00BER Yeah, I play it with my pick as usual between thumb and index.
then everytime you see 2 strings played together, use the ring finger to
hit the high string, I believe that's actually how Jimmy paige plays it. Or
when it comes ot the part that goes like x0x21x then hit the 0 with the
pick, the 2 with middle finger and 1 with ring finger.

Author Ciccio Aspian ( ago)
thank you very much 

Author walter casillas ( ago)
kool video 

Author RRMalec ( ago)
plugfather . com has some great lessons also, as well as an awesome
javascript guitar tuner!

Author weedshot ( ago)
"Sorry, this tablature isn't available in your geographic region. One of
the bummers of selling legal tablature, is that we need to make sure it's
legal everywhere, and for some reason the publisher doesn't want us
sellling it in your region. Sorry man!" F**k That! Anyway thanks man

Author TheRoboticFerret ( ago)
THANK YOU. Helped me out a lot, I kept playing it really choppily.

Author Daniel Ilisei ( ago)
@Denyel95 :)) I asked before watching the picking part .. dumb question now

Author Daniel Ilisei ( ago)
Question : Is that a electric or acoustic guitar ? .. because the strings
are close to the neck like an electric one but sounds pretty much like an
acoustic .. :-? 

Author john doe ( ago)
new teacher please

Author MrN00BER ( ago)
@Chyaman09 Thanks m8 ^^ i appriciate the support/help :) i got pretty
thin&weak fingers so i use the middle finger for holding the pick, if i can
manage ill use 3rd finger, ill let u know if it will be ok xD Thx :D

Author MrN00BER ( ago)
@GuitarMusicTheoryTab Imtoo new for this i guess that kind of travispicking
/ different picking is too high above my level i guess. 

Author MrN00BER ( ago)
Any idea onhow to play this with a pick -.-? 

Author MrN00BER ( ago)
FML my han disnt flexible enough :(

Author Daniela Balkova ( ago)
I have to learn this!!! just after that I can die happy

Author Paul Masters ( ago)
@instructorracoon Try Google. I hear it's very good at finding stuff.

Author Josh Schiller ( ago)
@GuitarMusicTheoryTab i thought you were using a electro harmonix pog for
that 12 string sound for a second lol 

Author Rory McDines ( ago)
I've never been so impressed with a video lesson before, you put in all the
little pieces of information like the barred chords the riff is derived
from, and went through each chord carefully, a definite like+favourite

Author updisho ( ago)
@BigGuknowme Keep practicing. 

Author B-TO_ACV ( ago)

Author WalkersBlues ( ago)
WhT NO SOLO????? 

Author Realativity ( ago)
my finger don't bend this way lol, 

Author Lagahan ( ago)
even fucking tabs are blocked are blocked by media mongrels now my god
capitalism is a dirty business 

Author sivko23 ( ago)
ah so i dont have to stretch my hands like a frog to play this on guitar

Author laabho ( ago)
there once was a full cover og this song on youtube, with a girl plying
both the acoustic and solo.. i think the user was guitar guru or something
like that... can anybody tell me were the video are now, and if was by

Author bloodhound euro ( ago)
i play better. 

Author Tidus019 ( ago)
Thanx dude, in Belgium it's almost impossible to see the tabs, so i'm
trying to learn it with your video ;) 

Author VinniePaah ( ago)
Spider fingers!!!

Author moctezuma geronimo ( ago)
Thankz for the lesson u really good

Author gdsac ( ago)

Author Frank Drebin ( ago)
Is there a special reason why you don't rest your index, middle and ring
finger each on one of the thinnest strings and use the thumb only for the
lowest three strings? Cause that's what you will probably learn in most of
the classical music schools and even I who rather plays electric guitar do
that when fingerpicking. It's just faster and you need to think less about
which finger to take :-y

Author Henry Wakefield ( ago)
@Muszr Stairway to heaven is a bit tricky though :P

Author Mustafa Abdul-Kader ( ago)
@akinshsfanclub Don't let them steal your money, you could easily get ANY
tabs from Ultimate-Guitar . com.

Author Roger Marcano ( ago)
thanks you.

Author Roger Marcano ( ago)
whats the name of firts chord?

Author AtrumExcessum ( ago)
@Chimpaliciousness Go to a few pawn shops, write down the guitar make/model
and google it. You'll probably find a 600-1000$ guitar for $100-$200 in
great condition

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