How To Make Miso Soup

Martina's going to not only tell you how to make the critical Japanese soup base dashi but also her recipe for miso soup!

She's going to guide you through all the ingredients so that you can know what they're all about, and she'll also tell you all the steps and why they're important. You'll definitely know more about miso soup than most people after watching this video :D

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Author Karina ( ago)
D'aww, sleepy Spudge face ☺️

Author myPie ( ago)
I think you should watch Osen (2008) live action drama played by Aoi Yuu, Osamu Mukai , and Hiroki Uchi ... Or just read the manga written by Shota Kikuchi. They informed me about katsuobushi and another kind of bushi. Moreover , they also talked about miso !!

Author sharu812 ( ago)
Please do a video on wagashi and if possible reside for wagashi

Author Lillian Smith ( ago)
Wait how would Martina know how what mermaid toilet paper taste like?

Author kyoukoxren ( ago)
Hi Simon and Martina, so I've been following you guys for a bit and Simon makes his obsession with ranch quite obvious so I was wondering if you guys have heard of the Twisted Ranch restaurant. It's a restaurant that makes all their foods with ranch and they have 27 different ranch flavors that they make in house. I have never been there but I found a video about it today and the food looks amazing. I just wanted to share this bit of info. The link for the video is below.

Author どこかにあるんだよ ( ago)
please in japanese subtitles.

Author Daughter Of Poseidon ( ago)
What u say about my father's Roman form's ass

Author sparklingdragonfairy ( ago)
oh YAY!!! I LOVE that you went into such detail !!! now i can make this for my husband who is american japanese...we've only been married 30 years this year...i think now that i understand it...i can make it...HE WILL LOOOOOOOOOVE!!! AND ME TOO!!! :D

Author Timothy Fowler ( ago)
bro, an iPhone 7 size. LOL. ded

Author coolitz ( ago)
PMSL at Martina's Engrish.... "the amount of size...." and the caption. 😂😂😂😂😂

Author wheeler1 ( ago)
looks yummy! (FYI: "aunt" in Japanese, according to google translate="Oba")

Author Centa ( ago)
your dog is a cloud

Author Jessica Byrd ( ago)
How long does miso stay good? I've had a half container of red miso in my fridge for probably a year.

Author Simon and Martina ( ago)
Thank you so much to +Aileen Yildiz for the English subtitles! We appreciate the help :D

Author Jennifer Vargas ( ago)

Author shoppernt08 ( ago)
auntie = obachan

Author Jennifer McCallum ( ago)
this was a really cool video and I learned a lot but I still need to learn HOW TO TRAIN MY CAT TO LICK ME WHEN I MAKE KISSY NOISES, HOW DID YOU DO THAT?! Please please please make that video next.

Author mina mii19 ( ago)
This is awesome! I just bought miso, and now I know how to actually use it. I thought it was used like a condiment before I watched this video.

Author Miranda Vaught ( ago)
Aunt in Japanese is 伯母さん (Obasan) not to be confused with お祖母さん (Obaasan) which means "Grandmother"

Author Eden Zak ( ago)
Kombu is basically kelp. You'll most likely find it in organic store. May not be the exact same subspecies or whatnot but it pretty much tastes the same...

Author Twitchy Mitsuki ( ago)
Hello Simon and Martina,
We were planning to go to Tokyo, Japan on April 20 thru the 24 but we are having a difficult time looking for a private tour guide. We would appreciate it if you can help us contact any guides or websites would be great.
Thank you for you time

Author floraiji30 ( ago)
Looks soooo yummy! Can you do fried tofu next?

Author Marisa Hueso ( ago)
You guys have no idea how happy I am that you made this video. I've been wanting a good recipe for miso soup since forever! 😋

Author T de Lioncourt ( ago)
oh and, I didn't teach my cat to lick me when I make kissing sounds,
BUT I tought my parent's cat to play hide and seek since there is a huge garden there, I start running and hide behind a tree or smth, and later the cat comes running to me so I try to catch him and he runs away, he gets sooo crazy when we play. ^^

And a day I was lying on the grass with a book, saw the cat at the other end of the garden, starting to have a pre-attack position, he ran to me, stopped just in front of my face, touched me with a paw "meow!" and run away. And there I was dying of cuteness haha :3

Author heupsche ( ago)
Martina thank you!! I finally made miso soup using your recipe and it was amazing from the first try!!

Author MARIJA KROG ( ago)
Martina are your parents or maybe their parents from Croatia, i was watching video from last year when you guys were surprising your family in Canada and I saw Croatian flag 🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷 in your sisters apartment!!!!!!

Author Ien Verheij ( ago)
do i hear animal crossing new leaf island music? also love this recipe!!!!!

Author Efumen ( ago)
did you train your cat to do that?........ my cat learned to ignore me and yell to feed her....oh well !!

Author The Mushroom of Death ( ago)
You know you've been watching too much shokugeki no souma when you know all the terms

Author ErWiN 44 ( ago)
As someone who is visiting Japan for the first time in July 2017. Would you be able to explain the Japan railway system? At first glance it is very overwhelming. Just the basics of going to and from destinations would be more than enough teeheee xD

Author Masahiro Sasaoka ( ago)

Author The Boy Noite ( ago)
Try bok choy in your miso soup! Is so goooooood!!!!!

Author elsye perez ( ago)
I have the same ring tone!

Author bean mcpinto ( ago)
heyo mayo, aunt is obasan in japanesey

Author Slowpoke Burger ( ago)
Awesome vid, thanks for the tip on dissolving the miso paste! As a vegan I always do kombu broth with a bunch of dried shittake. Also I love my wakame, haha. Take care! <3

Author Danny Fenty ( ago)
I miss you guys so much 😓 please do another eat your sushi 🍣❤️

Author violetsnow ( ago)
I don't know what's wrong with me but I've actually started to kind of like seaweed lately. You're in my thoughts and prayers Martina I hope you're feeling ok ~ :)

Author Rick Jac ( ago)
Arlington? You came from Texas?

Author Pf Liu ( ago)
I want you two to make travel videos ;-;!!!! this one just makes me hungry

Author Wysperfauna ( ago)
I know this is suppose to be about soup... but OMG MEEMERS MEOW AT 6:58 khfs*n9R3RY37WAC*&y78WYR brain malfunction.

Author anonymousdratini ( ago)

Author king lowie ( ago)
FYI: u can use salted fermented soy bean, grind it became paste. that also can be use substitute for miso soup base .

Author Iden Li ( ago)
They should change the name to EYS (eatyoursushi)
I miss them being in
South Korea🙁🇰🇷🙁

Author snaco ( ago)
honestly most youtubers are super over the top and annoying, but you seem super real and your jokes are actually funny

Author sillylindz ( ago)
Mermaid toilet paper is my favorite and most accurate way to describe the rehydrated seaweed chunks. I love you, Martina!

Author Meta Zephere ( ago)
dude quit talking so much and just show us how its made :/

Author kotaxiao ( ago)
why isn't anyone talking about the fact that martina's sister sounds like siri saying "we'll find another time"? O.o

Author Kira C ( ago)
im a couple days late but omg yes im so happy i miss these

Author CunningFox1422no1999 ( ago)
Obasan is aunt in Japanese.

Author T de Lioncourt ( ago)
Who's the french retard that was doing crappy subtitles on purpose?
Seriously dude, do you have that much time to lose? >_<
*working on proper subtitles*

Author Greg Ray ( ago)

Author henry dang ( ago)
I always cheer up when I see you guys. Keep up the amazing work!

Author Once you Jimin you can't Jimout! ( ago)
Look at the face of your dog as you started to eat, Martina hahaha looks like if he was hungry or just jelouse at you xD

Author Once you Jimin you can't Jimout! ( ago)
I'm a rebell... while watching your video I'm eating crispbread with a cheese crust and I'm drinking tomato juice...

Author Leslie Hurte ( ago)
I'm in need of miso soup right now. Sick before an anime convention.... meeeeeh 😭😭

Author John Doe ( ago)
"Did you train your cat to do that?" Priceless.

Author John Doe ( ago)
Konbu is specifically kelp.

Author Kimi Brickey ( ago)
thank you so much for making this. I LOVE miso soup. LOOOOOVE!!!!!!

Author Shelly Bagchi ( ago)
Martina! Is there a name for your mysterious chopstick spoons and where do I get some??

Author xempty1x ( ago)
I feel dense to notice this very late but, Martina looks like Scarlett Johansson when she smiles!

Author Athlynne ( ago)
You're an obasan now, Martina, congratulations! My sister just had a baby too, being an aunt is awesome.

Author Brie Stobierski ( ago)
Looks so good 😮

Author breezter ( ago)
Spicy miso is my life

Author DJ Granny ( ago)
Can you teach me how to suck a dick?

Author AngelCake10001 ( ago)
I love these videos so much...could you pls make more

Author goshadowkenny ( ago)
restaurant quality right there

Author Yuppie House ( ago)
I use parmesan cheese or yogurt if i can not get Konbu or Bonito dashi powder. Don't put too much but it works as dashi/ umami. try it!

Author dai s ( ago)
美味しそう( ^∀^)白味噌だけの優しい味噌汁も美味しいですよ(´∇`)

Author Victoria Klein ( ago)
Such perfect timing! My husband and I just bought the ingredients to make dashi + miso soup, thanks to Morimoto's cookbook that we got as a gift - your video was super helpful! :D

Author Holly Alexander ( ago)
This is awesome! I look forward to ALL THE VIDEOSSSS!

Author otakuloner ( ago)
Oba-san is aunt in Japanese, not to be confused with Obaa-san which is grandma...

Author Angela D ( ago)
I put cabbage, carrots and other vegies into my miso to make a richer full meal in winter.

Author Golden Maknae ( ago)
dashi run run run

Author misstaxi ( ago)
Yay, another MMM! :D Been awhile since we last had one of these... Now to endure another week for another video to come out ;A;

Author Melanie Boisvert ( ago)
I wanted to make miso soup but my grocery story doesn't sell miso paste... ;_;

Author SNOOPY LOVER ( ago)

Author 池田寛明 ( ago)

Author David Feng ( ago)
Cool video, nice personality, subscribed.

Author Leigh Kuglin ( ago)
thank you martina. I love miso and there isn't a good one around so I definitely will be trying this. so glad that martinas midnight cooking is back!!

Author Farhan Rahman ( ago)
Where them bloopers at !!!

Author Apollo 440 ( ago)
Perfect in all aspects but one: it's informative, fully understandable on all levels as a recipe, entertaining like all your videos BUT the alcohol promotion right at the beginning, really?
It's like you haven't seen your fan base at all those YT conventions. I'll spell it out: They're not mature enough to decide whether drinking is wrong at their age. And you are their "middle man" between real apple juice and entertaining drinks with icecubes and a straw.
S&M, do note, that with great power comes great responsibility.

Author This Guy Miko ( ago)
The problem with me is after I made myself food, and it can sometimes last tens of minutes, I eat it like a wild animal in just few seconds. What's the matter with me? It's saddening, because I would really eat soups like this in many pounds.

Author leemission ( ago)
yall gotta listen to that song "Indigo Misfit-Fly" with J.cole

Author Liger Pham ( ago)
That Magpie glass tho.

Author Lucho Portuano ( ago)
I thought dashi was just boiled fish

Author Abby Eom ( ago)
i was waiting for midnight munchies to come back!!!!! glad that this segment got on trending:,,,,))))) abby eom here once again to formally congratulate eyk on forever trending

Author Cherish Ruiz ( ago)
Am I the only one that misses "Special ingredient. Widdly wee widdly wee!" ??? lol.

Author MusicFeedsYourSoul ( ago)
omg I love meyeuk-guk so much!!!

Author Pretzella Plays ( ago)
Who thought of grotty lol

Author Emme Tran ( ago)
DASHI run run run

Author Christie N ( ago)
Yum but I still prefer doenjangjigae haha

Author alfredo mojica ( ago)

Author Libni Acevedo ( ago)
Mermaid toilet paper xD I died

Author Jazmin Paeste ( ago)
Yay more midnight munchies! My favorite

Author Foxes ! ( ago)
Bourbon & Ginger Ale for LYFE!!!

Author Charlee douvia ( ago)
I clicked on the wrong vid... miso sorry..

Author VioletIceFire ( ago)
I want to make this so bad but....I live at home with my parents and my father doesn't like basically I eat really boring food all the time T.T

Author Tuo ( ago)
White miso is preferred in Kyoto area and Dark miso is popular among Tokyo region. 🍲

Author TheLoVErOfKPop ( ago)
Omg you have to do a video on how japanese apple juice taste different from american apple juice!!!

Author Brianna ( ago)
My fam's cat doesn't lick you but if you kiss at him he will try to press his nose or kitty lips to your nose or around your mouth area. Honestly have no idea how he learned it, maybe he is just mimicking what he saw people doing.

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