How To Make Miso Soup

Martina's going to not only tell you how to make the critical Japanese soup base dashi but also her recipe for miso soup!

She's going to guide you through all the ingredients so that you can know what they're all about, and she'll also tell you all the steps and why they're important. You'll definitely know more about miso soup than most people after watching this video :D

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Author Isabella Troski ( ago)
*sees dog* *gentle gasp*

Author jmiquelmb ( ago)
I love how iPhone7 is the standard measure unit of 2017

Author xtin77 ( ago)
I already know everything that Martina shared in this video, but I really like how detailed and accurately she explained each ingredient and how to cook it. Best instructional and informational video for cooking Japanese basics! She got it totally SPOT ON!

Author PrincessAshley121 ( ago)
I have Miso soup with spinach is my family the only one who rather eats Spinach miso soup than seaweed?

Author Nilda Alvarado ( ago)
i love that little spoon. Where did you get it!?

Author T&C Production ( ago)
Nope nothing like it I'm asian

Author Kevin93396 ( ago)
What do i do with kombu after i take them out of pan? Can i put them back into water base?

Author Taehyungie_. ( ago)

Author Aline Silva ( ago)
Can I use Kelp powder?

Author Kiekerz ( ago)
Next do a gyouza video! One of my favorite foods. I always dip mine in ponzu.

Author Lilac Ink ( ago)
aunt is おばさん (obasan) NOT Obaasan, that's grandma

Author SailorMoon 12 ( ago)
アーンティー auntie in katakana. Pronunciation: æntiː I'm from Ireland and looked this up on a website but it could be right I dunno. Love your channel❤️ Would love to get in touch with you guys!

Author Alix Meek ( ago)
That teeny long pink spoon is cracking me up

Author Andrea Schuyler ( ago)
5:23 the way she says sorry like sawry! :3 KAWAIII

Author Adrian G ( ago)
Guys your dog is melting on the couch!

Author Anime lover Liz ( ago)
It's so cute!!

Author danshyu ( ago)
Or I can just buy miso with dashi already added.

Author Rika May ( ago)
I'm gonna make my little brother eat all my failed Miso >:3 It's packed with my love and hardwork anyways.

Author Patricia Mills ( ago)
This was the first thing I made after surgery. Thanks for breaking it down and making it easy to understand thw science behind it. <3 you guys!

Author Yoru Fuluba ( ago)
I am so excited to try making dashi. I never realized I had kombu in my house. Now I can make miso for breakfast!!!! I'll need someone to buy me tofu otherwise I'll end up making noodles and throwing that into my miso. ^_^

Author EasGames8 ( ago)
Really killing it with the similes here! Neptunes anus, mermaid toilet paper 😂

Author Jeanie_Yuss ( ago)
Is this comparable to Doenjang Guk? If you were to choose between the 2 which do you prefer?

Author HFCJBT ( ago)
Now add ramen noodles, 6 min egg, some roasted seaweed, and chasu!!!

Author Ellen Chan ( ago)
my sister did this for dinner and it was really good!

Author Timely Vlogs ( ago)
what ever happened to apronasion and apronasion complete is miss that

Author otaku hime ( ago)
Meemers is sooooo cute >//<

Author Bluekimchi Andrea ( ago)
I don't like dashi, so my Miso isn't authentic right?

Author Bluekimchi Andrea ( ago)
Martina, one of my Japanese students, who we hosted in the U.S. showed me using Wakame....

Author supersmex ( ago)
I love these videos

Author Nicholas Morante ( ago)
Just FYI, I don't know where you got the idea that there is a difference between natural and "fake" (presumably packaged MSG powder?) but there is chemically no difference. They are both monosodium glutamate, which means one ion of sodium to one ion of glutamate, and one source doesn't have more sodium than the other. It's essentially the difference between 100% pure tap water and 100% bottled water and calling the bottled water fake and full of excess hydrogen.

In fact, packaged MSG is usually purified from seaweed to begin with, so it's not even synthetic. Be careful not to fall for the natural = healthy fallacy! Plenty of things not natural are great for you (trace iodide in table salt, medicine, flouride in drinking water) while many natural things are bad for you (tons of highly toxic compounds found in many fruits and vegetables, almost all viruses and bacteria that cause human disease).

Sorry, love the channel, I'm just a scientist and love spreading the science love.

Author Nicooo_xo ( ago)
Try natto!!!

Author Annie Liu ( ago)
I LOVE those chopsticks/spoons Martina is using in this video!! Does anyone know where I could purchase this in Cali? 😊

Author cupcakelover meep ( ago)
I want a relationship that's like Simon's and Meemers, #relationshipgoals

Author Nick Jackson ( ago)
Drunk Martina's great

Author TheRealSala ( ago)
Martina I already know your a great cook, but how is Simon with the cooking? 😁

Author NightingaleSpica ( ago)
if you want a knock off version of this. I use chicken broth and miso. I have issues with tofu, for some reason I always mess it up and it tastes weird. so I add white fish. for the veggies thinly sliced English cucumber and mushrooms, and chives.

Author animeloverXinuyasha ( ago)
I love Japanese food but has never liked miso soup honestly. Despite that, watching this video really makes me want to make it from scratch like she does. I'm sure it would taste a lot better than just buying the dashi stock

Author eakoandcompany ( ago)
Does anyone know how this handles reheated?

Author Oo Oooo ( ago)
Thank you for this amazing video !!

Author Crxfting_Aly Minecraft ( ago)
I am japanese and I put spinach in mine

Author Isabel Hernandez ( ago)
OMG! You should change the channel name from Eat Your Sushi to Eat Your Miso.

Author JePac ( ago)
just to correct, not momo but emo for aunt in Korea

Author Justin Luc ( ago)
Damn. Just came across this video after I came across some miso paste at the asian supermarket. Content quality is superb. Subscribed.

Author vacationboyvideos ( ago)
❤U! U & your husband are so much FUN! 🤗🤗🤗🤗 yea,🐼🐰🌈🎎🎇🈳💠🐥🐸🐝🌹🍚🍙🍫🍥⛩🌞✨

Author Fredde jpg ( ago)
that recipe doesn't seem kombucated at all!

Author Ellie Isaac ( ago)
Do you know any recipes for vegetarian dashi?

Author 호석은 스네이크를 싫어한다. ( ago)
Sorry if I'm wrong, but is Miso soup in Japanese called "Miso shiru"?

Author I am Gloria C ( ago)
Again, the measuring of the tofu! Lol

Author Yunashelia ( ago)
Can you use wakame instead of kombu?

Author I am Gloria C ( ago)
I love your iphone measuring system! Hahahaha

Author Missfoodaddict Vlog ( ago)
Love you guys and your furry kids! Great miso soup video! Love the filtered water and kombu idea. :) I've been making my miso soup all wrong this whole time!

Author JimmyJamyShamy ! ( ago)
Did you just say that seaweed tastes like mermaid toilet paper!!!!😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccckckckkckckckkcckkk yooooooouuuuuu

Author Emilie Win ( ago)
Aunt in Japanese is Oba

Author Katrina ( ago)
The music and "bonk" sounds remind me more and more of It's Judy's Life, lol.

Author nikol Rs ( ago)
I know this may sound random but you should do a spudgy and mimi (guy tang female doggie) meet up think it would be soo cute and maybe martina and spudgy could get their hair dyed together! <3

Author Mari Rivera ( ago)
Can we speak about how badass Martina is? Like I just have so much respect for both her and Simon it's not even funny.

Author Arya kareem Mulawarman ( ago)
How could you guys train your cat? That's awesome! Tutorial pleaseee...

Author Trung Trinh ( ago)
Out of curiosity, between Japan and South Korea, which country would you suggest people visit first if they intend to visit both countries in the end?

Author Sara Dryden ( ago)
I actually did train my cat to give kisses lol

Author suria hagumi ( ago)
Dear Martina, I wonder how long can I keep the paste in the refrigerator?

Author Eric B ( ago)
I have never had miso soup. Now, after watching this video it made me wonder how such an involved recipe took shape. Something that uses multiple dissolved and stained and fermented and re-hydrated and modified and etc. elements must have taken a long time to actually be worked out. I would never attempt to make this as it just seems like it is too forced. Glad Martina walked us through it and I found it funny as well that she skipped the seaweed at the end.

Author Thomas Judkins ( ago)
Aunt in a formal style is obasan informal is oba

Author Thomas Judkins ( ago)
Aunt in a formal style is obasan informal is oba

Author Allan Song ( ago)
Glorious! Next time you guys come to Toronto please do a meetup! I really want to cook something for you guys.

Author Larissa Watt ( ago)
Congratulations on your Aunt status Martina!!! 👼🏼

Author Joker ( ago)
I love Marti Drunk lmao... she say meetho soup and sivey!!!

Author ジャービス日本語 ( ago)
aunt is おばさん and grandmother is おばあさん

Author Abril Perez ( ago)
I did in fact also teach my cat to lick my cheek when I make kissy noises

Author AmmieeXO ( ago)
Why is Martinas hair two different lengths!?

Author J Lynn ( ago)
Nice ! Just found your channel, youre funny 😁💖

Author Debanjan Chakraborty ( ago)
I call it fever soup, every time I was sick with cold/flu I would rather have it than the disgusting cold medicine

Author Kristina Burgos ( ago)
Whats aunt in Japanese?

Author キャット G ( ago)
You was doing PERFECTLY up until you started squeezing out the liquid from the katsuobushi --- don't do that, let it drip naturally as it will add a bitter flavour as well if you squeeze the liquid! The best ratio of miso to dashi is one TBS per cup than adjust from there. It's harder to take out miso than putting some more in.
GIRL, you gotta work on your いただきます, you're saying いたきます and missing the だ
so sound it out i-ta-da-ki-mass いただきます

Author joroco ( ago)
What a waste! You can totally dry it out in the pan and sprinkle it on EVERYTHING

Author Mary Reichard ( ago)
martina! おば ( oba) is aunt in japanese :)

Author Okami Fox ( ago)

Author Sofia Lopes ( ago)
Can I use dried mushrooms instead of bonito flakes? Because I am vegan, and I love you personality 😘

Author szorohov85 ( ago)
yummy i want to live in your kitchen

Author jeannie johnstone ( ago)
Sieve is said like siv

Author Romefeller ( ago)
pickin up the phone while filming i give you 3/5 stars

Author Joker ( ago)
I kinda enjoyed watching simon make out with memes

Author Guðrún sæmundsdóttir ( ago)
when you're phone was ringing I was looking for my phone. didn't know that we have the same ringtone . lots of love from Iceland

Author sinbadx81 ( ago)
Nice recipe from scratch! Haven't done it from scratch (I used the pre-made dashi cause I'm lazy), but my favorite is to add sliced up abura-age (油揚げ)and julienned daikon with the tofu and wakame. Will have to try the scratch recipe with that. Great video as always guys!

Author Lugosi Dane ( ago)
I keep repeatedly watching this video, it's so relaxing. Do you guys think you can show us how to make Simon's favourite cucumbers at some point?

Author tequilabb ( ago)
I love your pair of cooking chopsticks (spoon) combo!

Author Isana ( ago)
Si vy Simon that way funny

Author Heyo Ki ( ago)
I miss simon being beardless

Author Twenty one crybabys At the disco ( ago)
Aunt is Obasan in Japanese

Author Shimmyrum ( ago)
man..Martina has seen alot.even know whats neptune's anus smells like!! :O!!!!!!!!!!

Author 7 LexFairy ( ago)

Author trickycrayon ( ago)
This video is so relaxing. And useful...I don't know as I remembered that dashi (or miso) was this easy.

Author backtoreading ( ago)
Hey there :D
Simon, you as a ranch lover might love the restaurant 'Twisted RAnCH' It's all about ranch!

Author Logica ( ago)
I absolutely *LOVE* Japanese foods but Miso soup is just... The soup smells so nice and since it's made out of fermented soybeans I expected a taste somewhat similar to Shoyu Ramen broth but instead I tasted something I will never forget, it was just disgusting. It tastes like someone took a rotten cat off the ground, fermented it then pickled it and then mixed it in a blender with 2 year old (expired) milk. It's, just... No... *Edit:* Oh and I forgot to mention, as soon as we got out of the restaurant I had to throw up and I am not a squeamish person. I ate pig brains, Balut, bull testicles...etc. without any problem... But Miso soup was just...

Author Rerezhang ( ago)
after you take the seaweed out from the pot, you can also use it in a seaweed salad! that's what my mom does every time she uses the seaweed

Author Francescadbg ( ago)
I found a miso that's already mixed with 2 different colors of miso and has dashi mixed in as well. Works well. Taste yummy!! :)

Author Lio Ishikawa ( ago)
Simon and Martina !!
I started watching your videos today!!
This channel is WONDERFUL ! and AMAZING!!

Thank you for introducing about Japan !!! I'm Japanese!!

Have you ever eaten "Imagawa_yaki(今川焼き)" before?? This is Japanese pancake or muffin with jam inside.

Usually sweet beans paste is inside sometimes custard cream and...

If you interested in...try to eat someday!!!
It tastes good!!! Thank you !!!

Author sofia chen ( ago)
hey simon and martina next time you guys visit the U.S you should check out this place called twisted ranch in st. louis, i'm sure simon would like it because it kinda all food with ranch. love your channel hope to see more of japan with you guys :)

Author lunertaiyou ( ago)
Weird. You guys are in my subscription list but as I haven't seen anything in a while, I found your page and it said 'subscribe' not the 'unsubscribe' that would indicate that I was subscribed... after I hit subscribe it already had the bell clicked... odd. I thought Youtube was doing something about this

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