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cbc's monday report host rick mercer spoofs a flu shot psa

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Influenza (Flu)
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View more NUCLEUS medical animations at If you like this animation, LIKE us on Facebook:...
Thai students get flu shot 2/2
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This video clip was taken on 19 June 2009 at a large private school near Bangkok in Thailand, About 2500 students were given the Novartis flu shot...
Vitamin D not flu shots
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Another influenza season is beginning, and the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will strongly urge Americans to get a flu shot....
We Heard the Bells: The Influenza of 1918 (full documentary)
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In 1918-1919, the worst flu in recorded history killed an estimated 50 million people worldwide. The U.S. death toll was 675,000 - five times the...
Influenza animation - flu virus mechanism
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Animation of the mechanism of an influenza virus and how Crucell's antibodies target the HA1 proteins on the virus and prevent further spread of...
Vaccines, flu shots, autism, and alzheimer's
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It's all just a conspiracy theory. So you can relax and go back to watching those videos with 2 girls kissing.
Freaking Out Over Flu Shot | Emotionally Confused
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Getting her annual flu shot, this girl is quite confused about how to react to the shot. In one instance, she is extremely scared, then she laughs,...
Administration Technique for Intra-muscular Influenza Vaccine

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Oregon Public Health Division, November 2009
Vaccinated vs. Non-Vaccinated: Who Is Healthier?
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Watch and listen as Dr. Rohlfsen, a Chiropractor, challenges the dogma of the medical establishment's claim of healthier children. Are vaccinated...
Dr. Oz No Flu Shots For My Kids!
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centralia coal fire

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(2002) the discovery channel takes a look at the centralia pennsylvania underground coal fire which has been burning for more than 40 years
Flu Attack! How A Virus Invades Your Body
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When you get the flu, viruses turn your cells into tiny factories that help spread the disease. In this animation, NPR's Robert Krulwich and...
Scientist Warning Against Flu Shot
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Dr. Peter Doshi, Scientist at Johns Hopkins University and Steve spoke about why the flu shot should not be administered.
What's in your flu vaccine?
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What really is in your Flu shot?
Flu Shot
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Zella and Kirk receive influenza vaccinations.
Michaela's flu shot
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For licensing/usage please contact: licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom Michaela doesn't like shots.
woman takes Flu vaccine now she cant walk forward
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Doctors have confirmed that a seasonal flu vaccine led to a Virginia woman becoming severely disabled as actors Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy...
pie assassins of canada

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cbc newsworld report on (former) prime minister jean chretien being hit in the face with a cream pie.
Rick Mercer: Rick's Rant - Flu Shot
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Don't be afraid Canada, it's just a little prick. Watch The Rick Mercer Report Tuesdays at 8pm on CBC TV.
Family Time in the basement
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giving flu shots to the kids
TorontoChange Presents - The Flu Shot: Exposed
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Visit for more info. Your Flu Shot Contains: Neomycin Neomycin may cause damage to the kidneys and/or nerves. Kidney...
Flu Vaccine Exposed - Piers Morgan Struck Down - Breaking News Provides Evidence
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The Flu Shot you get today is different from all previous Flu Shots. These Flu Shots are created from the newest South-East Asian Flu Virus....
Take vitamin D3 Not the flu Shot!
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Research into vitamin d3 health benefits. Do not get a flu shot EVER! Research into the new world order. Watch the obama deception and Endgame...
Rick Mercer Report : Lusher Sexier Britisher
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Making fun of the tv series "The Tudors" with 15 new series based on the 15 branches of the British Royal Family, 25 parts each! Brought to you by...
9 Flu Hacks That'll Make Your Life Better
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No more Saturday night fevers. Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: -------------------------- MUSIC Backatcha Licensed via...

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