Russia strongly condemns US missile strikes - BBC News

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  • Russia has strongly condemned the US missile strikes, describing them as an act of aggression against a sovereign state, carried out in violation of international law. Our Moscow correspondent, Steve Rosenberg reports on reaction there .

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  • Salvador Tapia Perez

    Rusia is dead vs USA..... EU the best

  • 867890 Bob
    867890 Bob 21 day ago

    UK the U.S puppets

  • Sean Up
    Sean Up 24 days ago

    The times we are seeing now are described as critical and hard to deal with. 2 Timothy 3:1-5 describes the characteristics that would mark the period of time.

  • Bogdan Nicolae
    Bogdan Nicolae 29 days ago

    fuck the USA.

  • ctcole77
    ctcole77 1 month ago


  • Trance State
    Trance State 1 month ago

    Really? Many in the UK might actually protest about being legally obliged to pay £13 a month for this politically inclined garbage too but we're social articles, how 'bad' the UK/EU exit is, gay/transgender/feminist utter fantasist garbage on a daily basis a la 'BBC Magazine', politico-sexual articles, how we should be told about politics, about what we are allowed to know, how many Leftist voices a day the BBC site can cram into its big Red Auntie headlined website it can accommodate without staggering over onto its hip and of course the renowned BBC article ' ' speech marks-how to iterate BBC political philosophy pro or against by sticking the good old speech marks on its headlines....

    The BBC has gone way beyond its remit, it's now a nationally and internationally renowned Leftist state-funded mouthpiece the Guardian would snap up should it ever (and should be) privatised. You really want to understand what the BBC agenda is? Refer to Mark Steyn and Douglas Murray on You Tube. The BBC, the new Pravda, abuses its position in a breathtaking way Putin would rejoice having at his finger tips. Make access to the BBC voluntary through subscription, same for its red sister Channel 4, make it as level a playing field as you can in this Leftist-slanted media society in the UK, end the obscenity of forced taxation funding a Labour/Lib/Dem socialist, pro-EU/immigration political agenda. In any doubt? Read the content of the 'headlines' 22/04/2017. Privatise the BBC, as a diversity-obsessed organ I'm sure it would delight in having to exist in a rainbow of political opinion.

  • Wee Sin Mui 1975
    Wee Sin Mui 1975 1 month ago

    36A-48A 100day

  • Wayyy Too Belligerent

    they can condemn dees nuts

  • fiki smaj
    fiki smaj 1 month ago

    killing civilians...nobody cares coz they are muslims .. but time will come for everyone ..
    un old saying... who looks for trouble he will find trouble..

  • Александр Тараданов

    Ten common traits in the politics of Putin and Hitler:
    Use of personality cult
    Use of propaganda (Goebbels/Kiselov)
    Politics of imperialism
    Inventing a foreign enemy
    Use of inter-ethnic conflicts as foreign affairs policy
    Limiting the rights of citizens, especially the rights of sexual minorities
    Centralization of power
    Opressing, persecuting and crushing any opposition and independent thinkers
    Supporting extreme-right and nazi-parties in Europe

  • jacob savelyev
    jacob savelyev 1 month ago

    what is fake

  • Scott Robinson
    Scott Robinson 1 month ago

    F $$ck Russia couldn't even win war in Afghanistan ,got there asses,kicked.

    • Scott Robinson
      Scott Robinson 1 month ago

      gonthoriar. Put Russia in Vietnam see how they would due,10 years in Afghanistan in 80's,couldn't remove insurgents,Vietnam War fought in the jungles buddy,not desert.Usa is beatable like any nation is my point,world needs to cut the bullshit move forward, but never will.Im sure if any nuclear misses are fired at Russia or USA,(Russia 7000 nuclear warheads)(USA 6800 nuclear warheads) the whole world dies from fallout so we all lose.Wars been fought since beginning of time,humans never change.

  • Vedanta Baruah
    Vedanta Baruah 1 month ago

    It's time for ban on US of #ssholes

  • Greg Fatass
    Greg Fatass 1 month ago

    Awesome World War 3. I think im immortal today Valhalla

  • free speech
    free speech 1 month ago

    The genocide in Iraq. The invasion of Syria. And the preparation of aggression against North Korea. The United States has put Europe and its "allies," the threat of destruction. North Korea withdrew all submarines at sea. Evacuate 600,000 people from Pyongyang. The US warned Japan about the possibility of a strike on North Korea. Despite the protest of Japan against attack on North Korea, the US is not going to abandon the invasion. Carrier strike group of the Navy of the US approach to North Korea in the coming days. Russian Missile cruiser "Varyag" is located in the South Korean Busan in anticipation of the evacuation of the Russian Embassy and Russian citizens from South Korea. The Japanese leader was warned of a retaliatory strike by the US , Japan and South Korea. Told you the BBC? They will tell you only when there will be irreparable. And tell as it is necessary that you accept. And then you will be surprised when you fly a nuclear missile.

  • augustusmd
    augustusmd 1 month ago


    • Jason Donahue
      Jason Donahue 1 month ago

      augustusmd there's a lot of things you haven't seen boobie.

    • Alf S
      Alf S 1 month ago

      augustusmd You have never seen it because the media doesn't show it.

  • M. J. Tibor
    M. J. Tibor 1 month ago

    Reading all these comments, i can easily deduct how dumb most Americans are.
    They keep bragging about the weapons they have, as that's pretty much the only thing they are good at. Solving everything with violence, because they have nothing else to show off with.
    A brainless fat nation with no culture or real values. Now they actually think that if there will be war, only North Korea will suffer. Idiots! If there will be a war, all the people in the world will suffer, for many generations to come!
    However, there's no surprises here. America was built on blood. They have slaughtered thousands of natives, destroyed real cultures and values to industrialize, to build their skyscrapers where once proud and lush forests used to stand tall.
    They are doing the same thing today. Ruled by satanic pride and evil hypocrisy, they actually think they are the saviors of the world. They demand from North Korea to stop developing nuclear weapons, whereas they keep developing their own.
    Maybe they should ask Russia or China to do the same thing. See what happens then.
    America is nothing. Just a loudly barking dog, with no fangs to bite. Eventually, they will drink their own poison. America will vanish from the world's map.

  • Lorna Bandojo
    Lorna Bandojo 1 month ago

    go usa destroy syria,kill the murdees of russia..

  • Fr Louie Goad
    Fr Louie Goad 1 month ago

    The world would do nothing to stop gassing children. Only the US.

  • complexadaptive
    complexadaptive 1 month ago

    so is the secretly funding foreign gov't by more powerful gov't for their own gain which is also a violation of international law....that means you Russia, and you the U.S...and any other collection of power hungry assholes that want something from someone else...

  • Серёжа Шмелёв

    сша отстань от ближнего востока,хватит убивать людей,расширять терроризм и захватывать ресурсы.Пока сша не изолируют от общества и не арестуют всю шайку из фрс,будет вечно литься кровь простых людей.И почему американцам не говорят правду про 11 сентября?когда цру спланировала теракт,а обвинила в этом других,как всегда они это делают.Европа и США сидят в информационном голоде и не знают толком что вообще творят эти фашисты из цру

  • Dr. Mc Square
    Dr. Mc Square 1 month ago

    Blet Assad must get taken out.and with all the technology next time send missiles straight to his doorstep! There we go game over. Next dictator..
    end the corruption and the bloodshed of so many innocent people. Russia is obviously getting something very valuable from Assad 🖕🏼
    I don't mind you putin but sort your shit out!

  • ygg drasil
    ygg drasil 1 month ago

    So the US prolongs the civil war, which means more people die than necessary, and they embolden Islamic State to strike in the vacuum that they created. Does the US have any brains at all?

  • Pyetrovi
    Pyetrovi 1 month ago

    Neocons: "Trump and Putin are launching nukes onto each other to distract us from their collusion!"

  • Vad M.
    Vad M. 1 month ago

    The terrorist nation United terrorist State of America must be stopped.

    They will continue to create more terrorists. The true warmongers need to be taught a valuable lesson they will never forget.

    America destroys nations.
    Russia liberates and carefully observes.

  • ama62
    ama62 1 month ago

    So the US has no evidence. Of course, the arguments of Islamic fighters are very credible.

  • dan dun
    dan dun 1 month ago

    trump has been compromised

  • Chino Genadai
    Chino Genadai 1 month ago

    Viva EE.UU!

  • Made in Brasil
    Made in Brasil 1 month ago

    Why Americans dont go to Africa help careless People under tiranic regime...its funny how only arabic countries makes US so worry about tirany regimes or humanitarians subject....

  • John P
    John P 1 month ago

    I'm very careful about what to believe from the Rothschild/red nation(working out of the sovereign state city of London) run BBC. They have their hidden agenda and anything that does not fit into that is not news. There is nothing democratic about the BBC. They answer to the rich and powerful and do their bidding. See texe marrs and Edward Hendrie. They suppress all credible evidence that the earth is in fact flat and that God is right up above flat earth. Why would the BBC want to conceal God? Is it because they are one of satan's tools of deceit? I think so.

  • Greg ####
    Greg #### 1 month ago

    Russian Naval might , look out!!
    Putin Shows Off Russia's Embarrassing Aircraft Carrier
    1118DEC 5, 2016 1:47 PM EST
    Tobin Harshaw
    I've written before on how Russian involvement in the war in Syria is about more than just propping up the Assad regime. President Vladimir Putin has also been putting on a demonstration of military might, both to enhance Russia's status as a resurgent power and to show off all its new hardware to prospective international buyers.

    And things had been going well: Ground-based Russian planes have been flying sorties at a highly efficient pace; warships in the Caspian Sea have hit targets in northern Syria with cruise missiles; one of Russia's new T-90 tanks survived relatively unscathed after being hit by a U.S.-made TOW missile.

    But when Putin decided to send Russia's lone aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, down to the Mediterranean, he blundered. First, there is no military purpose: The carrier was designed to protect home waters, not for strike missions, and with only 15 planes aboard, will do little to augment Russia's ground-based aerial assault.

    Second, the ship is simply embarrassing to look at. It lumbers along belching black smoke, accompanied by tugboats standing ready to tow because of frequent breakdowns. Its distinctive "ski jump" prow is an admission of technological defeat -- because the deck lacks the catapults found on U.S. carriers, jets need the extra boost of the ramp to avoid toppling into the ocean.

  • Josh Standing
    Josh Standing 1 month ago

    anyone else notice the missile randomly appear at 0:48?

  • peter jones
    peter jones 1 month ago

    It seems that Putin wanted to be a soviet hero before leaving office.
    But its all going wrong for him very quickly.
    his reserves are running out and the gas money that the chineese give
    him will not pay for his armed forces for long.His last critical stikes
    are a sense of frustration that military presents has not been
    effective. His original strategy to hold onto his navel base in Syria
    seems too expensive. Putins only political option now is to have a
    poliical settlement and withdrawl his forces back to Russian to save
    cash and appease his political opponants in the Kremalin. His power base
    at home is decling with austerrity eating away his political support.
    What do his other generals advise? With nato on the boarders of Crimea
    and Ukrain. ISIS moving into Russia nervious conversations have
    surrounded an asap exit strategy for syria.

    Expect a political settlement with the US soon involving the partition
    of syria.

  • Dalena
    Dalena 1 month ago

    bbc Bullshit Blairite Channel

  • TheCausation
    TheCausation 1 month ago


  • Cipriano Kritzinger
    Cipriano Kritzinger 1 month ago

    Civil war or foreign intervention from the very beginning?

  • Nitere
    Nitere 1 month ago

    Shouldve voted for Hillary.

  • B Spits
    B Spits 1 month ago

    Let's make things better not worse.

  • Chris_0803
    Chris_0803 1 month ago

    Sometimes the US has no other choice than to lay the smack down on some third world shit like this. The number one way for a country to avoid this is to join the rest of the 21st century world.

  • EveryDay
    EveryDay 1 month ago

    One man draws a line in the sand, and we find out he used his own snail tracks to draw it. One man let's his actions speak for him regarding his feelings on war crimes.

  • heinz 490
    heinz 490 1 month ago

    why dont the good Guys fight the bad Guys  US have seen terror attack and rusia to they have the same enemy

  • Στέφανος ιδεολογικός

    If you Russians nuke the U.S can you please spare the south? especially Alabama? I'm only 9. I'm not ready to die :(

    • Th3_Gh0sT 2127
      Th3_Gh0sT 2127 1 month ago

      A.J From Space adelanto?

    • A.J From Space
      A.J From Space 1 month ago

      Th3_Gh0sT 2127 Where exactly in the North? It depends. It depends on the location where the bomb is detonated, how much nuclear material was used, what the wind is like that day, etc. If a bomb is detonated near you, you'll be effected. Even if it's not near you directly, you'll be effected by nuclear fallout.

    • Th3_Gh0sT 2127
      Th3_Gh0sT 2127 1 month ago

      A.J From Space thanks for this information and i mean just north, will north be effected?

    • A.J From Space
      A.J From Space 1 month ago

      Th3_Gh0sT 2127 Well, if you want to talk about this logistically.. In reality, the coast lines would be the places most likely to be hit. The east coast. Particularly around Washington, D.C., New York, or other highly populated, highly vital places. If a 10 kiloton nuclear weapon hit Washington, D.C., a half mile radius would be severely damaged and destroyed. Within 10-20+ miles, people would begin to experience sickness, or even die from radioactive exposure. The fallout would probably be the worst part, effecting a widespread amount of people, depending on the size of the bomb, wind direction, etc. So it really depends on what you mean by "North", and "South". Many Southern areas would probably be effected, as they're near a coastline, in which could be potential targets. But it really all depends on a seemingly countless amount of factors. So I can't really say one way or the other. I was more or less joking when I said the South needed would be first to go, or needed to be first to go. But we do store many of nuclear weapons in the South. So it's very possible that's also a prime target.

  • لبيكا يا حسين

    trump does not have the courage to do the same to north Korea

  • Fluffy Goatbutt
    Fluffy Goatbutt 1 month ago

    And you people kept saying Hillary would start WWIII lmao
    Look at your precious Donald now.

  • Ricardo Chavez
    Ricardo Chavez 1 month ago

    Russian mob owns putin

  • I T
    I T 1 month ago

    why let Russia become a world number one terorist?

  • Assassin Hawk
    Assassin Hawk 1 month ago

    No wonder ISIS are celebrating now they have america as a full ally.

  • keep reading keep reading now STOP

    war is coming soon

  • Kenneth Chua
    Kenneth Chua 1 month ago


  • Flyboy Flayhigh
    Flyboy Flayhigh 1 month ago

    Russia is a Snake

  • Flyboy Flayhigh
    Flyboy Flayhigh 1 month ago

    Good job Trump

  • ghostikrus
    ghostikrus 1 month ago

    посмотрим что будет дальше - опосредованная война не за горами

  • Tadas ir Blinda2
    Tadas ir Blinda2 1 month ago

    Russia is the evil.

  • betdam
    betdam 1 month ago

    The twin Towers, Saddam Hussain, Gadaffi…Assad next. A familiar pattern of American fact a well known system of governing. Trump is just a puppet.

  • BaSs
    BaSs 1 month ago


  • James Brown Jr
    James Brown Jr 1 month ago

    false flag just like Iraq ..

  • Jesse T.
    Jesse T. 1 month ago

    I will join russia and shoot some dirty americunts

  • Aluk krs
    Aluk krs 1 month ago

    Trump just fucked US.

  • Rata 4 U
    Rata 4 U 1 month ago

    Russia ought to know that Trump isn't out of the woods yet regarding the fiasco involving his Russian ties. If Trump believes that this attack on Syria is going to exonerate him he's mistaken. The investigation continues. Trumps future still hangs in the balance and more sanctions on Russia can be brought forward. What Trump did was the right thing but it doesn't mean the investigation is over. Also, Russia needs to understand that Putin is the enemy not the Russian people - you all need to remove that cancer or it will end very badly for you.

  • New Jersey
    New Jersey 1 month ago

    Trump is gonna get us all killed. People don't realize that they voted for an idiot.

  • Anton Leimbach
    Anton Leimbach 1 month ago

    Next time we will take out the Russian airfields in Syria.

    • Anton Leimbach
      Anton Leimbach 1 month ago

      That's funny, I didn't know that Russians were all gay. Thanks for clarifying, I suspected that was the case. Is that why you like it there so much?

    • Atheist
      Atheist 1 month ago

      Yeah good luck with that, and then you will be bending over while you get fucked by Russians in your home country. You are an idiot war mongrel faggot.

  • Celtic Phoenix
    Celtic Phoenix 1 month ago

    False flag. the start of ww3. exactly 100 years to the very day after the start of world war 2. there are no coincidences. Israel is employing their agenda 21 plan, and working on the greater Israel project.

  • Just some guy
    Just some guy 1 month ago

    it's Israel that dropping the gas guaranteed

  • 蛋蛋怒风
    蛋蛋怒风 1 month ago

    now the problem is syrian people can't choose the president of USA。 but the president of USA can determin the fate of syrian people

  • AnalsaurusRex
    AnalsaurusRex 1 month ago

    And only 23 out of 59 missiles made it bahahaha! $110 million wasted

    • Joseph Grace
      Joseph Grace 1 month ago

      can u guess who the anti christ is.. R.T

    • ryan seitz
      ryan seitz 1 month ago

      Obv no oe woud keep a missle that only worked half the time...dumbass

    • talking potato
      talking potato 1 month ago

      AnalsaurusRex i think it was 59 out of 60 and one hit the water

  • krew666666
    krew666666 1 month ago

    really didn't see too much damage,and the only plane I've seen is undamaged.

  • Jesus was a Carpenter

    how amusing, go-ahead poke at russia, see where that'll lead you. Accept Jesus Christ and repent is the only way out of this for you.

  • Drake Minus
    Drake Minus 1 month ago

    how about we just nuke eachother and kill this planet and end everything, stupid fucks they are just like little kids playing with firecrackers! !!!! dude WTFFFFFFF! !!!!!

  • Alan G
    Alan G 1 month ago

    Trump is so easily manipulated by the media. FOX NBC and CNN all fabricated the same story in unison within hours of ISIS and the white helmets making this happen. This is the second time in 4 years that Assad has been framed for using chemical weapons. This time it only took a day to debunk because we were ready.

  • alex y.
    alex y. 1 month ago

    BBC 👎👎👎

  • alex y.
    alex y. 1 month ago


  • Darth Vitiate
    Darth Vitiate 1 month ago

    Well trump is finally defying his puppeteer good because Russia broke more international laws that us

    • Darth Vitiate
      Darth Vitiate 1 month ago

      Cringy Lets Plays Ukraine the illegal annexation of Crimea and targeting civilians in Syrian

    • Cringy Lets Plays
      Cringy Lets Plays 1 month ago

      how did Russian brake laws?

  • Diptendu Roy Chowdhury

    Looks real bad. Learn how WWs happened in our history, and this will scare you.

  • G man Smiley
    G man Smiley 1 month ago

    just because they are allies they care

  • chrishasaclue
    chrishasaclue 1 month ago

    we had no right to do that.... but while we are on the topic russia is just as bad. taking over the Ukraine, but still two wrongs don't make a right.

  • draft galosa
    draft galosa 1 month ago

    I strongly condemn RUSSIA annexing Crimea from the sovereign state of Ukraine in 2013. Of which has resulted in 9,000 people killed to date, but what do I know, I am an ape.

    • Will Kanoff
      Will Kanoff 1 month ago

      +draft galosa just go back to your cage and have a banana...

    • draft galosa
      draft galosa 1 month ago

      I am whatever or whomever I wish to be, chimp.

    • Space Monkey
      Space Monkey 1 month ago

      draft galosa no, you are Patrick

  • The Capsule
    The Capsule 1 month ago

    long live assad...

    • Marc Galaxy
      Marc Galaxy 1 month ago

      The Capsule long live those twin babies.....wait they died by chemicals

    • draft galosa
      draft galosa 1 month ago


  • It's Always Then Other Guy

    Putin talks from both sides of his mouth. That why he says read my lips, you cant!

  • edward hickey
    edward hickey 1 month ago

    One plane left? Fire another round as that one plane can drop more gas. Then say to the Russians "Oops, I did it again, I played with your heart, got lost in the game,
    That I'm sent from above, I'm not that innocent" lol

  • Tomhankerus
    Tomhankerus 1 month ago

    Russia pulls shady shit constantly. Get your heads out of your asses.

    • Tomhankerus
      Tomhankerus 1 month ago

      No worries, my insurance will cover me, but you're probably fucked. Good luck getting approved for life insurance hahaha

    • Will Kanoff
      Will Kanoff 1 month ago

      +Tomhankerus Take it easy Retardo, you'll fry your brain prosthesis again ... :D

    • Tomhankerus
      Tomhankerus 1 month ago

      No shit sherlock. Did you just figure that out? I bet your fat ass wants a gold star, but all you'll get is high blood pressure and hopefully a heart attack.

    • Will Kanoff
      Will Kanoff 1 month ago

      +Tomhankerus so does everybody else, idiot

  • john noveck
    john noveck 1 month ago

    Hey Russia here's a heads up for you.
    Your about a day late. And make a note the United States of America actually has a President now. And a real Secretary of Defense.

  • John Tripp
    John Tripp 1 month ago

    How many dead Syrian children in this strike? How many innocent civilians made homeless? For years now the dead from Syrian air force strikes alone has been accumulating and nothing the FSA could do about it. From here it would appear that someone got a well deserved spanking, all the finger pointing over the rebels possible stockpiles of CIA supplied gas chemicals but no attacks on Syrian forces using it?? hogwash in my opinion. millions of refugees and hundreds of thousands of innocent dead says it all and all you politicians ought to be ashamed of yourselves for letting this go so long and so expensively.

    • heinz 490
      heinz 490 1 month ago

      Enola gae did more harm than these maybe gas attack

    • John Tripp
      John Tripp 1 month ago

      No children at the airfield, just guilty soldiers and that's the point. I do not approve of anything that is happening in Syria right now and to prove he is a heartless despot they've raided the same spot with conventional weapons, probably hoping to wipe out any proof of their nerve gas attack. Denial isn't the world is so busy on their cellphones they can't see the dead piling up.

    • Shinku TV
      Shinku TV 1 month ago

      John Tripp children at an airfield?

  • James Smith
    James Smith 1 month ago

    President Trump has the full support of the people......

  • Hagag Hamed
    Hagag Hamed 1 month ago

    so it's okay for them indescribable if the usa did... maybe the russians think it's okay to use poison gas on your citizens... they probably done it themselves before

    • Cringy Lets Plays
      Cringy Lets Plays 1 month ago

      US also did a lot of shady work, where they can attack, where they can kill, but other countries can't. So don't make Russia a bad guy here.

  • Selena Daniel
    Selena Daniel 1 month ago

    The Pentagon told the Russian military, which has a huge presence in government-controlled Syria, where the strike was going to be in order to prevent any Russian casualties.
    The Russians obviously then told the regime the strikes where the strikes were going to hit, and Trump ended up spending $70 million dollars for a firework show.
    MISSION FAILED: Trump’s Plan Got Out And Syrian Army Evacuated Beforehand

    • A.J From Space
      A.J From Space 1 month ago

      Selena Daniel Wait..did you just use common sense? Well, that's a new one.. Hardly ever see that, anymore.

    • varicodin
      varicodin 1 month ago

      jim jackle I love how the media spreds bull shit. Rex tillarson said they took out 20% of the planes at the air base. there was about 34 planes stationed there. you can do the math. The whole 20 digit thing got leaked to the press the night of the attack from anonymous sources. The media then fabricated the 20 jets taken out story. Ether way syria has over 400 such planes. This shouldn't hurt them too much.

    • jim jackle
      jim jackle 1 month ago

      We destroyed 20 of Assad's planes, his fueling stations and radar equipment. Those 20 planes cost a lot more to replace than those cruise missiles.

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez 1 month ago

    you coward youtube bastards!!

  • Hapalon G
    Hapalon G 1 month ago

    The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation wishes to thank the US Navy for the opportunity to test the capabilities of the new missile defense arsenal and radio suppression. Of the 59 missiles, only 23 missiles flew to the airbase and only 12 fell into the intended targets. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Rupert Grimble
    Rupert Grimble 1 month ago

    BBC can you please allow unmoderated comments on all your articles on your website in the interest of freedom of speech?

  • Kokainuser
    Kokainuser 1 month ago

    England declared war on germany when germany attacked poland, that's how WW2 started.

    • Kokainuser
      Kokainuser 1 month ago

      I know, but the attack on poland was the reason why england declared war on germany.

    • KiNdreD Gaming
      KiNdreD Gaming 1 month ago

      Kokainuser actually Germany did a lot of other crap before that

  • elvistheking
    elvistheking 1 month ago

    so putin what about ukraine was that legal

  • Kingpin Outlaw
    Kingpin Outlaw 1 month ago

    Russia should use tactical nukes on Americans main land and most important military site ,hit NATO hard and relentless

  • Ulf Meier-Schulze
    Ulf Meier-Schulze 1 month ago

    I don't think Tillerson has to face difficult conversations; I think he has to face uncomfortable plain conversation. :D

  • 101percentVN
    101percentVN 1 month ago

    Fuk the russian..

  • King Bladwin IV
    King Bladwin IV 1 month ago

    But wait I though the left said trump and Putin were friends.

    • Glock9
      Glock9 1 month ago

      Or unless Assad, Putin and Trump staged this whole thing to make it look like it.

    • Sam j
      Sam j 1 month ago

      King Bladwin IV times change

    • ntLonky
      ntLonky 1 month ago

      Before the election the right said Trump will probably get along with Putin and Russia. And at the same time the left said therefore Trump must be Putin's puppet or friend.
      Now after the election Trump proved the left to be wrong before the election. If he were Putin's puppet this would not happen.

    • A.J From Space
      A.J From Space 1 month ago

      King Bladwin IV Uh.. They are. Or were. That's why Putin has been so vocal about that relation being challenged. Open your eyes. Pay attention.

  • Ahuramazda The Flame

    we must arrerest Tillerson and hang him on the Kremlin wall as a war criminal.

  • augustusmd
    augustusmd 1 month ago


    • Cringy Lets Plays
      Cringy Lets Plays 1 month ago

      you also lack history dick, no one needs americas help,

    • augustusmd
      augustusmd 1 month ago

      Grey Chip if america didn't loan you money or as you say joined the war your momma would be stalins whore and you could be his retard son you bloody bastard! don't you know you brits caused the bloody mess in the middle east because of your double dealings during ww1? you should be grateful to america coz he saved your ass twice already you dumb shit! know your history boy!

    • Петр Любимов
      Петр Любимов 1 month ago

      Amazing, but I want to protect Americans. I'm Russian. And in my country is EXTREMELY unfriendly to Americans. Today. But during the Second World War, the Americans supplied our army weapons. It was called "lend-lease". They have been supplying jeeps, planes, tanks "Sherman", radios, locomotives and even the phones... Yes, the delivery was 30% of what is needed. Yes, the technique was not perfect and not new. But the delivery was! And whole my country remembers about these supplies from America and the UK. Another thing is that Russia was one on one with Hitler until 1944. Americans all this time stormed a few Islands in Guinea, the British tried to fight in Africa... once the yanks landed in France, the Red Army had to rescue the Ardennes operation...But that's another story.

      In Russia rejoiced when Trump became President. To date, joy has not disappeared.

    • Петр Любимов
      Петр Любимов 1 month ago

      That's it for such a logic of Americans hate in the world. You can buy loyalty, you cannot buy the love of the common people. Damn, Americans are even British "brothers" do not like!)))

    • augustusmd
      augustusmd 1 month ago

      the equation is very simple.. japan bombed pearl harbor killing thousands of military personnel and several hundred civilians. so, america retaliated. pretty simple isn't it?

  • REDPOWERable
    REDPOWERable 1 month ago

    Well, Trump drowned in the swamp...

  • Владимир Масляницкий

    In my opinion Trump maked mistake in Siria and US policy incorrected against Siria nation.

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