Moto Z vs Moto Z Play Review: Which One Should You Buy?

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  • Here's my review of the Moto Z and Moto Z Play. Check out dbrand skins here:

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Comments: 644

  • PraveenKumar A
    PraveenKumar A 12 hours ago

    thank you bro ., good video

  • Badr Beyari
    Badr Beyari 1 day ago


  • Demid Z
    Demid Z 2 days ago

    I usually get 10+ hours of screen on my z play. Thick is why I chose play over the regular z. Also the interface works smooth still.

  • SilverBullet27188
    SilverBullet27188 5 days ago

    What is the audio quality difference between the two phones? I was wondering if Motorola would stuff a DAC into a thicker design?

  • Tech Infinity
    Tech Infinity 10 days ago

    Watching this on my moto x style/pure. Though I'm still on the marshmallow version. Nougat's not out yet, so much for fast updates on moto phone :(

  • Steven Attila
    Steven Attila 12 days ago

    Hi! How about EIS? As I know there is no OIS, but an electronic image stabilization. How shaky are the videos??

    FGALVANP28 13 days ago

    I know there's one space for a memory card wich I have... and one for a simcard, but there's a third one, it looks like a plastic can be removed.

    FGALVANP28 13 days ago

    do anybody know if the second space for a sim card works, I can see there's some extra golden metal pins, like if the phone is made for double simcard....

  • Manu Roy
    Manu Roy 17 days ago

    My Moto z play is good in all aspects even in gaming the only issue that I can complain at all is the autofocus delay as you mentioned. It annoys sometimes when we need to take that special moment snap.

  • ace flame
    ace flame 19 days ago

    z Force?

  • I love wall.e
    I love wall.e 19 days ago

    my z play speaker blown out 😣😣😣 don't play rolling sky while the cylinder sound is going

  • Isaac Korff
    Isaac Korff 20 days ago

    I only car about a battery life. It's a fu**ing Phone fist and foremost. Thanks for the review

  • Yash Goyal
    Yash Goyal 20 days ago

    can you please compare Z play with S7Edge or iphone 7 (Speed test)
    I'm subscribed ☺️

  • Deepak Aswani
    Deepak Aswani 21 day ago

    I have a moto z play and I love it because its 🔋

  • John Griffith
    John Griffith 21 day ago

    Hi Matthew. Superb review as usual. I have the Z Play and I've had just about every phone out there, including the Z you compared here. The Play is just an outstanding device. One thing no one talks about is call clarity and the best noise cancellation of ANY phone I've ever used. I can drive with the window down, the sun roof open and the person I'm talking to hears only my voice. In comparison, my iPhone 6s work device has mediocre noise cancellation as people complain of background noise in a similar setting. Moto has always nailed call quality and the Z Play just kills it!

    • Matthew Moniz
      Matthew Moniz 21 day ago

      +John Griffith thanks John!! That's awesome I'll have to test that out with call quality

  • Dakkaron
    Dakkaron 25 days ago

    Now there is a mod worth buying the phone for:

    At least for me. I am buying the Z Play as an upgrade from my Motorola Droid 4 because of that keyboard mod.

  • DC3
    DC3 25 days ago

    good review man, subbed. Thinking of getting a Moto z because the price is pretty good right now for the spec, not sure about the getting a white one though because I'm not rich or a pimp why couldn't they just make it silver and white, gold is so tacky.

    • Matthew Moniz
      Matthew Moniz 25 days ago

      Thanks man! = ) welcome to the channel!

  • William Calderwood
    William Calderwood 28 days ago

    a really cool mod would be the desktop drop in interface. drop your phone on the plugin module and poof you get keyboard, mouse and desktop running Android/Linux. (Ms is already doing this with their windows phones...soooooo...)

  • Armando Medina
    Armando Medina 1 month ago

    Great review! Very detailed. Thanks for the info. Just subscribed to your channel

    • Matthew Moniz
      Matthew Moniz 29 days ago

      You're welcome Armando! Welcome to the channel = )

  • Vinyl Guy
    Vinyl Guy 1 month ago

    I'm using a Moto z play and Its perfect 👍👌

  • Mech0z
    Mech0z 1 month ago

    Should we expect a yearly upgrade of these about august? I value batterylife and can wait a few month if they bring out a new model with 4-6 month

    • Mech0z
      Mech0z 1 month ago

      Got a link?

    • Matthew Moniz
      Matthew Moniz 1 month ago

      Yup! Leaks are already circulating of the next Moto Z Play

  • Shane Kweens
    Shane Kweens 1 month ago

    Receiving my Moto Z Play next week. Can't wait for the killer battery life, zero lag and battery pack option. I'l take that over all brands flagship device any day.

  • Jack AFC
    Jack AFC 1 month ago

    Moto Z for 249€ or the Moto Z Play for 279€ which one should I buy? ATM I have a Huawei P10 but I like the Moto Z and Z Play so much. Please help me.

  • Arjun dwivedi
    Arjun dwivedi 1 month ago

    m using z play haven't face any problem while playing hd games like asphalt,strangers wrath, NFS, Rayman adventure n many more no lag at all.

  • Shane Horne
    Shane Horne 1 month ago


  • Likhith Rudresh
    Likhith Rudresh 1 month ago

    I just want to know as per overall performanances which is gud ?? moto z or moto z play ??
    waiting to get an answer

  • Rebellion one vlogs
    Rebellion one vlogs 1 month ago

    the moto z droid isnt glass its metal

  • Chao Li
    Chao Li 1 month ago

    "if u don't play games" oh shit. guess it's off my buy list

  • Gordon Yap
    Gordon Yap 1 month ago

    Google took over the project ARA from Motorola and there was no news. Motorola had the prototype running and was shortly taken out. I believe this mods things will work out fine. They had been innovating since donkey years back. I would say the projector thing is one of the most cool thing. The cam mod, I find it too expensive seriously for the kind of price for a mod is too much. Oh yes btw, external storage, is it 256 or 2TB?

  • Lukman Gunawan
    Lukman Gunawan 1 month ago

    nice video...i have moto z play.
    its cool with more battery life.
    if ur gamer. u should buy this.

  • Kuba31 TV
    Kuba31 TV 1 month ago

    Moto Z have a glass back

  • govi
    govi 1 month ago

    The best mod is Keyboard Mod on indiegogo. I hope it'll be successful. I've already backed.

  • Sachin
    Sachin 1 month ago

    how to enable swift keyboard in moto z play ?

  • Tammy Olcikas
    Tammy Olcikas 1 month ago

    any chance you have a review of the moto z play and moto z force together.... deciding between the two is difficult

  • Ankur Sharma
    Ankur Sharma 2 months ago

    Moto Z Play is for me... sent from my Galaxy S6 Edge. I may be a rare one who thinking about moving from Samsung back to Moto.

  • Jorge Vera
    Jorge Vera 2 months ago

    I got the Moto Z Play, and the battery is crazy long with the incipio charging mod! I absolutely love it

  • Epic Fails w/carrick and james

    what are those sennheisers in at 1:57

  • Perez Oyemina
    Perez Oyemina 2 months ago

    What you should have said was that the moto z is ridiculously thin, while the moto z play is thin

  • UnZealot
    UnZealot 2 months ago

    Question:  Why did they need to make the Moto Z so thin that the headphone jack wouldn't fit?  Why not just make it thick enough to continue fitting the jack?

  • Damon Smith
    Damon Smith 2 months ago

    Great video. The battery life has steered me into the direction of the Moto Z Play.

  • Nick Salerno
    Nick Salerno 2 months ago

    I have the Moto z play, I honestly love it especially when you upgrade from a iPhone 4s.. the screen is great, the speaker is very loud, and runs on Android great because is was owned by Google, who owns Android... Moto is owned by Lenovo which i feel is the best computer company in the world... I love it and I would recommend it to anybody

    • Nick Salerno
      Nick Salerno 2 months ago

      plus to add on, if you want better camera, there is a mod for that, and if you want more battery there is a mod for that too, and if you want better speaker again a mod for that

  • the king
    the king 2 months ago

    be nice if they had a ham radio mod

  • Harmanpreet Singh
    Harmanpreet Singh 2 months ago

    please tell me prise

  • wmm3
    wmm3 2 months ago

    moronic. instead of worrying about fashion plate put the battery mod on. I use two. and go 36 hours with a lot of mixed use. i love the jbl mod bx if I'm turn that on I'm likely tapping do not disturb. hello date nite. This was a horrible comparison as it ignores the Moto z Force. which has an even better camera and more on board battery than either reviewed​ phone. one last mod note. The hasslblad mod give me a great
    digital SLR and video experience. if you like a customisable experience get Moto Z...I recommend the force edition. u won't need a phone update anytime soon and you get all the mods . this guy should go buy an iPhone where they dictate your experience.

  • Pam Chen
    Pam Chen 2 months ago

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Fred E
    Fred E 2 months ago

    finally got 7.0 on the Play yesterday.

    I have the JBL Soundboost mod. It gives me a slightly longer battery life from the phone's battery not having to drive the speaker.

    • Fred E
      Fred E 2 months ago

      Matthew Moniz Unless you are talking about 7.0. I haven't played around with it too much, but I really like being able to split the screen space. It's a real boon to productivity.

    • Fred E
      Fred E 2 months ago

      Matthew Moniz P.S. It's rather convenient having the soundboost be so pocketable. Big sound, small form.

    • Fred E
      Fred E 2 months ago

      Matthew Moniz It's quite nice. My mother (who doesn't care for smartphones) tells me that it was nice enough that she is considering getting one of her own. The battery life is what really turned her on to this model. She's seen others struggle with a phone that doesn't last the day and didn't want that hassle.

    • Matthew Moniz
      Matthew Moniz 2 months ago

      +Fred E nice!! How you liking it ?

  • Munieli
    Munieli 2 months ago

    moto z costs less than moto z play in my country

  • Shimmy Weiss
    Shimmy Weiss 2 months ago

    I love the Moto z play only the camera is not so good

  • Neil Piar
    Neil Piar 2 months ago

    Google Pixel or Moto Z?

    • Fred E
      Fred E 2 months ago

      Neil Piar Good on you m8.

    • Neil Piar
      Neil Piar 2 months ago

      Ur a day late. I went and got the Pixel. I love it but I live in a cardboard box now, no wifi. Lol.

    • Fred E
      Fred E 2 months ago

      Neil Piar , when I was faced with the same choice I chose the Z Play. My choice was for economic reasons over most other things save that I like the aesthetic of the Z play more than the Pixel. The Pixel is an excellent phone, if money is not an issue then I would go with the Pixel. Though, moto mods won me over in the end.

  • Sanjaya Werta
    Sanjaya Werta 2 months ago

    Mathew.....plaese show me the MotoZ led notification and how to activate it.thx

  • Christine Armstrong
    Christine Armstrong 2 months ago

    I have the moto z play I love it camera and all but, I was told I could only put a 32 MB memory card into it so it's nice to hear that I can have a bigger memory card

  • wolffey214AJ
    wolffey214AJ 2 months ago

    I love the Moto force, it's my favorite phone ever!

  • TriNite
    TriNite 2 months ago

    whats the difference in z play's software than the z

  • Reggie Vanness
    Reggie Vanness 2 months ago

    Very good review i ended up with the Moto Z Force i am really liking this device the battery life is good for a hard day's work that's good enough for me.....

  • Rob Watkins
    Rob Watkins 2 months ago

    Nice review! You talked about the Z Play being much thicker and chunkier than the Z. The Z is 5.2mm thick which is ridiculously thin. The Z Play is 7mm thick and houses a 3510 maH battery. The Z Play is still very slim compared to other devices currently on the market and houses a HUGE battery...I think that bears mentioning...rather than saying it's much thicker then the standard Z. Otherwise you nailed it!

  • Cruise Addiction / Tech

    A friend of mine has this phone she's having trouble with I guess there's a live app we can do live video how do you do it

  • VonDa in Wonderland
    VonDa in Wonderland 2 months ago

    I was wondering if having the speaker on the front changes the sound quality on back video recording? please get back to me. Thank you ♥

  • TheRussianLondoner
    TheRussianLondoner 3 months ago

    Thanks for the video

    • Matthew Moniz
      Matthew Moniz 3 months ago

      You're welcome and thanks for watching!

    RAM GAME ASSIS RGA 3 months ago


    • Matthew Moniz
      Matthew Moniz 3 months ago

      +RAM GAME ASSIS RGA thanks man! I appreciate it !

  • Connie Somers
    Connie Somers 3 months ago

    I have the Moto z but what one do u like

  • toy 360
    toy 360 3 months ago

    my Moto z is the best smart phone I had so fare and I had 11

  • bunny creations
    bunny creations 3 months ago

    how to enable wireless display in moto z play to connect my LETV 55 INCH

    Help me Bro

    all Moto devices facing this issue

  • Niidea1986
    Niidea1986 3 months ago

    moto mod$ are fucking expensive.

  • Ben G
    Ben G 3 months ago

    I personally like the Moto z play because I just love its battery life

  • Zachary Young
    Zachary Young 3 months ago

    I have found the Moto Z Play to be very durable compared to apple phones... I have dropped it several times without a scratch or a dent on it and the battery comes in handy when i forget to charge it the night before

  • Jackson Mack Mack
    Jackson Mack Mack 3 months ago

    I have the z play and I have to say I personally am satisfied with its camera quality

  • VoloKin Project
    VoloKin Project 3 months ago

    Excellent comparison, cheers mate!

  • Shahed Rasul
    Shahed Rasul 3 months ago

    Does motor z play sopport sdcard adapt options

  • Yuki Kawai
    Yuki Kawai 3 months ago

    I bought moto Z

    • Yuki Kawai
      Yuki Kawai 3 months ago

      I just bought yesterday, so didn't touch it actually. But I thought it's cheap for it's spec, US $380 on ebay (64GB, like new).
      It might beat Google Pixel. Also I'm impressed with Moto Mods idea, and I'm looking for Project Tango for future.

    • Matthew Moniz
      Matthew Moniz 3 months ago

      +Yuki Kawai nice how are you liking it?

  • Michael Angelo Marucot

    i really want one. how can i? 😐

  • Niels Junker
    Niels Junker 3 months ago

    hi great video I can't not chose with phone to buy between Oneplus 3t or Moto z play?

  • John McRae
    John McRae 3 months ago

    I just got the Moto Z play a couple days ago because my LG v10 just crapped out on me (yay LG boot loop defect caused by poor soc cooling). There are some things I'm gonna miss from the v10; didn't realize how much i liked the second screen and I still wanted a removable battery but didn't want to risk another lg with potentially the same issue. I don't really game any on my phone so standard multitasking and app switching is all that really mattered to me which the play handles fine. I also figured the trade off for battery life on the play would be better since it doesn't have a removable battery. I have a 6s+ from work and its 1080 display seems to be good enough for me so losing qhd wasn't too big a deal and it also means more battery life. yesterday I used the play under typical load for me, installed the recent update from verizon, and still had about 40-50% battery when I went to bed like 18 hours later; not sure what actual screen on time was but I think I'm gonna like this phone. I also don't mind the slight extra bulk; I actually don't like the super thin trend with phones right now

  • Jay Mcfarland
    Jay Mcfarland 3 months ago

    I still use my original Droid Turbo and I swear it's about as good as most of the so called flagships out there today and this is all from a 2014 phone. Snapdragon 805, 21mp main camera, 2mp secondary camera, 64gb of space, 3 (or 4)GB RAM, quad HD display. Running Android 6.1 and still holds its own with battery life. If it wasn't for the hairline crack in the screen, I wouldn't even be looking at new phones.

  • Aisha Ahmed
    Aisha Ahmed 3 months ago

    I like my moto z play beside my iphone it's really very good phone and the best thing is the battery I was confused with moto z and moto z play but in the end I decided to go for moto z play

  • Tobías Brynleifsson
    Tobías Brynleifsson 3 months ago

    As always a very good video thanks! Like both phones!

  • lasya lasya
    lasya lasya 3 months ago

    hi I like only moto z

  • Starr B
    Starr B 3 months ago

    Hello there, I got a Moto Z a few days ago. I have been watching videos as much as possible and I enjoy them a great deal. I have one question when watching and following along I notice that there are several differences from the Moto Z I am supposed to be seeing and my Moto Z. I am using. Is it b/c the Moto Z Play may have been being used? I noticed it most when watching the 10 Hidden Features.Any way I just wondered and thanks ever so much for doing what you do. Now I will remind my husband to watch them as well. Happy V~Day~ Starr

    • Matthew Moniz
      Matthew Moniz 3 months ago

      Thanks Starr! = ) The features should be pretty similar from a software standpoint.

    EL JAAC 3 months ago

    yeah... they soport 2 TB EACH. not only 256 GB

  • Crystal K
    Crystal K 3 months ago

    How ironic that the Play doesn't play as well as the Moto Z :P

  • Faustino Santana
    Faustino Santana 3 months ago

    the battery mod allows for wireless charging. not the phone

  • axizz100
    axizz100 3 months ago

    so which one is cheaper?

  • Lorrin Taylor
    Lorrin Taylor 3 months ago

    Thank for that insight... I am now more informed and genuinely interested than before. The Motos are on my list now for sure...
    As for a mod idea to change the proverbial game.... How about a VR mod? But not a mere rendition of everything that is presently available on the market.... Go OTB and support open source development along with proprietary platforms (i.e. consoles, PC, Apple, etc.), maybe be the first to have a "TRUE" working partnership with major HoHollywood studio, TV content providers

  • speedhumps
    speedhumps 3 months ago

    I have been using the Moto z play for about a month now. and let me tell you. I'm in love. I only charge my phone once every two days and I've never run into the issue of having my phone died on me. it runs games amazingly. I switched from galaxy s6. which with minecraft Pocket edition would get like 15-25 frame jumps on full graphic settings and rendering distance. but ask far as the Moto z play, on full graphic settings and render distance I still get 60 frames and no stuttering and freezing. I've never had an issue with the camera. yes the galaxy s6 camera is better but I still get amazing photos and ease of use with the Moto z play. I am a photographer and a part of my nitch is that I only use smart phones to take my pictures. feel free to check out my Instagram. @chadmichael93

  • b brady
    b brady 3 months ago

    dude the battery mod alone makes it worth it to me. that z play with the battery case is gonna be rediculous

    • Fred E
      Fred E 2 months ago

      b brady Z Play + the biggest battery mod = a week without charging. I've gone four days without charging my naked Z Play before. Admittedly, I did it by carefully managing wireless abilities. Simply turning the data off and leaving it that way vastly extends the battery life.
      Even if I don't, I still go home at the end of the day with a 70% charge left.

  • Dennis Camarillo
    Dennis Camarillo 3 months ago

    I really like MOTO phones but I'm wondering if which of these phones can run Android games better? Coz right now I'm using MOTO Z and experiencing game freeze especially when playing MU Origin.

  • Johannes M. Seifert
    Johannes M. Seifert 3 months ago

    in my opinion the moto z play's camera does a quite good job for just being a mobile-phone-camera
    I took these pictures with my moto Z play this night, and the look like, i wanted them too look:
    (hope the link works, thou the quality won`t be the best as its compressed by facebook)

  • Gil Chávez
    Gil Chávez 3 months ago

    5-6 hours on MZP ??? I got 10-11 hours screen time on ... amazing battery on a smartphone!!!

  • Beau Guerrier
    Beau Guerrier 3 months ago

    how come the z cpu run faster when the z play as more ghz and cores ? i dont understand ???

  • Mario Savina
    Mario Savina 3 months ago

    Why the hell they couldn't simply put a better battery in the better phone? I don't care if it is 2mm thicker!

  • Vaibhav Sharma
    Vaibhav Sharma 3 months ago

    you went too far when you said "if you don't play game", moto z play handled all the heavy games in play store like a breeze, although the lack of OIS is something that does feel missing in both phones.

  • Magesh Siva
    Magesh Siva 3 months ago

    One of the better comparison videos out there. The narrative was XLNT & easy to follow. Short & sweet. Thx 4 putting it out there. M

  • Vijay Patil
    Vijay Patil 3 months ago

    There is not much to complain about Moto Z Play. But be careful, if you drop it and display will crack very easily and right now in India it is going to take me at least a month and Rs 10 K to get it replaced from service center. Very disappointed :(

  • nit nand
    nit nand 3 months ago

    both are not good phone for their price

  • Sunil Kaura
    Sunil Kaura 3 months ago

    Moto z has a metal back not a glass back - you should put an overlay correction on your video

  • The Tinker
    The Tinker 3 months ago

    can you go more into detail with the specs like the ghz on the cpu and more into the ram and gpu thx

  • Ryan LaRue
    Ryan LaRue 4 months ago

    This was a really good review. There is also a Moto Z Force, which I own, same specs as the standard Z but, larger battery, better camera at 24mp. As for wireless charging goes, use the incepio offgrid power pack as it is wireless charging compatible. I've charged my phone several times that way. The JBL speaker isn't as loud as I thought it would be, however, I am really excited for the hasslebald camera mod because I think that mod is taking the next leap into versatility. The phone is incredibly durable, it survived a 60ft fall, only damage was a chip in the lower corner of the screen and scratches on the frame. USB 3.0 is amazing, it too brings the phone up a rung in versatility. The day I got this phone, I was torn between te Z Force and the Note 7, obviously I made a best choice.

  • Eric Stealth
    Eric Stealth 4 months ago

    +Matthew Moniz

    Still waiting for my Moto Z Play to be delivered. Battery life tops my list as I travel often.

  • Sai Ganesh Kolluri
    Sai Ganesh Kolluri 4 months ago

    i likd z

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