Supercars Leaving a Car Show in front of HUGE Crowd!

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  • Shem Powell
    Shem Powell 2 days ago

    Which country is this ?

  • Jose A
    Jose A 3 days ago

    when I saw the Mustang I cringed.. thinking that it was going to do what mustangs do... take out a crowd of people leaving a car show. lol

  • Krasnaludek
    Krasnaludek 5 days ago

    Ford GT is nice; lot of spaceship looking crap too.

  • Krasnaludek
    Krasnaludek 5 days ago

    Look at me!!!!! Look at me!!!!!! Give me your attention ... I has bright purple car making so much noise - I am special.

  • Yassine
    Yassine 6 days ago

    wow they made them leave right when the aston martins were coming out

  • rushbh100
    rushbh100 7 days ago

    What I want to know is why that person was filming with the front camera?

  • Lion Heart
    Lion Heart 10 days ago

    The 360 stradales sound amazing!

  • Pink Orange
    Pink Orange 11 days ago

    my favourite car there defo the reliant at around 11:30😂😂

  • Team Toyota
    Team Toyota 11 days ago

    nice burn out . big up to the bmw guya

  • RobTheCarSpotter
    RobTheCarSpotter 11 days ago

    Great video! Never imagined that blue BMW at the beginning would be able to pull off such an awesome-looking burnout. I didn't realise the Breakfast Club events were anywhere near this size; is it an all-day event despite what the name suggests? Kinda gutted i missed it having seen this video, but there's still the Festival of Speed to look forward to in a few months time!

  • Timothy Harrison
    Timothy Harrison 12 days ago

    the plus side of being a car manufacturer, you get to own the most amazing cars, pagani huayra, one is owned by Mr. Pagani himself, I can only dream of owning one of those works of art!

  • harry gloyn
    harry gloyn 12 days ago

    5:45 that was my mate in the mura sv it was rod Stewarts worth 2.5 mil

  • Troll Hunter
    Troll Hunter 12 days ago

    cool vid m8👌

  • paul davison
    paul davison 12 days ago

    and a few chavs thrown in

  • Drive Nation
    Drive Nation 13 days ago

    Which camera do you use?

  • Fahad Ali
    Fahad Ali 13 days ago

    Fuck you rich people and sympathizers. if I was there I would be pouring paint strip and slashing every cars. might even throw acid on every fucking one of you. you participate in petty "car meets" while disregarding the fact of what it takes to own these type of extravagance. if you don't condone the idea of worker exploitation, money laundering, and capitalism, I suggest you stop participating in these types of events. because what you doing is actually contributing to the problem. you are just adding fuel to the flame. you are giving them prominence. you gave them the opportunity and reasons to own these cars. I'm not a car fan, I'm just here occasionally to put you in your place, to remind you of our fragile society while constantly being torn apart as a result of never ending greed and self satisfaction . Bernie Sanders may have lost the election, but everyday we are getting closer to revolution, and there will be blood. one day, you will eventually see me dragging a rich man out of his car in these car meets and you will witness an execution. this is not a joke, the day will come eventually. the torches and pitches will rise again. join me, comrades, as we rid this world of decedents and share their spoils as we finally bring peace to the rest of the unprivileged world.

    • Lion Heart
      Lion Heart 10 days ago

      Fahad Ali stfu you lazy piece of shit lol you bring nothing to society you broke ass motherfucker lmao.

    • Redstoneprime
      Redstoneprime 11 days ago

      Fahad Ali you do realise a lot of these people earned their money by working for it, don't you? Or would you rather they steal the cars?

    • stanceGTR
      stanceGTR 11 days ago

      Fahad Ali no one actually cares bro. Can't wait for someone to do a burnout in front of you and gas your terrorist bitch ass.

    • Fahad Ali
      Fahad Ali 12 days ago

      +welloilbeefhooked why are you defending the rich? You are part of the problem.

    • welloilbeefhooked
      welloilbeefhooked 13 days ago

      With a name like Fahad Ali and a horrible attitude to anyone who has worked hard in life to afford such cars, plus that your subscribed to the "homemade gun channel" when I pressed on your name, im sure we will see you on the news in no time with a vest full off explosives you terrorist scumbag!!! Bet Allah laughs at poor souls like you so when you blow yourself up he can rape your ass in the so called paradise you think you might end up at!!!

    MRFUCKOFF202 14 days ago

    wtf is that an LS swapped Maserati at 0:15? Who would do such blasphemy?

    • Lion Heart
      Lion Heart 10 days ago

      You find? I hope not.. sounds like the 4.2 ferrari to me.?

  • いいえ慈悲ん
    いいえ慈悲ん 14 days ago

    7;38 what blue car is that ?

  • いいえ慈悲ん
    いいえ慈悲ん 14 days ago

    f430 was best sound

    • Lion Heart
      Lion Heart 10 days ago

      いいえ慈悲ん 360 stradale😍

  • O.M.A
    O.M.A 14 days ago


  • Col A North East
    Col A North East 14 days ago

    woah class him in the Beemer!

  • rs cosworth
    rs cosworth 14 days ago

    rare dimma kitted peugout 205 gti at 2.45

  • Jonah Lol
    Jonah Lol 14 days ago

    Can someone teach that person how to use their phone? Either they're filming it with the front facing camera (& probably getting terrible shots) or they're filming with the back camera and filming their palm.

  • Kreuds
    Kreuds 15 days ago

    The C63 And BMW 5 Series Tho

  • MDKSuperCars
    MDKSuperCars 15 days ago

    That BMW M135i burnout was impressive tho!

  • Marcus Jones
    Marcus Jones 15 days ago

    Haha, then theres the dude in the robin reliant! He could of pimped it up a bit eh!

  • marine rabatel
    marine rabatel 15 days ago


  • Kyle Baker
    Kyle Baker 16 days ago

    i like how you censored out the ones who did the burnouts

  • Pyure Music
    Pyure Music 16 days ago

    not even 1 bentley

  • r3h4n
    r3h4n 16 days ago

    Gaddamn some nice cars. F40, Countach, Miura, Karmann Ghia, Huayra, Rx7 etc

  • Kevin patrick Sances ibarra

    wow The noble m600! 😍

  • Nathan Scott
    Nathan Scott 16 days ago

    Nice video indeed!! 👍🏼

  • waynester71
    waynester71 16 days ago

    Replica Diablo at 2:23?

    • waynester71
      waynester71 13 days ago

      Ah..thanks, didn't think it looked quite right.. definitely didn't sound it.

    • Alex H
      Alex H 14 days ago

      Parallel designs Torero

  • Jerard Goling
    Jerard Goling 16 days ago

    360 is owning it up once again. best sounder ever

    • Lion Heart
      Lion Heart 10 days ago

      Jerard Goling probably the best sounding v8

  • crunchied8
    crunchied8 16 days ago

    the britin police are so strict on the rules and they don't use any common sense

  • 94306v8
    94306v8 16 days ago

    6:25 look that retarded men in blue car lolol. they have been lost

    • welloilbeefhooked
      welloilbeefhooked 13 days ago

      He looks pissed, but his wife is thinking I wish I was in that car in front with the drivers hand between my crouch!!!

    • Bunka Fas
      Bunka Fas 14 days ago

      Haha he did not like it when I left him covered in smoke :D

  • Tekspert
    Tekspert 16 days ago

    Tge did not put on a good show

  • ThatoneGuy
    ThatoneGuy 16 days ago

    guys what car is that at @7:37

  • FreedCornet743
    FreedCornet743 16 days ago

    The flipping Japanese rice mobiles just ruin it. They are not super cars!

  • Fast Pinoyzz
    Fast Pinoyzz 16 days ago

    0:35 what is that? ITS FREAKIN GORGEOUS!

    • Geri J.
      Geri J. 11 days ago

      it's a Kellison J6 Panther - a very rare fiberglass kit-car based on a Corvette chassis. Apparently, the car was brought from Canada by Mr. Lord March himself.

  • Silent Killer
    Silent Killer 16 days ago

    Make my day happy thanks for the video AdamC3046

  • Earl Ven
    Earl Ven 16 days ago

    Phew...Mustang's Didn't

  • Ratty 72 bug productions

    Black car around 7.30 with the roof closing is a nova kit car if anyone is wondering. It's vw beetle based and pretty damn rare.

  • Dominic Van rijn
    Dominic Van rijn 17 days ago

    "OH FRIENDS" hahaha someone had been watching "the inbetweeners"

  • ARSYA justrandompeople

    hey where's gaskings?

  • Franco Pasqua
    Franco Pasqua 17 days ago

    Great video, cheers from argentina.

  • Danny Brown
    Danny Brown 17 days ago

    You blurred the reg of the blue 1 series when it did the burnout, but didn't hide the registration of the woman using her phone while driving in the audi behind😂

  • Mach 1 Dude
    Mach 1 Dude 17 days ago

    It's like my buddy said along time ago! There like assholes everyone has one! Harley's are popular for the wrong reason's, The ricer's don't like the Harley riders, cause they thing there snobs and elitists! The Harley people only like Other like minded Harley riders, It's such BS. If you like riding bikes all should be cool! Harley shirts, jackets, pants, socks, undies! Its all just a little much! The only one laughing is Willy G! All the way to the bank!!!!! And yes I'm one of um!!! :-( Sorry Replying to the Harley Commercial before the vid! Its been a long hard day! :-(

  • danfullstop
    danfullstop 17 days ago

    Great videos Adam, love it

  • buickmonte
    buickmonte 17 days ago

    Thank goodness that cord was there to protect the crowd in case of an accident....i was worried when i clicked on this.

  • M4TIJ4
    M4TIJ4 17 days ago

    Lol savage little bimmer😂😂😂

  • Dries Bogaerts
    Dries Bogaerts 17 days ago

    was that Corvette grand sport archie?

  • onye bill
    onye bill 17 days ago

    keep em coming its all good lad...

  • Motors for the Masses

    Great to see some 'not so saturated' cars there...amongst the usual suspects. 4 door R34, Noble's, Lambo Miura, Countach....not enough Mustangs and too many BMW's for my liking though.

  • random Pezza
    random Pezza 17 days ago

    that blue gtr that made the crackel has 1000 hp
    im in the video next to the bmw doing the burnout

  • Dobbo
    Dobbo 17 days ago

    03:21 "oh dear a mustang"

    thats when you move away from the side of the road lolol

    • Redstoneprime
      Redstoneprime 16 days ago

      Dobbo only when driven by people who never took their test.

    • vincent isaboke
      vincent isaboke 17 days ago

      Oh hahaha I see.
      Shelby? The blue one?

    • Dobbo
      Dobbo 17 days ago

      Are you asking me? No, Mustangs have a habit of running crowds over!

    • vincent isaboke
      vincent isaboke 17 days ago

      The mustang is better than the rest of em?

  • maseratigt2
    maseratigt2 17 days ago

    no alfa Roméo ? :-(

    • x
      x 17 days ago

      maseratigt2. @ 9:14 alfa 156

  • stuartgangsta
    stuartgangsta 17 days ago

    omg look at the thick cunt holding his iPhone the wrong way around

    • Redstoneprime
      Redstoneprime 15 days ago

      stuartgangsta they do have a camera on the front as well, you know.

    • Crawford
      Crawford 17 days ago

      stuartgangsta Lol. He gets home then see's he has filmed his own face for 40mins. 😂

  • Master Tom
    Master Tom 17 days ago

    this was at goodwood wasn't it i saw shmees video and the cars were the same!!

  • SuPrAmAd101
    SuPrAmAd101 17 days ago

    R35 Owners love themselves!

  • R400TVR
    R400TVR 17 days ago

    What is the car at 0.35? Nice vid Adam.

    • Geri J.
      Geri J. 11 days ago

      it's a Kellison J6 Panther - a very rare fiberglass kit-car based on a Corvette chassis. Apparently, the car was brought from Canada by Mr. Lord March himself.

  • James Leek
    James Leek 17 days ago

    Yay made it into another of your videos. I have the Blue mustang

  • Figureight
    Figureight 17 days ago

    Bloke in the blue people carrier at 6:28 thinking he's made the wrong turn in life.

    • Bunka Fas
      Bunka Fas 14 days ago

      Haha, yep he was behind me tailgating.. so I covered him in rubber smoke, twice...

    • Cutlery person
      Cutlery person 17 days ago


  • Alexander Nout
    Alexander Nout 17 days ago

    Awesome video

  • Martin Luther King
    Martin Luther King 17 days ago

    come on the Astons and jags

  • TomPlays
    TomPlays 17 days ago

    "OH DEAR MUSTANG" lmfaooo 3:20

    • TomPlays
      TomPlays 17 days ago

      Can I have one?

    • James Leek
      James Leek 17 days ago

      TomPlays haha that's me! I'm a good boy

  • Angeloti Palirno
    Angeloti Palirno 17 days ago

    "Are BMW things"

  • Andy Skinner
    Andy Skinner 17 days ago

    cops always turn up a these meetings and ruin everything dam cops maby thay should have a one tyre fire and lighten up eh sorry light up too lol great video

  • KenitoElGrande
    KenitoElGrande 17 days ago

    TGE TV @ 7:29

  • Elliot 1234
    Elliot 1234 17 days ago

    Who noticed ArchieHamiltonRacing at around 7:35

    • Martyn203
      Martyn203 17 days ago

      Elliot 1234 Following TGE

  • The Roadwarrior
    The Roadwarrior 17 days ago

    The Ferrari v8s are like music to the ears!

    • The Roadwarrior
      The Roadwarrior 6 days ago


    • Caleb Ayala
      Caleb Ayala 6 days ago

      The Roadwarrior no duh

    • Lion Heart
      Lion Heart 10 days ago

      The Roadwarrior I agree, for me the best sounding there, especially the 360 stradales

    • rs cosworth
      rs cosworth 14 days ago

      The Roadwarrior yeah they sound awesome

    • FeatchCity
      FeatchCity 17 days ago

      "Best sounds in the world come from Ferrari's" - Me

  • Patrik Pålsson
    Patrik Pålsson 17 days ago

    No Mustangs so the crowd survived until the next show.

    • Stairway to heaven Bohemian rhapsody
      Stairway to heaven Bohemian rhapsody 13 days ago

      There were two mustangs I saw.A yellow one at 3:14 and a blue one at 3:20.

    • LAM Channel
      LAM Channel 16 days ago

      sea doo anal cancer ? 😐

    • kanervatie
      kanervatie 16 days ago

      What the fuck did I just read? Go tho school boy.

    • sea doo
      sea doo 17 days ago

      Patrik Pålsson blue mustang you fuckwit. you must of not watched the upload but tried to race to type the first mustang comment. i hope you die of anal cancer.

    • Carlos Benumea
      Carlos Benumea 17 days ago

      Patrik Pålsson There was a blue mustang

  • Dave Moffatt
    Dave Moffatt 17 days ago

    4:15 thats why bikers gets bad names

    • HowDoWeKnow
      HowDoWeKnow 17 days ago

      There was plenty of room you fucking spazmoid

    • Dave Moffatt
      Dave Moffatt 17 days ago

      why you throwing your dummy out. people in cars get pissed off at bikes coming so close to their car. point made.

    • Chris S
      Chris S 17 days ago

      You havent ridden a bike have you? Dont talk about stuff you dont know shit about.

    • Dave Moffatt
      Dave Moffatt 17 days ago

      look how close he was to the Ferrari. Whether or not he knew he wouldn't hit it, how do you think the driver would react. And why call me a roastie? bellend.

    • HowDoWeKnow
      HowDoWeKnow 17 days ago

      What you on about you roasted potato..

  • MrDreamer60
    MrDreamer60 17 days ago

    1 diablo and 2 miura s and 1 countach are my stars of show. Only two rx7s and one supra. No testarossa?

  • dickweeeeeeeeeed
    dickweeeeeeeeeed 17 days ago

    dibble was up n down like hookers garter....

  • maxxjett films
    maxxjett films 17 days ago

    I felt for the welfare of the crowd when the mustang pulled out. Thank goodness everyone was ok!

  • MT KraFT
    MT KraFT 17 days ago

    awesome video ! BMW drivers always make the pullouts lit ! I the dude in the blue sls must have been a ricer

  • PORKER skank
    PORKER skank 17 days ago

    too much sexynes!

  • A Google User
    A Google User 17 days ago

    lol people at pools xD

  • Evolved Sauron
    Evolved Sauron 17 days ago

    At 11:27 there's a Reliant on the left!

  • Danny boy DJB
    Danny boy DJB 17 days ago

    bamalamb driving that Sylvia at 7.10 ish.
    don't flop

  • TC Media TV
    TC Media TV 17 days ago

    Guys gonna be pissed when he realises he's been filming his hand the whole time

  • 𝐦𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐛𝐮.

    what car is that at 7:23?

    • R400TVR
      R400TVR 17 days ago

      It's a VW based car called a Nova. Rare and quite valuable.

  • 𝐦𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐛𝐮.

    lucky fucker! wish i was there :(

  • CJ
    CJ 17 days ago

    a lot of variety at this show :o

  • Saadman Yaseer
    Saadman Yaseer 17 days ago

    guess what mustang did not crash

  • Karson Ma
    Karson Ma 17 days ago

    Finally e39 M5 and NSX and RX7

  • The V
    The V 17 days ago

    why all burnouts had to bmw

  • Scott Sherman
    Scott Sherman 17 days ago

    So Adam, I am going to get a classic car soon. Which one do you recommend? Budget or around £9000 and kept outdoors at all times. Like the MGB but don't know how the convertible roof would fare outdoors all the time.

    • Scott Sherman
      Scott Sherman 17 days ago

      Like the Cortina and Capri, will look into that more.
      Like the 944 but I think running costs and insurance would kill me as I am only 17 coming up for 18
      Will look more into BMW E30
      Would love a Volvo P1800 but they are all too expensive. If you can find one in my budget I will buy it in a heartbeat.

    • AdamC3046
      AdamC3046 17 days ago

      Ford Cortina or Capri
      Porsche 944
      BMW E30
      Volvo P1800

  • 97robin997
    97robin997 17 days ago

    0:18 is she filming with the front cam?

    • LAM Channel
      LAM Channel 16 days ago

      Nhóc Bí ẩn vc og

    • ohy
      ohy 16 days ago

      I saw that and was like ha i wonder if anyone caught that im gunna go reveal it to the comments and then its already top comment. I never get to do anything cool

    • Nhóc Bí ẩn
      Nhóc Bí ẩn 16 days ago

      97robin997 ụk

    • Carlos Benumea
      Carlos Benumea 17 days ago

      97robin997 It's an IPod 5. I had one of those without the back camera.

  • AzzarooBeats
    AzzarooBeats 17 days ago

    Nice upload! Have you still got more monaco videos? They are awesome!

  • RTR Photography
    RTR Photography 17 days ago

    I was literally opposite you! I noticed you just as I left, had no time to say anything though. Nice video!

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