Thrift Shop - Lindsey Stirling & Tyler Ward (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Cover)

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  • Nur Kaplan
    Nur Kaplan 1 day ago

    i watching enjoyablee

  • Эди Коваленко

    Молодцы.Очень круто :)

  • Arc Kiwanis
    Arc Kiwanis 8 days ago


  • Khaty Sukhram
    Khaty Sukhram 11 days ago


  • chocolatecheeesecake

    @1:46 Eponine, is that you???

  • علاوي الساموراي

    الله يطيك

  • farrell magis
    farrell magis 13 days ago

    0:31 is that the boy from react channel?

  • Zing Nafzinger
    Zing Nafzinger 19 days ago

    Love it!

  • Johnny Blaze
    Johnny Blaze 22 days ago

    It is surprising how many people don't like thrift stores. You can find so many awesome clothes for cheap.

  • Majunkie NC-DJ
    Majunkie NC-DJ 23 days ago


  • Miriam Kirchner
    Miriam Kirchner 26 days ago

    I love it! It's so much better than the original song! Lindsey should sing more often in her videos.

  • Irene Corvington
    Irene Corvington 1 month ago

    I thought it was Matt Damon in the thumbnail

  • Dee Anastasia
    Dee Anastasia 1 month ago

    Homeboy looks like a happy Gordon Ramsay in the best way

  • Aragon Gamer
    Aragon Gamer 1 month ago

    y derrepente un comentario en español salvaje aparece

  • Andres Z.C.
    Andres Z.C. 1 month ago

    Its 14-05-2017 and still love this song!

  • WarriorCat_Fox -Foxes and Warriorcats galore!

    I wanna see them together again ;3

  • Neko Ashi
    Neko Ashi 1 month ago

    This is something awesome :3

  • Richard Frei
    Richard Frei 1 month ago

    Tyler + Lindsey = magic

  • Bianca Christmas
    Bianca Christmas 1 month ago

    lindsey looks good in the glasses

  • M Greenwood
    M Greenwood 1 month ago

    like that they changed it be family friendly

  • Lylucky Marie
    Lylucky Marie 1 month ago

    Does no one think that Lindsey looks like that witch from 'nowhere boys' thats on TV on cbbc?

  • Cinthia Gabrielly
    Cinthia Gabrielly 1 month ago

    love <3

  • Alperen
    Alperen 1 month ago


  • Ta Moo
    Ta Moo 1 month ago

    That intro though.

  • Skyder ade
    Skyder ade 1 month ago

    So much better than the original!

  • Makenzie Devries
    Makenzie Devries 1 month ago

    I wish someone would look at me like that at 1:42

  • Marduk Almeida
    Marduk Almeida 1 month ago

    I loved too much ... what day are you going to do a brazilian tour ... just waiting

  • Eat Me awm
    Eat Me awm 2 months ago

    3:19 : Vic Mignogna ?!
    Ed : MY ENGLISH VOICE !! **0**

  • Carolina Fabian
    Carolina Fabian 2 months ago

    do you realize that the wolf thing looks way better on lindsey

    CIAOTIZIOCAIUS 2 months ago

    im here from the nigthcore version ...
    this sounds so slow to me

  • PhƯƠng LaN Lê THị

    so cuteeee, nice couple, love u guys

  • The Laughing Channel
    The Laughing Channel 2 months ago

    The violin sounds like jingle bells dubstep version.

  • Aia bby
    Aia bby 2 months ago

    I think the changed lyrics kinda ruin it...

  • San Rafael Salsa
    San Rafael Salsa 2 months ago


  • Adam Demgar
    Adam Demgar 2 months ago

    That guy at about 0:32 or 0:33 seconds kinda looks like Travolta, me thinks. When Travolta was younger

    • Adam Demgar
      Adam Demgar 2 months ago

      & at 1:09, is that a prison jumpsuit?

  • Kazuya Mishima
    Kazuya Mishima 2 months ago

    Tyler Ward looks like Tyson Kidd from WWE

  • 文杰
    文杰 2 months ago


  • Tanzim Sommerregen
    Tanzim Sommerregen 3 months ago


  • David Schurph
    David Schurph 3 months ago

    ha demain lindsey (:

  • RainbowChu SkyRain
    RainbowChu SkyRain 3 months ago

    Better than the original owo

  • Lucky Laureano
    Lucky Laureano 3 months ago

    only OG fans will know why they said "lindsey stomp" ;] 00:28

  • Kenshin Amatong
    Kenshin Amatong 3 months ago

    am i the only one thinks that they are perfect for each other they look cute

  • trickstar195
    trickstar195 3 months ago


  • thomas siterlet
    thomas siterlet 3 months ago

    GREAT cover !!!!!!!

  • Shadys100
    Shadys100 3 months ago

    tan feo canta ese wey ? voz de chivato

  • Salvador Peralta
    Salvador Peralta 3 months ago

    Nice song i love it

  • Chethana RS
    Chethana RS 3 months ago

    Love both Pentatonix's version and this more than the original!

  • Chethana RS
    Chethana RS 3 months ago

    Love both Pentatonix's version and this more than the original!

  • Serenity Jamison
    Serenity Jamison 3 months ago

    Did the store let you do that.

  • Domenique May
    Domenique May 3 months ago

    LOVE IT!!!
    Think I found my new JAM!!

  • Krävariss
    Krävariss 3 months ago

    I wish I had instrumental wersion of this...

  • Idk Idc
    Idk Idc 3 months ago

    UM 0:37 😍😍😍

  • TheAquamarine4
    TheAquamarine4 3 months ago

    Did anyone else notice how it says 50% off women suits when they said "50 dollars for a t-shirt"

  • Xavier Sargent
    Xavier Sargent 4 months ago

    you guys must have ALL the fun

  • Anime Freak
    Anime Freak 4 months ago

    Imma go make a 100000 accounts so I can subscribe to this channel 100000 times more!!??

  • Thomas74
    Thomas74 4 months ago

    23.02.2017 8000 people are jealous!

  • Emori Amanda Saenz Olvera

    te quiero lindsey

  • 3LITE EcHo
    3LITE EcHo 4 months ago

    Lindsey has a beautiful voice

  • Merc4life
    Merc4life 4 months ago

    why no swearing?

  • Kimmich
    Kimmich 4 months ago


  • Melisa Gayretli
    Melisa Gayretli 4 months ago


  • MyAquaOcean
    MyAquaOcean 4 months ago

    Lindsey SINGS in this?!

  • Dbhatele
    Dbhatele 4 months ago

    This is like the pg version of the song x'D

  • blu blu
    blu blu 4 months ago

    why Lindsey videos have so many dislikes? i don t understand

  • Alexander Alpha
    Alexander Alpha 4 months ago

    this version is better than the original version XD

  • Kailee Walden
    Kailee Walden 4 months ago

    3:07 Lindsey must be pretty trusting to let Tyler use her $5,000 violin :O

  • BeLL Queiroga
    BeLL Queiroga 4 months ago


  • Леша Куприянов

    Это исполнение намного лучше оригинала.

  • FishNugget 501
    FishNugget 501 4 months ago

    Heck yeah!

  • emperor lelouch
    emperor lelouch 4 months ago

    The nightcore is better

  • America Belem Aviles López

    esta bonito su video

  • Виноградные


  • Rodel Jagad
    Rodel Jagad 4 months ago

    lol Lindsey's so hot

  • matteo yang
    matteo yang 4 months ago

    the song its amazing ,wow

  • esteban blandon
    esteban blandon 4 months ago

    mejor que la origianl mil beses no me canso de escucharlo

  • Adalia Heal
    Adalia Heal 5 months ago

    im sorry lindsey but.. GIVE ME YOUR HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nettacki
    Nettacki 5 months ago

    These clean lyrics are way better than the ones used for Kidz Bop.

    • Kailee Walden
      Kailee Walden 4 months ago

      +Nettacki Definitely. And the language in the original didn't add anything to the song. It just made the song inappropriate for younger kids when it didn't have an objectionable subject to begin with.

  • Einsteinz Vice
    Einsteinz Vice 5 months ago

    Luvn This 2017

  • Christina Card
    Christina Card 5 months ago

    her singing voice is really good!

  • Simon Tye
    Simon Tye 5 months ago

    the false smiles of serial killers

  • Charles Nicholls
    Charles Nicholls 5 months ago

    This video is just as funny now as when I saw it the first time. I keep hoping Lindsey, that you will tour to Arkansas. in the voice of Roger Rabbiit, ppbbbbllleeeese?!?!? :)

  • Nicoletta Tinon
    Nicoletta Tinon 5 months ago


  • Nandy Bon
    Nandy Bon 5 months ago


  • Jasmin Povey
    Jasmin Povey 5 months ago

    so she can play the violin amazingly, write music, dance while playing AND sing! arggh

  • Luan Marcos
    Luan Marcos 5 months ago

    é chato ser o único do Brazil aqui

  • Balázs Dukát
    Balázs Dukát 5 months ago

    For me this is sad.
    She can do better than teaming-up with some overrated popular creature (that I find actually annoying); now that is a proven fact.
    This should be well beneath her. But in all fariness to her, she is doing great as always.
    I can't stand when someone good has to lower herself to connect with the masses.
    Also I remember seeing her own words, mentioning that she was invited to take drugs and do other things. Now I cannot find those writings anymore, but I have a few suspects.

    There, I said it. Sure I wouldn't make a good mormon with all my arrogance and intolerance.

    Now come on haters, bring it on.

    • Balázs Dukát
      Balázs Dukát 4 months ago

      Sorry for causing you any stress.
      No offence was meant to any civilized person, just playing my role.

    • Kailee Walden
      Kailee Walden 4 months ago

      +Balázs Dukát Alright. I'm glad we could reach some sort of consensus resembling an agreement.

    • Balázs Dukát
      Balázs Dukát 4 months ago

      In the light of new information I retreat with no further concernes or objections.
      Thank you.

    • Kailee Walden
      Kailee Walden 4 months ago

      +Balázs Dukát But have you changed your opinion?

    • Balázs Dukát
      Balázs Dukát 4 months ago

      If you are referring to the first one, frankly, I expected something on the scale of death threaths. Instead I got quite a well worded argument.

  • tracy spencer
    tracy spencer 5 months ago

    I ship it

  • Lady Amalthea
    Lady Amalthea 5 months ago

    tus musicas son fabulosas, me encantan

  • RollingFireDragon
    RollingFireDragon 5 months ago

    now i love lindsay, but this Version of Thrift shop PALES in comparison to Macklemores. cereally. his just sounds better. ( . )

    • Kailee Walden
      Kailee Walden 4 months ago

      +RollingFireDragon I like this version better. I'm not throwing shade or anything. This song just suits my tastes better than the original.

  • Anggy Nicole Albarracin Alvear

    :3 me encanta es una de las pocas violinistas q admiro

  • Mikaelly Miranda Moraes


  • Draco Storm
    Draco Storm 5 months ago



  • Ducminmh Tran
    Ducminmh Tran 5 months ago

    Are they a couple? If not, i really wanna ship them

    • Kailee Walden
      Kailee Walden 4 months ago

      +Ducminmh Tran No. She was either single or dating Devin Graham in this stage (I'm pretty sure they broke up before 2012, so probably single) and right now she's either single or dating a guy called Ryan. If they were ever in a relationship they kept it quiet. That said, if you want more Lindsey+Tyler ship material, I suggest you watch their music video for Some Kind of Beautiful.

    • Angie Msp
      Angie Msp 5 months ago

      Ducminmh Tran #lyler or #tindsey is the new thing xD

  • Taco Cat
    Taco Cat 5 months ago

    Lindsey I think a great violinist and a great singer🎻

  • Your Best Friend
    Your Best Friend 5 months ago

    she changed the lyrics a bit... but it still catchy to hear tho

    • Kailee Walden
      Kailee Walden 4 months ago

      +Adrianto Sukarso They did that because Lindsey makes family friendly content for YouTube and she would never use that language in real life.

  • Vanja
    Vanja 6 months ago

    Anyone have a instrumental only?

  • Unown Unownski
    Unown Unownski 6 months ago

    Is good

  • Isabel Barragan
    Isabel Barragan 6 months ago


  • Yu Go
    Yu Go 6 months ago

    the first Lindsey Stirling i dislike :(

  • keinushi
    keinushi 6 months ago

    What's with this weird neutered version of the original song

    • Kailee Walden
      Kailee Walden 5 months ago

      +keinushi Lindsey has enough class to know that straight-up talking about co*** and swearing isn't a great look on a family friendly channel. Plus, have you heard KidzBop? They butcher the lyrics and vocals shamelessly and clumsily. Lindsey and Tyler did a good job of smoothly cutting out anything above PG.

    • Boags
      Boags 6 months ago

      its kidzbop & lindsay

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