Prank gone wrong, almost died.

Prank gone wrong terrible! A Brazilian woman is finished working. When she is done with grabbing her car keys, she is going to the garage. The minute she steps in the car.... Grudge is facing her in the mirror. then she is going to get insane!! she is scared, screaming her friend want to seem to help her but he is helping her to get it worser and scarier then ever! Will she survive

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Author Tiril T ( ago)
do not scare People like that! They can fall into coma, or get a heart atack!!

Author Sh kosala sandaranga ( ago)

Author Sh kosala sandaranga ( ago)
why people doing this

Author BananaFoFie ( ago)
Goddamit these Brazilians and their pranks 😂😂😂

Author bababaphotri ( ago)
The poor lady... they should have stopped the prank when she experienced the first panic attack... I feel sorry for her.

Author lorence santiago ( ago)
caution: don't prank very scary even harmless prank

Author jasic o ( ago)
want legally punish the pranks and BAN the ghost prank from every nations...its not fun 😠

Author Joaquim Correa ( ago)
wtf....... prank gone way too far. poor lady.

Author nishant shaliwan ( ago)
Fuckng lunatics

Author Trevosaurus Deus Ex ( ago)
This is fucking hilarious lol!

wtf is this u asshole pranksters u should know that when to stop this shit .......
u almost killed Her....

Author luca lp ( ago)
fake fake fake

Author Pony Tail ( ago)
you can give people heart attacks

Author Frazal Saeed ( ago)
It's very danger...So don't over fun

Author Khai Khai ( ago)
She scared from the first . why u guys didnt stop . u should know when to stop it. this is not prank . i hope she sue the team

Author Shreyash Gurav ( ago)
dont do this shit prank again !!!!😤

Author Connor Kharmutee ( ago)
Please dont do this to people. A small prank is enuff do not enlongate the prank. I hope the woman sue the team.It was funny but when u guys went beyond that it was not funny anymore. So million Thumbs DOWN to the Video.

Author Vishwas Ravindran ( ago)
this is not prank! it's very traumatizing! and can leave permanent damage to brain!

Author getlostupig ( ago)
Stupid thick pussy bitch got what she deserved, scare the fucking shit out of her again.

Author cristiano messi ( ago)
what the actual fuck?

Author agelem ( ago)
whole lotta crying, no actual tears. just sayin

Author ProxySpam ( ago)
You guys don't understand Brazil. They make porn where a woman sticks a huge, long toenails foot into the mouth of a small 70lb woman, and twists it in until her throat leaks some bloody jelly, then they paint her face with it. It's in their nature to go extreme. People even died. It happens all the time. Why are you guys such bigots, if that's how they do it there, leave it be.

Author YowzaKat ( ago)
Thank God for the noise because without it, I'd assume she feels nothing at much botox and plastic surgery going on!

Author Róbert Csutak ( ago)
I don't understand humanity

Author Ridetheblue Tumblr ( ago)
Fake as fuck

Author johnny hernandez ( ago)
i bet shes a handful in the bedroom

Author Anulack Khamchanh ( ago)
I would like to take shotgun and burst their head

Author Krishna Mohan ( ago)
this is crossing the line by a mile no matter where you draw it. But I laughed so hard. shit im so bad..

Author "GtaIIIBoy_2_" ( ago)
I was like " WHY HER?!"

Author Nesya Christina ( ago)
If its me, i will sue them and make sure they are all go to the jail for the rest of their life!

Author anjay aarya ( ago)
What happens if she gets heart attack? can't you show some mercy? Ok what happens if the same thing happens to u? You crazy stupids it's not a prank it's a crime! what if she dies? Nothing is a joke it's very serious better understand !

Author H.B.Hmingthan Tluanga ( ago)
This is the worst prank ever....

Author Steven Universe Edits ( ago)
u deserve to die who made this prank u b*tches

Author Steven Universe Edits ( ago)
f*ck u people y would u do this to people

Author yamilams ( ago)
she's not brazilian, she's venezuelan

Author cricket mania india ( ago)
madarchodo laudo salo kutto kamino agar use ladki ko kuch ho jata toh saale madarchodo

Author Reyna Junior ( ago)
wtf is wrong with them this is not funy they did 2 at the same time wtf white ain't got any brain

Author The Nameless Monster ( ago)
These kinda jump scare pranks can be really dangerous ,what if someone who has heart disease or mentally unstable .Nobody can predict how everyone else reacts to these kinda things.

Author Jan CW ( ago)
I think she realized she broke a nail at 1:51 .  That couldn't have helped much.

Author Akira Ahu Maipi ( ago)
Those fucking homos

Author Muh Rizal ( ago)
she can be crazy.

Author IceStudios100 ( ago)
Oh god this is funny shit, damn i'm sick.

Author congfei wei ( ago)

Author Labyirnth II ( ago)
Poor woman, gosh. Show some mercy will you?

Author Bill Kerman ( ago)
Video Quality: Potato

Author lakshay sharma ( ago)
pls dont try it with weak heart people now she will be afraid in getting into her car like in the situation all alone for rest of her life very bad

Author Wendy Bui ( ago)
you guy have to go down to hell now

Author Wendy Bui ( ago)
what the fuck is wrong with you

Author Brian the Trainer ( ago)
if ever happens to me I would punch the person in my car for self defence

Author jwbhjb dnwjn ( ago)
i hope the pranksters had good lawyers

Author Trooper Chick (442 years ago)
Weird and Stupid

Author Trooper Chick (467 years ago)
Wrong stuffs .... Wrong people ... lot of money loss ...

Author Bleach Quenn666 ( ago)
really. that poot lady. that was really rude.

Author Mason King ( ago)
She looks like she did the Kylie Jenner lip challenge lol😂

Author George Dodd ( ago)
went way too far.

Author Wilfredo Gomez ( ago)

Author Jin Yu ( ago)
she's gona need therapy for the rest of her life

Author ivano omazic ( ago)
really scary

Author HTVXoXo ( ago)
all of there fault cuz there do the prank ! if i saw there do tht i alrdy kill there all ..y there do a prank...wth

Author Heruma Wibowo ( ago)
is that funny? eww is that stupidity

Author Ayrton Senna Fan ( ago)
If that was my wife, those guys would we history

Author Fabio Bari ( ago)
Colombian Woman ....

Author Jon Mikhael Adonja Ravneng ( ago)
what's wrong with Venezuela

Author Overisa Sitanggang ( ago)
Not funny.stupid prank.

Author mackenzie Esquila ( ago)

Author Awesomeness Gamer737 ( ago)
3:45 she should have ran hos ass over

Author Awesomeness Gamer737 ( ago)
3:45 she should have ran hos ass over

Author Isaac Garcia ( ago)
wow pobresita..the last part was fucked up

Author Dz Mohillo ( ago)
I'm gonna killed that ghost hahaha

Author Tuyen Di ( ago)
I'm crying so hard while watching this. To me all people in this kind of prank ghost are devils. How could you do that ? What if a person with heart attact decease ? Then you become a killer. Words an not describe how angry I am.

Author Cycoo Janell ( ago)
Fuck them all bitch that's was not funny

Author Keliton Vougan ( ago)
It is not in Brazil, in Brazil people speak portuguese, in the video they speak spanish.

Author Russ Torque ( ago)
I hope señorita has insurance for what she just did.

Author ali raza ( ago)
these people have no heart

Author Larb Systems ( ago)
Brazilian? She wasn't Brazilian but Venezuelan. And this program was called "¡Qué Locura!" and is from Venezuela too. Extreme prank program without any compassion.

Author Rodrigo Figueiredo ( ago)
That's spanish.... Brazil native language is portuguese. Definitely not a prank or video from Brazil. EPIC 5 year old description fail.

Author KG ( ago)
but there dum asses

Author The Nameless Monster ( ago)
They should be killed...

Author walter moya ( ago)
This prank is from VENEZUELA... And she is venezuelan not brazilian... They're speaking spanish u dumbass

Author Ekky Lazuardi Ahdyat ( ago)
not funny!!!

Author Nojus Ragulskis ( ago)

Author G White ( ago)
It was funny until they were taking it too far. That woman will probably be traumatized for the rest of her life because of this.

Author Jiya TJ Jackson ( ago)

Author Silvan Temir ( ago)
wow omg that's a good time to get a chance to win the game is at the end of the most important thing is that the nicto?

Author Titus Kho ( ago)
this is fucking sick prank! too much..... stop all this stupid prank before some one get kill by heart attack... fucking sick...

Author Niche Nightclub ( ago)
Clearly fake can tell with her reaction ...

Author Kruger Aguilera ( ago)
This is not Brazilian, this is a Venezuelan TV show called "Que Locura" wich aired on Venevision and that's why you see a "V" logo at the star and a little tiger that's the channel's little kids mascot.

Author Ahmed Ibrahim ( ago)
I think this is a stupid prank

Author Hallows Eve ( ago)
I don't think this was funny! She could of drove into the pranksters. Why didn't she? Teach them a lesson.

Author Bjorn Doornink ( ago)
No this is really fucked up man
Fuck you this is not funny man, don't do this again!!!

Author Leonardo Villasenor ( ago)
i hate this program its from venezuela these people are fucking mean call. " que locura "

Author J. N. ( ago)
Fucking idiots why did they do that?! I hope they get it back one day or someone start to shoot!!!

Author UhZahzell ( ago)
LMAO she got a booty doe i woulda did some stuff if i was ghost (; like take her out to a nice dinner then SACRIFICE HER SOUL TO CTHULU . :D

Author peter ( ago)
Those guys should be arrested, how can you condole some one screaming and shivering like that just to satisfy your selfish entertainment needs......Rubbish

Author Logan Martel ( ago)
😐😐😐 uhhhh....

Author Brandon Lo ( ago)
Man who ever is pranking her hey he shuold get prank t to o how he likes it and the girl with the 2 monster

Author Lauren Head ( ago)
That is terrible she was scared enough at the beginning but it was obsurd to keep going!

Author ธนานันต์ ธรรมโหร ( ago)
what if she dies from heart attack or car crash?
how could they responsible for that...

and I wish she would ran over those prankster ,not that car

Author đức duy trần (1100 years ago)
My God!! Why don't two girls in ghost dress stop a prank on the woman when she's frightened to death? This is practical experience with someone who prepare playing a prank on somebody for future.

Author samuils ( ago)
Try this crap with a population that can legally carry guns, this would have been their first and last type of a prank.

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