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Author Leah K. (6 months)
The first forty nine seconds were funny but the rest is really fucked up!
After she started hysterically crying they should of stopped she looked
like she was having a panic attack they really shouldn't have kept trying
to terrorize an already terrified woman it could of caused her to have a
heart attack

Author Snow Yee (2 months)
omg She's pretty tough... I would've shit my pants and faint

Author Chuck Norris (2 months)
This is stupid! They let her drive while still terrified and still in
panic, She could have crashed the car . These morons deserved to be Firing

Author Mr.DeWitt (6 months)
Good prank, just done to the wrong person. They should have stopped it
right there and done it to someone new. 

Author TorchicSnivy (4 months)
You probably made her do drugs because of this I feel so sorry for her

Author Hαииαн 卌 (2 months)
Ya les vale,pobre mujer xDD

Author lilhpster (7 months)
This it's a terrible video! Cruel! I want to flash it and have it removed.
Nobody deserves to become famous from something like this.

Author mohamad almasri (8 hours)
What if she died of a heart attack or something ??

All of u bitches will be playing basketball in pelican bay

Author Alex Davies (5 months)
For all of you saying this is horrible, why did you click on it, it clearly
says in the title prank gone wrong, almost died. You shouldn't have clicked
on it if you were that sensitive 

Author Dick Cheney (1 month)
Thank you for the upload. This was very enjoyable.

Keep em coming ☺😊😀😁😃😄😆😅😂

Author bearguy20 (3 months)
Now we know who not to pick to have in a group during an post apocalyptic

Author Daniel Ivan Martinez Jimenez (4 days)
Why would they do that

Author Luis Felipe Cacio (1 month)
Where's the Brazilian woman ??????

Author Rajesh Christo (2 months)
This doesn't make us laugh but very pity on the girl. Stop these kind of
nonsense on weak hearted. 

Author ALviN189234 (8 months)
Her crashing her car was apart of the prank too idiots? I would've made
them clowns pay for the damage that was done. 

Author Prasanna Joshi (5 months)
Its amazing to see how cruel some people are. How can anyone carry out
these sins in the name of pranks. Its unbelievable to see people seek
amusement in the misery of others this way. Shame on you!!!

Author Ruben montilla (1 month)
Fix the main title, that was in Venezuela dude

Author Luis Felipe Cacio (1 month)
She's the best actress eveeeeeeeer !!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Daniel Pineda (2 months)
Typical pranks from Venezuela

Author Lily Truscott (5 months)
Oh my god.........t-this is.........horrible! H-how cruel! That women was
scared for her life!! She almost had a break down. They should have
stopped! Her car crash was not supposed to be in the prank. This isn't
funny. I wasn't laughing at all! I thought pranks are made to be funny, not
made to be scary or way beyond. This video should be removed!

Author Nate Biggers (7 months)
What the hell is this que locura?!!

Author jm lopez (1 month)
so annoying. and they find it entertaining. wtf

Author mark takuya (6 days)
That ca cause Phsychological Trauma To her beacuse of extreme shock of her
brain cells at emotions

Author kerri-ann b (3 months)
I am never going in my car again

Author EmoAssassin666 (2 months)
C= I have no soul 

Author beanieboo love (7 months)
She is talking Spanish. 

Author stefani jaspers (12 days)
once more idiots and fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Ousmane Ndiaye (1 month)

Author Major Flaker (1 month)
Recorded with a Toaster 

Author Fu7ioN (2 months)
over reacting much

Author 20sentryboy (1 month)
Haha, hilarious.

Author Sadman de Turzo (1 day)
These motherfuckers just crossed their limit. They deseve to get crucified

Author Anthony Maglica (11 days)
tststss its look like a gatling gun she not stopping crying and fear oohh
godd thats not a serious..

Author deluxe1power (1 month)
Fucking Assholes who making pranks

Author How to draw really good drawings (1 month)
11k people like this?...

What has this world come too? 😐👈

Author tony montana (4 months)
this is not real cant everybody see how fake this is set up?

Author Pveio Tuto.rials (5 months)
Brazilian Woman? Dude do you even know what lenguage do we speak? FUCK YOU
MAN i'm brazilian and my main lenguage is Portugese i don't know hwo told
to you that brazilian people speak in Spanish.

Author kenmax (4 months)
Is this a movie or a prank? It doesn't seen real. Overly dramatized, I
don't like it.,

Author Jenny Kung (2 months)
They wouldn't be laughing something serious happened,what if they
accidentally pranked someone with a heart problems?this has to stop,for
those who think that thos is funny?go question your own humanity,life if
not a game,no re-tries...

Author Mohammad Khalifeh (5 months)
Man if I was there i would bring out my fists in the prank

Author Xochil Palacios (3 months)
It's fucking funny 😂😂😂😂😂 but it's also fucked up

Author TheOneLastDragon (2 months)
These are Venezuelans By the Way...not Brazilians! 

Author GatoR GaminG (4 months)
People in the comments just you waste your time commenting on something.
They probably realize what they did wrong

Author Poppin Gatz (2 months)
Sooo troooolll

Author Keep Calm or Rage On (4 months)
WAY over done. It's decent acting, lol.

Author Reynaldo Lopez (3 months)
They should be more nicer 

Author 안웅비 (5 days)
이런.망할놈들 작작 좀하지

Author william brown (3 months)
LOL 5:10 looks like shes taking it in the but

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