Prank gone wrong, almost died.

Prank gone wrong terrible! A Brazilian woman is finished working. When she is done with grabbing her car keys, she is going to the garage. The minute she steps in the car.... Grudge is facing her in the mirror. then she is going to get insane!! she is scared, screaming her friend want to seem to help her but he is helping her to get it worser and scarier then ever! Will she survive

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Author ALviN189234 (16 days)
Her crashing her car was apart of the prank too idiots? I would've made
them clowns pay for the damage that was done. 

Author Tommy Vercetti (1 month)
These brazilians are weirs as FUCK! How can you laugh with this kind of

Author YoungBlaze Of Chitown (4 months)
I would love to have a sex with the woman

Author ali xena (5 months)
what the FUCK!!!! that is not funny. She could have suffered a cardiac
arrest or a miscarriage, let alone some permanent psychological damage.
Hate me all you want, but that is assault.

Author harry pollard (4 months)
U guys this is bad the most people who speak that language are so religious
demons and ghosts are traumatising for them in fact one prank like this
could be pulled on a person like this then somebody could be killed and I
mean it usually I find pranks funny but this isn't right

Author iago Melo (20 days)
This is not in Brazil... We dont speak spanish, we speak portuguese. You
americans are ignorants as fuck!!!

Author MinerAbacuss (3 months)
She overreacted waaaayyy too much!

Author Wong Sii Yuan (2 days)
Idiots, idiots everywhere...

Author Maja Glasell (5 months)
aw poor woman ;_;

Author Roelant Frijns (9 days)
Sometimes you just go too far.

Author Jigs Omyoca (14 days)
I enjoy watching prank videos, but this is just too much, what if she
accidentally stepped on the gas, someone could have gotten hurt.

Author emmanuel luk (15 days)

can anyone say "scared for life"?

Author Brandon Estrada (1 month)
Wtf is her problem I've seen a 2 years old be more mature then her shit

Author parad0x (4 months)
I was kinda hoping that she hit one of the guys with the chair near the

Author KinkTheKidd Karlsson (4 months)
NO ! Its that fucking guy again ! That fucking guy from that fucking show !
I have seen this show and that fucking idiot who hosts this show before and
i remember how much i fucking hated him.. Remember last time i saw some
shit from his show on yourtube i also got so pissed off that i wrote a
comment wishing him dead.. I want this guy dead.. seriously.. i want him to
die !

Author Yonayvi Cruceta (1 month)
This is just sad how could you do that to someone

Author Jigsaw280 (1 month)
If I were in her shoes, I'd neutralize all the motherfuckers from the crew.
As simple as that.

Author TheFefiiiii (1 month)
ok it's fapping time

Author Osman Hayat (4 months)
watch the hole thing

Author KugleeKuglee (2 months)
This was not funny.
I hope this woman sued this pranks. Idiots.

Author Ash Hoque (2 months)
Wow, I mean it was kind of funny the first time but after you saw that she
was going crazy, why would you keep doing it? 

Author OlFexMaGe (20 hours)
fake... how will they get in her car and but cameras and shit

Author Aidan McElroy (5 days)
If I was her when she was in the car I would run the person over

Author JusanothaUtuba (1 day)
That shit aint even funny. Fucking dicks. She didn't deserve that.
Seriously kept pushing it. Like they were literally trying to give her a
heart attack. Wtf is their problem!?

Author MsJandalf (4 days)
thy should have ended this after the second scare! that was too much....and
at the end not funny anymore!

Author Intelligently Insidious (4 days)
what a DRAMA QUEEN omg....
that fucking voice to

Author MercifulOne15 (7 days)

Author delimanxt91 (6 days)
That was not even remotely funny wtf is wrong with you ignorant assholes
that girl is going to be fucked up for a long time because of this shit 

Author Deez Nutz (6 days)
Esta re Buena esa vieja. Que culo 

Author Dragon Kitty (2 days)
Not funny at all i wish she is fine

Author Edward Flores (3 months)
is not a brazilian woman i think shes venezuelan...

Author GearJammer4000 (9 days)
She's probably traumatized by this...

Author Nicko Adrian (9 days)
u shouldn't do prank dat much.. the woman is already insane u should end
the prank in the first place..

Author Izaac Becerra (9 days)
Damn she got ass nigga

Author rotten kid (10 days)
wtf is dis shet?

Author Tn Marshall Laster (4 days)
What the fuck this is not a prank if I was with the girl I was go to punch
every peoples who were there except the girl guys this is not a prank that
was to close for the girl to die oh it is one of my dream to see awful
pranks like that not like the others but this is crazy shit three peoples
scare a girl what the fuck

Author KronosRocks (14 days)
What are they saying???

Author George Morales (10 days)
Fuck they took it way too far. 

Author foster smart (7 days)

Author Adiyan Samin (5 days)

Author 305graffartist (17 days)
she really freaked out

Author Loserteacher (15 days)
Honestly I would of ran that scary women over

But I would have not been too scared I would have gone out my car an beat
the shit out of that girl

Author chontell funny (7 days)
that was so fucking sad yo

Author sudhan pokhrel (7 days)
pranks are not always funny,, she could have cardiac attack ,stroke fuck u

Author erwinees (17 days)
I hope that the pranksters get's seriously hurt someday for doing that.
That woman really thought she saw the devil. Muthafuckin' pranksters, fuck
you muthafuckers!

Author Edward Lopez (10 days)
not speaking Portuguese dumb asses 

Author marcus wilson (18 days)
That ass tho

Author Epillon (17 days)
I'm just curious if the production company was liable for the damage done
to her car and the parked her it rolled into?! Obviously she wouldn't have
jumped out the window with the car in Neutral if they weren't trying to
make her have a heart attack. 

Author sino maharjan (15 days)
suck its not joke idiots

Author John Danley (17 days)
Dat ass doh...

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