Prank gone wrong, almost died.

Prank gone wrong terrible! A Brazilian woman is finished working. When she is done with grabbing her car keys, she is going to the garage. The minute she steps in the car.... Grudge is facing her in the mirror. then she is going to get insane!! she is scared, screaming her friend want to seem to help her but he is helping her to get it worser and scarier then ever! Will she survive

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Runtime: 6:41
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Author beanieboo love (1 month)
She is talking Spanish. 

Author lilhpster (1 month)
This it's a terrible video! Cruel! I want to flash it and have it removed.
Nobody deserves to become famous from something like this.

Author Leah K. (10 days)
The first forty nine seconds were funny but the rest is really fucked up!
After she started hysterically crying they should of stopped she looked
like she was having a panic attack they really shouldn't have kept trying
to terrorize an already terrified woman it could of caused her to have a
heart attack

Author Nate Biggers (1 month)
What the hell is this que locura?!!

Author TheGoldenShovel (17 days)
Good prank, just done to the wrong person. They should have stopped it
right there and done it to someone new. 

Author Bastl Railor (1 month)
Retarded woman wouldn't stop crying. I felt like kicking her in the face

Author frostsealber08 (1 month)
That touched me

Author Piradab Vijayaratnam (7 hours)
This is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author ALviN189234 (2 months)
Her crashing her car was apart of the prank too idiots? I would've made
them clowns pay for the damage that was done. 

Author emmanuel luk (2 months)

can anyone say "scared for life"?

Author Tommy Vercetti (3 months)
These brazilians are weirs as FUCK! How can you laugh with this kind of

Author YoungBlaze Of Chitown (6 months)
I would love to have a sex with the woman

Author Austin Costello (15 days)
They should've done it to someone else, right when she started her mental

Author Burt Wonderstone (19 days)
They should have done jail time for what they did to this woman. What

Author ali xena (7 months)
what the FUCK!!!! that is not funny. She could have suffered a cardiac
arrest or a miscarriage, let alone some permanent psychological damage.
Hate me all you want, but that is assault.

Author Aries7 (25 days)
Noottt funny at allll!!!!

Author Alli CandyLuv (27 days)
Not funny. What if she could of had a heart attack? You guys should get ur
asses fucked up for that most retarded prank ever 

Author Mark Kess (29 days)
lol that was a good prank but maybe a little too much...

Author Joshua Lovell (1 month)
158 omg I broke a nail

Author ellen crews (1 month)
Terrorizing people will give them PTSD. with PTSD is like living in a
horror movie.. all the time. I would have flled assult charges at the very
least. It is not funny to scare people. The traumatic event doesn't have to
be real . All a person has to experience is terror and fear that they are
about to die or that a loved one's life is in danger.. Terror is real and
it is torment when you have to live with it on a daily basis. 

Author Oswaldo Arturo (1 month)
Que cultura mas mediocre

Author IwannaDomyCrush (1 month)
I found this extremely hilarious. 

Author Newton Cazzaro (1 month)
This is not a Brazilian prank; they are speaking SPANISH, not PORTUGUESE.

Author Jade Cuddly (1 month)
planted her a phobia, u happy now?

Author M, son (1 month)
Jesus fucking christ she is so pathetic

Author iago Melo (2 months)
This is not in Brazil... We dont speak spanish, we speak portuguese. You
americans are ignorants as fuck!!!

Author TheMGhandi (3 days)
Brought tears to my eyes seeing her so shaken. These people didn't stop the
prank and got 10,000 likes. This is the worst generation of humans in
history. Even animals have more mercy. 

Author mzm153 (3 days)
Oh and that one really crossed the line to the point that's not funny at
all. I feel bad for her.

Author Mr. Powerglove (1 day)
Oh my god! YES! I love this!

Author leandro nunes (3 days)
FUCK ALL of you, this is spanish language, not portuguese-BR

Author Kory Begley (20 hours)
She is over reacting to a little scare

Author Элсон Фрейтас (4 days)
this fucking video, IT IS NOT PORTUGUESE, ITS spanish

Author India Yuan (1 hour)
This is just fucking messed up. Poor woman I would've beat the shit out of

Author Playitt (5 days)
Sometimes I think everybody takes it too far! The poor women was frightened
to death! 

Author SisyphusTwo (4 days)
These prankers have NO ETHICS.....and ZERO common sense......

Author zaraLX23 (3 days)
Poor, poor lady, this was just so scary, I would freak out just like her

Author Diego Jacobo (3 days)
Why would they keep scaring her after she panicked 

Author Marc Law (4 days)
They sure know how to push a person to the edge.Very funny.

Author S Cruz (20 hours)
why would somebody keep pranking her if they already saw that she was going
insane ugh they disgust me

Author pittbull1534 (10 days)
This was proven a long while ago to (all) be faked including her going

Author pinkheart cariaga (6 days)
ka OA oi.. naka drugs guro. over!

Author Allen Messi (12 days)
Thats not funny she almost passed out,

Author AnonymousWolfGamer (7 days)
god dammit brazilians 

Author Judy Bodden (13 days)
This is so MEAN they take these pranks soo serious this woman could have
died with a heart attack.I would have run their behind over.

Author Taylor Calderon (10 days)
I would've of punched them in the face, that shit ain't funny. They took it
way too far.

Author Sajjad Lakzian (18 days)
fucking sick bastards!

Author Ferinoification (9 days)
It is not in Brazil.They are speaking spanish and here in brazil we speak

Author Yu Wing Teh (15 days)
I feel fuckin bad for her how could they do that so mean imagin it was you
guys i should give a dislike for this

Author big baller108 (10 days)
WHAT THE heeeeccckkk

Author Ashvin G (9 days)
She should sue them for moral damage for 1000000 us dollars

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