Prank gone wrong, almost died.

Prank gone wrong terrible! A Brazilian woman is finished working. When she is done with grabbing her car keys, she is going to the garage. The minute she steps in the car.... Grudge is facing her in the mirror. then she is going to get insane!! she is scared, screaming her friend want to seem to help her but he is helping her to get it worser and scarier then ever! Will she survive

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Author David Lee (11 hours)
That is one big ass scary women

Author Rafael Millan (6 days)
That was in Venezuela not Brazil. The show name is "Que locura", and is
fucking crazy.

Author highmetalman6 (7 days)
Definitely too far, buuuutt, I lol'ed. 

Author ali xena (8 days)
what the FUCK!!!! that is not funny. She could have suffered a cardiac
arrest or a miscarriage, let alone some permanent psychological damage.
Hate me all you want, but that is assault.

Author jothegreek (21 day)

Author Helen Hong (21 day)
She whines too much gosh

Author Milky Wayan (22 days)
You all really think that was too far? And felt sorry for her? I can't
believe she jumped out of a car she was driving, that wasn't even smart if
the shit was real. What a sack of nerves. 

Author Keyroye (25 days)
Poor women
i feel sorry for her

Author peatear42 (27 days)
That was torture for her...

Author Mike Gill (27 days)
yep...just a bit too far...I think I would have lost it and done em all
in...cameraman included...they would have had to call the
cops...fuckers...imagine if that woman had a heart attack?

Author charlie ryan (13 hours)

Author Agnes Wilson (1 day)
Thats just fuck up

Author Amy Jackson (2 days)
She was so distressed they tortured her

Author Jasmine Smith (3 days)
poor lady I was scared just watching

Author McLovin McLovin (4 days)
Drama queen

Author luke bate (2 days)
Fucking harsh 

Author IVAN ENHACED (2 days)
Jeje this show is from venezuela,fron the network venevision,i guess chavez
already closed the network,because they used to opose him,the V logo means
Venevision.but this show is from Venezuela.

Author Stephen Willis (4 days)
Nice ass!

Author Lama Styles (3 days)

Author johnmarstonlives (2 days)
That was disgusting.

Author Wallace4461 (4 days)
She must be a bad person deep down, for her to get that upset.......WOW

Author Master Hamachi (2 days)
People from Brazil speak Portuguese, not Spanish.

Author calichaldeanforlife (4 days)
Her voice is annoying but man that ass! Fuck I would sleep on top of that

Author mokee666 (2 days)
how bout those people w/ heart attacks they encountered...dont do that
lol, try that in the philippines ur dead man...

Author Zain Ahmad (5 days)
She should slate producer of the prank. I would!

Author chandra sekhar achary (3 days)
It is too much.It may take life of an innocent.Especially in case of
women people should very careful.

Author Brandon Gillingham (3 days)
Too far guys come on I'm suprised she didn't have a heart attack or go into
a coma

Author Andrew Magoncia (4 days)

Author cyanoacrylite (4 days)
Just too far. Most people know when a prank is causing serious distress and
Not funny, not cool!

Author Roshan Khan (5 days)
Thats not even funnY! She was actually scared for her life!! she could have
had a heart attack! and the fact that they kept going on with it after the
second time was so horrible!!! Typical men! don't know when enoughs enough.

Author Alyssa Ohyea (7 days)
These fucking people who pranked her are fucking idiots. She's driving a
fucking car ofcourse she panicked amd didn't think and just go through the
window eventhough the car is still moving.

Author khemchan dorje (7 days)
OMG,, they don't have any mercy, fuck them all.. ufffff 

Author Alfiya Zhafira (4 days)
She can be insane!!

Author mariaalbacea1 (6 days)
This show went toooo far 

Author lpshorrorandlaughterproductions (6 days)
Shut up that could have killed her so DON'T DO THAT STUFF. I fell so sorry
four her

Author MizzAmerica149 (5 days)
That was toooo far to pull a prank like that... Wow!

Author MaD Miix (7 days)
that wasn't funny at all! and the prank was too much about it
WTF! I feel so bad about the lady.

Author Natasja Meesenburg (7 days)
I can't see how it is funny to continue scarying this woman, after she's
already been scared half to death. Some people are moraless and have no
insight as to how wrong these so called funny pranks could go. And for them
to continue filming her, well thats just plane rude and idiocy.

Author Dmitrius5 (11 days)
She should fuck them up with a court case ! they took it too far.
What if she got a heart attack ?!

Author gdramos jr (9 days)
fuck this frank!

Author Omar Joseph (9 days)
Bitches be crazy .

Author DiCtroll (16 days)
If she wasn't crying and ran the bitch over this would be perfect

Author Heroburger Doe (9 days)
This is how a proper prank should be done. classic

Author Victor Luyz (15 days)
This is not in Brazil. That's fucking spanish they're speaking. You dense

Author Fabrizio34983 (13 days)
thats not funny

Author Charmagne Dumayago (18 days)

Author kitty kat ice paw (13 days)

Author luppi antenor (11 days)
If that was done to me I'll ran them over with my car. Seriously.

Author mrstupidoka (17 days)

Author Keeratiya Lekchaoum (14 days)
I think they prank on wrong person. She is crazy or even shock when she saw
I am not even like this.

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