Prank gone wrong, almost died.

Prank gone wrong terrible! A Brazilian woman is finished working. When she is done with grabbing her car keys, she is going to the garage. The minute she steps in the car.... Grudge is facing her in the mirror. then she is going to get insane!! she is scared, screaming her friend want to seem to help her but he is helping her to get it worser and scarier then ever! Will she survive

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Author Bjorn Doornink ( ago)
No this is really fucked up man
Fuck you this is not funny man, don't do this again!!!

Author Leonardo Villasenor ( ago)
i hate this program its from venezuela these people are fucking mean call.
" que locura "

Author Josh Nolte ( ago)
Fucking idiots why did they do that?! I hope they get it back one day or
someone start to shoot!!!

Author Hype Factor ( ago)
LMAO she got a booty doe i woulda did some stuff if i was ghost (; like
take her out to a nice dinner then SACRIFICE HER SOUL TO CTHULU . :D

Author Justin Ryan ( ago)
Seriously those mothrfuckers need to stop that!! That girl was really
really scared I can feel her pain.those ppl who pulls scary prank on ppl
should die 

Author peter ( ago)
Those guys should be arrested, how can you condole some one screaming and
shivering like that just to satisfy your selfish entertainment

Author Logan Martel ( ago)
😐😐😐 uhhhh....

Author Brandon Lo ( ago)
Man who ever is pranking her hey he shuold get prank t to o how he likes it
and the girl with the 2 monster

Author Lauren Head ( ago)
That is terrible she was scared enough at the beginning but it was obsurd
to keep going!

Author Terry Neldith ( ago)
This is so wrong you shld not have continued to terrorise a terrified
person to a point that she ends up shld b sued...what if she
had issues with the heart??// she cld have probablydied from a heartattack

Author ธนานันต์ ธรรมโหร ( ago)
what if she dies from heart attack or car crash?
how could they responsible for that...

and I wish she would ran over those prankster ,not that car

Author đức duy trần (1098 years ago)
My God!! Why don't two girls in ghost dress stop a prank on the woman when
she's frightened to death? This is practical experience with someone who
prepare playing a prank on somebody for future.

Author samuils ( ago)
Try this crap with a population that can legally carry guns, this would
have been their first and last type of a prank.

Author samuils ( ago)
How sadistic does a person have to be to find this funny, or to make this
show to begin with? This is how you can make a person experience a heart
attack, and drive someone completely insane. The producers should be
institutionalized, they seem to be dangerous to the public.

Author Barbie girl ( ago)
This is not funny this is too cruel how when she panic and drive very fast
she can die and very unpolite she has a privacy how can someone can come
inside her car wtf!!!!!! 

This is so wrong you shld not have continued to terrorise a terrified
person to a point that she ends up shld b sued...what if she
had issues with the heart??// she cld have probablydied from a heartattack

Author Tidgy ( ago)
Another 69 cent potato camera.
She deserved to die because of her fucking stupid scream.

Author Bhola Tamang ( ago)
Fuck you motherfuckers ... idiots. ..

Author Charlie Angel - Craven ( ago)
Why the hell didn't they stop scaring her. She looked like she was about to
break down!! Poor woman

Author TheDemonAngel28 ( ago)
Wow...she's about to have a mental breakdown...
Poor woman....

Author 73snegobit ( ago)
wow, that's too much for this woman

Author xXBRO GAMINGXx ( ago)
Where did they get the chair from

Author fazsroul ( ago)
omg! i feel terrible for her. such a bastard of those who prank her. very

Author mulkan rafi rafi (mulkan) ( ago)
If I become that girl I will obtain axe in my car and kill that fuckin

Author Leslie Jimenez (Erie) ( ago)
She's scared of her worse nightmare and she about flip out of angry called

Author Roland E ( ago)
Thumbs up if you liked the AsSS

Author Filemon Nunez ( ago)
i wish this production so dead,if i ever have the money and the chance, I

Author laiyenma ( ago)
i thought she was kinda hot, why prank her?

Author idonperg ( ago)
She riminds me of Soraya Montenegro.

Author Hansel Jonathan ( ago)
Prank is a stupid things to do 一.一

Author Mansour Ahmet ( ago)
Fuck them all. That was not funny at all.

Author stonem001 ( ago)
lol this woman's emotional energy could power the world for years!

Author leuw7916 ( ago)
She is not brazilian. She is venezuelan, and the show too -.-

gringos tapados^^

Author mohamad almasri ( ago)
What if she died of a heart attack or something ??

All of u bitches will be playing basketball in pelican bay

Author Sadman de Turzo ( ago)
These motherfuckers just crossed their limit. They deseve to get crucified

Author Daniel Ivan Martinez Jimenez ( ago)
Why would they do that

Author 안웅비 ( ago)
이런.망할놈들 작작 좀하지

Author mark takuya ( ago)
That ca cause Phsychological Trauma To her beacuse of extreme shock of her
brain cells at emotions

Author William Coleman ( ago)
She went off but she souls of known it was a prank

Author Spyros Antypas ( ago)
what the hell prank was that?!?!?!?!

Author Monkeymarissa Cross ( ago)
Whats the prank? I dont get it

Author Jobe Richardson ( ago)
haha very funny,,, good joke

Author Anthony Maglica ( ago)
tststss its look like a gatling gun she not stopping crying and fear oohh
godd thats not a serious..

Author stefani jaspers ( ago)
once more idiots and fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author stefani jaspers ( ago)
Not so funny, I hope she is smart and suing them for something like this

Author Hunnyjar Milenko ( ago)
I don't get this because it isn't English.

Author Naveen Basavaraj ( ago)
So cruel...I would have shot those motherfuckers...people go so far just to
get views and cheap money!!!

Author Ilovered blue ( ago)
omg...poor woman:(

Author jm lopez ( ago)
so annoying. and they find it entertaining. wtf

Author Aliénor de Rothschild ( ago)
it went too far

Author Ruben montilla ( ago)
Fix the main title, that was in Venezuela dude

Author Jailson Castro Pereira da Silva (1685 years ago)
Não é do Brasil.

Author Luis Felipe Cacio ( ago)
She's the best actress eveeeeeeeer !!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Luis Felipe Cacio ( ago)
Where's the Brazilian woman ??????

Author Major Flaker ( ago)
Recorded with a Toaster 

Author 20sentryboy ( ago)
Haha, hilarious.

Author Nick Mckie ( ago)
That was cruel i really hope she sued them for this 

Author Ousmane Ndiaye ( ago)

Author Dick Cheney ( ago)
Thank you for the upload. This was very enjoyable.

Keep em coming ☺😊😀😁😃😄😆😅😂

Author Tospol HP ( ago)
I think its not funny for that poor lady : )

Author Angeli Rodriguez ( ago)
why wouldn't they stop? It's obvious that this woman is in total panic!
Just fucking wrong..

Author Jolly Rancher ( ago)
Stupid mtf, that's o.k. though there going to do it to the wrong person and
someone will get killed and it will serve there punk asses right. Some
thing should not be done...😡

Author - Dyo - ( ago)
Her name is Mercedes Salaya...and this idiot prank is made in
Venezuela...not Brazil.

Author aiolosgr ( ago)
I don't know how such awful pranks are accepted in Brazil, i just wonder,
how such terrible acts are allowed and the channels are not sued. The
government should protect people from being terrorized like that. This is
an obvious violation of the freedom of personality, and it is clearly a

Author How to draw really good drawings ( ago)
11k people like this?...

What has this world come too? 😐👈

Author Love Lippies ( ago)
Notice how there are more dislikes :)

Author deluxe1power ( ago)
Fucking Assholes who making pranks

Author Lucas Walter ( ago)
This is horrible f u all in the video exsept for the woman I feel bad for

Author Ulf Wildström ( ago)

Author Rajesh Christo ( ago)
This doesn't make us laugh but very pity on the girl. Stop these kind of
nonsense on weak hearted. 

Author Poppin Gatz ( ago)
Sooo troooolll

Author Jenny Kung (986 years ago)
They wouldn't be laughing something serious happened,what if they
accidentally pranked someone with a heart problems?this has to stop,for
those who think that thos is funny?go question your own humanity,life if
not a game,no re-tries...

Author Snow Yee ( ago)
omg She's pretty tough... I would've shit my pants and faint

Author The01gabstar ( ago)
That is fucking stupid 

Author EmoAssassin666 ( ago)
C= I have no soul 

Author Daniel Pineda ( ago)
Typical pranks from Venezuela

Author Hang Man ( ago)
this shit is fucked up

Author Fu7ioN ( ago)
over reacting much

Author TheOneLastDragon ( ago)
These are Venezuelans By the Way...not Brazilians! 

Author TheOneLastDragon ( ago)
I would find the address of the producers and this faggot actor dude and
tie them all up at midnight, and then say surprise! Its a Prank...BAN

Author Chez Pomz ( ago)
She should of called thecpolice

Author NEMESYS X Producciones, C. A. (937 years ago)
This is from a Venezuelan TV Prank Show not Brazilian the Lady´s name
Mercedes Salaya and i was really fun... Check out QUE LOCURA is the tv
show name.. you will find more pranks and much more funnies... Best Regards

Author Chuck Norris ( ago)
This is stupid! They let her drive while still terrified and still in
panic, She could have crashed the car . These morons deserved to be Firing

Author Hannah ( ago)
Ya les vale,pobre mujer xDD

Author Tyrone Memphis ( ago)
She should sue those heartless fucks..she crashed her car no prank in that

Author Night110AJ ( ago)

Author espjuan ( ago)
She sounded Venezuelan to me. They were definitely speaking Spanish and the
accent sounded like that Venezuela based on the words they used like vale
and chamo.

Author E Beazy420 (1411 year ago)
The bitch in the video had enough worries to check for a broken nail, but
she freaks out for a person.. She seen too much friday the 13th crazy bitch

Author kerri-ann b ( ago)
I am never going in my car again

Author Family Pranksters ( ago)
hahahahahaha scared the shit out of her xD

Author aleekkk1 ( ago)
this is in Venezuela! that channel is Venevision 

Author jack bobfaster ( ago)
for these tings people in US says spanish men or women are so stupid thats
not fun at all

Author Pinkamena Diane Pie ( ago)
Poor woman, she meant no harm at all. She didn't deserve this.. She just
wanted to get in her car and go home.. That's all! People who liked this
are very cruel. I am glad this video had 15K dislikes, but not glad that it
has 11K likes. I would join these awesome caring people who disliked this.
AND LEAVE THE RETARDS THAT LIKED THIS!!! People these days... Act like
shit... *sigh*.

Author Reynaldo Lopez ( ago)
Stupid people 

Author Reynaldo Lopez ( ago)
They should be more nicer 

Author bearguy20 ( ago)
Now we know who not to pick to have in a group during an post apocalyptic

Author william brown ( ago)
LOL 5:10 looks like shes taking it in the but

Author Becky ( ago)

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