Prank gone wrong, almost died.

Prank gone wrong terrible! A Brazilian woman is finished working. When she is done with grabbing her car keys, she is going to the garage. The minute she steps in the car.... Grudge is facing her in the mirror. then she is going to get insane!! she is scared, screaming her friend want to seem to help her but he is helping her to get it worser and scarier then ever! Will she survive

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Author Tommy Vercetti (15 days)
These brazilians are weirs as FUCK! How can you laugh with this kind of

Author YoungBlaze Of Chitown (3 months)
I would love to have a sex with the woman

Author KugleeKuglee (1 month)
This was not funny.
I hope this woman sued this pranks. Idiots.

Author Ash Hoque (1 month)
Wow, I mean it was kind of funny the first time but after you saw that she
was going crazy, why would you keep doing it? 

Author ali xena (4 months)
what the FUCK!!!! that is not funny. She could have suffered a cardiac
arrest or a miscarriage, let alone some permanent psychological damage.
Hate me all you want, but that is assault.

Author harry pollard (4 months)
U guys this is bad the most people who speak that language are so religious
demons and ghosts are traumatising for them in fact one prank like this
could be pulled on a person like this then somebody could be killed and I
mean it usually I find pranks funny but this isn't right

Author MinerAbacuss (3 months)
She overreacted waaaayyy too much!

Author Maja Glasell (4 months)
aw poor woman ;_;

Author Edward Flores (2 months)
is not a brazilian woman i think shes venezuelan...

Author Steven Reyes (20 hours)
She's scared cause her ass knows she did some evil in her life. 

Author Charlie Brizzown (22 hours)
this is not in brazil....and that was fucked up the first scare was bad
enough lmao

Author Martina Bravi (2 days)
Fuckin' idiots.

Author rav3two (2 days)
Why doesnt any1 bitch slap the bitch?

Author Matthew Kavanagh (3 days)
ALMOST died so she's not dead which means its all right, it's just a prank,
calm your tits.

Author Emma Burns (5 days)
FUKIN DIE BITCH!!!!!!>=O ~Alpha

Author Eli Eliazian (6 days)
I had a family member who suffered terribly as a child due to being bullied
in this sort of way.
If anything like this was perpetrated on him, no law, no rationalisation,
no apologies would stop me from getting to you.
You sadism is being inflicted on people whom you have no idea about what
they've been through WHATSOEVER! Trauma like this woman experienced is
obvious its something that triggered a painful memory from her past,
nevermind how you toyed with her afterwards.
She'll need alot of help, regardless if she left with a party gift and a
hug that left her even more confused and helpless.
Its not funny; it isn't.
I honestly feel like throwing up.

Author CheeseQuackers 24 (7 days)
That's just cruel she could of had a heart attack or a stroke. How would
you like that to happen to you you idiots 

Author joelco92 (7 days)
I love how they play the cantina music after the cameras come out... Didn't
exactly fit the mood 

Author lekhavathee (8 days)
Not funny. Dangerous!

Author MiaARTS (8 days)
What's wrong with u people?? How could u do that to someone??? Jeez society
is fucked.. 

Author James Alford (9 days)
Typical men!!!!!

Author parad0x (3 months)
I was kinda hoping that she hit one of the guys with the chair near the

Author jibar ava (10 days)
If you got balls try this on someone like Lesnar or Dos Santos. Don't try
it on woman.

This is not funny

Author Zubair Baer (3 months)
i would rape this girl and gangbang 

Author Waititslily (12 days)
I dont understand why the fuck the people kept scaring the fuck out of her!

Author RockAngel7878 (12 days)
The funny part is this "woman" is actually a man....pff

Author K Frank (12 days)
Sick of these people to scare one woman like this.

Author Marco Hernandez (13 days)
But she has a big ass and a sexy candy tasting pussy,I would love her to
suck my dick

Author Wolf PvP (14 days)
I would smack a bitch.... Fuck you mean..... 

Author Yonayvi Cruceta (14 days)
This is just sad how could you do that to someone

Author Dusan lautarevic (15 days)
Fuck you retarded maniac!

Author laurensius matthew (16 days)
She beeing hulk

Author Yusuf Abdul (16 days)
One word .Cruel

Author Jigsaw280 (16 days)
If I were in her shoes, I'd neutralize all the motherfuckers from the crew.
As simple as that.

Author Cupcake3012 (18 days)
In the description box it says that the woman was brazilian, and she was
NOT! And I know that because I am brazilian, and she was speaking spanish!
In Brazil, we speak portuguese!

Author TheFefiiiii (18 days)
ok it's fapping time

Author Ayyaz Hussain (18 days)
How did the guy get into.the car for a start? Doesn't make any sense,
confused :S

Author dabreucosta (19 days)
She is not Brazilian. I think she is from Argentina.

Author Lay Reville (20 days)
This is SO over the top! This is SO WRONG! 

Author Tim The Magnificent (21 day)
I hope she wasn't a random nor innocent victim. I mean this is a prank that
is like a punishment for bullies... Just that makes me want to shoot the
pranksters in the nuts and by nuts i don't mean peanuts i mean their
testicles. Ok maybe i don't want to do a violent action, but they really
deserve it, and it would be satisfying to know that they got that

Author Osman Hayat (4 months)
watch the hole thing

Author Mike Rogers (22 days)
happened to me once I started beating up my friend with ma baseball bat xD

Author RodrikMinecraftGamer (22 days)
this prank is so fucking stupid

Author Kusai Payne (23 days)
Shit, this is no prank, but murder attempt

Author horoki saruyama (23 days)
psycho woman bitch

Author Wolfs Eye (24 days)
what's the fun part? 

Author Gregori Rosel (27 days)
Its venezuelan not brazillian

Author Sylvia Herrera (27 days)
If I was here they would be dead

Author Bjarke Taunajik (27 days)
Why did she almost die!?

Author VeZyy Sniping (27 days)
Shoot that man, he is a straight up asshole.

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