Prank gone wrong, almost died.

Prank gone wrong terrible! A Brazilian woman is finished working. When she is done with grabbing her car keys, she is going to the garage. The minute she steps in the car.... Grudge is facing her in the mirror. then she is going to get insane!! she is scared, screaming her friend want to seem to help her but he is helping her to get it worser and scarier then ever! Will she survive

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 6:41
Comments: 16319

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Author lilhpster (3 months)
This it's a terrible video! Cruel! I want to flash it and have it removed.
Nobody deserves to become famous from something like this.

Author ALviN189234 (4 months)
Her crashing her car was apart of the prank too idiots? I would've made
them clowns pay for the damage that was done. 

Author beanieboo love (3 months)
She is talking Spanish. 

Author torchic snivy (29 days)
You probably made her do drugs because of this I feel so sorry for her

Author Nardi Braho (1 month)
These pranksters needed some black dudes with guns on them and see how
funny it is to scare people like that 

Author Prasanna Joshi (1 month)
Its amazing to see how cruel some people are. How can anyone carry out
these sins in the name of pranks. Its unbelievable to see people seek
amusement in the misery of others this way. Shame on you!!!

Author Bastl Railor (3 months)
Retarded woman wouldn't stop crying. I felt like kicking her in the face

Author Lily Truscott (1 month)
Oh my god.........t-this is.........horrible! H-how cruel! That women was
scared for her life!! She almost had a break down. They should have
stopped! Her car crash was not supposed to be in the prank. This isn't
funny. I wasn't laughing at all! I thought pranks are made to be funny, not
made to be scary or way beyond. This video should be removed!

Author Butter Scotch (1 month)

Author Leah K. (2 months)
The first forty nine seconds were funny but the rest is really fucked up!
After she started hysterically crying they should of stopped she looked
like she was having a panic attack they really shouldn't have kept trying
to terrorize an already terrified woman it could of caused her to have a
heart attack

Author tony montana (25 days)
this is not real cant everybody see how fake this is set up?

Author JamesSkuzz (2 hours)
What kind of monster likes this?

Author Fressly RIchie (11 hours)
u prank to much, its realy can make people die from heart attack. NOTE!

Author Xochil Palacios (15 hours)
It's fucking funny 😂😂😂😂😂 but it's also fucked up

Author SpaceMelon (21 day)
it sounds like someone stuck a metal, rusty, ridged pole up her butt and
its stuck there 

Author Lily Ferns (26 days)
The music at the end made it soooooooo much better

Author Australian Gold (26 days)
'ay that was not nice , mates!

Author Wardrumsfire (24 days)
All the folks in on this prank, Should have been arrested for torturing the
woman. This is in no way acceptable, on the other hand, this goes to show
how stupid the sheep are in this world,. that they reenact movie scenes,
movie ideas, and movie charics. and get scared because movies made them
paranoid, and they then think what they are doing is funny, you see these
pranksters are genuine sociopaths, and everyone who thumbs upped this video
is a sociopath as well. I would have prosecuted everyone of these
pranksters, and seen to it they paid for this, this is not a prank but a
severe criminal act cloaked as a prank

Author AmsetEd (15 days)
They are not brazilian

Author emmanuel luk (4 months)

can anyone say "scared for life"?

Author Alex Davies (1 month)
For all of you saying this is horrible, why did you click on it, it clearly
says in the title prank gone wrong, almost died. You shouldn't have clicked
on it if you were that sensitive 

Author F♡ŔƓ♡♡D♡ĿDƬĪMƐS (25 days)
I would have shot everybody down. :)

Author Nova Rova (17 days)
Simply , heartless 

Author iago Melo (4 months)
This is not in Brazil... We dont speak spanish, we speak portuguese. You
americans are ignorants as fuck!!!

Author NineSparklingStars (5 days)
You are such bitches prankers!!!!!!!

Author Jesvel18 (13 days)
I remember this show. It is from Venezuela and was called Que Locura. Some
of the pranks where funny but this was too much. Sometimes the people
getting pranked would punch them and they have every reason to.

Author Cookie RPG (17 days)
This is simply heartless... How cruel can you get? After she had the panic
attack you should of stopped... but NOOO, you were like lets keep going!
I'm flagging this...

Author GatoR GaminG (11 days)
People in the comments just you waste your time commenting on something.
They probably realize what they did wrong

Author Jorge Pechoforte (1 month)
This prank is not from Brasil is from venezuela and the girl is a
venezuelan famous actress.

Author lilian rose (1 month)
Automatic ass whooping I mean to scare her to that extent dame she better
go to church ctfu I'm stupid weak literally

Author Leslie Guerrero (23 days)
Its not funny at all she was about to die so the people that think its
funny u are dumb and really hurtful and that could be u someday and all the
people that felt bad for her and me would be laughing so hard and u re son
of a crap and fuck all of y'all that thinks its funny 

Author Khalid Al-Shuwayer (1 month)
Poor woman, those pranksters are fucking assholes!!!!!!

Author Jourdan Ore (10 days)
This happened in Venezuela

Author geremiah mcadenip (15 days)
Stupid joke.. not funny at all.. remove this video..

Author TigerRoar08 (1 month)
I thought this would be funny. Guess not. She could have had a heart attack
and died. If the person who pranked her is reading or watching this, I want
you to think how you would feel if this happened to you. Suck on that.

Author Keep Calm or Rage On (12 days)
WAY over done. It's decent acting, lol.

Author david Utube (1 month)
she went kickin off literally 

Author kenmax (17 days)
Is this a movie or a prank? It doesn't seen real. Overly dramatized, I
don't like it.,

Author OtterCraft (19 days)
They could easily get arrested

Author Nick Larsen (1 month)
This is so fucked

Author rachel slavin (1 month)
Usally I'd love at these kind of things, because you know most people do
these pranks but they went way to far, this poor woman ;( once if enough

Author calugarAthonit (24 days)
The fuck is wrong with this people... they should de aressted for this
stupid joke

Author VV 4 J 1 (2 months)
Good prank, just done to the wrong person. They should have stopped it
right there and done it to someone new. 

Author Popsickle Sickniss (15 days)

Author geraldsonofgod (1 month)
SHE IS NOT BRAZILIAN! The info placed on the description is wrong. The
actress being pranked here is VENEZUELAN. This comes from a TV show called

Author TMA (1 month)
For the ones who doesn't speak spanish, the idiots of the video at the end
still saying her to have "humor scence", and obviusly this poor woman send
all to hell, this video is shit
Sorry for my bad english

Author Finnmega26 (26 days)
All in favour in flagging this like the first moon landing say I

Author Pierce Heath (1 month)
Why would someone do that to someone really crule and who would post this

Author Jake Mealer (1 month)
Video should be removed, but only because this girl is really annoying. If
you react like this you deserve to get pranked.

Author call the doctor (24 days)
thats really freakin' cruel like seriously

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