Prank gone wrong, almost died.

Prank gone wrong terrible! A Brazilian woman is finished working. When she is done with grabbing her car keys, she is going to the garage. The minute she steps in the car.... Grudge is facing her in the mirror. then she is going to get insane!! she is scared, screaming her friend want to seem to help her but he is helping her to get it worser and scarier then ever! Will she survive

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Author YoungBlaze Of Chitown (2 months)
I would love to have a sex with the woman

Author MinerAbacuss (1 month)
She overreacted waaaayyy too much!

Author Harry Pollard (3 months)
U guys this is bad the most people who speak that language are so religious
demons and ghosts are traumatising for them in fact one prank like this
could be pulled on a person like this then somebody could be killed and I
mean it usually I find pranks funny but this isn't right

Author ali xena (3 months)
what the FUCK!!!! that is not funny. She could have suffered a cardiac
arrest or a miscarriage, let alone some permanent psychological damage.
Hate me all you want, but that is assault.

Author KinkTheKidd Karlsson (2 months)
NO ! Its that fucking guy again ! That fucking guy from that fucking show !
I have seen this show and that fucking idiot who hosts this show before and
i remember how much i fucking hated him.. Remember last time i saw some
shit from his show on yourtube i also got so pissed off that i wrote a
comment wishing him dead.. I want this guy dead.. seriously.. i want him to
die !

Author Osman Hayat (3 months)
watch the hole thing

Author drago884 (6 months)
lol that chick is terrified...kinda scummy on the guys' part but after the
1st time she shoulda known it's a joke...unless her 'friend' didn't tell
her it was a joke, I dunno I don't speak Portugese. Man, that's fucking

Author Linnéa Lindblom Skarhed (5 months)
poor women :P can't laugh at this...

Author Milky Wayan (4 months)
You all really think that was too far? And felt sorry for her? I can't
believe she jumped out of a car she was driving, that wasn't even smart if
the shit was real. What a sack of nerves. 

Author Bas Lofvers (5 months)
Not funny

Author Cerrano18 (2 months)
Enough was enough

Author parad0x (2 months)
I was kinda hoping that she hit one of the guys with the chair near the

Author Mike Dragon (6 months)

"Brazilian woman"? Wut... She isn't Brazilian. She is speaking Spanish,
just like everyone else in the video. Brazilians do NOT speak Spanish.
Brazilians speak Portuguese. It's a completely different language. It does
share some similarities with Spanish but it's definitely different enough
to be easily recognized as not being Spanish. Whatever country this prank
is from it sure isn't Brazil. The video description is quite incorrect at

Now, about the video/prank itself... I gotta say... it wasn't funny. They
should have stopped after the very first scare inside the car. The lady
completely freaked out and not only wasn't in conditions to drive anymore
but could also have caused some accident. The car went on reverse without
anyone to control it and was damaged (and damaged other vehicles), it could
have hit/hurt someone and who knows if instead of putting it on reverse by
accident, the lady could have hit the gas forwards and hit the wall on the
other side of the street quite hardly and maybe even other cars in the way.
I'm very sorry to talk so much about how unfunny I found this prank to be,
but there were just way too many things that could have gone terribly
wrong. Not to mention the lady herself. That certainly left some pretty bad
psychological scars!

Author BoodlezBoo (2 months)
It wasn't that funny. People can get mentally disturbed by what they see
through their life, they may have told her it's a joke but she can still
remember it and think of the horror. I feel sorry for her, I'd hate it if
it happens to me!

Author Maja Glasell (3 months)
aw poor woman ;_;

Author Joel Abella (7 months)
OMG..that was just so wrong! If that woman had a heart condition, she could
have died and that was just too much for a prank to the point that it's not
funny anymore.have you seen the terror in her face!? She would have
nightmares after this for years to come and would screw her psyche up! I
just hope she sued the shit out of this people for mental cruelty! >:(

Author THJC247 (8 months)
Freaking Vultures.

Author henrique oliveira (4 months)
She is not a brazzilian girl you stupid fuck

Author Rafael Millan (3 months)
That was in Venezuela not Brazil. The show name is "Que locura", and is
fucking crazy.

Author Ashley Williams (6 months)
Not funny jerk

Author Ekinaya Ba Quwwa (4 months)
The last is dying. It isn't funny anymore.

Author Dannot101 (5 months)
That shit ain't right... 

Author fallon williams (7 months)
Way to far

Author Helen Hong (4 months)
She whines too much gosh

Author Adan Laris (2 days)
That's just too far...

Author rainbow moose (4 days)
I think whoever did this went way too far...

Author superswamp100 (7 days)
I would have reacted the same way

Author pezscape (12 days)
She's nuts, how could you be that stupid

Author Leandro Silva (14 days)
What a fucking ignorants
They're speaking Spanish not Portuguese... So they arent Brazilian people

Author braXas N luck (13 days)
It's annoying to see ppl calling them Brazilian when they are not, but
what's more annoying is the fact that bitches keep spamming the comments
saying that she isn't Brazilian, lol!!

Author Pedro Bagnola (16 days)
They are not brazilian, brazilian people dont speak spanish...

Author wallekiller320 (23 days)
thats not brazilian....

Author highmetalman6 (3 months)
Definitely too far, buuuutt, I lol'ed. 

Author lordzedo22 (1 month)
stupid pranks,.really,..when they've seen her already scared too
much,..they should stop it,..but they didn't,..that's stupid

Author Odood19 (5 months)
They got her good

Author A_MC_N13 (3 months)
She over reacted so badly 

Author jothegreek (4 months)

Author Leon Morris (29 days)
That happens when people don't know when to stop

Author Shemroy Kellman (2 months)
Messed up. After the first reaction you guys should've been like, ok that's
enough. Dang.

Author Syreadisa (5 months)
This can kill people

Author theposhnosh1 (3 months)
too much botox

Author جيوفانا آلفاريز (2 months)
This is not even fucking funny

Author Neilesh Supugade (3 months)
is there any kind of revenge !!

Author dfgh op (7 months)
If i was her they would had got hit i hate getting scares

Author Garmendia (2 months)
They speak Spanish not Portuguese

Author The Anarchist (5 months)
ah poor lady, i cant see what they are doing, but surely given she's been
crying her eyes out, they would stop and say its a joke?

Author Anna Maria Helou (1 month)
C'mon! Poor woman! She saw that thing in her car than the bride ghost
behind her than the two when she was going out?!? F*** this is horribly
freaked out! She was almost good to stay in a crazy's hospital!! If that
prank was to me, I would honestly be in a hospital with a heart attack..

Author Balo12341 (2 months)
Poor Woman

Author peatear42 (4 months)
That was torture for her...

Author DeFy Zombiie (5 months)
Fucking cat

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