Prank gone wrong, almost died.

Prank gone wrong terrible! A Brazilian woman is finished working. When she is done with grabbing her car keys, she is going to the garage. The minute she steps in the car.... Grudge is facing her in the mirror. then she is going to get insane!! she is scared, screaming her friend want to seem to help her but he is helping her to get it worser and scarier then ever! Will she survive

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Author lilhpster (2 months)
This it's a terrible video! Cruel! I want to flash it and have it removed.
Nobody deserves to become famous from something like this.

Author YoungBlaze Of Chitown (7 months)
I would love to have a sex with the woman

Author ALviN189234 (3 months)
Her crashing her car was apart of the prank too idiots? I would've made
them clowns pay for the damage that was done. 

Author Alex Davies (1 day)
For all of you saying this is horrible, why did you click on it, it clearly
says in the title prank gone wrong, almost died. You shouldn't have clicked
on it if you were that sensitive 

Author Lily Truscott (16 days)
Oh my god.........t-this is.........horrible! H-how cruel! That women was
scared for her life!! She almost had a break down. They should have
stopped! Her car crash was not supposed to be in the prank. This isn't
funny. I wasn't laughing at all! I thought pranks are made to be funny, not
made to be scary or way beyond. This video should be removed!

Author Leah K. (1 month)
The first forty nine seconds were funny but the rest is really fucked up!
After she started hysterically crying they should of stopped she looked
like she was having a panic attack they really shouldn't have kept trying
to terrorize an already terrified woman it could of caused her to have a
heart attack

Author Bastl Railor (2 months)
Retarded woman wouldn't stop crying. I felt like kicking her in the face

Author emmanuel luk (3 months)

can anyone say "scared for life"?

Author Prasanna Joshi (23 days)
Its amazing to see how cruel some people are. How can anyone carry out
these sins in the name of pranks. Its unbelievable to see people seek
amusement in the misery of others this way. Shame on you!!!

Author Nardi Braho (7 hours)
These pranksters needed some black dudes with guns on them and see how
funny it is to scare people like that 

Author Jorge Pechoforte (19 days)
This prank is not from Brasil is from venezuela and the girl is a
venezuelan famous actress.

Author lilian rose (19 days)
Automatic ass whooping I mean to scare her to that extent dame she better
go to church ctfu I'm stupid weak literally

Author Khalid Al-Shuwayer (14 days)
Poor woman, those pranksters are fucking assholes!!!!!!

Author david Utube (15 days)
theres a difference between a joke and jus taking it WAY to far

Author Nick Larsen (15 days)
This is so fucked

Author Jake Mealer (3 days)
Video should be removed, but only because this girl is really annoying. If
you react like this you deserve to get pranked.

Author Ollie M-L (3 days)
This was a horrible thing to do to someone, this video should be removed

Author beanieboo love (2 months)
She is talking Spanish. 

Author TMA (13 days)
For the ones who doesn't speak spanish, the idiots of the video at the end
still saying her to have "humor scence", and obviusly this poor woman send
all to hell, this video is shit
Sorry for my bad english

Author AlexOfficial (11 days)
Stupid cunt.
Let her die.

Author Pveio Tuto.rials (22 days)
Brazilian Woman? Dude do you even know what lenguage do we speak? FUCK YOU
MAN i'm brazilian and my main lenguage is Portugese i don't know hwo told
to you that brazilian people speak in Spanish.

Author Frost lost (1 day)
wow... if I was the girl I would run them over

Author Manuel Campos (9 days)
Wow these assholes could have killed this woman! That there would have been
a tragedy for a beautiful woman

Author david Utube (15 days)
she went kickin off literally 

Author Culminatr (27 days)
Mate, this is NOT a prank. This is pure terrorising a poor lady, over, and
over, and over again! This is shire bullying and harassment. In most
countries, this would be a criminal offense. They saw her traumatised in
the first prank and could hardly breathe, then they did it again and again
to her, each time she recovers from traumer, they go again! These people
are a disgrace!!! How is it funny?

Author TheGoldenShovel (1 month)
Good prank, just done to the wrong person. They should have stopped it
right there and done it to someone new. 

Author Burt Wonderstone (1 month)
They should have done jail time for what they did to this woman. What

Author Austin Costello (1 month)
They should've done it to someone else, right when she started her mental

Author Cassie Garden (5 days)
OK she's just doing extra I swear smh✋👏😂😂

Author Butter Scotch (7 days)

Author Lacy Rose (4 days)
this was horrible the poor woman!!!!!!

Author LAN Evo (18 days)
Danny I remember I used to watch this show in the 90s!! How I miss the 90s

Author Gentleman4u1 (19 days)
she should sue these mother fuckers. Check their voices like fucking twats,
they sing n bag in train with these voices in Europe. 

Author Leon Johnson (14 days)
They took that shit way to far and then they put here behind the before
telling her its a prank thats so wrong

Author rosekpchu (27 days)
I think its really extremely undue ! It probably leaves a bad shadow to
that woman in her whole life and even causes some mental problems to her
afterwards. Its not that fine to apologise to that woman after doing
something really scary to her. Its really bad to build an entertainment on
the others' pain. Its plain selfish! 

Author Simon Whuskey (25 days)
She should have complete right ti press charges on them. Cunts like these
dick heads need to learn to stop if it gets too bad, you have no clue if
the person has a fucking heart condition or major anxiety, you coukd be
literally killing someone.

Author John Martinez (11 days)
I'm totally lost on what part if this is funny. I'd sue the fuck out of
these dick heads.

Author Fourteen arEca (17 days)
honestly, this prank is isn't funny .. i actually get mad about this , what
they did to that girl .. 

Author Nate Biggers (1 month)
What the hell is this que locura?!!

Author Phoebe Lawrence (23 days)
Is this funny to some people? I was fine until she started going crazy 😳😳

Author John Doe (14 days)
And because she is Brazilian, she doesn't have car insurance. 

Author TheMGhandi (1 month)
Brought tears to my eyes seeing her so shaken. These people didn't stop the
prank and got 10,000 likes. This is the worst generation of humans in
history. Even animals have more mercy. 

Author OnlineMediaCollection (1 month)

Author Aaron Miller (14 days)
They should get charged how sad

Author Piradab Vijayaratnam (28 days)
This is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Camille Tuplano (8 days)
Totally insane.not funny 

Author Captain Hero (20 days)
Brazilian faggots... That's not funny you sick fuck! -.- 

Author Mr Penguin (7 days)
I mean she had a nice thong

Author leandro nunes (1 month)
FUCK ALL of you, this is spanish language, not portuguese-BR

Author eyad gamerx (14 days)
U guys are fucking ass holes

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