crash in Phun

Crash movie from Viper aka Falkon.

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Author Juliana Costa ( ago)
Oi meu amor por você e sua equipe de desenvolvimento de um amigo meu que
tem que ser um pouco mais de um amigo meu que tem que ser um pouco mais de
um amigo meu que tem que ser um pouco mais de um amigo meu que tem que ser
um pouco mais de um amigo meu que tem que ser um pouco mais de um amigo meu
que tem

Author sonicriders493 ( ago)
ROLFMAO i am the 470.000

Author ramonito Gayotin ( ago)

Author Cholticha Chuenchoey ( ago)

Author Denis Petrov ( ago)
Где игру скачал

Author John Doe ( ago)
I am the 438,801 viewer

Author Possibly_Pos ( ago)
now where can i get this file

Author LermAnd7 ( ago)
Song name ???

Author DatGameh ( ago)
LOL I'm the 394,628 viewer!

Author Dysfunctional ( ago)
I dont think i would want that car, its not very durable xP

Author gravedigger4400 ( ago)
website this game is on please

Author adamwoods2306 ( ago)

Author Sean Bonenfant ( ago)
Is Phun free? Just wondering...

Author Vladimir Avgustinovskiy ( ago)
grats! 8)))

Author Tommy Standley ( ago)
im the 333,333 veiwer O.o

Author mrcody1924 ( ago)
there's the pole valt that the mythbusters were looking for

Author Adrian Gonzalez ( ago)
give me link plz!!!!!!

Author lucas Fernandes ( ago)
que programa você usou?

Author Kana22 ( ago)
why do you have so weird songs in crash in phun 1,2 and 3

Author jacob helmly ( ago)
3:20 i was like RAPE

Author coollego75XD ( ago)
whats the song!?

Author Michael Houck ( ago)
can u msg me on how to make a crashable car im new to phun and that looks

Author ZERO7277 ( ago)
Oh man it is only one crashable phun car in the world????

Author MeditatedSea ( ago)
whats the use roar ?, i am noob in PHUN

Author Bogdan42189750 ( ago)
;) lol

Author aleksanders barbaro ( ago)
3:58 BEST CRASH EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author dolun duk ( ago)
2:14 Ford GT

Author xvi32 (303 years ago)
@halomaniac07 yes

Author enemyink187 ( ago)
at 1:19 he almost made it

Author halomaniac07 ( ago)
Can you download something like that?

Author Plangentry ( ago)
i'm 114,114

Author teh-domino-dude ( ago)
How do u make a breakebl car

Author Vladimir Avgustinovskiy ( ago)
@Dominik0366 grats! =)

Author Dominik0366 ( ago)
LMAO, I'm the 111,111th viewer

Author Everyone967 ( ago)
Da car survived

Author tcinque ( ago)
LOL I luv teh crashin cars

Author gtacrusher123 ( ago)
@srgtrane ok

Author Travis Cameron ( ago)
@gtacrusher123 no it ran over its own frame

Author gtacrusher123 ( ago)
@ 4:56 what happend there the air chrashed it

Author gtacrusher123 ( ago)
@ 4:00 it looks allright then boom back end flies up and breaks

Author Joel Rampanen ( ago)
is this phun beta 4.12

Author legoboy29ify ( ago)

Author TheSlenderMan Craft ( ago)
olle como pones el modo carro o tu lo creaste

Author xvi32 ( ago)
@gantamtam pie of hell

Author Nicolas Grard ( ago)
poor guy^^

Author Vladimir Avgustinovskiy ( ago)
@100usaguy search the repgahroll in google

Author 100usaguy ( ago)
where do you get the crashabe car? please give me a link to the site.

Author TiTanAEfull ( ago)
into the sky, to win or die!!!!!!

Author gantamtam ( ago)
music name?

Author gantamtam ( ago)
music name?

Author Ch33psk8n1 ( ago)

Author R0CKST4R1337 ( ago)
@thomas18100 he did not

Author RaGeBbit ( ago)
Driver takes up bad position behind the wheel and his legs come off too
easily. Great vid.

Author anorwayer97 ( ago)
thats 5 minuts waste of time...........not... ;P

Author spodus ( ago)
that car is a saftey hazard in any way shape or form

Author dragonclops ( ago)
yay! dummy in car!

Author Gangster5759 ( ago)
car is too weak

Author thomas18100 ( ago)
did you design this car?

Author Vladimir Avgustinovskiy ( ago)
@wufcfage last version.

Author Vladimir Avgustinovskiy ( ago)
File , find more scenes (in phun) then, in browser search the "Repgahrol"
(without quotes)

Author SuperK0rn ( ago)
at 2:42 it looks like the car is talking :rofl

Author sopersoon ( ago)
4:55 , that little thing made the car turn :O

Author sopersoon ( ago)
1:49 is omg

Author SovietSpartan ( ago)
2:53 OMG!!WOW!!

Author JoshRluva16 ( ago)
ass clool me

Author sergeantsoap101mw2 ( ago)
2:39 wheel came back to crash the car

Author Euvory ( ago)
this car is epic i used it too

Author hampurilainenXXL ( ago)
4:00 insane ;)

Author Tyronis (1759 years ago)
3:14 was sick

Author pivotman5545 ( ago)
3:33 close call. . . O_O

Author pivotman5545 ( ago)
1:51 looked awesome

Author Alle1339 ( ago)
download link plz.. gr8 track and not the car cuz i know that repgahroll
made this at first.

Author snipesAndrew123 ( ago)
1:25 would suck in real life!

Author jimmymagnum07 ( ago)
i dont know how you did this on phun because i cant do anything on it! this
is truly amazing :P

Author GaminGBlinK ( ago)
whats teh game and where can i get it ??

Author HumanOFtheWeek3000 ( ago)
oh thanks god someone who actually has a good computer so i wont have to
watch in slow motion

Author Vladimir Avgustinovskiy ( ago)
i make anoyjer =)

Author Dubstep Addict ( ago)
and another thing... CAN U PLZZ MAKE ANOTHER 1!!!!!

Author Dubstep Addict ( ago)
at 1:00 i thought it was gunna do a full flip but what do ya no!!!

Author Bballguy1121 ( ago)
I will subscribe to you if you can do my ideas. Like a spike at the guys had

Author Connor Ganuelas ( ago)
loved 1:25 the part where the guy gets dismembered

Author 036413256 ( ago)
from wehre to get the car

Author colt45112 ( ago)
loved 3:14

Author colt45112 ( ago)
LOved 2:21

Author y2214 ( ago)
How do you get that car in phun?

Author xboxpirates2000 ( ago)
its called phun lol

Author Tuomas Pöllänen ( ago)
Excelent video! Is this scene downloadable? :)

Author mbbird ( ago)
Absolutely great man.

Author werewolf141312 ( ago)

Author reagan272 ( ago)
that was verry cool

Author JoniiFilms ( ago)

Author LittlePyroManiacDude ( ago)
omg when it got ripped in half that was awwsum!

Author bananasquads ( ago)
wow, thats actualy realy realistic the car got ripped in half at 2:24

Author Alex adamovitch ( ago)
Very nice.

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