House Republicans Pass Trumpcare: A Closer Look

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  • Fawad Nabi
    Fawad Nabi 3 days ago

    they are going to genocide poor people

  • Fawad Nabi
    Fawad Nabi 3 days ago

    free health care in 3rd world countries and america so fucked

  • Andrés Barriga
    Andrés Barriga 7 days ago

    Speaker Fucking shameless sold hypocrite Ryan.

  • Kevin Simpson
    Kevin Simpson 8 days ago

    Debate herself dress intelligence agricultural dance them.

  • joseph raymond
    joseph raymond 10 days ago

    seth colbert john oliver are making this world a better place as the new news


    Title should be house republicans gave up their seats

  • James Parker
    James Parker 10 days ago

    film Does anybody see better this reuult? . .

  • Darshan Shetty
    Darshan Shetty 11 days ago

    LOL, Seth Meyers is killing Trump

  • morrizhon
    morrizhon 11 days ago

    2:20 OMG!!!!!! super funny!

  • Delana Veirs
    Delana Veirs 12 days ago

    can you say catfish? so many in the comments section

  • Jen DiCesare
    Jen DiCesare 14 days ago

    One of the best "A Closer Look" segments he's ever done...bravo

  • Limbless Villan
    Limbless Villan 14 days ago

    Im not american and i dont mean to offend but jokes aside do the US public not feel completely ridiculous for electing this joker?? Sorry but did you really expect a corporate conservative to really work for the people? The whole world could see what was gonna happen apart from americans??? God help us this is the leader of the free world and hes a retard!! Well done america!

  • Gary Jeffers
    Gary Jeffers 14 days ago

    Ah Paul Ryan, how I despise thee. The ACA is in trouble and that trouble is being orchestrated by republicans. If you doubt that then check what the president himself has said about it. Watch how republicans allocate funds in order to create crisis. It's a shame they would rather score political points than help their constituents. Medicare for all is the likely solution to healthcare in USA.

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich 15 days ago

    This episode is one of the best "A Closer Look" he's done. Keep up the good work.

  • Deine Muddha
    Deine Muddha 15 days ago

    BERNIE SANDERS 2020!!!

  • pual valequez
    pual valequez 15 days ago

    that's what people get for voting for the two party system that are funded by the same people smh

  • Rose McGuinn
    Rose McGuinn 15 days ago

    *SCARY THOUGHT OF THE DAY* According to the U.S. Order of Succession for the presidency, if both Trump and Pence get fired, we'd be stuck with Paul Ryan. Ryan is a Social Darwinist whose favorite writer is Ayn Rand ( a *Russian* born Social Darwinist who believed firmly in survival of the fittest in societal terms)

    • Rose McGuinn
      Rose McGuinn 15 days ago

      P.S. I see ryan as looking like an evil, grownup Eddie Muster wannabe

  • legion999
    legion999 15 days ago

    Man, this style of passing a bill sounds startingly like poland's current ruling party's lawmaking

  • CiggyBones
    CiggyBones 16 days ago

    Can these niggas fix they goddamn audio already or wtf?

  • Liberal Hater
    Liberal Hater 16 days ago

    Myers; remind us again what you do for a living???'s not comedy that's for sure, and you completely suck at political commentary!!!

  • Jacob Vazquez
    Jacob Vazquez 16 days ago

    lmao poor sean he gets bullied so much. lmao so under qualified.

  • Ryan Joyce
    Ryan Joyce 16 days ago

    "Did you just say your balls were hard?" is my line now.

  • trish
    trish 16 days ago

    Trumpcare and obummercare = robb loot the public

  • Belgian Sebastian
    Belgian Sebastian 16 days ago

    I'll take the non existant no-go zones in my country anytime over that bs shithole "united" stated of America. You should thank the warmongering republicans. Without them pumping more money into the army than in their own people you guys would be nothing on the world stage

  • Overwelmdn underated

    Peace in the Middle East is only difficult because it's engineered to be a self-reinforcing conflict. Trump is right, it would be easy, but the solution wouldn't profit the interests of the US and Isreal. The real barrier is orthodoxical geopolitical theory.

  • MegaBloodrain
    MegaBloodrain 17 days ago

    3:25 .. U huh..

  • Dancun Ochieng
    Dancun Ochieng 17 days ago

    Trump is fucking stupid. God!

  • Rowan Hawklan
    Rowan Hawklan 17 days ago

    This is what happens when large portions of a population vote for someone without taking the time to educate them selves with the facts, after this...individual has left office and done irreparable damage to your economy, healthcare and world wide international relationships perhaps your population will take the time to make a educated choice on who leads them.

  • Preposterou Spraq
    Preposterou Spraq 17 days ago

    Why the hell are we calling it Trump care. The name alone sounds as retarded as Obama care did. Why not just call it what it is, healthcare bill. Or something general.

  • cordell williams
    cordell williams 17 days ago

    The republicans have no shame

  • Brian Amke
    Brian Amke 17 days ago

    They show they are not so different from African politicians. Here in Kenya, that is exactly what happens, contradicted statements, rushed bills, no media cover, locking down the roads to parlianment by police, passing the bills at strange unofficial hours. This is how it starts.

  • Arra Super
    Arra Super 17 days ago

    If this bill passes, I will have to file bankruptcy.

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody 17 days ago

    This healthcare system reminds me of the Purge movies.

  • LavaTalon73
    LavaTalon73 17 days ago

    Yknow people I know who are conservative loved to make fun of Obama for things like the "coffee salute" and "Navy Corpse-men"... but every day Trump has a coffee salute x10

  • Frejdyn Jarrett
    Frejdyn Jarrett 17 days ago

    Knuckle-dragging mouth-breather. Ought to be locked in a cage and paraded around for people to laugh at until expiry.

  • Barbara Hughes
    Barbara Hughes 17 days ago

    Donny two times from Goodfellows

  • Metus God
    Metus God 17 days ago

    Shawne Diego Are you a fascist kill him каждый Русский Будет тебя бить ! Этот урод хочет убить Русских и все население страны ! при встрече мачите гада ! убить урода фашиста !

  • Deb Baverstock
    Deb Baverstock 17 days ago

    I pretty sure his solution to peace in the Middle East is just bombing everything.

  • JL Wilfred
    JL Wilfred 17 days ago

    Paul Ryan, your flip flops are broken. Your constituents are going to remember YOU!

  • Dominic Campbell
    Dominic Campbell 17 days ago

    Trump proving that he can never be second best. When he found out that people were believing how crooked Hillary was, he felt a sudden need to outdo her.

  • Selathiel Lloyd
    Selathiel Lloyd 18 days ago

    so this is the purge?

  • Jeffrey Bull
    Jeffrey Bull 18 days ago

    Republicans: Your last term!

  • eminere
    eminere 18 days ago

    Paul Ryan should retire from politics and do gay porn.

  • Jordan Adkins
    Jordan Adkins 18 days ago

    "I don't think we should pass bills that we haven't read that we don't know what they cost." - Ryan How are you knocking him for this? Even though Trumpcare is trying to be pushed through, he isn't wrong. How can you possibly mock him for that?

  • Jordan Adkins
    Jordan Adkins 18 days ago

    @7:35 You prefer a lie over an honest answer? WTF is wrong with you?

  • T K
    T K 18 days ago

    The GOP can just blame the Dems if they don't pass Trumpcare. Obamacare will keep crumbling down on the American people and they'll have to answer that to the voters in 2018 and beyond.

  • jefscolnago
    jefscolnago 18 days ago

    Absolutely Fabulous!!! Myers, Colbert and Maher tell it like it really is, not the fake news that spews forth from the Republickins day after day. It gets kind of tiresome.

  • Kemetic Warrior
    Kemetic Warrior 18 days ago

    God help us.

  • Cyrus Woodard
    Cyrus Woodard 18 days ago

    Things Seth Meyers can make fun of:War CancerNatural disaster Things Seth Meyers cant make fun of:Catlyn Jenner still having nuts

  • Jan Hall
    Jan Hall 18 days ago

    The reason they had a 'victory' session?  The President is a praise junkie; a flattery leech who can't live without being surrounded by sycophants.

    THY BCX 18 days ago

    Yeah I remember when Obamacare was shoved down everyone's throat. Hypocritical fucks.

  • Mesalonika
    Mesalonika 18 days ago

    Hey Sean! that doesn't look like a wall to me ...har har lol lol!!

  • Lauren Hubers
    Lauren Hubers 18 days ago

    As horrible as the healthcare news is, I still find the taunting at 2:24 a lot funnier than I probably should

  • Christa Woods
    Christa Woods 18 days ago

    well trump trolls, here you go.

  • Pretty Barbie
    Pretty Barbie 18 days ago

    Republican are going to kill more people then lsis.

  • Montesama314
    Montesama314 18 days ago

    That's actually a pretty good line from GW Bush about the Oval Office.

  • frigginjerk
    frigginjerk 18 days ago

    Intelligent, ethical, Republican: you can be any two of three.

  • Aaron Bono
    Aaron Bono 18 days ago

    Hey Sean, when you are a prick to the press, they will return it in kind. Suck it up! They are only getting warmed up.

  • dumpthe chump
    dumpthe chump 18 days ago

    All they need to do with Obamacare is take some of the tax burden off of the middle-class and put it on the rich (like these congressional bastards) so that they can contribute their fair share. Money problem solved.

  • THE ASTOUNDING SuperDude3266

    At least i wont get taxed for not having healthcare. maybe. hopefully. probably. liberals are retarded. please kill me

  • Ag
    Ag 18 days ago

    Pretty sure trump is faking that he doesn't know the metaphorical meaning of that quote lol

  • Beho lder
    Beho lder 18 days ago

    this is just another distraction!!!!

  • Beho lder
    Beho lder 18 days ago

    doesnt matter who gett in office this country always has someone that the corrupts can use as the scapegoat!!! potus=scapegoat.
    dont ya see what they did to obama or tryed to do to obama!! even with clinton,potus doesnot pass laws or demolishes them congress house and senate !!!! the corrupt lies in there far more than the potus!! if ya dont see everytime a president leaves or enters its always something at there fault when its congress thats ultimately looks through it even changes it and then passes it.. its not just the potus its all 3 branches corrupt both demoncrats and reprobates!!!!

  • Frank Bootleg
    Frank Bootleg 18 days ago

    You played yourself Seth taking cheap shots at Trump when he hadn't even announced he'd run.  You got body slammed.  Now like Colbert your trying to rekindle a jacked up career hoping chumps like IBrews comes on youtube and praise you lol.

  • ozzrob
    ozzrob 19 days ago

    Today we see the face of the Son of Satan - it is Paul Ryan. Trump is an arrogant baffoon by Ryan is truely evil.

  • EnderZ13
    EnderZ13 19 days ago

    Ryan back then ranting about a bill because of "ideology". How is providing people with healthcare a bad ideology?

  • Villkar
    Villkar 19 days ago

    Mexico doesn't seem that bad now.

  • Emil Sørensen
    Emil Sørensen 19 days ago

    Trump replying literally to a metaphor is classic autistic behaviour.
    I say this as a mental illness advocate. It's so typical. I've done it a hundred times. It's not that you don't get the metaphor. You just have an obsessive desire to answer literally anyway.

  • Suzanne Smith
    Suzanne Smith 19 days ago

    While these fuckers enjoy more money in their own pocket, I'm scared I'm going to lose my Medicaid because I'm pregnant.

  • Mona Wesley
    Mona Wesley 19 days ago


    And by the way I'm not with either Paul Ryan. IJS

  • Matthew Richardson
    Matthew Richardson 19 days ago

    I'm so ashamed of Republicans. We need Free Market healthcare, and now that the House passed Obama-care Lite, it will be impossible to do anything about it.

  • reference2me
    reference2me 19 days ago

    Trump has been praising countries with a one payer health system ....he wants the US to have a one payer system but does not know how to get there ... Doctors would all be paid a salary ... it would mean the end to unnecessary procedures and operations ... Doctors will not go for it .. as always it is all about money

  • vertabrate1
    vertabrate1 19 days ago

    god i wish we elected crooked hillary.. at least she would not embarrass herself on a daily basis.

  • Angel June
    Angel June 19 days ago

    Seth yo are the only light from this darkness..!!!!!!lmao

  • whiterottenrabbit
    whiterottenrabbit 19 days ago

    Draining the swamp and making America great again. Ohh, the irony...

  • Arth Armani
    Arth Armani 19 days ago

    the bit about the wall was so funny :DDD just perfect :D

  • Abdulrahman Saleh
    Abdulrahman Saleh 19 days ago

    "your balls were hurt" lol

  • Knock Out
    Knock Out 19 days ago

    I have been laughing about 2:20-2:45 for the last few days. Perfection.

  • Peter Lorrimmar
    Peter Lorrimmar 19 days ago

    R. I. P. American poor.

  • manhenk
    manhenk 19 days ago

    as a german, I don´t know if I should laugh at you or feel sorry for you americans!

  • Adam Prince
    Adam Prince 19 days ago

    we spend 600 billion per year on defense. china is 2nd at 200 billion and no one else is even at 90 billion. we could easily cut a couple hundred billion from our omnibus defense budget and use it for universal healthcare without compromising our security in the slightest. one could even argue we would have a more secure nation through a healthier citizenry. and btw, tuition free college would only cost 95 billion per year (19k average tuition multiplied by 5 million students currently attending public universities) and people act like that's too expensive smh

  • Wylona
    Wylona 19 days ago

    around 8:57 - the crazy eyes on that dude with the bandaid. He looks like that bandaid is covering a defense wound from his latest in a serial killing spree and Ryan is next.

    JAYJAYGREAT 19 days ago

    Trump needs to go to one of Taser Face's meetings and learn about metaphors.

  • A. C. Rusinov
    A. C. Rusinov 19 days ago


  • These Nuts
    These Nuts 19 days ago

    Trump is gonna be reelected

  • Allda Green
    Allda Green 19 days ago

    or is it, `House Republicans Pass Trumpcarenot'?

  • donteatthechalk
    donteatthechalk 19 days ago

    I can't wait for America's version of the Nuremberg trials. Will it be on Fox?

  • E ERCP
    E ERCP 19 days ago

  • OrionoftheStar
    OrionoftheStar 19 days ago

    People have the right to bear arms for self-defense, right?
    Can we defend ourselves from Trumpcare?

  • NeonVoxel
    NeonVoxel 19 days ago


  • Dr. Larry Mitchell
    Dr. Larry Mitchell 19 days ago

    America elected a retarded kid just to laugh at him.

  • Jane Lin
    Jane Lin 19 days ago

    _"Sure, sure, sure..."_ UGH!
    Every time that tangerine moron talks, I wanna smack him in the head with a ruler and ask:
    "WHY ARE YOU _SO_ STUPID?!?!?! Were your parents related? Did they tap your head for oil? How many times were you dropped on your noggin when you were little???"

  • Vickie Oglesby
    Vickie Oglesby 19 days ago

    seth can laugh and poke fun..i bet you got good insurance and dont have to worry..but i dont care for trump neither..and this will affect members of my family..and im bitter..i didnt vote for this people are going to can you laugh?

  • tomitstube
    tomitstube 19 days ago

    this bill goes thru and i'm screwed, i will probably be a statistic, one of the people this bill will kill.

  • metube
    metube 19 days ago

    house republicans are a disgrace

  • Matt Taylor
    Matt Taylor 19 days ago

    Speaker Paul Ryan Im curious why you are doing the exact things you hated about #ACA in 2009. @8:00 #FlipFlop #AHCA #AHCAVote

  • CrankyBubushka
    CrankyBubushka 19 days ago

    Disgusting GOP

  • moonled
    moonled 19 days ago

    What the spineless house did was throw a bad plan together and pass it, then handed the buck to the Senate. That way if the ACA is repealed, Ryan and his fellow do-nothings will take credit for it. If not they'll say they passed it but the Senate killed it. Either way it's up to the Senate to make a decent plan out of the crap they were handed.

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