Puzzle Pirates Hack (PPH v1.0.2) [Released] and FREE!!

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The server might be shut down in about 4 weeks and then we will make a payed version,so enjoy it while u can.
All thanks to the PPH Dev. team

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Author pVpOioPvp (4 years)

Author Lord Zuthix (3 years)
@zetrabyte nuthin happens

Author Avgen14126 (4 years)
nice scam :)

Author W0lfaton (4 years)
These fake hacks make me lol all over again :)

Author zetrabyte (3 years)
here is a wayyyyy better version, guys! mediafire (DOT) com/?msmsmrv5nzfbect

Author nuttyriversRules (4 years)
@furatron3000 i dont believe u

Author Olympiccer (4 years)
it dont look serious

Author XxDesperateSoulxX (4 years)
wtf!! it works!!!!!! but why did i only get 106k and u got 200k?

Author Zach Mac (4 years)
how i get it?

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