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This is the SF Speed Hack from PowerTool-YPP. This demonstrates the usage of how to set the Sword Fighting drop speed within the Yohoho Puzzle...
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Reply if dl link is dead, then i post an mirror. NEW DL:! MIRROR:...
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Okay, So Heres the thing... First Of All, You Comment With Your Puzzle Pirates name and Ocean, I am on Viridian... And Rate The Video a 5/5. Only...
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please dont right bad comments and please dont use this method if your already rich and please work at least once every voyage.
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Puzzle Pirates Hack! Get 50K!!

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Puzzle Pirates Hack! Get 50K!! Email:
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NEW LINK: This bot belongs to -:3
Untaint your puzzle pirates account! Free easy!
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Hey this is a new way to get untainted on puzzle pirates found by me. I do not own puzlepirates i just play it for fun.
YPP Poe Hack x2 your Poe (Only works on Cobalt)

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*Description Coming Soon*
Best Puzzle Pirates Bilge Bot - Trident Bilge
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Highlights 1. Powerful- More then able to get u Ultimate 2. Cheap - Though monthly payment, if you sold even 200k you would be able to pay for the...
How to untaint puzzle pirates (full process)
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~~READ THIS~~ You will need the program "Tmac", so go to and type in Tmac download free.
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This is a sample of my swordfighting against bots, I know it is not great, but feedback would be nice. EDIT: This is from 07/08, so I now...
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Official Gaming website: The leading Puzzle Pirates Forum on the web. Also focuses on mmorpg games, cheats, rpg games, massive...
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Puzzle Pirates Sword Fighting Speed Hack Demonstration edited
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Author pVpOioPvp (3 years)

Author Lord Zuthix (2 years)
@zetrabyte nuthin happens

Author Avgen14126 (3 years)
nice scam :)

Author W0lfaton (3 years)
These fake hacks make me lol all over again :)

Author zetrabyte (2 years)
here is a wayyyyy better version, guys! mediafire (DOT) com/?msmsmrv5nzfbect

Author nuttyriversRules (2 years)
@furatron3000 i dont believe u

Author MrAkak1 (2 years)
is it real??

Author Olympiccer (3 years)
it dont look serious

Author XxDesperateSoulxX (3 years)
wtf!! it works!!!!!! but why did i only get 106k and u got 200k?

Author Zach Mac (3 years)
how i get it?

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