What are Continents?

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Author Cohen Sommer (2 months)
It's 6
1- Europe
2- Asia
3- África
4- Oceania
5- Atarctica
6- América

The europeans cartographed the world, so we are to say who and who's not a

Author Gamesaucer (24 days)
I'll say there are 9.
I've classified them in a way that's more dependent on cultures yet still
tries to stick to the "landmass" idea a little.

1. North America
2. South America
3. Western Europe, including everything west of Germany, Austria and Italy.
4. Large Russia: Eastern Europe (at least Ukraine, Belarus, Romania and
Bulgaria), Kazakhstan and Russia.
5. Great Africa: Turkey, Africa, Madagascar and the Middle East
6. Great Scandinavia: Scandinavia, Greenland, Svalbard and Iceland.
7. Southeast Asia: India, China, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia,
8. Pacifia: Australia, New Zealand and all the Pacific islands including
9. Antarctica.

I'm still a bit unsure where to fit Greece and a large part of Eastern
Europe, as well as the border between Great Africa and Southeast Asia.
Mexico belongs to North America and Cuba and most of the other islands in
the Caribbean belong to South America. Large Russia also includes Nova
Zembla. It's unclear to me what to do with Nunavut.

Author Denisloovescooki O.O (1 month)
In Sweden they're 9 continents: Africa ,Europe ,Asia ,Antarctica Arctic
,Australia North,Central and South America 

Author gggkinc (9 days)

Author ParalimniVoice (1 month)
why don't we call them as we always used to?

1. Europe(it's culture and people are clearly not connected with Asia and
we don't have to go along with the definition of ''continent'')
2. North America(although along with South it would be called 'America' all
3. South America
4. Africa
5. Asia
6. Oceania
7. Antartica

Seven, the answer is clearly.. SEVEN.

Author Derp Herp (19 days)
3, Oceania East Asia and Eurasia

Author Demonite (3 months)
Europe and Australia shouldn't be called continent in my opinion. ^^ Just
like Pluto isn't a planet, not just because of it's sice. GCP even made a
video about it. If it was about sice, Mercury would fall next.

Author MagnitudePerson (1 month)
This channel is just Liberal bullshit.

Author Joka191095 (20 days)
If "Australia" is the name of a continent you might as well refer to Asia
as "Russia."

Oceania for you, dumb North Americans.

Author sirLamperouge (3 months)
Isn't it technically Oceania, not Australia?

Author liteonmx (1 month)
He is right, there are 6, but not in that way.

1. Europe
2. Asia
3. Africa
4. America
5. Oceania
6. Antartica

Author nunixnunix04 (2 months)
1. America (North + South)
2. Eurosiafrica (Europe + Asia + Africa)
3. Oceantarticaland (Greenland, Antartica, Oceania)

It's simple, East Major Land (Eurosiafrica), West Major Land (America) ,
and Major Islands (Oceantarticaland).

Author James Kohls (3 months)
is 2:21 a Pandemic Reference or something?

Author Alicia DG (28 days)
We'll that did no help and you made it more confusing xD

Author William Desmond (1 month)
I think its:
5.North America
6.South America

Author RKH1502 (3 months)
For that matter, how many *oceans* are there?

Author Testudology Inc. (2 months)

Author Fernando Stream (2 months)
In Spain, I believe for cultural and historical reasons, we used to learn
that there was 5 continents inhabitated and Antarctica. This is why the
Olympic logo has 5 circles. We used to learn that America is one continent
with 2 subcontinents and Australia was part of the continent of Oceania. On
the other hand, the islands are linked to the continent. For example the
island of Great Britain is part of Europe and the Canary islands are
considered African islands. Probably, defining continent as a large
landmass separated by oceans is little useful. We will keep on using the
words Europe, America and Asia, eventhough we might agree that none of them
are not continents. But then, the word Continent might be not very useful.

Author Joe Shmoe (1 month)
I would have to say.......8

1) Asia
2) Oceania
3) Europe
4) Middle East
5) Africa
6) North America
7) South America
8) Antarctica

Author Talking Tom Cat (2 months)
Minecraft at 2:47

Author AimtiTV (1 month)
Shouldn't Australia be Oceania? If Asia includes island nations like Japan,
why doesn't Australia? A better definition is Oceania which includes
Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, parts of Indonesia, Polynesia and
other small islands in that general area. 

Author The Matty Bible (4 months)
in mexico we actually deal with 3 Americas: North, Central and South
America, so it's actually 8 for us

Author jhutchyboy1 (4 months)
I thought the continent wasn't called Australia and it was called 'Oceania'
which had Australia and the islands in the middle of Australia and China.
That's what I was taught at school.

Author Mr0011011 (3 months)
I have always counted it as Europes, Asia, Oceania, North America, South
America and Africa.

Author Olivia Gen (2 months)
So goggle plus how many continents are there?

Author John Smith (5 months)
Why do we even need to name continents? It seems unnecessary.

Author Hannah Crew (2 months)
I always learned 5. Asia, Antarctica, Africa, Europe and America 

Author Falcon Lover (1 day)
A continent is when Earth has a nipple and it's made out of dirt and stuff.

Author Justus McNeal (2 days)
To me, continents basically are about historical significance and more easy
sorting of different types of information. It is for this reason why I
believe we have the strongest argument to keep Europe and Asia separated.
Each continent has its own large heading of many stories.

This is also why I really don't think Antarctica should be a continent. It
fits into no historic context because it does not have a native population.

Author Champturn (3 days)
I don't get why you drew a line between the US and Canada in the cultural
definition. Canada and the US have very similar cultures. Maybe in the
1800s your point was valid, but now an american and canadian are very
similar culturally. I suggest maybe putting the line between Mexico and the
US, or between Russia+Belarus and Europe, or possibly indochina and the
rest of Asia.

Author Daniel Torres (3 days)
Its ColOmbia not ColUmbia. ColUmbia is a university, a State or a province
in Canada

Author Tony Stark (4 days)
i keep thinking australia is an island XD i mean it is surronded by water!

Author Matt Bartlett (4 days)
Thumbs up for the creeper sound

Author Vurtax (4 days)
Personally I've always felt there needs to be a class of land between
Island and Continent in terms of size. Like, the largest island could be
something the size of Iceland and the smallest continent would be
Australia, everything in between would be categorized as that

Author edog429 (4 days)
The last five seconds should be the whole video haha

Author Harley Adams (4 days)
I say there is... uh 6?

Author nachoijp (5 days)
I resent the humanities comment 

Author Juan Arias (1 month)
It is called COLOMBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not Columbia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You people from the USA have to realize you're not the only people starting
by that
I admire you so much cgp grey but that hits a nerve on all of Colombia's
English speaking population

Author Hakan Karaağaç (7 days)
6 clearly

Author chubiisio (1 month)
5 continets : america, europe, oceania, africa, asia

Author padrodi (9 days)
Here in Brazil, we are educated to rebember these continents:
1- America(South, Central and North America)
2- Africa
3- Europe
4- Asia
5- Oceania

Author Andrew Catuna (9 days)
1984 reference. Nice!

Author LolRob HiohMovies (10 days)

Author alex mak (3 months)
5 continents: eurasia, the amercias, australia, africa, and antartica

Author Anet Alis (10 days)
can you go ice skating in Antarctica?

Author Kyle Lewis (10 days)
Iv watched a lot of this guys videos, I dont really like how he explains
things in his videos. He knows his facts, but Hes too politically correct
and I dont like his delivery of opinion. Watch Wonder Why channel

Author Stewie Griffin (10 days)
2:46 "real studying, not humanities studying"
I feel belittled and who-am-I-kiddinged.

Author Jude Pelaez (10 days)
There are just two continents
1. The entire Western Hemisphere
2. The entire Eastern Hemisphere

Author BIGBenfica9 (5 months)
You said 6 in the end, but depends on where you live, for me, that I live
in Portugal is 5, North and South america are clearly united by panama,
misregarding the channel. Europe and Asia are seperated by the Ural
Mountains in Russia, which divides Siberia from European Russia. and
Australia and the islands from Papua New Guinea all the way to Micronesia
(if not mistaken) make Oceania. And Antartica is an continent, well...
because I want to. Africa and Asia are divided by the channel of Suez OR
the Sinai Peninsula which belongs to Egypt, which is in Africa. So you
have: America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and Antartica. 5 continents.
Or 6 if you live in english speaking countries like the UK or the USA (many
others included): North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania
and Antartica.

Author aMulliganStew (11 days)
If you can hold them for a whole round, you Get 2 extra armies for South
America, Two for Australia, Three for Africa, Five for North America, and
Seven for Asia. So, that's six continents. case closed. :)

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