What are Continents?

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Author ParalimniVoice (25 days)
why don't we call them as we always used to?

1. Europe(it's culture and people are clearly not connected with Asia and
we don't have to go along with the definition of ''continent'')
2. North America(although along with South it would be called 'America' all
3. South America
4. Africa
5. Asia
6. Oceania
7. Antartica

Seven, the answer is clearly.. SEVEN.

Author Denis Selimovic (14 days)
In Sweden they're 9 continents: Africa ,Europe ,Asia ,Antarctica Arctic
,Australia North,Central and South America 

Author negaman I (4 months)
2:21 ...Did you just make a pandemic 2 reference? 

Author sirLamperouge (2 months)
Isn't it technically Oceania, not Australia?

Author Demonite (2 months)
Europe and Australia shouldn't be called continent in my opinion. ^^ Just
like Pluto isn't a planet, not just because of it's sice. GCP even made a
video about it. If it was about sice, Mercury would fall next.

Author Belal DarkneSS (8 months)
it's Oceania the continent , and Australia the country...

Author Phazon8058MS (6 months)
1. America
2. Eurasia
3. Africa
4. Australia
5. Antarctica 

Author TheGrowthCycle (6 months)
1. America
2. Eurasia-Africa
3. Australia
4. Greenland

Author John Smith (4 months)
Why do we even need to name continents? It seems unnecessary.

Author The Matty Bible (3 months)
in mexico we actually deal with 3 Americas: North, Central and South
America, so it's actually 8 for us

Author irishswag101 (3 months)
Why is Honshu Rule 34 island?

Author Pingu isawesome (6 months)
Europe should be separate from Asia because of the religions

Author Profano Caballero (5 months)
Ignoring borders, I count five. N. America, S. America, Africa, Eurasia,
Australia. If you got a problem with that, tell it to my pal Kenshiro.

P.S. You don't fool me, Greenland.

Author JanickGers0 (6 months)
I was taught that there were 6: America, Antarctica, Africa, Europe, Asia,
Oceania (it's the continent that americans call Australia, can't think of a
good reason for that).

Author stupiddog321 (3 months)
Where I study, there are six continents: America, Europe, Africa, Asia,
Oceania (Australia) and Antarctica. 

Author James Kohls (2 months)
is 2:21 a Pandemic Reference or something?

Author jhutchyboy1 (3 months)
I thought the continent wasn't called Australia and it was called 'Oceania'
which had Australia and the islands in the middle of Australia and China.
That's what I was taught at school.

Author Nick sysysyy (4 months)
Grey, we know that it's hard for you to make videos on a regular schedule.
Why don't you take a couple months off, work a bit harder than usual and
make as many video as you can and then upload them regularly. That will buy
you time to make more video while we enjoy the ones you have. Maybe do that
a couple times a year ? Please talk about how this could work or not work?

Author TopCuber (4 months)
A continent shouldn't be just a 'large landmass', it could be like lots of
ilands too, for example, why don't we count Australia + Indonesia + New
Guinea a continent?

Author chubi1313 (5 months)

Author Igni Draco (5 months)
I would argue that a continent is any tectonic plate with a large
percentage of land, that would be the most geologically accurate way to do
it. So that would mean that there are nine continents:
North America
South America

This is the way I see it, and seeing how these landmasses will continue to
move for the foreseeable future, it kinda makes sense. It also solves the
problem of the Nazca, Pacific, Caribbean, And Scotia plates form being

Author Lionx (4 months)
I love the 1984 reference

Author martijn van weele (3 months)
Am I the only one who notices that oceans are also a problem? I mean, we
name different oceans differently, but they're basically all the same
ocean, right? If I had a lot of time on my hands, I could potentially cover
every single square kilometer of ocean without having to cross land a
single time (Ice sheet doesn't count as land).

Author Rutger Holtzer (6 months)
Risk says there are 6 so there are 6. 

Author TheNapkinOfTruth (5 months)

Author TheTetraspaceAdmin (4 months)
Pluto is a planet. Anyone who disagrees is clearly a puerile imbecile.

Author Andres Carrillo (6 months)
Did you really just misspelled a country. Colombia, British Columbia, and
even Columbia ( Sportswear Company ) are three completely different things.
( 1.02 )

P.S. Am Colombian

Author nunixnunix04 (1 month)
1. America (North + South)
2. Eurosiafrica (Europe + Asia + Africa)
3. Oceantarticaland (Greenland, Antartica, Oceania)

It's simple, East Major Land (Eurosiafrica), West Major Land (America) ,
and Major Islands (Oceantarticaland).

Author Cohen Sommer (1 month)
It's 6
1- Europe
2- Asia
3- África
4- Oceania
5- Atarctica
6- América

The europeans cartographed the world, so we are to say who and who's not a

Author TheEpere15 (27 days)
The Americans are about as connected as conjoined twins conjoined by one of
their fingers...
6 continents OK, 6

Author SuperNguyễnChannel (7 months)
The Thing about Eurasia is that Siberian Russia, East Asia, South East
Asia, and the Middle East (including India) have Similarities, but once you
cross the Ural Mountains, in Russia, instead of seeing a mix of Mongoloid
and Caucasian, you see only Caucasian. Eurasiafrica, as I call it, Is a
Multicontinent, as I call it. A large body of land consisting of 3 or more

Author BIGBenfica9 (4 months)
You said 6 in the end, but depends on where you live, for me, that I live
in Portugal is 5, North and South america are clearly united by panama,
misregarding the channel. Europe and Asia are seperated by the Ural
Mountains in Russia, which divides Siberia from European Russia. and
Australia and the islands from Papua New Guinea all the way to Micronesia
(if not mistaken) make Oceania. And Antartica is an continent, well...
because I want to. Africa and Asia are divided by the channel of Suez OR
the Sinai Peninsula which belongs to Egypt, which is in Africa. So you
have: America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and Antartica. 5 continents.
Or 6 if you live in english speaking countries like the UK or the USA (many
others included): North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania
and Antartica.

Author John Muir (7 months)
Europe and Asia shouldn't be split. That's all politics.

Author Olivia Gen (1 month)
So goggle plus how many continents are there?

Author Captain47 (5 months)
Sweet Pandemic 2 reference at 2:21

Author RKH1502 (2 months)
For that matter, how many *oceans* are there?

Author Nick Archer (25 days)
President Madagascar, someone sneezed in Brazil!

Author Kridr1 (2 months)
0:49 WTF?

Author Mobbmaster (8 months)
its colombia, not columbia :D

Author Theodore Roosevelt (5 months)
Aren't I great or what? Best idea I've ever had, to split that Panama in

Author Creeper 123 (1 month)
Minecraft at 2:47

Author oujae1 (5 months)
Let's listen to the blocky geologist. There are 11 (I can't count stuff...)
continents. Continents are plates!

Author StratosG15501 (3 months)
I thought Australia was a country, not a continent. That continent is
actually call Oceania (I think :P)

Author Jacob Riddel (6 months)
I personally divide it into America, Afro-Eurasia, and Oceania.
My definition of Oceania is a bit difficult to explain, however. I include
in it all islands that are not part of a country included in another
continent. This includes Greenland, Australia, Antarctica, New Zealand,
Easter Island, Madagascar, Japan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, and so on.
I am curious as to what other people think of this very untraditional
grouping system.

Author Rémi Constant (2 months)
Europe and Asia are said to be separated by the Ural Mountains ! :)

Author Sir Laughsalot (5 months)
As an American I was puzzled by the North America/South America and
Europe/Asia splits and Australia. I think Africa is so different
geographically, culturally, and ecologically it is its own thing.
Antarctica's ice isn't going to melt soon so I think it as one. So I think

Author Jamil Tomerowi (3 months)
I think there should be 2, America & Afro-Eurasia. Australia should be "the
biggest continent-like continent that isn't a continent".

Author Luiz Guilherme Motta (1 month)
It is Oceania, not Australia!!!

Author Rockmandash12 (1 day)
0:50 Thank you for that reference :P

Author SerperiorCraft (4 days)
lol, greenland without ice is most certainly not sizeable enough to be a
continent. It's about the size of Mexico.

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