What are Continents?

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Author R4V3-0N (2 months)
There are only 2 continents.

USA, and not Freedomed Yet.

Author Miguel Mendes (4 months)
I think there are 6 continents:

Author Jude Pelaez (5 months)
There are just two continents
1. The entire Western Hemisphere
2. The entire Eastern Hemisphere

Author Hashtag (1 month)
Lets go by Culture

-Central-South America (Mexico, Belize, Colombaia, Argentina) - Latin
America Continent
-North America (Canada, USA) - Canmerica Continent
-Caribbean (Honduras, Jamaica, Trinidad, Cuba) -West Indies Continent
-Western Europe (UK, France, Belgium, Germany) Colonizers Continent
- Easter Europe - Former Communist Bloc (Russia, Poland, Albania, Serbia,
-Sub-Saharan Africa - ( Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Nambia, Chad) Dark
Skinned Continent
-Middle East and North Africa (Moroccoco, Egypt, UAE, Iraq) Arab Continent
-Centeral Asia ( Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, The Other Stans) - Perso-Turk
-East Asia (China, Japan, Mongolia, Koreas, Tawian, Philipines,) -
Mongoloid Continent
-South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.) - Indian
-South East Asia (Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, Papua, Vietnam, Singapore) -
East Indies Continent
-Antarctica just stands on its own, because it has no inhabitants that have
a culture.

If I missed anything, or made a huge mistake, please let me know. 

Author djunior874 (3 months)
Seven continents: North America, South America, Europe, Asia,
Oceania/Australasia, Africa, Antarctica. Confused about Oceania? These are
its countries:

1 Australia
2 New Zealand
3 Papua New Guinea
4 Fiji
5 Solomon Islands
6 Vanuatu
7 Samoa
8 Tonga

Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, East Timor, Brunei and Singapore: The
Malay Archipelago lies on the border of Oceania and Asia. Depending on the
interpretation of the border, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia can be
considered transcontinental countries and East Timor, Brunei and Singapore
can be in either side.

Author DeltaV (9 days)
Who has Oceania always been at war with, Eurasia or Eastasia? I can never

Author _Bonfire_ (1 month)
1 Continent:


Author Kermode Bear (1 month)
I like the idea of dividing the world based on cultural lines. So, as a
sociologist, my world would be like this:

Western Europe- Countries that had a capitalist system during Cold War,
which includes Greece in the Southeast.
Eastern Europe- Former Communist states in Europe + Russia
Central Asia + Caucasus + Turkey + Iran
Middle East + North Africa
South Asia
Southeast Asia
East Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa
North America + Oceania
Central America + South America

Its easier to understand the people who live in different parts of the
world and their cultures this way.

Author Hanno the Phoenician (2 days)
This is a pretty good geography lesson. The list of "official"continents is
based more on political correctness or historic significance then science.
Europe is a "continent" due to its historic influence and the semantic
nonsense of "Oceania" seeks to be all inclusive, including many small
Islands. This video is more scientifically accurate.

I've traveled a lot in my life. The official list would say I've traveled
on 5 continents. I'm willing to say I've only been on three, for the sake
of geographic accuracy, though.

Most Americans don't know geography, they'll talk about "America" as if it
were a country instead of a hemisphere, and talk about Africa as if it were
a race or country instead of a large continent (or part of one) with many
races and nationalities. 

Author José Daniel Rojas Arias (3 days)
I Love your videos, but there's a HUGE error in this one:
ColUmbia, is a USA state, whilst ColOmbia is the country of which Panama
used to be a part.

Author columbus8myhw (2 months)
To all the people posting comments saying, *"THERE ARE SEVEN CONTINENTS!!"*

Did you even *watch* the video?!

Author sebastiangallegoceba (28 days)
I love your content Grey, your videos and your podcasts are amazing.
However, it's ColOmbia, not ColUmbia. I'm Colombian and this is as
offensive to us as for an American to call New Jersey(I live there) "Pretty
much New York"

Cheers. Keep up the awesome videos :P

Author Conner Fields (9 days)
Then there's "continental" philosophy (post-structuralism, psychoanalysis,
"Freudo-Marxism", Existentialism, German Idealism, Phenomenology).

Author jevitigre (6 days)
I count 5 continents, the olympic flag have 5 rings representing the 5

Author The Outcast (6 days)
please believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior!

Author Gildo Cravo (25 days)
Olympic symbols: blue for Europe, yellow for Asia, black for Africa, green
for Oceania and red for the Americas.

Author Irish Foxy The Pirate (14 days)
I Think There Is 8 Continents

1: Europe
2: North America
3: South America
4: The Middle East
5: Asia
6: Africa
7: Australia
8: Antartica

Author Ed the Swaggy (5 days)
North America
South America

Author GMSP (11 days)
Nope, there are 7 not 6 (If you're American or whatever you are)
1. North America
2. South America
3. Africa
4. Europe
5. Asia
6. Australia (Oceania)
7. Antarctica

Author Madnessgaming (8 days)
At 2:23 he says Honshu and under the name it says "rule 34 island" What
does that mean .-.

Author Bearsca (8 days)
When referring to places I tend to use the seven continents model, but when
it comes down to how many I actually think there are / I want there to be
there are only two: Old World (Afroeurasia) and New World (America), with
various associated and separate islands. And, besides, Manhattan, Ireland,
Iceland, Singapore, Honshu, Oahu and Madagascar are so different they might
as well not all be islands. Maybe we should think of more words for places
like Europe, Greenland, Britain and Taiwan.

Author Karlton Kemerait (26 days)
"Sucks to be you Columbia" is misspelled.

Author jmitterii2 (1 day)
I don't think it matters. When discussing regions, you need to be as
specific as you need to be to get your point across as well in the context
of your point.

Author Miller Animations (20 days)
Welp, one thing's for sure in the english language. Europe is the only one
of these landmasses without the letter A in it's name.

Author TheIcelandicPatriot (21 day)
I like seven and there is no need to change it. 

Author yoroshiku (28 days)
Seven. The End.

Author Ellen Micek (21 hour)
I would like to object mildly to that subliminal crack at humanities

Author Ashley L (4 months)
Is Australia the continent? Or is it Oceania? My geography teacher says
it's Oceania but I've always learned it as Australia. 

Author Alejandro MiddleCorn (1 month)
South America considers "America" as a single continent?

Super dumb.

The WHOLE America (specially Latin America) considers America as a single
Excluding (obviously) the U.S. ("cough" nameless country "cough") and
Canada, who consider America as one country.

Also, you need to remember that Mexico is part of Latin America and it is
in NORTH America.
Not in South, not in Center. In the North.

Author Siris The Dragon (4 days)
"Eurasia is always been at war with East Asia. Also, chocolate production
is at an all time high! Glory to INGSOC!"

Author B10NIC PIZZA (5 days)
0:46 Yay 1984 reference!

Author Daniel Venegas (1 month)
I'm Colombian and Usa stole us Panama fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Author Lyness Rogers (2 months)
if we are all being terribly blunt as Mr. Grey is in his video, than
Australia would be a giant Island and there is no such thing a a "European
Continent".. its all Asia, because Europe only about a million sq miles
larger than Australia...and if land masses must be surrounded by an
ocean(or two or three) than its as follows:

1. Afrasia
2. America

Antarctica DQ- Too much ice not enough rock
Australia DQ- Too small
Europe DQ- Too small-not even surrounded by ocean

huh.. now that i look at it, following the rules so strictly makes me look
like a troll!
someones gonna say there's no way that there are only two continents!!

Author KarateandClub (2 months)
for all of you peeps who say this "América" is a continent, it's not. If it
is, lets just add Africa as well! South and North America have Oceans
around it, and are both culturally DIFFERENT! Yes it is 2 continents and
Central and the Carribean is considered in North America. If America is so
called "continent" let's also make Eufroasia or AfroEurasia. And also why
can't we call our selves American? We can't call our selves United
statsian. And if you reply US citizen well here
Columbia Citizen
China citizen
Brazil citizen
Argentina citizen
Algerian citizen.
What should we call ourselves.

Author Conner Fields (9 days)
14ish geologic quadrants.

Author bolt62 (24 days)
its either seven or four no in between 

Author Last of the Shadows (26 days)
I like the definition of a "continent": a "continuous" (continent,
continuous) landmass separated by oceans. Using that, I see 2.5 continents.
Australia isn't really a part of Afro-Eurasia, but it isn't really it's own
continent. The animals there evolved separately and it has it's own
climate. If you're basing continents on all around climate, you run into
new problems, but it sort of makes sense with the seven-continent view.
Actually, WHY do we have continents again? Can't they just be "regions"
that each country would identify as being a part of? That makes more sense.

Author Joe DeTode (2 days)
1- Afro-Eurasia

2- America

3- Oceantarctica

So much easier

Author Melvinpilot13 (6 days)

Author Effie love (4 days)
And the canals have water in them so like an ocean kind of

Author Maro rose (20 days)
lol I was thinking about how Asia and Europe are one thing in the begging
of the video then he said it. but how many? 6 the answer is six and saying
things like the Panama junk is stupid because it is really small so I say
six deal with it. 

Author El Lenguaraz Laura Vidal (1 month)
Dear Grey, it's ColOmbia, not ColUmbia. (But yeah, it does suck to be

Author TheTechyDan (2 months)
I think 5 for me
1-North America
2-South America
3-Eurasia (Includes Australia)

Anyone else think so?

Author Navani West (7 days)
Greenland is actually the king of the islands.

Author Paladin Luke (1 month)
There 10 are continents:
1. Europe
2. Asia
3. Russia
4. Middle-East
5. Americas
6. Africa
7. Eastern Antartica
8. Western Antartica
9. Oceana
10. Artic

Author Kid Kamu (11 days)
Wish I watched this video four years ago in Gr. 9 IB Geography just to
spark some sort of back-and-forth with my teacher

Author AAAwesomenesss (28 days)
LOL at the last two seconds 

Author Andrew Mott (23 days)
Columbia is the district...
Colombia is the country...

Author Viktor Says (15 days)
The answer should be this
1. North America
2. South America
5.Australlia (Ocenia)

Author simsom4343 (1 month)
I liked that pandemic 2 reference in there.

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