What are Continents?

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Author R4V3-0N (1 month)
There are only 2 continents.

USA, and not Freedomed Yet.

Author Miguel Mendes (3 months)
I think there are 6 continents:

Author Jude Pelaez (4 months)
There are just two continents
1. The entire Western Hemisphere
2. The entire Eastern Hemisphere

Author Hashtag (9 days)
Lets go by Culture

-Central-South America (Mexico, Belize, Colombaia, Argentina) - Latin
America Continent
-North America (Canada, USA) - Canmerica Continent
-Caribbean (Honduras, Jamaica, Trinidad, Cuba) -West Indies Continent
-Western Europe (UK, France, Belgium, Germany) Colonizers Continent
- Easter Europe - Former Communist Bloc (Russia, Poland, Albania, Serbia,
-Sub-Saharan Africa - ( Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Nambia, Chad) Dark
Skinned Continent
-Middle East and North Africa (Moroccoco, Egypt, UAE, Iraq) Arab Continent
-Centeral Asia ( Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, The Other Stans) - Perso-Turk
-East Asia (China, Japan, Mongolia, Koreas, Tawian, Philipines,) -
Mongoloid Continent
-South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.) - Indian
-South East Asia (Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, Papua, Vietnam, Singapore) -
East Indies Continent
-Antarctica just stands on its own, because it has no inhabitants that have
a culture.

If I missed anything, or made a huge mistake, please let me know. 

Author ParalimniVoice (5 months)
why don't we call them as we always used to?

1. Europe(it's culture and people are clearly not connected with Asia and
we don't have to go along with the definition of ''continent'')
2. North America(although along with South it would be called 'America' all
3. South America
4. Africa
5. Asia
6. Oceania
7. Antartica

Seven, the answer is clearly.. SEVEN.

Author columbus8myhw (1 month)
To all the people posting comments saying, *"THERE ARE SEVEN CONTINENTS!!"*

Did you even *watch* the video?!

Author sirLamperouge (7 months)
Isn't it technically Oceania, not Australia?

Author djunior874 (1 month)
Seven continents: North America, South America, Europe, Asia,
Oceania/Australasia, Africa, Antarctica. Confused about Oceania? These are
its countries:

1 Australia
2 New Zealand
3 Papua New Guinea
4 Fiji
5 Solomon Islands
6 Vanuatu
7 Samoa
8 Tonga

Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, East Timor, Brunei and Singapore: The
Malay Archipelago lies on the border of Oceania and Asia. Depending on the
interpretation of the border, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia can be
considered transcontinental countries and East Timor, Brunei and Singapore
can be in either side.

Author simsom4343 (9 days)
I liked that pandemic 2 reference in there.

Author Lyness Rogers (1 month)
if we are all being terribly blunt as Mr. Grey is in his video, than
Australia would be a giant Island and there is no such thing a a "European
Continent".. its all Asia, because Europe only about a million sq miles
larger than Australia...and if land masses must be surrounded by an
ocean(or two or three) than its as follows:

1. Afrasia
2. America

Antarctica DQ- Too much ice not enough rock
Australia DQ- Too small
Europe DQ- Too small-not even surrounded by ocean

huh.. now that i look at it, following the rules so strictly makes me look
like a troll!
someones gonna say there's no way that there are only two continents!!

Author Giovani Bianchini (9 days)
When I started seeing this video, I thought there were 9 continents:
-South America
-Central America
-North America
-Middle East

After thinking for a while after seeing this video, I also consider India
as a continent. I am mostly going for culture for now on. Great video , saw
when Quill said about it in his video.

Author Daniel Venegas (2 days)
I'm Colombian and Usa stole us Panama fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Author TheTechyDan (26 days)
I think 5 for me
1-North America
2-South America
3-Eurasia (Includes Australia)

Anyone else think so?

Author Ashley L (3 months)
Is Australia the continent? Or is it Oceania? My geography teacher says
it's Oceania but I've always learned it as Australia. 

Author Tru Mathews (2 hours)
i had a migraine and my sister put this on and i almost died

Author aaron noga (1 day)
any one hear play pandemic and get the Madagascar reference

Author KarateandClub (1 month)
for all of you peeps who say this "América" is a continent, it's not. If it
is, lets just add Africa as well! South and North America have Oceans
around it, and are both culturally DIFFERENT! Yes it is 2 continents and
Central and the Carribean is considered in North America. If America is so
called "continent" let's also make Eufroasia or AfroEurasia. And also why
can't we call our selves American? We can't call our selves United
statsian. And if you reply US citizen well here
Columbia Citizen
China citizen
Brazil citizen
Argentina citizen
Algerian citizen.
What should we call ourselves.

Author MCPetey5 (2 days)
I agree with what he said at the very end, it's six.

Author Sam Biswas (2 days)
I believe there has to be six continents in the world. I would recognize
that Eurasia has to be a continent. But as for North and South America, and
the Suez connection between Africa and Eurasia. I still believe that these
continents are meant to be separate. Even though North and South America
are connected with the Panamas, but have you forgot that two of the land
mass are predominately been separated by the Caribbean sea and somewhere by
the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. As for the Suez Canal, because of the huge
gaps from the Indian Ocean and Mediterranean, proving that Africa and
Eurasia are considered to be separated. 

Author Rafael Contreras (8 hours)
Dude, respect an all your work, but Columbia is in the USA, Colombia on the
other hand is the South American country. Keep up the good work.

Author ThoughtCriminal (21 day)
1984 reference?

Author nunixnunix04 (6 months)
1. America (North + South)
2. Eurosiafrica (Europe + Asia + Africa)
3. Oceantarticaland (Greenland, Antartica, Oceania)

It's simple, East Major Land (Eurosiafrica), West Major Land (America) ,
and Major Islands (Oceantarticaland).

Author Ali Ibadurrahman (2 hours)
Its not borneo its KALIMANTAN 

Author Daniel Hale (26 days)
You're worried about classifying continents?! Son, there are only two
distinct land masses that need identification:
1) Survivors
2) Zombie-controlled territory

Author Riley Taylor (10 days)
I am a loyal 4 continent model believer.

Author Eddy Garcia (16 days)
in most of America, there is the single continent of America. but up here
in the US (and possibly Canada), they (we) try to separate Latin America
from the North. then there's also the people that claim its North, South,
AND Central America (yes. some people consider Central America a
continent). before the giant surge of European immigrants, most people in
America were the same. that's why it's considered America. if anything,
Latin America would be one continent, Canada a second, and the U.S. a third
(as it's a mix of basically every race and ethnicity in the world). and if
we base on culture, the Middle East would be completely separate from
Israel, as Israel is completely different. then, Asia would be split as
well, mainly due to Russia. the point is, the world mainly sees itself as
consisting of 6 continents. and a few rebellious places consider the world
to consist of seven. but there's even more extreme rebels who go completely
nuts and make the world have continents in the double digits. it's all
about where you're from. 

Author Alton Bishop (24 days)
Canada and the USA Are culturally close we get a lot of American Influence 

Author neldonax the king (3 hours)
europe is a continent cuz resons. 

Author Freak80MC (1 month)
In my opinion, there are 5 continents. Greenland, America, Antarctica,
Afro-Eurasia, and Australia. 

Author Compass Comix (1 day)
Okay so... The definition in order for the 7 continents to be true is:

Continent: Some kind of thing that is recognized by everyone as a continent

Author New Atlas Studios (2 days)
there are 2

the ones on the left of the map and the ones on the right of the map

BOOM your problem is now gone :3

Author Jake Long (1 month)
According to Blizzard:
Asia & Africa

Good enough for me.

Author Canadian Coyote (3 months)
2 Continents

Author Co So (5 months)
It's 6
1- Europe
2- Asia
3- África
4- Oceania
5- Atarctica
6- América

The europeans cartographed the world, so we are to say who and who's not a

Author hioeo (1 month)
I've always counted 5. I dont count the panama canal since its a man made
separation therefore it doesn't count, and i've also counted europe and
asia as 1 because theres nothing to separate them. Thats just me though.

Author Bloodstainer (1 month)
Continent isn't a defined scientific word, its an educational for children.

Author slew lewis (18 days)
Actully australia is not the king of islands, Because of New Zealand, Fiji,
Somonal Islands,Australia is part of Oceania, And yes, Australia IS the
king of islands, However this island has got 7th or 8th most tallest tower,
Q1, Which is about 322.8m High, The tallest tower is Kingdom Tower, yet it
is still constructioning, it will reach 1,000m tall, that is 1km high,
Australia is also home to speacle People called aboriginals

Author Corey Hanson (1 month)
I consider there to be 6 with Eurasia being a single continent and the
Americas being two. See, with North and South America, even ignoring the
Panama Canal, they're still two large land masses only connected by a very
small strip of land. In contrast, the separation between Europe and Asia is
about as arbitrary as you can get. They're different regions to be sure,
but they're still both on one continuously large land mass i.e. a
continent. It's like if the USA and Canada were considered separate
continents, it wouldn't make sense. 

Author TeamGavino (1 month)
Poor geologist died via creeper in the background.

Author GR24rules (1 month)

North and South america are just sub-divisions of America, and they are not
the only ones, if we say North America and South America, we should say too
Central America and the Caribbean Islands (Cuba, Puerto Rico, Rep
Dominicana, etc)
We should say too Eurasia, but its 2 "separated" continents... So yea, 6.

Author The Real Flenuan (1 month)
And Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.
Update: Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia, and it is allies with
Update: Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia, and it is allies with
Update: …

Author whoisthis tom (21 hour)
Brittain is it's own Continent!!!!!!!!!

Author Harry Smith (15 days)
Having watched CGP videos all day, I have come to the conclusion that he
makes really good videos which contain a lot of interesting information,
but never seems to answer the question he sets out to find O.o

Author noland29 (21 day)
In Estland, two types of continents are thought, continents (geographical)
and world parts (lit. translation (cultural)).
The geographical ones are:
Antarctica (Antarktis)
North America
South America

And the cultural ones:
Australia and Oceania
Antarctic (Antarktika)

Author OptimusPhillip (28 days)
The New Oxford American Dictionary refers to continents as "Any of the
world's main continuous expanses of land." By that definition, we have
North America, South America, Eurasia, Africa, and (arguably) Australia.
However, when they list them in their definition, there are the common

Author Paul Hogarth (20 days)
The answer is 3:

1: Australasia
2: Antarctica
2: Everywhere else.

Alternatively, 2:

1:Earth's Outer Crust

2: Hollow-Earth Reptilean humanoid land

Or alternatively:

1: R'lyeh
2: Everywhere else (also known as 'totally fucked')

Author coreymaggette (2 days)
2-rest of world

Author Jaden Evans (22 days)
Can there just be one continent? That would help with disagreement and

...but there's still around 200 countries that would fight with each

Nevermind, I'm fine with 6.

Author Guillaume Pernot (9 days)
Risk says there's 6, 2 of which ruled by my iron fist and yellow plastic

Author fizzywafflz superstore (21 day)
What makes ice not count as land when dirt and stone does? The ice that
makes up Antarctica hasn't melted any time recently, and neither has the
rocks and dirt that make up most of most other continents. 

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