What are Continents?

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Author Diego show ( ago)
hahahahah the answer is 6 ? really ? There are 5 contienent not 6 or 7

Author sarah matthson ( ago)
This is kinda confusing...

Author Delsanar ( ago)
Poor pluto.

Author Ariana Lerch ( ago)
there are 5 continents. Australia is a country and Antarctica is just an
ice shelf with research centers

Author George Hetfield ( ago)
There's six continents. The Americas, Europe, Africa, The Middle East, Asia
and Oceana.

Author Gwyneth Lowery ( ago)
I tend to just say there's a shitfuckton of continents because that words
means not a damn thing.

Author Amen Akthar ( ago)
i want 9999999999,0000000,00000000,0000,00000,000000000 continents

Author Charlie MASSON ( ago)
Let's say that we are one countinent x)

Author Riley Williams ( ago)
GREENLAND its not connected to marica

Author Jordini2000 ( ago)
I side with south Americans on this issue

America is one continent

(I'm from the US)

Author campnbell ( ago)
pluto IS a planet in my opinion

Author Garrett Kilmer ( ago)
I'm still going with seven

Author tomchch ( ago)
But i am depending on you to give me an answer!!!!!!!!!!

Author Sophie Gilbertson ( ago)
Why do we even have to have continents? You could just as easily say "I
traveled to the USA (or Canada)" as you could say north america. When you
travel somewhere your not going to say what continent, your going to say
the country.

Author iicharliieii 2142 ( ago)
Confusion + science = more confusion

Author IgnantNoob ( ago)
lmao @ the tnt explosion in the bg

Author Really Messed Up People ( ago)
There are some people who separate the Americas into north, south and
central, so there's that to complicate things further.

Author Finn Braaten ( ago)
AfroEurasia for the win

Author Jordan Ross ( ago)
My Continents are:

1. North America (Canada to United States)

2. Central America (Mexico to Panama)

3. South America (Colombia to Chile)

4. Africa (Morocco to Egypt to South Africa, and Madagascar)

5. Middle East (Israel to Iraq to Yemen, and BAHRAIN)

6. Asia (Iran to Mongolia to India to Vietnam and Japan)

7. South Eastern Asia (Malaysia to Australia)

8. Europe (United Kingdom to Russia yes Russia)

I don't count Antarctica as a continent because that bitch is gonna be
melted by 2050.

Author Joshua Clenin ( ago)
1. Europe separated by Ural Mountains, 2. Asia India and east 3. Middle
East and North Africa,4. Rest of Africa, 5. South America, 8. North
America, 9. Oceania, and 10. Antartica

Author Gowaz Ar ( ago)
What I learned at school was:
1. Europe
2. Asia
3. Africa
4. America
5. Oceania (Australia and others)

And just to think about it, the Olimpic rings are 5 because of the number
of continents in the world

Author Ignas Valatka ( ago)
2:20 Madagascar pandemic.

Author Michael Poopypants (Meat1790) ( ago)
The whole world should ditch the idea of continents and just teach regions
North America (US, Canada, Greenland)
Latin America (Mexico, carribean, South America, Central America)
Middle East
East Asia
India (or south Asia)

Author marianoisis ( ago)
I never heard of America being 2 continents...

Author InfiniteMalice720 ( ago)
I was always taught it was Europe, North America, South America, Asia,
Antarctica; Africa and Oceanía. However, I do know some people who were
actually taught it like this: Europe; Crylic Asia; Eastern Asia; Oceanía;
North America, South America; Africa; Western Asia.
Europe excluding Crylic speaking Eastern European countries. Crylic Asia
included Russia, all Crylic speaking countries, and the -stans. Eastern
Asia, includes the countries you'd think except India and all other
countries below Laos and Vietnam. All those other countries excluding India
plus all the Pacific southern islands form Oceanía, making Indonesia and
Thailand etc part of Oceanía. India to Azerbaijan to Egypt from Western
Asia. Africa is all the countries you'd think it would include except
Egypt. South America and North America stay relatively the same, except
without Greenland. Antarctica stays the same.

Author Daniel John Nicholson ( ago)
I've always called the Caribbean area Central America

Author intiferino ( ago)
It is also weird that in Spanish Australia is just a country and not a
continent. The continent is called Oceania and includes New Zeland, Samoa,
Australia and many others.

Author TheDylarianGamer ( ago)
6. There's clearly 6.

Author adelami family ( ago)
yaeh just go back in time

Author Moritz L ( ago)
If you watch the vlogbrothers video on continents, their argument is that
continents are a completely arbitrary thing that shouldn't be used. I
prefer this split of regions (not continents):

1. Europe
2. East Asia and Southeast Asia
3. Oceania (Australia and other Pacific islands)
4. North Africa and the Middle East
5. Sub-Saharan Africa
6. North America
7. Latin America and the Caribbean
8. Antarctica

Author Karina Gutierrez ( ago)
In a french school in Peru I was thought this:
1. America
2. Africa
3. Europe
4. Asia
5. Oceania
6. Antartica
then in the US they thought that me Oceania is actually called Australia
(which leaves countries like Philippines, Sri Lanka, etc without a
continent..??) and they separated America in 2... 😒

Author Moonlitwatersofaqua ( ago)
lets please combine Europe and Asia. The Ural mountains is generally
considered the division point for Europe and Asia the Ural doesn't go all
the way down so its not a good division.

Author GalapagooseonSteam ( ago)

Author Mo Nalayè (lil_momo911) ( ago)
You forgot to include Somali plate, which is showed in between the African
plate, the Arabian plate (there is no such thing called the middle-eastern
plate) and the Indian plate.

Author Christian Jiang ( ago)
At the end he says 6, but the continents should be Europe, Asia, Australia,
Africa, Americas and Antarctica. It doesn't make sense, why would you have
Europe merged with Asia while having North and South America divided??

Author ThatSaneGuy ( ago)
so from this video we've learned that there is anywhere from 1 to in
infinity continents, i wouldn't be too surprised if someone told me there
was minus 4

Author Thomas Sund (513 years ago)
Honshu (japan)
(rule 34 island)

Author Surdity (1321 year ago)
Oh god, a 1984 reference <3

Author oravlaful ( ago)
what the hell??? i'm brazilian and just learned that english speaking
countries consider south america to be a continent separated from north
america. america is just one big continent for me

Author David Cornell ( ago)
Stupid geologists. They forgot the Juan de Fuca plate.

Author kyobotte ( ago)
America isn't United States.
Oceania isn't Australia.

Author Caspar Lee ( ago)
North America, South America, Eourope, Asia, Africa, Australia And
Ocieana!!! DUHH 8

Author Yollom ( ago)
was that a 1984 reference?

Author Agustin Cortes ( ago)
Central América?

Author Josh Nigam ( ago)
Watched until 3:49? He thought about his entire video😂

Author Indy awesome ( ago)
No, don't make Greenland the smallest continent. Australia being the
smallest continent is the only thing it has going for it.

Author Gilbert Gélinas ( ago)
Actually, it's a matter of western tradition. At first the three continents
were Europe, Asia and Africa which were extensions of Greece, Mesopotamia
and Egypt. Then, the new world was named America and the islands between it
and Asia was Oceania. And, finally, Antarctica

Author ThePickaxeMoviesMC ( ago)
3:10 You forget the Jaun de fucker plate

Author ET vlogs ( ago)
oceania not australia u suck at geography m8 australia new zeland plus more

Author oscar mahecha ( ago)

Author Robin Chow ( ago)
CPGgrey at 3:48 said their was 6

Author Adrian Gomez ( ago)
there are 5 Continents._ Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania (Australia) and
America ( North and South)

Author DueLingue ( ago)
Eurasia - Sub continents Europe, Asia, India, Arabia
America - Sub continents North/South America

Author Dree DeGiorno ( ago)
Where I'm from its North America, Central America, South America, Africa,
Europe, Asia, Antarctica, Australia, and Polynesia and Micronesia.

Author Trollerman Sixtysevan ( ago)

Author Dylan Weaver ( ago)
"Oceania FTW!"

Author Annabelle Wiley ( ago)
THANK YOU! my teachers use to tell use that there were 7 continents. but i
was always like um i don't think so there are six. but they would say no
there are 7 deal with it.

Author Elijah Shadbolt ( ago)
"Not to be confused with this Eurasia" ... *Facepalm*
Darn 1984 gets everywhere nowadays.

Author karu wekter ( ago)
To me, continets were always: America; Europe; Africa; Asia; Oceania.

Author Shinoni NoMudkip ( ago)
Me: So that means I could ma-Narrator:6 it's clearly 6...Me: WTF

Author Totally Not A Cylon ( ago)
I think 4, America, Eurasia, Oceania and Africa. Fuck Antarctica and the
Panama Canal.

Author no 1 cares m8 ( ago)
0:48 nice "1984" reference there

Author MCMasterBro ( ago)
Hmm... If Russians do the cannals from White/Baltic sea, through Volga and
Don to the Black sea will Europe be a real continent? And what if we say
that Australia is part of the Indonesia? Will it be a mega continent called

Author the pretorian ( ago)
1 Afro-Eurasia 2 America 3 Indo-pacific islands 4 Antarctic-archipelago

Author Matthew Chatelain ( ago)
*cough* New Horizons 2015 *cough cough*

Author Chase Whitehouse ( ago)
I want their to be 1 murica

Author Paul Pascalau (198 years ago)
3:27 OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!

Author yoad hordan ( ago)
you could also argue with this but basically on Europe there is the EU so I
think that's what makes it independent.
back to 7 arent we

Author Connor Verlekar ( ago)
Geologist isn't a scientist and niehter he can be a minecraft player

Author The Bay ( ago)
"Sucks to be you, Colombia!" That oddly still applies.

Author Jl C ( ago)
3. The answer is clearly 3.

Author John von Shepard ( ago)
Their are 7 Continents!!!
▕╭┻┻┻┛┗┻┻┛ ▕ ╰▏
Nuff said!!

Author Figgy5119 ( ago)
glad I waited until the end before clicking away. wouldn't have caught that
tidbit there XD

Author Thomas Riley ( ago)
The answer is seven: North America, South America, Africa, Australia,
Antarctica, Eurasia . . . and Madagascar. Or Madagascar might as well be,
given how impossible it is to infect it.

Author Jefferson Von Kruzenburg ( ago)
I just realized that he spelled Colombia wrong, he spelled it "Columbia."

Author Jimbus Mapping ( ago)
Then technically, there are only 4 continents: America, Afro-Eurasia,
Antarctica, and Australasia(Only New Guinea island, Australia, and New
Zealand[The rest of the Pacific Islands are continentless{poor them!}]).

Author Aidan A ( ago)
This is one of my favorite CGP Gray vids, and it was uploaded on my

Author Hunter Lehman ( ago)
I just understood the plague inc reference when you mentioned Madagascar

Author Marco Zwinkels ( ago)
We could just ditch the idea of continents because they are arbitrary.

Author Nick charlton-perrin ( ago)
just get rid of the word continent. Why is it necessary anyways? Let's just
realize that every landmass is/part of an island with the biggest one being
afro-eurasia. Each island is part of a country, is a country or has
multiple countries in it. That way there hopefully won't be so much debate
over what s continent is and maybe we can agree on something.

Author Rick Ambrocio ( ago)
4 continents America, Afro- Eurasia, Australia, and Antarctica

Author Mista Koops ( ago)
1. Europe
2. Asia
3. Africa
4. Oceania
5. N. America
6. S. America
7. Central America
8. Antartica

Author Psycho Zebra ( ago)
I always thought Europe and Asia were separate continents because they move
away from each other when Pangea forms.

Author Krish Subass ( ago)
Thanks for all your help well I am a really smart kid now I know more 😊

Author Johnny john (398 years ago)

Author Haai Baai ( ago)
Dumb people think Asia is only East-Asia and Asians are people with small

Author Kainat Choudhry ( ago)
It's supposed to be a south asian continent, not an Indian continent

Author Jack Redor ( ago)

Author Naethan Carter ( ago)
You know what....
I never thought about that

Author Sly King ( ago)
why the fock is it hard to remember 7 landmasses ... ...

Author Nicholas Rodzewics ( ago)

Author OhioCruffler ( ago)
I like eight continents. The classic seven, and Oceania to represent
Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.

Author Dereka Thompson ( ago)

Author Alex Eyler ( ago)
LOL! I love how Canada is entirely white at the beginning of this video! XD

Author Simon The Digger ( ago)
This is how I see it.

If it is a land connected mass not at all separated by water, surrounded by
water and visible from space. It is a continent.
Meaning that there is Afro-Eurasia, North America, South America, Australia
and all the islands that are visible from space.

Author Arnav Kumar (971 year ago)
I want there to be 10 continents

Author Dark (1123 years ago)

problem solved

Author Nicholas Svitak ( ago)
It took 5 plays of this video to get to the end

Author MiMiC (328 years ago)

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