What are Continents?

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Author R4V3-0N (3 months)
There are only 2 continents.

USA, and not Freedomed Yet.

Author _Bonfire_ (2 months)
1 Continent:


Author Miguel Mendes (5 months)
I think there are 6 continents:

Author DeltaV (1 month)
Who has Oceania always been at war with, Eurasia or Eastasia? I can never

Author columbus8myhw (3 months)
To all the people posting comments saying, *"THERE ARE SEVEN CONTINENTS!!"*

Did you even *watch* the video?!

Author Hashtag (2 months)
Lets go by Culture

-Central-South America (Mexico, Belize, Colombaia, Argentina) - Latin
America Continent
-North America (Canada, USA) - Canmerica Continent
-Caribbean (Honduras, Jamaica, Trinidad, Cuba) -West Indies Continent
-Western Europe (UK, France, Belgium, Germany) Colonizers Continent
- Easter Europe - Former Communist Bloc (Russia, Poland, Albania, Serbia,
-Sub-Saharan Africa - ( Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Nambia, Chad) Dark
Skinned Continent
-Middle East and North Africa (Moroccoco, Egypt, UAE, Iraq) Arab Continent
-Centeral Asia ( Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, The Other Stans) - Perso-Turk
-East Asia (China, Japan, Mongolia, Koreas, Tawian, Philipines,) -
Mongoloid Continent
-South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.) - Indian
-South East Asia (Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, Papua, Vietnam, Singapore) -
East Indies Continent
-Antarctica just stands on its own, because it has no inhabitants that have
a culture.

If I missed anything, or made a huge mistake, please let me know. 

Author Jude Pelaez (6 months)
There are just two continents
1. The entire Western Hemisphere
2. The entire Eastern Hemisphere

Author Klansmen Karl (7 days)
Everyone who is the same color should just live together. The world isnt
the same without racism.

Author Lyness Rogers (3 months)
if we are all being terribly blunt as Mr. Grey is in his video, than
Australia would be a giant Island and there is no such thing a a "European
Continent".. its all Asia, because Europe only about a million sq miles
larger than Australia...and if land masses must be surrounded by an
ocean(or two or three) than its as follows:

1. Afrasia
2. America

Antarctica DQ- Too much ice not enough rock
Australia DQ- Too small
Europe DQ- Too small-not even surrounded by ocean

huh.. now that i look at it, following the rules so strictly makes me look
like a troll!
someones gonna say there's no way that there are only two continents!!

Author Alexandre Boucher (17 days)
I've always learned America as one continent. That's why it pissed me off
when I started hearing US-people calling their country America and calling
themselves Americans. It still kinda does.

Author ZexianBlue (24 days)
For me there are 4.


Antarctica is a weird one though, 

Author Kermode Bear (2 months)
I like the idea of dividing the world based on cultural lines. So, as a
sociologist, my world would be like this:

Western Europe- Countries that had a capitalist system during Cold War,
which includes Greece in the Southeast.
Eastern Europe- Former Communist states in Europe + Russia
Central Asia + Caucasus + Turkey + Iran
Middle East + North Africa
South Asia
Southeast Asia
East Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa
North America + Oceania
Central America + South America

Its easier to understand the people who live in different parts of the
world and their cultures this way.

Author Salnax (1 day)
For the record, when I mentally divide the world into regions, I get North
America, Central/Caribbean America, South America, Europe, Middle East,
West/Central Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, South Asia, Central
Asia, North Asia, East Asia, and Australia. I then think of the remaking
major regions, like Indo-China, as being part of one or more other regions.
I do not include Antarctica because of it's being an archipelago, making a
total of about thirteen.

That's just how I try to mesh cultural and terrain boundaries, but it's a
decent division for working with IMO.

Author djunior874 (4 months)
Seven continents: North America, South America, Europe, Asia,
Oceania/Australasia, Africa, Antarctica. Confused about Oceania? These are
its countries:

1 Australia
2 New Zealand
3 Papua New Guinea
4 Fiji
5 Solomon Islands
6 Vanuatu
7 Samoa
8 Tonga

Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, East Timor, Brunei and Singapore: The
Malay Archipelago lies on the border of Oceania and Asia. Depending on the
interpretation of the border, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia can be
considered transcontinental countries and East Timor, Brunei and Singapore
can be in either side.

Author Muhamad Iqbal (14 days)
2:23 can anyone explain the "Honshu (Rule 34 Island)" thing?

Author MEX Beto AZTK (1 day)
America its a continent not a country 

Author Tiff Zheng (3 days)
I think there should be 9.
1. Europe
2. Asia (currently east & southeast)
3. India (includes bangladesh, nepal, etc)
4. Arabia (all middle eastern countries)
5. Africa
6. North America
7. South America
8. Australia (includes oceania)
9. Antarctica 

Author José Daniel Rojas Arias (1 month)
I Love your videos, but there's a HUGE error in this one:
ColUmbia, is a USA state, whilst ColOmbia is the country of which Panama
used to be a part.

Author Strong Bad (16 days)
Why havent they standardized it yet? Just do it, you all have nothing
better to do.

Author SpeedLord77 (20 days)
6?? sorry but no, there are clearly 7
Eurasia is not a thing.

Author KarateandClub (3 months)
for all of you peeps who say this "América" is a continent, it's not. If it
is, lets just add Africa as well! South and North America have Oceans
around it, and are both culturally DIFFERENT! Yes it is 2 continents and
Central and the Carribean is considered in North America. If America is so
called "continent" let's also make Eufroasia or AfroEurasia. And also why
can't we call our selves American? We can't call our selves United
statsian. And if you reply US citizen well here
Columbia Citizen
China citizen
Brazil citizen
Argentina citizen
Algerian citizen.
What should we call ourselves.

Author Hanno the Phoenician (1 month)
This is a pretty good geography lesson. The list of "official"continents is
based more on political correctness or historic significance then science.
Europe is a "continent" due to its historic influence and the semantic
nonsense of "Oceania" seeks to be all inclusive, including many small
Islands. This video is more scientifically accurate.

I've traveled a lot in my life. The official list would say I've traveled
on 5 continents. I'm willing to say I've only been on three, for the sake
of geographic accuracy, though.

Most Americans don't know geography, they'll talk about "America" as if it
were a country instead of a hemisphere, and talk about Africa as if it were
a race or country instead of a large continent (or part of one) with many
races and nationalities. 

Author Flashcode (29 days)
Plusgood video.

Author Thomas Ellis (5 days)
The line has already been drawn and it's 7 continents. Get used to it.

Author umidontno040394 (17 days)
it is six. the only reason "Europe" was ever considered a continent is
because Europeans conquered to world and wanted to think they are
different. but, they aren't.

North America
South America

Author Jonah Deleseleuc (2 days)
Almost 3 million views..... woooooooooooow

Author Sagal Aden (14 days)
once upon a time, there was a world that had on continent. S*** happened
and we have many continents that make no sense. the end

Author TheDoomAmbassador (19 days)
0:35 To complicate it even further, the culture/lifestyle here in Israel is
almost entirely American/European/Western, so they'd separate our tiny
nation as a continent, too?

Author zomfGuy (20 days)
There's only one, Pangea. ALL HAIL THE GREAT PANGEA !!!

Author TourettesGuyAdox (18 days)
7 octillion and 6. If you count all the rocks sticking out on the beach.

Author sebastiangallegoceba (1 month)
I love your content Grey, your videos and your podcasts are amazing.
However, it's ColOmbia, not ColUmbia. I'm Colombian and this is as
offensive to us as for an American to call New Jersey(I live there) "Pretty
much New York"

Cheers. Keep up the awesome videos :P

Author Plump Adinky (18 days)
There is also the argument that New Zealand and a bunch of other pacific
islands are in their own continent too. Some people define continents as
groupings for countries/country (in Australias case). Also there is the
argument that Asia and Europe are seperated by the large river running
through it, the middle east which should be seperate and then a few seas
seperating them. Which is why there is the possibility of Eurasian
countries that are classed as both e.g. Russia, Turkey etc. So you could
argue the continents are, Pacific Islands, Australia, America (one big one
in my eyes), Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia. Meaning there are 7.
This makes a lot of sense to me because it doesn't make sense to class a
continent as south and north when they are connected, with the groupings of
small islands being there own continent. You could of course say Antarctica
is a continent but na it can be its own seperate thing because no one lives
there... Or just scrap continents, how about unions. Unions are groups of
countries by area but seperated more like timezones but larger areas, split
the world in 8, 4 in the northern hemisphere 4 in the southern woth the
possibility of some countries overlapping (in antarcticas case it would be
south 1, 2, 3 and 4), or maybe just bend these zones to fit to country area
like the international dateline.
But of course this will never happen because governments are inefficient,
have very different views and are all like a sword in the stone with how
organizations of things like this are today (they won't budge).

Author Simon Nielsen (18 days)
Continent: a landmass large enough that the climate at the center is
unaffected by any oceans. This center must also be continuous.

This makes 6 continents.
North America
South America

The reason Africa is not part of the Eurasian continent is that it has its
own center. The same applies to North and South America. Where the borders
lie in these cases seems to be either the thinnest connection or the
borders of the dominant tectonic plates.

Defining where the islands belong is a bit more controversial, but eh.

Author Northern Fried Chicken (8 days)
I think that Africa, Eurasia, the Americas, and Antarctica are fine- the
very thin bits of land connecting Africa to Asia and the Americas together
should be considered irrelevant, and the canals through them as the actual
borders. Malaysia, from where it begins on land, and all of the nearby
islands (not including Taiwan or Hawaii) should be a continent, as well.

Author Phaire Couchpotato (21 day)
There are many continents, but only one ring to rule them all... 

Author Megabutter (21 day)
I would say 4. North America, South America, Eurasia, and Africa.

Author Vanko Ivelinov (6 days)
Actually they are:
1 Eurasia
2 South America
3 North America
4 Africa
5 Australia
6 Oceania
7 Antarctic
8 Atlantis
9 Bulgaria

Author Paianni (8 days)
0:07 No. 6 is Australasia

Author Lena Cui (17 days)
omg dat austrailia tho

Author Tangly (16 days)
I chuckled at Honshu: rule 34 island

Author Charles Batkin (19 days)
Your 1984 joke made my day.

Author Paladin Luke (2 months)
There 10 are continents:
1. Europe
2. Asia
3. Russia
4. Middle-East
5. Americas
6. Africa
7. Eastern Antartica
8. Western Antartica
9. Oceana
10. Artic

Author Matteo Mcdonnell (13 days)
Wow, its amazing what you catch after re watching a video. I have seen this
particular video like three times, but in only just saw the 1984

Author TopicJumper (4 days)
Naw. You drew the maps wrong. Oceania has to hold all of Africa. But I
guess they would just lose it again.

Author Spencer Johnson (12 days)
If if wasnt for the deadly inpenatrable poison filled brazilian

Author Vanessa Fanel (14 days)
Panama became independent from COLOMBIA not colUmbia and there is talks or
reuniting it just a matter of getting gringos to stop the "war" on drugs.
and I say "war" because gringos don't want it to stop. 

Author Ashley L (5 months)
Is Australia the continent? Or is it Oceania? My geography teacher says
it's Oceania but I've always learned it as Australia. 

Author craziefuzi (7 days)
nasa just declared pluto a planet again
it has moons

Author AmericanBoyToday (12 days)
I'm sure I'm one of those very retarded people who considers Africa,
Europe, Asia and Oceania as one continent.

Author Argent Leftovers Gaming (12 days)
The Pluto thing hinged mainly not on size but on orbit, which is irregular.

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