What are Continents?

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Author TheTotal Robloxian ( ago)

Author 赵隽祺 ( ago)
Actually it depends on what the word 'continent' means. I found this on my

1. each of the mainland masses of the earth(Europe, Asia, Africa, etc)
2. the Continent [sing] (Brit) the mainland of Europe

I think the first one is what we need here.
I am a Chinese, and actually this dictionary is an 'Oxford Advanced
Learner's English-Chinese Dictionary'. So I wonder how you use the word
'continent' in the English-speaking countries except Britain.
So, there are some probably-meaning of the word 'continent' similar to or
the same as the first one above in my dictionary:
1. Each of the mainland masses of the earth. For example, land of the
country Australia except the islands that belongs to the country Australia
such as Tasmania. We Chinese call it 'Dalu'.
2. Each of the mainland masses with the islands and part of sea of
earth.Chinese call it 'Zhou'. For example, Australia contains New Zealand
, New Guinea and some other islands or Archipelagos like that, and also
the parts of sea around these big or small masses of land. To this example,
we call it 'Oceania'.
I am really not familiar with that, and my English is bad. So... forgive
me, please. You can tell me if I made mistakes. : )

Author Potato ( ago)
0:47 Nice 1984 reference :-) .

Author John Angus ( ago)
1. Europe
2. Americas (South and North)
3. Asia
4. Africa
5. Oceania/Australasia (Is there a difference is Australasia Oceania+Asia?)
6. Antartica
7. Antarctic (Not sure if considered a continent)
So 5-7 continents depending on Australasia including Asia and The Antarctic
being considered a continent .

Author Nick Kromer ( ago)
Madagascar: Shut down everything


Author Alex K. ( ago)
200 million years ago there would have been no confusion. The entire
landmass of the Earth was united within one supercontinent, Pangaea.

Author Loser Bro ( ago)
Teddy Roosevelt made the Panima Canal so ships that have to go past the
Americas don't have to go all the way south and then come back up.

Author Ward Huyskes ( ago)
A continent is a large landmass. What separates a continent from a large
island is climate. If the landmass has a complete sea climate than it's an
island. If it has a form of land, arctic or desert climate than it's a

So Australia (not Oceania) is a continent because the centre has dessert
climates. Greenland's climate is completely dominated by the sea derefore
it's an island. America is one continent because they clearly are one
landmass in the way that there is a Mountains chain in Panama that goes
from north to South and runs through all America.

The (actual) continents are: Eurasia, Africa, America, Australia and

Also islands are never part of a continent because they're not part of the
landmass. Which is where the cultural subcontinents come into place. Those
are: Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Oceania and
Antarctica. Japan is not part of eurasia but is part of Asia. Depending on
who you ask Indonesia is part of Oceania or Asia.

Author Andrew Mcilveen ( ago)
I prefer the 4 continent system.

Author KinglyHershey ( ago)
India should be somewhat considered part of Asia because of many eastern
beliefs come from India such as reincarnation.

Author NoobDestroyer ( ago)
AfroEurAustralAsiAmerica ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Author theScholarlyWalrus ( ago)
If you forget about the ocean plates and the bit of Russia in the North
American plate, and then you merge the Indian and Middle Eastern plates,
you have seven good continents.

Author John Iveson ( ago)
You missed out Greenland 

Author Vicente Contreras Jr ( ago)
Twenny wan

There is twenny wan continents

Author Jake Patty ( ago)
Omg the 1984 reference

Author JediDanD ( ago)
Hey wait? Why did you draw the line between America and Canada? Both are
very similar in many ways.

Move that line down to Mexico.

Edit: It's Colombia, not Columbia.

"No it's not JediDanD, the country is called Columbia", don't you people
dare argue with a half Colombian who's mother was born and raised in
Colombia (I'm the first born generation in America, my other half is Irish,
on my dad's side I'm the third born generation in America/Chicago).

Edit: South Americans (DNA wise I guess I'm also South American being
Colombian, but hey I'm half Irish so I'm half European too) call the
Americas one continent?

I get it, the greatest country on Earth is in North America, so South
Americans call it all one continent because they want to be part of
America's (USA) posse. Don't worry South America; America got yo back dawg

Edit: **Republicans melt all the ice with Global Warming** ANTARCTICA!
You've been demoted to Dwarf Continent! Now join the unemployment line with

Edit: "Everyone's a continent" Yay! I'm Danny the Continent! We've been
promoted from Temples to Continents (because the Church says our body is
our temple, lol, taking that line literally).

Edit: No, the answer is not six, it's 7,000,000,000 +

"Everyone's a continent" lol XD

Different areas of the world have different views. For America, they teach
it to us as seven.

**Looking at beginning of video** Oh yeah, you already mentioned that "If
you grew up in the English speaking world, you might think the answer is
obvious; seven".

Author zennok ( ago)
agree with the eurasia thing, but i've always wondered about the americas
and why nobody includes africa in eurasia (afro eurasia :D) .

As for the oceania discussion, i've learned in 2 different places that the
continent is australia. oceania is the region of the place (learned that in
the us) but australia itself is a continent (learned that in indonesia and

Then again, the definition of continent in indonesian education has changed
considering my parents thought that the americas are a single continent and
antartica wasn't a continent yet, so who knows what they'll announce in the
future @.@

Author SilverAbsol ( ago)
We *could* just make this simple.

1. Asia
2. Africa
3. North America
4. South America
5. Europe
6. Oceania
7. Antarctica

The reason Europe is seperated from Asia *is* the culture basis. Yes, West
Asian, South Asian, East Asian, Central Asian, and Southeast Asian cultures
aren't just the same. But they all have similarities. Swedish culture and
English culture aren't the same but they have many similarities. If you
took a look at Chinese, Indian, Arabic, and Persian culture next to
eachother, you'd find many similarities.

Author Dylan Goyaerts ( ago)
'well, how many you want there to be?'
OVER 9000!!

Author primaltare ( ago)
At the end of the video, he says: "Six. The answer is clearly six."

Author Dei Makhia ( ago)
The country is called Colombia, not Columbia.

Author Samuel Epicurus ( ago)
I say 7...

1.North America
2.South America

Why include Greenland? It is almost 3 times the size of the next biggest
island. And the next 5 largest islands are very close in size so if you
included one you'd have to include them all... it makes sense to stop at

Author Ritvik Nayak ( ago)
At 1:03 you spelled Colombia wrong

Author C. Whip ( ago)
Seriously, Grey. It's Colombia, not Columbia.

Author Juan Diego ( ago)
Nooo why you spelled my country col(u)mbia. Its ColOmbia, damnit!

Author Happy Seamstress ( ago)
"Sucks to be you Columbia" Should be "Colombia" .. please!

Author HorzaPanda ( ago)
I was taught geology, so go with that XD

Though to be fair to antartica, if you removed the ice and waited a million
years or so it'd rise up significantly due to the removed weight, so would
look significantly different to that.

Author Yosheye Gaming ( ago)
I was taught:
1. North America
2. South America
3. Europe
4. Africa
5. Asia
6. Antarctica
7. Australasia 

Author odysseus9672 ( ago)
While the Panama canal and Suez canal aren't enough to justify dividing the
landmasses, the narrowness of the connection does justify the division. So
the definition of a continent should be that it is compact and mostly
convex. I don't know how to define the convexity numerically, but I think
it should be possible to show that the Panama and Sainai isthmuses are not
sufficient to unify the land masses into continents.

Also, bagging on Antarctica by removing the ice has to be a joke. For
starters, there is clearly continental shelf there and, after the plate has
rebounded from the removal of all of that ice's weight, it would almost
certainly make a respectable continent of similar size to Australia.

I could also buy the argument that Greenland is physically large enough to
call a continent. Especially in light of how India really did used to be
its own continent before it shouted, "Ramming speed!" and joined Eurasia to
form the Himalayas. Now it's frequently called the "Indian Sub-Continent."

Author Original Beard ( ago)
+CGP Grey Pluto is apparently a planet again. as of like last week or a
couple weeks ago. lol

Author Scott MacDonald ( ago)
Continents are a useless category, we should be dividing land based on
culture. Obviously the DRC has no similarity to Egypt, so why should they
be the same continent? Egypt (and all of the Sahara) should be part of the

Author Sean Magee ( ago)
Love the last few seconds of this video.

Author LJ Sorenson ( ago)
Afro-Eurasia, Oceania, Americas

Author Neo-Nuclearcrazed Valeniret ( ago)
1st Afro-AustroEuraAsia
2nd America

Author Arnes Arnautović ( ago)
We need more continents!

Author ZeroTrookaz ( ago)
This video it's so wrong, he haven't noticed that America it's only
calificated as a Continent because of the connection of Panama. The other's
can't be qualified as a connection, since there's a Delta that divide's
Asia with Africa, and yeah there's a continent called EuroAsia, it is only
divied for politic reasons. Please before doing this video, notice that
most of the continents are divided politically, and not by the formation.
Except Asia-Africa.

Author PeeMuffin ( ago)
What about Atlantis?

Author Supreme EggNog ( ago)
Rule 34 Island, Honshu. lol

Author Only_bro_555 ( ago)
2 coneits.
Old world
New world

Author Jorge Daniel Jara ( ago)
It's Colombia not Columbia

Author Anastasia Ursachi ( ago)
OKAY. I'm not sure if that simplifies or complicates matters.

Author 0FRIJOLERO ( ago)
OMG I loved that 1984 reference you made!!! 

Author sparkfire47 ( ago)
I saw that shut down everything reference!

Author Julio Pinon ( ago)
Not 6 continents
5 is the correct answer
Becouse the Panamá canal is man made
Asia (including the middle east)
América ( north and south are regions or part of it )
Europe (east and west )
África (north south east and west)
Oceanía ( all of the islands from the smaller one to the biggest one

Author Jessica Steinmann (124 years ago)
who saw herobrone at 2:50 x)

Author Daniel Smith ( ago)
I was taught the conventional English Speaking 7 Continents but I like the
idea of a Continental Eurasia.

Author simon schendel ( ago)
their lips are tasty their eyes are sexy their arses are lovely their hands
and feet should wank my wee wee and fuck my arse hole their arms and legs
are very good for rubbing my wee wee and sperm bags onto i want to lick
their fingers and toes.

Author sergentlemon ( ago)
5. Greenland, Oceania, Afro-Eurasia, Antarctica, and America.

Author Oli Cansdale ( ago)
I was always taught that there was 5... But im from the UK...

Author Petey Penguino ( ago)
This is so amazing, even without sound (THANK YOU for the closed
captioning!) I will probably watch it again when I am able to hear it also.

Author RetardedNation Gaming ( ago)
There is 4 continents, Afro-Eurasia is a thing... but in deep deep science
its called Afrasia

Author Taha Berke Can ( ago)
If you call Australia continent than i could also call New Zealand a part
of Africa

Author gunlessbayonet ( ago)
The creeper noise scared the shit out of me, i was playing minecraft with
this playing in the background and i flipped my shit when I heard the all
too familiar hiss.

Author Zekario Kilo (Zachary) ( ago)
Of course Eurasia has always been at war with Eastasia, Big Brother said
so, it must be true...

Author Aaron Lee ( ago)
Antarctica is below sea level due to the sheer weight of the ice pushing it

Author JigglesVideos ( ago)
That 1984 reference...Well done sir, well done.

Author sonataonmymind ( ago)

Author chinesenutter ( ago)
I love the 1984 hint ;) at 0:49

Author BigFormula93 ( ago)
Dat 1984 reference. Love it

Author TacoCraft Pop ( ago)
I want there to be 9001 Continents... OVER 9000

Author Caroline Glass ( ago)
There's also Zealandia, which consists of New Zealand and New Caledonia. It
doesn't look like a particularly big continent, because 95% of it is
underwater, but geologists count it as a continent, because there's this
huge continental shelf which links New Zealand and New Caledonia and is
unconnected to any other continent. It is bigger than Greenland and its
continental shelf, and it is only present sea-levels which make most of it
under water - geologically, a continental shelf is the same as a continent
that is above water.

Author anna ( ago)
europe + asia are too culturally diverse to be called eurasia..
i've always learnt it as this
1. europe
2. asia
3. africa
4. north america
5. south america
6. antarctica
7. oceania

although i dont really know if oceania should really be a continent or not

Author A Turn In The Game Of... ( ago)
0:50 Was that a 1984 reference?

Author Jim Lawton (1 year ago)
This is some quality continent.

Author Kyle S. (842 years ago)
Just combine North and South America into one big America and combine
Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia/Oceania into one big Afro-Eurasionia,
and ignore Antartica because it's just mostly ice anyway. There you have
it, TWO continents! Plain and simple!

Author Pikaboo (1597 years ago)
oh my god the shut. down. everything. reference.

Author Mosco Monster ( ago)
I think we should rename South America "Atlantis" or "Atlantida". It has
all the criteria. It is at the side of the Atlantic, it is a different
continent from north America, and South America is about to sink (on debt
We from the new Atlantis would even let the USA conquer Mexico and Canada,
so that the continent of north America could be renamed only "America".
Everyone (noone) would be be happy :).

Author Sebastián Escobar ( ago)
Is not "Columbia", is "Colombia". 

Author VeganClarinetist ( ago)
1984 FTW.

Author omer shaik ( ago)
why 6? seperating north and south america is just like seperating europe
and asia. it's five. america, euroasia, africa, oceania (that's the name
for australia and the region around it) and antarctica

Author MrGleboPedo ( ago)
europe and asia = continents
eurasia = mainland

Author gghgg948 ( ago)
ill Afro your Eur Asia, if you catch my drift.

Author Joel mitchell ( ago)
new zealand is now a contient called Zealandia and is a nearly submerged
continental fragment that sank after breaking away from Australia 60–85 Ma
(million years) ago, having separated from Antarctica between 85 and 130
Ma.[2] It may have been completely submerged about 23 million years
ago,[3][4] and most of it (93%) remains submerged beneath the Pacific

Author edithegodfather ( ago)
yeah, you kinda drawn the borders of europe wrong at 0:40. it's up until
the ural mountains in the east, then the ural river until the caspian sea
and then the caucas mountains. yep, georgia, azerbaijan, turkey, kazachstan
and (more than everybody's comfortable with) russia are in europe.

Author denvercolorado2010 ( ago)
for me-
North America
South America (You are not America)
Oceania (Not Australia)

Author Marcusman2344 ( ago)
1984 reference is doubleplusgood

Author Dakota M ( ago)
If your going to connect North and South America and Africa in Europe and
Asia wouldn't you also have to connect the Americas to Asia considering
that they were once connected and probably will be again.

Author JadestarXL ( ago)
You forgot the Juan de Fuca where nobody at all lives.

Author Damaris Figueroa ( ago)
North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, antartica,

Author Damaris Figueroa (181 year ago)
Austrailia is a contrie & comtinent

Author gustav hl ( ago)
Well, the ice argument is somewhat flawed, considering that, first of all
it seems like it's a convention we have agreed upon. We call Greenland the
worlds largest island but in fact, if we were to remove the ice-sheet
Greenland would be three islands with a large lagoon in the middle.
However, if we left Greenland in that state for a bunch of time it would
become one island because the ice has pressed the land down under it and
without it there the land will raise again. Antarctica is the same story
all over. (And yes, even though it may sound crazy the land actually rises
up again. I am quite happy about this because otherwise the place i live
would have been submerged since the last ice age.)

Author MicrowavableToast ( ago)
... I will stand firmly by the belief that Pluto was demoted from being a
planet because scientists were too lazy to name all of the big asteroids in
our solar system...

Author HealyHQ ( ago)
Bwahaha, Rule 34 Island. ;)

Author Mason Vank ( ago)
Still a better love story than Twilight.

Author This Channel ( ago)
tecknicaly, there is one continent. Because remove all the water its just
one big blob of land

Author MixnMatchGaming ( ago)
Madagascars little "shut down Everything" caption was hella funny. XD

Author Celestino Portela ( ago)
Really? How can you have so many unaccuracies and have 1.7 millions
subsscribers? Ever heard of editing? jeez. America is a continent composed
by North America and South America (DUH) and OCEANIA is another continent,
not Australia (rly?!) , seriously how old are you to make such mistakes?

Author Riaz Islam ( ago)
You should Make A video on what are oceans

Author Nathan Ringle ( ago)
There are 4 continents :

1. America
2. Afro-Eurasia
3. Australia
4. Antarctica

Author ratefreakman ( ago)
I know many people have said this already, but I will too.



Author Whoever You Want Me To Be ( ago)
Don't quote me on this but isn't there a European-Russia? Would that
connect Asia to Europe to make Eurasia?

Author xX_1337MLGSOMTHINGOROTHER_Xx ( ago)
isnt Madagascar like the UK and Ireland? (its a peninsula but the land
bridge has eroded)

Author xX_1337MLGSOMTHINGOROTHER_Xx ( ago)

Author xX_1337MLGSOMTHINGOROTHER_Xx ( ago)
you get it if you played the game
no, not plague inc, thats the knockoff of the game

Author The Nexus ( ago)
Did anyone else spot the 1984 reference?

Author Jonah Bae ( ago)
There are 2

Author Gnosis ( ago)
2 continents
2 sub-continents
and a crap-ton of micro continents (UK, Japan, exc)
and a small island continents (aka Hawaii) given its distance from
everything yet island size

Author Eray Atici ( ago)
As much as I learned there is actually a "border" between Europe and Asia.
The Ural mountains in Russia. But that is just a cultural and historical
(and geographical?) border

Author MrInternet 24 ( ago)
I view it as: North America, South America, Eurasia (because there is no
ocean separating them), Africa, Oceania (because this includes New Zealand
and all other south Pacific countries), and Antarctica.

Author Leah Markum ( ago)
No distinction between continental plates and oceanic plates I see. A
little silly to try to utilize oceanic plates to count continents, don't
you think?

My independent analysis:

After consulting some proper encyclopedias (the physical ones with widely
accepted knowledge as opposed to the myriad of popularized,
you-never-really-know-what-information-is widely-accepted online
encyclopedias--for good measure), "continent" is a term used in
dictionaries but rarely if never used (never in the sources I used).
Physical geography-type entries use either continental shelves or
continental plates (easily scientifically defined) and human geography-type
entries use more generic terms like region, often acknowledging different
names and boundaries depending on sociopolitical climate or regional
preference. Dictionaries define continent as a continuous expanses of land
(without addressing size), thus invalidating the argument some have for
defining Oceania as a continent. However, we do live in a world where
dictionaries (vernacular terminology) contradict definitions used by
in-depth sources, and where trendy terms like selfie are acceptable.

Verdict: no true definition for continent as the term is completely
relative and used for convenience depending on the context.

Curious about research results from others that dared to search multiple
resources and authorities.

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