What are Continents?

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Author Co So (2 months)
It's 6
1- Europe
2- Asia
3- África
4- Oceania
5- Atarctica
6- América

The europeans cartographed the world, so we are to say who and who's not a

Author Jude Pelaez (24 days)
There are just two continents
1. The entire Western Hemisphere
2. The entire Eastern Hemisphere

Author ParalimniVoice (2 months)
why don't we call them as we always used to?

1. Europe(it's culture and people are clearly not connected with Asia and
we don't have to go along with the definition of ''continent'')
2. North America(although along with South it would be called 'America' all
3. South America
4. Africa
5. Asia
6. Oceania
7. Antartica

Seven, the answer is clearly.. SEVEN.

Author Nick Archer (2 months)
President Madagascar, someone sneezed in Brazil!

Author Miguel Mendes (3 days)
I think there are 6 continents:

Author Ashley L (4 days)
Is Australia the continent? Or is it Oceania? My geography teacher says
it's Oceania but I've always learned it as Australia. 

Author Demonite (4 months)
Europe and Australia shouldn't be called continent in my opinion. ^^ Just
like Pluto isn't a planet, not just because of it's sice. GCP even made a
video about it. If it was about sice, Mercury would fall next.

Author sirLamperouge (4 months)
Isn't it technically Oceania, not Australia?

Author nunixnunix04 (3 months)
1. America (North + South)
2. Eurosiafrica (Europe + Asia + Africa)
3. Oceantarticaland (Greenland, Antartica, Oceania)

It's simple, East Major Land (Eurosiafrica), West Major Land (America) ,
and Major Islands (Oceantarticaland).

Author James Kohls (3 months)
is 2:21 a Pandemic Reference or something?

Author Gamesaucer (1 month)
I'll say there are 9.
I've classified them in a way that's more dependent on cultures yet still
tries to stick to the "landmass" idea a little.

1. North America
2. South America
3. Western Europe, including everything west of Germany, Austria and Italy.
4. Large Russia: Eastern Europe (at least Ukraine, Belarus, Romania and
Bulgaria), Kazakhstan and Russia.
5. Great Africa: Turkey, Africa, Madagascar and the Middle East
6. Great Scandinavia: Scandinavia, Greenland, Svalbard and Iceland.
7. Southeast Asia: India, China, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia,
8. Pacifia: Australia, New Zealand and all the Pacific islands including
9. Antarctica.

I'm still a bit unsure where to fit Greece and a large part of Eastern
Europe, as well as the border between Great Africa and Southeast Asia.
Mexico belongs to North America and Cuba and most of the other islands in
the Caribbean belong to South America. Large Russia also includes Nova
Zembla. It's unclear to me what to do with Nunavut.

Author RKH1502 (4 months)
For that matter, how many *oceans* are there?

Author Creeper Troller (2 months)
Minecraft at 2:47

Author The Matty Bible (5 months)
in mexico we actually deal with 3 Americas: North, Central and South
America, so it's actually 8 for us

Author Luffy (3 days)
I love how Europe is smaller than Russia and is still called a Continent xD

Author Meth Hallow (4 days)
Other continents that Oceania!? Untruth crimespeak!

Author Derp Herp (1 month)
3, Oceania East Asia and Eurasia

Author Olivia Gen (3 months)
So goggle plus how many continents are there?

Author Wintutos (8 days)
Spanish were the ones to name that new world, considered it as a whole
continent, therefor, it's just America.

Author StratosPhere15 (5 months)
I thought Australia was a country, not a continent. That continent is
actually called Oceania (I think :P)

Author John Smith (5 months)
Why do we even need to name continents? It seems unnecessary.

Author SaekoDashie (11 days)
If people can't figure out the simplest things, then how does Humanity hope
to actually expand beyond one shithole?

Author Piers Echols-Jones (11 days)
Rule 34 Island - I see what you did there.

Author justice tyner (13 days)
Actually it's Australia and Oceania they are one continent 

Author Leo Anbu (13 days)
Continent: A landmass that looks like a large island on a 144p display.
Doesn't that work perfectly? That makes 6 continents clearly (fuzzily).

Author Justus McNeal (16 days)
To me, continents basically are about historical significance and more easy
sorting of different types of information. It is for this reason why I
believe we have the strongest argument to keep Europe and Asia separated.
Each continent has its own large heading of many stories.

This is also why I really don't think Antarctica should be a continent. It
fits into no historic context because it does not have a native population.

Author nachoijp (19 days)
I resent the humanities comment 

Author GMasis001 (21 day)
7 continents
1. n america
2. s america
3. europe
4. asia
5. africa
6. australia
7. antartica 

Author MagnitudePerson (1 month)
This channel is just Liberal bullshit.

Author Hakan Karaağaç (21 day)
6 clearly

Author Kyle Lewis (24 days)
Iv watched a lot of this guys videos, I dont really like how he explains
things in his videos. He knows his facts, but Hes too politically correct
and I dont like his delivery of opinion. Watch Wonder Why channel

Author Andrew Catuna (23 days)
1984 reference. Nice!

Author bballercheetahfan3 (24 days)
Guys there is only 3 continents...Oceania, Eurasia, East Asia. And everyone
knows that Oceania is at war with Eurasia..... or was it East Asia? God
damn you big brother yo made me forget!!

Author BIGBenfica9 (5 months)
You said 6 in the end, but depends on where you live, for me, that I live
in Portugal is 5, North and South america are clearly united by panama,
misregarding the channel. Europe and Asia are seperated by the Ural
Mountains in Russia, which divides Siberia from European Russia. and
Australia and the islands from Papua New Guinea all the way to Micronesia
(if not mistaken) make Oceania. And Antartica is an continent, well...
because I want to. Africa and Asia are divided by the channel of Suez OR
the Sinai Peninsula which belongs to Egypt, which is in Africa. So you
have: America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and Antartica. 5 continents.
Or 6 if you live in english speaking countries like the UK or the USA (many
others included): North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania
and Antartica.

Author Taxrenn93 (25 days)
Teddy Roosevelt, the most badass president ever!

Author stupiddog321 (4 months)
Where I study, there are six continents: America, Europe, Africa, Asia,
Oceania (Australia) and Antarctica. 

Author Felicija Łukasiewicz (27 days)
At 0:48.
Was... Was that a 1984 reference?

Author YifpodMiner (28 days)
Going by the actual definition there's 4 Afroeurasia, America Oceania
Antarctica (including the ice sheet) ^_^

Author KriegsMeister27 (29 days)
there is also the occasional bering land bridge that appears every few
thousand years that connects afro-eurasia and the americas and thus
interconnecting 5 of the (as usually labeled) continents into 1 super

Author Dylan Chester (1 month)
Love the Pandemic 2 reference you put in there

Author Rémi Constant (4 months)
Europe and Asia are said to be separated by the Ural Mountains ! :)

Author liteonmx (2 months)
He is right, there are 6, but not in that way.

1. Europe
2. Asia
3. Africa
4. America
5. Oceania
6. Antartica

Author Alicia DG (1 month)
We'll that did no help and you made it more confusing xD

Author William Desmond (1 month)
I think its:
5.North America
6.South America

Author Testudology Inc. (2 months)

Author hampus Hägg (12 hours)
it's 5
1 eurasia
2 africa
3 oceania
4 antartica
5 armerica

Author CJ4lifeGTA (21 minute)
Actually, scientists and geologists recently came to the conclusion that
there are 8 continents:

1) Europe
2) Asia
3) Africa
4) Australia
5) North America
6) South America
7) Antarctica
8) Chuck Norris' Ranch

Author Morris Lee (1 day)
Australia is the King Of The Islands

Author Aleron Tham Junming (8 days)
You forgot that Indonesia is also touching Papua New Guinea, so how
about... Afro-Eurasceania? Or maybe... Afro-Euraustralasia? Or even...
Afro-Eurastralia? Well... it depends whether you call it Oceania,
Australasia or Australia.

Author B A Guy (2 days)
Pluto's reclassification wasn't based on size. NdT would disapprove

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