What are Continents?

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Author R4V3-0N (18 days)
There are only 2 continents.

USA, and not Freedomed Yet.

Author Miguel Mendes (2 months)
I think there are 6 continents:

Author KarateandClub (10 days)
for all of you peeps who say this "América" is a continent, it's not. If it
is, lets just add Africa as well! South and North America have Oceans
around it, and are both culturally DIFFERENT! Yes it is 2 continents and
Central and the Carribean is considered in North America. If America is so
called "continent" let's also make Eufroasia or AfroEurasia. And also why
can't we call our selves American? We can't call our selves United
statsian. And if you reply US citizen well here
Columbia Citizen
China citizen
Brazil citizen
Argentina citizen
Algerian citizen.
What should we call ourselves.

Author Ashley L (2 months)
Is Australia the continent? Or is it Oceania? My geography teacher says
it's Oceania but I've always learned it as Australia. 

Author Canadian Coyote (2 months)
2 Continents

Author GR24rules (13 days)

North and South america are just sub-divisions of America, and they are not
the only ones, if we say North America and South America, we should say too
Central America and the Caribbean Islands (Cuba, Puerto Rico, Rep
Dominicana, etc)
We should say too Eurasia, but its 2 "separated" continents... So yea, 6.

Author Co So (4 months)
It's 6
1- Europe
2- Asia
3- África
4- Oceania
5- Atarctica
6- América

The europeans cartographed the world, so we are to say who and who's not a

Author djunior874 (27 days)
Seven continents: North America, South America, Europe, Asia,
Oceania/Australasia, Africa, Antarctica. Confused about Oceania? These are
its countries:

1 Australia
2 New Zealand
3 Papua New Guinea
4 Fiji
5 Solomon Islands
6 Vanuatu
7 Samoa
8 Tonga

Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, East Timor, Brunei and Singapore: The
Malay Archipelago lies on the border of Oceania and Asia. Depending on the
interpretation of the border, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia can be
considered transcontinental countries and East Timor, Brunei and Singapore
can be in either side.

Author TheSqrtMinus1 (1 month)


Plague Inc. reference?

Author Jude Pelaez (3 months)
There are just two continents
1. The entire Western Hemisphere
2. The entire Eastern Hemisphere

Author ParalimniVoice (4 months)
why don't we call them as we always used to?

1. Europe(it's culture and people are clearly not connected with Asia and
we don't have to go along with the definition of ''continent'')
2. North America(although along with South it would be called 'America' all
3. South America
4. Africa
5. Asia
6. Oceania
7. Antartica

Seven, the answer is clearly.. SEVEN.

Author Khongor Shatar (21 day)
As for me there are 8 continents:

1. East Asia + Vietnam + Thailand etc.
2. Central Asia & Middle east + Arabic, Muslim north Africa
3. India + South Asian countries + South East Asian countries(Indonesia,
Malaysia etc.)
4. Mainland Europe
5. UK and it's former English speaking mostly white colonies/countries(US,
Australia, Canada etc.)
6. South & Central Africa
7. Latin America
8. Russia 

Author Lyness Rogers (1 day)
if we are all being terribly blunt as Mr. Grey is in his video, than
Australia would be a giant Island and there is no such thing a a "European
Continent".. its all Asia, because Europe only about a million sq miles
larger than Australia...and if land masses must be surrounded by an
ocean(or two or three) than its as follows:

1. Afrasia
2. America

Antarctica DQ- Too much ice not enough rock
Australia DQ- Too small
Europe DQ- Too small-not even surrounded by ocean

huh.. now that i look at it, following the rules so strictly makes me look
like a troll!
someones gonna say there's no way that there are only two continents!!

Author Freak80MC (1 day)
In my opinion, there are 5 continents. Greenland, America, Antarctica,
Afro-Eurasia, and Australia. 

Author columbus8myhw (5 days)
To all the people posting comments saying, *"THERE ARE SEVEN CONTINENTS!!"*

Did you even *watch* the video?!

Author TeamGavino (7 days)
Poor geologist died via creeper in the background.

Author antun nutna (1 month)
this is the shit aliens dont visit us

Author sirLamperouge (6 months)
Isn't it technically Oceania, not Australia?

Author Demonite (6 months)
Europe and Australia shouldn't be called continent in my opinion. ^^ Just
like Pluto isn't a planet, not just because of it's sice. GCP even made a
video about it. If it was about sice, Mercury would fall next.

Author hioeo (16 days)
I've always counted 5. I dont count the panama canal since its a man made
separation therefore it doesn't count, and i've also counted europe and
asia as 1 because theres nothing to separate them. Thats just me though.

Author Jake Long (17 days)
According to Blizzard:
Asia & Africa

Good enough for me.

Author Bloodstainer (17 days)
Continent isn't a defined scientific word, its an educational for children.

Author Gus Libby (19 days)
Just combine all to get answers!

Author The Real Flenuan (20 days)
And Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.
Update: Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia, and it is allies with
Update: Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia, and it is allies with
Update: …

Author nunixnunix04 (5 months)
1. America (North + South)
2. Eurosiafrica (Europe + Asia + Africa)
3. Oceantarticaland (Greenland, Antartica, Oceania)

It's simple, East Major Land (Eurosiafrica), West Major Land (America) ,
and Major Islands (Oceantarticaland).

Author Mortophobe (21 day)
3:21 creeper aaaah!!!

Author MrTecsy (1 month)
In Brazilian schools we learn this:

1 - Europe (+ Iceland and Greenland)
2 - Asia (+ Middle East and India)
3 - Oceania(aka Australia)(+ All the islands below Southeast Asia)
4 - Africa (+ Madagascar)
5 - South America (+ Falkland Islands)
6 - Central America (Mexico to Panama + Caribbean)
7 - North America (Just USA and Canada)

Author beowulf cicero (20 days)
The concept originated with the Latin phrase "terra continens" ---
"contained land", as distinguished from islands. Saying that Australia and
New Guinea are both part of the same "continent" seems bizarre, since
they're not connected by land.

Author A Nerdy Sim By Heart (22 days)
you forgot the Philippine Plate which is larger than the Scotia Plate... :D

Author ThePenguinExpress (24 days)
How bout.
1) Murica
2) Rest of the world
3) Walmart

Author chasenallimcam (23 days)
1984 FTW

Author Mandrake (25 days)
1. Eurasia.
2. Oceania.
3. Africa.
4. North America.
5. South America.
6. Antartica. 

Author James Kohls (5 months)
is 2:21 a Pandemic Reference or something?

Author Disthron (25 days)
I was initially going to go with 3, but then I realized that Greenland
isn't connected to the Americas, and that I'd forgotten about Antarctica.

Author Purple Circle Man (25 days)
The answer is 1.

-Great Britain.

Everything else doesn't matter.

Author Gamesaucer (3 months)
I'll say there are 9.
I've classified them in a way that's more dependent on cultures yet still
tries to stick to the "landmass" idea a little.

1. North America
2. South America
3. Western Europe, including everything west of Germany, Austria and Italy.
4. Large Russia: Eastern Europe (at least Ukraine, Belarus, Romania and
Bulgaria), Kazakhstan and Russia.
5. Great Africa: Turkey, Africa, Madagascar and the Middle East
6. Great Scandinavia: Scandinavia, Greenland, Svalbard and Iceland.
7. Southeast Asia: India, China, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia,
8. Pacifia: Australia, New Zealand and all the Pacific islands including
9. Antarctica.

I'm still a bit unsure where to fit Greece and a large part of Eastern
Europe, as well as the border between Great Africa and Southeast Asia.
Mexico belongs to North America and Cuba and most of the other islands in
the Caribbean belong to South America. Large Russia also includes Nova
Zembla. It's unclear to me what to do with Nunavut.

Author Lyness Rogers (1 day)
lol... the rule 34 island!!....this guy is brutally blunt and
sarcastic....its amazing!

i love it!!

Author ThePickaxeMoviesMC (28 days)
there are seven continents

Author Will Tapley (29 days)
Obviously, it's 1

Author Thomas Clarkson (1 month)
Sooooo this entire video discussed what to 'technically' call a continent
before, right at the end, saying, "Fuck you, you make up how many
continents there are"

Author Nick Man (1 month)
What about Jaun de fuca?

Author Nick Archer (4 months)
President Madagascar, someone sneezed in Brazil!

Author Gabriel Moura (4 months)
For me it is: America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Antartida. Then
you have the subcontinents like North America, Central America and South
America, Middle East, South Asia Etc

Author The Matty Bible (7 months)
in mexico we actually deal with 3 Americas: North, Central and South
America, so it's actually 8 for us

Author W. T. Sherman Productions (1 month)
3 Continents

Author Jacen Solo (1 month)
I think the continental plate system is still pretty fine. It may not be
'ideal' in the "We'd want it to be like this!" way, but science is always
the best means to describe geographic formations as it's the only accurate
one. Everything else is just pretending to be real.

EDIT: And for the plates with no land above the sea; that's irrelevant.
There used to be land above the sea there and one day it'll be above it
again. It really doesn't matter if it's 100% useful to have a name for a
place no one can occupy at the moment. All that matters is that one is
accurately defining what is and what isn't. Whether it's useful immediately
is irrelevant (especially since what's useful is an objective term, one
could very well start to build cities on the water in under a hundred years
on those plates with no landmass above the sea.). All that matters is that
you create a system that can stand the test of time, has no bias involved
(cultural or otherwise) and remains effective and accurate, indefinitely.

Author Uriel Ventris (1 month)
I never understood why people got upset after Pluto was downgraded to a
dwarf planet, Where they afraid they would hurt its feelings?

Author RKH1502 (6 months)
For that matter, how many *oceans* are there?

Author MALayhee700 (1 month)
People who draw lines on pieces of land masses and say it's their's.

Author dannytysks (2 months)
Maybe somebody could explain why some people consider Australia to be a
continent, while other people consider Oceania... 

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