What are Continents?

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Author StratosG15501 (2 days)
I thought Australia was a country, not a continent. That continent is
actually call Oceania (I think :P)

Author ManToast (4 days)
1:51 I live there.

Author The Matty Bible (6 days)
in mexico we actually deal with 3 Americas: North, Central and South
America, so it's actually 8 for us

Author RandomApplez Annoy (7 days)
F*** continents

Author jhutchyboy1 (8 days)
I thought the continent wasn't called Australia and it was called 'Oceania'
which had Australia and the islands in the middle of Australia and China.
That's what I was taught at school.

Author irishswag101 (13 days)
Why is Honshu Rule 34 island?

Author Michael Faught (14 days)

Author shadowofdread (15 days)
7. Though I can see the logic behind 4.

Author John Smith (16 days)
Why do we even need to name continents? It seems unnecessary.

Author Shadowelite995 (20 days)
I love the 1984 reference

Author BIGBenfica9 (25 days)
You said 6 in the end, but depends on where you live, for me, that I live
in Portugal is 5, North and South america are clearly united by panama,
misregarding the channel. Europe and Asia are seperated by the Ural
Mountains in Russia, which divides Siberia from European Russia. and
Australia and the islands from Papua New Guinea all the way to Micronesia
(if not mistaken) make Oceania. And Antartica is an continent, well...
because I want to. Africa and Asia are divided by the channel of Suez OR
the Sinai Peninsula which belongs to Egypt, which is in Africa. So you
have: America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and Antartica. 5 continents.
Or 6 if you live in english speaking countries like the UK or the USA (many
others included): North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania
and Antartica.

Author negaman I (27 days)
2:21 ...Did you just make a pandemic 2 reference? 

Author Stefan Lim (1 month)

Author Nick sysysyy (1 month)
Grey, we know that it's hard for you to make videos on a regular schedule.
Why don't you take a couple months off, work a bit harder than usual and
make as many video as you can and then upload them regularly. That will buy
you time to make more video while we enjoy the ones you have. Maybe do that
a couple times a year ? Please talk about how this could work or not work?

Author coastersplus (1 month)
42 continents, obviously.

Author oujae1 (1 month)
Let's listen to the blocky geologist. There are 11 (I can't count stuff...)
continents. Continents are plates!

Author MystyrNile (1 month)
Oh, and while i'm at it
There's only one continent. Your mom.

Author TopCuber (1 month)
A continent shouldn't be just a 'large landmass', it could be like lots of
ilands too, for example, why don't we count Australia + Indonesia + New
Guinea a continent?

Author raptorjesus713 (1 month)

Author Bill Kerman (1 month)
Theers A billion continents. Swag

Author TheTetraspaceAdmin (1 month)
Pluto is a planet. Anyone who disagrees is clearly a puerile imbecile.

Author jeramyah thevenin (8 hours)
theres only 1 since they where all connected at one point

Author lachlan duggan (16 hours)
I grew up knowing it as Oceania, not australia I live in Australia btw

Author Rodrigo Vazquez (2 days)
In Argentina, we say America is only one continent.

Author seastar81 (5 days)
Fuck you Madagascar.

Author Nica G (3 days)

Author Yoiner Madrigal (5 days)
There is something called Central America and over here we also count
America to be just one continent not just in South America, and North,
Central and South are subcontinents...And the answer its 5!!

Author christsalazar (5 days)
CGP Grey, you misspelled the country Colombia.

Author Christopher Garry (5 days)
Nope 7 just please can we just have 7 

Author Thanh Chiem (10 days)
I want 3!

Author razer applilcious (7 days)
The narrator sounds like sethbling

Author James Thompson (9 days)
ha ha Madagascar, SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING!

Author SuperMario7997 (12 days)
how about 193 so every country is a continent. EVERYBODY WINS!

Author J3RSEYs_FiN3sT (8 days)
I wish this was around to watch back in middle school...could tell the
teachers to piss off

Author Eric Wiebe (8 days)
6 is correct. If North and South America were counted as one, us Canadians
wouldn't be North Americans, we'd be Americans. Canadians would be
Americans and that just wouldn't do for either of us. Hard enough
convincing Quebecois they're Canadians; imagine trying to tell them they're
Americans, too! And if you insist on the Americas as one continent, I
request you start calling residents of the USA "United Statesians".

Author estlin hiller (11 days)
Its obviously 6.. It makes perfect sense. Antarctica is still kind of an
awkward continent though...

Author Michael Ahlquist (10 days)
There are 42 contenntes!
unless you do not like Dogless Attomes...

Author JJ Honey (10 days)
I think that Antarctica used to be continent as it has been covered by ice
since the last ice age. All that ice has to be heavy and must have
compressed the land mass to the point where that some of that land mass has
sank below the sea's surface. It's just like how the glaciers that were on
Canada compressed the land mass forming the great lakes. But... In all this
just a theory and the ice over Antarctica is over thousands of years old,
so there is no way of telling if it was an archipelago before it froze

Author MMowen4004 (9 days)
2:49 creeper behind him

Author brock star dominoes (11 days)
6 the answer is clearly 6.

Author Cody Power (14 days)
1 :3

Author loko5555 (12 days)
5 continents : America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania
Antartica is not a continent, belongs to a bunch of oher countries.
Greenland belongs to Dinmark, so its europe.

Author Xillaify (21 day)
Here in Sweden we use the word "världsdel" - english translation would be
'world part' - for a historically, culturally and physically distinct
portion of the earth's surface. And the word "kontinent" - in english that
would be 'continent' - for the geography of a large continuous land mass.
So we usually say there are six continents and seven world parts. But some
people claim that there are nine world parts if you count the Middle East
and India as separate world parts.

So my answer to anyone who asks would be:
- Six Continents
- Nine World Parts

Author Alex Elchev (26 days)
Wait....Teddy R-ooo-sevelt?

Author Ethan Bushell (18 days)
7! Not 6!

Author Nasst (24 days)
As a south american, I use "America" to speak about South America + North
America, but that doesn't mean that I consider America to be a single
continent, but rather a word that describes the union of two disctinct

Author NovaHessia (1 month)
The answer is seven. Since the definition of continent is arbitrary anyway,
a continent is what custom and tradition says is a custom, hence Europe and
Asia are two continents. So, seven continents.

Author JJironarmy (1 month)

Author Harlod Alexander (23 days)
2:48 Enderman!

Author Misterdoctorprofessorjoe Mama (1 month)

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