What are Continents?

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Author Tysto ( ago)
I hate when scientists start trying to define things created regular
people. What's the difference between a lake and a pond? A fruit and a
vegetable? A nut and a bean and a seed? They stride and confidently tell
you the traditional definitions are wrong because they've decided on a
scientific definition… which turns out to be useless because no one wants
tomatoes in their fruit salad.

Author Ben Bardsley ( ago)
The way I see it is: the Earth flag is meant to represent life and each of
continents. The Earth flag consists of seven rings; the Earth has seven

Author Shamouse Corndog ( ago)
Russia should be part of EUROPE. asia is too big and Europe is too small.

Author MassiveShock11 The Pokémaniac ( ago)
Honshu: Rule 34 Island


Author Adrian Rodriguez ( ago)
I think the correct definition of continent should be "a land mass that is
mostly geographically separated from another land mass. It should be at
least 5 million square kilometers in area. This includes everything on it,
including ice for example." This definition makes North America, South
America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Australia. North America and
South America are connected, but they are MOSTLY seperate. Same with Africa
and Asia. Europe and Asia are seperate because of the Ural Mountains, Ural
River, Caspian Sea, Caucasian Mountains, Black Sea, Sea of Marmara, Aegean
Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. This makes Greece on two continents because
of some islands, places Panama on two contienents, and keeps every other
"two contienents nation" on two contienents (Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan,
Turkey, and Egypt) exempt for Armenia, it is placed completely on Asia.
This may seem a little conplicated, but go to a map and you will see all
the seperations.

Author Luís Filipe Silva Nacimento ( ago)
To Brazil, Is only "America" and North and South is just subdivision.

Author egoist920 ( ago)
Rule 34 Island XD

Author Paul Stark ( ago)
I always counted 6: America (as one), Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and
I'm Spanish, btw.

Author Rob Porritt ( ago)
On behalf of myself, a geologist, you're welcome.

Author Russiantoaster ( ago)
2:20 you play pandemic II?

Author Jim Sowers ( ago)
@1:02 Colombia is mis-spelled.

Author S Klemen ( ago)
Ha! Rule 34 island!!!

Author Eight-Three-Eight ( ago)
I'm not bothered. I'm still staying on my good British island.

Author RudyforStuff ( ago)
Ahhh 1984 referenceeee! ahhh! (I may have really liked the book)

Author Jason D ( ago)
0:50 Great 1984 reference

Author 6x7 ( ago)
for me, there are five continents in the world:

1. americas
2. eurasia
3. australia
4. africa
5. antarctica

Author Kanishq Sharma ( ago)
every fucking island ever is no a continent

Author Henry Huynh ( ago)
wow this really helped

Author Harry Reid ( ago)
Anyone else just searched up the definition of continent on google? lol

Author robert linke ( ago)
how many continents do you want there to be?
1! THE EARTH. or the netherlands, i let you decide

Author Mark Taylor ( ago)
geology isnt a real science

Author Callum Wright ( ago)
3:07 , also California is there. moving one CM more west than the rest of
the USA a year, the results are lots of earthquakes...

Author Matthias Haydon ( ago)
I want there to be 1

Author Evil _ ( ago)

Author TGC Ace ( ago)
Afro euraustralasia and America and Antarctica

Author Alex Huancahuari ( ago)
6 continents

Author Pirateboy04 ( ago)
I say 3, as I can then say I've been to all of them. Afro-Eurasia, America,
and Oceania.

Author Athenic Cuber ( ago)
Just pay the weasel to gerrymander the earth into continents with roughly
the same populations and number of countries!

Author Hashida Tackey ( ago)
2:23 Honshu rule 34 island?? How

Author Diego Reig ( ago)
Wait I thought Eurasia had always been allies with East Asia 😏

Author Diego Reig ( ago)
Wait I thought Eurasia had always been allies with East Asia 😏

Author Lemonjelli ( ago)
Growing up in the US, I always thought there were 7 continents no question.
Then I moved to Spain and discovered that they only teach 6 , America,
Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and Antarctica, even though they basically
act as if Antarctica does not exist. This bothered me, and I've had debates
over what can be considered a continent. My argument was that if they were
going to combine North and South America, then rightly they must combine
Europe and Asia as well.

Author ProMCRedstone ( ago)
the geologist got blew up by a creeper xD

Author James Brune ( ago)
oceania is connected by indonesia and papua new guenia

Author Coco Palmtree ( ago)

Author Tejas Kalyan ( ago)
who watched till the end?? He said there are 6 continents

Author Xavier Saavedra ( ago)
Lol Honshu (rule 34 island)

Author John Emmerich ( ago)
No way!! It's not six continents!!

There are seven main continents!

Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South

Eurasia is not a continent.

Author MJD7 Gaming ( ago)
CGP GREY-goes on about surviving the brazilian rainforest
CGP GREY-stays as far away from it in the rout despite explaining that you
cant do it because of the rainforest

Author Not Car 116 ( ago)

Author BlueGue ( ago)
well if continets are techtonic plates there would be infinite as every
rock in the sky with a core has at least one

Author Gordon Ramsay ( ago)

and its raw

Author Balken Kreuz ( ago)
America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Antarctica and Oceania... Yeah, he's right.
The answer is six, lol.

Author romela casas ( ago)
1 North America
2 South America
3 Africa
4 Asia
5 Europe
6 Australia
7 Antartica
8 The Moon

Author romela casas ( ago)
I'm thinking 4 continents

Author ern1324 ( ago)
I miss Pangea :(

Author Skelly Da Necromancer ( ago)
you forgot juan de fuca plate

Author Samuel Kettler ( ago)
0:49 ohhhhhhhhhhhhh its a 1984 joke

Author Chronically Me ( ago)
I learned Africa, Eurasia, Oceania, North America, Central America, South
america and Antartica.

Author XenuLies ( ago)
Some people consider The Moon to be the 8th continent. Not literally, more
in a metaphorical sense.

Author AdrianAtGaming ( ago)
lol watch until the end(3:45) CGP tells the answers

Author Daniel Ortiz ( ago)
Colombia is spelled wrong.

Author Spencer .H ( ago)

Author woot000 ( ago)
2:46 I love 8 fps Minecraft!

Author Brode Wall ( ago)
Was that a little 1984 joke snuck in there?

Author Julie Court ( ago)
Everybody always discards zealandia as a continant

Author Julie Court ( ago)
Everybody always discards zealandia as a continant

Author MagmaCaliburX Gaming ( ago)
I think its 5. North America, South America, Africa, Eurasia(with
Australia), and Antartica

Author Aidan Christini ( ago)
3:09 looks like a puckered ass with a face lmao

Author The Green Robby ( ago)
Mr. Mayor of Madagascar! Two people have contracted an unknown illness in

Author monkeyo Archon ( ago)
thx for the final 6... that was exactlly what i was thinking

Author Kyle fee ( ago)

Author Hakan Karaağaç ( ago)
2:Everything else.

Author Revazide ( ago)
This and your scandinavia videos... I dont know why but I love them both

Author manzoor Athar ( ago)
this is unfair man!!!

Author LegendaryMUTO ( ago)
There's 4 Continents because Zealandia is a continent that is blocking the
Australian plate with the Pacific plate but now it's Atlantis (Discluding
New Zealand)

Author SuperCubsfan1000 ( ago)
two, there are two contents, Afro-Eurasia, and America. All the others are
way to small in comparison.

Author Mohammad Babaei ( ago)
I JUST noticed how at 1:03 he misspelled "Colombia"

Author Arthur Christopher Sienes ( ago)
Ohhhh this confuse me more... so there's no definite answer?

Author PokeMaster22222 ( ago)
I want there to be ONE continent!
Go Pangaea!
...Or is it Pangæa?

Author Zax Youtube - FIFA 16 CONTENT ( ago)
U forgot Oceania

Author theMCdigger ( ago)
0:50 is that a 1984 reference?

Author pop1040 ( ago)
2:22 Honshu? Sounds like a great place to go.

Author TheManawan7 ( ago)
was that a...1984 reference?

Author Daphne Calin ( ago)
Antarctican Archipelago

Author Jack Green ( ago)
1. Australia
2. 'Murica
3. Afro-Eurasia
(Sorry Antartica)

Author Little Mage ( ago)
what's the point?

Author Audrey Hopkin ( ago)
I say 2 America and Eurasia

Author Creepy_Redstone TPR ( ago)
8 you penguinist mother fker


Author Beyond Ken ( ago)
If the Antarctic ice sheet melted wouldn't the landmass rise above sea

Author Tim john ( ago)
Over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!

Author mwalsher ( ago)
I wish that Enderman had quickly moved out of frame after noticing he was
in the shot.

Author mwalsher ( ago)
Rule 34 island? Fair enough.

Author Chukkas ( ago)
only one 'MURICA

Author TumbleGamer ( ago)
How about Ameri-Afro-Eurastrica

Author RAGNARTHEVIKING9595 ( ago)
the continents should be:
1) Europe (includes Russia)
2) Scandinavia (includes Iceland and Faroe islands)
4) middle east
5) India & east Asia (Japan, Thailand and India all there)
6) Oceana (Australia and friends)
7) North America
8) Central America
9) South America
10) Antarctica

Author Alex Edwards ( ago)
In my opinion the whole idea of continents is pretty useless. Continents
can be helpful when introducing young 1st graders to the idea of more this
just their city existing but after that it seems pretty pointless.

Author DiamondZone 123 ( ago)
Let me list that America Afroeurasia Oceania = Australia SIMPLE ITS 3

Author JonatasAdoM ( ago)
Russia by itself alone should be a continent. And pluto is a planet! just a
dwarf planet, don't bully the weal isolated and remote planets man, it's
already too cold there for that.

Author Gitars25 ( ago)
Rule 34 island.. heh

Author darkregin2 ( ago)
Because siiiiiize matters.

Author Ogyen Gyatso ( ago)
But 7 is the magical number

Author mrpalaces ( ago)
Well it's a bit disappointing to see CGP Grey make the mistake of spelling
Columbia instead of Colombia.

Author Toonlink64 ( ago)
Every sqare plank length is a continent

Author Mr. Cat (h28260100) ( ago)
My definition is that if two or more countries are on a connected land mass
its a continent
If there's only one its a island

Author Finley Hoskins ( ago)
so basically.... size matters.

Author Sam Davies ( ago)
Why don't we just call them distinct landmasses

Author Ashtonnator138 ( ago)
Mindfuck much?

Author Procrastinator cabbagehair ( ago)
6!!!i want 6 of them.

Author strident12 ( ago)

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