What are Continents?

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Author simsom4343 (4 months)
I liked that pandemic 2 reference in there.

Author Miguel Mendes (7 months)
I think there are 6 continents:

Author Peter Loch (1 month)
Madagascar: "Shut down everything!" This guy has obviously played
Pandemic 2.

Author Bonfire (3 months)
1 Continent:


Author Ashley L (7 months)
Is Australia the continent? Or is it Oceania? My geography teacher says
it's Oceania but I've always learned it as Australia. 

Author R4V3-0N (5 months)
There are only 2 continents.

USA, and not Freedomed Yet.

Author MEX Beto AZTK (1 month)
America its a continent not a country 

Author Raddishist (17 days)
Bugs me when people call it Australia and not Oceania. Australia is a
country. Not a continent.

Author Jordan3D (23 days)
I loved the 1984 reference in this :D

Author Alexandre Boucher (2 months)
I've always learned America as one continent. That's why it pissed me off
when I started hearing US-people calling their country America and calling
themselves Americans. It still kinda does.

Author Muhamad Iqbal (2 months)
2:23 can anyone explain the "Honshu (Rule 34 Island)" thing?

Author DeltaV (2 months)
Who has Oceania always been at war with, Eurasia or Eastasia? I can never

Author Jude Pelaez (7 months)
There are just two continents
1. The entire Western Hemisphere
2. The entire Eastern Hemisphere

Author VanillaHatVII (7 days)
I say there's five continents.
America, Eurasia, Oceania, Africa, and Antarctica.

Author GlitchyShadow13 (23 days)
3 Continents and loads of Subcontinents.

Author djunior874 (5 months)
Seven continents: North America, South America, Europe, Asia,
Oceania/Australasia, Africa, Antarctica. Confused about Oceania? These are
its countries:

1 Australia
2 New Zealand
3 Papua New Guinea
4 Fiji
5 Solomon Islands
6 Vanuatu
7 Samoa
8 Tonga

Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, East Timor, Brunei and Singapore: The
Malay Archipelago lies on the border of Oceania and Asia. Depending on the
interpretation of the border, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia can be
considered transcontinental countries and East Timor, Brunei and Singapore
can be in either side.

Author Ninjawa (12 days)
There are clearly 13 continents on planet Terra.

Author moroccan dude youtuber pro (16 days)
I'm countries and continents states and cities

Author William Tiley (19 days)

The continent in which Australia (and probably Indonesia) belong to is
either called "Oceania" or "Australasia".

I get so annoyed when people confuse this.

Author Hashtag (4 months)
Lets go by Culture

-Central-South America (Mexico, Belize, Colombaia, Argentina) - Latin
America Continent
-North America (Canada, USA) - Canmerica Continent
-Caribbean (Honduras, Jamaica, Trinidad, Cuba) -West Indies Continent
-Western Europe (UK, France, Belgium, Germany) Colonizers Continent
- Easter Europe - Former Communist Bloc (Russia, Poland, Albania, Serbia,
-Sub-Saharan Africa - ( Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Nambia, Chad) Dark
Skinned Continent
-Middle East and North Africa (Moroccoco, Egypt, UAE, Iraq) Arab Continent
-Centeral Asia ( Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, The Other Stans) - Perso-Turk
-East Asia (China, Japan, Mongolia, Koreas, Tawian, Philipines,) -
Mongoloid Continent
-South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.) - Indian
-South East Asia (Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, Papua, Vietnam, Singapore) -
East Indies Continent
-Antarctica just stands on its own, because it has no inhabitants that have
a culture.

If I missed anything, or made a huge mistake, please let me know. 

Author Le Derp Français (29 days)
That is, depending what definition you use. If you use this one:

"one of the main landmasses of the globe, usually reckoned as seven in
number (Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia, and

Whitout any mentions of oceans, that changes shit a lot doesn't it,
smartass? xD

Author Tiff Zheng (1 month)
I think there should be 9.
1. Europe
2. Asia (currently east & southeast)
3. India (includes bangladesh, nepal, etc)
4. Arabia (all middle eastern countries)
5. Africa
6. North America
7. South America
8. Australia (includes oceania)
9. Antarctica 

Author José Daniel Rojas Arias (2 months)
I Love your videos, but there's a HUGE error in this one:
ColUmbia, is a USA state, whilst ColOmbia is the country of which Panama
used to be a part.

Author A Piot (24 days)
2: Belgium and the rest of the world.

Author J. Alexander (22 days)
I want 1 million continents 

Author Jordan W (1 month)
There is one continent. You see, Asia is connected to Europe. Eurasia is
connected to Africa. Afro-Eurasia is connected to Australia.
Afro-Australia-Eurasia is connected to Alaska (through Russia). Alaska is
part of the Americas. Afro-Australia-Eurasia-American super continent.

Author 12Me21 (22 days)
Antarctical looks so awesome without snow and ice!

Author etherraichu (19 days)
This was simpler when we just had a single massive supercontinent.

Author Edward Bottle (1 month)
lol at "Honshu (Rule 34 Island)"

Author Cisum Music (22 days)
Russia and alaska aren't seperated by an ocean so its really
Afro-Eurasiarica. And the southeastern asian islands are visible from
australia so that would make it ONE GIANT THING!
except for antarctica because its just an archipelago 

Author Abdi Ali (9 days)
There is 6 continent.

Only problem is russia.

Most of the world uses 6. North and south america are different. also
Puerto Rico is a country for the rest of the world. We don't take them as

Author Lydia Xavier (10 days)
The Earth is one big rock, so the entire Earth should be counted as one

Author peter brown (16 days)
i think that there are 7 continents: 1-Europe 2-North america 3-Asia 4-
South america
5- Africa 6- Antarctic 7- Oceania (Australia).

Author Paladin Luke (3 months)
There 10 are continents:
1. Europe
2. Asia
3. Russia
4. Middle-East
5. Americas
6. Africa
7. Eastern Antartica
8. Western Antartica
9. Oceana
10. Artic

Author Abraham Lincoln (22 days)
By most standards, there are a maximum of seven continents - Africa,
Antarctica, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America, and South
America. Many geographers and scientists now refer to six continents, where
Europe and Asia are combined (because they're one solid landmass called
Eurasia). But Turkey and Russia is in 2 continents, Asia and Europe, so
lets count both as Europe, both capitals are in Europe anyway (Istanbul and

There may be 3 continents, Afro-Eurasia (Africa, Europe and Asia), Americas
(South America and North America) and wait... can I make a new continent
called Antarctic-Oceania?

So maybe 7 continents, North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Oceania
(Australia), Antarctica and Africa. But to me... I think there are 6
continents. Nobody lives in Antarctica, and its "squished on the bottom of
the map".

P.S: *Lets all agree on 6 continents, agree?*

Author Long Nguyen (1 month)
There are two:
One dominated by the Fire Nation
The other divided and inhabited the other 3 resentful nations that are
secretly plotting.

Author daniel alozie (23 days)
Eurocentrism caused this BS

Author Lena Cui (2 months)
omg dat austrailia tho

Author Ranganathan Venkatachariar (1 day)

Author luuchoo G (1 month)
The Americas should always be considered one single continent, because it
shares a common history.

Author SpeedLord77 (2 months)
6?? sorry but no, there are clearly 7
Eurasia is not a thing.

Author Mark Nguyen (19 days)
I was always taught continents where land masses that where their own
continental plates.

Author Psychagogia (14 days)
Hey guys

Take away the oceans

Whaddya got?

1 Giant continent called: "Earth". :O MIND BLOWN

Author nalorcs (12 days)
Rule 34 Island? Really?

Author Alejandro MiddleCorn (3 months)
South America considers "America" as a single continent?

Super dumb.

The WHOLE America (specially Latin America) considers America as a single
Excluding (obviously) the U.S. ("cough" nameless country "cough") and
Canada, who consider America as one country.

Also, you need to remember that Mexico is part of Latin America and it is
in NORTH America.
Not in South, not in Center. In the North.

Author Daniel Venegas (3 months)
I'm Colombian and Usa stole us Panama fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Author maxandsyd14 (1 month)

Author Spencer Kraisler (8 days)

For some reason I think that 7 continents are:
N. America
S. America
Australia (NOT Oceania)
annnd Antarctica

Author BestDucky RBLX (9 days)
Also, if he's trying to say that Panama is a transcontinental country he's
horrifyingly wrong.

I'm from Panama.

Author Raga Khalif (5 days)
2:47 enderman...

3:20 ur diamond is gone

3:22 creeper noise

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