What are Continents?

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Author Yukino Takada 雪乃 鷹だ ( ago)
in short,continent are dumb

Author shalom4301997 ( ago)
I wish he'd mentioned the debate over where exactly the line between Asia
and Australia is. It's non-obvious and therefore worth mentioning.

Author against the wind ( ago)
5:Eurasia, Africa,America, Oceania, Antarctica.

Author against the wind ( ago)
Europe is a phony continent, that's for sure. Eurasia is the real

Author Ian R Orchard ( ago)
The continental mass of New Zealand is bigger than Australia, but just
happens to currently be mostly flooded, but give us a decent Ice Age and
lower sea levels we could be in the running for No 7. ;^)

Author The Donal Show ( ago)
Eurasia Africa America Antarctica so 4 continents

Author Finn Anderson ( ago)
Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania
and Antarctica DONE!!!!!!

Author Phil A ( ago)
I never knew Antarctica was in fact an archipelago.

Author william li ( ago)
Last seconds tells us all

Author Yee Tee ( ago)
3:46 Yeah! I agree!

Author TyOrca 5 ( ago)
Sucks to be you, Colombia!

Author Yue Inserto ( ago)
You forgot Phillipine Plate!

Author HASAN RIZAAN ( ago)
I want a continent name called"africal Australian Eurasia?

Author Phoebe HB ( ago)
I've always thought of continents as more like 'regions of the earth', not
necessarily connected to each other (like Oceania) or separated by water
(like Europe&Asia)

Author Matt Hoban ( ago)
He was wrong about the pacific plate. Los Angeles and southern California
are on the Pacific plate. I live on the pacific plate.

Author Armina aas ( ago)
In swedish schools we learnt it like this. The continents are Euroasia,
South America, North America, Africa, Australia, antarctica.

The world parts are "Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, south America,

Author Bob Versyp ( ago)

Author Bob Versyp ( ago)
so, my penis is a continent ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Author ‫ברןצדםמת בטשמ שמג לןמעדךקט פרםגובאןםמד‬‎ ( ago)
America (North ad South)

Author MinecraftSkillz44 ( ago)
I think there are 7 continents, North America, South America, Europe,
Africa, Asia, Oceania and Antarctica.

Author Abdul Awal ( ago)
I think there are only two continents. They are:
1. America
2. Afro-O-Eurasia

Author Joshua Alleman ( ago)
I'd favor their being more continents based on both plates & cultures:

1: Antartica = Antartic Plate
2: Africa= African Plate
3: N. America = N. American Plate + Caribbean Plate - Asian parts
4: Oceania = Australasian Plate + Pacific Plate
5: S. America = S. American Plate + Nazca Plate + Scotia Plate

Then it'd get a bit more weird when it comes to the Eurasian Plate

6: Europe = Europe (as it is now)
7: Middle Eurasia? = Indian Plate + Middle Eastern Plate + Turkey +
Caucuses + the countries that end in '-stan' + (maybe central Russia?)
8: Asia = East Asia (China+ Indochina + Burma + Korea + Japan + Siberia +
Philippines + most of Indonesia + Malaysia)

Author The Berb ( ago)
I actually think the tectonic plate description is pretty fair. Even though
some plates cross country borders, who cares? They're imaginary lines

Author ScrubLordAnjoo ( ago)
But Pluto is a planet. They call it a dwarf planet; it's a planet. If it's
not a planet, stop calling it something with the word planet in it.

Author Bryan Taylor ( ago)
I wish it was three. I just would love hearing the term Afro-Eruasia used

Author pmrooter ( ago)
one of the best scientific videos I ever see. SWEET :D

Author MJKl ( ago)
he forgot to include the Philippines plate

Author Barney Collington ( ago)
I think I prefer the continental plates, there is no interpretation or
disagreement besides scientific ones.

Author Tracy Smith ( ago)
To make things more confusing some people say New Zealand is a continent
but most of its under water

Author Jorge Rivero ( ago)
Unfortunately the separation of continents has nothing to do with
geographical aspects ( as it should) respond to ideologies and even a
little racist speeches . Why Asia and Europe are not one continent ? the
answer might seem simple : they have different culture , however , French
culture is equal to the English ? Does India have the same culture as
China? so with the issue of North and South America .
I consider myself as an inhabitant of the world: D

Author David Hernandez ( ago)
0:48 I ONLY GOT THAT REFERENCE NOW. Thank you high school curriculum

Author Richard Kenney ( ago)
Just had a facebook ad for the Washington Times appear and ask the
"POP QUIZ! The Earth is made up of how many continents? A) 10
B) 9
C) 8
D) 7"

I replied, "Washington Times, CGP Grey does more research than you do," and
linked to this video. Thanks as always!

Author colinp2238 ( ago)
CGP Grey you are trying to appear more clever than you really are

Author Amanda Leary ( ago)
I think there are 2 continents, Afro-Eurasia and America

Author Taylorover9001 - The Cando Railfan ( ago)

Author Denson Camp ( ago)
I loved your 1984 reference at 0:47

Author EpicYoshi5698 ( ago)
1. North America
2. South America
3. Africa
4. Eurasia
5. Oceania
6. Antarctica

Europe and Asia will NEVER split up. The two Americas have and will again.
Same with Africa.

Author Yamame Even ( ago)
1 Euroasia
2 Great Britian
3 Africa
4 Madagaskar
5 Ireland
6 North America
7 South America
8 Greenland
9 Australia
10 Oceania
ten :3

Author Jolo Jonas ( ago)
I refuse to be on one continent with China, The Netherlands are a continent

Author Airton Sabe ( ago)
1. Africa
2. America
3. Asia
4. Europe
5. Oceania

Author Everton Matheus ( ago)
For my whole third-world life I thought there were five continents:
America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. But then someone had to come up
with two americas, sometimes three, and I guess Antarctica is one too,
and... Australia? Really?

Anyway, for me there are 6 continents: the one mentioned earlier and
Antarctica because it doesn't really fit anywhere else.

Author Clayton A ( ago)
every one in afro-Eurasia has an afro

Author Michael Jones ( ago)
North America
South America

Author Walrustastic ( ago)
if you're going by cultural divides, theres north america, south america,
britain, europe, the carribean, scandinavia, the middle east, india, asia,
africa, oceania and antarctica, and if its geographical, theres america,
afroeurasia and antartica

Author Guy Haleluja ( ago)
In the Netherlands we have this:
Oceania (Australia and Indonesia and stuff)
South America
North America

Author Eric TS ( ago)
6: america, africa, asia, europe, oceania and antarctica.

Author Rudy bernal (bеtrayеd) ( ago)
i need to visit honshu!!!

Author Andrew Crane ( ago)
This may already have been noted, but I don't have time or the knowledge to
do a pinpoint search or create an automated program to skim nearly 11
thousand comments to see whether or not someone else has already criticized
the fact that you spelled Colombia incorrectly, but that's what I was
really trying to say. It's Colombia, not Columbia (1:03). WTF. Cool video

Author Raged Ottoman ( ago)
Here is what I view continents as, North America, Central America and the
Caribean, South America, Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Subsaharan
Africa, Central Asia with North Asia and Mongolia, North East Asia, South
East Asia, India, and Oceania.

Author Uebeltank ( ago)
The five traditional ones.

1 Europe
2 Asia
3 Africa
4 America
5 Australia

note that Australia is basically everything that is no the 4 above.

IMO there are 5 continents
1. America
2. Eurasia
3. Africa
4. Antarctica
5. Oceania

Author YourPalAL ( ago)
Thanks now I'm more confused than ever you jerk! lol

Author Alex Caamano ( ago)
Am I the only one who noticed the "1984" reference?

Author einsteinboricua ( ago)
It's hard to say Eurasia is one continent when the Ural Mountains are the
dividing line between continents. All mountain chains formed due to
landmasses moving towards each other, so while Europe and Asia are
technically one landmass, the Ural Mountains give away the fact that it's a
merger of two continents. Europe is large enough that it can be considered
its own continent (as opposed to Arabia and India).

Author steevanator otto ( ago)

Author J Tinamisan ( ago)
1. North America
2. South America
3. Africa
4. Europe
5. Antarctica
6. Asia
I think it would be better if Australia and the other islands stayed with

Author Jack Tanton ( ago)
I think I'll stick with seven. It's traditional. And it means that no one
has to alter the game Risk.

Author Jeremy Perron ( ago)
1. North America 2. South America 3. Asia 4 .Africa 5. Australia 6.
Antarctica (Euroasia suggests an equivalency that does not exist. Europe is
just an extension of Asia.)

Author Po Yao “Kiro” Cheong ( ago)

Author Will Black ( ago)
1:04 Misspelled Colombia

Author Daniel Pena ( ago)
it's Colombia not Columbia

Author BlueUmbrella ( ago)
1. Not Water

Author Kola2 ( ago)
In norwegian we have two different words to solve this problem; World Parts
and Continents. Continents are of course large landmasses seperated by
oceans, and therefore there are only 2 (Afro-Eurasia and America) b
World Parts however are more arbitrary, continent, culture based approach
to it, with 7 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, North & South America,
Oceania and Antartica)

Author HitodamaKyrie ( ago)
Yep, I'd go with six. North and South America may be connected, but it's
still a pretty thin land bridge and they're both easily separately

Author Maple Syrup ( ago)
1:03 It is spelled "Colombia"

Author Titanic ( ago)
1. Earth.

Author Klamath2046 ( ago)
There's porn of the island of Honshu? I'm lost

Author Wywy Wong ( ago)
justvgot fucked

Author Leonard Marc Ramos ( ago)
Mine (mixture of geography, culture, and geology), in order of size:
1. Asia
2. Africa
3. North America
4. South America
5. Antarctica
6. Evropi
7. Australia

Author Mark Ryan Deklerk ( ago)
in my school in the philipines it is europe,asia,south america,north
america,africa,austrailia,,,,,,antarctica and oceana (is that wrong
spelling the oceana😢)

Author Daniel Keriazis ( ago)
Guys... guys... This is easy!


Ingsoc is doubleplusgood, 2 + 2 = 5.

Author Flying Spectacles ( ago)
1. Eurasia
2. Africa
3. Oceania
4. America
5. Antartica

Author Nicolas Rousseau ( ago)
I see 4 main landmasses on earth : Africa, Eurasia, North America, South
America. That makes 4 continents. Then Eurasia can be subdivided into Asia
proper and three sub-continent : European, Arabian and Indian.

Arguably one could add Australia and Antarctica.

Author The Fabulous Greninja ( ago)
there is 2austro-afro-euraisia and america cuz islands aren't continents so
just include Australia in afro-euraisia

Author avanish pank ( ago)
what about oceania because new zealand aint in australian continent

Author Drew Pentland ( ago)
Very subtle 1984 reference. I like

Author _404_Error ( ago)

Author Anamya Bhatia ( ago)
Just when I thought we had 8 continents (I count the arctic as a

Author Jordankook Jordanov ( ago)
3 sounds fun XD i vote for just 3 :D

Author Tazanex ( ago)
For me there is:
North America
Middle America
South America
The Middle East

Author Michael LOL ( ago)
i know that Asia and Europe are split because a River!

Author Joseph Runner ( ago)
How many of you actually watched the ENTIRE video (to the 3:50 point)?

Author pablo ramos ( ago)
Did you mean "ColOmbia"?

Author Zdeněk Štefl ( ago)
In czech we have kontinent and světadíl (literally part of the World).
Kontinents are Africa,Eurasia,America,Australia and Antarctica and the word
světadíl separates Eurasia and America due to cultural differences. Most
czech people have no idea about it but that's how I was taught.

Author Skyliner04s ( ago)
No, there are not clearly six! It depends which model you personally prefer!
You know what? I´m going with four! That is the least bullshit

Author Officially a Ninja ( ago)

Author JohnR2319881222 ( ago)
that was extremely unhelpful

Author Ryan Dalton ( ago)
in british schools we were taught;
1. Europe
2. Asia
3. Africa
4. North America (Greenland to Panama, and the Carribean)
5. South America
6. Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, and any Pacific islands not part of
Asia or the Americas)
7. Antarctica (because it's a collection of some large-ish pieces of land
not part of any nation)

Author Daniel Bueno ( ago)
is the ice age next to north america

Author rickysmyth ( ago)
7. That's it

Author Loco Bros ( ago)
He forgot the bridge connecting Alaska and Russia...

Author Samuel Lacy ( ago)
1. North America

2. South America

3. Europe

4. Africa

5. Asia

6. Oceania

Perfect balance between land masses, plate tectonics and culture.

Author Stan Lopez ( ago)
2. the left or North south america half of africa and Europe. and the right
asia oceana and half of africa

Oh the Antarctica.... Well I don't know

Author Vincent Searle ( ago)
I'd say 9 continents

Author Erick Hernandez ( ago)
0:50 no just no THAT BOOK WAS HORRIBLE pls no just staf

Author Lars-Jakob Wikstrom ( ago)
In Norway we have continents and worldparts(verdensdel)...
Continents: Eurasia, Africa, America, Antarctica and Oceania
Worldparts: North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Antarctica, Asia
and Oceania

Author Nolan Dykes ( ago)
I say North and South America are one. Plus Eurasia, then everything else
is the same

Author Titanic ( ago)



Author Titanic ( ago)
2:50 At least you didn't stare at him bro.

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