Part 2. Rep. Tom MacArthur town hall in Willingboro, NJ Republican Party May 10, 2017

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  • Czotie
    Czotie 3 hours ago

    I love how the dude next to Jeff in the brown Sports Coat is totally confused and perplexed.

  • jasontube22
    jasontube22 3 days ago

    Jeff is one of the greatest people I've ever seen. You can't even get actors to be this authentic with acting their entire lives. Jeff is one of the most sincere real Americans I've ever seen.

  • Johan Ivar Kvalø
    Johan Ivar Kvalø 5 days ago

    Very good, except MacArthur isn't challenged on his parties flawed logic regarding health care

  • Michael Sonn
    Michael Sonn 11 days ago

    SCRUBS GUY FOR 2018!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan Rush
    Dan Rush 12 days ago

    How about these cry baby bastards shut the hell up!

  • samiproductions kuz
    samiproductions kuz 17 days ago

    This bold man is a liar. Please don't beleive this shit.

  • Michael Arboscello
    Michael Arboscello 20 days ago

    just a bunch of victims. that one guy goes on for 10 mins and doesnt even need healthcare frm the gvrmnt! he def looked like a paid actor if there ever was one. libtards at their finest in this vid!

  • HoldenNY22
    HoldenNY22 20 days ago

    I would like to have seen the Whole Town Hall Meeting Uncut ad Unedited including Conservatives , Trump Supporter or even leftitsts who comdemn the Democrats as well as the Replublicans.

  • HoldenNY22
    HoldenNY22 20 days ago

    I would like to have seen the Congressman''s Response to the Angry Audience Member

  • HoldenNY22
    HoldenNY22 20 days ago

    Hilary Clinton was against Single Payer. Obamacare is basically RomneyCare- a Republican Solution. I would like to have see

  • Realnews
    Realnews 20 days ago

    Why not have the Federal government pay for universal healthcare like the better countries? GOP goodbye goodbye.

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 21 day ago

    Hey Republicans, ever wonder why we always have plenty of money for the security state/military, but none for the citizens?

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 21 day ago

    These stories are why healthcare is a right, not a commodity. The rest of the advanced world realized this decades ago and provides it for their ppl at far lower costs and greater results/health. Maybe one day Americans will realize this?

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 21 day ago

    Hey Americans, if you want job security let's start with bringing back the unions. We've been complicit in allowing the GOP to dismantle decades of things we've fought for, and been cowed to submit for fear that fighting for things that benefit the majority is evil "socialism". What cowards we have been to allow these bullies to take from us and enrich themselves and never lift a finger. Well, this is what being pushed to the limit looks like. If we sit back and continue voting for the GOP, we can expect the entire public sector to be dismantled and then we live in a world that is nastu, brutish, and short - the very thing government was created to protect us from. This is also what happens when you no longer teach civics, or let it be taught by frigging coaches.

  • Rona Kidd
    Rona Kidd 21 day ago

    How can people pay COBRA if they don't have a job or the money to pay you idiot!

  • ko a go go
    ko a go go 21 day ago


  • Josh Smithson
    Josh Smithson 22 days ago

    Isn't this the guy whose daughter is DEAD! Bring that up and make the fucker realize what he is doing.

  • elmartillogrande
    elmartillogrande 22 days ago

    remember vote for the republicans again.. FreeDUMB and guns they hate us for our FreeDUMB.. vote republican dummies..

  • elmartillogrande
    elmartillogrande 22 days ago

    you're all going to vote for these republicans again.. because you're stupid..

  • Alicia Wilson
    Alicia Wilson 22 days ago

    daaaaaang dude went completely in on him

  • SkinoReturns
    SkinoReturns 25 days ago

    Fucking pigs! Swarming around

  • Shadow Phace
    Shadow Phace 26 days ago

    In 2018...see you later Tommy boy.

  • carling 1
    carling 1 26 days ago

    i always trust insurance salesmen ,( and car salesmen)

  • Bi Al
    Bi Al 27 days ago

    Tom MacArthur is a garbage human, the lowest form of vile scum in existence. Lie lie lie right to everyone's face, your day will come.

  • wakajumba
    wakajumba 28 days ago

    Fact: Paul Ryan says the CBO report confirms TrumpCare will lower premiums and the deficit.
    Fact: Plans will be cheaper because they will cover less coverage
    Fact: Plan premiums will be higher for older, sicker people who will be priced out
    Fact: Average premiums will appear cheaper because they will target younger, healthier people while pricing out older sicker people

    Fact: 23 Million people will lose health care

    Fact: Republicans exempted themselves from this great new TrumpCare train wreck

    Fact: Republicans are more concerned. about balancing budgets and lowering deficits, while important for prudent financial responsibility, than they are with the human impact of their decisions.

  • janet diaz
    janet diaz 29 days ago

    i hope jeff (7.30 min into the video) runs for office against MacArthur. medicare is the base for all health care bills. ie... dr office charges 90 to Medicare that is the most they can charge any insurance company. medicare say knee surgery hospital stay is 3 days all health care plans follow that as there max guideline. Go Jeff he spoak for so many sick people and there families.

  • Mihai Galea
    Mihai Galea 29 days ago

    wo this guy that did the speech , how a NORMAL HUMAN BEING THAT DOESN"T KNOW ABOUT THE ISSUE CAN TALK AND DO A SPEECH LIKE THAT ? :)))) not mossad at all...

  • Ferry Sugianto
    Ferry Sugianto 1 month ago

    He is one of the anonymous ,,

  • Arian de Bruijne
    Arian de Bruijne 1 month ago

    What happened at 19:07 did he get removed?

  • avante falgione
    avante falgione 1 month ago

    hooly fucking shit i just resercht how much hees werth hees werth 52.4millyin dollers

  • avante falgione
    avante falgione 1 month ago

    this giy makes me sic to my stumic skum like this just roind over 24millyin pepols lives and he cold care les as long as he gets pade its soo sad i feal soo bad for the peepol that have famly and frends to suport that are les forchonint its soo soo sad i hope we can make it alive for 4 fucking years

  • Sanna Hayes
    Sanna Hayes 1 month ago

    this guy "tom macArthur" is a smart jerk! I don't like him! I don't think he is trustworthy. I hope he loses his seat!!!

  • Sanna Hayes
    Sanna Hayes 1 month ago

    Single payer IS the best solution for AMERICA & AMERICANS!!

  • Kyle Nokes
    Kyle Nokes 1 month ago

    19:09, what got cut out?!

  • nashi nash
    nashi nash 1 month ago

    One cannot help but marvel at the sheer stupidity of Americans voters of self-inflicting wounds by voting Republican party members into power in all the Houses of Legislature. Its like knowing a train wreck is inevitable but still they stay rooted on the train tracks while the train crashed & mowed them over. Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Therapists, Mental health students will have treasure trove of potential patients & case studies over these kinds of situations where most other ppl are scratching their heads in puzzlement wondering if the average Americans have lost their marbles/senses Or is it just their choice to be blissfully ignorant until Reality hits them in the face.

  • Yo Stella
    Yo Stella 1 month ago

    This man makes me Sick!

  • Johnny Utah
    Johnny Utah 1 month ago

    Republicans are bad for America, vote them all out in 2018.

  • KJ Ritua
    KJ Ritua 1 month ago

    are they former Trump Supporters?

  • Pat Doyle
    Pat Doyle 1 month ago

    I greatly prefer a government bureaucrat who is at least somewhat answerable to me, over a corporate bureaucrat who is only answerable to his CEO.

  • Last Steak
    Last Steak 1 month ago

    I have to pay for you to save me. Powerful words man. will not forget.

  • Empress Empress
    Empress Empress 1 month ago

    Blah blah blah...politicians are not working for you !! Wake up! The Jews in Washington are running this nation. While Americans are dying, these damn politicians keep sending billions of our taxpayer's money 💰 to Israel every year.

  • Tamir Almeida
    Tamir Almeida 1 month ago

    "Bureaucrats"... classic republican fear mongering tactic

  • Tamir Almeida
    Tamir Almeida 1 month ago

    This reminds me of that good looking girl (or boy) who had very low confidence because she had a terrible boyfriend who mistreated her and she thought she could never do better. How frustrating that we have to struggle to not even get close to what the rest of the developed world has had for 100 years. All in the name of profits and big money interests. I have great insurance and great job and I still think (know) we have a sorry system that fails to properly care for our people... I wonder who are the poor souls who thinks they deserve this and they can't get any better.

  • Freecell82
    Freecell82 1 month ago

    7:30 holy fucking shit

  • Raphael Kroshay
    Raphael Kroshay 1 month ago

    Wow I'm glad the movie "taken" reference comment person was paying attention to the most important part of the clip👍🏾

  • melodicmatt
    melodicmatt 1 month ago

    // Gotta love the militarized police on parade, only seems fitting for a townhall meeting where the constituents in attendance are docile, banally passive and absolutely
    // One Extremely Turbulent, "Is-He-Wearing-A-Trump-Baseball-Hat-And-Seems-To-DualHat-Incontinence-Both-Emotionally-And-Physically" Constituent
    // "Rub a rub rub, duhhb nuhhhherrbbb (volatile and projectile frothing at his unexplicably exposed and rancid urethral opening) juuuuurbbbb...Eye swurrrr tah BLACK JESUS that'll'me sgooizah thahh LIVING SHIT outta duhss DAYVOLLDDAMD chockoolart baaegg if you don't sterp flahppin' yooz waxy, MDMA-coated, transverse-planed baby-raker for-an-organic-thermodynamic-engine that you call a "

  • G Kab
    G Kab 1 month ago

    They voted him in, now they're complaining.

  • andrzej123453
    andrzej123453 1 month ago

    I WAS TOLKING ABOUT THIS PISS OF SHIT tom macathur ,for a record

  • andrzej123453
    andrzej123453 1 month ago

    BLA BLA BLA BLA you motherfucker.alll you saying is LIE

  • Diana Pedersen
    Diana Pedersen 1 month ago

    Funny that Americans have such a big problem with singlepayer systems through taxes. Who do you think pays the price, when your welthiest get huge tax cuts, through donating money to different causes.... many of them causes who doesn´t benefit the average american, but millionaire preachers, the rich being catered too at a highprofile foundation party, companys buying senators or members of the house through campaign donations. Drop the deductables, and you will have enough money for at singlepayser system. The preachers will have to live on a normal sallary, the superrich can pay full price for their party, and if politicians needs funding, their supporters can pay the full price by them selfes

  • Gary James
    Gary James 1 month ago

    love that doctor dude

  • 4U Satch
    4U Satch 1 month ago

    This man should run for office in 2018

  • Sean Flanagan
    Sean Flanagan 1 month ago

    It broke my heart to hear from that nurse at the end of the video about the man who died because he chose to feed his wife. What a terrible choice to have to make.

  • Sean Flanagan
    Sean Flanagan 1 month ago

    Caring for other people is not socialist or liberal. It is human. Period.

  • Sean Flanagan
    Sean Flanagan 1 month ago

    Those who think healthcare is a privilege are brainwashed sheep who are used to voting against their own best interests.

  • Gabriel Winter
    Gabriel Winter 1 month ago


  • IloveJesus Shorpe
    IloveJesus Shorpe 1 month ago

    If you applaud President Obama's efforts, keep Obamacare intact, but bloody well FIX IT!!!

  • IloveJesus Shorpe
    IloveJesus Shorpe 1 month ago

    You all are trying to sabotage Obamacare. PERIOD!

  • IloveJesus Shorpe
    IloveJesus Shorpe 1 month ago

    If there are a lot of things in Obamacare that are left intact, WHY TRY TO REPLACE AND REPEAL IT? Simply IMPROVE UPON IT!!!! Stop playing politics with people's lives!!! You republicans just want to OWN the healthcare bill to satisfy your egos, line your pockets, and disregard vulnerable citizens and residents. Fix that which covers all Americans without detriment to Americans' health. Ask President Obama his reason for implementing Obamacare; he will tell you he did that FOR THE GOOD OF ALL AMERICANS. He cares, Trump Team does NOT CARE!!!

  • Joe B
    Joe B 1 month ago

    The GOP stooge --- DOESN'T CARE. HE CAN'T HEAR YOU OR ANYONE - WHY? Because it is all about cutting taxes for the rich. ---

  • aeris bueller
    aeris bueller 1 month ago

    Hell yeah, Republicans finally waking up. Now more Democrats need to wake up enough not to go for another Hillary, and we can finally unite as Americans again and repair whatever damage Trump causes.

  • Agueda C
    Agueda C 1 month ago

    Tom MacArthur loves to hear himself!!!  Be ready for not be supported in 2018

  • richard desitter
    richard desitter 1 month ago

    my words are being blocked only non argumentative  words  only are allowed to be printed here !!!! robotic blocking...just as tape was cut

  • RankinMsP
    RankinMsP 1 month ago

    What a legend. Take a bow Geoff!

  • dumpthe chump
    dumpthe chump 1 month ago


  • chacha2017 chacha2017

    Healthcare is not an entitlement!!!!! IT IS A RIGHT!!!!!!!

  • john saint
    john saint 1 month ago

    why did the guy in the blue suddenly disappear?

  • BattleshipAgincourt
    BattleshipAgincourt 1 month ago

    Jeff you have spoken for all Americans. I nominate you to replace this sorry excuse of a representative.

  • DharmaOfDog
    DharmaOfDog 1 month ago

    To the Eastern Indian Woman speaking ... "Right On! Well said."

  • DharmaOfDog
    DharmaOfDog 1 month ago

    "That Guy for President"

  • Jean giant\ Brown
    Jean giant\ Brown 1 month ago

    This gentleman deserves a medal! God Bless the truth tellers. He is living proof that change is entirely up to US!

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 1 month ago

    At 10:54.Paid Actor. I f you can't see it your gullible

  • Mahmudur Rahman
    Mahmudur Rahman 1 month ago

    I see "Hope" in that hopeless country

  • Paul Hopkins
    Paul Hopkins 1 month ago

    How do Republicans keep denying the FACT that single payer systems work in every other 1st world nation. Why do they deny the FACT that countries with single payer systems have citizens that live longer on average than Americans.

  • M Franklyn
    M Franklyn 1 month ago

    Now, let's watch the prostituting politician lie his way out of this. They do not care for those who vote to put them in office. Therefore, it's time to stop voting a rise-up against these mass murders.

  • Moy Musouka
    Moy Musouka 1 month ago

    Medicare for all. Simple solution. GOP (and Blue Dog Democrats) won't even consider it, because they're in the pocket of the health insurance corporations.

  • Brad Kohl
    Brad Kohl 1 month ago

    This guy just needs to shut the fuck up! Their constituents are wide awake!

  • Bob C
    Bob C 1 month ago

    "I did nothing to get diabetes"...says the fat lady.

  • Bob C
    Bob C 1 month ago

    I hope the Leftwing lunatics brought their crying towels to sop up those liberal tears.

    • Krizzly
      Krizzly 1 month ago

      If caring about the most vulnerable members of society counts as liberal tears, I'm crying you a river, Troll Meister. Healthcare has absolutely nothing to do with liberalism or conservatism, but with taking care of one another so that we can have a decent and healthy society.

      This monstrous bill will objectively make us sicker as a people and weaker as a nation, so if facts make me a left-wing lunatic then I welcome the label!

  • emcee 98
    emcee 98 1 month ago

    Look at the pigs rush in to protect the pigs.

  • Johny Kidd
    Johny Kidd 1 month ago

    What happens at 19:09 ? What happened between guy shouting with mic and police in an uneasy room?

  • Left Anti PC
    Left Anti PC 1 month ago

    Single payer is the only way to go now, funded by top 1 %

  • janet diaz
    janet diaz 1 month ago

    tha MAN at the 8 min mark of this video is a hero. i dought the congressman heard the point he is the biggest treat today his family. u realized the congressman is more of a treat then Isis to his family. he is right

  • FishBayVI420H20
    FishBayVI420H20 1 month ago

    People are getting tired of these soulless corporate cocksucking pieces of shit

  • taxiuniversum
    taxiuniversum 1 month ago

    Single Payer works in every other civilized country on earth. Republican politicians can consider themselves lucky most Americans can't afford to see the world.

  • taxiuniversum
    taxiuniversum 1 month ago

    The rationale of today's Republican politicians: "I got MINE - screw you peasant little assholes. Your only purpose is to elect me so I can cash in BIG time - outside of that, I don't give a fuck about you." 800 billion dollars in tax cuts for the apparently infinitely greedy upper class in America...and that money has got to come from somewhere. 24 million Americans get kicked out of health insurance, so that someone, who has got more money than he could spend in one hundred lifetimes gets EVEN MORE. America is such a fucked up country today, the priorities TOTALLY falsely set!!!

  • boyzII menfan
    boyzII menfan 1 month ago

    he doesn't know that this town hall knows how to read. lying to them about the bill not having certain things necessary like preexisting conditions, that's not cool. #readthebillcongressman

  • First Last
    First Last 1 month ago

    Large corporations are filled with bureaucratics just like the government, yet worse since corporations are profit driven.

  • Anita W
    Anita W 1 month ago

    Tom is trying to wind that guy up more so that he can be arrested. Tom was really pissed when he told him off but he was too gutless to respond without the cops in the room, now that the cops are there he wants to pick a fight. The coward!

  • Jen P. Mitts
    Jen P. Mitts 1 month ago

    Bravo to these brave citizens for standing up to these crooked Congressmen! Yay for democracy! This citizen in blue is a warrior for us all!

  • EPSTomcat11
    EPSTomcat11 1 month ago

    Jeff needs to run for fucking office

  • Dan dogmover
    Dan dogmover 1 month ago

    Rep. Tom MacArthur "I think we're at that point"

    ROFL "we" that point at which you realize you are on the downhill slope of your career.

  • malihar
    malihar 1 month ago

    "You cannot be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition. You just will have to sell your house, file for bankruptcy, cash out your retirement savings, and die a painful death when you can no longer pay the 4 or 5 digit monthly health insurance premium."

  • kalxite
    kalxite 1 month ago

    Have money for wars but not health care money for death and not for life

  • Jeff Jones
    Jeff Jones 1 month ago

    trump has awoken the sleeping giant, aka. the well informed American Voter.

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 1 month ago

    Don't wait till 2018, rise up & demand they resign now .

  • Frankie Dixon
    Frankie Dixon 1 month ago

    This idiot is lying.

    • Kenny Vee
      Kenny Vee 1 month ago

      Yes, the Congressman certainly is. That's why people are so angry.

  • complexgrafix
    complexgrafix 1 month ago

    Jeff for office!

  • susy vargas
    susy vargas 1 month ago

    Hahaha... vote for Trump again. Hi trump supporters... I hope you get what you wanted. Love you all

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