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  • Rosanne Williams
    Rosanne Williams 8 hours ago

    hey hey hey,GUESS WHAT when I was younger I had a snow white barbie thing and.....I did surgery on her and I popped the head of
    R.I.P Snow White the dwarves didn't even care or even prince charming XD

  • Carbo dia_Z
    Carbo dia_Z 10 hours ago


  • Bella Noel
    Bella Noel 12 hours ago

    OMG we seen savage

  • ginnypoorman
    ginnypoorman 14 hours ago

    Omg she looks like Emma Watson

  • Stacey Griffin
    Stacey Griffin 14 hours ago

    I love you roo and your sister I love you too Joey giraffe🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🌹🌹🌹♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Joe Gomez
    Joe Gomez 14 hours ago

    it's my birthday

  • Orlagh Temple
    Orlagh Temple 19 hours ago

    You are

  • Scribble Fan
    Scribble Fan 19 hours ago

    Joey graceffa you are evil

  • Sophie Barchuk
    Sophie Barchuk 1 day ago

    Did you guys know that Barbie and ken are siblings

  • Tristen Chen
    Tristen Chen 1 day ago

    After the "makeover" Ken has a interesting dick...I think it's Ken. I'm not sure.

  • Sup_Itz_ Sally
    Sup_Itz_ Sally 1 day ago

    joey i love ur accent!!

  • Jasmine Pinera
    Jasmine Pinera 1 day ago

    Somehow all of my old childhood barbies ended up missing their heads

  • Elizabeth Walker
    Elizabeth Walker 1 day ago

    Joey I watched etn

  • Jonathan Vasquez
    Jonathan Vasquez 1 day ago

    yr gist weyst toys

  • Natalija Tolstova

    hey joey collab with cristine (simplynaillogical)to pain the holo dolls holo ;)

  • Bryan Martyn
    Bryan Martyn 1 day ago

    I was scared!👍🏻😜💋

  • Maddie May
    Maddie May 2 days ago

    or roe hoe pica pie poop

  • Maddie May
    Maddie May 2 days ago

    roe hoe John doe

  • Zara Franklin
    Zara Franklin 2 days ago

    anyone else notice in the finished product kens mouth was on barbies boob?

  • Kinsey Simpson
    Kinsey Simpson 2 days ago

    this was the first video I ever watched with joey in it and now I am a HUGE FAN I love u joey!

  • Jasmine Lund
    Jasmine Lund 2 days ago

    Y is the arm in a very weird on Ros on

  • farhat arif
    farhat arif 2 days ago

    i hate you two😤😥😲😡

  • Hannah Browne
    Hannah Browne 3 days ago

    But if your eye got hacked, then the person would have direct connection to your brain! And some creep could control your body and mind!!!

  • Martin Mosqueda
    Martin Mosqueda 3 days ago

    they are so weird😐😐😐😐😑😑😑😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😧

  • Kari Jones
    Kari Jones 3 days ago

    and cut open a iphone Joey

  • Ali Abdullah
    Ali Abdullah 3 days ago

    Ken is holo

  • Samantha Oxholm
    Samantha Oxholm 3 days ago

    Joey is 1M subs behind Rosanna.

  • Darcey Ledford
    Darcey Ledford 3 days ago

    "We can even cut open the dog!"- Joey 2016

  • Laila Smail
    Laila Smail 4 days ago

    the funniest thing i would do with a barbie was i would grab her by the hair and say i'm gonna snatch ur weave

  • Alyssa Mewbourn
    Alyssa Mewbourn 4 days ago

    Hi ro

  • Funneh fan
    Funneh fan 4 days ago

    dont you dare cut lark,storm,are wolfie

  • Brian Tapia
    Brian Tapia 4 days ago

    Barbie is actually a whore. Shes had 2 more guys in her lifetime ...My Scene River and Sum other guy

  • Jess Crago
    Jess Crago 4 days ago

    Trigger's Broom - is Ro's still Barbie and is Joey's still Ken?

  • Julia Ping
    Julia Ping 5 days ago

    omg mo i love your vids 😄

  • Washabi Warriors
    Washabi Warriors 5 days ago

    This was made on my birthday, and I hate Barbies, and Ken dolls, so I'd say it's a perfect birthday video.

  • Aiki-KunCat:3 Transformation

    Poor Ken and Poor Barbie

  • Meher Sayal
    Meher Sayal 6 days ago

    i am here with a 6 year old and she is asking me about what w***** is

  • janet
    janet 6 days ago

    why does ken look like Joey!?!?! XD

  • Abigail Johnsrud
    Abigail Johnsrud 6 days ago

    I can do the splits

  • Gianna Fino
    Gianna Fino 6 days ago

    Instead of playing with Baathist as a kid I destroyed them and yes I am a girl

  • Christy McDaniel
    Christy McDaniel 6 days ago

    did nobody hear her say oh shit

  • Robert Davalos
    Robert Davalos 6 days ago

    kids are waching

  • Ashleigh Edwards
    Ashleigh Edwards 6 days ago

    Just have too dislocate this arm
    -Rosanna pansino

    Worst quote of 2016/2017

  • AA entrainment
    AA entrainment 6 days ago

    my childhood went do the drain

    and i love it

  • Heather Ponsfod
    Heather Ponsfod 6 days ago

    I'm the first part

  • Heather Ponsfod
    Heather Ponsfod 6 days ago

    Why where the naked

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 7 days ago

    Joey invite Ro in escape the night

  • TeamSuper Pandicorns

    When Joey said "I've always wanted to cut open a dog!" I imagined Stacy as home yelling at the scream saying "WHY, JOEY! WHY!!!" I'm too obsessed with this collaboration though! It's amazing!

  • LLLM 7
    LLLM 7 7 days ago

    This hurts me and I'm human

  • Arlette Lopez
    Arlette Lopez 8 days ago

    do it again please with ro and maybe mo please and hilarious

  • Oscar Herrera
    Oscar Herrera 8 days ago

    Why does joey paint his nails,is he GAY😳😷💅🏻👬

  • Gabrielle Todd
    Gabrielle Todd 8 days ago

    Ken has a ...crotch area on barbies body

  • Sheka Countee
    Sheka Countee 9 days ago


  • Kitty Laugh
    Kitty Laugh 9 days ago

    When Joey attached Barbie's leg to Ken I was lmao

  • 05Jaydin
    05Jaydin 9 days ago

    Cut a dog

  • Ron Youngblood
    Ron Youngblood 9 days ago

    THE DOG!!!!

  • Flower Power tv
    Flower Power tv 9 days ago

    I love crystals

  • Blue Magic
    Blue Magic 9 days ago

    You should have Rosanna in escape the night season 3

  • Yellbesh Hats
    Yellbesh Hats 10 days ago

    These are going to haunt me in my nightmares XDD

  • The Oliver Show
    The Oliver Show 10 days ago

    This gave me flashbacks. This is what my brother and I did when we were 6. On the carpet.

  • Jim Shields
    Jim Shields 10 days ago


  • Kiwi Keisy
    Kiwi Keisy 10 days ago

    SO much cringe.... but I like it!

  • Samson Balce
    Samson Balce 10 days ago

    I like it💓💓💓💚💚💚

  • Yamileth Pelaez
    Yamileth Pelaez 10 days ago

    can you make a kooky cookie cake plz

  • Annie Nunez
    Annie Nunez 10 days ago

    This is very sad for a little girl. 😳😭😥

  • Payton Ortega
    Payton Ortega 10 days ago

    Ro: take out and I and put in the computer eye So that I could just Tony Stark it
    Me: ( laughing) oh my god

  • Akira Yuki
    Akira Yuki 11 days ago

    If Joey was straight I would ship you two.

  • Kincaid Aquino
    Kincaid Aquino 11 days ago

    Ro put a dick

  • Kristen Landry
    Kristen Landry 11 days ago

    undress me anywhere... thats what barbie said!

  • That Moose Creature
    That Moose Creature 11 days ago

    I use to make my ken dolls dress like girls.... I now realize why my mom called them drag queens.....

  • Hussein Tailoun
    Hussein Tailoun 11 days ago

    One time I broke my barbies head because I twist my barbies head and now it's wabely Hahahahah

  • Mohammed Shoukath
    Mohammed Shoukath 11 days ago

    i want meet u where do u live

  • Barbara Finney
    Barbara Finney 12 days ago

    In the title I thought it said " CUTTING OPEN BABIES!" then I was like " How do you people look at this stuff.."

  • emoji lover
    emoji lover 12 days ago

    next give bribe and khen new died hair and tattos NOT TEMPERARY

  • nusrath rahman
    nusrath rahman 12 days ago

    Know that I see it Joey you look like ken

  • Elli2006 MLP
    Elli2006 MLP 13 days ago


  • Bruhitszaza Rios
    Bruhitszaza Rios 13 days ago

    My birthday is October 4th

  • Juvia Fullbuster
    Juvia Fullbuster 13 days ago

    Who else loves Ro's laugh?

  • Sammy Ward
    Sammy Ward 13 days ago

    Why does the Ken-headed Barbie have an arm for a that thing

  • Yasmin Barakat
    Yasmin Barakat 13 days ago

    from wear can I get ur jewellery

  • Sarah Gartner
    Sarah Gartner 14 days ago

    I can do the splits two

  • Party 654
    Party 654 16 days ago

    Honestly, when I used to play with Barbie, I would laugh to the point I cry (of laughter), I took her head off and threw it in the ceiling fan which was actually really fun😂😂

    I was a real evil child😈

  • Allison DIY
    Allison DIY 16 days ago

    Joey this killed me I'm dying right now 😂😂

  • Emerson Hoefer
    Emerson Hoefer 16 days ago

    I cant hear Ro

  • Gabriele Spakauskiene

    OMG that's so cool and the bigining is so funny WOW the best youtuber ever 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Alexandra Maftei
    Alexandra Maftei 17 days ago

    Thei are NAKED?!?!?!?!?!?!Kool

  • Alexandra Maftei
    Alexandra Maftei 17 days ago

    WTH is GEODE?????

  • Natalie Miranda
    Natalie Miranda 17 days ago

    My dream came true when I saw first saw this video 😸😸

  • BakingFlare123
    BakingFlare123 17 days ago

    Joey and his...bold...self plus Rosanna and her kindness equals a weird vid!

  • Squidge E
    Squidge E 17 days ago

    ken looks like joey

  • Jamie Alston
    Jamie Alston 17 days ago

    I love your videos to

  • christian's cars
    christian's cars 18 days ago

    couldn't stop laughing

  • Bizzle Statton
    Bizzle Statton 19 days ago

    Do u really think it's appropriate to call barbie a whore when kids are watching this my seven year old daughter doesn't need to be asking me what a whore is

  • McKenna Downs
    McKenna Downs 19 days ago

    Why was there a arm in barbies crotch ro

  • JUSTICE for god kids learn

    I did not want to watch when ro cut of barbies arm 😍😍😍🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉💩💩💩💩💩💃💇no😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔

  • JUSTICE for god kids learn

    I am 9 years old and you are saying this in front of me I hate you who else agree😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • JUSTICE for god kids learn

    such a girly girly

  • JUSTICE for god kids learn

    Joey I hate you why are you making to do this

  • Sassy Kitten00
    Sassy Kitten00 20 days ago

    i used to smash my barbies head on the ground until it fell off

  • Alyssa Benner
    Alyssa Benner 20 days ago

    this was posted 3 days after my bday

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