Metal Slug 6 - Mission 3

Anyone else has noticed that there's some kind of delay between the controller and what your char do? o.O

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Author James Williams ( ago)
This boss takes too long to kill.

Author James Williams ( ago)
This boss takes too long to kill.

Author avicii 2 ( ago)
charlie charlie! estas aqui :NO!: hay que bueno porque eso me daria mucho

Author Orlando Chiroque Ramirez ( ago)
Buen juego me gusta

Author MaxPantherGames 5673 ( ago)
Exelente Gameplay 

Author DivineDragon ( ago)
Oh god this boss was a bitch, took much time to kill him D: Anyway,
favourite mission and both level and boss music ;D

Author MetaMike ( ago)
Metal Slug always has awesome music

Author Jason Har Chun Hong ( ago)
This mussion is fuckin' long!!!

Author Sasyuka Uchirou ( ago)
I hate those who don t use the strong weapons (fire ,shot gun) what the
hell smack that bastard !!!

Author Yevgeny Makarov ( ago)
half life headcrab

Author Jokerfaic ( ago)
Shit, sorry that's actually ""

Author Jokerfaic ( ago)
Don't use ThePirateBay. It won't give you shit, I found a place called
emuparadise . org that has all the good metal slug ost's for download.

Author Alonso Amador ( ago)
too bad, you lost 16 prisioners and your vehicle 

Author Dunkeldarknegro ( ago)
Oh my God! Here is the original Silverback from Gears of War 3

Author Frank Yang ( ago)
Yes they are ez at the beginning

Author Suika Ibuki ( ago)
is it just me or does this metal slug seem a bit...easy?

Author Jorge Vega ( ago)
ta chida la musica de esta mision ;)

Author d3vak ( ago)
how did you record this? do you play it on an emulator?

Author uzerofutube ( ago)
You're shooting in my hometown!

Author Yuuki Terumi ( ago)
@TehLoco23 Si esta bien chida =D

Author skydolphincnv95 ( ago)

Author spartan master333 ( ago)
como se llamara el vehiculo q flota y lanza varias cosas radioactivas es el
vehiculo es el q despide ondas y lanza varias cosas radioactivas en forma
de circulo? si alguien sabe como se llama por favor respondanme ya q este
vehiculo me interesa

Author Andrzej560 ( ago)
7:36 - any possibility to dodge without slug?

Author JRMP666 ( ago)
Damn when you died with 16 prisoners I wad like damn! Lol

Author draconic33 ( ago)
6:27 Mario just had an aneurysm 

Author Tertium ( ago)
me encata la musica de este escenario =D

Author sohip mallak ( ago)
you make the game looks easy :D and.... this boss move in weird way :S

Author sohip mallak ( ago)
you make the game looks easy :D

Author Daniel SZ ( ago)
tumbs up if you heared FAGGET at 6:35-6:36

Author Ingasatu123 ( ago)
lo tienes en super facil :D. 

Author Dhumanio ( ago)
hey i got a question.. about that little delay... it happens with all the
games in the anthology? its just in the ntsc version? please respond.

Author CArlos Alberto Condori Romo ( ago)
ese boss es facil

Author CArlos Alberto Condori Romo ( ago)
ese boss es facil yo llege el puntaje intermacional 75231232

Author James Bobby Douglas Reed ( ago)
@cncfan I dont hate him tho, I dislike him, theres a differnece, lol

Author Michichuelo ( ago)

Author Junglism78 ( ago)
That's a fucking hard boss

Author Joel Ordaz ( ago)
that carr was realy there!!!!

Author tonmasterboy ( ago)
i feel some kind of matrix in enemy action-fight style.

Author Reshi ( ago)
looks like you lost your ride while your battling the boss D: but you still
beat it :D

Author PAZHOROCHI ( ago)
It is my favorite mission

Author Chong yang .ng ( ago)
i love the catchy chinese music! its so cute!

Author pricelessDragon ( ago)

Author juanariful ( ago)
what console?

Author Obverse esreveR ( ago)
I may hate MS6, but the part with the dual machineguns and hordes of
bouncing aliens was one of the best in the game. It's like the 'Flying
Killers on a boat' part from MS3 with the combo coin drops, too, except
nine thousand times better. It's too bad the boss (And, in some cases, the
mid-boss) ruins the rest of the level. And headhumpers. God, I hated those

Author stevenizback ( ago)
6:07 Seeing those 2 machine gun shots everywhere on those rolling ailen
things was wicked fun to watch xD Good game btw

Author Adam_Jensen21 ( ago)
hey where can i get the 6 7 and 8???? could you send me a link

Author MexicanHalo ( ago)
5:59 - 6:03 total pwnage

Author 2007excalibur2007  ( ago)
Because the level itself is oriental...

Author Martín Córdoba ( ago)
very nice skills over there, at 3:59 you were way to close to die lol, and
i hate when people skip the Drop shot, i mean its a good weapon :(

Author Lee Ashley ( ago)
you are so good!

Author Sirhl ( ago)
Omg I Love this Game!!! Whats the song btw??? Its soo swweeeet

Author shirobrawl ( ago)
aw you almost beat the mission with 16 prisoner D=

Author Gin Karasu Blade ( ago)
He so damm anoying X_X, i think that the other narrator where beter then
this ass X_X, but the game still rockz =D...

Author faustpsycho ( ago)
yEAH the beat way groovy I bought the game never gonna let it go

Author Streuselsturm ( ago)
yes the new Narrator sounds like a wimp and pronounces so many items wrong
:((( the old voice was sooo awesome why on earth did they change this

Author sickemdudley01 (226 years ago)
The music is fucking sick!

Author P. Ryuji ( ago)
This music is fuckin` awesome! I do want it! ^^

Author liljjisback ( ago)
zantetsukan sword it like the shot gun but it does a little but it could
block bullets

Author cncfan ( ago)
i hate the boss in this level

Author Federico Diaz ( ago)
try mslugdb(dot)com

Author Frank Hoffmann ( ago)
ah i see. that makes perfect sence then

Author maximusdarkultima ( ago)
even in MS 1 hes always the one that I use thats why I use the player 2
controller because i like his style...

Author Seph82 ( ago)
Ya, but i like using Tarma cause he's better using vehicles and i like to
save ammo for hard parts (for example i saved the zantetsu sword swings to
kill the crabs)

Author Frank Hoffmann ( ago)
you seem to use the handgun alot id use marco it would be easier off for

Author Ibuki Mioda ( ago)
lo creo que ainda no he emulado metal slug 6.

Author Seph82 ( ago)
Zantetsu Sword, it can cut through bullets and has incredible damage, but
it has very short range

Author Seph82 (517 years ago)
A = Fire Button D = I think it's called Special in PS2 Remember you can
configure that in options, i don't remember but i think the default setting
is R1 = Special, Square = Fire. If that's true, you can do their special
melee by pressing R1 + up,square

Author AdmiralLink ( ago)
What button does D and A corresponds with for the PS2 controller? Also, how
do I do Ralf and Clark's special melee? Everytime I do melee with these
guys, they use their knifes instead of their special melee?

Author McRonuR ( ago)
Aq oyunu ezberlemiş

Author Seph82 ( ago)
Vulcan fix is the way to fix the aim of your cannon. In this level, you can
use this to fire and move. Tarma can do this with any vehicles and i think
there's an option in PS2 version to do this with any character

Author Streuselsturm ( ago)
What is Vulcan Fix?

Author Seph82 ( ago)
Oops sorry for the delay lol. You can use those kick while keeping the
special button pressed and then use the fire button (in the arcade is D and
the A, in PS2 you can configure your buttons)

Author Nat Perez ( ago)
How did you kick at 2:11?

Author Quadraxis14 ( ago)
that crazy brain robot boss was always pretty awesome, it's pretty cool
when he electrifies the water!

Author Nat Perez ( ago)
where do you people get Metal slug Advance?

Author veritas ( ago)
i dont know the its name in english , but u can watch this...

Author Sknots ( ago)
lol that robot is fukin rigged lost like 9 credits :( stay(sic)

Author Seph82 ( ago)
It got great power but you need to be very close to kill enemies with it
x.x For example i always use it to kill the giant one eyed aliens with 2
hits (at max difficulty)

Author Predatoroid ( ago)
This metal slug is so hard

Author Seph82 ( ago)
Hold the Fire Button and dun release it unless you want to change the angle

Author veritas ( ago)
this music is from a chinese pop song , called 康定情歌 actually~~ the original
tune is a chinese folk music ^^ it's kindda new age style

Author gousai98 ( ago)
hee hee I like the techno asian music!

Author shadowc95 ( ago)
zantetzu sword¡¡

Author Aquabeta ( ago)
ya this song is the best in metal slug, anyone know?

Author MonarchMonk ( ago)
i would save my weapons ammo if i were u

Author MonarchMonk ( ago)
there is not a single rom hack or rom of this game (yet)

Author Seph82 ( ago)
This is the PS2 version of MS6 and yes, zantetsu sword can cut enemies
bullets, even the new martians bullets

Author René Ahumada ( ago)
Only a question more... You can destroy the enemy guns with the zanetsu

Author René Ahumada ( ago)
are you playing the game in emulator*!?

Author nanlinr ( ago)
ralf just plain sux balls..

Author nanlinr ( ago)
you shouldn't have died on the last part... that was kinda like "dang i had
the boss too"

Author AzureIceLordMark ( ago)
That boss was sooooo hard for me.

Author AzureIceLordMark ( ago)
metal slug 6 careicters used to beat the game:Marco and Ralf.

Author salon85 ( ago)
orale eres bravo?

Author Saundra Martin ( ago)
what is an emulator?

Author Seph82 ( ago)
no, just need to keep the fire button pressed to fix the angle

Author Seph82 ( ago)
It fixes the angle you are firing (for example, the slug you use to kill
3rd boss)

Author Seph82 ( ago)
sorry for answering so late :P I don't use auto fire, maybe you are
watching the parts where im crouching and firing, the fire rate is a lot
faster while crouching

Author CarmenOfSpades ( ago)
Sorry, I meant auto-fire, which is labelled Vulcan fix on the menu, not
Vulcan fix as in the Slug... I hope that clears things up...

Author MonarchMonk ( ago)
every charecter has vulcan fix

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