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Author Orlando Chiroque Ramirez (11 months)
Buen juego me gusta

Author thechampofall (8 years)
does anyone know where can I download asian impact? love the song...

Author evilmetaltwin (6 years)
ive got metal slug 3 for my xbox and its a blast, but just seen that there
is a metal slug anthology for ps2, with metal slug 1 through 7, and its
only 10 bucks brand new, i'll be picking that one up!!!

Author shirobrawl (6 years)
aw you almost beat the mission with 16 prisoner D=

Author Aquabeta (7 years)
ya this song is the best in metal slug, anyone know?

Author Lalofortress (3 years)
weon eres seco yo hasta entonces estaría con 1 continuar y sin balas ademas
q jugaste con tarma el q tiene menos habilidades en ves de ocupar
personajes como marco o fio XD

Author Federico Diaz (7 years)
try mslugdb(dot)com

Author tj4real (7 years)
Oh really? So what's your technique?

Author MonarchMonk (7 years)
i would save my weapons ammo if i were u

Author Seph82 (8 years)
It fixes the angle you are firing (for example, the slug you use to kill
3rd boss)

Author pricelessDragon (5 years)

Author Frank Hoffmann (7 years)
ah i see. that makes perfect sence then

Author 2018528568 (7 years)
uh...check in's very easy...check for "Manabu Namiki"...this guy
make this name it's "metal gear tarma"...see yaa

Author MonarchMonk (7 years)
there is not a single rom hack or rom of this game (yet)

Author leokpo14 (7 years)
me agrada este juego y el videoooo porque este chavonnn vos men no sos como
los otross que se creeen que juegan bn sos lo masss mi puntuacion es
perfecta exelen t como mk jajjaja chau cuidateee tu video re masaaa

Author Dhumanio (4 years)
hey i got a question.. about that little delay... it happens with all the
games in the anthology? its just in the ntsc version? please respond. thanks

Author P. Ryuji (6 years)
This music is fuckin` awesome! I do want it! ^^

Author Lee Ashley (6 years)
you are so good!

Author Ibuki Mioda (7 years)
lo creo que ainda no he emulado metal slug 6.

Author MexicanHalo (5 years)
5:59 - 6:03 total pwnage

Author Streuselsturm (7 years)
What is Vulcan Fix?

Author madput2 (8 years)
i love this game i can´t wait it for nintendo wii

Author Yuuki Terumi (3 years)
@TehLoco23 Si esta bien chida =D

Author amtraklover (6 years)
i like the music on this level.

Author veritas (7 years)
this music is from a chinese pop song , called 康定情歌 actually~~ the original
tune is a chinese folk music ^^ it's kindda new age style

Author Nico7430TV (6 years)
the 3rd boss is Alien-tron

Author uchirou sasyuka (2 years)
I hate those who don t use the strong weapons (fire ,shot gun) what the
hell smack that bastard !!!

Author veritas (7 years)
i dont know the its name in english , but u can watch this...

Author Seph82 (8 years)
Ya, i use the handgun a lot and save ammo for hard parts, Zantetsu sword
for cars, Flame shot for aliens, Double machine gun for the sewers and the
shot gun for boss. This is the Jap version of Metal Slug 6 for PS2 (I
usually don't lose any life in this level when I play it on the arcade)

Author sickemdudley01 (6 years)
The music is fucking sick!

Author Hero's Channel (3 years)
Seph recorded this from a computer ;)

Author Sknots (7 years)
lol that robot is fukin rigged lost like 9 credits :( stay(sic)

Author gousai98 (7 years)
hee hee I like the techno asian music!

Author skydolphincnv95 (3 years)

Author fergusshowman (7 years)
dont waste your time

Author Predatoroid (7 years)
This metal slug is so hard

Author Chong yang .ng (5 years)
i love the catchy chinese music! its so cute!

Author Skyline0014 (6 years)
I hate the new narrator... IT SUX!!!! i prefer from MSX to MS5, but this
game is awesome!

Author Dunkeldarknegro (3 years)
Oh my God! Here is the original Silverback from Gears of War 3

Author Seph82 (7 years)
It got great power but you need to be very close to kill enemies with it
x.x For example i always use it to kill the giant one eyed aliens with 2
hits (at max difficulty)

Author 96andru96 (6 years)
3:08 =D like zombies of metal slug 3

Author Joel Ordaz (4 years)
that carr was realy there!!!!

Author CarmenOfSpades (8 years)
Do you use Vulcan fix man? Cos you must have some very fast fingers
otherwise... or I'm seeing things!

Author JimRaynorRaider (3 years)
giant walker brain: hey! you forgot something...*gets shot at* hey, stop!
i'm just helping >:I

Author tonmasterboy (4 years)
i feel some kind of matrix in enemy action-fight style.

Author Gin Karasu Blade (6 years)
He so damm anoying X_X, i think that the other narrator where beter then
this ass X_X, but the game still rockz =D...

Author AzureIceLordMark (7 years)
That boss was sooooo hard for me.

Author 2007excalibur2007  (6 years)
Because the level itself is oriental...

Author torkolv97 (5 years)
3:21 to 4:08 oh, sure! the enemy soldiers from previous missions attack on
sight, while those allied chumps stand around like retards waiting to be
mind controlled to fight you, lol.

Author Jorge Vega (3 years)
ta chida la musica de esta mision ;)

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