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Author Jaden Coutou ( ago)
that is bullying

Author mc donald trump ( ago)
fuck those guys they just wanna pick on a kid fuck u guys u guys are the real pussys your lucky that kid didnt fuck u guys up cause from what I can tell the reason he didn't Attack was cause he would have destroyed u niggers so fuck off.

Author Christopher Palmer ( ago)
this is what happens when you empower women and young girls. feminism is a hell of a thing

Author Ricardo Bastien ( ago)
fσям fινє вℓσ¢к

Author Ricardo Bastien ( ago)

Author andrew wright ( ago)
cant fight, you're just a fucking bully!

Author Anahera Hillman ( ago)

Author izak mooney ( ago)
more like a slapping contest with cool music

Author Joseph M ( ago)
Sorry to hear that.

Author Carlos Garcia ( ago)
at last the guys that dont wanna fight are the strongest

Author LYDIA SANTANA (704 years ago)
Lame fight

Author Purple Squares ( ago)
in sec does hah sum bess fight

Author Obey Kaii Kaii (440 years ago)
Dhiis Fight Iz Shittttt !!!!!! Reall Shiittttttttt

Author gerel granderson ( ago)
punks can't even fight to save your own life soooo lame.

Author gerel granderson ( ago)
wow im a trinidadian and all i see is assholes picking on the kid you guys only bring shame to t and t. I'm sure if you are asked to spell cat you wouldn't know, seriously stop like man.

Author FallenPancho ( ago)
U guys are fucken was holes

Author Itty Bitty Shay ( ago)
it is middle school or high school

Author matthew chandoo ( ago)
cjs again

Author d bestest bubbler ( ago)
datz so hurtfull d boy aint do nun

Author S Reedhi ( ago)
steuppzzz hit an run! ulur people iz joke, u neva see real fight yet

Author S Reedhi ( ago)
pink iz fer men up in here!!! problem?

Author sotero gomez ( ago)
and how thiis get so much views???

Author Death Artic ( ago)
ah man with a pink bag yess, ha

Author Lisa Joseph ( ago)
denzel shame on u nigga

Author keiron robinson ( ago)
y dont u come pick on this 6"3 red niggar like me....i would of send u straight ICU in Mt. Hope.

Author Crystal A. ( ago)
@dancehAll914 that's not something you should be bragging about. Just saying.

Author Slammedgolfiii ( ago)
@DominiqueDavidCarden It was a joke spelling bee winner.

Author Mad21X ( ago)
u eh see d lil puss wth pink bag how he run when he kick d fella .... lmfao

Author Dominique David ( ago)
@Slammedgolfiii wat pink hav to do wit anyting

Author Sunita Singh ( ago)
ooohh wow dat is rell fight.......... THIS IS JUS PLAIN STUPID.

Author Slammedgolfiii ( ago)
In Soviet Russia, kid with pink bookbag gets beat up and pee'd on.

Author agent2ooo ( ago)
These kids have nothing better to do than fight? Always the ghetto ppl who act like this. Their parents probably the same.

Author inlett100 ( ago)
@DJShalInTheMix u is a ass mun pink jansport allways in style

Author HuwsAppReviews ( ago)
i love how its titled gangster now a gangster is someone affiliated with a gang usually a criminal gang ... slapping a kid who clearly dosent want to fight you is not gangster its pathetic

Author Graydonevans Evans ( ago)
how are you gona kick some guys ass tith a fuckin pink bag WTF!!!!

Author Nzinga King ( ago)
@ThinkGodDammitTNT exactly....i know if i wanna pull a fight i fightin sumbody bigger than me...competition @ least

Author Shae Vanilla ( ago)
@DJShalInTheMix so wat happen to dat>> wat cuntry u from?

Author Chrisy Lite ( ago)
eh i swear dis is reallll jones dis is clearly a love affair he like dai boy.

Author Chrisy Lite ( ago)
eh i swear dis is reallll jones

Author sandivtt ( ago)
what a gangster, fighting in a pink bag. & then runing away.
I hope he gets shot 1 day

Author Dillon Farmer ( ago)
wat kinda battyman fight is this stueps..

Author Anthonelle Joseph ( ago)
lolzzz all yuh cud play boi..stueps

Author Anthonelle Joseph ( ago)
lolzzz wtf all yuh fighting 4....this bad the boy cunt scared

Author Theron Nanan ( ago)
fellas fightin like two hen jed weyz

Author Nicholas Mathura ( ago)
Dat boy stupid by now my foot halfway up he ass wit my taekwondo training.

Author mizG1nonly ( ago)
all yuh real advantagous!

Author Jordan Millar ( ago)
yeah pick on the guy that doesnt fight back, fuckin bullahs all of yalll

Author Omar Whyte ( ago)

Author DmoneyS2K001 ( ago)
He does have a pink bookbag, ahahha, Dora the explorer bagpack, Bagpack Bagpack, AHAHHA, nice observation

Author ASHTON phillips ( ago)
thinking the same shit!!

Author Jaeda Williams ( ago)
LAME I've seen better fights in scarborough secondary(TOBAGO) ;P

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