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Author SHIMON!! SHIMON!! (9 days)
The habit of phimosis

Author andrew wright (9 months)
cant fight, you're just a fucking bully!

Author Anahera Hillman (10 months)

Author izak mooney (1 year)
more like a slapping contest with cool music

Author inlett100 (4 years)
@DJShalInTheMix u is a ass mun pink jansport allways in style

Author pch1334 (5 years)
gayest fight ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author DelusionalVizions (2 years)
U guys are fucken was holes

Author Dillon Farmer (4 years)
wat kinda battyman fight is this stueps..

Author Theron Nanan (5 years)
fellas fightin like two hen jed weyz

Author gerel granderson (2 years)
punks can't even fight to save your own life soooo lame.

Author BEARBOYATB (5 years)
datz not a real fight datz jus my class playing

Author Graydonevans Evans (4 years)
how are you gona kick some guys ass tith a fuckin pink bag WTF!!!!

Author Lisa Joseph (3 years)
denzel shame on u nigga

Author Fee Fee Bailey (2 years)
it is middle school or high school

Author johnsookoo (5 years)
@BEARBOYATB u sound like a sad fag dey lol

Author DJShalInTheMix (5 years)
is it just me or this dude has on a god damn pink bookbag? wtf

Author ohm1987 (5 years)
yo is this in chaguanas?

Author Nicholas Mathura (5 years)
Dat boy stupid by now my foot halfway up he ass wit my taekwondo training.

Author mizG1nonly (5 years)
all yuh real advantagous!

Author Slammedgolfiii (3 years)
@DominiqueDavidCarden It was a joke spelling bee winner.

Author keiron robinson (3 years)
y dont u come pick on this 6"3 red niggar like me....i would of send u
straight ICU in Mt. Hope.

Author Purple Squares (2 years)
in sec does hah sum bess fight

Author Dominique David (3 years)
@Slammedgolfiii wat pink hav to do wit anyting

Author deal619 (4 years)
but wait this is my skool

Author Slammedgolfiii (4 years)
In Soviet Russia, kid with pink bookbag gets beat up and pee'd on.

Author sotero gomez (3 years)
and how thiis get so much views???

Author OAOxClan (5 years)

Author Anthonelle Joseph (4 years)
lolzzz all yuh cud play boi..stueps

Author matthew chandoo (3 years)
cjs again

Author Jim Bo (5 years)
yeah pick on the guy that doesnt fight back, fuckin bullahs all of yalll

Author bear37940 (3 years)
lol what class were you in at the time "calss"

Author Omar Whyte (5 years)

Author Death Artic (3 years)
ah man with a pink bag yess, ha

Author gerel granderson (2 years)
wow im a trinidadian and all i see is assholes picking on the kid you guys
only bring shame to t and t. I'm sure if you are asked to spell cat you
wouldn't know, seriously stop like man.

Author Nzinga King (4 years)
@ThinkGodDammitTNT exactly....i know if i wanna pull a fight i fightin
sumbody bigger than me...competition @ least

Author Joseph M (2 years)
Sorry to hear that.

Author Anthonelle Joseph (4 years)
lolzzz wtf all yuh fighting 4....this bad the boy cunt scared

Author d bestest bubbler (3 years)
datz so hurtfull d boy aint do nun

Author S Reedhi (3 years)
steuppzzz hit an run! ulur people iz joke, u neva see real fight yet

Author darroni123 (5 years)
damn this is f*cking gay, everyone run!

Author sandivtt (4 years)
what a gangster, fighting in a pink bag. & then runing away. I hope he gets
shot 1 day

Author LYDIA SANTANA (2 years)
Lame fight

Author ashton phillips (5 years)
thinking the same shit!!

Author Shae Vanilla (4 years)
@DJShalInTheMix so wat happen to dat>> wat cuntry u from?

Author S Reedhi (3 years)
pink iz fer men up in here!!! problem?

Author jeremiejnjme (5 years)
das nottin,check my country fights. saint-martin.SXM boy 4 life

Author Carlos Garcia (2 years)
at last the guys that dont wanna fight are the strongest

Author Sunita Singh (4 years)
ooohh wow dat is rell fight.......... THIS IS JUS PLAIN STUPID.

Author agent2ooo (4 years)
These kids have nothing better to do than fight? Always the ghetto ppl who
act like this. Their parents probably the same.

Author Obey Kaii Kaii (2 years)
Dhiis Fight Iz Shittttt !!!!!! Reall Shiittttttttt

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