UK FSX photographic 60cm

60cm photoscenery generated with tileproxy together with my own freeware pylon scenery.
(originally posted as 30cm but I messed up on the settings)

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 2:53
Comments: 26

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Author Aaron O'Roarty (5 years)
where can I get TIleproxy and pylons

Author aceridgey (4 years)
is this justflight or horizon? Alex

Author Greataardvark (4 years)
sped up hurts the eyes :L very nice scenery though. 5/5

Author Richie Hauxwell (5 years)
The first scene looked like yorkshire, A1

Author Greataardvark (4 years)
Wish there was an easy way to slow down the cars as they look mad.

Author 7byseven (2 years)
i thought you got horizon vfr working with utx, thats what i wanna get.

Author Slipstream (5 years)
You need to change the speed of the traffic, it looks awful.

Author Club CEV (2 years)
Bien réussi la scène, mais les gens sont vraiment pressé en Angleterre!

Author fsmoonlightsonata (5 years)
fps isn't the issue - blurries are. I used user defined weather at 10m
visibility for 30cm/60cm tileproxy and fly in the ultralight at <60mph

Author fsmoonlightsonata (5 years)
bhxpylon on flightsim com

Author pjvenner (5 years)
It looks great apart from the road traffic [see the traffic exiting the
motorway from 0:15] but that seems to be an issue with many fsx add-ons :(

Author JoseMMGM (4 years)
Tile Proxy can give 30 Cm texture resolution?? :-O

Author Supra and Sti Lover (5 years)
i realy enjoy it i thougt u are landing on run way any way well done thanks

Author Sahar Haziza (2 years)
You can't fly for shyt.

Author monamOneX (5 years)
Do i have to put a Scenary to yhe game I just have to use tileproxy ?

Author larryrael (5 years)
The cars are driving WAYYYY too fast!!! It's like they're all doing
400km/h, is it really like this in FSX?

Author fsmoonlightsonata (5 years)
good choice. I'd stick with genx for regular flying - better performance,
image quality and night lights etc. The pylon scenery is ... my own. I will
release it soon.

Author Aaron Lieberman (5 years)
how do you get such high quality without a fps hit?

Author Slipstream (4 years)
Are they all formula 1 cars? Looks crap.

Author shyguy191 (5 years)
The vid is speeded up.

Author fsmoonlightsonata (5 years)
pylons: should be on avsim in the next few weeks. Tileproxy is available

Author reedy111111111111111 (3 years)
do all these vfr addons kill your frame rates

Author Shaun Wark (5 years)
hey, that looks amazin. Could u or someone give me some help with my INI
file please. :D Or if someone is kind enough to send me theres through msn
or something that would be good.

Author jpro747 (4 years)
it looks better from higher up

Author filanjix (5 years)
Another excellent scenery demo! I need to try that out, only got gen x
yesterday lol, the roads look fantastic! Can you please let me know where
you got the pylon scenery from, and does it effect performance?

Author fsmoonlightsonata (5 years)
It is speeded up to get smooth frames but the cars go too fast in fsx
regardless (just not as fast as those in the vid)

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