UK FSX photographic 60cm

60cm photoscenery generated with tileproxy together with my own freeware pylon scenery.
(originally posted as 30cm but I messed up on the settings)

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Author ofek shaltiel ( ago)
and thats before google said no tile proxy using their imagery yay

Author Sahar Haziza ( ago)
You can't fly for shyt.

Author 7byseven ( ago)
i thought you got horizon vfr working with utx, thats what i wanna get.

Author JoseMMGM ( ago)
Tile Proxy can give 30 Cm texture resolution?? :-O

Author aceridgey ( ago)
is this justflight or horizon? Alex

Author Slipstream ( ago)
Are they all formula 1 cars? Looks crap.

Author Greataardvark ( ago)
sped up hurts the eyes :L very nice scenery though. 5/5

Author Greataardvark ( ago)
Wish there was an easy way to slow down the cars as they look mad.

Author jpro747 ( ago)
it looks better from higher up

Author Ghost ( ago)
i realy enjoy it i thougt u are landing on run way any way well done thanks

Author Aaron O'Roarty ( ago)
where can I get TIleproxy and pylons

Author Richie Hauxwell ( ago)
The first scene looked like yorkshire, A1

Author monamOneX ( ago)
Do i have to put a Scenary to yhe game I just have to use tileproxy ?

Author fsmoonlightsonata ( ago)
It is speeded up to get smooth frames but the cars go too fast in fsx
regardless (just not as fast as those in the vid)

Author shyguy191 ( ago)
The vid is speeded up.

Author larryrael ( ago)
The cars are driving WAYYYY too fast!!! It's like they're all doing
400km/h, is it really like this in FSX?

Author pjvenner ( ago)
It looks great apart from the road traffic [see the traffic exiting the
motorway from 0:15] but that seems to be an issue with many fsx add-ons :(

Author Slipstream ( ago)
You need to change the speed of the traffic, it looks awful.

Author Shaun Wark ( ago)
hey, that looks amazin. Could u or someone give me some help with my INI
file please. :D Or if someone is kind enough to send me theres through msn
or something that would be good.

Author fsmoonlightsonata ( ago)
bhxpylon on flightsim com

Author fsmoonlightsonata ( ago)
pylons: should be on avsim in the next few weeks. Tileproxy is available

Author fsmoonlightsonata ( ago)
fps isn't the issue - blurries are. I used user defined weather at 10m
visibility for 30cm/60cm tileproxy and fly in the ultralight at <60mph

Author Aaron Lieberman ( ago)
how do you get such high quality without a fps hit?

Author fsmoonlightsonata ( ago)
good choice. I'd stick with genx for regular flying - better performance,
image quality and night lights etc. The pylon scenery is ... my own. I will
release it soon.

Author filanjix ( ago)
Another excellent scenery demo! I need to try that out, only got gen x
yesterday lol, the roads look fantastic! Can you please let me know where
you got the pylon scenery from, and does it effect performance?

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