10 Games You Shouldn't Play With Your Parents

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Author TheRichest ( ago)
My best friend started a channel! Please check it out and subscribe if you like it!!

Author Anastasia Cox ( ago)
lol I played mortal combat on my old ps 2 and I was seven and under playing it and I played it with my uncle, mom, and dad

Author The Mangle ( ago)
omg I have call of duty modern warfare but idk if it's 2

Author Akt Productions ( ago)
when I was younger I played gta around my mom. I never did anything too crazy, my main goal was always seeing how far and fast the swingset could launch me

Author Sam Newsom ( ago)
not me I play minecaft and call of duty and my mom likes it

Author Timothy Wagner ( ago)
only the sexual stuff would my dad. get mad but he wouldn't care any other one's

Author Dankston Bongfucios ( ago)
*goes on google to find games*

Author Unmasked Sniper ( ago)
I love modern warfare2 it's my fav part at masicor it's so satisfieing😎😎

Author Snowy Super Extreme ( ago)
in MW 2 that mission in airport you can chose to do that mission or tp it

Author Luis Garcia ( ago)
No gta 5 is fine I play around my parents and they don't care

Author Milo Schwarz ( ago)
when will you stop tilling me to thumbs up 😐

Author Született Gamer 2016 // Vöröskő, házak és még több! ( ago)
south park the stick of truth....
i have that game

Author The Amazing Waffle ( ago)
Lmao I'm 11 and I play gta 4 but I don't do anything weird I just kill

Author Maritza Velazquez ( ago)
card's against humanity
the game for horrible people

sounds perfect for me!

Author ilia zamanabadi ( ago)
My parents are fine with violence they are very picky on smallest sexual contents.

Author Dominic Frazier ( ago)

Author Juro ( ago)
Senran Kagura is definitely one

Author Roblox and more And old consuls ( ago)
I LOVE YOU THE richest

Author Melon Knight ( ago)
I played South Park stick of truth in front of both my parents

Author Yanimalistic ( ago)
Wow weird Most of the stuff my parents wouldnt care They play some of these

Author JayJoo the gamer ( ago)
makarov deserved to die

Author Alex ( ago)
I play Mortal Kombat with my dad, and my mom completed South Park The Stick of Truth.

Author Ati Flamezz ( ago)
I play Mortal Kombat and my parents and my Brother play this with are you kidding me

Author Ashton Osborne ( ago)
and gta 5

Author Ashton Osborne ( ago)
I played the the whole game of South Park stick of truth

Author j4president523 ( ago)
What funny my mom love mkx

Author Pokemonmaster 569 ( ago)
I play mortal combat with my dad

Author Richard Leenders ( ago)
4:09 My father just loves to play Mortal kombat X he Saïd he played iT in his years

Author Jake Turner ( ago)
In mortal combat X my dad thinks some of the fatalitys are cool

Author Heaven Kaaya ( ago)
my mom always makes me drive perfectly in gtav btw i am 9

Author Septiplier Romance at the 21 Crybabies Disco ( ago)
I love Huniepop

Author Eric A ( ago)
I play gta v My Mom Got Mad when I had to do the mission where you torture the guy. So I quit the Mission

Author Eric A ( ago)
hot girls

Author LouieRules ( ago)
Why Call Of Duty COD Its Sooo Fun Tho i'm 8 and only played it once!!

Author NC gamer ( ago)
Nah,my mum's a bad ass,she plays mortal combat with me,thrashes me,rips my throat out (with scorpion)and the laughs

Author Juhwandy14// NightCrawler ( ago)
I play mortal combat x with my dad and I'm 13

Author Kaylie caudillo ( ago)
I play yandere sim and I play world of war craft but my dad KNOW bout it

Author TeenyTortle ( ago)
I love huniecam thougggghh...

Author 456 Bonnie123 ( ago)
Should I be scared that my father is proud of me because of my answers in "Cards Against Humanity"?

Author FlipSideKiller ( ago)
My parents don't give a flying turd with mkX

Author William Salzmann ( ago)
Ive played south park stick of truth my god my mom got it for me i even watch the show

Author The Real Berleezy Jr ( ago)
I play mortal combat x with my dad all the time

Author fnaf fans 434 ( ago)
I played stick of truth in front of my parents..... they didn't give a s***

Author The living SNORLAX ( ago)
what about saints row 4 ?

Author ManTheDude ( ago)
Wtf I play MW4 All the time

Author Daniil Eremeev ( ago)

massacre of russian civilianns

so racist

Author Kevin Bricks ( ago)
lol I watch porn with my parents

Author -_*itzGemz*_- ( ago)
is this a woman or a man i get Confused!!

Author dragonkajus dragon ( ago)
But Fgn crew played gta 5 mom-pixiedust,dad- bereghost,kids-valadin,snapple43

Author Danielle Brown-Cook ( ago)
don't play cards against humanity with your parents!!!

Author Aiden Phoenix ( ago)
My mom plays mortal combat x it's her favorite game

Author Jordy Fingersh ( ago)
Fuck you for the last one.

Author bluesybubble 514 ( ago)
me and my bro is playing gta 5 but ny parents are k with that

Author The Gaming Pals ( ago)
I played MW2 when i was 7...

Author I am Ajisafungame!! Jam on in AnimalJam! ( ago)
My brother plays GTA 5. Not as much.. But he still plays it I think... I rlly pay no attention to him :ppp I mean.. He IS my older brother. :l I don't need to rub my nose in his business.

Author C DiamondCrafter ( ago)
lol I play mortal kombat x with my mom

Author Xan Bark ( ago)
i was 6 when i played call of duty on that level they was talking about and my parents was perfically fine with that

Author Jason 123 ( ago)
call of duty come on i play it with my cousin

Author Fangthewarrior ( ago)
My sister is allowed to play gta 5

Author AceTheBear - Minecraft ( ago)
no one play the story line in call of duty

Author Peridot Jasmine ( ago)
My uncle and I always play mortal combat and cod

Author khirsten marie ( ago)
I have mortal combat X lol

Author a guy guy ( ago)
I play GTA 5 and The Stick of Truth with my parents 😂😂😂😂

Author Killer piggy 05 ( ago)
my dad was the one who introduced me to mw2

Author Mr_BlazeU Tube ( ago)
I played mortal combat with my mom when I was 9 Lol

Author TamaHawkUpYourButt ( ago)
Time to get hunipop 1 and 2 if they are making a second I think they are
And dead or alive xtreme 3

Author Aden Cain ( ago)
I have played cards against humanity with my family

Author evina boykin ( ago)
But the cad one had you give a choice to choose if you want to do the mission

Author Antie Cuteness ( ago)
Communism the game but IRL.

Author Veximous Gaming ( ago)
I don't care just don't hate on my Modern Warfare 2! :(

Author Gamer Wolf247 ( ago)
I played modern warfare 2 when I was 7 and I played mortal kombat x with my dad

Author Its Iconic ( ago)
I played honniepop with my dad and he called me a weeb

Author Resse's Puffs ( ago)
I played X with my dad.

Author Gio & Niko Challenges ( ago)
When u hit 10 mill can u do a face reveal

Author ExoticSlayer /Hacks ( ago)
Sexual games that I play my parents my mom or dad would do something but if I'm play a volnet game or a 3 person shooter game my mom or dad would not do anything

Author XxPhillip0207Xx Gaming Smith ( ago)

Author TheBestPlayer ( ago)
I'm from Russia and you Americans HAVE GAMES WHERE YOU SHOOT RUSSIAN CIVILIANS IN OUR AIRPORTS!!!!!? Putin sees this he will have an interesting view of you

Author BraveXBlaziken ( ago)
my mom won't let me play a gta games

Author Mistake_in_Reality ( ago)
0:32 I CALLED IT!!!!

Author Dreamy Vela ( ago)
the witcher 3…?

Author AcXiD Scythe ( ago)
my parents didnt give a shit about tthe no russian mission

Author Yoshi Games ( ago)
my dad is OK with Fatality's idk why

Author Neko Paint ( ago)
I love Cards Against Humanity lol

Author Creeperjo ( ago)
mmhm, mmhm, uhuh, yep, Got it

Author Bacon Boy Gameing ( ago)
my dad use to deliver pizza so he got home late and I would stay up her hand me a unplugged​ controller and play gta

Author Bacon Boy Gameing ( ago)
I played South Park with my dad

Author Melina Dominguez ( ago)
My brother lets me play Grand theft auto v

Author Kill3rKlownCartoons ( ago)
My dad was the one who got me into playing mortal Lombard

Author Kevin Ainerine jk ( ago)
Next time everyone: "NEVER play an adult game in front of your parents or else you'll get in big trouble BIG times. So play alone in your room and lock the door. XD

Author GMD Deadstar ( ago)
why is mkx on this list

Author Ernesto Gonzalez ( ago)
NAH my parents in mortal kombats will say can I join in

Author Rory Mercury ( ago)
I played Gta V... And I was in that club...Then, that woman was without a bra...My mom was sleeping behind me (i was sitting on a bed playing on ps3), my dad came into the room but he didn't see those b00bs...
I was just curious ;~;

Author Joram Jeffrey ( ago)
lol I know someone who plays hunie pop creepy wierdo

Author Shannon Jackson ( ago)
She forgot Bayonetta

Author KKMN38 ( ago)

Author Alexander Berry ( ago)
you don't half to kill them 9n mw2

Author That0Homeless0Guy ( ago)
Umm these are just games kids shouldn't play. ANd I mean really Bump and grind? Why would you even consider kids playing that at all?

Author Asumi Yuki ( ago)
yay cards against humanity-

Author XerneasX Legendary ( ago)
I play mortal kombat and I'm just 8 and I love every death there because I don't care if I get punished by my parents

Author luke Mackey ( ago)
No Russian is the fucking funniest mission ever

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