Bernie Sanders Grills Trump's Education Nominee Betsy DeVos

Bernie Sanders takes on Donald Trump's Education nominee Betsy DeVos during her confirmation hearing.

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Author lonelycyclist ( ago)
$200,000,000 in contributions of course she's bought her way into her job.

Author Maybeline Villacorta ( ago)
She bull shitted her responses like I bullshit my papers when I forget to do it and it's due the next morning

Author Andrew Wilbur ( ago)
go sanders

Author NDBit ( ago)
Bernie's like 'I can't even do this anymore. Get this woman out of my sight.''
And Elizabeth Warren is like 'I can! I can!'
I don't know which approach was more effective

Author Your Lord and Savior ( ago)
Bernie was really angry here. Understandable.

Author Pamela piccolo ( ago)
all these people never stepped foot in a classroom; all experts blah blah

Author allan nørgaard ( ago)
she gives NO answers to any questions. She just puke words, buzzwords, mumbo jumbo. This is typical for a politician. How the hell did she ever get to be secretary of education? its a joke right?

Author Kimberly Gonzales ( ago)
It amazes me the things that are still bing debated in the US and the visceral fear-mongering against tuition free/affordable tertiary education and single payer healthcare. Almost every self respecting country in the world has done this while remaining competitive , innovative and wealthy. Heck, even my little island in the Caribbean has this. It's clear that conservatives are not defending the market, choice and the economy but the profits and power of the super wealthy

Author porculizador ( ago)
she said nothing specific.. i love bernie but warren really drilled her

Author Thomas Buchovecky ( ago)
"Will you support socialism?"
Lol go fuck yourself Bern

Author Forcing Google+ Makes Me Feel Better About the Spying ( ago)
Sure she's unqualified, but she's going to hire the best people to work for her.

Who are those people? People who are themselves going to hire the best people!

Author Ivica Jaranovic ( ago)
Money can buy ALL

Author Jay Cimo ( ago)
Sanders: what about the single mother who cannot afford childcare?

DeVos: Arghh argha marffle arg grunt shput...

Author n v ( ago)
she sounds like a beauty pageant contestant giving completely empty fake answers 🙄

Author Father Time ( ago)
Bernie Sanders for president!!

Author TheBakingSeal ( ago)
4:10 - Bernie's face says it all

Author Head Banger ( ago)

Author a g ( ago)
my life saving in my property is held over a fire made by government education. not everyone receives this education bill, only property owners. if I fail to pay my life savings in my property that is also my home, business and land will be taken from me. Balance this burden out equally amongst the people. how can I lose my property because of the school that not everyone is paying for...this is the hypocrisy that drives us apart... property owners have more at stake than non property owners. this is not equality. if your still reading this know if I don't pay my school Bill my American dream is done gone over... stolen by the education system that not everyone is paying into yet everyone uses. I can't stand the hypocrisy from sanders on equality... he wants to tilt the scale even more now. he wants a federal tax on property owners... that's going to make the equality scale even further unbalanced for property owners. this government is borderline tyrannical

Author a g ( ago)
if you are reading this know that I have spent my life saving on my property and I will lose my property, my life savings if I do not pay my school taxes. my property, my home, and business is being held over a fire. I lose it all if I fail to pay a $3000 school Bill. this bill is not givin to every citizen of my school district. this bill isn't even givin to every family of this school district, the bill falls solely on property owners. fairness would be balancing out this Burden not expanding it. Mr. Sanders you speak of our countries future yet fail to realize not everyone is paying their fair share of this burden in my town. a burden that is failing them. a burned that is failing our families and futures ... get government education in order before you expand this burden. how can you push for that when what government already runs is failing... how can you want more ? your eyes are bigger than your stomach Sanders. I feel everyone should pay for education equally. if your about equality so much why do I get a ransom on my property when others don't. this is hypocrisy at its best both her and him. trickle down power... give power to the states in return they send more power to the counties they then in return trickle down more power to the cities and towns and in the end the people have more say when government is more localized not socialized

Author Rick Kiper ( ago)
In my country, we have free crappy education.

Author BO JANGLES ( ago)
So sad what is happening to America!!

Author Bob Bruce ( ago)
We don't have Bernie in office today because of feminists. And, science has shown that women are instinctively attracted to men with Dark Triad traits of narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. So, just put a woman in a position of education because all men are evil and only women can associate with children.

Author Christopher Elmore ( ago)
As far as I'm concerned this woman has no business even being nominated let alone as a thought to this job. She has not answered even one question that has been asked of her accurately. Our education system is in deep crap if DeVos has anything to do with it.

Author Stephen Lindloff ( ago)
" we have common ground on a lot of things..."
Ummm lol

Author Kent Mc ( ago)
All that attacking and guess why the democrats failed again hahahahaha

Author Brian Fu ( ago)
What a great channel. Thanks

Author Faith Rocks ( ago)
Only loser Democrats are watching this crap and defending the corrupt loser Democratic Party. LOL Their day in hell will come if they continue in their corrupt deception. My faith is in God who will hold these people responsible for their actions.

Author Faith Rocks ( ago)
Democrats on a imagined witch hunt. That democrats are against private schools and for the failing socialized education system that continues to fail children is terrible. Americans have a right to choice. My vote is for Betsy Devos. There needs to be a hanging of the corrupt Democrats and as for Bernie lost our vote you TRAITOR... It is shameful that Bernie has defended Hllary Clinton the criminal, which makes him a criminal as well.

Author magda ahmed ( ago)
Burnie, we love you

Author Tiger Snooze ( ago)
If only there were a virtual platform that was easily accessable where you could educate yourself on whatever you are interested in.......hmmmmmmmmm I should google that.

Author jy palnam ( ago)
de Vos? Really her name should be devalue; devalue fairness, devalue honesty, devalue a just society.

Author Timothy Flood ( ago)
She's a cuck.

Author bighornbill1 ( ago)
Her responses certainly were a lot of blah, blah, blah.

Author bighornbill1 ( ago)
Betsy DeVos doesn't need to be qualified for this office. The reason she was nominated for this position was to supervise the destruction of the public schools and colleges and universities.

Author birddogfreemann ( ago)
If you cannot afford child care, do NOT have children.

Author BonerMaroner ( ago)
Such greed makes hatred pale in any comparison

Author Donald Leske Sr. ( ago)
*BERNIE SANDERS IS A SOCIALIST PIG!!!* Bernie Sanders is anti-American.., he would destroy America.

Author Donald Leske Sr. ( ago)

Author Patricia Holman ( ago)

Author Patricia Holman ( ago)
This is another reason why we need to get to work to throw the Republican Party out, and there is no time to waste. Please go to https://www. Bernie's dream is not dead, and it is not too early to start preparing to take over some seats in 2018. Join me in this fight.

Author CJ carp ( ago)
DeVos whole College Education consists of a Bachelor Degree in Arts! Not EVEN Arts and Science. As a former Teacher this Woman is Cluess. I've heard Her answer every question she either doesn't know WHAT the ? is or Her answer makes NO Sense.

Wouldn't you think she should have at least a M.Ed ? But I guess when your Family donates 200 Million to the Repubican Party and are Billionaires and Your Husbands Family started " That Company with the GREAT REPUTATION " AMWAY" . You don't even need a degree just 30 years of experiance working for the Republican Party. .

THEN SHE RAN " All Children Matter PAC which rather then pay all the FINES for BREAKING THE LAW just Closed Down.
This is Who Trump picks ?

God Help Us ! Seriously GOD HELP US!

Author Geoff Dearth ( ago)
She has well known disdain for public education which her questioners are aware of but she will not say this in public.

Author George Lewis ( ago)
SanderS /warren 2020

Author hendoiya ( ago)
:/ these questions are so irrelevant...

Author Christian von Thaden ( ago)
And she got it. This is painful to watch...

Author Laeeq Mohamed ( ago)
Lol ya'll fucked

Author Thunlwyn Thee ( ago)
Like trumps pics so far but trump obviously didn't pick this one he was forced since she donated so much money

Author Justme Scaredy ( ago)

Author Rohit Shinde ( ago)
bernie sanders should be president. he is more capable.

Author Trisha Medeiros ( ago)
I am that single mom watching this video and feeling that burden.

Author jo ( ago)
This is sad

Author Greg Erlandson ( ago)
All of Bernie's questions were yes/no answers, and she never actually answered a single one.

Author Z B ( ago)
So what now, America? You've had several democrats grill her and she was still confirmed. Is this how America's citizens complain and then become complacent? There may be a barrage of things happening in your country but I implore you (...yes you.. the person reading this) to choose one cause and do it well. And hope that there are others who band against a cause which is second on your list. That way, your effort isn't wasted in just skipping the surface on 100 issues which does nothing to help your country.

Author Relax Life ( ago)
but do I respect Mr.Bernie Sanders.

Author Noah Jones ( ago)
God what an idiot she is

Author Patrick H ( ago)
The answer is to do the exact opposite of what we are doing now. Spend the most, and our kids are 30-40 countries behind in math and english. Our schools have become liberal indoctrination mills. When is the spotlight gonna be put on these tax funded college universities charging our kids 40,000 a year to find out 58% of them are not QUALIFIED to work in the real world

Author The Truth B ( ago)
Bernie Sanders is such an old, dumb, chump.

Author Ed Gilchrist ( ago)
I'm surprised she hasn't yet resigned. It must be a new and troubling experience for someone so wealthy to have to be humiliated so often in pubic.
But maybe her ego is so great that she hasn't yet noticed the humiliation.

Author Kevin Heier ( ago)
Super impressive by this guy. A dude in the US who actually does politics :O Why do the news never show such guys and always give the stage to people like Trump???

Author Kung Fu ( ago)
Why is she smiling the whole time....

Author thepumking365 ( ago)
70'000 usd paid by students to go to college, in my country its 3'000 for an admission fee. This, Mr Trump, is why American companies are moving abroad to find educated work forces

Author Elestro Air-soft ( ago)
Bernie could have been the best president in the history of the U.S. Instead, Trump...

Author Lester Sanchez ( ago)
You just gotta love Bernie.

Author Mix ( ago)
Bottom line - Americans are pûssies now. Just watch the video and then ask yourself how could Americans let someone who won't protect kids with special needs and knows nothing about education be running education now? Because Americans are wimps. They don't stand up for their rights. They yell and whine sometimes to let them smoke dope but on civil rights and actually changing true corruption they are pûssies. PÛSSIES.

Bernie is a fluke. He has the balls all Americans lack. Americans deserve Devos, not a great man like Bernie, because they were too stupid to vote for Bernie.

Author Joseph O'Brien ( ago)
Our whole political system is so corrupt. It is like a cancer than cannot be cured; it only grows, consumes, and overtakes. The rich will always rule the poor. And this cancer runs through both parties. They are two branches from the same rotten tree!!! Today, it seems that everything can be manipulated, owned, or achieved if you have the power or money to buy. Sounds like nothing has changed since the dawn of mankind!!!

Author SiR qual ( ago)
Damn who left the grill on

Author Gray Fullbuster ( ago)
DeVos and the Trump Administration V/S Bernie and have we not experienced a governmental nuclear meltdown?

Author George Hawley ( ago)
Bernie Sanders is a really well thought man and speaks out for equality. I really think though that America is not a democracy its an oligarchy, its bowing down to the 1% and crippling the worlds economy. She is an example to why other countries need to come and butt it and say it is far from fair. Please protest over the mad way America has become.

Author 83Jude ( ago)
0:52 OH NO HE DIDN'T?!😂...Oh Yes Bernie did!👏🏿👏🏿
She cannot even articulate her statements eeck!

Author breeny162 ( ago)
how the hell did u americans blow your chance to have bernie as president

Author David G ( ago)
Liberalism, Socialism is a mental disorder! Free tuition? Just like free health care? How did that work out? Again you Socialist liberals just want a hand out! How about working and saving for College? You people are not entitled to go to college. You are not entitled to free health care! Just Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Everything else you must earn!

Author albina avdullahu ( ago)
OH MY GOD, she is like a really bad programed robot, she doesn't even has an opinion, she is so empty. this is crazy

Author DwwwD ( ago)

Author Jet Sidhu ( ago)
she bought her way there, to do god's work!

Author Sherene Bajwa ( ago)
She can't even give a simple answer to frigging question.

Author MegaKaitouKID1412 ( ago)
This is really interesting, but to be fair, Bernie is only drilling about this one issue he cares very much about-- and I agree with, don't get me wrong-- but isn't very convincing that she'll be a bad choice to anyone who doesn't already agree with him in the first place, you know?

Author elvira m. kinga ( ago)
She should be in Customer Support "Thank you for your email, that is a good question"
The country is becoming a disgrace.

Author EuroHEV ( ago)
You know who Bernie Sanders'voice reminds me of? Larry David. XD

Author AK H. ( ago)
I can picture DeVos bear-hunting with Sarah Palin. I think they would get along. Why don't they just live in the Alaskan wilderness and leave civilization alone.

Author Robert Lembo ( ago)
Such extremely vague answers, disgusting thing doesn't have a clue....

Author Omar Morales Luna ( ago)
Trump only picked her because ONE she has money and is a great friend of the Republican party and TWO because she's a conservative Jesus freak who wants to push anti-evolution/Anti-climate change closed door conservative education.

Author Henry Townsend ( ago)
America is fucked. How on earth did the American people think it's a good idea to elect Trump. Its beyond ridiculous!!!.

Author DodekaDeedon ( ago)
When your family "could have" donated $200 million does NOT understand the mother that can't afford child care, period.

Author Powderfinger ( ago)
What college did DeVos attend?

Author Juan Vazquez ( ago)
Well not free, jajajajajajaja

Author sundanceFlava 33 ( ago)
So many vague answers good lord

Author Silvia Sandino Nieto ( ago)
This woman looks like a beauty pageant contestant answering questions. She gives generic answers that really have no real substance or proposal. he could have said: If I get elected as miss USA 2017 I will help children who are our future! Thank you! .... girl bye. USA WAKE UP!!!

Author Ztrikes ( ago)
My god...she didn't give any real answer here! There was no substance to what she was saying.

Author Emilia Paulus ( ago)
I wish a good luck to the students of USA with Betsy DeVOS

Author Jon Favil ( ago)
go bernie

Author tora tora ( ago)
Well I would look forward to.......

Author Rose Greenblatt ( ago)
Every time she talks I think to myself "be patient maybe she has a point". She doesn't, she keeps talking around in circles...

Author TSammy ( ago)
The way I see this nomination is we're all on a plane and the pilot passes out, the crew asks the passengers if anyone has experience with flying a plane. A few people raise their hands saying they know how to fly airplanes. And, then there's Betsy DeVos who says I don't know how to fly a plane, but I've been in planes and I've seen movies on how planes fly oh and here's $200,000,000 - can I fly the plane now? Ya'll know how this will end, right?

Author LearnerOfHim Lynch ( ago)
she's in. les go!!!!!

Author Shane Moore ( ago)
Newsflash Bernie. We're already there and we've been there since December 23, 1913.

Author D D ( ago)
What this witch now about the needs of a single mother who can't barely afford food and even less child care... the rich is gonna be more rich and we the poor will become even more poor. I can't believe this is happening! Shame on trump supporters! Thanks to all of you USA is gonna sink!

Author Isaac Se Young Um ( ago)
those smiles make me vomit

Author hwnsrfaboy43 ( ago)
So... why does she even want this position anyway? What is her point of even doing the job? How do you run a public school system when you advocate for charter schools and vouchers? You are a billionaire. Why are you even involved?

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