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Author nico mini (1 year)
Kumi Koda - No Regret

Author XxSaZeRxX (2 years)

Author NexusOblivion (6 years)
may i know what is the name of this song?

Author zeesan07 (3 years)
love ya all

Author Wendy Lua (5 years)
i want the chibi pic!!where did you find it??

Author 501stExile (7 years)
Mot much focus on gransazer individually...its all cool...and where did you
get the chibi pics for Gransazer?(anyways, you shouldn't have added
shirogane and demon knight without the chibi

Author Chaos Impala (5 years)
the blue sazer small small 1 so cuteXD

Author arif darmawan (1 year)
gransazer photois so good love my faforit renjes is gransazers

Author johncena8310 (5 years)
Can I know the name of the song ?

Author cvntboy (7 years)
Erm... Can you not delete this video please... it reminds me of the

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