Top 10 Hardest Instruments to Learn

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    Playing an instrument isn’t easy to begin with, but these instruments will really test your patience! Welcome to Today we’ll be taking a look at our picks for the top 10 Hardest Instruments to Learn. From Harp, Guitar, Piano, Accordion and Drums to Oboe, Violin, French Horn, theremin and bagpipes, these instruments are all incredible musical tools - but only if you know how to use them! Did your favorite instrument appear in this list? Let us know in the comments.

    00:24 #10: Drums
    01:17 #9: Pipe Organ
    02:05 #8: Accordion
    02:54 #7: Oboe
    03:35 #6: Guitar
    04:47 #5: Piano
    05:42 #4: Harp
    06:34 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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Comments: 10 048

  • Aaron Black
    Aaron Black 22 minutes ago

    Look up the erhu.

  • Lynn-huei Cong-Bowers
    Lynn-huei Cong-Bowers 25 minutes ago

    How is the trumpet not on this list

  • RandomMrshmallow
    RandomMrshmallow 1 hour ago

    Flute is WAY harder than it looks. You have to blow the air precisely and memorize all the fingerings. Then when you memorize the fingerings, you have to actually play the flute by switching between the fingerings quickly.

  • Elis Kozlovsky
    Elis Kozlovsky 1 hour ago

    Okay, but it's MUCH harder to play on an acoustic guitar than it is on an electric one.

  • amwierd kl
    amwierd kl 2 hours ago

    haha "fingering" 3:26

  • Dizikolik3
    Dizikolik3 2 hours ago

    Never heard of the Nay did you? even getting a sound out of it is a royal pain in the a** and you can imagine of how playing different ranges of notes goes with it

  • DEVersity
    DEVersity 3 hours ago

    Violin is easy! I have one!

  • Joeyplaysgames
    Joeyplaysgames 3 hours ago

    Horse shit piano is harder than guitar

  • I'm cheating The system

    Reeds in general are a pain

  • Dark Starla
    Dark Starla 4 hours ago

    Ehmmm... Every instrument is the hardest if you get it to a certain level. I don't think you will get more difficult guitar riffs from either petrucci or hendrix, just to name a few, or classical music from violin and piano. Just saying

  • babbo Schluter
    babbo Schluter 4 hours ago

    Worst ranking ever its so hard to hold a violon🙄 guitar is compared to piano organ or string instruments just nothing

  • Maddox Hechler
    Maddox Hechler 5 hours ago

    You do not hold the violin with your arm you hold it with your chain and with the shoulder rest I know this because I play the viola in an orchestra class and I know how to properly hold each instrument except the bass

  • Mike Damnation
    Mike Damnation 5 hours ago

    Like for Tosin but wtf ?! rly this is such a stupid video <.<

  • Marcel Bakker
    Marcel Bakker 5 hours ago


  • Nightcorerocksppl
    Nightcorerocksppl 6 hours ago

    boi ive played clarinet for 2 years, basson for one year, jass music with tenor for one year, flute, and like damn clarine has got infinate high notes

    plus, french horn is eiser than you think. bassoon is worse than that, not to mention how each reed is 19 dollars, and the case weighs like 30 pounds

    feel my pain bois

    feel it

  • Nightcorerocksppl
    Nightcorerocksppl 6 hours ago

    you should also list percussion instruments, like marimbas, or marching instruments too, because with marching instruments you have to march, dance, and sometimes sing and run while playing them. you should list some of those.

  • Bina Chosen
    Bina Chosen 6 hours ago

    whenever I hear pipe organ I hear...creepy

  • Nightcorerocksppl
    Nightcorerocksppl 6 hours ago

    lmao bois at least get some band people in there.
    you didnt eaven list basson and its harder than trombone, bass guitar, and most others

    like jeez

    his isnt even a relieable source for info
    thats how incorrect it is

  • fanboy 910
    fanboy 910 6 hours ago

    #0. Banjo

  • Tim Feak
    Tim Feak 8 hours ago

    What a bizare video. How did the piano end up being harder to play than the organ?

  • Michael Steinwender
    Michael Steinwender 8 hours ago

    I'm sorry! You mix up two different things here: learning a instrument and mastering it. I think everyone that playes an instrument professionally (not nessesarily for a job) will agree that there always will be difficulties and different things will be difficult on different instruments, e.g. playing a c3 on a piano, clarinet, saxophon or flute is no challenge but on a french horn or trumpet it is. some instruments are made to play fast and virtuosic, others are used for there distincive sound and character.
    Generally speaking i quite like your videos but the information in this one sounds a lot like you dont have personal experiance on this subject.. no offence btw

  • kalanihs
    kalanihs 10 hours ago


  • MAN
    MAN 10 hours ago

    Guitar on the list and bass in honorable mentions? Nah. Was gonna give yall credit for having it higher than guitar but then it just didn't show up. It's easier to pick up, harder to truly master. I play guitar but also wish I had a bass for those asking.

  • Eric Gourdon
    Eric Gourdon 10 hours ago

    As someone who plays both organ and piano... I'm not even gonna waste my time on an explanation of why this is so stupid.... I'm just gonna say that before you make a list please actually do some research

  • Thadyn Du Pont
    Thadyn Du Pont 11 hours ago

    Yes! I play the #1 and the #5 hardest instruments to play!!! Okay they got a few facts wrong, but I'm not gonna make a big deal out of it. I have better things in the world to correct than YouTube videos

  • Mariana Obando
    Mariana Obando 11 hours ago

    I play violin and to be honest I think that the piano is the hardest instrument to learn because you have to play two parts and use both hands at the same time. don't get me wrong though the violin isn't easy either.

  • Tatum
    Tatum 12 hours ago

    Oboe actually isn't terribly hard.

  • Seth
    Seth 13 hours ago

    I am so proud i play an instrument in this list

  • Nimesh Cr
    Nimesh Cr 13 hours ago

    THe most hardest instrument to learn and play is guzheng !!
    like if u agree

  • Yovani Flores
    Yovani Flores 14 hours ago

    Yay I know how to play violin but it's not that hard it is just hard when your moving other than that it is pretty easy honestly the harp or piano is a lot harder than the violin

  • GRocket1020
    GRocket1020 14 hours ago

    why did they put the artist for "Wake me up" as RHCP? 6:38

  • piano.feurich.luca
    piano.feurich.luca 14 hours ago

    Organ is much harder as the piano!

  • Chris Kuhlemeier
    Chris Kuhlemeier 16 hours ago

    Absolute trash not even a mention for Bassoon, only the retarded cousin

  • Caleb YouShallNotKnow
    Caleb YouShallNotKnow 16 hours ago

    Totally inaccurate These people don't know what they are talking about

  • Dustin Martin
    Dustin Martin 16 hours ago

    I don't see a bassoon even mentioned on the list.

  • Pizza Gaming
    Pizza Gaming 17 hours ago

    Lol this guy says drums are easier than bagpipes or the french horn

  • Redneck Skater 420
    Redneck Skater 420 17 hours ago

    banjo is easy to play

    DOWNLOADY123 17 hours ago

    Watchmojo make a Top 10 Easiest Instruments to Learn, if all these instruments are "hard", what do they think is easy?

  • Kara Katt
    Kara Katt 17 hours ago

    dude, none of you guys have played the bassoon. personally i have no problem playing it or even learning it, but my partner in crime said he had a really really hard time learning it. (he's a year younger) so, yeah i do not agree with your list.

  • Josep Andreu
    Josep Andreu 17 hours ago

    This list is utter bullshit.

  • jdemondo18974
    jdemondo18974 18 hours ago

    This is a prime example of why I stopped watching this channel.

  • EverKinzPony
    EverKinzPony 19 hours ago

    Unfortunately I really want to learn violin._.

  • Arlo Smith
    Arlo Smith 19 hours ago

    What about the ukulele if you have fat fingers?

  • Rhitosparsha Baishya
    Rhitosparsha Baishya 19 hours ago

    Toaster is the hardest instrument of all...

  • _SunBurn_
    _SunBurn_ 19 hours ago

    I can play the drums LOL
    I mean, who says boys can only play drums????

  • theMike97_
    theMike97_ 19 hours ago

    Why have this list and then show the instruments playing dumb music thats not hard. If you're going to talk about piano, maybe choose some pieces that are difficult like Liszt or Rachmaninoff? If you're going to showcase bagpipes, maybe have them play traditional pieces meant for bagpipes instead of the red hot chili peppers? I know there are plenty of organ concertos that are ludicrously hard but no, lets show the guy playing simple chords. I know! Lets make the harp play tocatta in D minor because it was written for organ and we already talked about organ without mentioning bach once! jesus christ. And lets reaffirm everyone's notion that rock guitar is hard, but not play classical guitar which would have most rockstars begging for mercy. Oh an my fucking god the violin? Sure its hard, but lets show some person on fucking america's got talent playing 3 notes. Paganinni? naah! Vivaldi? Pfft! AGT! thats our standard!

  • Feathermist12
    Feathermist12 20 hours ago

    who else plays one of these?

  • kon kon
    kon kon 20 hours ago

    spongebob squarepants

  • Darnell bruno
    Darnell bruno 20 hours ago

    I was expecting to see me in here, cause my ex played me like a instrument.

  • Calvin Dodge
    Calvin Dodge 20 hours ago

    I feel like banjo should be on there somewhere

  • Shane Arnold
    Shane Arnold 20 hours ago

    Yeah because violin is harder to play than the fucking theremin

  • Got Hurt
    Got Hurt 20 hours ago

    If you think that the reed for the oboe is hard, then look at all the other woodwinds...

    Except for flute... Hey, don't look at me, I play bass clarinet...

  • Bob Wilkinson
    Bob Wilkinson 21 hour ago

    a French horn is literally just a trumpet playing in a lower key that your stick you hand in. an oboe is a clarinet with a smaller reed. guitar is not hard to play it just takes hand and wrist muscle muscle

  • Drummer Nation
    Drummer Nation 21 hour ago

    drummimg should be numbet one -_- @WatchMojo

  • F King
    F King 21 hour ago

    The piano is so easy wtf

  • Trickstress
    Trickstress 23 hours ago

    This makes me feel more accomplished being a violinist

  • Ruby Dust
    Ruby Dust 23 hours ago

    When they say piano i am just like bitch i could play twinkle twinkle little star my very first time playing it

  • Jem Frost
    Jem Frost 23 hours ago

    Yo what about bassoon

  • Mary Munoz
    Mary Munoz 23 hours ago

    well the violin isn't the hardest instrument to learn. I entered orchestra when I was nine years old. I started to play violin its been its been three years and I am good at it. But I agree with you it can be hard holding it up in place and the fingerings. I can also play other instruments.

  • ALƏX!S .
    ALƏX!S . 23 hours ago

    I play the french horn and it is very difficult😖, especially the high notes.. Its weight is about 5 kg and it needs sooooo much air

  • Elise Vogel
    Elise Vogel 1 day ago

    They've clearly never heard of a bassoon.

  • Juan Tarwater
    Juan Tarwater 1 day ago

    guitar is easier than acordion I play both and the French horn is easy I played it in band in highschool this list is stupid

    • ALƏX!S .
      ALƏX!S . 23 hours ago

      Juan Tarwater French horn is very difficult. It needs a lot of practice to reach high notes and sound good

  • doge road
    doge road 1 day ago

    The Viola and the Violin are basically the samething and I play the Viola..............................

  • CampCrusader
    CampCrusader 1 day ago

    try playing a flute perfectly without getting light headed eventually...

  • Additional Pylons

    Hahaha hahaha the bloody guitar is one of the easiest instruments to learn you morons. That's like saying walking up stairs is hard

  • Eddie Styron
    Eddie Styron 1 day ago

    drums is very hard to learn and require alot of skill and concentration it should not be in 10th place at all

  • bloodisnotblue
    bloodisnotblue 1 day ago

    only good thing about this video was mentioning weird al

  • Sven Wagner
    Sven Wagner 1 day ago

    I'd set the organ on top - why?

    - you have to read up to 3 lines at once just for your instrument
    - you have to coordinate yout hands *and* your feet - the feet are not for self-receiving the speed, but for additional notes

    I'd say it's much more difficult than the piano!

  • 90Project's ChannelV2

    i bet the HOBO is not a hard instrument

  • Tales Of A Penguin

    All instruments are multitasking.. except triangle lol

  • CDR Simmons
    CDR Simmons 1 day ago

    I learned piano when I was in 1st grade, how is that harder than the organ?

  • H Latocha
    H Latocha 1 day ago

    How about the flute?

  • boi e
    boi e 1 day ago

    How is the drum kit 10? Its 4 way coordination that's hard!

  • Najdjella
    Najdjella 1 day ago

    I play violin and I think it's not the most difficult instrument in the world

  • Leah
    Leah 1 day ago

    Stevie wonder disagrees.

  • andrew Connolly
    andrew Connolly 1 day ago

    Guitar and piano are both pretty easy actually..

  • Joshua Blake
    Joshua Blake 1 day ago

    Even though the bass keeps the beat in the band? Not the drums.

  • Rice Bowl
    Rice Bowl 1 day ago

    i guess im skilled i played the trombone and i was decent

  • delreyturner
    delreyturner 1 day ago

    u fucking kiddin me? can this chanel stop making stupid vids just to earn money cuz I'm done.

  • Nickjc1999
    Nickjc1999 1 day ago

    This list should only contain the bagpipes, accordion, and the organ. The other 7 aren't hard to play as instruments go, even the simple-ass recorder can be a challenge if you're special and don't know how to cover a hole

  • MattvD
    MattvD 1 day ago

    something tells me there are no musicians at watch mojo

  • jane lillian
    jane lillian 1 day ago

    I've always thought trumpet was harder than French horn, because I'm so bad at trumpet and so good at French horn

  • Amelia Walker
    Amelia Walker 1 day ago

    you totally forgot about bassoon. This list is totally bull crap

  • Heleen van Meurs
    Heleen van Meurs 1 day ago

    The Viola is also hard!!!

  • Sebastian Brink
    Sebastian Brink 1 day ago

    I still believe that singing/vocals are the hardest especially grunt

  • TheLameBrain
    TheLameBrain 1 day ago

    Um, I play trumpet, and I've tried French horn, and my band teacher said I was already very good at playing it... how is it hard to play? It's really not, neither is violin, pretty easy to play.

  • deeaboo 101
    deeaboo 101 1 day ago

    obviously they've never heard of a guzheng before...

  • LivForCheer
    LivForCheer 1 day ago

    I play French Horn and Violin!!!
    and piano

  • Lavender Lovie
    Lavender Lovie 1 day ago

    I play drums and guitar, and I agree with all of this.

  • Freezycow
    Freezycow 1 day ago

    I am a musician. I am offended.

  • lien fung
    lien fung 1 day ago

    Wat I play the violin and I'm younger than 15 or something I'm still in elementary but I'm good at it

  • tiny cyclops
    tiny cyclops 1 day ago

    this list is shit i can play bass guitar,acoustic guitar,electric guitar and piano

  • Matilde Reyes
    Matilde Reyes 1 day ago

    wait? what? since when violin and piano are ' difficult to play' ? a thing is being difficult to play another is having difficult piece....

  • Alex Thompson
    Alex Thompson 1 day ago

    I play three instruments on this list and I'm telling you there are many other instrument that are ten times harder then these

    CRIVOT 1 day ago

    this is so true.i play the viollin, viola, cello, and bass and all instruments fall in the string family as the hardest instruments to learn
    im also a pro at all of them.


    wheres upright bass?

  • Mark Dost
    Mark Dost 1 day ago

    Bull shit piano is harder than guitar

  • John Mcbain
    John Mcbain 1 day ago

    I play bagpipes

  • Krista Davis
    Krista Davis 1 day ago

    would viola also get the top spot for hard to learn instrument

  • Lewis Antell
    Lewis Antell 1 day ago

    I play 🎺🎺🎺

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