The Bizarre Death Of Elisa Lam

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  • What happened in that hotel?

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  • Runtime: 7:1
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  • When you still hear screaming in the oven

    Wasn't there a creepypasta around this where you have to put the button numbers in a certian order?

  • Traveler Volkriin
    Traveler Volkriin 18 hours ago

    I stayed in this hotel for my 28th birthday and bizarre things happened.

  • Yoyo K
    Yoyo K 20 hours ago

    My only problem with the elevator game theory is she never went up or down on the elevator? So how could she have played it? Also these are so much scarier when it's recent 😭

  • venjer adventure
    venjer adventure 21 hour ago

    I wonder if she was hearing voices in her head and was seeing stuff

  • NesL
    NesL 22 hours ago

    Sex, she tried to have sexual intercourse and drowned

  • Sarena Nguyen Is Always Happy!

    I realized that the person she talked to was I guess Gloria Ramirez or the toxic lady

  • Angel De La Torre

    I don't like it when Shane isn't there

  • Tawnya Johnson
    Tawnya Johnson 1 day ago

    I watch Shane Dawson and he was doing elevator game and showed that clip maybe she was doing that just maybe...

  • paulisnatis
    paulisnatis 1 day ago

    they say people with mental illness are more susceptible to seeing ghosts and being haunted

  • Amellia C - D
    Amellia C - D 1 day ago

    In a video on 'Snarled's channel, they say that she was playing 'The Elevator Game' where you have to press a number of buttons in a certain order to summon some sort of ghost. It explains more on the video.

  • Russell Gray
    Russell Gray 2 days ago

  • Sabrina Umstead
    Sabrina Umstead 2 days ago

    Shane Dawson said she was playing the elevator game so that's the story I'm going with lmao

  • Lorenzo Hernandez
    Lorenzo Hernandez 2 days ago

    she was playing the elevator game

  • Mia Hitchen
    Mia Hitchen 2 days ago

    She could of played the elevator game and talked to the women and that's why she died

  • Franskie Salif
    Franskie Salif 2 days ago

    poor Elisa 😥😥

  • ysidra gonzalez
    ysidra gonzalez 2 days ago

    Who came from Shane?

  • Krisi Maria Krasteva

    But for the people's that are playing the game she exits

  • Krisi Maria Krasteva

    She's talking to a woman who doesn't exist

  • Krisi Maria Krasteva

    It's a dangerous game

  • Krisi Maria Krasteva

    She's playing the elevator game

  • Psychic Rain
    Psychic Rain 3 days ago

    im a psychic and I know what happened she was hiding from someone in the elevator then talking to the killer down the hall then the killer raped her on the roof somehow and threw her in the watertank. like if you agree

  • Jupiter The Queen
    Jupiter The Queen 3 days ago

    Did you ever ask if her medication had the side effect of hallucination?

  • Andrew Affleck
    Andrew Affleck 3 days ago

    Yo the serial killer looks like the old rodrick

  • Hall Pie
    Hall Pie 3 days ago

    I think she was just wondering why the door didn't close.

    PPOWERZ GAMING 3 days ago

    Probably she did suicide quotes she was having odd behavior

  • Kirsty Hart
    Kirsty Hart 3 days ago

    she is playing the elavater game

  • kitona Zento
    kitona Zento 3 days ago

    ahhhhh skeptics... very afraid of beyond the boundaries

  • Fatima Mashkoor
    Fatima Mashkoor 4 days ago

    what if she was raped and then dropped naked in the water tank up their .......

  • Bobbi W
    Bobbi W 4 days ago

    she couldn't have been playing the elevator game -- the elevator didn't move. she didn't get off at multiple floors.

  • Unstableviper4097 j

    I was born on 26 of January

  • layla Shamo
    layla Shamo 4 days ago

    I know it's 2 late but she was playing the elevator game

  • Blue Blues
    Blue Blues 5 days ago

    where's shane

  • Johnny Blaze
    Johnny Blaze 5 days ago

    What breaks my mind here is that everything is going wrong..
    The elevator doesn't function she does weird stuff.
    Walking in a psychotic way.
    Touching the air.
    And they don't show this. But the elevator doors actually closes as soon she leaves.
    What is going on here..

  • Julia. Taco.
    Julia. Taco. 5 days ago

    If you have seen Shane's Video, Maybe, when she went to the tank and drowned, maybe she made it to the dimension.

  • Maurders_map_4 I
    Maurders_map_4 I 5 days ago

    I maybe have two theory's of this. One:She probably had gone physio or mad which called her to do suicide and the elevator she's was seeing stuff because she went crazy Two: She was seeing ghosts since she go to the hotel and she kept on seeing them until she comminted suicide.

    These are just my theories. I don't know if there correct

  • Elin Nyman
    Elin Nyman 5 days ago

    My theory is that she was delusional before and when she died. If you are bipolar there's a chance you have "episodes" of mania, and I think that that's what could have happened to this girl.

  • Zugy
    Zugy 5 days ago

    Anyone else got freaked out with her hand movements 😨

  • Heyitshearthlin
    Heyitshearthlin 6 days ago

    knock knock
    who's there?
    doctor who?

  • Heyitshearthlin
    Heyitshearthlin 6 days ago

    I'm the person that does the jokes for people that're in the comments scared shitless!

  • Heyitshearthlin
    Heyitshearthlin 6 days ago

    knock knock
    who's there?
    who, who?
    hey! I like owls as well!

  • Zone GamingYT
    Zone GamingYT 6 days ago

    she was playing the elevator game

  • iluvmaryam
    iluvmaryam 6 days ago

    her hands!! 😨

  • Ordinary ME
    Ordinary ME 6 days ago

    She is my Chinese teacher

  • Ordinary ME
    Ordinary ME 6 days ago

    We call my teacher Mrs. Lam too


    what if Shane and Brent worked together

  • Kayla dinard
    Kayla dinard 6 days ago

    there is also another reason why she could have died....there is this thing called the elevator game and you can only play it in a hotel elevator with 13 floors. so if you press these certain floor numbers in an order you will soon come across a women who is wearing a big hat and if you see her face or talk to her you will die....i dont know if this is true but if you wan more info you can go on the channel snarrled and they should have a video posted called the elevator game.

  • great value bleach
    great value bleach 7 days ago

    it's scary enough that shane isn't in it

  • ion ah
    ion ah 7 days ago

    this is probably the creepiest one

  • Ruby Animates
    Ruby Animates 7 days ago


  • Sarah Clausen
    Sarah Clausen 7 days ago

    They're not actually called "ghost scientists", but parapsychologists study paranormal phenomenon like clairvoyance, telepathy, ghosts, etc.

  • Wondering Woof
    Wondering Woof 7 days ago

    She played the elevator game look it up

  • imakefoodhappen
    imakefoodhappen 8 days ago

    Ramirez was alive when Elisa Lam died. How could his ghost be involved : )

  • Bree Skywalker
    Bree Skywalker 8 days ago

    My science teacher when to school with her my teacher showed us the footage of the elevator is creepy

  • Tayah Fraser
    Tayah Fraser 8 days ago

    I like Shane and Ryan more

  • spiderman daniel
    spiderman daniel 8 days ago


  • Adela Flavio
    Adela Flavio 8 days ago

    i think she tryed the elevator game

  • The Oddess Goddess
    The Oddess Goddess 8 days ago

    The spaghetti monster I am dead. And next time my mom makes spaghetti I am making a monster. Also i am typing this on my ghost phone

  • TIdalWave 30
    TIdalWave 30 9 days ago

    I hate buzz but I like these

  • Jerene LeongOfficial

    Has no one ever wondered that MAYBE the hotel staff chased her, and she was talking to him when that staff was far on the hallway, chased her to the tank, raped her, and threw her in

  • Actaivia Morce
    Actaivia Morce 9 days ago

    She looks possessed to me

  • David Wash
    David Wash 9 days ago

    DONT YOU GET IT! Spirits are real and in this case, Elisa Lamb was talking to a familar spirit or demon while she was in the hotel elevator. These spirits can easily open doors and disable the alarm system so easily because they have supernatural powers. I believe those spirits lead her to the rooftop, and supernaturally put her inside of the watertanks. See? There is no other reason for her death than this.

  • Neo Rabbit
    Neo Rabbit 9 days ago

    Why was the lift footage of Elisa released?

  • Aidan Addis
    Aidan Addis 9 days ago

    she was playing the elevator game

  • Swiftie_131289
    Swiftie_131289 10 days ago


  • Nika T.W.
    Nika T.W. 10 days ago

    was she playing the elevator game? please respond

  • MaD HaTTeR
    MaD HaTTeR 10 days ago

    she was crazy and off her meds... this case has basically been solved

  • Kelli Walton
    Kelli Walton 11 days ago

    Shane? SHANE!??!!

  • Uh Huh
    Uh Huh 11 days ago

    OKAY LOOK: 1. you can see graffiti already on the tanks in the pictures when they found her, showing that obviously it was easy for people to get up there and I wanna point out that a man even made a video of himself going up there with no alarms going off.

    2. the lid I wanted to say maybe a worker saw it open, closed it without ever looking inside but depending on how long that happen the body could've began to start smelling so I'm not sure about that anymore BUT she was bipolar and let me tell you, we do impulsive things. she could've gone on the roof for some reason, see the water tanks, think "OMG I WANNA GO SWIM" went in there, realize getting in wasn't as easy as getting out and drowned. bipolar people also experience hearing voices and seeing things so that could be a reason why she was acting weird in the elevator but I can't explain why it took forever to close unless the fact when she pressed the all those buttons it got confused if it needed to go up and down?

  • Ruby tapioca
    Ruby tapioca 11 days ago

    There's a theory that she was playing The Elevator Game

  • carnivaljunkie
    carnivaljunkie 11 days ago

    I mean... She was bipolar and was likely in the middle of a manic episode. Mania can make someone do a LOT of weird and dangerous stuff, ya know, like hallucinating, talking to people who aren't there, erratic behavior, dangerous stunts like climbing fire escapes and ten foot ladders and hopping into tanks. There is a reason that people with bipolar disorder are more likely to commit suicide or die during manic episodes and not during depressive episodes - because they feel invincible, or uncaring of the possible consequences of their actions, or because they act completely on impulse. Mania is a very high-risk aspect of bipolar disorder and this is a prime example of why...

    Also, as for the roof: people have reported that the roof of this hotel isn't actually very difficult to access as the alarm system (supposedly) isn't directly connected to the staff floor below, and others have reported that people go up to the roof to smoke a lot. My guess is... older hotel, access probably isn't that difficult...

    Honestly, her case is sad because of the simplicity of it - a bipolar girl was in the middle of a manic episode, she acted weirdly, she got to the roof, and went for a swim in the tanks and likely drowned from exhaustion when she couldn't get back out...

  • t4705mb6
    t4705mb6 11 days ago

    I believe Elisa was quite a few fries short of a happy meal and she committed suicide.
    Ghosts are imaginary beings and nonexistent. Sorry woo woo people.

  • Zoey F
    Zoey F 11 days ago

    She had to of been playing the elevator game..

  • Ana Almeida
    Ana Almeida 11 days ago

    I think she was playing the elevator game. and if any of what people say happens when you do it actually happens, maybe that has to do with her death, idk

  • KpopAnimeFreak
    KpopAnimeFreak 12 days ago

    when she was "talking" at 2:30 she looked like a sims character or is that just me?

  • Lailah Elias
    Lailah Elias 12 days ago

    Wtf also, wtfffffffffffffffff!! 🙁☹️😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😐

  • Victoria Tran
    Victoria Tran 12 days ago

    Who's watchin' in 2016? Like if are

  • Star New Life
    Star New Life 12 days ago

    How did "How to Stop Period Leaks" brought me here ?

  • Lydia Anderson
    Lydia Anderson 12 days ago

    "I'm gonna be a ghost scientist" 😂

  • mariberru
    mariberru 12 days ago

    Ryan in 2016: There are no 'ghost scientists', that'd be weird
    Ryan in 2017: I'm a ghost scientist

  • Everlin Becerra
    Everlin Becerra 12 days ago

    what if she played the elevator game

  • Gabrielle B.
    Gabrielle B. 12 days ago

    Guys, this is legit How To Get Away With Murder with the girl floating naked on the roof.

  • Loveheals All
    Loveheals All 12 days ago

    This is one of the most bizarre stories I've ever heard.

  • TeamOfTheDragons :0
    TeamOfTheDragons :0 12 days ago

    That Seiriel Killer looks like Yhe old Rodirick

  • Maegan Loomis
    Maegan Loomis 12 days ago

    honestly though, what the heck am I doing here??

  • littlefoot
    littlefoot 13 days ago

    Ghost scientist and spaghetti monster LOL

  • A.G. Martinez
    A.G. Martinez 13 days ago

    There is no elevator game or different dimensions, theres invisible aliens and this place is a goddamn zoo where aliens control people. I think she was killed by aliens that needed a ritualistic coincidental feed.

  • Yuliati Yusuf
    Yuliati Yusuf 13 days ago

    Elisa lam is playing a paranormal game at the elevator so to do it she press the numbers which is kinda like a code then legend said a lady will eventually outside the elevator to do it it has to be only 1 person in the elevator so maybe she is killed by the ghost????

    Then legends are true

  • Mr Derptini
    Mr Derptini 13 days ago

    She played the elavator game the korean way to go to the "other dimension"

  • Molly Norman
    Molly Norman 13 days ago

    You know, what DID happen to Brent? There's an unsolved that I want them to delve into. What happened to Brent. That's the question.

  • Nora Azmin Radzuan
    Nora Azmin Radzuan 14 days ago

    I think she was doing a ritual

  • Jimena Nevarez
    Jimena Nevarez 14 days ago

    my mom works there and my mom worked there for 17 years and she never seen a ghost because i showed her the video

  • Myukcii
    Myukcii 14 days ago


  • Leeamn Febo
    Leeamn Febo 14 days ago

    poor girl and you guys down there in the comments​ don't be mean saying she is doing the elevator game what ever that is so plz anyways good bless the family of this girl

  • Suhail Saifi
    Suhail Saifi 15 days ago


  • ThePokemonKid
    ThePokemonKid 15 days ago

    Some say she was playing the elevator game

  • Kimberley
    Kimberley 15 days ago

    If you research this further, you find out that the webcam camera footage was edited a lot - about 10 minutes worth of footage is missing and it looks like it's been rewinded. Look how she jumps back (looks like someone scared her but it's on rewind) and she's talking to someone. Theory suggests it was a staff member at the hotel who killed her and were the only ones to have access to the water tanks on the roof.

  • Vanna
    Vanna 15 days ago

    There was a Japanese movie called 'Dark Water' that basically revolves around this story, but with a slightly different setting. It's interesting.

  • mrpandabites
    mrpandabites 15 days ago

    Come on Ryan, if you are going to jabber about g-g-g-ghosts, you need Shane around to call you on your BS.

  • Miss Gendering
    Miss Gendering 15 days ago


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